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    Writing fiction, drawing, playing video games (Some of my favorites are Ark: Survival Evolved; Starbound; Stardew Valley; Cities Skylines)

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  1. This maybe isn't the right place for it but between computer troubles, responsibilities on another RP site plus interpersonal relationship problems meant I haven't been nearly as uppity and active on here as I'd like. So to those who rp with me or might be waiting for me, feel free to go ahead with whatever we planned and msg me with the link to wherever I need to show up.

    I'll most likely be on a 1-2 posts per week schedule for a bit. So yeah, apologies to everybody who's relying on my consistent activity; I promise my rocky times won't last forever and I'll be back to my normal levels of activity hopefully in the nearish future.

    1. Fierach


      Good luck to you stranger.

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