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  1. He smiled at the young woman in front of him "They sound like my sort of people. And you have a very familiar accent. Do we know each other" He spoke calmly but his deep voice added a small amount of roughness to it before taking a small drink of his whiskey "And can I buy you two lovely ladies anything to drink?"
  2. Markus smiled as he nodded "Pearl of the Oyster actually. But I got to admit that The Captain's Ear and Hook is a nice place but their Marlin burgers are slightly underdone. I haven't made the journey for many years now but I am hoping to restart those voyages" He made a quick glance at the table before returning his attention to the woman in front of him "Who's Justice?" There was a slight grin and sense of mischievousness behind his eyes
  3. He smiled as he started to chuckle "I've been to Casper. If I'm not mistaken there is an old sea food joint right the west pier. The best salmon steaks in the city. My father had a boat there. We would travel every three months to the island of Terrenus and go fishing on the glistening seas. And the answer to your question Beatrice is best answered in private away from prying ears" He took a sip of his whiskey as if it was water before he looked at the chef as he requested with peace and politeness "Have you got any codlings?"
  4. "My name is Markus, I'm from Raven's Landing. Far away from here." His eyes showed pain at the mention of his birth place "I lived near the cliff with my sister. We spent every day talking about the adventures that could have took place in the water below. I never imagined leaving the city but life is filled with twists and turns ain't ait?" He looked at Solomon and waved back
  5. He smiled at her as he took his drink "Thank you. And sorry but I over heard that gentleman call you Bea, is that short for Beatrice?" He took a quick drink before quickly adding "You don't have to answer if you don't want to. It is a personal question after all" He looked at her softly and kindly as he placed his glass on the table and traced the patterns of the wood with his other hand
  6. The door to the tavern opened to reveal a cloaked figure entering the building. He walked over to a table where a staff member was standing near, he sat down and started to talk to her. The barmaid was obviously a teenager or just older. "Hello. Is it possible for me to order a drink?£ She smiled as she replied "Of course you can. What would you like?" She spoke politely and with respect as she made eye contact with the gentleman He smiled back "Do you serve a strong whiskey such as Jack Daniels or even a scotch?" His voice held respect and honour within it but there was also a hint of pain Her smile grew as she looked at him with curiosity "I will go check for you dear" She walked towards the bar and prepared his drink
  7. Oops sorry how do i do that??
  8. Name: Markus White Nickname: (People can decide) Ethnicity: Caucasian Nationality: Born in Raven's Landing Age: 23 Height: 5' 11" Weight: 195 lbs Body type: skinny and lean yet muscular Hair colour: Raven black Hair style: 2 inches above the shoulder,clean, smartly styled Eye colour: Deep blue Eye type: Normal Skin colour: Tanned Voice: Deep and rough yet gentle and calm giving it a seductive tone Fashion type: Secretive: cloaks and dark clothing Facial Hair: N/A, clean shaven Scars: N/A Piercings: N/A Tattoos: Grace w/ heart and dagger behind it on his right wrist Family: Ashley White (mother-deceased), William White (father-deceased), Jessica-Rose White (sister-unknown) Personality: Markus is a kind and gentle person who is loyal to the end. He isn't known to be violent but can have an aggressive attitude at times which is caused by a personality disorder. History: he was born in the cliff-side city of Raven's Landing. He lived near the cliff edge where he and his sister spent most of their time looking out to the water below always creating tales of heroes and beasts that fought there and all the lost secrets that the outside world held. At the age of 16, his parents died of illness leaving him and his sister to fend for themselves at such a young age. After a few months of their parents death, both parties slowly fell into a depressive state leading to a series of aggressive criminal actions on both behalves. They were both sentenced to 5 years in solitary confinement. They were separated on release and haven't made contact since. He wakes up every day with thought of her and tries to imagine what her life has brought her after release. He has now been out of confinement for the past 2 years, where he has made a new life for himself, found love and has became a respected person through out the city.
  9. @jaistlyn Yes I have travelled the world, it has always been a passion of mine to discover and learn the secrets of our worlds history and culture such as ancient Greece, ancient Rome and Egypt. Perhaps I could discover an unknown secret of our human race. And I have already read the guide and I would love to join you in the tavern. See you soon. @Ataraxy It is good to be in the presence of death. From ancient times to modern day he has made a name for himself in fantasy and reality. From the god 'Thanatos' from the myths of Greece to the modern depiction of 'The Grim Reaper'. It will be fun to get to know you even more
  10. Hello. My name is Markus and I am glad to be here. I am from England and I have explored the entire world and have met many amazing people. My only regret is never recording my adventures. And that is why I am taking this opportunity to record as many stories in this fantastic world as possible. If anyone would like to join me on my adventures then I would be more than happy to take other explorers in my team.
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