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  1. The Fire Heart

    bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle

    his love for strong ale interested Dreamer, haha but right now i don't have any ideas, after reading your chracter's template again. Let's wait for ataraxy to come back so we can progress with the story
  2. The Fire Heart

    bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle

    between our characters, as a way to get to know eachother; you can throw an idea here if you want
  3. The Fire Heart

    bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle

    @Token Do you want to have a duel or a simple, get to know approach?
  4. WE are going to talk.



    1. The Fire Heart

      The Fire Heart

      Yikes, you got discord?

      The Fire Heart#4091

  5. The Fire Heart

    What do YOU do on your down time?

    I play video games. A lot of them, even though I am starting to get bored of them. It's fine! I usually socialize a lot on discord and other social media and look for memes. Any kind of memes, I really love them I am also learning how to code in C++ and sometimes I read Asimov's books! I also listen to music, like all the time when I am home (since I can't use headsets/headphones, I am not allowed) and pair it with what I'm doing at the moment. Lofi hip hop? Amazing for homework and chill things! Some game soundtracks? Throw them when I am playing And soo on..
  6. The Fire Heart

    Lilith Brings War to Nu Martyr

    Tolok is warching Parrish and waiting for a battle!
  7. The Fire Heart

    bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle [CoP Hub]

    Dreamer didn't want to leave, yet. As he stood around the bar, more precisely, around the door of the bar, leaning on a wall, was thinking of nothing much, while watching the visible crescent moon in the sky. It was afternoon, in a warm day. "The red eyed girl with the crescent mark on her forehead, as well as this moon, as a crescent? This must be a coincidence. But, what if it is my destiny to find out who is she? What if I will work with her, or her friend who bought a very expensive drink? Although they seem like necromancers, they don't look as bad as I think. At least, that's what I hope." The Dreamer was rather bored and he summoned a a couple of keys in a keychain, to play with them. They didn't have to be precise for a job, but rather vague, as he could just play with them and make noise. He loved the sound of the keys striking eachother in a keychain. Spinning around the keychain, he was thinking again about what could life give him now. A new path to take? A new him? Maybe he will find out what happened with him in that first dream, which led to everything until the present moment? All of them could happen if he looked deep enough.
  8. The Fire Heart

    General chat thread

    We can always have a bigger boat, haha Oh well, my thumbs don't like the analog placement they start hurting after a bit. But then again, i usually press those sticks a lot and, in time, i can't feel them anymore. More of a PC guy, but I love using a gamepad from time to time
  9. The Fire Heart

    General chat thread

    I can't use the Xbox controller, because of the analog stick placement, it is very confusing, since I played a lot on a PS3 when I was younger. It really is personal preference
  10. The Fire Heart

    Church On The Hill

    After Tolok helped Saskion with putting the Jackalwere on the table and being explained the meaning behind the beast's name, he replied to his question: "No, I haven't ever taken apart an animal before." it was time for him to watch Saskion. As he grabbed the cleaver and the hunting knife, with the precision of a surgeon and the raw strenght of a butcher, the sewing began, while the guts were going all across the table. He felt a strong disgust, watching the blood dripping out of the Jackalwere's body, but the elf was not done yet. "No, who the hell would want to mount his monster?!" He said to himself, while watching the elf cracking its ribcage with the knife, revealing its heart and lungs, wetted in oil and blood. "Gross! Maybe I fought against putrifying zombies, but no, I can't stand this smell and landscape! But for food and respect, uhh.. I will always stay for food, at least for now." He let out a slight smile, trying to convince Saskin that he likes what he sees. What happened next, though, was something that almost caused Tolok to vomit: the elf sewing the lower body of the monster, leading to a gory, disgusting and bloody mess or, more simple, a gory flower. Tolok felt his stomach turning upside down, feeling like coughing and he put his hand at the mouth, trying to act as it was a normal cough. He couldn't believe his green eyes with a golden floral structure about what he got in, sewing a Jackalwere in the open, on a rented table with a new person, though he likes his company, seeing passion in what he does. It reminded him of his father, crafting his sword before he left the house. Tolok started helping the elf with flipping the carcass over, after being told what organs to remove. He knew it was almost over and only one bit of effort was needed before he got his meal, flipping the carcass. All the blood spilled on the street, dirtying up everything around them. After that, it was supportable for him, watching Askion cutting the meat, finally getting his part, as a promise, one the Jackalwere's legs. It looked beautiful and probably, very tasty. "It tastes pretty similar to dog, I've found." "I don't care, really." "Somewhere between beef and mutton." "And that is why I don't trust comparisons." The slap of the elf on his shoulder was considered welcome. He really appreciated the elf for teaching him how to cut an animals, even though he wouldn't probably do that. Plus, he didn't really care about the blood on his shirt. He had worse coming to him. "I just let the winds guide me. Going on a trade route, considered dangerous by the people around, I killed maybe too many bandits who lurked those places and I arrived in Coth. I had a long way 'till here and it is good it was worth it." He said, while packing the meat he was gifted into a leather he found in the backpack. "I am sure you live around these places." finishing the packing and putting the meat into his small backpack.
  11. The Fire Heart

