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    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Thanks, I appreciate it.
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    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Perfect. xD I'll work on it tomorrow, and should have it up the day after. Much of my time is consumed by looking for a place and work.
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    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Give me a break down of what's happened exactly. Haven't had much chance to read anything today.
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    Lilith Brings War to Nu Martyr

    I know what it means to be king. To be the song everyone wants to sing.
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  6. Nu Martyr Palace, Study Hall The thing about dogs, is their straightforward childlike innocence and cruelty. They let you know they were near, and struck in the most obvious of manners. The young Emperor was not so naïve to do so. It was much more fun to do things in a way that he often preferred. One might liken him to a lion at times, regal and proud, striking swiftly with a plan, stalking the prey before striking at the most opportune moment. Others called him a poisonous serpent, laying in wait at the foot of those too proud to even look down at him, striking with quickness and poison fang. For now, it was best to let them assume his challenge was but the empty and fearful barking of a chained dog. It was more advantageous to him. His steps were even as he weaved his way through the PRIME’s palace halls, looking every bit as though he were the ruler and not Ardon Dallas. His face held a calm, almost eerie smile that seemed entirely out of place amidst the tension. Considering the events of the Harrowing, low class shambling corpses and liches held little with which to unnerve and impress him. Demons, Alhoons, and beings of raw madness and the stuff of demented dreams. He had seen these things and more, spending ten years of his youth learning to fight them, turning his hatred of them into an unshakable mental willpower that even defied the Dark Gods. Perhaps that in itself was already madness. He chuckled at the thought, unnerving those around him even more. That would be the greatest irony, he thought. Saved by his own madness, sparing himself of the horrid insanity of eldritch nightmare. Even amidst these thoughts, he too considered why this crown was so important. To him, regardless of its power; he saw this as an unnecessary expense of lives. The souls of the innocent lost, their bodies used as tools for the bitch that sought her petty little trinket. His face twisted, a scowl ruining his handsome face with anger. While he didn't much care for Renovatian lives, it was a principle matter to him. It irked him greatly. He paused outside the study, the target of his destination; and smoothed his features once more into that eerily calm smile. All the while he listened as Tenkai, a man he had grown mildly familiar with during the latter events of the Harrowing. It was a good plan, and the expected question was asked. Just what was this crown, and what was its power to draw these dregs of the world here and unleashing their own twisted savagery? He certainly had a good idea of his own. A crown was a symbol of authority, designating the position of a ruler. No doubt its power was based on this concept. The power to make others kneel? To control them in totality? No matter, it was better to destroy it. To pull it forever from the reach of Lilith. Now the look on her face would truly be a sight to behold. “I agree with a proactive plan.” He said as he entered the room, causing a mild disruption. “We can’t fight a war of attrition against this specific kind of filth. Doing so would only be to their advantage and add more to their armies over time.” He said, taking a spot beside the Order’s Knight. Though this was a risky plan in itself, it was better than the alternative. “Though I doubt Lilith will remain amongst her main forces once you mobilize. She’ll come for him directly at that point. Though destroying her Paragons would well be worth it.” He said, his calm smile a contrast to the violent promise in his words. He nodded his head in greeting, offering only the minimal amount of courtesy to those below his station. “So, how about we set a trap? We know her target, this means we can manipulate her to move as we wish.” His smile threatened to widen as he spread his hands open before him. “As Buddha holds the world in his palm, so too shall we hold her, no?” He said, flashing the warrior monk and look and clenching his metal clad hands into a fist. “The question is, how best to implement this with minimal risk of her taking the crown.” He added, looking at them all. “Personally I would destroy it and supplement it with a fake, so that win or lose the battle, we win the war.” He chuckled. “Though I suppose that’s not an option, hm?” His gaze settled on Ardon Dallas, a coldness to the monochrome light within his pupils. @Tenkai Matsumoto @Ataraxy
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    Lilith Brings War to Nu Martyr

    I'm preparing the bai-I mean PRIME. 👀
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    General chat thread

    Saw this, had to share
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    Kadian Military

    Updates soon.
  10. Harrowing post tomorrow, haven't been getting enough sleep. Possibly new Relics for Kadia and the Imperial South.

  11. Connor's a pretty boi. Everyone should see him as a reaction, especially as a sarcastic wow. Js.
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    Genesaris AMA.

    You 'member the relic audit? Pepperidge Farm 'members.
  13. Connor stood on the palace balcony with one arm folded behind his back, verdant eyes watching the dark and unnatural cloud sweep its way across the sky--blotting out the sun like the ill omen it truly was. “Hahaha! A skull? Nice touch.” He said his voice holding amusement, despite that the PRIME and his little trinket were in danger. “All of this, over a petty crown to rule the masses, hm?” He mused aloud, he found it almost comical. Though he was not afraid to use his own trinkets, something like that crown spoke a lot about the leadership abilities of the PRIME and those who have come to take it from him. They lacked natural charisma. “The crescent moon, eh?” He said, meeting those eyes with his own. “I suppose what will be coming next is shock and awe, no?” As if to prove his words correct, black streaks of unnatural smoke descended upon Keto. “Shame that they landed there, they could have done more damage landing in the center. Suppose their confident enough to work their way here.” He thought for a moment, before chuckling in the face of their displays or necromantic energy, taking the lives of hundreds, if not thousands. “Ah yes, there she is. The shock and awe.” He said with a clap of his metal clad hands. He wore his full regalia the Odysséas Light Frame armor, striking a glinting silver figure, monochrome light chasing along the myriad of High Kadic text that was engraved into the metal. Two rings of great power occupied his index and middle fingers. Ring of the Alchemist, and Ring of the Saint Prince. His long black hair had been pulled back and high into a bun, his face free of the metal helm, so that he might taste the breeze against his skin. He finished off the glass of wine in his hand. Despite the death and despair already filling the city, he seemed largely unconcerned. Certainly they were the people of his ally, yet they were not his people. His interests here were political, to maintain the trust between Kadia and Renovatio. It could be said he was, by far; more pragmatic than even his father. “The Cult of Power, hm?” He asked aloud, tossing the glass from the balcony. “Whose power, I wonder. We should test these...Paragons. Lets see if it is their own or borrowed power.” His tone became amused, though his expression darkened shortly after. “All of this over some crown, politician for his people, feh.” He said, though it was true his was not overly concerned for the lives of Renovatians, he was disappointed in the PRIME called Ardon Dallas. He shook his head, it was best simply to focus on his job, making sure things didn’t get too out of hand. Well, at least he’d make the attempt, he wasn’t going to risk his life overmuch for something and someone replaceable. As he was about to turn away, he felt a powerful gaze from the epicenter of destruction in Keto. He shot his own gaze, full of amusement and perhaps even pity; out into Keto. Such a gaze, though holding no animosity; whispered of the primeval fear deep within the non-human and unnatural. For Anathema stood unconcerned in the face of such things. “The bait is ready, lets see which one of you lot nibble first, yes?’ He said, chuckling as he stepped back into the palace. “Let’s go see how the worm on the hook is doing. Perhaps cast a few nets about him, hm?” He stepped with grace and purpose, smoothing his amused expression into one of seriousness. Besides, if he didn’t at least make a show, his mother might be hurt that her own son would not at least make an effort.
  14. Alexei

    What’s the meaning of your character’s name?

    Corvinus is latin for Raven or Little Raven depending on how you want to interpret the word. I based him off of Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary and Croatia. Connor was Karina's choice, and knowing how she loves Assassin's Creed its obvious. In Irish Gaelic it means "lover of hounds" and in Scottish Gaelic wise. At least what I could find in a google search.