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  1. This maybe isn't the right place for it but between computer troubles, responsibilities on another RP site plus interpersonal relationship problems meant I haven't been nearly as uppity and active on here as I'd like. So to those who rp with me or might be waiting for me, feel free to go ahead with whatever we planned and msg me with the link to wherever I need to show up.

    I'll most likely be on a 1-2 posts per week schedule for a bit. So yeah, apologies to everybody who's relying on my consistent activity; I promise my rocky times won't last forever and I'll be back to my normal levels of activity hopefully in the nearish future.

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      Good luck to you stranger.

  2. Aster covered her ears at the blare of the alarm from Nesy's armor, and only released them when some weird holographic thing happened on Nesy's arm. And yep, the argument was still really fucking loud. The faun started to look for Aidan and Ira, but she knew they'd already retreated to their rooms and she doubted they'd noticed anything was amiss. And then a gunshot rang out after the argument, though Lonely Night dealt with the gunman quickly and efficiently. Frankly, all the faun wanted was to slink back to Aidan and Ira and fall asleep where she knew she'd be mildly safer than in the rest of the tavern. But Vaddock had called for her to come along, because she'd helped with the bear; hell, Quinn had been more of a help in that fight than her, she wasn't some hero now, right? "My blades got warped during the fight with the bear, I'll need new ones if I'm to be any use." Aster said.
  3. She'd started walking; to where, she didn't know. Everywhere looked the same, and she'd tried to follow the sun to the west for a while until the forest got too dense to see it anymore. Then she followed the shadows, until everything was dark and she was forced to light her lantern in order to see. She'd a forest like this before, but Hadleigh was hundreds of miles away so surely... It couldn't be Hadleigh's forest, it had to be somewhere else; somewhere innately fey in nature. She hadn't seen a single animal or bug since arriving, so it had to be an individual who brought her here. Whatever had brought her here hadn't tried to kill her yet, so Aster hoped whatever fey wanted her here didn't mean to hurt her. Maybe they found her aimless wandering amusing? Whatever the reason, Aster was excited to get out of here and return to the Tavern. She pushed through a thicket of blackberries, wincing as the thorns cut into her and caught on her clothes, and as she stumbled out of the thicket her hooves hit water and she tripped face-first into a brook. "Agh!" Aster exclaimed, scrambling to her feet; but the damage was done, she was soaked through, and freezing. She'd dropped her lantern into the water as well, and it wasn't sealed enough to stop water from gushing in and dousing her fire leaving her in darkness. She scrounged for her lantern in the brook, and eventually managed to grab a hold of it in the pitch black water. The faun dragged herself to shore, letting the water clinging to her and the general dark atmosphere hide any tears that escaped; the soft sound of the brook helped muffle any choked sobs as well. "Stupid thing! Alright, I'm done with this, what do you want?" Aster yelled, throwing her lantern at the ground and looking up at the shadowed canopy. There was no response, other than the rustle of leaves. And that's when Aster noticed, a half-mile away, a small light lighting up the darkness. It flickered like firelight, and looked like it was only a small candle; but Aster followed it blindly, pushing through the undergrowth and tripping over unseen rocks and roots in her desperation to finish whatever game the fey were playing.
  4. Aster turned to answer Nesy's question. "Oh no, it was foul smelling in life too." Aster commented, but was otherwise happy to let Ira explain the situation. She nodded to her friends as they spoke of getting a room and sleeping. "I'll be sure to, see you folks in the morning." She then took Amy's hand, squeezing it in return. "Nice to meet you-" And then not a moment later, as the waiter brought them a pot of tea, the lights cut out. "Oh no." Aster hummed, standing up and knocking against the table; she wanted to draw her weapons, but they were both bent and not currently in her possession. She did however still have her lantern, so she pulled it out and sparked it to life and blinked until her eyes adjusted to the dark. "Someone keep an eye on the til, someone already inside might be trying to rob the place." Aster said, and though her voice was laced with exhaustion she still jumped into action despite it.
