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  1. She was probably lucky she hadn't knocked her head against some rocks; the fact she was only struggling to breathe was a good one, it meant she could get back into the fight as soon as she could force her muscles to relax and wrap her head around her next attack. She didn't know where Quinn was, but she did see Aidan and Ira begin their barrage. Aster grinned, a feral adrenaline-filled expression as Aidan's arrow struck true and Ira lunged towards the beast, ax tearing into the bear. Things were happening quickly, but it all seemed to be in slow motion at the same time. Maybe she'd hit her head harder than she thought. Oh well, that was future Aster's problem. Her eyes darted back towards the flaming cave, mind racing but whenever she made a connection it felt like touching a live wire. The cave was no use to her, so she'd ignore it for now. Her eyes scanned the environment, hearing the bear's claws scratch against Ira's shield as a small amount of panic started rising in her chest. She could jump back in, but it'd be more dangerous if Ira thought he needed to protect her and himself. Quinn shot out of the trees, striking the bear with a supernatural strength that left Aster's head reeling. She cursed loudly as the two disappeared under the water and ran to the riverside, following the current as she tried to figure out where they'd resurface. She could only hope Quinn was able to keep the bear underneath for long enough to stun it a bit- well no, all she could really ask for was that Quinn didn't get swept away by the water. She cursed a few more times for good luck as her eyes tracked the bubbles, until they stopped. The bear emerged from the water, and Aster squeaked in panic, her hands moving to her daggers. Ira stepped forward and drove his blade into the bear's shoulderblade, and the faun grimaced as the bear roared once more. She took advantage that it was focused only on Ira, and moved forward as Ira was swatted away and thrown flying. Her eyes moved to the ground, slick with water and churned into mud from the bear's lumbering movements; the terrain was dangerous, and frankly pretty fucking cold against her bare hooves. Her blades she knew would do little, but she flanked the bear anyways as it's limping movements grew slower by the second. It roared once more, shaking the ground, and Aster bit her lip on instinct. She questioned why she'd signed up for this in the first place as she dove forward, using her speed to her advantage as she sunk both blades into the bear's hind leg, on the same side as it's incapacitated front leg. It roared with pain and she kicked it uselessly, scrabbling to gain purchase as she held on. It tried to turn around to snap its jaws at her, and she kicked it in the face as it grabbed hold of her shirt and tore into it; the teeth had managed to nick her flesh, but it hadn't gotten enough of a grasp to pull her off. "The lungs! Go for the lungs, Aidan!" Aster shouted, her voice unsteady but determined as she yanked a blade out of the bear's hide and stabbed it into the bear's face; she missed the eye, but managed to get it embedded into the cheek and she used the leverage to maim the bear's face as best she could. She knew she had about another ten seconds before she'd have to bail or get ripped into shreds, so that was a fun countdown in her head.
  2. The faun jumped at Quinn's sudden voice joining the conversation, and her eyes searched the area around them before landing on the perched vampire. She gave a thankful smile, albeit a bit strained since her heart was still calming down from the scare. She headed after Ira and Aidan, the tracks that earlier had just seemed like darkened spots of mud were now like a beacon to her. Looking at the bones scattered around the cave entrance, she gulped as she noticed the bones of a deer scattered and crushed among the litter. Her ears flicked back, eyes widening as she heard the cracking of wood underfoot behind them. As Aidan notched his arrow, Aster turned around expecting Quinn and instead saw the monstrous bear, lumbering atop the beaver dam. "Guys-" Aster started, and winced as the bear roared. Grabbing her daggers, which suddenly seemed small and insignificant, Aster felt her entire body tremble as the bear walked forward. She could smell the beast easily; rotted meat, dried blood and the dingy musk of... Well, a bear. "N-nasty thing." Aster mumbled under her breath to try and avoid the fear that clung to her. She could tell even at this distance that when the bear stood on it's hind legs she wouldn't even reach the creature's haunches. She took a deep breath to steady herself as much as possible, and darted forward. The creature took a swipe at her, and Aster managed to dodge; if there was one thing this bear didn't have, it was the speed to catch the light-footed faun when she was expecting the blow. She darted around the side, slamming one knife into it's hide and trying to pull it along the flank but it stuck almost immediately. She yanked the dagger back just in time to get blindsided by another swipe of the bear's paws, and she was thrown back by the force. She hit the ground and rolled, not trying to stop the momentum until she was by the shoreline and she struck a dagger into the soft earth to stop the roll. She coughed, her lungs heaving and body aching, and stood again to assess the situation once more. She rubbed the side of her head as the bear stood on it's hind legs, roaring once more; now that it was closer she could feel the ground shake from the force behind the roar, and she winced again. There was a small patch of blood from where she'd stabbed it, but it's wiry fur and tough hide was barely marred.
