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  1. The next two weeks went by in a blur for Isaac. Only a full day later after their stop off by the woods on the side of the road did Issac find the perfect spot to start building their cabin. The clearing was almost idyllic in nature being nestled only a quarter of a mile from the main road. A dirt path could be easily made and later filled with stone to make a proper road. The trees that grew nearby were tall and strong to make a quality foundation as well as several amenities. The river was close enough that one could gather several gallons of water in only a few short hours. The only thing that didn't sit well with Isaac was that no matter which direction he went game was scarce, sometimes taking several hours to track down a single rabbit or deer. This of course made Issac try to move on to a better region further ahead but between Sen's inability to comprehend, Cersei's complaints of being tired of moving, and Ograh's annoyance at the two of them Isaac conceded that this would be their new home and he would have to make due with what he could hunt in the meantime. Two weeks later after claiming the spot and putting in a few sleepless nights of work there was a solid foundation laid out as well as the skeletal frame of the final product. In order to house Sen the roof needed to be several times higher than a normal cabin and that alone took a few days to sort out how it would be done, but in the end with the Oni's help they were able to build a frame capable of storing her massive bulk. At the time Issac was just returning from a hunt for food. He had managed to catch two rabbits in snares and beaver near the river but larger game like deer, elk and boar continued to elude him. Something seemed to be watching him when he hunted. Several times now when he had entered the wood alone he could feel eyes on him, as if some predator was stalking its prey, yet he found no traces of such a creature stalking him. Ograh mentioned offhandedly that perhaps it was some sort of beast local to the Coth region after the events of the green flame that came to make the place its home. Isaac pondered that line of query for some time and concluded that it had to be the case. On many hunts when he felt the presence of the creature he would stop and examine his surroundings, always finding nothing. There were no foot or hoofprints in the dirt, no twigs snapped under foot. The trees lost no leafage nor bore and mark of claw or fang. It was truly a perplexing situation and Isaac did not like it one bit. He was by no means superstitious but he silently began wondering if the wood that they had chosen to inhabit was cursed or perhaps haunted. Hexes and restless spirits were not so uncommon this day and age after all. Still the problem persisted and Isaac found no recourse than to send for a scholar from Coth to come and investigate. She was due sometime today he believed but he could not recall the exact time. Busying himself with some minor tasks of gathering wood with Sen and assembling some supports with Ograh filled much of his remaining time that day and far sooner than seemed appropriate the sun began to settle in the west as it did nightly. Isaac took the game he had procured and began to roast it on the open fire in the center of their temporary camp.
  2. The faint rustling of leaven on the forest floor was all that could be heard as the hunter stalked through the trees and brush that was all around him. Despite his large size Issac blended in almost seamlessly with the forest around him thanks to his years of training and skill for hunting. He had left his group behind to procure some food for the trip ahead and he was sure that things wouldn't stay calm for long. A small sigh escaped his lips as he scanned the area for potential prey. He wondered to himself how he had come to be in this situation. Originally he had come to the wild in order to get away from people and everything. Maybe set up a small cabin and hunt for his own food, trade for what he needed from the nearest town once a month or so...but now he had a giant of an Oni who barely spoke a lick of common, A harpy and a ferocious orc woman who were following him around. Certainly not the crowd one hangs around with if the quiet life is all that you wanted. Still he wasn't ungrateful to have them around. Issac just liked to keep to himself most of the time. Now there was also the issue of finding where to set up and build. The nearest town was still a goo distance away and even then he had little idea of what awaited them there. The lands were changing these days and nothing was usually as it seemed. All that aside however Issac returned to his task at hand. He would deal with the rest as it came. He always did. For now he just needed to focus on gathering some meat to make into some food and move on. Strangely though even as far in as he had gone Issac had seen little trace of much wildlife. It was almost as if this place was devoid of animals. The sounds of birds and insects could be heard sure but they always seemed far off in the distance, as if they were keeping away from him specifically. Some hunters called this phenomenon "Kahedwen" an old druidic term for a hunt that was considered unfortunate though the bronze skinned man had never really been one for superstitions like that. Given the current circumstances though it seemed to hold