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  1. Welcome back, Brittany.
  2. Arkadia’s eyes flashed at her statement, becoming several shades paler as he answered her teasing smile with a crooked one of his own as he felt the low vibrations of his demon’s satisfied growl, and vivid pictures of the night before inundated their bond. Eloquent although he had often found himself, the perfection of their lovemaking had come from their mutual understanding of the language only their flesh could speak with one another. Sex for an incubus, as a rule of thumb, was little more than a manner of maintaining one well fed… And Arkadia had lived by that creed for a long, long time. And yet with her it was an entirely different experience. Arkadia had fucked his way through a lot of women. He knew the lascivious touches that accompanied a romp, and he knew just how to drive women into the brink of despair and pleasure, and he had enjoyed the control it afforded him. With Branwen Archleone (née Archleone), it was something entirely different. Every moment spent together, every touch they shared, every fleeting smile… He would not trade that for all of the women in the world. Fucking wasn’t something that happened to them. To Arkadia, the heated congress of their bodies had become something far more and fairly foreign: It was lovemaking. When he looked into her warm green eyes, he did not see prey-- Not anymore. He saw a woman who had seen her fair share of darkness; a woman who had been beaten, cast down, and corrupted by many evils in the world… And who still managed to remain a purity he knew he would kill and be killed in order to maintain. He felt her delight as the violins began to play, reverberating through their bond in notes purer than that of any musical instrument he had ever heard. “Branwen… I could have inundated this room with every flower in the world. I could’ve gilded the world in gold and silver and platinum… But none of this.” He gestured the lavishly flowered room with his hands as he offered her a small but genuine smile as he pushed an image of how he saw her through the bond. A part of himself still held disbelief that out of all of the things that could’ve been called beautiful in the room, she had no eyes for herself. “None of these things compare to your beauty in my eyes, my beloved.” He said in warm hushed tones, one of his hands reaching under the table to touch the small bulge that betrayed the little burning box he had pocketed. A wave of impatience coursed through his mind and not for the first time since they day had dawned, he found himself unsure of whether it was his demonic half or his far simpler self. Arkadia motioned the kitchen staff to take away their plates after they had eaten their fill, his ears focused upon the musical choices that the musicians he had hired chose for this particular morning. He caught the sight of Archibald raising one of his eyebrows in question, and found himself smiling as his beloved’s focus shifted toward him once more. Shaking his head, the king of the incubi propped his elbows against the table and leaned forward as his beloved recounted the night’s dream. Steepling his fingers, the incubus rested his chin against his hands as his grey eyes locked with hers and a small smile played on his lips. Standing up, the king of the incubi divested himself of his jacket and placed it neatly against his chair before pulling the one immediately to Billy’s right and plopping down rather ungracefully into it. Flashing her a surprisingly boyish smile, the incubus began to neatly roll up his right sleeve to his elbow, repeating the procedure with his left once he was satisfied. “Oh, I would not call any dream you have silly, my love.” He said in a jovial tone, raising two of his fingers into the sky and spinning them in a lazy, counter-clockwise motion. As one, all of the musicians began to file out of the room. Taking one of Billy’s hands with both of his, the incubus pressed his lips against the back of her hand, and once again against her palm before letting her go. “All dreams have meanings, Billy. They may not be immediately clear to you or I, but eventually you’ll look back into the dream and it’ll make sense.” It was at that moment that the manservant approached their breakfast table, standing immediately to Arkadia’s left as he held an incredibly ornate, black guitar aloft. Putting some distance between himself and Billy, the incubus took the guitar into his hands and sighed to himself and closed his eyes, forcing himself to clear his mind of all his emotions but the task at hand. Opening his eyes, he winked at his beloved impishly as he began to tune the instrument with adept, practiced fingers. “You said this is already a morning you wouldn’t forget… Let’s see if I can’t improve on that.” Arkadia said and flashed her his mischievous crooked grin as he stroked the chords of his guitar. “I don’t think I ever told you, but I spent an entire century once as a wandering bard in order to find out some… Information for the White Court. So your second surprise for the day, my love, will be a song that makes me think of you… And me serenading you.” He said in a hushed tone, as if confiding a great secret to her. Pulling back, the incubus took a deep breath and began to weave a soft melody with his adept fingers. “There’s many who’ll tell you they’ll give you their love, but when they say "give" they mean "take". They hang ‘round just like vultures 'til push comes to shove and take flight when the earth starts to shake…” He began the melody, his unusually deep speaking voice contrasted by the soft, pleasant tenors of his singing tones. He poured his heart out as he sang to her, never once taking his eyes off of hers.
