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  1. "Business with the leader? It looks like you have some good connections." Tolok realised Saskion didn't want to continue with explaining about the elves, so he jumped to the another question.
    "Unfortunately... My family is dead." He looked up in the sky towards the white as milk clouds, "Even though they are gone, I am sure they are happy with what I became until now. I've been in far dangerous places, though I don't really crave for fights now. Killing the bandits was more than enough, but normal people cannot defend themselves. Thus, wanderlust guided me until here. Hunger, too, but that was for the moment, when I saw you with the Jackalwere."
    "Even though I am done, for the moment, with big fights, I don't mind helping others. That's what I used to do until I came here, directly or not. It's just a matter of mutual respect for me."

    ((My right wrist hurts a lot and I will write small messages for a bit.))

  2. Dreamer didn't want to leave, yet. As he stood around the bar, more precisely, around the door of the bar, leaning on a wall, was thinking of nothing much, while watching the visible crescent moon in the sky. It was afternoon, in a warm day.

    "The red eyed girl with the crescent mark on her forehead, as well as this moon, as a crescent? This must be a coincidence. But, what if it is my destiny to find out who is she? What if I will work with her, or her friend who bought a very expensive drink? Although they seem like necromancers, they don't look as bad as I think. At least, that's what I hope.

    The Dreamer was rather bored and he summoned a a couple of keys in a keychain, to play with them. They didn't have to be precise for a job, but rather vague, as he could just play with them and make noise. He loved the sound of the keys striking eachother in a keychain. Spinning around the keychain, he was thinking again about what could life give him now. A new path to take? A new him? Maybe he will find out what happened with him in that first dream, which led to everything until the present moment? All of them could happen if he looked deep enough.

  3. After Tolok helped Saskion with putting the Jackalwere on the table and being explained the meaning behind the beast's name, he replied to his question: "No, I haven't ever taken apart an animal before."
     it was time for him to watch Saskion. As he grabbed the cleaver and the hunting knife, with the precision of a surgeon and the raw strenght of a butcher, the sewing began, while the guts were going all across the table. He felt a strong disgust, watching the blood dripping out of the Jackalwere's body, but the elf was not done yet.
    "No, who the hell would want to mount his monster?!" He said to himself, while watching the elf cracking its ribcage with the knife, revealing its heart and lungs, wetted in oil and blood. "Gross! Maybe I fought against putrifying zombies, but no, I can't stand this smell and landscape! But for food and respect, uhh.. I will always stay for food, at least for now." He let out a slight smile, trying to convince Saskin that he likes what he sees.
    What happened next, though, was something that almost caused Tolok to vomit: the elf sewing the lower body of the monster, leading to a gory, disgusting and bloody mess or, more simple, a gory flower. Tolok felt his stomach turning upside down, feeling like coughing and he put his hand at the mouth, trying to act as it was a normal cough. He couldn't believe his green eyes with a golden floral structure about what he got in, sewing a Jackalwere in the open, on a rented table with a new person, though he likes his company, seeing passion in what he does. It reminded him of his father, crafting his sword before he left the house.

    Tolok started helping the elf with flipping the carcass over, after being told what organs to remove. He knew it was almost over and only one bit of effort was needed before he got his meal, flipping the carcass. All the blood spilled on the street, dirtying up everything around them. After that, it was supportable for him, watching Askion cutting the meat, finally getting his part, as a promise, one the Jackalwere's legs. It looked beautiful and probably, very tasty.

    "It tastes pretty similar to dog, I've found." "I don't care, really." "Somewhere between beef and mutton." "And that is why I don't trust comparisons."
    The slap of the elf on his shoulder was considered welcome. He really appreciated the elf for teaching him how to cut an animals, even though he wouldn't probably do that. Plus, he didn't really care about the blood on his shirt. He had worse coming to him.
    "I just let the winds guide me. Going on a trade route, considered dangerous by the people around, I killed maybe too many bandits who lurked those places and I arrived in Coth. I had a long way 'till here and it is good it was worth it." He said, while packing the meat he was gifted into a leather he found in the backpack. "I am sure you live around these places." finishing the packing and putting the meat into his small backpack.


