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  1. It was Tolok's time to shine, being the asshole (or the clown) he is to the enemies. Seeing the bandits fighting the Byrn made it look like they were just some spectators, who could eat scorpions on a stick and rest on a sand chair... If they had those. He looked at the pretty pillar Owend pointed to and looked back at her, who landed next to him. He nodded with a grin and jumped on Nodite. "Well, I have a good feeling about it, as well, when I look at it. Except the fact that it's risky... Scrap that, I love risking. Let's go!" He glanced back at the pillar and then at the bandits. "They will probably see us if they have a bad habit of looking up. Want me to extend my shield?" With that said, he took his shield in both hands and waited for her to say the special word, while making sure none of the pesky fighters would start nocking arrows to aim at them. "What's the plan? Get in there, one protects and one finds? If so, the shield offer is still standing." He chuckled, his pride being a bit obvious. Tolok might be a good person, but you never get the pride out of a clown with fire magic.
  2. Tolok gave up on searching, since it would prove to be a waste of time, since he could hear more and more people interacting with eachother. It was pretty obvious that being a star searcher for his own, selfish purposes won't help anyone.He was able to listen to Wymp's reaction towards a corpse which was severed, apparently. Something like this was pretty strange, considering none of them knew who saved the crew from their doom, but what could he do except shrugging it off and getting his stuff? With that, he went back in the airship to get his equipment and came back to the group of three, listening to their conversation. He smiled a bit when Madon agreed on the suggestion and came back in a lighter armor. But what if he could bring something to the table, as well? He stepped forward to Madon and took a deep breath. "I know I may not be the best to come with suggestions, but I may have one, which could help us traverse the sands. You see, I have the ability to solidify fire, turning it into a harmless platform, which people can walk on, not just me. Let me show you somewhere outside the airship." With that said, he quickly jumped off the ship and made ten steps, turning left. He channeled a bit of his energy into his hands, creating what could be seen as a ledge, which was floating magically in the air, twenty centimeters above the dunes. It was, just like he said: solid, harmless fire, which you could interact physically with. With a smile, he stepped on it, stretched out his arms and turned to the Exarch. "Well, that's the whole deal. If people want to walk on it, so we could traverse the sands faster, I would be more than happy to help. But there's a problem..." He straightened his voice, as if something was stuck in his throat. "Only three people can walk on it, excluding myself. I might as well traverse the sands and do this, I don't have a problem." He jumped off the ledge and made his way back on the ship. "What do you think, Exarch?"
  3. Tolok woke up from his slumber. He was dizzy and had to blink a few times, slowly, to regain his vision and get up without falling flat on his face, as he did back when he had to fight the Byrn. Well, when he was the reason they died of laughter. He was not in the mood to stay in one place, for he was a true lover for stars. But not all kinds of stars, since one would tie to his ancestry, a story that would be told from child to child and kept as legacy, a memory, maybe a legend which has to be taken with a grain of salt when listened to. It was not just that, but the night sky in a desert would seem to look more like a painting, than reality. That's why he stood up and climbed a few stairs. Of course, his lucky ass managed to step on some wood beams which would creak at the slightest touch. "For fuck's sake." He muttered, as he was ascending towards the deck. And there he was, his curiosity peaking when he would look at the sky. In order to find that one star, he had to take out his compass and look up north-northwest and then find a dot that would shine stronger than any, which was in the center of a constellation, resembling a cross. Tough work for him, but manageable. He did as he would know, wandering slowly at the port and looked up, but he became incressingly more startled, since he couldn't find it. Perhaps, it was a mistake... But it couldn't be...
  4. Tolok had absolutely no idea of the things that would reside in the mountains, guarding those portals. A man like himself, who would explore far and wide, never heard these rumors. It wasn't the worst thing that ever happened to him, though, but at the same time, not the best. The glance to the group of three revealed him that he was not going to venture with rookies or... Pansies, as he would love to call the "refined" mercenaries in his mind, but battle ridden people, who know their things. He took each object, one by one, and inspected them thoroughly. They all seemed new to him and he really liked this. Even though his face might make him look like quite the conservative, he enjoys learning. The ear device, though, was intricate and instantly wore it, with a grin on his face. As for the food, he put it in his backpack, along with any other tools he might have, but were not needed in this adventure, but he gave the quarterstaff a short glare and shrugged slightly, almost putting it as a broomstick, to straighten his back; but there was no time for jokes today, he had to listen to the briefing and the immediate barrage of questions that would soon follow. Deciding to not look like an idiot, he shot one question to the captain to be answered, as well: "Any limitations on magic? Since I use fire, I could really know if the intentional use of my powers could jeopardise the mission." He fiddled a bit with his glasslight during the question, before strapping it to his belt.
