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  1. Alterion is my France to my Kadian England.
  2. Go to Satuday mass for the English. Go to Sunday mass for the Latin.
  3. St. Luke Painting The Virgin by Giorgio Vasari ( 30 July 1511; Arezzo, Tuscany, 27 June 1574; Florence, Italy )
  4. Next person who calls me an Anglo I'm going to kick the shit out of them.
  5. Kadian fascism is best fascism.
  6. Millions for a shitty liver. Silly peasants.
  7. "The north and east gates are to remain open." The emperor said, indicating with a black steel clad finger on the holographic map. The TEMPLAR captain nodded as he stood at the other end of the table. "Lure the unholy creatures into the city, use it as a cage and destroy them all along with it." The Captain's voice was bleak. None in the room were pleased that a major city must be destroyed, it was a bitter pill to swallow. "Aye. Better man destroys it by our own hand than to allow the world's corruption to taint it." Another Captain said, his voice sour and rough. He stood to the Emperor's right. His tone was bleak but held unshakable faith. Corvinus nodded, his black, hard eyes never left the map. He waited for them to voice grievances and protests, but as always they never did. Such was the extent of their loyalty and above all else their faith. "As we speak barricades are being dropped along the main roads, they will allow the creatures to be funneled in towards the center ring." He said as generated models of small craft dropped concrete barriers along the openings of alleyways and branching roads. "You will lead your forces in a rolling retreat. Hold at every checkpoint to maintain their attention." He said, keying a rough simulation of the events. "Once you have reached the center ring hold them. I will have the gates remotely closed once they have all made it into the trap." He said, stentorian voice cold. The blow of this inevitable loss was only softned due to moving all important resources to Kadia. "Once the gates close evacuate quickly. If you are caught in the barrage survival in not a possibility." He added. They held no fear of death, but the Emperor would he damned if he allowed this damnable Whispernight to take his best TEMPLARs. "Dismissed, men." He said, the cream of the Kadian crop genuflected to the God Emperor before marching out of the room. They looked like demigods in their power armor. The most advanced models only the augmented soldiers bearing superior Kadian genetics can wear. Much heavier than the lighter models issued to the Infantry. "It will begin soon." He said more to himself than the royal guard that stood at his back. "Time to return to the docks, as much as I wish to stand by my TEMPLARs I have a more important war to fight." He said, signaling to his guard it was time for them to leave.
  8. Leoa would easily see her husband's powerful jaw clench as he worked with geat effort to keep his anger from dictating his actions. Blood trailed down the corner of his mouth. He had to hit his tongue as she continued explaining the extent if her injuries. "Damn." Another mutant fell, clutching its throat with malformed hands. Brackish blood flowed thickly from the wound and bubbled from its mouth as the abomination tried vainly to draw breath. Corvinus' royal guard was once more upon it, axes and maces making short work of the pitiful creature. "We must end this quickly then." He commanded. "Once we lay this giant low, fall back to the rear lines for treatment." He told her, he was worried for her that much was obvious. She knew he would not admit that before his men. He left it at that, so that her pride and authority remained intact. He could not protect her as tge pushed deeper into enemy lines. Her wounds would inevitably catch up to her, bloodloss would greatly diminish her stamina, accuracy and stability. He was no stranger to being in such a state. "I must face their Champion alone regardless." His blade snaked, removing half the hand of one and hamstringing another. Leoa's precise strikes would no doubt finish them. "You will also need to give the order for the second lines to reinforce us, and allow the others to catch their breaths. This had been the method used throughout this conflict, rotating troops to keep them as rested as possible. "One more push after this. We will break their center, and tgen crush their spirit." He said in a growl as he danced with his wife to avoid the giant fist swinging recklessly their way. Corvin's sword snapped out viciously, taking the giant's pinky.
  9. Despite the arrows, imbued with what every blasphemous magics that caused them to explode did not slow the Emperor's advance. The litany of battle spurred his men forward in coordinated fanaticism. They now knew that they were the only ones who stood between the mutated filth before them, and the heart of the Kaduan empire. Their expansion had awoken the corrupted beast that was the islands savages. It revealed the truth of the threat in this New territory. The extent of their power and the strength if their army. Had they not decided to push they would have eventually made it to the city's walls. Depending on one's optimism this could be seen as extremely lucky that the heathens' hand had been forced, or extremely unlucky. It seemed most of the Imperial Army was more aligned to the former than the latter. Another volley that landed just outside his influence might have laid him low if it had not been for Leoa and his men. They took the hit, killing many low ranking soldiers and some of his own personal guards. His wife was as impressive as the first day they had met. She did not succumb to pain even as her already battle weary body room even more punishment. Corvinus roared in defiance, intimidating those at the frontlines from charging forward, thinking to capitalize of the explosions. His men roared with him. With his left arm wrapped around his wife's waist he laid once more into the enemy with his right. His forefinger wrapped over the guard and blade giving him more control in his parties and thrusts. He crippled and blinded his enemies as he continued forward. The ucissore proved invaluable as they worked in tandem with the soldiers, distracting the large beasts as the others aimed to take their legs. Even when the beasts crushed or threw this unlucky enough, more advanced to lay siege to them. The couple moved together Corvinus supporting his wife even as he moved to face down the giant himself. He did not pause or hesitate in his advance when roar of victory arose from Deiter's battle (battalion). The Grand Duke stood out in his polished power armor, gleaming like silver, his sword raised in victory as he stood atop a fallen giant. His men maintained their line until their foes were routed before moving to reinforce other struggling battles. "He has come far." The emperor muttered more to himself as he advanced. Enemies fell either to blindness succumbing to the vengeful axes, blades, and maces of the Imperium's soldiers. "Leoa, how serious are your wounds?" He asked as he moved forward even as he still supported her. She still maintained a defence of him. Always his shield, and he her sword, it was their pact even, something he honoured despite how the prospect of her death frightened him.
  10. Joan of Arc. John Everett Millais, 1865.
  11. Juan de Valdes Leal - San Miguel Arcangel Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain; 1656.