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  1. Alexei

    General chat thread

    You'll get used to it.
  2. Alexei

    Character Music Thread (again?)

    Connor's Entrance - Connor's Combat Theme -
  3. Alexei

    Valucre music thread

  4. Alexei

    The Official Aleksei Fan Club

    Definitely onboard with this, no doubt. As the contract for being her work husband requires me to.
  5. I want to be the Erwin Rommel of Valucre..
  6. Be a real shame if something happened to your cities while the military is away. A real shame.
  7. This is the first time I've attempted to write for an entire weekend, and I am struggling making a coherent post. Brain, why?
  8. Hurgh, post is taking a bit to write. I'll force the gears to start writing though.
  9. Wise spending is the best spending. Also helps I'm a miser at heart. Oh it certainly is when it comes to the variations, though even then it is still limited in scope. Resource management, anticipating which neighbor will attack, how best to counter their army compositions on the field, properly choosing what is best a city and what is best a fortress, making sure your population is healthy, and of course the best diplomatic solutions to minimize possible enemies. Unless the Papal States decide to declare a Crusade on you because you wiped out the French. Then that's when things get amusing, I tell you what. Though tbf, the Pope was a frog so it's to be expected. Though with Sins of Solar Empire expand that to a galactic level, which is really fun in itself.
  10. That's why I never buy them right after release unless its from a developer whose quality I can trust.
  11. Chess is nice, I just prefer things that are more complex and requires micromanaging.
  12. I like strategy games. Particularly games of Grand Strategy.
  13. Alexei

    General chat thread

  14. Alexei

    General chat thread

    Second helm. Better eye protection and doesn't seem too limit line of sight too much. A decent balance, though I prefer the option to raise the face plate when not dealing with arrows.