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  1. Hey guys! I got that job! (Your gorl's moving up!) Things are a little crazy with life and things, but I'll really really try to stay regular with my updates!
  2. No! Not all! I'm new to hosting my own RP so trying to learn/adapt as I go. (Any thoughts or advice would be awesome!) Also, If you want any information story-wize feel free to ask!
  3. Yineffe thought on Donovan's idea, idly studying his face. He carried a mixture of exuberance and tension that seemed to clash across his features. She passed him a pointed look, one of acknowledgment. "I can create a ward that will be strong enough to hold you, Leo," she told him, feeling rather excited about the chance to witness someone walk on her magic. No one ever had before. "However, you must know how to walk on one." "I will warn you," she cuffed up her coat sleeves. "Wards are not flat, they are convex. You must keep your feet close to the center where the magic is thickest, stray too near the edge and you risk separating the ward or sliding off it entirely."
  4. Umm, okay so the RP is going slower then I thought. But I'm working out a kink in my initial plans, I hope you're enjoying it regardless! (I need to remember to stop obsessing and just have fun with it.)
  5. As soon as she was on her feet, Yineffe was in pursuit, storming after Gao down the narrow steps. Their target weaved through the hoard of books with ease, gaining distance. She squeezed through the wider stacks, trying to cut him off. That was until Gao crashed into a stack, throwing tomes wildly against another tower. It collapsed in a landslide of books, burring them both. There was a moment of stillness as a few loose scraps of parchment fluttered down. Yineffe groaned. "Gao." She wiggled loose and stood before hobbling over to her friend. "Are you alright?" He was a bit bruised and disappointed. She helped him cautiously to his feet. "I believe that was Arland," she frowned in abhorrent disgust. They left the shop somewhat befuddled and annoyed. Yineffe checked both directions, up and down the side street, but knew their target was long gone already. "We should seek out Bontavia at the academy, I think. She might have an idea of what Arland was searching for.
  6. Yineffe stood at the rim of the expansive opening. "Jump?" She asked the question in jest. She was feeling refreshed and more comfortable in the soft-lit cave, her eyes much more suited for the dark. She took a moment and considered their options. There was no way of knowing how deep- "Hand me that glowing... thing," she told Donovan. When he surrendered the stick she took it in hand, then unceremoniously dropped it into the whole. It plunged down about 30 feet before arching off the collapsed floor tiles at the bottom and out of sight. Then she glanced to Leo. "I think we could climb down safely given enough rope." Yineffe stripped the pack from her back, then scrounged through it. She found a short one, 10 feet or so, not enough to reach the bottom.
  7. Not willing to leave just yet, Yineffe allowed her eyes to drift around the room. She moved over to a closet, the doors cracked just a fingers width. "Be thorough," she told her friend. "We may find a clue to Arland's wereab-" A stranger burst from the closet in a flurry of robes. The force knocked Yineffe to the floor. She scrambled, trying to get back up. In the sudden confrontation, Yineffe grasped a fist of the stranger's coat, trying to hold him back. There was an audible rip. He darted away, down the steps. "Gao! Stop him!"
  8. @supernal Go now ahead~ I think it can be assumed there was some recovery time in there!
  9. Yineffe considered what her companion said, taking the tome and tucking it away in her coat. She would have something to show Bontavi´╗┐a, hopefully explaining were the bulk of her loan had gone. "Do you suppose Arland was looking for something?" She offered her friend, filtering through the collection of hoarded scrolls. "A spell perhaps?" As she explored, Yineffe thought on it. If that was the case, what sort of spell? Presumably one that could raise an entire functioning distillery from two wood planks and a dream... Yineffe progressed to the staircase, pausing a moment to listen. All was quiet given their presence. She waited for Gao to join her before she headed up. The aging wood steps creaked under foot as they went. When they came to the top the room opened into an empty expanse. A few scraps of paper littered the hardwood floors, the large windows covered in grime like the windows downstairs. A haze settled over the room. At the far end of there was mirror propped up against the wall. Next to that a sheet covered mattress was set up on the floor along with a few stray personal belongs scattered about.
  10. Yineffe moved away from the corpse. The smell was powerful, the metallic tang of blood and gun smoke turning her stomach. The familiar and painful tingling sensation of interrupted magic was gathering in her arms and hands, her broken magic desperate for redirection. Yineffe took a moment, flicking her arms and hands to ease the sensation. She took to healing a few of her mild scratches. Honestly, she felt quite drained, the excitement and panic of the attack now fading. After a time Yineffe rejoined the party and glanced to Leo. "Are you hurt?" She offered her palms, the thin white magic weaving around her fingers.
  11. "You impress me, Gao Hua," she smiled. Yineffe followed her friend into the shop and shut the door, not wanting to rouse the authorities. When she truly had a moment to take in the room, her brow crinkeled. It was covered in books, stacks and stacks of dusty old tomes reaching floor to ceiling. Shelves lined the outer walls so full of books the wood sagged under their weight. Cabinets were pressed against cabinets filled with hundreds of scrolls. There was a stair case toward the back, each step stacked along one side with yet more books. Yineffe weaved through silently, watching her step. She stopped at a waist high stack and flipped through the top tome. It was full of illuminated illustrations of magical events. A page flopped open near the center. A script, one she could not read crowded the right page, the drawing of a massive dragon-like figure dominated the left. "So it is literature, not liquor?"
  12. I'm here! Had a job interview I was preparing for yesterday, couldn't work in time to post. (Think I nailed it, just saying.) I'll get the next bit up tonight, gentleman! <3
  13. Hey, @Grubbistch´╗┐ I want to post tonight but I'm prepping for a job interview tomorrow, it depends on how late I want to stay up. I havn't forgotten you!
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