  4. "Reports say that Keto, Apolypse, Hungary and Taronta have fallen, due to an invasion of... necromancers. From their marches, they are threatening to siege Nu Martyr as their last objec.."

    The small, portable television was closed, at last, by Tolok. The news were devastating for him, not knowing precisely what to do. An army of necromancers, spreading death, decay, filth and the putrefying smell of the zombies all across Nehlaen. For what? Possibly the Crown of Asteria and the declaration of war.
    "Hell, as advanced they think they might be, they are extremely stupid. They could just hide the Crown or destroy it, but not broadcasting they found a crown. Stupid people."
    Finishing the remark, he put the portable television in his backpack. It was small and light enough to fit in. After that, he started packing.
    He was in the outskirts of Parrish, watching the city, while trying to relax himself. At least, that's what he thought. He couldn't relax, anymore, after this whole news was broadcasted.
    Thinking again about it, he felt rage. The warm, turning hotter, rage which would not stop, thinking about how many people lost their lifes due to this invasion. And so many to die. Men, women and children, screaming and agonising, raising from dead, unable to escape the shackles of being both living and dead. The image was profoundly disturbing Tolok. "PRIME and the other military will need more help. I know that. They cannot fight alone against millions of undead and other important enemies." he whispered to himself, while clenching his fist, now covered in flames and looking at the blue sky. "At least it's not dark, like this situation."

    He could see cars and people running away from the city, towards Nu Martyr or other safer cities. But no city was safe, at the moment. Not that he knew of. He stood up, watching over the cars already creating an immense traffic and a cacophony of car horns causing a noise pollution, shaking his head.

    "People will soon be dead if no one rises to fight. I'm going to fight." As he unsheathed his sword but, on a second thought... "...But not alone. And I need information about the enemy." and he put his sword back.
    "As much as I believe in a world that can be saved, no victory comes without a sacrifice. I cannot fight alone in Parrish. I need to hide somewhere to observe the enemies, though. This place looks promising." Located in the outskirts on a green hill covered by might and green oaks, he was thiking of climbing a tree. No one would see him in the leaves, unless they had the eyes of an eagle. No one, not even himself if he had his soul depart his body and look for him, even though he knew where his body was residing. So he went to a tree and put his backpack behind a fallen tree trunk, hiding it, making sure it was not was able to be seen, and he waited. He waited at the base of the tree, watching the horison like a sentinel.

  5. The quick slap of the red-eyed girl on the table caused the Dreamer to wince. He was paying attention at the drunkard who wanted to steal his beer, but went back to his table, his friends who didn't drink as much as him laughing at the stupid mistake he made, pointing towards the Dreamer and then at the drunk man, making gestures, such as him hurting his fist or the sword at his neck. They found it funny and had enough to tell to other friends about it.
    He grinned and drank the remaining beer in the pint, as the barman finished filling another pint with a "strong ale" for the man next to him. "A rather strong man, I would say. I think he went through many battles.

    He got up and, as soon as he almost turned his back to the barman, he would hear him saying "Sir, you forgot to pay. Two coins, please."

    He felt embarassed. His cheeks turned red, a pale tone of red, as he checked his purse and got two coins out. "Sorry. I keep forgetting things." It was, somehow, a rather basic description of himself and his bright mind, which would forget whatever memory he would have. As long as that memory wasn't important, he wouldn't get angry on it. He just disliked losing his memory, due to the headaches he started enduring. He remembers his second time he forgot his memory. It was of a house, probably his, but he doesn't know. As the lines covered his memory and turned it into ashes, he started crying, suffering and weeping, as his headache would destroy him mentally. But he went back on his feet after leaving the house he woke up in.

    He came back to reality and inspected the tavern, again. He heard the piano singing again, a rather slow song, which would make him think about himself. "I guess that's why I remembered that unfortunate event, right now. The human brains are so wonderful."

