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  1. Arriving in the square, Tolok jumped off Nodite, covering his sword and shield in flames for the upcoming storm. The shadows covering the fifteen warriors proved to be Tolok's worst nightmare, as they stepped out of their hideout. The tense pause and one of the merc's speech lead to gas bombs, which would turn the place into a toxic, disgusting and green place.

    "Not this shit again..." He put his hand to the mouth, instinctively, but it was only a matter of time until he breathed in the gas and its effects showed up, almost instantly: His weapons were not covered in flames anymore. His eyes, tearing up, losing vision in the already obscure enviroment. He started coughing, as if he was losing his breath every single time he was forced to breathe and take in more of this severe gas. He felt weak, as his limbs were having difficulties in keeping him stable. One of the mercenaries attempted to take him out, but he blocked it with his shield, truth to be said, with a certain difficulty. He swinged his sword towards the merc's neck, somehow leading to an extremely lucky hit which knocked the opponent out, but he also almost lost his balance, due to all the gas he breathed in. He was not resistant enough to keep up with it, even though he looked more than able to. Only thing he could do was to protect Owend's back, with his guard up and counter attacking hits, since he wasn't able to swing his weapon properly, coughing as if he had no more air left to breathe and a splitting headache.

  2. Tolok's head jolted to Illumine, seeing it was hurt. After hearing Eve's words, that the Exarch is gone, he quickly got up, almost choking on food and shouting at Owend: "Prepare Nodite, we have an Exarch to save, for god's sake!" His anger was almost heating the place around him, as he picked up his shield and prepared his backpack for the rescue mission, all of them being in the tent. He started mumbling a few words, due to the anger, but he kept them to himself. Him and Owend jumped on the pegasi, taking their flight to the town. "If one thing was not needed, this could have been it. Choking on food and our leader is in danger. What else could possibly go wrong, Owend? What else?" He said with deep frustration and worry, as his anger lead the place around him to be slightly hotter than usual.

  3. Tolok wake up due to the sunrays which lit the tent. He rested well, but more sleep could have been much better. After all, he is in an adventure to save the world. He can't be lazy around these circumstances. He got up, put his chainmail, greaves and gauntlet and took his sword and sheathed it. He rubbed his eyes, as he met Owend, smiling back.

    "Good morning Owend. Any way is good, but soft boiled is preferable."

    He took his order and went to his tent to eat, greeting Amber and Eve, overhearing the conversation. He was slightly disappointed the brave bow wasn't for her taste, but he could do nothing but shrug it off and enjoy his meal. "It will be a great day if Madon and Wymp come back with news. I'm sure they'll come back." He continued eating the eggs.

  4. [I have this with me, CS-0078, in site-909...] The message that came out of his radio device was enough to convince him to get back to working, even though VCF gave him some of the most bitter memories, including the opening of Pandora's Box. His whole future was ruined, but not only his, but the millions and millions of people who'd have died during the first hours of the apocalypse. The survivors had the worst experience of their life, though. So many, skewed by the monsters, eaten alive or dismembered to death. Watson was just shivering so heavily due to these memories. If it was for him to save Valucre from twenty years ago, he'd be in, whatever the cost. "Doctor Brett, I will kill you myself if time travel won't work. VCF was already enough for my tired self. I don't want any other bad memories to emerge, because of a failed misconduct." He spoke to himself, as he took his beloved magic sceptre, witness of so many adventures Watson took part in. It felt like both of them were the same thing when a fight would take place, but now? He wishes he wouldn't have been part of VCF, after the whole incident, including his sceptre. But that was all there is, he'd have to save the past, using time travel; what was there for him to lose, his own life? He's already old, being almost fifty years of age. He could have found a way to end his miserable life in the apocalypse, but he isn't a coward.