  5. Tolok was listening to the Exarch, who was warning him for his bad behavior. Sure, he really did a bad mistake there, the attitude could be better. Much better, and less hostile, due to the overall reaction he got around. Actions have consequences, and the consequence lead to his face getting smacked with power by Mason's revolver, in a move which would only be satisfied by using his burning rage against a person unlucky enough to get hit. And that was Tolok, falling on the ground, a bit of blood coming out of his mouth. Due to him being, at least, not an idiot, or a whole circus, as he had been called before by Jill, he kept his mouth shut, until the Exarch finished his talk. Tolok got up, slowly, watching Mason leave into the ship's hold. He understood the poor man, but it was his fault for not having experience in these kinds of things, but his sudden instinct urged him to help. He took a deep breath and looked at Madon, nodding at him. "I understand, Exarch. My actions were foolish enough to get this coming from Deadeye. It was something I thought I would have wanted to help with, but I failed miserably and I take full responsability for this. Now, about the choice of words about her... I am sorry about it. Apologies are not the best thing to use in these situations, but my attitude could have been better, much, much better. I thought that, by trying to make him understand he is not alone, I could help him get out of his grasp. But here I am, taking a full hit, thinking over what I had done. I do not intent on watching over her, or anything else. I have nothing against her, even though it seemed otherwise just a minute earlier, following my nose. I did act like a child, but I will think about it as a grown up I am now." He looked down while cleaning up his mouth from the blood and took a seat on the starboard, sitting in silence. It was not about the warning that made him feel ashamed, it was about the fact that he was an utter fool.
  6. Tolok rushed over to Mason and looked at him worryingly, seeing him pinning Orsola down. As much of an asshole and a brat that green haired girl is, he could do nothing but try and calm down Mason. "Hey, you are still Deadeye to me. I know how it feels when someone bullshits this and tells everyone certain things. Look..." He put his hand gently on his left shoulder. He started speaking a bit more quietly. "...I know she is an asshole and probably an entitled kid. I might get a punch in the face for this and I... will take it, if it means nothing else happens." Tolok took off his gauntlet, so the gentle grasp could feel more human. "She had made a wrong thing and I understand, you have your concerns, you probably had to deal with certain people who endangered you or your loved ones. But she... Will get her ass beaten once we are out in the field, because karma is a bitch and it cuts necks, just like that. Now, let's focus on our mission and one of our people, you choose, may keep an eye on her, if you want. I can do it, if it means anything for you. Are you alright with this?" He kneeled down on his left side and looked at Mason. "It's not worth doing this now. Not yet." He waited for a response and, probably, a punch or two in the face.
  7. "Wohooo, now this looks interesting!" He glanced at the map, "What can we expect from this place, except the Dragon Emblem and the.. Arbalest? Except from the Byrn who will want to have a friendly tug of war with us over the Emblem shard, over the sand deserts, with the bandits coming and watching us fightinf like some children." He straightened his voice. "My bad. This was plain, dumb sarcasm. Well, I would be up for keeping them busy, while you all find the Emblem. I know I am slightly crazy when it comes to battles, but I like being a nuisance to my enemies." He then glared at Orsola, having an eerie feeling about this girl, which was claiming to be Madon's daughter, but in another world. Even though she had royal blood, she seemed... Not like the Exarch... "Maybe it was the adrenaline which played tricks on your mind when you were killing the Byrn troops?" he rubbed the back of his head, confused. "Doesn't seem like her, I think. As Deadeye said, she is too small to do this to the Ebon Knight." He backed up his claimings, because that felt like the most rational thing to say at the moment. With a puzzled look, he moved his gaze away to the map.
  8. "Woah there!" Tolok fell off his shield, flat on the ground, completely surprised by this tremor. as he got up slowly, when shakes were getting weaker and weaker. He cleaned the bits of dirt off him, noticing they were starting to gain altitude. "Now... That is something stupid." He looked at Dawnwulf, the drunken golem rider wizard, "But... it is interesting, too. We can only see what will happen with this." He finished his opinion with a shrug and fixed his shield into the ground again, resting his butt on it.