    He slowly walked towards the door leading to outside. Although the red-eyed woman was rather intriguing, based on her quite uncommon looks and her friend, it wasn't his deal. Unless one of them would cross paths with him, but that was unlikely to happen.

    Or so he thought.

  6. He couldn't hear the anger of the girl with blood red eyes, as he was paying attention on something else, especially his beer.

    "Should I really drink the whole beer? Well, I think that's what one would do."

    As he slowly led his hand to the pint, a drunken man was also lunging towards his pint.

    "Yuhr stuhpid man! Leavhing the beer..." Hic! The Dreamer was smiling a bit as he heard the hiccup of the drunkard.

    "It's my beer, don't take it." As he looked at the drunkard with his starry eyes, hoping to stop him.

    "Ahnd whhhho are YOU?!" The drunken face who once expressed calmness became as red as fire, almost feeling like steam was coming out of his ears. As the drunken man let a jab towards Dreamer's cheek, something happened.

    "AHH! What-chu-dhid?"

    A white, slightly transparent floating shield suddenly appeared, covering the Dreamer's cheek and blocking the drunken's punch. The force of the jab was directed at him, instead. He felt his own pain by hitting the shield.

    "I say, don't do anything stupid." The shield disappeared.

    And then, he could hear the rage of the drunken man leading another punch towards his groin. He dodged the punch and summoned a white, floating sword which was aimed at the throat of the drunkard. The man smelling like booze gasped and hiccuped at the same time, his face becoming white because of sudden realisation he might die. Everyone was watching them.

    "Now, if you leave me alone, you can go. Please, I am not in the mood." The Dreamer said, as the floating sword was touching the man's throat a little bit, also rotating like a rotisserie.

    "Y-yes! Sohrry for... Hic! This!"

    As he heard this, the sword vanished and freed the way so the drunkard could go back where he belonged. The people were watching him, scanning him, but he didn't care. The barman just shook his head, smiling, while the Dreamer came back to his beer.




  7. He watched the fight from the beginning to the end, when the drunk man fell on ground. "From what the pale person looks like, I thought he might make short work of him or something. But he spared him. Impressive."

    He was looking at the inconscious man being dragged by the bouncer who was sighing. His face gave him away that he was tired of these people, as he looked around them screaming.

    "Drunkards these days... What would you like to have, mister?"; the barman didn't seem to care about his eyes, to his relief.

    "I would like some beer. Not too much, please."

    "Not too much? Can you be more precise? The barman was looking a little confused.

    "A third of a pint?" He was unsure of his decision.


    He nodded. The barman picked a transparent pint up and started filling it. The Dreamer was looking at the golden beer flowing from the barrel, pretty satisfied with his decision. As the beer filled a third of the pint, the barman stopped and put it on the board.

    "There you go" said the barman.

    "Thanks." He didn't drink from the pint yet. As he looked towards the lady with red eyes, he saw the person who knocked the drunken man out next to her.

    "Well, I guess they know eachother." He thought, as he sipped a bit from the beer. He liked it, but he moved it a bit away. He kept looking at both of them.

    "I wonder what is their purpose here. They don't look like they are going to drink. Maybe there will be more coming? Who knows."



  8. "Extrav.. Extra.. Extravagant?..."

    He made a pause. The Dreamer was practising his word knowledge so that he wouldn't forget as many things when using his powers as easily.


    It was his first time he went in Delcore. A city of his taste. Medium, not too many but not so less people, people of all kinds. He didn't care who is gonna stumble upon him and start talking with him. He really didn't care, as long as his starry eyes didn't scare anyone. But this city doesn't look like a place for the light hearted.

    He was feeling a little thirsty. Maybe a bit too much. He realised that, as young as he is, he barely drank any alcohol in his life. He checked his stolen pouch from a dead bandit. 

    "One, two..."

    It took a bit to see how many coins he had. The pouch was pretty small and it couldn't stretch.

