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    Birth name: Arranth Pendragon Referral Identity: Judicael Lucas Epithets: The Order in Chaos, Unfettered Light, White Badger, Siegfried Age: 24 Race: ? Height: 5'11" Weight: 194 lbs. Class: Holy Knight Grandmaster Brief account: Holy Knight for an Order beyond Valucre's knowledge. Hair: Short blond tufts Eyes: Mystical. Capable of ensnaring people within their own mind and piercing a veil of illusions Birthplace: Seventh empyrean Birth-parents: He is born of light and will; a concept of what is and what will be THE WHITE LAW; WAY OF THE SWORD! First, there is nothing but a streak of blinding light, tattooed with thelemic runes and foreign mysticism. The light is symbolic for will, and the sword, a conduit. The All. Its origin is shrouded in mystery, but the first to use it was a rather well-known martial artist that went by the name of Hyojin Elyon Ryuusei. Instead of using a sword, he used his feet to complete it. This sword style is revered by all as the most versatile sword style known to Samurai and Knight alike. Judicael was capable of mastering this in little to no time, in spite of the rigorous conditioning required to complete even a small portion of the attacks / defenses. Should someone that isn't well versed in the style attempt to use it, their body is said to wither away into white ashes. ─ ART OF THE SKEWER! With tremendous speed and accuracy, The Art of The Skewer is typically regarded as the most aggressive and deadly art in this compendium. It's basically extreme speed combined with ridiculous stabbing ability, but if one were to delve into the semantics of it, they'd realize that it's much more. Containing the oscillations in a field spawned by The All, the wielder utilizes sound to increase the piercing ability of his own sword and the speed of each strike. With this style, Judicael can deliver approximately 12,843 strikes in a mere second. You start off holding the sword in an aggressive manner; as if you're about to swing a baseball bat, with the tip of the blade pointed at the opposition.
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