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  1. A ship cut through the southwestern waters off the coast of Corinth, its speed as impressive as its elegant motions on the waves. It was of a sleek design, small enough to be quick and maneuverable, yet large enough to carry crew and supplies enough for long voyages. The designs of its sails and hull were clearly foreign to Terrenus, and those with a wider area of knowledge beyond that particular continent; even more unfamiliar. As if to add to that, designs and runic symbols of a language unknown﹘otherworldly even﹘design decorated the sails and hull in patterns that had clear meaning. There was unmistakable magic in the ship. A tall and lean figure stood on the deck at the bow of the ship, long silver hair pulled back into a ponytail. His features were sharp and indisputably beautiful, his long pointed ears marking him for one of the elfkin. Golden skin set him apart from his similar but distant cousins that populated Valucre, holding an almost metallic quality to it. Clear blue eyes stared across the waters, sharp enough to see across the waves and spray to see the port that was their destination. He smiled brightly, with an unerring confidence of one of his kind could display. “Captain Findruil!” He called, his voice cutting through the air. “Port Moon is in view, make way, I am eager to meet these Mythal.” He said, turning and stepping across the deck. He wore a mixture of red robes gilded in gold, and silveril plate. A combination that would make one think of a caster and warrior combined, which he had heard from his friends in Kadia was not as rare an occurrence here than his own homeworld. It was intriguing but he paid it little mind, such was to be expected. His right hand rested on the artisan silveril hilt of his sheathed blade. The ship adjusted its course, threading its way towards the Mythal port, catching the wind and cutting the distance more quickly than before. Only when they had neared enough to coast did the captain order the sails to be lowered as the approached the docks of Port Moon. The long and sleek ship coasted smoothly alongside the docks, slowing to a stop in a precise manner that only ones who have sailed for centuries could possess. Once moored they lowered the gangplank, allowing Aolis and his guards to disembark. @Aleksei
  2. Slabs of metal beaten into a useful shape.
  3. This. Though I will add that my goal is to keep my little subboard Kadia going, where my concepts can exist, thrive, be free of any whims but my own, and above all; be enjoyed and used by others. High Elves will be finished soon, btw.
  4. Asher had never seen a town so unnaturally quiet, so devoid of life. Not even the sounds of animals could be found, causing the young prince to frown. He stood in the foyer of a large, if modest; home. Dust lay thick, the signs of violence evident from the overturned furniture, blood spatter, and even the scars of axe and sword in the plaster of the walls. What was missing were the bodies, none of the adults, and even more disconcerting; the children could be found. Alive or otherwise. It was obvious that whoever, or whatever; had done this had no intention of leaving much evidence behind. Aside from the obvious. Not even pets, like dogs or cats remained. It was clear that the intent was to clear out the entire village, no survivors. He tapped his chin with a metal-clad finger, thinking despite the uncomfortable dead silence that seemed to ring louder than any battle. Opal eyes shifted around the room, he traced the gouges and cuts in the walls with his fingers, as if attempting to elicit some hidden secrets. “This all is giving me a bad feeling, this wasn’t just some raid by brigands.” He muttered, though that was clearly obvious. It was frustrating, wanting more information but knowing that none of it would be good. Roen’s voice broke the silence as it came in over the device, breaking Asher from his dark thoughts. “No, which is stra-.” He was cut off by Elisha’s voice. By her tone, there was no doubt that what she found was a confirmation of what he feared, and knew; to be true. “On my way.” Was all he said, giving one last glance around the home, his face grim. He turned and exited out of the broken doorway. Many of the other homes were in equal states of destruction. Some less so, others merely blackened ruins with only a portion of the frames still intact. Its a wonder the fires hadn’t spread. It was a darkly humorous kind of luck, he thought. That the town survived though its inhabitants had not. Armored footsteps moved swiftly as he made his way to Elisha’s location. When he found her, curled in a ball on the floor by a pool of dried blood he grimaced. “Elisha, what happened? Are you alright?” He asked, worry sank into his words as he knelt down next to her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. “What did the blood tell you?” He asked, knowing well enough of her abilities by now.