    "Twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty."

    He had enough money for a beer and for having his own room in an inn. He felt better than before. He put his pouch back and continued walking towards a tavern in front of him.

    As he approached the tavern, a hard smell of booze hit him. Drunk people all over the place, singing and shouting were being heard from the entrance.

    "I will just enjoy my beer. What could go wrong?"

    As he entered the tavern, the music could be heard from a corner. It was... "Piano? That is the word for that huge musical instrument, right?"

    He was afraid to lose his memories all of a sudden. So afraid he started doing this brainstorming so he made sure he didn't forget.

    In another corner, there was a woman. A woman with brown to red hair, red eyes and a mark of a crescent moon. He felt an intrigue as he analysed the person with his starry eyes, eyes of a celestial being he wasn't. But he kept going towards the barman, to order a beer. As he looked at her again, out of curiosity, she was angry at a man who was spooked by her feelings. "I wonder why. She doesn't seem too bad."



  9. fec7093021355ab17eac3ebeaa207627.jpg



    First name: -

     Surname: -

     Nicknames: The Dreamer

    Alignment: Chaotic neutral (it can change, based on what happens to his mind)

    Race: Human

     Marital Status: Single

     Gender: Male

    Age: 28 

     Role: -




     Voice: Soft baritone

     Eyes: Starry eyes. Instead of a normal, human eye one would have, his eyes are starry and represent the sky at night.

     Complexion: White

     Height: 175cm

     Weight: 71Kg

     Build: Slim

     Hair: Silvery, shoulder-lengtht silky hair.

    Tattoos/markings: None at the moment.




    Demeanor:  Cautious, protective of his memories and sanity. Generally ambiverted and open to share his past to people he trusts. He is a creative and curious person, as his background suggests.

    Objectives: Discovering who or what changed his life in such a manner that his memories are fuel for his powers. (for the good alignment)

    Terrorising the poor people, due to the realisation he will never find the monster who is torturing his mind. He doesn't care about consequences, nor the death toll. (for the evil alignment)

    Fears: Losing the memory of his sister.

    Likes: The music which reminds him of a beloved person;

    Those who understand his pain.


    Dislikes: Madness. Loss of memory. Anger, confusion, hate.




    A blue robe, which covers his whole body.

    Simple, black boots.

    a black t-shirt under his robe.

    A black pouch and a belt.



    Creation of objects for a period of time, with his mind.

    Intelligent; he can figure out the way an object works if he inspects it for a period of time;

    He becomes more powerful everytime he understands how an object works.




    The objects disappear after being created. Generally, they disappear if the Dreamer creates another object.

    He gets fatigued really easy and loses control of the manifestations when he creates and keeps objects in an extended time period or creates vastly complex objects in a short time (say an hour)

    He is unable to fight in a hand to hand situation. He has to stay as far as possible from the enemy.




    As his nickname suggests, he is a Dreamer. The Dreamer is capable of creating objects that have been understood.

    As The Dreamer explores the world, he learns how some objects may work. For example, a bow: a simple weapon, which The Dreamer is able to create in a matter of seconds.

    Or a plank. He can use the plank, for example, to climb obstacles, run from enemies or defend himself against hits or arrows. All the objects he projects will disappear in a period of time, depending on complexity or at the Dreamer’s wish.

    The more he creates things, the more powerful he becomes. Intelligence makes him understand the complex objects better and faster, but it comes with a price. His control over his magic has to suffer.,

    Experience in battles and discovering the world makes him able to remember more complex objects; say a car: he has to understand every single piece in that machine to make it work, otherwise it will not work as intended.

    He may get his memories back, by discovering clues about what gave him this power or recovering fragments of his memory through flashbacks. These memories can make him stronger.





    His parents, unknown. They were bounty hunters who disappeared in a quest to get a powerful artifact from a temple.

    The Dreamer is not their only child: his sister, older than him by two years, is the only person alive in his family. Thus, she is the only thing that keeps his sanity up.