    His blue eyes, sparking in intense, bright blue lightning, were analyzing the wasteland surroundings, moving towards Site-909. the thump noise the Titan would do was enough to annoy him, as he found a place to hide, before it spotted him. It was more than enough that he'd find a place behind a wall, but the constant fear that he'd be seen was there, creeping around in his mind, waiting to swarm and set him prey to the horrific being. Last Chance was not too far from him, but it was definitely slightly challenging to move past the monster, as he couldn't use electrcity to move fast, as magnetic levitation or lightning warp would give him away. He ran towards another wall, which led to a safe passage of houses, which would hide him from the monster...

    And he finally reached Last Chance, looking for a trapdoor in the black market. It was not too hard to find, as the trapdoor had a distinct, red colour for the pyrotechnics. He reached for the lock, running his hands through the numbers and clicking the code. "2...3...0...9...", the trapdoor opening, as he just finished entering the code. He lifted it, managing to get inside, without catching his runic robe in the trapdoor. Closing it, there was just darkness. "Good god. I hope the doctor isn't as dead as this place." He lifted his scepter, managing to create some light using the electric powers of the sceptre. A dim blue light made its appearance, revealing Watson's face and the surroundings. "I suppose the radio signal was not just for me. There should be a few more people around." And it was true. There was another light there, brigth enough to reveal a sillhouette with pointy ears, handling a staff. It was not too far from him, so he spoke: "I guess I am not the only one who's heard the radio comm, am I?"

  5. Tolok drew out his sword and ran his hands on the blade, as small flames were emerging due to the contact. He was analysing what they said, as he was cleaning his sword off the blood of the Byrn patrols from earlier. "So, I suppose this is all there is for today? The night is growing, so I might think we'd need a time out. Madon will probably come back tomorrow, I hope." He was exchanging glares with Deadeye and Amber, as he sheathed his sword. "Do you think we'll meet the Ebon Knight sooner or later? He sure seems really strong.", his las words were monotone, as he started yawning, covering his mouth. "I suppose there are a few free tents around? I am not quite the best at camping." He smiled, as he finished the sentence.

  6. 34 minutes ago, Sanonymous said:

    Well that's fair ? Either way, can I get an ETA on when you lot are gonna have your posts?

    I don't like to enforce a time limit on the rotation of posting, but I would like for the posts to keep coming as to keep the interest living ? 

     @jaistlyn @The Fire Heart @squid peanut @TheElementHunter @Thotification @Dauner Light

    i will post tomorrow!

  7. "And to think humans, who became animals through their own actions are kept here, I have to stay because of some rumors. Not that I have anything against this, but criminals aren't my cup of tea." Dreamer was playing with a barbed wire which would stick out of its place, running it with the index finger, through the places where the spikes would be gone, because of the weather or just because of a manufacturing error. The sudden feeling of metal, which would prove to feel as new, combined with the rain, making it oddly soothing, made the man whose eyes convey stars to study this kind of object. It could prove to be efficient in the future, if he ever had to defend some place or in cruel, desperate situations, to strangle the poor victim's body, in order to force him to spill the informations about a mastermind plan. But the latter was too far-fetched. As time passed and his robe would deflect the water coming out of the heavy, grey clouds, he would inspect the spikes even further, slowly creating it in his mind, until he was able to summon a coil of barbed wire, which would move at the man's orders. It proved to be quite flexible, due to the nature of the resource the wire was made of. Satisfied by the result, he moved his left hand, as an order to disappear and wandered around the town, avoiding mud or puddles, watching the windmills moving slowly or not at all, due to the lack of wind during the rain. Strangely, it would prove to be quite a depressing, but soothing view. 

    The two weeks between the visit in the town and the full scale combat in the village, which ended on a dark, humiliating tone, were some of the longest he ever experienced. The thoughts his minds would have to go through, analysing what happened, from the barbarians slaughtering everything in sight, to the evil overlord whose mind was trying to imagine how he would look like. There was no other image that would cause him a chill across his spine, other than the lack of it. The definition of Unknown, merged with the reckoned force would be quite the horrifying combination. Who else wouldn't be scared of a terror which could be anything or anyone? You would never know who is the real antagonist, until he proves otherwise. Regrets went and remained, hurting Dreamer, but he had nothing to do. If this... thing was here, it could be his last shot to catch him. 

