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  1. Thanks, supernal! I was wondering if anyone wanted to write any threads. I'm open to basically anything!
  2. Sweet! My character doesn’t use magic, so I think she would go with some sort of mana packet thing. That said, are mana-based energy rifles possible?
  3. Thanks for the answer! I think I have one more question: What type of rifles are the most common for Snipers? I saw that there was a sizable chance of gunpowder-based weapons failing to fire and I was wondering how they got around that. Also, could a Sniper use a crossbow or a bow instead?
  4. I got the impression from reading their little blurb on the main Terran military personnel and assignments thread that Snipers are already an elite/highly-specialized unit in-and-of themselves, since they go through several years of training before seeing combat. I wrote Esmeralda as having underwent three years of formal training, so I would assume that would grant her a not insignificant deal of expertise at her craft. I think I went through and removed the formatting before adding it back in and I still got the same result. I may re-arrange the sheet at some point and/or change it entirely, since it seems like the site wants to put an extra space in places where I meant to have none. Thanks for the quick response!
  5. Hi! So, I just made a new Sniper character that I posted up in the User Lore. However, I have a few questions. 1. How do you alter the spacing when formatting posts? When I look at my character profile, it looks like there are double spaces in places where I intend to have a single space. I'm not sure how to fix this, if it's at all possible. 2. Is there a unit/MOS for a bog-standard infantrywoman type character? I'm thinking like...your average mook with just a sword n' board or a standard magitech assault rifle. I'm okay with playing a Sniper, but I do enjoy the humble everyday soldier type as well and I'm wondering if that is possible in the Terran military. Most of the occupations seem rather specialized and/or elite. Thanks in Advance and I hope to get writing with you guys soon. ?❤️
  6. Name: EsmeraldaSpecies: Engineered HumanGender: WomanRank: PrivateUnit/MOS: O-1S/SniperChronological Age: 3 YearsMental and Physical Age: 18-21 YearsHeight: 4'3.5"Weight: 132 Lbs.Body Measurements: 32-22-43Hair Color: Smoky White to Ruby Gradient from Roots to TipsSkin Color: Light BrownEye Color: RubyVoice: TBA Psychological Information Having spent most of her young life undergoing the rigorous training to become a Sniper, Esmeralda possesses an extremely strong will and a persistent desire to achieve perfection. While skills as a markswoman are exceptional, her strongest ability is her seemingly indefatigable work ethic. However, while Esmeralda is relentless in her pursuit of perfection, she is almost excessively submissive. She is a poor leader, lacking in charisma and influence, in spite of her pulchritudinous visage. In addition, she is quite naïve and deficient in wisdom. This trait makes her a loyal soldier, but more disturbingly, it also lends itself well to her potential ability to kill...Physical InformationPossessing a short-statured figure that can be described as both top and bottom-heavy, Esmeralda is gifted with a strikingly curvaceous form and nigh-impossible proportions. She bears large and chunky thighs which merges into voluminous hips and a plump steatopygian posterior. Her torso is thin in comparison to the excessive width of her hips, but she retains visible abdominal tone and musculature, honed due to years of sniper training. Up top, Esmeralda supports an extremely ample bosom that forms a distinct contrast to her slight and narrow shoulders. Eilara also possesses muscular biceps and toned forearms, hinting at her extraordinary upper body strength which allows her to carry heavy and long-barreled weapons with ease. Esmeralda has a diamond-shaped facial profile with a narrow forehead and a slightly pointed chin. Her lips are incredibly plump, and she tends to paint them in a dark ruby shade. Even so, her eyes are by far the most dazzling feature of her visage. Her pure ruby sclera, light ruby irises, and dark ruby pupils combine to grant her features a preternatural aspect. Finally, she has light brown skin with strong golden undertones.History KX-06 was created by GRAFT in 18595 WT, as part of a classified cloning and biogenetic research contract with the Terran military. Intended as a semi-experimental project in the production of cloned and biosynthetic soldiers, KX-06 was implanted with a host of memories that grant her a selection of basic language, social, practical skills. In addition, since she emerged from her growth tube with the physical, mental, and neurological of a young adult, KX-06 did not experience a childhood. In the first week of her life, KX-06 chose the name Esmeralda for herself, after a prominent dancer and internet personality. During this period, Esmeralda underwent a regimented course of socialization training, during which she about Terrenus and more broadly, the world itself. In the second week of her life, Esmeralda was indentured into the Terran military and began basic training. In spite of her lack of experience in shooting, Esmeralda proved herself to be a consistent shot with magitech rifles and crossbows. After basic training, she was selected to undergo Terrenian Sniper Training Program. For the next three years of her life, Esmeralda was tested and pushed beyond her breaking point. Nevertheless, Esmeralda quickly developed a tireless work ethic which saw her through to the end of the program and resulted in her graduating near the top of her class. EquipmentMana-Charged Sniper Crossbow: Esmeralda's crossbow is a custom-built model which utilizes a mana-powered system to charge the weapon after the arrow is loaded into the track. This allows the arrow to fly at speeds exceeding 300 m/s, many times faster and more powerful than bolts or arrows released by standard crossbows. The arrows fired by the crossbow have a mass of 850 grains and utilize a needle-point bodkin tip to increase anti-armor capabilities. However, due to the extreme forces imparted upon the crossbow in the process of firing, it requires strong, yet flexible materials in order to withstand the stresses of firing. Nevertheless, the crossbow far more quiet than virtually all magitech firearms, even when suppressed. However, the crossbow must be loaded with an arrow after every shot, a process which takes roughly ~2.5 seconds. In addition, the weapon requires a rigorous maintenance schedule in order to maintain optimal power and accuracy. In order to assist in target acquisition, the crossbow is mounted with a variable zoom scope with a maximum magnification of 10x.Military IDCrystal Communications DeviceE.M. SpectaclesMaterials DatabaseAutonomous Crystal Spotter
  7. Hello all. I've been roleplaying on forums for roughly 3 years now and I've been searching for a good place to satisfy my itch for fantasy and I'm hoping that is will be it. For some background about me, I'm a transwoman who enjoys K-Pop, the NBA, and various beauty gurus on Youtube. I also enjoy reading and roleplaying within fantasy and sci-fi settings. The characters I play tend to be mundane and low-ranking infantry girls, and I'm looking to play that type of character on here as well. The main concept I'd like to play is a peasant girl conscripted and/or forced to serve within someone's army. So, if you know of any storylines and/or organizations that would be good for that sort of archetype or ones similar to it, I'd love to hear about them! On a side note, I also enjoy playing slaves as well, so if you need a slave of some kind, let me know! Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope to get into it soon. ?
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