    The Dreamer was a normal human, who lived his life as a normal person, until a catastrophic event happened.

    During his sleep, he woke up in an empty place. The floor was perfectly flat and covered in water and the sky was starry. There was no sign of life around.

    The water kept reflecting the light of the stars,  acting like a mirror, meant to confuse The Dreamer. And then, memories flashed before his eyes. His childhood, a happy one. The Dreamer smiled as he saw the memories...
    Until a few dark lines appeared on the edge of the memory. The Dreamer felt a headache as this happened. And then, the lines kept growing, until they covered the memory. He was in pain, on the ground, crying and screaming as his head was on the verge of imploding. And then, the pain disappeared. 
    It felt empty again. He was alone in the beautiful, unknown land. He stood up, looking around. Nothing was there anymore. Just the starry sky and the cold feeling of the water covering his feet. He tried to think about his childhood, about what he saw before his eyes.

    It was not there anymore. „What happened?” He said. No one replied back. And then he thought about his missing parents. They were hugging him, before they left on their last journey; It was the last time he saw them in person.

    Hours have passed and he was still there. He kept remembering his memories, as if they were stored in an unseen library in that place. Detail by detail. Emotion by emotion. They were all there. But then, he thought of something else.

    „Let’s have some fun. I will imagine myself....
    With a sword!” And the sword was on the floor, in the water.
    The Dreamer was surprised. As he picked the sword up, he saw something different: It was entirely white. It didn’t have the feeling a normal sword, made of steel. It felt like... „A thought?”; But the sword disappeared, after two minutes.

    „Curious.” He said, as he shook his hands. „What is even happening?”.

    And the dream ended. He woke up in his bed. Sunrays were on his cheeks and his eyes, hazel, were irritated. He got up and he went outside.
    No one was home at the moment. His sister was in the city, 50km away from him. He decided to try the things he saw in his dream. „A sword, a sword on the ground.”
    And it happened. A sword, made of the same material as in his dream, was on the ground. He quickly picked it up and went to a an abandoned plank in the yard to test the sword. He struck the wooden plank and it was sliced in half.
    Looking at the sword, he realised that he can do more than that. But he decided to make it disappear, for now. „Maybe if i stop thinking about it, it will be gone?” And he cleared his mind and the white sword disappeared.

    „Aah, so that is how I can make something appear and disappear!”
    As he went back into the house, he stopped by a mirror. His eyes were no longer the same. The irritated hazel eyes were replaced by the same starry sky he would see in his dream. They looked gorgeous, but they were taboo for a normal human to understand.

    „This cannot be normal. But I can’t show this to anyone. Not even my sister. I don’t want to lose her, too!”

    Fast forward a few days and several dreams like these, he was able to make the objects he created float. It required more focusing, but it was so helpful for him to stay behind and command his thoughts. But it came with another price. He felt a headache again. This time, before his eyes, The image of the house was affected. The same dark lines kept crawling and growing around the house, destroying and shattering it, until nothing was left.
    „What is happening?! Why is my house destroyed?!” ; he fell on the ground and started crying. He didn’t know what to feel. The only feeling around him was sadness. He kept crying, until the dream ended.

    He woke up again, in the same bed he used to sleep, but... „Where am i?” He got up and opened the door. „Why am I here?”
    He kept opening the doors, trying to find a clue for what happened. „What is this place?!”; the Dreamer continued looking for answers until he saw a frame on the hall. It was a 10x10 centimeter picture, framed, where he could be seen taking a photo with his family. He picked up the picture. „My family. Why is this here?” as he put the picture back where it was, he found the exit of the house and was nowhere to be seen. Until now.