  5. Asphodel

    Seren Mirage

    A Lost Familiar Basic Information Name: Seren Mirage Nicknames/pseudonyms: N/A Title(s): Servant of the Avira Age: 10yrs Apparent Age: Mid to late teens Race: Appears harpy-like, but is technically a shapeshifter Gender: Genderqueer, uses he/him and they/them interchangeably Sexuality: Pansexual Marital Status: Unmarried Birthplace: Terrenus Alignment: Chaotic Good Physical and Appearance To clarify, Seren is a shapeshifter so a lot of these are more of... Rough estimates. Weight: Can go from 2 pounds to 140 pounds Height: Anywhere from 23" to 5'9ft Physique: Lithe and flighty in all forms, mildly feminine in humanoid form Eyes: Dark brown / near-black Hair: Shaggy black that covers his eyes when humanoid Complexion: Sickly pale Voice: Scratchy and deep Tattoos/markings: None Unique traits: In raven form he's completely normal and average. In humanoid form he can be distinguished with these traits: large, black feathery wings sprouting from his shoulderblades area and ending at his ankles. Bird-esq feet starting at the knee. Black feathers sprouting out of his chest, going down to his bellybutton. Typical Attire: Normally seen wearing the clothes of his missing master; light, warm shades are prominent as are yoga pants and intricate tops. Psychological Information Demeanor: Distant, Grumpy; Self-centered Strengths: Intelligent; Cunning; Determined Weaknesses: Emotionally closed off; Has difficulty accepting help; Cares little about rules or laws Quirks: Ruffles his wings when unnerved; Chirps when nervous; Clicks his tongue when thinking deeply Likes: Rain but not thunder or lightning; A warm, empty spot by a hearth; A long bath after a hard day Dislikes: People who ask too many questions; being contained/trapped in any way; Rumors and people who spread them Equipment Mundane: · Tinderbox · Waterskin full of clean, drinkable water · Crowbar · 5 days worth of traveling rations · A bag full of random women's clothes Weapons: · Duel pair of mundane iron sickles Other: · Small magical amulet that glows faintly when within 50ft proximity of Avira, and is continually warm so long as both of them live (It has a twin amulet attuned to Seren's presence, but it is not in his possession) · A note with the scrawled words "FIND SANCTUARY" Skills & Deficiencies Mundane: · + Skill – Identifying animal calls (particular bird songs); Skilled scratch-cook; Quick learner · - Deficiency – Unaccustomed to some human customs and instead supplements bird customs; Difficulty acknowledging the worth of others; Awful at haggling prices Combat: · + Advantage/Skill – Fast and battle-ready in any situation; Willing to forfeit morals in order to win; Can use shapeshifting while fighting to avoid blows, or move to a more advantageous position · - Deficiency – Low pain tolerance; Doesn't know when to stop; More willing to flee than fight Abilities Ability Class/Tree - Shapeshifter Capabilities: Seren can move between two distinct forms; his raven form, and his humanoid form. He can transform into other animals, but he'll appear as a mass of black feathers in the vague shape of said other animal instead of taking a proper form. · Active | Moving Between Forms – He can actively change forms, but the transformation usually takes around 6 seconds and is tiring. · Passive | Maintaining A Form – He can maintain whatever form he is currently in without effort exerted. Weaknesses: All injuries will be carried over; Can be trapped in cages too small for him to shift inside (ex: a heavy duty cage built for a raven he couldn't shift out of, since he'd just crush himself); Cannot transform into anything smaller than a raven. Miscellaneous: This power was gifted to him by a sorcerer who took pity on his hopeless search for his master. History Seren's story began ten years ago, when his egg was found and hatched by one Avira Iquora. She was a young apprentice wizard, and at the time had no plans except for helping little Seren survive until adulthood. And as he grew, she grew, and they found happiness in each other's presences. Things felt right to Seren, to spend his time and life with her, and Avira decided to keep him as a pet and eventually take him as her familiar. Things were good, and they stayed good for the next ten years as Avira continued to explore her magic and Seren stayed by her side faithfully. But one day, years after Avira had finished her apprenticeship and taken to a house in the wilderness to experiment with her magic, she decided to try something dangerous. She wanted to peek into one of the outer realms, and gather data to hopefully built a portal to these worlds of chaos so they could be harnessed for their magical essences and energy. Seren helped her draw up the spell in the middle of the swamplands that evening, but Avira sent him back to their home; she was scared his tinier, frailer body might get sucked into the portal and he'd be unable to do anything except get swept away. So Seren left, and waited. And waited. And then the night had passed and it was morning, and Avira still hadn't returned. So he flew out of their home and back to the site where they'd drawn the spell, and the clearing was scorched and destroyed. Avira was nowhere in sight, so Seren searched fearing what'd become of her. But his searching came up futile; she'd disappeared, leaving only unreadable notes and a destroyed patch of land. Seren's amulet was still warm though, so Avira couldn't have died. ...Well, most of the notes were unreadable. One had "FIND SANCTUARY" scrawled upon it, in shaky letters. Seren took the note, and took the message to heart. He returned home only to gather what he'd need, and began his journey to find Sanctuary and hopefully find Avira there.