  3. Grinning to himself, the storm spirit could feel the finely shaped muscles of her leg flex at the touch electric current his touch had often brought. A wolfish hunger filled the man’s chest, nearly so overwhelming that he found difficulty in breathing as she let out peal after peal of sultry laughter. For a moment, the man felt a pang of disappointment as her calm smile remained… Until he caught on to the faint tension of her muscles, and the subtle lip bite. Celebrating his small victory inside the man kept on with his cool facade, save for the widening of his already toothy smile and the mischievous glint in his eye. The man looked down at the tight black garment that kept him somewhat decent, and not for the first time that night he caught himself feeling as if it were suddenly too tight. Thoughts of control over himself be damned, cried the more primal side of himself as he felt her warmth against his. For a moment, he found himself with difficulties of thinking of anything but the ebony beauty trapped in his rather ursine arms. Most of all, the man found himself surprise at how actually small she was. Built with strong, well-defined legs, she was made for speed and stealth. Sitting side by side, they had made an interestingly contrasting pair. She was the grace and beauty of a cool winter night, with skin reminiscent to that of a starless sky: Dark, smooth, and utterly lovely. Built of darkness but crowned with a wreathe of moonlight colored hair, this woman was clearly an elf but not like any he had seen before. With no small amount of satisfaction, the man noted her ears to be especially sensitive to his electrified touch with a curl of his lips. It was almost a thing of beauty to watch the subtle change from utter innocence into desire that her body had subtly undertaken. The man pursed his lips, shaking his head in an attempt to physically rid himself of the bothersome thoughts that had taken root in his head before he found himself leaning forward again in an attempt to do… Something in order to elicit yet another betraying reaction from her body. As he was about to brush his lips against the soft skin of her neck he closed his eyes… And found himself nearly tipping over as the warmth of her body against his disappeared. Snapping his eyes open and leaning back with a grunt, he was graced with her luscious posterior once more as she carefully placed herself out of his calloused hand’s reach. His lips tightened in a moue of distaste for a moment as he watched her pace… And as sudden as it had appeared, the expression was replaced by a rather mischievous one as he watched her sashay back and forth as she walked. Closing his eyes, the storm spirit began to gather the electric current that ran through his body into his palm. He could feel the prickling feeling of it leaving most of his skin and the focusing of the constantly thrumming energy into his palm as he opened his eyes. For a moment, he found himself mesmerized by her: The sway of her hips, the way the strange cloth clung to her body… In this world of rhythms, she seemed to strike a beat of her own with everything from her melodic voice to the way she moved. Much like a predator stalking his prey, Aquill awaited for the perfect moment. As she turned her back toward him, the man unloaded a small discharge of electricity toward her left buttcheek and attempted to maintain a serene expression… Only to be marred by some surprisingly unprofessional chuckling on his part. At her words, the man’s eyes narrowed and all hints of playfulness dropped from his face as he sighed and leaned forward, wincing lightly at the pangs coming from the wound of his gut. “Judging by the sheer number of people who were waiting, I’d say they had a properly gauged dossier of our abilities.” He grunted gently, moving to swing his feet over the bed and pull himself over his feet. With a slow but steady gaze, the man moved over toward the window and peered out into the town and the sights it afforded him due to a nascent sun’s first rays. He eyed his bow and arrows pensively, but shook his head. By now, whoever had set up their elimination was bound to have found out what happened. He did not like it, but he was stuck in this room until they were afforded the cover of night. “Whoever did it had to have been following our movements for a wh-.” Suddenly the storm spirit rounded onto the female and grabbed her by her shoulders, moving with surprising speed for someone who had just freshly been injured. With a sharp intake of breath, the man looked into her unique violet eyes with his own electric blue ones as his head struggled to catch up. She had also been approached by them. For a few years, he had heard rumors of The Unseen but somehow managed to avoid catching their eyes… Until precisely three months ago, when they had brought forth one of their agents mid operation and attempted to offer him employment under their banner. “You’ve been approached by The Unseen as well, then.” He stated the question as a fact, moving his hands away from her shoulders and rubbing his face tiredly. At last, the missing part of the puzzle