  10. The voice of an elf, calling him...
    It was the voice that saved his life, from starving somewhere around the city. "Coth", he said in his mind. "You blessed me with a gift I couldn't hope more for!"
    His eyes turned watery. What he saw would be art for him, at that moment.
    The sounds of his stomach turned into music. There was no doubt he couldn't stay without food any longer after locking eyes on the elf calling him for help with carrying the meat of a monster. He decided to rush in, to help him. Though it didn't smell like anything, he would imagine the smell of cooked meat at a campfire, pleasuring his body with the incredible taste of perfect food.  He couldn't resist.
    The corpse of the animal the elf carried was rather intimidating. How could a person carry that animal without skinning it? Eating it on the spot or harvesting its resources for another time? He couldn't answer that question.
    "Sure!" Tolok said, as he approached the elf, "I could use some food now, if you don't mind. I haven't eaten for a couple days and the only thing I..."
    The stomach was grumbling in such a manner the elf might have heard the unpleasant sound of a starving man.

    "I guess you heard it. I will help you carry the animal. What is it?"
    Tolok grabbed the beast by its hands. The animal had various cuts, stabs and bruises across the body. It was not killed fast. It suffered a long death, fighting for survival, but it fell in the hands of death, far from pain, in the unending darkness.
    And then he looked at the elf, closely. He was full of blood. The bruises could be seen around his hand, as well as signs of biting on his arm. the wounds didn't bleed anymore, but it seemed the elf had found an admirable enemy, looking at his violet eyes. They were full of life.

    "You could use some cleaning."; he inspected his armour a little bit, comparing it, by eye, to his hidden chain mail. "It is pretty light. I cannot see it handling a strike of a sword, though. But, from what I can see and assume he is a monster hunter, it fits his job.". 

  11. Tolok was making his way through the fields, looking for a place to get food. It could have been anything: a small town, a tavern for the undead, a small bandit camp or even an abandoned church. He didn't care about the bandits, since he fought around seventy in total, while going around a trading route, which was mainly visited by bandits ambushing the unsuspecting people. Tolok wanted to clear that road of the twisted people, not believing in a better world, for the name of God. Though this happened a while ago, some blood was still seen on the blade of his sword, a part of it staining the signature of his family, made by his father, the blacksmith.

    The sword was the only memory he had of his father. "It's a masterwork, my son!" As his father would say, while resting his palm on Tolok's shoulder. "You are not allowed to lose it. Whatever happens, you have to get that sword back, no matter how many people will die for it. It's yours and no on else's."

    He frowned as he checked the sword, so he stopped and took a moment to unsheathe it. The most concerning part of the weapon was the handle covered by spme spots of blood, mainly on the signature. As a... Normal person would do, he put his finger in the mouth. As he considered it finally wet, he put it on the sword and started cleaning it. The handle was looking better, since the blood was, apparently, gone. But not on his hands. He rubbed them against each other until he saw no trace of the blood left.


    "Huh, talking about a church."

    As he got up, he saw a building in the distance. A church, precisely. It looked old, abandoned and it was not too far away for Tolok's belly, which could not not resist from hunger. If it were for his belly, he would have eaten the grass on the field, like a sheep.

    "I guess I will go see what it is. After all, I might pass out if I don't have something to eat."

    So he continued to go towards the church. Ten minutes later, he saw a few buildings around. They looked rustic, but colourful, with roofs as orange as a flame and birds nests under them, where chirps could be heard from. He felt like home. A few minutes later, he saw himself at the outskirts of a town. A small town, but it looked just as colourful as the first house he found in his way. 

    "Why not, I guess? It looks like a good place where i might live."

    As Tolok said that to himself, he continued his walk in the town, hoping he could find a bazaar or anyone who could give him food, for a price. Anything would work. Killing someone, straight up paying or working around the town. For Tolok, it didn't matter.




    First name: Tolok
    Surname: Sur
    Nicknames: None
    Alignment: Chaotic good
    Race: Human
    Marital Status: Single
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Role: Battle-Mage, Adventurer, Vigilante.

