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    Writing fiction, drawing, playing video games (Some of my favorites are Ark: Survival Evolved; Starbound; Stardew Valley; Cities Skylines)

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About Me

Hi, I'm Asphodel! Welcome to my incredibly tiny corner of Valucre.

Current music fixations: Au/Ra; Tally Hall; Mother Mother; Half Alive; Cosmo Sheldrake

Current media fixations: LA by Night; Ginger Orphan Playhouse; Neoscum; Wolf 359


I match posts (ex: if you write 3+ paragraphs, I'm more inclined to write 3+ paragraphs) to keep in my roleplaying partners' comfort zone. I try to have a mix of action and inner thought in my posts, sometimes leaning more heavily on inner thought but I try to course-correct myself and make sure to give people stuff to respond to.

I'm pretty down for any setting / genre, though some of my favorites are: Cyberpunk; High fantasy; Political intrigue / drama (more inclined to political drama seen through an individual's perspective but open for more overarching storylines); Lighthearted comedy-based fantasy (think first season of TAZ)


I currently play Aster Ghyle Highglenn, a faun woman who spends most of her time traveling, with any downtime spent adventuring. If I had to put her level on a scale from 1-20, she'd be level 1 right now.

I have no other official characters yet, but I've got a few in the woodworks! Feel free to ask me about creating a character, if you need an extra hand on deck for a storyline and would like a character created more specifically for your setting.


Feel free to message me about plotting roleplays or just chatting.

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