he had been attempting to put together made sense. Offering a small, weary smile toward her the man shrugged one of his bare shoulders and swayed on his feet. “That’s exactly how it ended in my meeting with them as well, but think about it for a moment Jhulae.” He tasted her name upon his lips drunkenly as a nagging, giddy sensation came over him and he began to sway more heavily. “We are two people they approached because of our skill on the craft. And we both denied them.” A bubbling chuckle escaped his lips as he fought against the slowing, sluggish thoughts that went through his muddled brain. He felt a wetness at his thigh and dismissed it with an annoyed expression. “If you do not become a part of the team, you’re against them. So it’d make most sense to have us followed so they could gauge our threat, and then set up a trap to eliminate us. Sadly for them, they underestimated our skills.” He smiled toothily at her, electric eyes glimmering with the ferociousness of a warrior born. “At any rate… It is broad daylight and I daresay you leave an impression. As apparently so do I. It’d be wisest for us both to remain here together until night falls, and then part our ways if you must.” He said and leaned forward to look at her, stumbling onto his feet and falling to one knee before her as he noticed the blood flowing from the wound on his thigh. Pushing himself to his feet, the man limped toward the window of his dinghy little room at the inn and picked up his bow and quiver, pulling an arrow and notching it into his bow. “Sleep, little beauty. I will take first watch.” He grunted weakly, sparing her a glance before turning his attention toward the streets as a brand new day greeted them.
  4. Stick it out, because if you can it's totally worth it.
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  6. This sounds like an awesome idea!
  7. Welcome in, big feller.
  8. Arkadia smiled at her as he watched her blush, feeling his own heart thunder within his chest as she approached him. Throughout his many years of life, the incubus had hardly ever felt so nervous or weak at the knees. Coincidentally, he had ever hardly felt so alive as he now found himself with his would be queen at his side. Shaking his own head and chuckling ruefully, he found himself amazed at how not even a year ago she was nothing but food in his eyes. And in truth she still was, in a sense. Where once he had fed from her in order to maintain his physical strength, he had found that another sort of hunger had blossomed from the craven heart in the depths of his chest: He craved her touch, hungered for her voice, and longed for the precious fleeting moments which they spent together. No, his hunger ran much deeper now… And looking at the dainty innocence with which she reacted to his statement quelled hungers in his soul he had never known he had. He was snapped back into reality as she placed a soft hand upon the crook of his elbow, linking her arm with his and taking a whiff of the rose. A small smile spread on his lips, different than the radiant grin or the smoldering look he offered his prey. Through their bond he felt the girl’s shy innocence burn like a beacon through the darkness of his soul. Them ending up together had been an impossibility. He, a twisted monster who fed on lust, and her: An innocent, beautiful young soul who despite the hard paths she had walked somehow had managed to remain pure…. So much so that in fact even after he had hurt her how he did, she still had shown him decency. Somehow, she had managed to look past the monster and saw the man, and he could not help but see the woman he had so carelessly hurt… And it was then he was sure he had loved her. He stopped in his tracks as the young woman drank in the sight of the kitchen, a crooked smile pulling into his lips as he disentangled his arm from hers and pulled her chair back in a gentlemanly manner. His back stiffened as she flashed her brilliant grin toward him, and for a second the entire world seemed to disappear as her lips met with his. Gently, the incubus placed a hand against her lower back and tasted her lips against his, pressing his chest against hers for a second. With a moue of distaste from his demon, Arkadia pulled back and forced himself to sit on the chair across from her. Motioning the cook forward, he watched as the serving staff began to fill their plates, having taken note ahead of time of the young girl’s preference for eggs, bacon, and pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries. “I am glad I have…” He murmured lightly, taking a long pull from his glass of water as he snagged a piece of bacon in between his thumb and index finger and taking a bite, unconsciously mirroring her before he wiped his fingers against the napkin and winked at her. “I have a feeling today will be a day for both of our memories, Branwen… Did you sleep well last night?” He said between bites as they began to eat. Not five minutes later the soft sound of violins was heard softly on the background, completing the ambiance as the incubus and his lover enjoyed the pleasures of each other’s company.
