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  1. 16 year old girl with orange hair and a mouse voice.
  2. That is mostly my mistake, my reading comprehension is terrible apparently.
  3. Aoura listened and watched, gauging the character of each person who interjected into the conversation on tactics. Even with their foreign features Aoura could see how the other rat-men reacted to the robed, horned rat - he was clearly the leader, but his leadership was not built on respect; it was built on fear. It was another reminder that in the grand scheme of the world Aoura was no longer on the side of the 'good' or the 'just' from the tales, but instead partnered with that which many would call evil. Of course reality was somewhere far more gray, and Aoura had learned that harder then most her age. A further curiosity was how the rat-man who had summoned the portal carried himself, both in his body language and in his words he represented himself as persecuted, hated by his own. Aoura couldn't imagine what would make the rat-men hate one of their own, and Aoura decided that above all else she would avoid this 'Despoiler' if she could. The man riding the large lizard was an enigma, not least of which was because of his covered features. He seemed experienced, and perhaps a bit cautious in nature judging if his question to the horned rat was anything to go by. That left only the large human looking man and his massive wolf. He had a casual, almost excited air about him. She had heard of barbarian men, whom lost their mind in battle but she had never actually seen one. Like his wolf he had a predatory gaze, as if everyone and everything existed for him to devour. It was a motley crew, but Aoura couldn't shake that everyone here from the scared rat-men to the giant wolf saw her as little more then a burden. This bothered her more then she expected, but it would do her little good to voice her displeasure - she would have to prove it, and if the growing conviction her eyes spoke of anything at all, it was that she intended to do just that. All that was left to do was listen and wait, the carnage would begin soon enough.
  4. For days for me I can do anything but Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I work those days.
  5. Arna is literally a professional hunter, pig genocide is her job. I'm in.
  6. So here's a question! Is UM strictly a Western Europe based setting, or is their some room for cultural diversity such as Arabian or Far East?
  7. The Rabbit Emperor

    Their Voice

    Hathaway sounds like Ben Foster in 3:10 Yuma. Arna sounds like Stefanie Joosten, AKA Quiet from MGS:V.
  8. And with that my final post is closed. I just wanna say this was a great experience for me, and while I'm sure my frequent delays in posting were frustrating I appreciate the patience. The exercise in brevity proved extremely challenging for me, as I tend to be excessively wordy so this was a great writing exercise for me! It also really let me get a feel for Leo and realize he wasn't fleshed out enough! I could feel in my own writing that I didn't know exactly what I wanted him to be, and that was a great catalyst for me when making my future characters! An adventure 101 and a Val 101, I really do appreciate the chance to write with you both!
  9. Leo exhaled, dropping himself into a seated position and letting the tension of the adventure drain from his body in deep, steady breaths. It took a few long moments for Leo to center himself, his skin hot from adrenaline and his eyes buzzing behind their closed lids - but in time they calmed, and with it Leo. "Quite the experience, Professor Donovan." Leo said, rising to his feet and offering a cordial bow to the young Professor. "I took this class on a whim, but I think it may be the most eye opening of all I have taken." Leo added, walking closer to the pair as he did. In truth Leo had learned far more then he had from any class thus far, but not all of it was a pleasant lesson. The harshest lesson of all was the reality that Leo was at best a tag along, and at worst a burden - his marksmanship had little value in the face of the magical, and even against the mundane he had to risk his life in a reckless charge to garner even a glimmer of victory. A sobering experience, but undeniably valuable one - and one that had confirmed something Leo had increasingly felt since leaving his home of Weland. He was not a great warrior. Reckless, self destructive and suitably mundane Leo would die long before he ever became a master. "You have taught me much, and for that I will be eternally grateful!" Leo smiled. "Now lets get out of this dank hole before I get claustrophobic, yeah?" He joked. No matter where the road took Leo now, he knew he would never quite forget the bittersweet experience of Adventure 101.
  10. Aoura had woken up early in the morning, following her daily routine as she had since the day her family had arrived at Tradetown. A meager breakfast made for her mother and two siblings, water gathered from a nearby well - it was a routine she had become so accustomed to that despite the growing tension in her chest, the anticipation in her bones; she could not shake it. Today was the day, the day Aoura would join the rat-men and whoever else volunteered on a terrible mission; to raid others for what they so desperately lacked. Aoura had delayed long as she could to spend time with her family, knowing that even if she returned alive her hands would be forever stained, and their relationship forever different. Aoura wanted desperately to soak in the soft melancholy of her family, to feel their unconditional love as long as she could. Yet the time dragged ever forward, and so she found herself standing outside the entry to their pathetic shack they called a home, her father's spear gripped tight in her hands. "Must you go, little dove?" A homely woman said, her sad eyes and bent posture suggesting she expected the answer before she got it. "I must, Mama." Aoura replied. Aoura's mother sighed, her weary features drooping further. If Aoura was a cute, spunky red head determined to survive then her mother was a powerful woman defeated by life's trials. A full head taller then most men and with a frame even in malnutrition that spoke of a once well fed life style the homely red head's embrace was crushing, her tears held back only by the thinnest of margins. Two boys in their early years stood beside the large woman, their little hands grasping the hem of her filthy dress. They were spitting images of each other, with the same bright orange hair that the whole family shared, but they further sported freckles. Unlike Aoura and her mother the boys were relatively clean and well fed, a clear indication what little food they had had primarily been given to them. "Good luck!" One said, the other parroting it in response. Aoura smiled, ruffling their hair and turning away from her family and marching down the mud road toward the growing commotion. Aoura herself barely looked the part, five foot four and with her current level of malnutrition likely around ninety pounds Aoura did not paint the image of a raider. Her bright orange hair, and big puppy dog eyes gave her a sweet, child like look which was further assisted by her button features and high pitched, cute voice. Perhaps in a different world, under different circumstances she would have embraced those parts of herself, but that world did not exist. Instead her hands grasped tight to a spear far taller then herself, her body covered in rusted chainmail and an orange tabard. Her hands were perhaps the only hint Aoura was more then she appeared, rough and calloused in all the right places to suggest the large polearm was more then decoration. Late to the party Aoura looked toward the shielded carriage with some confidence, the rat-men were sending a good force and it appeared two outsiders had taken up the call. Both had beasts by their side, and both struck her as types who had raided before. Perhaps the most jarring thing was the other rat-man, cleaner then the others, standing straighter and surrounded by denizens of the many races which Aoura once feared, hated and dreamed of slaying but now considered ally. He had conjured a manifestation, a portal or some reality warping magik which looking directly at made Aoura uncomfortable. It's very presence frayed at the edges of her vision, giving her a feeling of dread and madness she struggled to fully shake without breaking her line of sight with it. Determined to not be a burden Aoura marched forward, saying nothing as she pulled herself into the carriage proper and took a seat, her spear between her legs with the point skyward, her eyes locked on the portal despite it's effects on her. Whatever the fancy rat man was doing, she hoped it would help them get the supplies they needed, and if it loosed a horror on the world then so be it.
  11. Without question, I just home from EVO so i'll be posting tomorrow.
  12. Like I said, I'm at EVO. Posting this from my phone just to say I have no problem with Warden joining.
  13. Civil War refugee turned raider, will do what it takes - no matter how dirty her hands get. Also a heads up; I am going to EVO this upcoming weekend. I return on Tuesday night, so don't expect a post of any kind from me till Wednesday.
  14. @ElvenSeeker @supernal I'm actually in an airport waiting for my flight to Vegas for EVO, as always I can't post on the weekends but that will likely extend a few days. Feel free to put your closing posts in before me.
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