  6. (Takes place a day after We Cannot Bear It Any Longer, Aster still has a room at the Tavern but this takes place away from the Tavern. Slightly liquid timed into the near future since I'm still actively participating in the TOL thread, and events from the TOL thread left purposefully vague. Please dm me first if you'd like to engage ICly in this topic, and just note that there's a high chance I'll say no since this is a Aster-specific development topic.) She'd woken up wishing she'd slept in. Aster could feel the bruises littering her body, and she sent a prayer it hadn't been worse. Her more serious wounds had been dressed, she'd gotten a new shirt since her old one was ruined, and she set out to buy some new daggers as her old ones had gotten bent in the bear's tough hide. It couldn't be too hard to find somebody selling some blades around here, especially with the amount of wandering adventurers that found themselves walking the road to the Tavern. But Aster only found the smell of death on the wind, and the quiet numbness that came from gazing over the burnt, ruined farmland. And yet still, she walked; the numbness creeping into her bones but she kept walking. The road was freezing and her hooves were bare against it, and she kept walking. She couldn't go back to the Tavern empty-handed; people were counting on her being able to handle herself if it came down to a fight. If she couldn't fight, then it'd be in her companions' best interest to leave her behind. She wouldn't be able to make any money to travel with, and she'd be forced to put down roots in whatever town she could with the meager savings she still had. She'd spend the rest of her twenties washing dishes at some dingy restaurant, fending off gross men and scraping by with no future in sight- Aster took a deep breath. The sharp, cold air was unpleasant and biting, but she found she didn't mind that right now; it was a good wake-up call. She'd been panicking, and there was no reason to panic yet. She'd figure out a way to get some new blades, and things would keep chugging along perfectly. She just needed to keep her head on right, and things would work out. And that's when Aster looked around, and realized she was lost. Trees loomed overhead, leaves rustling peacefully. "Oh no, this is just my luck." Aster groaned, turning around and looking for the path she'd been walking on just a few seconds ago; but she was only greeted by bushes, trees and shadowy undergrowth. It looked like miles and miles of forest, in all directions.
  7. "Huh, well sorry about you getting displaced. Valucre isn't the worst place to be though." Aster said, reaching over to pat the other woman on the shoulder in what she hoped was comforting. "I'm Aster, by the way." She added before turning her attention towards the armored stranger again, who had pulled up a chair to sit right by them. "It's no problem." Aster said, flicking one ear and giving him a tired but welcoming smile. "Oh, yeah, the bear. I guess it's kinda fascinating, smells awful though; be glad you didn't get too close." Aster chuckled in a strained manner, playing with one horn nervously. It'd take a bit of time before she'd be able to look back on that fight with any fondness, but she didn't blame anybody for being curious. "It roared loud enough to shake the ground."
  8. @The Courier @jaistlyn Aster flicked one ear, glancing up to see the stranger who'd been talking about poaching earlier. She arched her back and sat up, trying to be attentive but struggling a bit. "Rough.. Day and a half, really." Aster said, gratefully taking the offered tea and sipping on it. The flavor and warmth was welcome, and she had to stop herself from chugging the rest of it. She set it back and slid it back to the other woman, and she smiled thankfully at her. "That's really good; yeah, tea's not that available where I'm from either." Aster looked up at Fjorn as she finished speaking, and nodded enthusiastically. "I'd love a cup, if it's no trouble." And then her brain caught up with her tongue, and she looked back towards Amy - though she didn't know Amy's name yet - and pressed her ears back uncertainly. "Your world? Are you not from here?" @CelvestianNesy Aster turned as someone approached, and squeaked a bit in surprise at their intimidating, armored form. "Uh? Yessir?" Aster asked, not knowing how to react for a few moments. She eventually came to the conclusion that he was probably trying to join them for a meal or conversation, and gestured to one of the nearby empty chairs. "You're free to pull a chair up, if you'd like. More the merrier, just leave room for my friends when they arrive."
  9. @The Courier Aster wasn't quite sure how to respond to the comment about poaching. The faun stood awkwardly, and heaved a long sigh. She'd been fighting and traveling near-nonstop for over a day now, she didn't have the energy to deal with explaining the difference between a requested hunt and poaching. "If it were poached, we wouldn't have brought it back here." Aster said wearily, before heading outside with Vaddock to meet with her traveling companions. She could feel her energy dropping, and her ears drooped to exemplify this. @Greenmntman She smiled tiredly as she murmured a greeting to the two humans and vampire. She took the coin purse from Ira, glancing over at Quinn uncertainly; she could see the tension in Quinn's eyes. "Bye." Aster said, figuring she wouldn't get another chance to say so. She turned around and walked back in, heading towards whatever table was empty and had four seats. "Can I get some food and drink? Party of three, but I'll take an extra plate; it's been a long day." Aster called out, waving down the nearest of the waitstaff. "Something warm, please." She added, remembering Ira's request. The faun then laid her head on the table, and tried to stifle a yawn. There'd be plenty of time for licking wounds later, once food was gotten and- Oh jeez, what was Ira doing? He'd burst in and yelled about how a vampire had taken off with the bear. "But- oh, never mind." Aster started, and then thought better of it. If Ira wanted to lie about their deal with Quinn, she'd let him.
