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  1. When a slav dies they become cocooned in their tracksuit, after a month the corpse explodes releasing spores making more Slavs.
  2. Micheal Collins, one of the leaders of the 1916 rebellion, died on this day 95 years ago. RIP
  3. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Aleksei Rosalind would find Julius giving her a sidelong look for her trouble. She was his subordinate, and it seemed she would need to learn to act like such. "Even the most basic creature has an understanding of the authority of its betters." He said cooly in response. Her temperament was almost spicy enough to give him an ulcer. While not fearful of insects, he found the creature's appearance less than tasteful. Had he not been so inclined to humor Rosalind, he would have apprehended it by now. He was not fond of risks with so many esteemed guests, and tge foul tempered girl at his side was indulging in such unnecessary behaviour. He held his silence as she set about sending the insectoid away with a bounty of sweets. He sighed at Rosalind's tone, it seemed as though she enjoyed challenging him, and as much as he found it amusing, such blatant disrespect of her Ecclesiarch could not go unpunished. His orders were absolute when given, his word that of the God-Emperor's. Perhaps he has been too focused on pursuing her to guide her properly. "You assume to know the thoughts of the Patriarch, you dabble with blasphemy." He warned, hus voice dipping low, dangerous. Almost as if he could read her smug little thoughts he spoke once more. "Pride is one thing, but arrogance is dangerous." He fixed her with cold blue eyes, no longer a young man her age, but now the leader of a vast Theocratic organization. "Had you assumed wrong, and he lashed out, you would not be so smug." He stated in a matter of fact tone. "Such blantant lack of preparedness could have gotten you or a guest injured, perhaps even killed." His tone edged on anger, but cooled. "Then the God-Emperor and the Empress would have had their reputations on the line." He raised a hand warningly to cut her off. "While you handled the matter well enough, such an outcome might not happen again." He warned as he signaled for the cake to be replaced with a backup. "You also disregarded a direct order given from me, your Ecclesiarch. I cannot allow that to stand either." He settled her with a stern expression. "After this celebration, you are to report to my office, in a penitent's robe. Am I understood, Sister?"
  4. My four beloved British Catholics: G.K. Chesterton. Hilaire Belloc. J.R.R. Tolkien. Christopher Dawson.
  5. It's another wedding! [interest check, yo]

    @Fierach I guess you could say Corvinus... ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ Shoots Blanks (⌐■_■)
  6. Feeling staring/a presence constantly

    Too shy. Don't like pictures. >:{
  7. Feeling staring/a presence constantly

    Probably because I look like a neo-viking. c:
  8. Feeling staring/a presence constantly

    Every time I am at the store.
  9. The Eclipse is fucking beautiful. Black Sun Rising.
  10. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Narcissa @Aleksei Regretfully, it seemed that the mood was effectively ruined by the disturbing sounds of retching from above the gardens. He sighed, shaking his head slowly in disappointment, it was a shame he would have to leave the solitude of tge gardens and share tge lovely woman at his side with the other guests. He had to quell a look of surprise as his own thoughts led him to a certain selfishness he had thought he lacked. In doing so he missed the shifting expression on Rou's lovely face, though probably for the best. He was a curious creature, thirsting ever for knowledge and often to his own detriment. "Agreed." He said simply, wine would be a nice way to remove the bitterness of their privacy being interrupted, and his own internal discomfort at the fact that he had found his own thoughts turning rather possessive of the lovely creature at his side. He chuckled as she expressed her hope of a different wine, seeing a chance to introduce his own wines made from grapes produced from his orchards and personally cared for with his own gentle touch. Leoa would no doubt be delighted that her teachings in the greenhouses of Shrine City came to fruition. "Not to worry, I have been looking for an excuse to share my own wine with a foreign palate." He said with some amusement. Once Rou took possession on his arm once more he led her along a different path back to the hall, avoiding the balconies as much as possible. "Hah! In Kadia the individual is pushed to succeed and accomplish, especially to the benefit of their people." He said, flashing her a smile of pride and amusement. "Oh I can dance, though I fear this armor would do neither of us justice. Perhaps another time?" He asked, an earnestness came into his voice at the prospect of meeting her again in time. Once back in the hall his cheerful expression changed to a more serious tone. The tension had become palpable, and though uneffected by the God-Emperor's influence he could still feel its embrace. "It seems some guests needed to be popped on the nose, so to speak." He said gesturing to the small group from the Midlands. He was unfamiliar with most other nations save for the few that dealt directly with the Kadian Empire. Deiter followed Rou's line of sight to the strange bird, whose song was sad and sweet, in Leoa's possession. "Hmm." Was all the response he could muster at such a revelation. Though he doubted Corvinus held a grudge against the devil, he very much doubted that such was the case for Roen. "It seems violence has not yet come to pass, if it will at all." He said after a moment, his tone and manner as relaxed as they had been when in the gardens. "Indeed, Corvinus is busy," He said nodding in the Emperor's direction. "perhaps we should check on Leoa first?" He gently guided Rou in the Empress' direction. "Empress." He said formally, as they approached Leoa, he bowed his head deeply, showing his respect. "This is Rou Ji, An'she of the Carmine Empire." Deiter introduced her, gesturing to the exotic beauty who adorned his armored arm. "The tension is palpable enough to cut a knife with." He said, eyes glancing around the room thoughtfully. "Rou, informs me Roen made an appearance. She was kind enough to advise we see if you are alright." He said, though he wasn't too worried, the Empress was never one to be underestimated.
  11. A woman after my own heart. XD
  12. >Before Twitter: All religions are acceptable. >After Twitter: All will bow before Rome.
  13. Just sitting on my porch, drinking brandy. So the biggest plans. O;