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  1. BasicName: Larian MastraniosRace: HumanoidAge: 19Birthplace: Biazo IsleAlignment: NeutralClass: RogueSub-Class: ThiefOccupation: ThiefWeapon: Rusty DaggerArmor: Worn light leatherPersonalHair: Grey with dark brownEyes: HazelSkin: FairBody: SlenderHeight: 6'3Weight: 190lbsAbilities Athletics Pickpocket Lockpick History: Larian Mastranios was born on a dark winter day in the year 578, immediately abandoned by parents unknown to him. Larian cycled out of the system as an orphan, sometimes spending a month in a home followed by running away and spending 6 months on the streets. He learned quickly that in order to survive on your own you must be fast, silent and able to adapt to any situation. Surprisingly Larian would indeed adapt to most situations and generally had a realistic outlook on life, not expecting anything to be handed to him and to never take a necessity for granted. [to be continued]
  2. @supernal Thank you! I have been pouring through the new member guide and it's sub-topics. Extremely helpful! @ElvenSeeker I am pretty nervous as well but mostly due to my confidence when it comes to my writing. Best of luck in your adventures!
  3. Hello All! I am looking to return to the world of PbP after a few year hiatus. I've mainly played on fantasy themed forums but I am extremely excited to see what the diverse world of Valucre has to offer. I am not too sure where I want to start or even what kind of character I want to start with, so will be lurking around for awhile until I can settle on something. Looking forward to exploring this new world and rping with some of you!
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