  5. Posts tomorrow. Second shift was chaotic, with a pump breaking down, and then my register freezing and getting stuck in a boot loop. 

  6. Made my first, if modest; donation to valucre.

  7. Change in schedule. I will have to write posts Friday and Saturday because I'll be working Thursday night instead of in the afternoon.

  8. I will work a bit on Sylvania's lore Wednesday and pick at posts. If I do not finish them, I will do so Friday and Saturday. Any I do owe posts to please DM me on Discord or Valucre to remind me.

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  9. Rise of the Phoenix-King Current Threads: Finished Threads:
  10. Notes House Sylvanus: One of the oldest noble houses of Sylvania, its history stretching many millennia when the first High Elves walked their homeworld, and produced the first Phoenix-King. It holds the strongest military might of all the noble houses as it produces powerful mages, graceful swordsman, and above all; the rare Knight-Enchanter. It's coat of arms is a red Phoenix on a field of gold, a stylized crown gripped in its talons. While the Sylvanus house has not occupied the Phoenix Throne in some time, its young and ambitious Prince, Aolis seeks to do so. High Elves: Known as the Sylvus in their ancient tongue, are one of the eldest races of their world, before being swept to Valucre in the Harrowing. All Elves are fair to behold and of them all the Sylvanian High Elves are the most handsome. High Elves are pale-skinned with refined, aesthetically beautiful features and hair as clean and fine as flax. High Elves are tall and proud in their bearing, indeed it is not uncommon for an Elf to stand a whole head taller than a man. They have a slim build, which has led to the common misconception that Elves are weak or fragile. In fact, the opposite is true, for Elves are surprisingly strong (+2), and though they are not as robust as the races of Orcs or Dwarfs (+1), they more than compensate for that with their dexterity and amazing agility (+3). It is to be noted that High Elves can live, barring violent death; thousands of years. Knight-Enchanter: Knight-Enchanters are elite High Elven champions of Sylvania. The formal name of their techniques is Dirth'ena Enasalin, knowledge that led to victory. Mages who eschewed physical confrontation called it Ghilan'him Banal'vhen, the path that leads astray. Mages who focused solely on the Winds of Magic might sneer at their physicality but do not doubt their honor. They are the willing embodiment of will made manifest - mind shaping the body into the perfect weapon. Armor of Asrius Sylvanus: Armor of the first Phoenix-King, enchanted to resist physical attacks by +3 and magical attacks by +2, while granting its wearer increased physical abilities by +1. Spirit Blade: The Knight-Enchanter creates a blade of solid magic through a hilt shaped foci to make melee attacks against nearby enemies. Dealing damage with other abilities charges the blade with a max charge of +3. Attacking expends this charge to deal additional +3 magical and physical damage against the target. Elemental effects, which occurs in tandem with each strike; are determined by which Wind of Magic is focused into a blade. Winds of Magic: The Winds of Magic, called the Aethyr in Sylvarin or simply just Magic is the name given by magic users to the invisible currents of magical energy which flow across the world. This ancient, inter-dimensional force is a form of harnessable, emotionally-inflected energy that can be used to manipulate powers beyond those present in the natural world. The influence of the Winds of Magic upon the world is often bizarre, unforeseen, and random, just as the world affects it in bizarre, unforeseen, and random ways. It can be said with a degree of certainty that magic will always change elements of the mortal realms that it comes into contact with, but it is difficult to anticipate what form this change will take. Magic bends and unbinds the physical laws of the mortal plane and can remake all things into things and processes that otherwise could not exist. High Magic: High Magic, also called True Magic, is the art of using all of the Winds of Magic in harmony and unison, creating some of the most powerful spells known to mortal-kind. Exclusive to High Elves, and Wood Elves, spells from High Magic are powerful, beyond the ken of Human minds and ability. The reason is because High Elves are better suited to sensing the ebb and flow of the Winds of Magic better than any other race, anticipating dangerous changes before they occur.
