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  1. Profile Name: Yineffe Telvarna. Gender: Female. Race: Oiche Duende (Night Elf). Birth Place: Terrernus Wastes. Appearance Visual Age: Early 30’s. Hair Color: Silver/white. Eye Color: Yellow/Green. Skin Color: Warm grey. Body Type: Very tall and thin. Other: Adorned with pale tattoos. Combat Class: Defensive mage, novice healer. Weapon of Choice: Yineffe has limited offensive training therefore she would rather flee than fight. She does carry a small obsidian dagger and will attack if pressed, however ineffectually. Healing is a skill Yineffe has studied little. She can seal mild lacerations and clear bruises, but lacks experience with large, internal, and/or life-threatening injuries. Yineffe’s major talent is in magic deflection and disruption. She can effectively turn her enemies abilities against them, reflecting spells and nullifying complex incantations. Personality General Mood: Tentative. Somewhat judgmental. Sucker For: Gold/opal jewelry and any form of fortune-telling. Annoyed By: Useless house pets, especially cats. Background: Raised in an aggressive cult-like clan far into the Terrernus desert, Yineffe's identity has always been wrapped up in her family. Now, as an exile, she struggles to understand her place and has yet to realize the extent of freedom, knowledge, and danger in the world.
  2. Hi there, Larian! I'm new as well. Honestly, I'm a bit nervous about joining an RP community, but I've been writing high fantasy stuff for years but never shared anything with anyone. I feel it's time to meet some like-minded folks who share my beloved hobby!
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