    He had to stop though, since he felt something sharp touching his chest, but not leaving a cut through the new robe that Maxwell had ordered, made after the exact same model he used to wear before, but the outlines and edges had an effect which would immitate the starry eyes of the Dreamer, plus thin golden lines along these. Knowing the order of a custom robe would be expensive, he wanted to make sure it will be worth it. But what if this piece of clothing would be cut by someone who wanted to hurt him? This is where he was right now, waiting for the aggressor to speak out loud. "I see you are new here... and you look quite rich, I must say. Heheh." The creepy cackle made by the unknown person almost caused Dreamer to shiver, but it was too stupid anyways. "Do you mind giving me whatever you have, so I leave you alone? I don't think a wound through your heart would be better than being arrogant and trying to fight me. Besides, I am not alone." Two coughs, one from the left and one from the right would signal two more persons aiding this thief, who would be more than glad to help him, as long as greed would not prove deadly, except they met the wrong person. "Are you telling me you want to steal a man who is defenseless? Oh. You might be looking for money, but you are useless cowards. Quite sad, to be honest. Mind if I show a trick or two?" He did not wait for an answer, as he summoned three daggers, touching the throats of the three thieves, causing them to gasp loudly. "I suppose you are shocked." He turned, to look at them. All three of them were terrified of the sudden appearance of the ethereal weapons at their throats, knowing there is no escape from the grasp of the strange man. "Unless you want to be served for dinner to animals or cannibals, you might want to run away. I promise i won't kill any of you, but throw whatever weapons you have on you and run, until i don't see you anymore." Said and done. All of them threw their weapons and ran away, getting inside of a damaged, almost destroyed house, which roof was still standing in a single corner. The Dreamer shook his head, as he decided to go back to where Maxwell would find his safe spot, his stomach grumbling in the meantime. Fifteen minutes had passed and he found himself in front of the house Maxwell was residing, knocking on the door, as a respectful gentleman he is first. "Hello again Maxwell. I suppose you'll let me stay with you for the night being, until you get used to this wretched place? Besides, I'm hungry at the moment."

  8. It almost felt like Dreamer's muscles and brain would collapse in a fatal, miserable end, which would only lead to the deaths of the two heroes. As the shields were withstanding the weight of rocks and boulders, Maxwell played his card, summoning what it seemed as an entity made of fire itself. How could a man create such a living being, from a red flower and fire? His imposing appearance, a sparkling gentleman, would only lead him to think he is a god. But would gods ever need the help of another man to help them survive? Would gods not have their own ego, not being grateful of their lifesaver? He had to be a human, born in the bowels of fire probably. The grandiose entity made its way to save Dreamer's spine from breaking into multiple places, breaking and pushing the rocks away off the shields, easing his work. 

    As the rocks were gone, he made a gesture to make the shields disappear. He took a deep breath, before speaking "I must say, we shall thank each other for what happened. These rocks were quite a handful."

    After gasping one more time, he looked back to Maxwell, nodding and keeping a slight smile: "Nice to meet you Maxwell. You truly seem like an imposing figure, with quite some interesting powers indeed." He stretched his arms, until a few pops were heard. At last, he felt much more relaxed than before the whole fight had begun, his mind clearing from those flashes of memories that happened and haunted him. "I am The Dreamer. As my name suggests, I can create whatever i want, as well my mind can understand it. Many people would consider this such a powerful ability, but they would be horrified to know what I went through to have it." Accepting the pats and the compliments with a simple nod, he kept going: "It is as you say. I am here to fight the one who caused all this. But this sun, destroying the temple, means the fight has ended. We were too late for this."