  9. As it were, I don't think I can write anymore. Goodbye guys, I'll cherish my time with y'all.
  10. Leaning against the headboard, Aquill felt a tired smile pull its’ way through his face as he watched the woman’s rather unexpected reaction to his wandering hand. The curve of her bottom, already so pronounced, became more so as she arched her back and the muscles of her thigh seemed to tighten. For a moment, the former gladiator took his time to appreciate the sight of her succulent round rump raised in the air and the shuddering sounds of her sudden breath. Duly, he noted that the light scent of jasmine and sweat that had helped him relax enough to sleep had come from her. He shifted slightly, attempting to hide the rising problem in his boxers without much success as she shifted out of his hand’s grip. A quiet disappointed grunt was his only response as she moved away and he dropped his hand. Tired and injured he may have been, but his return to consciousness was a blessing in multiple ways. For one he could feel it as his body began to mend itself, feeding off of his internal energy supplies, and as the weariness that had enveloped him like a thick cloak began to leave his body and allowed him to become alert again. His crooked smile widened by a couple of molars as he watched her clear her throat and attempted to cover up her body’s seemingly involuntary reaction to his touch. With amused blue eyes, the man winked at her wolfishly as he heard her speak to him in dulcet tones, almost as if he were an injured animal that was yet too dangerous. Chuckling to himself Aquill made a show to look her up and down, making a softly satisfied smile at the back of his throat. “Well, in my defense it was a fantastic ass to save.” He rumbled in a teasingly saccharine tone as he let go of her hand and placed a hand against her thigh in a seemingly innocent gesture. Quietly, he willed the static electricity coursing his body to intensify against his palm as he began to drum his fingers against her inner thigh with a small vulpine smile. “Then we will call it even and say we saved one another then, Miss.” The man pushed his back against the headboard, leaning forward to rest his free elbow against his leg and shifting uncomfortably as he attempted to hide the… pressing issue that was arising as he offered her a very small, slight smile that widened as she named herself Jhulae. Whether it was the blood loss or the tiredness the mission had exacted upon him, Aquil was finding it rather difficult to maintain the usual mask over his emotions around her. The joy he had taken at causing the reactions of her body was clearly etched in his usually stony face, seemingly more amused by the moment as his fingers drummed against her inner thigh. He felt the fire that had been burning inside of him, stoked once more by the sight that had greeted him upon awakening, burn more intensely by as he felt her ebony skin tighten in response to his touch. “The pleasure is and will be mutual, Jhulae of House Tor’Ana.” He purred in a huskier tone as his eyes locked with her and basically sparkled. Slowly, the drumming against her thigh stopped as he pushed himself against the inn’s wall, sitting shoulder to shoulder with her and looking down at her diminutive figure with a large, hungry smile. “Obviously at my service, hm…? I could see several ways in which that could work to our mutual advantage, lass.” He said in a quiet rumble as he lifted one of his arms with a grunt and threw it over her shoulder, pulling her closer so that her thigh touched his. “I wouldn’t fret about my wounds either. I’m in workable condition, and I can handle it if things get… Rough.” He leaned forward and whispered against her ear in a conspiratorial fashion, ‘accidentally’ brushing his lips against her the top of her ear as he pulled back and rubbed her other arm gently. Feeling the fire rage inside of his chest as he looked down at the female, Aquill attempted to reestablish control of himself as he wondered when his impulse control had become so shoddy. “I wouldn’t worry about my wounds reopening, woman. I am a durable man.” “But first… Do you have any idea who may want us dead, Jhulae?” He asked in a much more serious voice as he attempted to pull his thoughts away from the hunger that the woman had awakened within him, trying to pay no mind to the blood that left his head and went… Elsewhere. Shaking his head, the tired man attempted to push his muddled thoughts through his mind even as his body seemed to have other ideas. “And if you do know… When are we going after them?”
