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  1. Aster flicked her ear, considering Ira's offer. She certainly wouldn't mind the company, plus he'd agreed with her hesitance in finding a husband so he got a few bonus points in her eyes. She reached out and grabbed her bowl, the stew still steaming but it smelled delicious, and listened as Aidan spoke. "I'm so sorry, that must've been tough; fighting at war for years on end." Aster commented softly. After a nervous chuckle, she continued. "I hope you two find what you're looking for- redhead or army. I'd be happy to travel with you until our paths diverge." She glanced at the pigs, scrunching her nose at the smell. She nodded at Aidan's suggestion. "That should work, I can lay a snare underneath it." Aster said, setting down her bowl - it was still a bit too hot for her to eat, anyways - and standing up. She headed over to one of the taller, sturdier trees and got to work; it'd been a while since she'd laid a hunting trap, but the learned motions came back to her quickly.
  2. Aster was thankful of the confirmation the marks had been left by a bear. She rubbed her arms and shivered, both out of fear and cold; certainly a bear with claws that big would be massive and terrifying. She was glad to have some experienced warriors alongside her at least, if she was alone she wasn't sure if she'd be able to take on such a beast. She headed back to the fire and sat down as Ira cooked, smiling as the fire sparked further to life. She glanced at Aidan, perking her ears up at his question. "My story? Well, there's not much to tell really. I grew up in a town called Hadleigh, and instead of sticking around and finding a husband when I finished school I decided to strike out on my own travel the world instead. I really want to see the ocean, and become a sailor; but I'm quite a ways off from that, so I freelance a bit to keep coin in my pockets." Aster explained, wringing her hands. "What're you two doing around here? I heard bits and pieces back at the tavern, but back there it was a bit too hectic to sit down and listen for long." She asked, flicking one ear.
  3. Aster hummed as she glanced around the campsite; the sound of the brook was calming, and the faun took a moment to stand and breath in the cool air with her velvety ears pressed back against her head. She was still a bit tense and it was cold, but the idea of a warm fire and food spurred her on. "Sure! Let's go, Carver." Aster said, heading over to start collecting some kindling for the fire. She took out one of her daggers and hacked away at a dead sapling, chopping up some slivers and logs before stripping the moss off another tree for proper kindling. Walking back, she cleared a spot and started trying to light the fire. She glanced over at Aidan and Ira, surprise lighting her features at the bounty of food laid out before them; she supposed it wasn't much for a party of four, but the faun was still drooling over the prospect of having a nice meal. "We should fry the salmon. Does anybody have a pot? We could boil some of the vegetables too, if we've got a pot." Aster suggested. She pulled out her bag; it wasn't a magic one, so she could only fit a few items inside, but she quickly pulled out her oil lantern which thankfully came with a flint chip which she then used to spark against the rocks and light the fire. "Ahh, warmth." Aster sighed, holding her hands over the slowly growing fire before feeding some of the slivers and logs into it. She looked around, the fire casting light over otherwise shadowed corners of the woods, and nearly jumped with surprise when she noticed a tree with long claw marks cut into its bark. "Uh? Anybody else seeing this, or is it a trick of the light?" Aster asked, standing up and trotting to the tree. She laid one hand on the marks, frowning. Whatever made the marks had been able to cut frighteningly deep into the wood.
  4. @Kairon @Greenmntman Starting Location: On the road, roughly 3 miles south from the Tavern of Legend Evening, about 6:30pm Evening was setting in, and the sky was a beautiful watercolor of fiery reds, yellows and purples. The dirt road was cold, near frozen under their feet as they walked; it was worn from use at least, and the ground wasn't torn up too much from passing horses or herded cattle. There was a wooded area in the distance, marking the edge of farmland and scorched battlefields. The smell of death on the air was noticeable, but not unbearable and luckily for the group the cold air was crisp, not muggy or charged with the indication of a storm. Aster Highglenn found herself in the company of three strange people she'd met and subsequently grouped up with back at the Tavern, and though she held some trust in their abilities she couldn't say she personally felt exactly safe around them. But she'd be spending the next day, or perhaps the next few days with them as they hunted this bear. Her stomach rumbled and the faun resisted a groan; the scratches on her face stung in the freezing air, and she'd even forgotten to eat before they left. She wasn't even buzzed enough to feel loose and confident. "Can we make camp soon? I see a wooded area up ahead, it might be a good spot to wait for the bear." Aster suggested, glancing back at the other three,
  5. @Kairon @Greenmntman I'm going to go ahead and make the bear quest thread; I'll tag you both in it once it's finished.