    Soon after he finished his sentence, explosion and pops could be heard. It felt as flesh was flying off the bone, leaving it clean, escaping its grasp. But it was, in fact, just the horrific sight of the barbarian's heads, which exploded one by one. After all this massacre that happened and many people that died, those monster's heads decided to take their leave. Blood, guts and bones on the ground, painting it red, would offer such a grim, dark sight, which only the people who were used to all this gore could withstand it without puking. "As I said. We were too late." He added to this grotesque show that was happening before his eyes. "No soldier of the opposing force will be left alive at this rate and we cannot do anything about this."

    And then a ground shake happened. What the hell would happen now, that almost everyone was either dead or too horrified of what happened? Could it have been an earthquake? No... It was a grand airship, descending lower and lower, as its appearance could have been the sign of a full-scale war that would happen just now. The ear-thumping noise would annoy the man with the starry eyes, but he couldn't do anything about it, except adapting. "We should check out what's happening. It didn't come here for no reason." And the ship started shooting bolts towards something. "Crap, We should definitely see what's happening!" He started running, following the trajectory of the ballista bolts.
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  9. As Nodite landed, Tolok hopped off the pegasi, creating a few flames when his greaves connected with the ground. "Yeah, spoils of war are always good in dire needs!" He smiled, as he said that, being proud of himself. "We haven't met any troop enchanced with dragon's blood yet. If the Byrn are as strong as you said, I should have expected at least one in each camp."

    He looked at the brave bow Owend was holding, regaining his thoughts, before continuing. "By the way, how was your scouting, Amber and Deadeye?"

  10. "I'd be glad if you would show me those sights if we can. My wanderlust is satiated whenever I find a place like this. It fills your heart with warmth and accomplishment." He replied to Owend, as she offered him this delightful chance, "But as Vanessa said, let's go!"

    He grabbed Owend's hand as she helped him get up on the pegasi, checking the view once more, before looking the forward. It was breathtaking and... ascending...

    He looked to Owend, looking like he would like to ask her a question, but he let her gain altitude before he'd jump to talking again. "So, how did you join the Exarch?" He asked, after a long pause, as they were soaring through the orange painted sky, with the other Grey Knights behind them, as he was checking if the backpack was closed. "I wonder how long will I be in for this journey. It feels already welcoming to be with these people.", he thought.

  11. "Gold, check. The blue vial elixir that i have no idea of? Check. And the brave bow for Eve? Check. Good thing my curiosity gets the best out of me. Everyone had a win from this." He smiled to her, as he sorted things out and put the gold and the vial into the backpack he almost forgot about, which he carried all day long on his back. He suddenly felt Owend's grab, which pulled him to the edge of the hill. The view was magnificent: the purple and orange sky, along with the sunset, were like a painted masterpiece. It was an eye candy for the man whose blood was imbued in fire, as his thirst for adventure would be satiated; he always loved these kind of sights, since he existed in this world.

    He chuckled at her words, as she tried to excuse herself out of this situation. He found it funny and ignored it in a jokingly manner: "Heh. It's a really magnificent view. I understand why you love this place so much, it would be an amazing place to settle down, only to watch this sight, every single day. Passionate lovers?" He looked at her, smugging, "You had your own fair share of visits and I understand you. It's romantic, indeed." He gave a warm smile, as his eyes had a slight orange, firey effect on his iris, which would be seen perfectly due to the sunset. "Erasmia is a really beautiful place, indeed."

  12. Tolok smiled, as he watched the camp below him. A few Byrn were there, patrolling and making sure the perimeter is secure. Though, they never dared to look up, so they could see the three pegasi circling around them, as a sign of their impending doom. He was scanning those soldiers, who didn't look out of ordinary, but they were well-trained, as Owend said.  "Wish me luck. I'll make you proud." During the diving strike, Tolok leaped off at the best moment, not aiming to land among the Byrn troops, but on one of them, aiming to cushion his fall and kill one of the troops. Two birds with one stone, right? Leaping off, he quickly took his sword and shield, shouting "May the fire purify the corrupt!", as his weapons were slowly being covered in yellow to orange flames. The patrol quickly looked at the direction the shout came from, only to see a man, imbuing his fire magic into the weapons, ready to strike, with his shield upfront, smashing the head of one of their patrols. The fall, cushioned, lead Tolok to getting up, as he saw the first enemy was already down, after a mere blow of the shield. The other enemies lunged backwards, as reaction to the sound that the shield and that poor man had during the impact. Tolok got up, correcting his stance, parrying one of the hits coming from a solider, following it with a blow of the sword, slashing the Byrn's chest. Another hit came, as he blocked it with the shield and closed off the distance by pushing with the kite shield into the man. He aimed for the knee, with a precise and fast blow, causing him to fall on the ground, finishing him off with the pointy part of the shield. "That's three."