  11. Breathing raggedly the wizard readied himself for his opponent’s next move with his eyes narrowed. Regaining his footing, the wizard pulled his fists back and assumed a neutral boxer stance as his mind went awhirl to the possibilities. The psion now held both staff and sword in hand, and he was woefully unarmed… But he had faced odds like that before. Just like he was woefully unarmed in any of his relationships. Or completely disarmed to pay rent. His body tightened reflexively as he saw the blur of motion from her hand, readying himself for whatever blow she had coming. Even on her ass, he knew that the Baroness wasn’t someone to make light of. Readying himself to throw another punch, he found that his brain had caught up with his instincts and he stopped himself mid motion. "I think it’s safe to say, that's enough of that." “Well, hotstuff, if you say so I’m only happy enough to oblige.” He said in his easy-going tone as he placed a hand on her elbow to help her get up and steady herself. Taking a step back, the wizard nodded at her with a crooked half-grin as he inspected the side of her head with a grimace. “Oh by Odin’s saggy sack, people are going to think that you hired me to beat on you when they see the bruise on your head. I knew I should’ve pulled the blow, but you ain’t no fragile little thing are you?” Taking the staff into his hand, his grin widened by a couple of molars as he was told that he was now gainfully employed. Deep down, a dark part of himself snorted with glee at the prospect of having his debts paid and… Not being chased by every debt collector from Tellus Mater to Terrenus. Nodding his head toward her, the wizard went toward the pile of things he had gathered and slowly began to arm himself again, placing the rings back in each of their fingers and tightening the gauntlet on his right hand. Flexing his fingers, he saw the poison-green glyphs etched in the thick leather glow for a moment, and nodded to himself satisfiedly. Placing the gun snugly at the back of his pants, the wizard pondered upon the t-shirt for a moment, and looked at himself with a grimace. “Hope it doesn’t offend your ladylike sensibilities, Red, but I will keep the shirt off for now.” He said lightly, tying his t-shirt around his staff and leaning forward as he struggled to catch his breath. With his shoulders and torso glistening with sweat, he offered her an apologetic smile and sighed. “I didn’t think to bring a change of clothes and my office is kind of far from here… Besides, I’d be loath of depriving you of all of this eye candy.” He winked at her and smiled wolfishly, gesturing his muscular physique with his hand and wagging his eyebrows at her. He looked at the soldier and his commanding officer, nodding at both of them as he moved to stand closer to Red. “Think we could discuss this sitting down? And maybe eat? I haven’t had a proper meal since…” His voice trailed off as his eyes widened into neat little saucers and he looked behind his new boss-to-be and… Well damn. As petite as he was tall and as slight as he was bulky, the wizard saw the woman that had been gently pushed toward them and he began to feel dizzy. And then he remembered that breathing was a thing. Trying to gather his wits about him, the wizard tilted his head and forced himself to catalogue the details about her. Dark haired, fair skinned, and with eyes unlike any he had seen before. They shone like emeralds, peppered with little flecks of gold that stood out against the green scenery of her irises. He arched an eyebrow at the thick, fur-lined cloak and wondered how she could stand wearing so much in such heat. Shaking his head, the wizard noted the graceful gait the woman seemed to take as they approached them and he felt his mouth dry up once more before. The hell is wrong with me? It’s like puberty hit again, but worse. Forcing a smile that looked like little more than a grimace into his face, the wizard looked at the approaching woman and nodded his head gently even as a bright red blush suffused his lightly tanned face. He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing save for a squeaking sound came out. He cursed himself inwardly. Out of all the times his mouth shot off, and how much trouble it had gotten him because he never shut up, his brain WOULD shut down when a pretty woman was involved. Thoughts ran rampant in his mind as he planned something that would be witty, charming and flirty to say. “Um… Hi.” He choked out, the blush on his face burning brighter as he crossed his arms over his chest in an attempt to appear at least a bit modest. Master of witty dialogue, he was.
