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  1. Same. Some things have come up, so I am unsure of my activity more so than I was before.
  2. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be posts.

  3. Connor was much akin to his father, never one for flare or pomp, at least not to the degree that many other such nobles were wont to do. Though he carried the similar style of his mother, a force of presence; absolute confidence. He did not need the help of pretty trinkets or bright colors, nor loud booming voices full of arrogance. He simply was. Tall, handsome, with the slight edge of danger and madness only he, who had been raised in the Harrowing; could possess. There was little of his fathers bleakness in him, or his mother’s whimsy; where his siblings seemed to favor one parent over the other. A failing of theirs, the young Emperor often thought. No, this child of the Raven and Lion was an altogether different beast. He was not flighty like Ezio, or Olympia; directed by fanciful and grand ideals that bordered on the selfish. He was not overly rigid like Neronius or Julius; who placed the ideals of their father as absolute. Lacking flexibility. All that mattered to this child, was the Imperium. Its standing, its continued strength, its culture. The continuation of Kadia not as merely a country, or nation; but also an ideal. What it meant to be Kadian. It was so much more than a singular ideal, it could be so much more than what even he considered now. The fact he recognized that set him apart, and often against; his own blood. Green eyes, sharp in their intellect, fiery in the strangeness only he possessed. His clothes spoke of the militaristic nature of the Imperium, with the scholarly subtleties that many often could not recognize in the nation. There was no separation between soldier, statesman, and scholar in the empire. Blacks lined with gold, the dual symbols of Kadia adorned his buttons and the few medals of his offices that he bothered to wear. Ravens in flight, lions rampant, sword and dagger intersecting to create the Corvinite Cross. Though he did not consider himself a man of faith in beings such as deities. A red cape, lined with the fur of a Kadian lion; completed the picture of regality. His mother had always been correct in one regard. Dress to impress. He adjusted his gloves, with the strange High Kadic symbols dancing in monochrome light--pulling them tight-- and then his tie. While the others mingled among themselves, for now he was content to observe. There would be time enough to get involved on the world stage. For now it was better to understand the relationships between others, decipher the genuine smiles of friends and allies, or the ones of venomous vipers. He knew only what he could gather in the royal libraries of the palace, much could have changed in the months that passed in realspace while Kadia had been dragged into the Immaterium. Or little at all could have changed. Though he doubted the latter was the case, Little was ever certain in life, save for one fact. Change. He smiled at the thought, so much was uncertain, exciting.
  4. I have almost definitely said this before, but I love the Berserk signature gif

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    Idk Raphael seems like the guy to drug people.
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    It means free helicopter rides.
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    Laughs in Duerte
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