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  1. Yineffe shivered against the stir of powerful magic on the air, Donavon's impressive grasp of the acrcane becoming rather apparent. Leo had thankfully downed the den-mother quickly. He appeared worst for wear but not seriously injured. Yineffe covered the distance between her and the others in a rush, casting a light barrier over them, leaving a a spider web tingle behind. The winged creature wailed over the crakle of lighting. She conjured a sapping spell, enthropy, that took effect almost immediately. It slowed it's advance and made a high pitched whine. There was an exhal and it dropped it's head, slumping, it's shoulders and wings low. She followed with split, a spell that sperates magic from itself. A hail darted down from the ceiling, in a torrent of flashing light. The creature slid from the celestrial form and further into the physical. Angered, it raised it's wings and with several beats, sent out a pulsing blast that leveled Yineffe.
  2. Yineffe does love her jewelry!@supernal Also I asked a question about rolls and how to proceed but it disappeared or didn't save, not sure. (I'm on the mobile version now, was hoping it would help me post more regularly.)
  3. Hey emperor! How are you feeling? And aw crap! I should have looked at this before I posted, guys. I introed like a spirit bangee enemy, mainly magic based, weak to physical attacks. If you think this is inappropriate I'll change it right away! @supernal
  4. Stunned and in pain, Yineffe made an atempt to meet the battle. She pulled herself up and away, trying to gain a better understanding of the field. The monsterous den-mother ran them down. Leo, his jaw locked, raised his gun a fired, his aim true. He landed a number of shots. Yineffe had only gained enough sense to aid her comrads when a screech split the field. Yineffe covered her ears. At the far side of the chamber a white mist formed and from it a human-like figure apeared. It unfurled a pair of imposing, feathery wings, releasing a gust of air that sent dust and dirt across the field. Yineffe took a few hesitant steps back, fear tightening her chest. Where the landshark seemed to target Leo, this new foe narrowed its sights on Yineffe. It met her eyes across the chamber and stalked forward, instantly tapping into her pool of magic. Yineffe considered her chances slim on her own and quickly diverted her attention to the landshark. She cast a few warping spells, hoping to disrupt the beast and allow Leo time enough to reload.
  5. Yineffe paused for a time, feeling rather aprehensive about disturbing the key. She told herself she was prepared for what was next, but she was mostly lying. Yineffe stepped up to the platfrom. The odd looking stone steps too narrow for her feet. They spread out in sweep from left the right, radiating from the center with low grade slabs of marble. The key bobbed where it hovered over the dais, the jade catching the low light just so. In her mind it was best not to disturb the key with magic. There was lingering traces all around. Instead she used a thin Ward to hoist herself up and onto the platform. This near the key she could hear the faintest sound of singing far off, and yet all around. A tickle ran up her spine, leaning her cold a stiff. She took the key. The air stilled to silence.
  6. Is there a creature or some sort of puzzle we need to get past? To get the key? Wait! Nevermind! I think I got it ?
  7. Hey @supernal can you give me some more info on this temple, like what's it's for and what's behind the door? I'm a bit stuck ?.
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