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  1. Alexei

    The Great Shipping War

    Nah We all know the best was: Masamune x Aerith
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    General chat thread

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    General chat thread

    Merely look above good sir, and you shall be enlightened.
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    General chat thread

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    General chat thread

    So.... Chad D&D HAH! Move over nerds.
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    General chat thread

    Cultural events of basement dwelling nerds. ITS THE NERDENING 😱
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    Though all before me is shadow

    It was a shame when Desmond refused the offer. It was not a bad one, in fact it was perhaps a surprisingly generous one, and hinted at a flexibility that was so rarely offered. It was an offer of respect, despite the once-imperial prince’s disrespectful actions against his own father. Caelius too had been quite surprised. Perhaps the Emperor saw things a bit more differently than he did, but he also knew quite well that the Empire’s hand would only be extended just this once. It was a very awkward position to be placed in. He understood, though not quite as well; the desire to step outside the bounds of tradition to find oneself. He had decided to join the Legion, and refused any expedient promotion. He desired not to rely on the station of his family, and to be shoehorned into the Imperial Fleet. He wanted to be in the thick of combat, fighting alongside the common men and women. To achieve be more than just a soft noble of the upper echelons of the Kadian Empire. Despite what he had gone through, he did not regret his decision. Only, to his eyes; Desmond had gone too far. There was independence, and then there was outright betrayal. He had spirited Celine and the child, Kaori; away from beneath the wings of his father. Sided with Koji, a man who had well enough shown a blatant disregard of courtesy for the man in his own home. Displayed a dangerous sort of fervor that, though Corvinus had admitted he could not discern the what was truly the motivation that hid behind the sweet words of change and freedom. “That is truly a shame,” His voice danced the words. “however; the moment the Emperor blessed that child she very much became a part of him.” He said his words holding subtle compelling nature that made everyone in the grand throne room focus on him and his words. His moved, there was a fluidity one would not expect from the usually rigid man. His step was subtle, too subtle even for Desmond to register. The sense of warmth and comfort distracting him from everything else but the Inquisitor’s soft vocal caress. This was very much the same for all others in the room. No it was perhaps more pronounced as the weaker minds were in a haze. Desmond, of course; was no push over. He has a strong mind, and a stubborn will. He was also incredibly sharp. This was why he spoke with grace, and his steps almost like they never happened. “The Emperor is better equipped to protect Kaori. How long, do you think; until Raphael decides to crush Koji? Will it be before you send them to him? Or will it be after, when they have to face the combined might of that Vampyre Godling, the High Lords, and the newly added force of the Great North?” He asked, there was a sincerity to his voice, its rhythm making it tug at both Desmond’s ability to reason and his attachment to the child. His words would flow deeper into the hearts and minds of all those in the room. He continued to move imperceptibly closer. “No, she is not an item.” He agreed, reaching an even ground with Desmond on that matter. “She is a very important child, undeniably connected to his Holy Emperor.” He moved closer still, Kadian accent swaying in its beautiful artistry. If anything, it showed the creative and eye for beauty many might not have expected of the stern man proclaimed by his people as the God of Mankind. “The child is not some tool with which to threaten Koji. She was given the gist of purity, so that she might find refuge beneath his great wings, and benefit from being the child of Celine, one of the few to be granted such trust by His Majesty.” He said, and that was true. Not even Celine could doubt those words, for the very act of blessing the child had endangered his own life. All of the danger would have fallen on the Emperor alone during that quiet meeting in the throne room. “She has a great destiny in the Empire, a chance to not only reach greater heights; but to do without the Orisian Empire crushing her under heel.” By now he was but an arms length from the Maharaja, his artificial blue eyes staring into Desmond’s own. They suggested greater meaning into the words he spoke. His smile granting a great ease and comfort, a trust. He held his hands out in a humble request. “Your Highness, will you please reconsider and allow me to take the child to the safety of the Raven’s wings? To the great opportunities that only can be explored there?” He smiled then, showing a vulnerability, to show that he meant what he said with everything in his being. “Please, give me Kaori, let me take her to her future.”
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    Valucre music thread

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    Valucre music thread

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    Valucre music thread

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    General chat thread

    LOL I love you, you silly goose.
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    General chat thread

    Wish I hadn't packed up my bass and put it in storage.
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    Economics of Dragonslaying

    >not shouting boner after you kill a beast Tsk.