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  1. You NEED to get in TOUCH WITH ME!!



    1. Crescent


      Oh, is there something wrong?

    2. princeben07


      Ist person RP huh? Let's whip something UP soon!!! Die Shize is a very GOOD writer...haven't written with him/her since he/she GOT here.


      What SAY you?


      I'm very GOOD in 1st person perspective..English Major and what-not...lol...


      Warning...I CAN write in parables and Semiphors.






    3. Crescent


      Oh nice! ?

  2. I am an artist, and I draw on paper and computer, both forms of my art could be found here on deviantart! https://www.deviantart.com/xxcresent-moonxx Here’s some good stuff of mine, both writing and a bit of art Here is a little bit that I wrote, with Vincent ( one of my OCs in my original Evras world )
  3. That sounds just fine!
  4. To be honest I don’t usually focus on themes, I focus on the plot, maybe one of your characters runs into zirek ( my robot ) and whatever happens next is up to you
  5. Eh, I don’t know if cyberpunk is my thing, but other then that I am ready sort of anytime!
  6. Oh, thank you! I’ll do that very soon!
  7. Where could I enter a link to my deviantart account? Are there like, home threads some users have made in the general discussions area? 

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    2. Crescent


      I’m actually sort of wanting to show my page and my stuff in general so others could easily see more stuff from me

    3. supernal


      You would post in the chat board and use the Showcase tag. You wouldn’t just drop a link to your DA there by itself but if you wanted to show off some pieces and then link to your DA so people could see more that would be fine 

    4. Crescent


      Ok, thank you ?

  8. Yes! Definitely! I want to try a rp with you! ?
  9. Bored...

    1. supernal


      Maybe something in the water cooler might get you attention? 

  10. The first one’s a robot! name: Virek what is he: a robot gender: he/him though he’s actually a robot and doesn’t have any real gender functions/purpose: he forgot what he was made for a few years ago, so basically he’s just living his life his way ( more info on this in his backstory ) appearance: made of metal, has mostly a humanoid shape but has a mask like face/head which is a bit on the expressive side of things, his legs are animal/canine like and rather springy, clawed metal hand paws, he can open himself up to check inside of himself, there are gears, wires, motors, just electronic parts in general, oh and he also runs on a recharable battery/core which could be found deep in his abdomen, right in the center of him in general colors: mostly varying shades of silver since he’s metal, his eyes are a light red/orange though personality: ( needs to be developed ) backstory: he was manufactured at some obscure robot making company but unfortunately, after some tests, they realized that he was defected, but reasons unknown, he just wasn’t shut down and scrapped, he was basically let go and was never downloaded with the company’s software occupation: nothing much, just trying to get by, attempting to fix himself when a defect acts up, etc Where he lives: ( don’t know if he should have like a little house or something )
  11. They vary, my definition of monster is basically unknown creature, but from my original world, they are catagorized, caynin, feolis, avia, no offical general name for hoofed creatures in general like those with hooves and traits of horses, deer, goat, etc
  12. I prefer rping monster OCs, and I definitely enjoy adding magic, I love unique quirky OCs and have made uncountable ones, also I never rp canon characters and I do have a few multi world OCs that CAN go to other worlds, but only original ones, no equestria, berk, Pokémon universe, etc
  13. Hi anyone of valucre who comes into this thread! Call me Crescent please, I hope I end up sticking around here for a while :) Anyway, I rp in a different way then most, I’m more comfortable rping in first person so it may confuse others a bit, I hope it is allowed though! Also I don’t mind questions, fire away :D
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