  3. Aster caught the apple and glanced at the spot where Quinn had been. It was sort of comforting to have her on their side, but not being able to see the vampire was alarming; well, she'd just have to have faith that Quinn was going to continue helping them. She followed behind, examining the foliage closely; she saw signs of other animal life, but nothing as big as a bear. This would be a fine place to hunt in the daytime, if not for the noisiness from the road. She was by the treeline examining what looked to be a blackberry bush that'd gotten trampled a bit; by what, she didn't know, but it could easily be a clue. It looked like whatever had stamped the thorny tendrils down had been heading to the brook, so it confirmed her earlier suspicion. She pulled out her journal and in the dim moonlight she quickly sketched the scene, before heading back to the pebble bank where Ira and Aidan were discussing something. She caught the later parts of Aidan's explanation, and grimaced. If this thing was big enough to take down a moose- well, she was suddenly thankful for having a terrifying creature of the night in their party. "Did the wounds seem fresh? Was it- er, still bleeding?" Aster questioned, looking up at the two warriors.
  4. Trust was, evidently, the wrong word choice in this instance. She twitched at what she could only assume was a threat immediately followed by something akin to joke from Quinn, though it could just as easily be another threat; and Aidan rose to the bait, and Aster crossed her arms and rubbed down the goosebumps that seemed to have made themselves home there. "D-duly noted." Aster murmured. "My blades are silvered as well, not that I could've ever anticipated this kind of encounter." Truly, she hadn't even really believed in vampires; she'd known about the undead walking the earth, but the idea some of them could be conscious living beings, perhaps still in control of their own souls, had always seemed far fetched. "Sure, I don't see a reason why you couldn't have the bear carcass- uh, so long as you don't rip up any of us." Aster said, internally wondering how Quinn intended on dragging back such a carcass; was she really that strong? The goosebumps she'd thought she'd patted down rose again, and the faun shivered uncomfortably. "Play nice? Of course!" Aster squeaked, glancing at Ira. Did he think she was going to pick a fight with a vampire? Sure, she might be fidgeting and her ears may be pressed against the back of her head defensively, but she wasn't trying to be hostile. "I- uh, I can try. I can't see very well in the dark, but I could try to track it anyways; I used to have to find sheep in the woods at night to bring them in, I'm sure a bear would be a lot less sneaky." She stood up, stomach rumbling and she grimaced. She'd have time to eat later, for now they were on a timer and needed to find this bear fast. "Let's head down to the brook; if it was wandering around here, it most likely stopped there to drink. We might be able to pick up some tracks there."
  5. Aster flicked her ear, listening in as her companions spoke to the beast. She heaved the pig carcass over a low-hanging branch above her snare, grunting from the effort and holding it there until she was sure she'd positioned it where it wouldn't fall. Stepping back she rubbed her hands on her pants to clean them off, before turning back towards the fire. She watched the vampire - Quinn? Ira had mentioned her name earlier - for a few moments before glancing at Aidan and Ira. Both seemed calmer, and were even offering to let the vampire stick around to help with the bear hunt. She didn't see too much wrong with letting Quinn stay, so long as she behaved herself. Aster wasn't sure if Quinn would like the taste of her blood, but there was an undercurrent of worry for her human friends who were probably a lot more tasty. "Yeah, you can stick around and help- uh, if you'd like?" Aster offered tentatively. "If you guys trust her, then I'm all for it." Aster said, directing her words to Aidan and Ira as she spoke. I guess she didn't really ask to be a vampire, Aster thought as she tried to rationalize letting Quinn stick around. The faun was still obviously a bit nervous and shaken, but she made her way back to the fire and sat down once more. "Nothing more to do now except wait." She murmured under her breath, glancing back at the trap.