  12. For 800 years, time had seemed an immaterial concept for the incubus king. He had learned from a young age that you bid your time, and you learned patience in order to strike at the opportune time. Time was something he had in abundance, and patience wasn’t something he lacked… But as he awaited for his beloved’s awakening, the man began to pace back and forth as the excitement for what was ahead began to build up in his chest. Faintly through their silent bond, Arkadia felt the stirrings of consciousness as Liliana called his beloved from the land of dreams. For a moment, he closed his eyes and smiled as he felt the the purity of her thoughts as she shook of the sleepy daze. Once, his business partner and best friend has asked him what the bond felt like… And for once he had found himself almost unable to respond. After a short pause, he could only describe what he felt as a shot of pure sunshine but that did not do it justice. In an attempt to keep her safe, Arkadia had torn a piece of his own soul and bound it to her. In the beginning, the bond helped him catch the general scent of her mood and the direction of her thoughts, but… As time passed and their love grew he found that the truth of their bond had been nothing as crude as he initially thought. The more they came to understand one another, the easier it became to understand what he had truly done: Although maintaining their autonomy, Arkadia and Branwen were now a part of each other. The bond allowed for them to communicate without words, and afforded them with surprising insight about each other’s minds. Shaking his head, Arkadia dismissed the nervous babble in his head as he felt the sweet, curious probing of his lover’s soul into his. With a small smirk, the man shook his head and sent back faint amusement as he refused to answer her questions. Quietly he watched as the plates were set across from each other in their breakfast table, hearing the faint sound of moving water as his beloved started her shower. Reflexively, the incubus closed his hand around the small leather box and walked toward the kitchen staff with a smile, inspecting their handiwork. He snagged one of the freshly picked strawberries, biting at its’ tip and the tarty sweetness of the succulent berry. The kitchen staff he had hired had done their jobs to perfection. In several pots and pans, a veritable feast laid in waiting for his beloved’s arrival: Freshly scrambled eggs, mountains of bacon, and a rather gigantic stack of pancakes were being prepared. The smells of food, mixed with the floral scent of the roses surrounding them made for a pleasant, homey scent. Placing a palm lightly against the head cook’s shoulder, Arkadia offered him a rather cordial smile. “Archibald!” Arkadia called for his manservant, jumping slightly as he realized the wizened old man had moved to stand at his elbow. Like a surge of fire coursing through his body, the incubus felt his beloved’s delight at her first present. A smile spread across his lips as she thanked him, and he bowed his head in return. Anything for you, my heart’s own. Nodding his hand toward the cook, he smiled and stepped back. “It’s time to get this show going! She’s coming.” He said and the entire kitchen staff halted for a moment before they hurried to set the food and ready the table. Sparing a glance toward the singular red rose sitting at the table, Arkadia caught himself in a minor moment of indecision. It was time. Snagging the red rose at the last second, the incubus fixed his tie in place nervously as he headed toward the end of the stairs… Where he saw her. Clad in the elegant white garment he had the seamstresses make for her, Billy was a vision of beauty to the likes of which he had never seen in his near millennium of walking the world. He felt the dark, growling voice of his demon as it appreciated the way the dress hugged her curves… And he found his mouth getting dry. Suddenly, the incubus opened the link between them and allowed her to feel what he felt seeing her. Offering her a radiant smile, the incubus struggled to find words that would do her justice, but found himself unable to conjure something for the first time in a long, long time. Taking a deep breath, the incubus felt a slight blush come over his face as he offered her a small smile. “My love… You look beautiful.” He said, extending the red rose toward her and smiling. Gently, he took her other hand and placed it in the crook of his arm, acutely aware of the little box that seemed to burn in his pocket as he guided her into their kitchen, revealing the sea of white roses that inundated it and guiding her toward the table where all her favorites laid ready. At once, the staff all bowed their heads toward her and smiled. “I dedicate the day for you. It’ll be a day of surprises, my heart’s own… And I hope you enjoy it. We start here, with your breakfast… Surrounded by white roses. Like the world, they’re beautiful but unworthy of all note… But like the red rose you hold, your beauty catches the eye of any room... And in turn, you've caught my heart.”
  13. Welcome in and brace yourself. This is the kinds place that sticks with you
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