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  1. That works for me! Hell, when he graduates the Gaian Academy he may very well end up requesting to be put into 'prospecting'.
  2. @notmuch_23 Fair enough! Either way I look forward to reading more of what you do!
  3. Well, I think being apart of a large scale building project and talking to people might make a good 'internship' for Diplomacy and Relationships and Terran Engineering, I could use it OOC to count as completing 'terms' through it assuming Supernal likes the idea. IC Jay is a skilled marksman, and an intelligent individual who is ambitious - he'd probably see the opportunity as a way to advance his career prospects and the work fits his 'interests'.
  4. So, if I am understanding correctly does a character have to be a citizen of Ursa Madeum / Veluriyam Empire or can they be an outsider? I have a Welander currently pursuing an education at the Gaian Academy, but he could use the 'internship' experience as it were. Here is the character in question.
  5. Name: Leo Jae Hyuk Age: 18 Height/Weight: 5'9"/170lbs Taking: • Live Combat 1 (Major) • Diplomacy and Relationships 1 • Terran Engineering 1 Completed (include links): • None
  6. Name: Leo Jae Hyuk Age: 18 Height/Weight: 5'9"/170lbs Taking: • Live Combat 1 (Major) • Diplomacy and Relationships 1 • Terran Engineering 1 Completed (include links): • None
  7. Academic Record & Notable Accomplishments Elemantary School Class President (5 Years) Weland State Scholastic Magitech Stationary Rifle Marksman Champion (2 Years) Intermediate School Student Council President (4 Years) Captain of the Student Disciplinary Committee (4 Years) Weland State Scholastic Action Magitech Pistol Champion (4 Years) Tamonten Military Academy (High School) Student Council President (3 Years) Captain of the Student Disciplinary Committee (3 Years) Weland State Scholastic Action Magitech Rifle Champion (3 Years) Gaian Academy (College) None (yet) Notable Accomplishments None (yet)
  8. I noticed in the Gaian Academy article it mentions a place to put admission applications in OOC, yet I've been unable to find it. Am I to assume that is no longer necessary to begin roleplaying an Academy Student?
  9. I have two! The First: I don't know that it is technically 'magic' but I've always been partial to the Avatar 'bending' system. A very specific, but flexible power set which can only be learned by the talented (of which there are many) and has some sort of regional or ethnic specificity. It's relatively 'low tier' in terms of actual power, save for an exceptional few - and it leaves enough room for tribal or regional specialties, taboos, and 'rule breakers' like Sand Bending, Metal Bending and Blood Bending. The Second: Warhammer Magic. Exceedingly dangerous, potentially mind warping and poorly understood. Causes damage to the world by inducing impossibility on it, ripping at the very fabric of reality to produce it's effects. Users are either highly trained and heavily regulated or utter mad men. Harsh feedback for over using, but can allow users to do incredible feats if they are willing to accept that feedback.
  10. "I see no reason to refuse." Rabbit stated, his tone stronger now. "If you are feeling strong enough I'd have you lead me, I must admit my sense of direction is likely to be inadequate outside this woods." Rabbit chuckled a bit at the gross understatement, for until earlier today he had never even looked beyond the border of the Moonwood. The idea of meeting other outsiders was an intriguing one, but also a somewhat worrisome one. In Rabbit's experience most humanoids were destructive and he had killed many, it was hard to set aside such a prejudice after so long. Only the Elves were a race Rabbit had been raised to respect, and Rabbit hoped any Eleanor would associate with would share her magnanimous personality. Thinking hard on Eleanor's words Rabbit sorted through the terms, but found himself stuck on one 'Father' - he knew the term, it meant male parent. However as far as he understood 'Father' was not to be used alongside their name, and less so in the tone Eleanor seemed to refer to him in. "If I may, tell me more of this 'Father Constans'." Rabbit said, deciding to simply ask for more information as a way to get a better context on who, or what the seeming leader of 'Coth' was. "What of the others in this 'Coth', are you all Elves?" In truth Rabbit had always wanted to visit an Elven village, the writings of the Ancient Elves painting a wonderful picture of their homes - though he knew from what the Dryads had told him that Elves were no longer a great people as they once were. More and more questions raced through Rabbit's mind, but he knew it would be foolish to bombard Eleanor with questions and leave her unable to effectively answer them all. There would be plenty of time on their journey to this 'Coth' to learn more, and with each passing moment Rabbit grew more excited. His adventure was about to begin. Location: Dryad's Grove, Moonwood, Terrenus Destination: Planning a trip
  11. Assuming you want to teach a giant Rabbit, I'd be interested! As I'm quite new to the site I'd fully understand if you want someone a bit more experienced so no hard feelings either way!