  6. The faun sat back on her haunches and wiped the dirt and sweat off her forehead as she looked at the makeshift trap. "Thanks-" She started, turning around to look back at her companions and startling into silence as she saw a woman sway out of the darkness. Her ears flicked and she stood up, knowing hers was not an intimidating figure but a reminder to this beast that it was being observed by more than just Aidan and Ira. And a beast it was. Pale skin, dark eyes, and the slightest hint of stark white fangs. And evidently, the beast knew her companions and they greeted her. Aster hummed with discomfort and reached for her blades as she made her way back into the fire's flickering light. She glanced between Ira and Aidan, uncertainty visible in her posture. Was this Quinn a friend or foe? And how long had she been tracking them for? She bit her lip and headed towards the pig carcass, grabbing it and unsteadily picking it up before heading back towards the trap. She'd let Ira and Aidan handle their visitor for now, and perhaps there'd be introductions and explanations later.
  7. Aster flicked her ear, considering Ira's offer. She certainly wouldn't mind the company, plus he'd agreed with her hesitance in finding a husband so he got a few bonus points in her eyes. She reached out and grabbed her bowl, the stew still steaming but it smelled delicious, and listened as Aidan spoke. "I'm so sorry, that must've been tough; fighting at war for years on end." Aster commented softly. After a nervous chuckle, she continued. "I hope you two find what you're looking for- redhead or army. I'd be happy to travel with you until our paths diverge." She glanced at the pigs, scrunching her nose at the smell. She nodded at Aidan's suggestion. "That should work, I can lay a snare underneath it." Aster said, setting down her bowl - it was still a bit too hot for her to eat, anyways - and standing up. She headed over to one of the taller, sturdier trees and got to work; it'd been a while since she'd laid a hunting trap, but the learned motions came back to her quickly.
  8. Aster was thankful of the confirmation the marks had been left by a bear. She rubbed her arms and shivered, both out of fear and cold; certainly a bear with claws that big would be massive and terrifying. She was glad to have some experienced warriors alongside her at least, if she was alone she wasn't sure if she'd be able to take on such a beast. She headed back to the fire and sat down as Ira cooked, smiling as the fire sparked further to life. She glanced at Aidan, perking her ears up at his question. "My story? Well, there's not much to tell really. I grew up in a town called Hadleigh, and instead of sticking around and finding a husband when I finished school I decided to strike out on my own travel the world instead. I really want to see the ocean, and become a sailor; but I'm quite a ways off from that, so I freelance a bit to keep coin in my pockets." Aster explained, wringing her hands. "What're you two doing around here? I heard bits and pieces back at the tavern, but back there it was a bit too hectic to sit down and listen for long." She asked, flicking one ear.