    Voice: Deep
    Eyes: Around the pupil, golden, with an orange floral structure. The rest of the iris is emerald green.
    Complexion: White
    Height: 178 cm
    Weight: 90 kg
    Build: Athletic-muscular
    Hair: Dark, short, smooth hair
    Tattoos/markings: None


    Demeanor: Friendly but cautious, confident and energetic. He is always prepared to fight, but he lays his guard down when he meets someone whom he might trust.
    Hopes: Knowing the truth about the roots of his family and magic; fighting the dark, whatever the cost, to have a better world.
    Fears: Voodo magic.
    Likes: Trusting people, experimenting with his magic and not adventuring alone
    Dislikes: Necromancy, dark magic, loneliness.

    A chain mail hidden under his clothing, as well as visible greaves and gauntlets. He carries a small backpack, where he puts his supplies.

     A one handed sword, forged by his father, with the signature of his family on the handle. 
    An orange kite shield, with hues of yellow and red, forged by his father. On it, it is written “The Fire shall cleanse the impure.”

    Inherited the magic of his bloodline, allowing him to fight in many different ways than before.
    Three-Dimensional thinking: Due to his ability to use magic, he uses verticality to traverse, confuse and engage. 
    Excellent stamina. If he ever gets tired, it's due to using magic for an extended period of time.
    Admirable speed. He is already able to run fast, due to his build, but he can enhance his power by using his magic.

    He can be quite the cocky person. Magic taught him that he is able to fight better than others, turning him slightly bold.

    He can get fatigued because of extended use of magic.

    It is difficult for him to be fight when outnumbered. He may be good at fighting on a 1 to 1, due to his shield, but he cannot defeat many enemies, unless he is far and uses his magics.
    Wielding both his sword and shield in a talented way, thinking his moves before striking the enemy.
    Abilities to use magic as a part of his weaponry: 

    Wall of fire: Tolok smahes his shield in the ground, creating a larger shield, able to deflect incoming projectiles and types of magic, until it breaks. He is not able to run, but to push towards a direction, slowly.

    The Anger of the Brothers: Tolok enchances his sword and shield, casting purifying flames around them. This allows Tolok to hit the undead harder or from distance. Though, the fire cannot burn the enemies.

    The Echoes of the Brothers: Tolok is able to swing his sword in the distance, while a flame takes the shape of the sword's swing. It is able to fly for 35m before it disappears. The shield is able to charge itself from the kinetic impacts. At a full charge, Tolok can send a flame taking the shape of the shield.

    The Challenger's Arena: Tolok throws his shield in the air, casting a dome around himself and a few enemies. Thus, he is able to cast The Sword's might.

    The Sword's might: Tolok draws the inner power of the father's sword, turning it into a two-handed sword, extended by the flames taking the shape of the sword. 

    Fireball: A simple spell, which is only strong on a one to one situation. It disappears after 50m.

    The Ledge: Tolok can cast a platform around him. He is able to jump on it, making him able to use verticality.

    Flame Dash: Tolok is able to dash a short distance, in order to avoid incoming attacks, projectiles or magic.

    His father, a blacksmith with a passion to fight, is the person who passed his magic to Tolok. 
    His mother taught Tolok how to control his emotions, how to read and write and good manners., wanting him to become a mannered person, regardless of the way he chooses.
    His parents are declared dead, because of “suicide”. 

    Tolok’s childhood was different: he was unlike his friends, doing small tricks, like casting fire on his fingers and scaring the people around. He lived in great conditions and he never thought he didn't have something he ever wanted.

    Tolok Sur always wanted to become an adventurer. At the age of eighteen, his father gifted him a sword and shield, to aid him in his journey. After the gift and the kiss of his mother on the forehead, he left his parents. After three months, he came back to see them. But the house where he lived was different; the house was raided. As he checked it, he found his parents dead, in their beds. When the authorities came to investigate, they went to the conclusion that they commited suicide, even though the house was ruined. 

    Fast forward five years later, he is now looking for the origins of his magic and ascendants, His adventure has ended as he found his parents dead. Instead, he chose to fight for a greater good, whatever the cost, to save others from a terrible death, while striking down his enemies.

    Though he will never admit, he wants to have as much power as possible. As it might corrupt him, he wants to protect the world.

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