  12. Rabbit understood in his own way what it was like to be given task to a journey one wasn't sure of - it was something his 'mothers' had tasked him with, and with it Rabbit felt a bit closer to understanding Eleanor. Her worsening condition wasn't lost on Rabbit, but her assurance she was fine from earlier was not a subject he had an interest in broaching again. Looking down on her now seated position Rabbit angled his head slightly as she spoke, trying his best to hide any expression from showing on his face; while it was unlikely she could fully grasp his facial structures emotional range he wasn't keen on letting her known the nature of her question pained him slightly. "I cannot venture beyond..." Rabbit motioned loosely in the direction of the golden gate which lay hidden beyond the trees. "I am not an entirely spiritual entity like the Dryad, I am something in between the mortal and the spirit." Rabbit struggled with how to properly explain his situation, not familiar enough with the lexicon of Terric to fully grasp the more complex and disused words. In truth Rabbit was a demi-spirit, a creation born of a spirit but not an offspring - in simplest terms Rabbit was a mortal, trapped like all mortals in the material till his body saw fit to rest. "You are the last intruder I will confront, in truth. My time in the Moonwood has passed, I aim to venture beyond." Rabbit spoke with a somber, uneasy tone - his confidence in facing the unknown was not high, and he struggled with it still despite knowing he must. "Perhaps you have a recommendation as where to see first?" Rabbit asked suddenly, deciding there was no better a person to ask then who had come from outside the Moonwood. Wandering aimlessly was not appealing, a destination would add confidence to his journey, a visible purpose and a clear goal. Location: Dryad's Grove, Moonwood, Terrenus Destination: Talking to Eleanor  OOC: (Don't worry about it, your doing great at keeping the story flowing! Also I apologize for the delay again.)
  13. Leo Jae Hyuk Basics Birth Name: Leo Jae HyukUsed Name: "Jay"Alias(es): NoneAge: 18Race: HumanDate of Birth: June 10th, 579 WTAClass: Student-- Sub Class: GuardOccupation: Gaian Academy Student (Live Combat Major) / Security Guard (Federal Work Study)Alignment: Lawful NeutralBirthplace: Weland, Terrenus Physical Height: 5'9"Weight: 170lbsHair Color: White (dyed), Brown (Natural)Eye Color: GrayHanded: RightPhysical Condition: HealthyVoice: Masculine, loud, stern. Biography Leo was born and raised in Weland, his mother a Terrenus native and his father an immigrant from Avylon, Renovatio. Used to the harsh culture of his home his father was a strict but fair disciplinarian, rarely showing love but instead instilling certain values into Leo which deeply formed his character. Where his father was rough his mother was very soft, showering Leo with love and striking a competent balance which prevented Leo from growing up like his peers in the Western Quarter of Weland - in fact, Leo proved deeply comfortable in upholding authority and from a young age was given positions in school which took advantage of his virtuous, rigid nature. In the harsh, competitive and militaristic schools of Weland Leo excelled, and it wasn't shocking when Leo enrolled into the Tamonten Military Academy, most expecting the Terran Military would follow. By his second year he was Student Council President and Captain of the Student Disciplinary Committee, a model student by all accounts. Outside of his obligations to school Leo showed little interest in social interaction, spending most of his free time training his body or competing in extracurricular sports with a preference toward competitive magi tech firearm shooting. Perhaps Leo's only obvious flaw was his complete lack of friendships throughout his school life, his constant 'perfection' and the teachers favor often isolating him - most didn't dare bully or harass him, his position as Captain of the Student Disciplinary Committee earned through action. As graduation grew ever nearer many students began to prepare themselves for their career - most heading to the Terran Military. In something of a surprise to his peers Leo did not enlist as they did, instead applying to the prestigious Gaian Academy. Excellent grades, high extra circular credits and other accolades meant his admission was an easy decision and soon he left his life long home. Almost immediately upon arriving on Deepview Island Leo dyed his hair and acquired a new wardrobe, loosening his rigid facade now that he was free of his father's watchful eye. In his way Leo is still the stern, authoritative youth he was raised to be, but the rebellion of youth cannot be completely contained no matter how good the upbringing. Roleplay History None
