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  1. Hello all. I've been roleplaying on forums for roughly 3 years now and I've been searching for a good place to satisfy my itch for fantasy and I'm hoping that is will be it. For some background about me, I'm a transwoman who enjoys K-Pop, the NBA, and various beauty gurus on Youtube. I also enjoy reading and roleplaying within fantasy and sci-fi settings. The characters I play tend to be mundane and low-ranking infantry girls, and I'm looking to play that type of character on here as well. The main concept I'd like to play is a peasant girl conscripted and/or forced to serve within someone's army. So, if you know of any storylines and/or organizations that would be good for that sort of archetype or ones similar to it, I'd love to hear about them! On a side note, I also enjoy playing slaves as well, so if you need a slave of some kind, let me know! Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope to get into it soon. ?
  2. Welcome aboard 

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