  9. Tolok put his sword in the scabbard, but kept his shield once Orsola came back to them, only to start thinking, putting his right hand on the chin. "He might help us. Sure, he is strong. Taking out a flank, just by himself is, indeed, commendable. But I think we could get him on our side if one of us has a silver tongue. Is it worth the risk? Maybe." He shrugged and fixed his shield into the ground, resting his butt on it. "This might be like a dice roll, and I feel like we are having a lucky day today. Let's see whatever our God will throw at us." He smiled, glancing at the direction the man might be coming from, crossing his arms in the meantime.
  10. "I have been in a good amount of battles... But I would never, ever expect someone to start laughing, rolling on the ground and not get an arrow in their eyeballs..." He was watching the wyvern riders take off, looking at them with a slight confusion, while trying to understand whatever happened in the last half an hour. The war in his dreams feels more like a war than when he has to face people like this. Is he really the clown, or their humor is.... like this? He pushed the sword into the ground, as he looked around the place. Dead, dead and dead around. Just like any normal war. There was still the Exarch and Amber, who was healing him for a good while. The awkward silence was pretty obvious, with the exception of the muffled sound of the drunk golem marching back to them, thuds being heard from time to time, when it wasn't stepping on bodies of both the Byrn and other people around. "What's next now? He looked back at the Exarch, waiting for a response, his face glancing at Amber and the healing.
  11. Tolok was... Embarassed. He didn't know if he should start laughing or keeping himself quiet, but the sight of the wyvern riders rolling on the floor was just as humiliating as his thought that he could intimidate some riders. Who is he to try that, a demon? Oh... He blinked a few times due to the commotion he had done around. The fact that even a mouse was laughing at his stupidity was even worse than any execution. Hell, he was executed for life and the enemies would just start calling him a clown if they ever meet in a future battle. The wyvern riders are going to meet him soon, probably... "What was in my mind?" He spoke to himself, while scratching his head, picking his flaming sword up from the ground. "At least... I failed my task... Succesfully? They are not going to pay attention if i swing some flames at them?" He just shook his head, glancing over at Amber, healing the Exarch and the Exarch still not being able to stand up, because of the wounds Jill had made. But what was more weird... Was that alternate timelines exist. "Wait. Alternate timelines? How is that even possible?" And then looked back at Orsola, riding off with Exarch's horse. "....This is getting weirder minute by minute. Now... I will be ready to cover the Exarch once he is healed and get their attention to me. But from what I see... I don't think they'll stop laughing soon..." He sheathed his sword, crossing his arms at the crowd he had made, including the mouse, laughing in tears because he was 'smart' enough to open his mouth.
  12. Tolok grinned when Jill was flabbergasted by his magical powers and the lucky ass. What would he do, so she would probably get intimidated even more by her own claims? Yes, of course. Using her own words as his weapon. Words, which are stronger than any blade that exists in this world. But... Was Tolok even good at scaring people? His confidence was just showing his annoying side to the enemies, but that's about it. But one idea came up in his head. Tolok glares at her again, striking a pose and his eyes get slowly filled up with fire. "You were right, rider. The Exarch made sure to enter the bowels of Hell and find a demon, fitting to leave his world, with insatiable bloodlust! Shall you want to become my next feast, I accept you with my arms open. But a good meal doesn't go well without a fight, so raise your weapon again and face me, mortal!" Tolok was not so happy with his intimidation attempt, but he hoped for the best.
  13. Tolok smugged again, looking like he was having his fun, pissing off Jill, who was riding her wyvern. At this point, Tolok had to pick up his shield to reduce the damage inflicted by the wyvern rider and cast more flames around it. The first two blows quickly caused him to lose his balance, and hurt his left wrist for a bit when the hits connected but he regained control each time, standing on his feet firmly. Jill was fast enough to land another third hit though and Tolok couldn't block or parry back, her axe aiming for his head. Something happened though... Even though the axe connected with Tolok's head and made its way through his body, until it stopped around the level of the shoulders... Tolok didn't die. The axe was there, its head inside his body, Tolok looking at it disgusted, waiting to just die, because he was too weak. After a few seconds, he glanced back at the rider. "..." Both of them looked awkwardly at eachother and Tolok started speaking again. "....Can you get the axe off my body, at least? I am really weirded out at the moment." And she did, looking at her weapon weirded out, only to see it was not dirty of any new blood coming from Tolok's body which should have been split in half. Apparently, Tolok's ass was lucky enough to evade the third blow coming from Jill. She sent another hit, this time Tolok parrying it difficultly with his sword, falling on the ground, on his side, but he was in for a little surprise. He put his shield in front of him, having it charged up after all those hard blows and the flames around it disappeared, the ethereal flames, in the shape of his shield, flying towards the wyvern.
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