  14. 'Higher power' was not a turn of phrase Rabbit was intimately familiar with, context seemed to suggest it meant some sort of leader had commanded her to come to the Wood - yet even that wasn't exactly correct, for her presence here was based on feeling. Rabbit's brain worked hard to piece together the context with his experiences, recalling all his encounters with humanoids before this before it clicked. Occasionally humans would mutter pleas to someone or something when faced with his swords, and it seemed integral to many of their very characters in their moments before their death. It was the idea of a deity, something Rabbit himself had never really bothered to consider but the Dryad's had briefly told him the humanoids oft relied on, a great spirit which guided them. "Hmm, does this power often send you on vague journeys?" Rabbit meant it not as a mocking acquisition as so often it was with such a question, but an honest question. The idea of a God was very foreign to Rabbit, and his curiosity was causing his mind to race through dozens of questions - all of them kept at bay behind the twitching of his nose and soft pat of his right foot against the dirt. Location: Dryad's Grove, Moonwood, Terrenus Destination: Talking to Eleanor
  15. Rabbit tilted his head slightly as she bowed, unsure of what the significance of the action was but assuming it was some sort of greeting. He had seen humans grasp each others hands, but he had never seen someone lower their head in such a manner; it reminded him a bit of how a male wolf would prostrate for the alpha, a sign one came without threat. Eventually his curiosity at her actions was replaced with a focus on her words, while he was fluent in Terric he rarely spoke it and rarer still had a conversation in it. Her speech was smooth, and if she was frightened she hid it well in her tone and timber. "Worry not, Elf kin. Respect the wood and you are welcome, the Dryad have ventured beyond." Rabbit motioned his hands outward, spreading his fingers as he did; his hands were bizarrely human, very different from his rabbit like feet. Her question of his name brought hesitation, Rabbit had no 'name' - his native tongue of Dryad was a non-vocal language and he was known by scent, sight or action. A long pause passed between them as struggled internally about what to call himself, knowing a 'name' would be important if he was to venture into the lands of man. "I am Rabbit." It was a desperately simple name, the Terric word for what his appearance often evoked in others but creativity was not something cultivated in his upbringing. Ignorant of the basics of introduction or pleasantries Rabbit said little else, instead returning to the matter at hand without delay. "Yet my question still stands, Eleanor - why is one in your condition in the Wood? You smell of blood and..." Rabbit motioned to her steadying hand against the trunk of a tree. " You are clearly not well, the Wood is not so kind a place - you are liable to be prey." Rabbit decided whatever her reason it was unwise to leave her alone, for while he didn't shy from the cruelty of nature he was not obligated to allow it to run it's course. With that simple thought on his mind Rabbit broke his gaze with hers for the first time, his gaze instead scanning the wood itself. Rabbit expressed, in motion, scent and gaze - in the language of the Dryad which would be passed through the trees to all denizens intelligent or simple. Eleanor was in his company, and none would dare harm his company - for with the Dryads gone Rabbit was Emperor. It was unlikely Eleanor would ever notice that Rabbit had 'spoken' in Dryad, the motions and scent so intrinsically linked into what it was to be a denizen of the wood that few humanoids even knew the trees themselves could 'speak'. Location: Dryad's Grove, Moonwood, Terrenus Destination: Commanding the Wood  OOC: (I apologize for the delay, I am sometimes quite a slow writer.)
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