  11. Endgame was really awesome.

  12. The Ilse of Sylvania, also known as the Realm of Crowns; is the ancestral home of the Sylvanian High Elves and a land birthed from a foreign world. Sylvania forms a hollow ring of land floating in the sea, surrounding an inner sea. This inner sea is accessible only at the Straits of Sylvus, in the south of the island. Sylvania is split up into provinces, each with its own character and ways of waging war. Sylvania was shattered in the Harrowing brought about by their corrupted kin, the Dark Elves; and much of its North and Western coasts now lie underwater. The eastern approaches are protected by the Shifting Isles, a treacherous maze of magical mists and moving sandbanks. It is a land on powerful magics, political intrigue and deep history extending far beyond the firmament of Valucre. It’s people are noble and graceful beyond imagination. Regal and noble beyond mortal ken. Possessing a culture and knowledge that make them wholly unique to Valucre, and even their elven cousins that are native to this world. Warriors are skilled and gracefully artistic, the mages are masters of their craft and possess a depth of knowledge of the lore centered around the Winds of Magic. Home Sylvania is a mysterious and mist shrouded Island, where few but highly respected mortals have set foot on. These magical mists conceal the true nature and size of this seemingly small island, as they are the leftover, but constant effect of the Sundering, or what the Kadians call the Harrowing. In truth it is the size of a small continent one past the mists, but such a truth only becomes evident after traversing the vast island continent. It is only natural that the Winds of Magic blow stronger here, matched only by a few other locations on Valucre, perhaps. The Island is protected the magical mists that distort its true size in the material world, and the Shifting Island that make uninvited sea travel treacherous, and attempts to map paths impossible. Only the High Elves seem to be able to predict their movements, and sail safely to and from their home. A vast range of mountains, that would impress even nations like Renovatio; circle the island like a protective wall. Making attempts of invasion, should a landing from sea be successful; an incredibly difficult task to complete. Many great forests, ancient and emerald, standing at awe inspiring heights; cover much of the Island. Their depths so old too, that they are not without their dangers to the High Elves that are native to it. So old indeed, that the trees in their depths have grown twisted and great beasts stock beneath the shadowed boughs. Only the Everqueens is truly at home here, despite the dangers, he intimate connection with the Island offering her greater insight into circumventing such dangers. The Island is home to many flora and fauna, much of which is not native to Valucre, one such example is the Silverwood Tree, whole flowers produce a pollen that when taken by elves, enhances their fertility. Such trees are guarded closely by the HIgh Elves, especially against their twisted and sadistic kin, the Dark Elves. Many venture here to discover what this new addition to Valucre may possess. Striving greatly to gain permission to set foot on the wondrous Island, some risk their lives to do so. The Island is home to thirteen kingdoms, under the rule of thirteen cities, with four major cities under the direct rule of the four major houses, all with three orbital houses; save for the Everqueen’s. They each possess similar if distinct cultures and focuses, and even their own methods of fighting. And though three of the Houses compete for the Phoenix Throne, they will band together in times of great need or peril, showing unity one might not expect or understand in lieu of the politics that abound. Culture To most outsiders, the High Elves can be describe in many different ways; subtle, elegant, graceful, cunning but perhaps above all, arrogant. Elven minds are subtle and clever, possessing an intensity and depth of insight that lies far beyond the ability of other creatures — a single word or gesture, however small, conveys a wealth of information to an attentive Elf. It is said, of the High Elves in particular, that their minds are their finest weapons. This is certainly true, but they are dangerous weapons indeed, and can require a lifetime to safely master. Unless he knows discipline, a High Elf's interests can quickly become obsessions — and set his feet on a path that will ultimately see his soul delivered to a thirsting god. Due to this, Sylvania's society has become tightly structured, rigidly bound by convention and precedent, ritual and ceremony. For a High Elf to behave out of keeping with tradition is considered a truly shameful matter, able to break the power of a family overnight if proven before