some merit. Issac almost considered at this point turning back and simply trying his luck elsewhere at this point. If he didn't get back soon Ograh was going to be even more annoyed with him, and that was if Sen didn't also find a way to exacerbate things while he was away. Through all the thoughts though the sound of a sudden branch snapping caught his attention ahead of him. His eyes snapping forward Issac spotted what must have been the largest buck he had seen in a long time. Surely this was his luck turning finally. The hunter crouched and readied his bow knocking two arrows at once to be sure that he could take this thing down with one draw. He needed to get it and get back to the group as quick as possible. Drawing in his breath he drew the sting of the bow back as he took air in and then held his breath as he lined the shot up. The buck had no idea what was coming and the hunter offered a silent prayer to the woods before he let his fingers slide off the string and both arrows flew through the air. The satisfying sound of two wooden shafts sinking into flesh with a loud thunk as the beast cried out in pain before collapsing rang out and Issac knew he had been victorious this day. With a urgency about him he quickly stowed his bow and rushed to the creatures side. It was still barely alive at this point so Issac eased its suffering with the tip of his knife. Soon enough the creature was well and dead, feet tied and thrown over the large mans shoulder. Now was the fun part. He trekked back miles through the forest with his haul of meat in tow, making it back in just a matter of a couple hours. "Ograh! I'm back!" he called as he reached the edge of the wood where he had left his companions. Almost exactly as he had thought, Sen had uprooted a couple trees and Cersei had amassed a pile of twigs and debris to build a nest and Ograh sat in the middle of it all looking like she was ready to skin her companions. "I told you it would be better to stop later you know." Issac said to the annoyed orc woman as he readjusted the weight on his shoulder. "Either way I got the food so lets get this back on the road eh?" He looked to his other companions and gave a shrill sharp whistle to the others "Alright everyone time to move on, Sen," he yelled as he turned to the Ogeress "Take those..." He continued gesturing to a couple of trees that were laying about "And take them with us." He finished by pantomiming her putting them on his shoulder. That was about all he could do to get his point across and he could only hope she understood.
  3. ISSAC Nickname: Age: 30 Race: Human Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Marital Status: single Birthplace: Wilds of Terrenus Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Physical and Appearance Weight: 200 lbs Height: 6'4 Physique: Chisled and Solid Eyes: Hazel Hair: Black Complexion: Dark Voice: N/A Unique traits: N/A Typical Attire: prefers lightweight materials, typically wears leathers and clothes that he made himself from his kills. Psychological Information Demeanor: Issac is quiet and cautious. He isn't one for being around people and if given the option will avoid interacting with other people as much as possible. When he has no other choice though Issac is blunt and rather to the point so that he can bring the conversation to a close as quick as possible. To the few people who have managed to get close to him however he will speak freely at times about whatever catches his fancy. Strengths: Cunning, Dependable, Self-sufficient, Stealthy, Confident, Weaknesses: Slow to Trust, Secretive, Foolhardy Quirks: Issac rarely travels to civilization unless it simply can not be avoided. Likes: Uninhabited places, the sound of rain on the roof, warm sunny days, hunting, venison cooked over an open fire, Venison stew, Venison Steak Dislikes: Civilization, most other people, unavoidable conflict, interlopers Skills & Deficiencies Mundane: + Skill – Sewing + Skill – Leatherworking + Skill – Quick Learner + Skill – Fishing + Skill -- Survivalist + Skill -- Cooking + Skill -- Hunting + Skill -- Tracking + Skill -- Herbology - Deficiency – Anti-Social - Deficiency – Intimidating - Deficiency – Lacks Book Smarts Combat: + Advantage/Skill – Pain Tolerance + Advantage/Skill – Archery Master + Advantage/Skill -- Agile - Deficiency – Untrained In Hand to Hand Combat - Deficiency – Prone to Fleeing Abilities Ranger's Senses Capabilities -- Issac is at home in the forest and has adapted to its flow. When in the forest Issac can easily find his way around and pick up on things that normal folk may not be privy to. Danger Sense Capabilities -- Through training and life experience Issac has developed a sixth sense that alerts him to potential danger. History Issac doesn't talk much about his past though those that know him in any capacity would likely come to the conclusion that he was, in the past, some manner of soldier. Whatever the case, however, Issac has taken to living in the forest outside of Blairville. Issac has lived here for several years only very rarely venturing out of his patch of wood to enter towns to sell meat and skins in trade for supplies that he needs. Beyond that he keeps mostly to himself in the woods. In recent times however though some interlopers have found their way into his camp and begun to include themselves in his daily life. Chapters
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