  6. "I can't imagine the information would be worth very much, and I'd like to think I'm a good enough person to not let you two shake down this poor man." Aster butted in; she was starting to rethink her assessment of Aidan and Ira, now knowing they chased gold more than justice or even glory. "I can try to answer any questions you've got, but first things first I'd like to get back inside; I'm freezing my hooves off." The faun tried to lighten the mood a bit, though her statement was also true; she couldn't exactly wear shoes, so she was barefoot in the snow.
  7. @MichaelTheLightBringer´╗┐ As a btw, I'm going to wait for some of the others before responding again; I don't want to flood anybody
  8. Aster moved her hands down to her daggers as the man took a fighting stance, but didn't draw them; the stranger looked scared and confused, not malicious. "My name's Aster Highglenn, we're just here to investigate why we heard shouting back here," Aster said, raising her hands palms-out to try to indicate she wasn't going to hurt him. "You're out behind the Tavern of Legend." Aster explained, though she wasn't sure what continent they were on specifically so she decided to not mention that. "Who are you anyways? Are you hurt?"
  9. Aster perked up, noticing two people she'd seen earlier before the fight. One of them looked a bit roughed up, but neither seemed to be in critical condition thankfully. "Agreed, the more the merrier. I don't think I caught either of your names?" Aster questioned, before hearing the shouts outside and jumping to her feet. "Of course, I'll go help look." Aster responded to Vaddock's request, glancing at the others questioningly before running out of the tavern and heading around towards the back alongside Markus. She was worried they were charging into another fight, but she trusted Markus's abilities; even if he did have an odd supernatural feel about him. The faun slowed her pace as she turned the corner and saw the strange man. Even if his muttering hadn't given him away, his strange attire would've; he looked like a warrior, with his shield and strange armor. "Oh- oh, mister it's alright! Are you okay? We heard shouting." Aster questioned.
  10. Aster glanced at Carver uncertainly. She was glad he was trying to put his bloodlust to good use, at least; though she would definitely need to be cautious around him. She turned back to Vaddock and listened to him speak as she sipped her ale. Sounded like a good opportunity, and some cloaks enchanted against the cold would be wonderful; she hated the cold. "That sounds like a good use of our time to me, Carver. I'll come along with you- I wouldn't want you to get caught by that sort of beast alone." Aster said, turning back to Carver as she addressed him. Despite his clear madness, she wouldn't wish for him to get hurt at the claws of that beast.
  11. Aster tilted her head at his explanation; Snow? Well, it explained why it tasted so stinging and cold. Still, it was refreshing nonetheless. "I didn't anticipate you'd give me something weirder than- well, snow." Aster said as they walked to the bar. "It's a smart idea, that's for certain." She turned her attention to the bartender as he greeted them. "It's alright, no complaints here. I'll have a drink." Aster asked, taking a seat at the bar and offering the stool beside her to Carver. "Bears? That sounds a bit more serious than- well, some mercenary birds." Aster said, envisioning a roaming pack of feral bears on the loose across the countryside; she was glad she didn't run into them while traveling.
  12. Aster glanced at Carver's feet when he mentioned how cold he was, choosing to pointedly not think too much about the other words he spoke. His feet did indeed seem like they were freezing, and Aster frowned; she wished she could help with that, but she didn't have any socks or shoes to lend. Plus no magic, which- maybe she'd develop some magic someday, hopefully. "Uhm- Okay, I'll have a bit." Aster took the offered flask and sipped, ears twitching as the flavor hit her tongue. She quickly handed it back. "Thank you, but I think I'd honestly like some alcohol right now. I wonder if the bar's still open?" Aster thought out loud, quickly turning to search for it. It looked like it wasn't in pieces, so she'd take her chances and head over there but not before turning back to Carver and stating. "We can keep talking over there, if you'd like?"
  13. Sweet, thanks for the patience, bit of a busy day on my end lol. I'll have Aster approach Vaddock in my next post, feel free to have Carver follow her
  14. Okay then, sounds good on all fronts. Kairon, is it alright if we start this a bit later today?
  15. @Kairon According to the bulletin board the prompt is available again, since it's gone more than a week without any replies At least I'm pretty sure how that works? @jaistlyn Oh okay, thank you! oops, got ninja'd a bit
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