the Phoenix Court. Thus, its mere implication is one of the chief gambits in Sylvania's interminable politics. On the battlefield, it is the combined alacrity of mind and body that makes each Elf so deadly an opponent. His mind is keen enough to read an opponent's intent in the slightest shift of stance, and his body swift enough to deliver a lethal counterblow a heartbeat thereafter. There is no weapon nor form of fighting an Elf cannot master and, even untrained, his skills are formidable. Once properly tutored in his chosen way of war an Elf soldier is lethal grace given form, able to match a hero of lesser blood blow for blow. Yet it is perhaps the arrogance and pride of the High Elves which can be considered their most defining trait. Almost every High Elf, from the humblest lowborn to the most esteem Lord, will always reserve a bit of self-satisfaction in his own superiority, especially to what the High Elves consider the "lesser races" of Mankind. This arrogance is in many ways the corrupted heart of High Elven society. For the High Elves, long hair is a symbol of strength, power and nobility -- the clearest token of a real warrior. Just as the Dwarves find great significance in their beards, so too do the High Elves hold their hair in high esteem. Because of this, locks of hair are also important talismans for the Elves. This ancient custom stems from the greatest heroes of Elven legend, who have always been depicted with long flowing hair, and it is said that it is from here that their might springs. All High Elves decorate their hair with combs made of silver or gold, and embellished with bright gems. Each jewel has a different meaning, and reflects the Elf's role in his family, his rank in battle, or can even be a token of favour granted by a betrothed. Infrastructure Sylvania is ruled by a collection of four major Houses and nine orbital Houses, above whom preside the Phoenix-King and the Everqueen, Each with their own kingdoms. The relationship between these rulers is not as simple as the titles would suggest. The kingship is elective while the queenship is hereditary, and both monarchs maintain entirely separate courts. The Everqueen is always the Queen of ???. Her realm is the site of the principal shrine of the Earth Mother, and she is regarded as the spiritual leader of the whole Elven realm. The position of Everqueen is always taken up by the firstborn daughter of the previous queen, conceived during her year-long ritual marriage to the Phoenix King. After this formal marriage, they are free to take new consorts, but only the daughter conceived from the marriage of the Phoenix King and the Everqueen can be the new Everqueen. Hence the Queens of ??? have always been the Everqueens of Sylvania, forming an unbroken chain from ages past. By contrast, the Phoenix-King is chosen from among the princes of Sylvania, one year after the death of the previous incumbent. Each is crowned during a holy ceremony, held at the massive pyramidal Shrine of Sylvan and attended by the legions of the Phoenix Guard and the princes of Sylvania. The process of choosing the new Phoenix King is rife with intrigue. Emotions often run hot during this fraught and delicate event. Traditionally, the last thirty days of the year of mourning are set aside for the election to take place; however, in practice the debate starts much sooner than that. Often, the politicking starts long before the reigning Phoenix-King has died. High Elves love intrigue, and never is the prize greater than when a new Phoenix-King is chosen. The grandest of Sylvania’'s noble families each look for their candidate to be chosen, and they vie for the support of their peers for their choice. Further to this, each realm in Sylvania desires the new Phoenix King to be chosen from their land. So it is that rivalries are set aside — or created — to ensure that the agendas of the noble houses are met. For all the deception, manipulation, and chicanery employed during the election process, it is almost unheard of for the tactics employed to escalate to violence or outright sabotage. Such actions are considered heretical, for the Phoenix-King is the anointed servant of Sylvan. Few high elf nobles are so consumed with victory that they could believe, even for a moment, that the Creator God would ever approve of a king selected by the ruling council under such dubious and destructive circumstances. · · Houses Everqueen’s House - Name Pending (Claimed by Aleksei) SylvanusHouse of War & Magic - (Claimed by Alexei) ??? - (Unclaimed) ??? - (Unclaimed) ??? - (Unclaimed) ??? House of Merchants and Navy - (Unclaimed) ??? - (Unclaimed) ??? - (Unclaimed) ??? - (Unclaimed) ??? House of Blacksmiths & Craftsmen - (Unclaimed) ??? - (Unclaimed) ??? - (Unclaimed) ??? - (Unclaimed) Economy
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