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  1. So I tossed @Aleksei an idea of doing a type of low fantasy Paleolithic[Haven't settled exactly where in the Paleolitic age just yet] type of tribe, and before we get down into fleshing it out, I am trying to figure out where exactly to place it. Essentially all I need to know, is where there is an area that is either not too inhabited by modernity, or not at all. Once I have this information, it will allow us to get down to the nitty-gritty details and shape them around that particular area. So if anyone out there has any ideas, especially BLs that would be extremely helpful. Just link any relevant info here! Once we have that, the details will be finished and a new interest check will be made looking for members to join.
  2. Why that profile picture?

    My profile pic is Alucard smoking a cigar, that is enough reason. My profile banner has been a thing for about two or three years now. It's from a Korean manhwa(hua?) called Tale of the Demon Lord. My signature I have had forever, and by forever I mean a few years. It's my fav scene from the newest Berserk Anime that came out.
  3. Red Line, White Snow [Monster Hunt]

    “Good, good.” He said with a nod to Ellyna. She had promise, that much he could see, and her father had given him enough details to know she would be a great addition to his force. She showed great interest and focus on his words, there was a great deal more to the child than just what could be perceived on the surface. He intended to explore her abilities carefully and in a steady manner. Cultivate her properly and there is no telling where her potential will take her in Blackwatch. He supposed that would be revealed in time. His attention returned to Emile, his eyes looking at him thoughtfully for a moment. He knew little of the group her hailed from, though Corvinus had given him the promise that he would be quite useful in advancing the skills and flexibility of his men. “No need, soldier.” He said, returning the salute. They shouldn’t thank him just yet, as they might very well come to curse him. The Blackwatch would be a hard life, even for the experienced mercenary. To hold the red line at the cost of your own was no easy thing. His one eyes followed Novalie’s finger keenly, but did not linger over long on the spot that she paused at. Such frightening insight, that was to be expected. His metalclad finger traced along the border villages of what had once been the Southern Swell. “These are the areas that have requested out aid the most.” He said, tapping three specific points, a clear pattern that led ever closer into the Cold South. “Whatever these creatures are, their intent in clear. They are making their way east.” His finger tapped thoughtfully as he considered something. “We are not sure of anything where this is concerned. Details of their appearance vary, but what remains evident is that they have a pattern and leave few survivors.” He ran his finger along the road. “I will be taking you lot, with a number of veterans to hunt them down.” He settled his one-eyes gaze on Emile. “I will be giving you the new compliment of riflemen to lead, we will use this as a test.” His eye then fell on both Novalie and Ellyna. “You two will fall under my direct command, this way I can assess your skills and then place you properly.” He then fixed them all with a stare. “If you have any thoughts, voice them now.”
  4. ... Damon is Piccolo?
  5. Asher will be up later today after work and a nap. Two out of three ain't bad.

    Honestly, I'm really feeling Ezio right now.

  6. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    @Aleksei He only smiled at his brother, emerald eyes sparkling in amusement. He was privy to the information, but he thought not to reveal his hand in such a public space. After all, if she had wanted it known it would be already. She wanted it to be a sudden revelation, where it would contain the greatest and most potent impact. He would be loath the one to reveal her own hand along with his, and he found a certain enjoyment in the vague. Perhaps it was the Ucissore side to him. It was not a side of him he feared indulging in the least. “Aha! It seems she takes after father, the drive for conquest suits her well.” He said, his smile growing wider. Olympia had achieved great things, he had gathered word from his correspondence with Deiter. She was taking to the life of a Soulseeker quite effectively, and if he was not wrong; the two had become quite taken with each other. Ezio doubted that the two realized it just quite yet themselves. What he would give to tease the two of them, just as his own siblings had teased him. He laughed, a melodic thing full of music and summer light. “So Julius has found himself the joys of a beautiful lass, eh? Such is the nature of our blood.” He winked to Desmond. It seemed they all were either drawn to, or drawn the attention of; beautiful women. Either to be conquered by them or vice versa. “I hope it has not distracted him too much from his duties as the leader of a great theological force.” His green eyes twinkled with delight. “No doubt Sef will be picking up any of the slack he leaves.” He nodded in understanding, the sarcasm not lost to him. “Nero has always been one to acquire power. A bit rough around the edges, but a capable man who genuinely cares for those under his guiding hand. The South will do well under him.” He said with a firm nod of his head. “That is Darim for you. I do wonder what type of man this Inquisitor is to have captured her eye. I have heard they are quite severe.” He said thoughtfully. “Oh? I have not heard of this Blackwatch, why do you not like Novalie joining them?” He asked, tilting his head in curiosity. If they were part of the Raven’s wings, there should be little worry. Perhaps Desmond would provide him with some insight into the group. While Ezio did not hold the same ingrained prejudices of his father and his younger siblings; there was the natural wariness of the out-group. Particularly one as ambitious and the young dragon taking the reins of Oo’Xora. He had no fear that he would do anything untoward to his wife, Ezio was confident his spear would reach Koji before he could bring such an act to fruition. It was a confidence well earned as well. He glanced at Desmond as he mirrored to words, a soft smile on his features. There was merit to the ideals of their father, that was an uncontested truth.
  7. Ezio Augustus Melisende

    Format Fixed.
  8. Of Gods and Men

    ‘Politicians will always disagree, that is perhaps the root cause of the Great North’s weakness, as well as the Southern Swell’s; when strength and quick action was necessary.” He stated blandly, eyes of midnight looked out over the spire as long legs closed the distance between the two. “While they played at Democracy and Republics, the ones they call tyrants and dictators had already won the hearts of the people.” There was the ghost of a smile in his words, though it was quickly lost in the bitter cold of his words, true though they were. The Cold South had been particularly simple in the grand scheme of things, there had been a power vacuum, he had stepped up to fill it. The troubles had come after the acquisition of power. “Aye, and her last gift to me, before she had to leave her mortal coil behind.” He said softly, cold voice revealing only the barest and nigh intangible hint of the great pain that roared through his chest. He watched his son for a moment, seeing the woman in his child’s eyes and the bright smile on his face. “We have named him Connor. He will be strong willed, and wise. Perhaps he will be the one to occupy the Onyx Throne one day.” He had many worthy candidates to assume his throne, he had full confidence in their potentials to lead his vast imperium, and the whole of mankind to greater heights. His advance paused at the sudden arrival of Zenhariel, the famed High Lord that was mate to Raphael. He watched in mild curiosity as the being surprisingly knelt before him. “Just Emperor will do, despite the claims my people make; I hold no illusions of godhood.” He said, offering the High Lord a slight bend at the waist. It was the least he could do in response to such a gesture. Admittedly Corvinus would not have knelt had he not been holding Connor. He had done enough of that as a knight to those unworthy, and once only to his wife. His position also could not allow such displays as kneeling before the non-human. “Regardless, I am joyed to at last meet one of the High Lords.” He stated in that cold tone, that sucked the meaning of joy from the word. It was as though such a notion had died when his wife had left the world for her throne in the heavens. He gestured with his free hand in aquensence to Zenhariel’s desire to lead him. His pace would resume to follow the High Lord, all the while he tickled the child to cause bursts of gurgling laughter. He found a sense of comfort in his child, all of his children in fact; it allowed him to cope with the pain.