    The last soldier, on the right side of Tolok, readied his bow, ready to shoot. He realised almost too late that the last soldier tried attacking from afar, reacting just in time to block with the bloodied shield. The Byrn prepared another arrow , but Tolok decided to use the distance too. Correcting his stance, he sliced with the sword through the air, horisontally, leading to a flame which followed the sword's swing, going towards the poor soldier which was almost sliced in half by the magical blow.

    Tolok looked around, to make sure no one else was alive. Kicking the soulless corpses and seeing nobody was alive, he went through the tents to see if there was anything precious they had left; he needed Owend's help for that, though. He had no idea what would be important and what couldn't. "Owend! It's clear!" he shouted to the blue hair lady he became fond of.

  13. Er'Uk started enjoying her enthusiasm, as she answered his questions, one by one, as if he wasn't being annoying. The sass in her response about the roadside fortress, to the mention of Monzia, a mighty castle, probably far away from Isore, sparked his flaming curiosity, as both his irises were "burning" with small, yellow flames, due to excitement. "Maybe one day, when our quest is over."

    Her brief explanation of Byrn troops caused him to grin. Strong, well trained people, who he could have to fight? He was getting bored of roadside bandits or other untrained opponents. While it is true that his selfishness leads to only thinking about himself and honing his skills against the adversaries, it quickly faded as he heard the news of the troops enhanced by dragon's blood and defeating Isore. "Never knew they were the cause of that place's fall. I shall mourn the deaths of the people who defended it. I made a promise that i shall not break.", he thought.

    Her quick and sudden response to the change of the surroundings lead him to watching around, as the Grey Knights behind them were also flying, but further away. He noticed the fortress she had mentioned. It didn't look special, but the fact that a building like this at the crossroads would have made sense, if it was erected there. He quickly took Owend's spyglass and observed the "Ebon Knight" she mentioned, with such a worried tone. If she was talking about him like that, he must be someone stronger than anyone he ever met before. And her words were true. His appearance made Tolok have a chill down his spine. The blood red cape would just signify all the blood the knight must have spilled during the campaign. "He truly looks like someone who would outpower us... For now." He let Owend take the spyglass back and braced himself for the quick turn Nodite would do, as they were heading back to the camp. The sudden noise like an explosive made Tolok be aware and suddenly realise it came from Deadeye's metallic tube weapon

    Reaching the camp the sound came from, he saw Amber and Mason around the dead bodies, one having a bloody hole through his chest, while the others had the same slashing wounds.

    "We also have bad news." He added to Owend's sudden reply to their actions, sighing.

  14. Spoiler

    "Ooh, so the new guy is choosing go with little old me, huh? You're a hoot, handsome, and full of spunk too! I think we're going to get along just fine."

    The sheer excitement and compliments thrown by the lady with blue hair caught Tolok off guard. He was not expecting someone this lively in a camp that was mostly lunging towards an objective they were all sure would never come back. But her? She looked like she was feeding from all this adrenaline. Her next sudden reaction, boasting about how Tolok made her go crazy? This embarassed him for a bit, both Vanessa and Tolok looking at eachother after Owend's audible whisper was over. He advanced, as the pegas landed next to the blue haired woman.

