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    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Using molotov cocktails. No, doesn't sound like a ghoul name. Hopefully ghouls I can throw molotov cocktails at.
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    the strength of mankind [semi-closed]

    “That is perfectly fine, there are no secrets among us.” At least not yet. The young Emperor thought. There would come a time when there was no choice but for secret plotting. Now was not that time. Trust needed to be established. “I will also be sharing this with my elder brother, Neronius. As an alliance with Kadia is also and alliance with the Imperial South.” He said. In effect this meant that the Rising West would have two allies to rely upon. Not a bad deal in itself. “The Imperium too has much of our technología on file. In fact you can see quite a few of our ship designs in ships from Hyperion and--of course--the Order.” He said, nodding to Sheryl. “Of course we can also provide resources on our earlier power armor models. Which I’m sure both parties would be interested, no?” There was no doubt in that, such technology changed the scope of the battlefield. It was also what had kept him alive those ten long years in the Immaterium. “I understand the Order’s position, and I believe our gracious host does too. Rather than full military alliance--as I rather doubt the political affairs of mortal nations interest you--we should instead forge an alliance pertaining to beings and organizations the Order recognizes as enemies.” He said, looking to Sheryl now, green eyes amused. “I believe such a matter can be discussed at length after a list is compiled, yes?” That should settle the matter for now. “Until then I believe we can all agree to leave that to the Order’s discretion, should the need for them to act arise.” He added. Verdant eyes then shifted to Sancroix, suddenly far more piercing than they were before. “We can all also agree to trade deal, the details of which I believe should be one of the main discussions all three of us must take part in.First I wish to get to the main topic of why I am here.” He said, his tone becoming more serious. “Forces are at work, seeking to whittle away at territory in its hunger. As I am sure you are well aware.” He said, words that would hold a specific meaning for the Councilman. “I offer Aelindra a full military alliance, as stated you will gain two allies at once.” He said, though Nero would not be too fond of his younger brother’s spontaneous whim. It was something he would suffer through, if his own family did not know, then no one else would either. At least until after the fact. “The stability of Genesaris as a whole is uncertain. I aim to remedy that with an official alliance between our two nations.” Connor gestured to the continent on the globe. “The Whispernight changed a great deal, and many took advantage of it to grow their power. The Imperium included.” He said with a small smile. He felt no shame in the fact, in fact he felt pride. Neronius had unified the entire southern region. It was better than letting the Whispernight destroy it. “I also aim to ensure that what happened during that time, and something like the Harrowing; never happens again.” His words became far more serious. Though he shifted to a brighter mood, before things became more macabre. “So, what do you say, Councilman Sancroix? Shall we have a most beneficial alliance?”
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    Better Devils

    Aurelius took note of the man’s strength, making it a note in his mind as he offered the man a welcoming smile. “The most industrious always tend to come from such places.” He said, showing interest though not surprise at the fact. He offered the man no sympathies for the loss of his homeland, to long past and such things were often misconstrued as pity. The past was the past, indeed; it was also the foundation for the future. “Personally, I hail from the port city Parime. Beautiful city, one of the primary terrestrial ports on the island.” “Just Aurelius will do, Mister Swan. I am no lord yet where one must incorporate every title and nickname. It’s a boon, saves me time during introductions, no?” He said, offering the man amused laugh. “I’m curious as to those great things you’ve heard. I’ve only accomplished a minimal feat for the Mythal.” He said with a shrug. Aurelius took everything in humility, while his town was successful, it was not to be considered some grand feat. “Well, despite what most believe of Kadia; we are first and foremost a people who value hard work. Great men and expected to do great tasks, no?” “I have. While progress is going well, it’s completion is well beyond my current funding. With Mythal resources elsewhere, I’ve had to make due on my own means.” He said, though his tone held no bitterness. “Lord Mythal has many responsibilities, and I cannot be wholly dependent on them.” He said, then gestured for the other man to take a seat. “I cannot promise you immediate profit in the first year, however I can give you fifteen percent of the profits in the following year on. The soil here is good for grain, and abundant in mulberry trees. They make a good wine.” He said, signalling for the servants to bring two glasses and the bottle of wine. “Our position is unique as well. We are positioned just outside Mythal borders, the perfect rest stop for merchants and the like. Money can be made in such a position, and in various ways in one is wise enough.” He said, his lips forming the smirk of a mercenary who had caught the scent of wealth. Merchants and those carrying the tithes or taxes to the government could use a safe place to rest, spend their money or sell goods, and of course; hire protection.
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    [Axis Mundi] Comfort in the Familiar

