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  1. Looking at the people Carver heard want to join them, he had a giant grin that went from ear to ear. "The more the merrier! We could even make it a party!" He starts singing "bear killing party" and doing the air drums with his fingers. After he did a sufficient amount of air drums, he turned back to the bartender and asked, "Where are we supposed to find the bear anyways? We cant just look around the forest until we stumble upon it, otherwise we'd probably get mauled."
  2. Carver sits down at the stool, thanking Aster, and turns to the bartender "Thank you, but I don't drink. I'm actually kind of sad that I missed the fight, it's been a few days since I killed something. Hmm, are the bears dangerous or have they been hurting people, because this seems like to perfect opportunity to have some bloodshed." He half-insane grin appeared on Carver's face, excited that he might finally get some action.
  3. Whoops, sorry. Won't happen again.
  4. Carver looks half surprised, like he wasn't actually expecting Aster to drink it. "You actually drank it? Usually people give me weird glances whenever I offer them some and walk away. It seemed as if you liked it too, which surprised me, since people usually dont like the taste of snow. In my opinion, it is quite useful when you cant get water anywhere and have a long trip." Noticing Aster surprised face he adds, "oh, dont worry, I only use snow that is under the top layer, that way it is clean. Anyways, I would be happy to continue our conversation at the bar." He follows behind Aster as they walk towards the bar.
  5. Yup, that's fine to start it later.
  6. So we just go to the tavern and talk to the quest giver to get the quest?
  7. Oh, okay then, I would probably like to try it out, if at least for the experience.
  8. Or maybe I just dont know how quests work (which is probably more likely)
  9. What is the "I cannot bear it any longer" quest about, it seems to have been going on for a while, having 30 replies and all and I wouldn't just want to interject myself in their and be like "hey guys, I'm here now," ya know?
  10. He either completely ignored, or did not notice how uncomfortable Aster was and instead continued talking. "Well, as I said, it has been a while since something died, so maybe I should take up a quest and see what that's about, but right now, I'm still a bit cold," he points at his feet, which look like they are about to fall off and die from the cold. He then takes a sip from a flask, and then offers Aster some, "you want some, and dont worry, it's not alchohol."
  11. I guess I could try to do that.
  12. Carver extends his hand towards Aster to shake it, "I'm just sad I got to miss the fight, it's been a few days since sufficient blood was shed." As he's speaking, Aster notices that he has an odd look in his eyes, on that seems to hint that he is not quite all right in the head. "Well, since this is the Tavern of Legend and all, there must be something to do here, I'm bored out of my mind. Would you mind telling me of anything interesting I could partake in?
  13. Amon sees Aster wave at him and he waves back. After finishing talking to Solomon, he gets up from his chair and walks over to Aster. "Hello, I'm Amon, but call me Carver, Mad Carver, if you will. Anyways, I noticed you waving at me and I saw the scratches on your body, so I would like to know why this giant fight started. Do you have any information?"
  14. Amon turns around in his seat to face Solomon. "It seems quite odd for people to just attack a random building, but then again, I cant say anything about others being odd." He laughs to himself and takes another sip from his flask. After hearing that Solomon doesnt want anything from his flask, Amon responds with, "What? Oh, you think its alcohol. Well, just for the record, its snow, not alchohol. So disgusting, alchohol is. Anyways, I dont think that we've been formally introduced, I'm Amon Carver, but people usually call me Mad Carver." He puts out his hand as a non-threatening gesture and waits.
  15. Hoot have thought making bird puns would be easy?
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