    As she climbed up, he accepted her help, getting up rather easy. He chose the saddle behind her, finding a comfortable way to stay on it, looking all around him, analysing the whole place. The mighty creature was one he could not get his eyes off, one that made his heart jump, because of its beauty. "Horses with wings. They are so majestic, yet they seem so common to some." "Hey. Thanks for the hand." He said, after smiling to her and looking around more, as he checked his sword and shield, his father's gifts, as sign of memory of his past, which were still in place. During the flight, he felt slightly sick, but he managed to stop that feeling, by not focusing on it. He enjoyed the flight, apparently, smiling and laughing. He felt like a child again; something which would have always made him happy, over anything else. He listened to Owend as she kept explaining:


    "I hope flying doesn't make you sick! If it does, and you end up throwing up, make sure to aim away from me and Nodite! Anyways... if I were a Byrn general, I'd base any operations taking place in The Valley in the southwestern region of Isore. More specifically, there's a fortress along the north road between Cortia and The Valley, one that Isore used to watch over trade and keep bandits under control. Perfect location to coordinate scouting and a possible assault from. That's where we're heading now. If there's anyone there aside from the old garrison, we'll find out quickly. We won't get too close, I'd rather not have to make a fighting retreat with wyvern riders on our tail!"

    "A fortress you say? Sounds like Byrn has its own fair share of capable people. A building like this placed at the crossroads, watching over trades and bandits? I thought camps and high towers would do just fine, but it seems like you have some overkill measures. Are the Byrn strong, lady? Because you may not worry, We can take care of them if something happens. I can do something they cannot and will surely cause them to fall back. I'll leave it for later, because you know surprises are kept for the best moments!" He giggled,  before continuing. "A scout sounds much better than a head on attack. Glad there are people who use their actual brain for strategies and not for being stupid. Do we have any chances to fight them if we are all together and they would launch an attack against us?"

  15. "The Star of Death... thus being a mere tool of taking lifes, its true use was to destroy all of our hopes." The Star, consuming the hate, regrets and dread, expanded, slowly, until it became one of their own. Its gravity would pull roofs, severed arms, heads and weapons. Nothing would stop its deathly rise, but the next thing no one would have expected. And then, there was an explosion. An explosion of all the hate that a human could feel. Tens, maybe hundreds of people died today in the village, but it wasn't enough for the Dark Lord. His insatiable hunger for blood, scorn and selfishness has caused him to destroy the monastery on the top of the mountain. Memories of his past, after he got his powers, came back. Flashing memories, which would hurt The Dreamer, reminded him of his miserable life, that one would deserve, for the powers they had. But one image stood, imprinted in his mind. The image of an eldritch monstrosity, with its teeth, clearly visible, as its stenching breath could be sensed from meters away. He lost control of his body, shocked by this sudden, morbid appearance of the unknown monster, before regaining consciousness.

    The rocky debris was falling on the ground, in a rain of deadly boulders, who would destroy anyone unlucky enough to be in their way. Dreamer cast a few shields, putting them in front of him or wherever, trying to smash the boulders with them or rather deflect them. Some rocks would cause the shields to disappear, tiring the creator of phantasms, but he wouldn't have any choice. He had. To keep. Moving. Not only for himself, but also for the man who would dance in the town square, the man who tried battling the Star of Death and Sorrow but failed. He had to protect him, thus his efforts had to be rewarded. The rush wasn't a long one, though he had a few close calls which he was not entirely proud of, but he managed to reach the place.

    "Dancer!  Your efforts have been seen and you shall be protected!" He shouted at the glowing man, as he was sliding under a fence, which resulted in being a few meters from him. He closed off the distance, as he was casting now a small dome of shields, meant to not break after the consecutive efforts of the rain of rocks to smash the two heroes.  It was a huge effort for the man with the silver hair, as the shields became true, one by one, forming the desired dome. It was made at the right time, as a medium sized boulder broke to bits due to the contact with it. The debris kept going, as his stamina was fading. He had to hold on to it, otherwise both of them would be dead. "If you can help, I'd advise you to do it! I can't hold this for much longer!"

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