    “First, your name?” Caelius said, his tone remaining the same, unwavering. The girl before him was not simply some wild psion, but a powerful one. One who has already toed the line of splitting the veil. The only reason why the soldiers had not executed her on sight was all due to the orders of this one man before Alexa. Ambient blue eyes peered through the gloom of the dark office. Once she gave her name a lap blanket and a cup of warm tea would be brought to her. “Alexa, I have an offer for you.” He said after waiting a few moments for the tea to warm her up. “Psions are heavily regulated here in Kadia, their powers bound for obvious reasons.” He began to explain, his tone calm, though not as cold as before. “You are powerful, and that makes you dangerous if there aren’t measures taken.” He said, making sure she knew just how serious her circumstances had become. “I offer you two choices. Join the Inquisition under my command, you will have access to tools that will help control, or even limit your powers.” There was no hint of a lie, no tricks. Instead Alexa would see a straightforward negotiation. “The second option is to become a citizen and undergo the resonance ritual. Though I cannot guarantee your life that way.” Gloved fingers steepled before him as he leaned slightly on his elbows. “You’re right to wonder why I would even bother to go this far. I will be direct. This world is currently undergoing vast shifts. It is during such times Corruption begins to pulse.” His words became somewhat grim. “With the proper training you can control you power, and with faith--guard your soul.”b He had a knowing expression on his face, one that said he understood her. “Only surface thoughts.” He said, responding to Alexa’s unspoken thought. “I am also a psion, though not one nearly close to your level. Most I can achieve is hypnotic and verbal suggestion. Which, if used correctly and at the right time; can prove quite effective.” There was a small sad smile at those words, but it was gone quickly. Desmond no doubt still held a sour note about that bit of business. “Take your time and thi-Oh dear.” He said with a sigh, his blue eyes looking at the door. “Hello, mother-in-law.” He said preemptively the moment she entered the office.
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    General chat thread

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    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Feh, not a ghoul.
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    General chat thread

    Ah. Soon.
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    General chat thread

    Titles are under the user name.
  11. I like the dice system. Nice and simple. I've taken to making Relics that are usable in the dice system. Just thought you should know that it motivated me.

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    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Yeah. But only after I'm sober so I can manage to perform the daunting task of a screencap.
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    The Brittle King's Tragedy

    The armored man followed in an eerie silence, seeming unperturbed by the incoming storm or the haste with which they needed to move. He was a little above average height, with a lean frame and broad shoulders. He was unassuming compared to the others, his leather armor was a bit grungy, and the steel plates attached to specific areas were unpolished. His face was obscured by a full helm. He was armed simply, a bow, a large buckler, and a short sword of unimpressive--if decent--quality. He looked every bit the rookie adventurer. He spoke little, save for the odd, “I see.” He was not particularly interested in the ziggurat itself. Though he silently noted that flooding and burring would not be an option. Though perhaps a collapse? He was drawn from his thoughts as the man began to rifle through a burlap sack, taking out a few items here and there as he conducted his search. He watched as the heavily armed knight took possession of the lamp and other items that might be useful. That was a good idea. Ghoul Slayer snatched a knife, almost a foot long, and strapped it--sheath and all-- to the outside of right boot. He snatched up the remaining tins of oil and placed them in the small bag attached to his belt. He also took the matches, figuring that the knight must not have seen them. “You all should do the same.” He said simply, gesturing with a nod to the items still remaining with a nod. His voice was interesting, a smooth and low tone, with a calm--almost serene--quality. Without another word he set his efforts to the crates around him. He found two small bottles of a flammable substance, the label read that it was cooking fuel. Next he came across archaeologists’ robes. While not expensive the material was durable, clean, and breathable. It probably burned well, or could serve as a sterile bandage. He once more organized his bag so that four robes were neatly folded at the bottom of his bag, the tins of lamp fuel, along with the bottles on top, with his scroll sitting on top of them. The matches, lockpicks, and lodestones had been tucked tightly into his belt. Ghoul Slayer once more followed the foreman further as he continued his explanation of events. “There might be ghouls then. They like the dark and ancient places.” He said with, surprisingly; more than just one or two words. He continued along with the foreman, finally coming upon the hole that led further down into the depths. The first down was the grey armored knight, the end of his descent was punctuated by the light of a lantern. “Hmm?” That was curious. He never took the matches. Magic? He filed the thought away as he made his way down. Booted feet touched the stone floor and the sound of steel sliding bare echoed in the dim light. He turned his head, more to catch sounds at different angles than to look for shapes in the dark. Though he too searched for any odd movement in the shadows. Satisfied he sheathed his short sword and looked around. That was when he spotted footprints leading south, towards the wall. “There are two sets of footprints.” He would say once the rest of the party had descended. He then knelt down and began to poke and prod random tiles with his newly acquired knife. "No traps, yet."
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    General chat thread

    Persevere! All in the luck of the dice.