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  1. Kings are men of strength, charisma, and ability. Men follow them because of that, and are inspired by that. The weak exist only to serve the strong. It has been shown that the lowborn individual knows little about what is best for him or even what is best for civilization and for society. A vapid individual who only cares for himself can never benefit or care for his family.
  2. Sounds relaxing. Sorry to hear that, I'd offer some half hearted platitude that would do nothing, but I am better than that. Stubborness most likely.
  3. Nature would disagree. Nothing but starvation and the inevitability of being killed by a pack of cohesive enemies. It is one part of human nature but far from normal. In a democracy a government is far more likely to place their own interests above the interests of the whole, but such is the nature of peasants elected to power by other peasants.
  4. Life is well. Living like a King, slaying like a Norman. You?
  5. Can't call yourself edgy until you've read Evola's works and made the Sussex police think you live in their area and country so they can arrest you for "hate speech". Wasting those silly Saxon's tax dollars on a goose chase.
  6. Only hierarchies and structure have been found in a great deal of nature, especially so in humans. Though any government that is founded on something as entropic and silly as democracy is doomed to fall into chaos.
  7. Corvinus was secretly glad that his wife did not argue his orders. Though he stood at the front ye was uninjured. This was thanks to the shields of his men and the swift defense of his wife. He could not and would not lose her now, his plan to come depended on his men maintaining morale. His plan to confrontation the leader was due more to desperation than arrogance. None in Valucre could deny the prowess of his men, but they were outnumbered by a hord of savage heathens as unafraid of death as his own men. To crush them he must first rip away their morale, and to do that he needed to lau their champion low. "With the dawn will come their final push. We must kill this creature before that happens." The Emperor said pragmatically. Though he felt hope he maintained an appearance of cold calm. He would not allow himself to relax just yet, his empire and all he had bled and struggled for was at stake. He maintained his balance as the beast shook the earth with its blow. More so that Leoa could push from him than to keep from losing his footing. Her blades landed true and the beast roared causing Corvinus to flinch slightly. He cursed himself for his hesitation as the giant took Leoa in his grip. The Emperor roared a challenge, anger overshadowed the desperation in his voice as he dashed forward, his sword brought up in a thrusting position. Thrusters aided him in clearing the crater the abomination had created in its rage. He landed in front of it heavily while its attention was still invested in crushing his wife. His monentum from mocement transfered into the fluid motion of his hips, to his shoulders, abd finally into his sword in one action as he thrust the blade deep into its groin. His roar changed from anger to triumph as his blade bit deep into the soft flesh. He stepped back slightly as he twisted the blade so it did not get caught in tge flesh and pulled Nightbringer viciously free. He hoped the great and sudden pain would free the Lion from its grip. Blood bathed the emperor as he pressed his attack, chopping the blade at its legs to sever tendons.
  8. If you liked Julius you'll like this. 


  9. Just showing it off. I figured you might enjoy it seeing as you made Gaianism.

  10. I have finally managed to get around to writing up the Corvinite Church.


  11. Thank you for the like.

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      Your most welcome! :)