  10. @Greenmntman @DarkHorse @jaistlyn It took a while to bring the monster of a bear back to the tavern, and Aster was very glad she'd had the help of the two mercenaries and vampire in order to drag the beast back. Aster had explained on the way back that Vaddock had offered to skin the bear and make cloaks out of the fur for them, but she'd make sure he left the rest of the body mainly intact so Quinn could take it. "Excuse me? I don't think we can fit it through the doors, but we were successful Vaddock!" Aster said, peeking into the doorway of the tavern and waving. She saw plenty of unfamiliar faces, but the waitstaff were familiar at least. The faun's hooves shifted uncomfortably in the doorway, and she shouted out a quick, "We'll wait outside for you!" She headed outside to check on her companions, nervously glancing around the three others. They were all pretty banged up from the fight, and Aster was excited at the prospect of some rest.
  11. The faun flitted around for a few moments, noticing Quinn emerging from underneath the bear's belly and moving to help push the mass of fur off of the vampire, though she doubted she helped much in comparison to Quinn's otherworldly strength. She took a gulping breath, glancing towards Ira and pointing a tired, relieved smile at him. Ira was alive, Aidan was alive, Quinn was... Moving? All in all it was a rousing success. She plopped down onto the ground, chest heaving so much she didn't mind the freezing earth underneath her. "You want to move this thing tonight?" Aster couldn't help the words as they burst out, looking up at Ira incredulously. She opened her mouth to argue none of them were in the state to drag a giant bear back to town, and then closed it again when she remembered the situation with Quinn; they were technically on a time limit, it was possible they couldn't wait until morning to move it. "Okay, just give me a minute." Aster mumbled, brushing any stray hairs out of her face. She took a deep breath and stood up again, wobbling a bit on her hooves as she used the thought of a warm bed at the end of the night to keep her standing. "We might be able to lash together a sled to drag it, anybody got rope?" Aster questioned, heading back towards the beaver dam to examine the logs and branches knocked loose by the bear's earlier rampage.
  12. Aster yelped as the countdown in her head sunk lower and lower, until a sudden force hit the bear from the underside and caught the beast's attention, and it swiped downwards at whoever was clinging on from the bottom. Aster spared a glance down to see a disgusting, revolting river-monster with long, terrifying claws and predatory eyes digging into the bear's flesh and holding it steady. And then it shouted out with a familiar voice, and Aster didn't know if she should feel less scared to know it was Quinn grappling with the bear's underbelly. She let out a curse as the bear swung it's head, her dagger abandoned embedded in it's snout, smacking her own head and nearly throwing her off. All she could do was focus on clinging as suddenly the bear's attention turned to Aidan, and it let out one last roar before collapsing onto the ground. Aster slumped off of the bear, exhaustion feeling like fire in her muscles; the fight with the crows in the tavern earlier felt like a million years ago, even though she knew it'd only been that afternoon. She gulped in a breath and stumbled to her feet, before making her way unsteadily over to Aidan. "That was awesome Aidan. By all that's holy that thing was strong." Aster said breathily, pulling her daggers out of the bear's tough flesh and wincing as she saw both of them had been warped slightly. "Is everyone alright?" Aster questioned, glancing down at her ruined shirt and finally taking note of the potential concussion from when the bear had thrown her- wait, it hadn't just thrown her during the fight. "Where's Ira?"
  13. @Kairon @Greenmntman Starting Location: On the road, roughly 3 miles south from the Tavern of Legend Evening, about 6:30pm Evening was setting in, and the sky was a beautiful watercolor of fiery reds, yellows and purples. The dirt road was cold, near frozen under their feet as they walked; it was worn from use at least, and the ground wasn't torn up too much from passing horses or herded cattle. There was a wooded area in the distance, marking the edge of farmland and scorched battlefields. The smell of death on the air was noticeable, but not unbearable and luckily for the group the cold air was crisp, not muggy or charged with the indication of a storm. Aster Highglenn found herself in the company of three strange people she'd met and subsequently grouped up with back at the Tavern, and though she held some trust in their abilities she couldn't say she personally felt exactly safe around them. But she'd be spending the next day, or perhaps the next few days with them as they hunted this bear. Her stomach rumbled and the faun resisted a groan; the scratches on her face stung in the freezing air, and she'd even forgotten to eat before they left. She wasn't even buzzed enough to feel loose and confident. "Can we make camp soon? I see a wooded area up ahead, it might be a good spot to wait for the bear." Aster suggested, glancing back at the other three,
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