    Lilith Brings War to Nu Martyr

    I think I might join, Tolok is made of 99% anger and 1% everything else right now lol
  12. The Fire Heart

    Lilith Brings War to Nu Martyr

    @Ataraxy will Lilith visit Parrish? I don't want Tolok to stay around the town doing nothing, lmao
  13. The Fire Heart

    Lilith Brings War to Nu Martyr

    It's a problem with the website; probably heavy load or poor status of the server. I don't know what else would cause this. It works bad on both my PC and mobile on data and Wi-Fi. 😞
  14. The Fire Heart

    dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same

    "Reports say that Keto, Apolypse, Hungary and Taronta have fallen, due to an invasion of... necromancers. From their marches, they are threatening to siege Nu Martyr as their last objec.." The small, portable television was closed, at last, by Tolok. The news were devastating for him, not knowing precisely what to do. An army of necromancers, spreading death, decay, filth and the putrefying smell of the zombies all across Nehlaen. For what? Possibly the Crown of Asteria and the declaration of war. "Hell, as advanced they think they might be, they are extremely stupid. They could just hide the Crown or destroy it, but not broadcasting they found a crown. Stupid people." Finishing the remark, he put the portable television in his backpack. It was small and light enough to fit in. After that, he started packing. He was in the outskirts of Parrish, watching the city, while trying to relax himself. At least, that's what he thought. He couldn't relax, anymore, after this whole news was broadcasted. Thinking again about it, he felt rage. The warm, turning hotter, rage which would not stop, thinking about how many people lost their lifes due to this invasion. And so many to die. Men, women and children, screaming and agonising, raising from dead, unable to escape the shackles of being both living and dead. The image was profoundly disturbing Tolok. "PRIME and the other military will need more help. I know that. They cannot fight alone against millions of undead and other important enemies." he whispered to himself, while clenching his fist, now covered in flames and looking at the blue sky. "At least it's not dark, like this situation." He could see cars and people running away from the city, towards Nu Martyr or other safer cities. But no city was safe, at the moment. Not that he knew of. He stood up, watching over the cars already creating an immense traffic and a cacophony of car horns causing a noise pollution, shaking his head. "People will soon be dead if no one rises to fight. I'm going to fight." As he unsheathed his sword but, on a second thought... "...But not alone. And I need information about the enemy." and he put his sword back. "As much as I believe in a world that can be saved, no victory comes without a sacrifice. I cannot fight alone in Parrish. I need to hide somewhere to observe the enemies, though. This place looks promising." Located in the outskirts on a green hill covered by might and green oaks, he was thiking of climbing a tree. No one would see him in the leaves, unless they had the eyes of an eagle. No one, not even himself if he had his soul depart his body and look for him, even though he knew where his body was residing. So he went to a tree and put his backpack behind a fallen tree trunk, hiding it, making sure it was not was able to be seen, and he waited. He waited at the base of the tree, watching the horison like a sentinel.
  15. The Fire Heart

    Hello >:D

    welcome to Valucre! I hope you enjoy your stay! We've got a lot of people who you can RP with!