  9. Aster hummed as she glanced around the campsite; the sound of the brook was calming, and the faun took a moment to stand and breath in the cool air with her velvety ears pressed back against her head. She was still a bit tense and it was cold, but the idea of a warm fire and food spurred her on. "Sure! Let's go, Carver." Aster said, heading over to start collecting some kindling for the fire. She took out one of her daggers and hacked away at a dead sapling, chopping up some slivers and logs before stripping the moss off another tree for proper kindling. Walking back, she cleared a spot and started trying to light the fire. She glanced over at Aidan and Ira, surprise lighting her features at the bounty of food laid out before them; she supposed it wasn't much for a party of four, but the faun was still drooling over the prospect of having a nice meal. "We should fry the salmon. Does anybody have a pot? We could boil some of the vegetables too, if we've got a pot." Aster suggested. She pulled out her bag; it wasn't a magic one, so she could only fit a few items inside, but she quickly pulled out her oil lantern which thankfully came with a flint chip which she then used to spark against the rocks and light the fire. "Ahh, warmth." Aster sighed, holding her hands over the slowly growing fire before feeding some of the slivers and logs into it. She looked around, the fire casting light over otherwise shadowed corners of the woods, and nearly jumped with surprise when she noticed a tree with long claw marks cut into its bark. "Uh? Anybody else seeing this, or is it a trick of the light?" Aster asked, standing up and trotting to the tree. She laid one hand on the marks, frowning. Whatever made the marks had been able to cut frighteningly deep into the wood.
  10. @Kairon @Greenmntman Starting Location: On the road, roughly 3 miles south from the Tavern of Legend Evening, about 6:30pm Evening was setting in, and the sky was a beautiful watercolor of fiery reds, yellows and purples. The dirt road was cold, near frozen under their feet as they walked; it was worn from use at least, and the ground wasn't torn up too much from passing horses or herded cattle. There was a wooded area in the distance, marking the edge of farmland and scorched battlefields. The smell of death on the air was noticeable, but not unbearable and luckily for the group the cold air was crisp, not muggy or charged with the indication of a storm. Aster Highglenn found herself in the company of three strange people she'd met and subsequently grouped up with back at the Tavern, and though she held some trust in their abilities she couldn't say she personally felt exactly safe around them. But she'd be spending the next day, or perhaps the next few days with them as they hunted this bear. Her stomach rumbled and the faun resisted a groan; the scratches on her face stung in the freezing air, and she'd even forgotten to eat before they left. She wasn't even buzzed enough to feel loose and confident. "Can we make camp soon? I see a wooded area up ahead, it might be a good spot to wait for the bear." Aster suggested, glancing back at the other three,
  11. @Kairon @Greenmntman I'm going to go ahead and make the bear quest thread; I'll tag you both in it once it's finished.
  12. "I can't imagine the information would be worth very much, and I'd like to think I'm a good enough person to not let you two shake down this poor man." Aster butted in; she was starting to rethink her assessment of Aidan and Ira, now knowing they chased gold more than justice or even glory. "I can try to answer any questions you've got, but first things first I'd like to get back inside; I'm freezing my hooves off." The faun tried to lighten the mood a bit, though her statement was also true; she couldn't exactly wear shoes, so she was barefoot in the snow.
  13. @MichaelTheLightBringer´╗┐ As a btw, I'm going to wait for some of the others before responding again; I don't want to flood anybody
  14. Aster moved her hands down to her daggers as the man took a fighting stance, but didn't draw them; the stranger looked scared and confused, not malicious. "My name's Aster Highglenn, we're just here to investigate why we heard shouting back here," Aster said, raising her hands palms-out to try to indicate she wasn't going to hurt him. "You're out behind the Tavern of Legend." Aster explained, though she wasn't sure what continent they were on specifically so she decided to not mention that. "Who are you anyways? Are you hurt?"
  15. Aster perked up, noticing two people she'd seen earlier before the fight. One of them looked a bit roughed up, but neither seemed to be in critical condition thankfully. "Agreed, the more the merrier. I don't think I caught either of your names?" Aster questioned, before hearing the shouts outside and jumping to her feet. "Of course, I'll go help look." Aster responded to Vaddock's request, glancing at the others questioningly before running out of the tavern and heading around towards the back alongside Markus. She was worried they were charging into another fight, but she trusted Markus's abilities; even if he did have an odd supernatural feel about him. The faun slowed her pace as she turned the corner and saw the strange man. Even if his muttering hadn't given him away, his strange attire would've; he looked like a warrior, with his shield and strange armor. "Oh- oh, mister it's alright! Are you okay? We heard shouting." Aster questioned.
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