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  1. Hello, there! Who were you on Gaia?

  2. Yonatan’s suggestion elicited a dry chuckle from the emperor. There was no anger or indignation, only a withered sense of humor. Since the death of Leoa the warmth on him, little that there had been, died with her. It had become a dark and ugly thing--like a winter’s rain. He looked at the map silently, black eyes distant, as if seeing the past the present and onto the infinite possibilities of the future. He calculated and considered as the others spoke their piece. Many might have thought him a stubborn creature in all aspects of his life, and perhaps that wasn't entirely false. Corvinus was also not a fool, those gathered around him were some of the best his nation had to offer, their ideas were more than welcome. The Grand Ucissore had taken on her new mantle well, and though she did not hold the same bond that he and his wife shared; stood by him with surprising loyalty. There was a certain comfort on her presence, not enough to salve the rage embedded deep in the emperor’s heart. Just enough to keep him focused. While marching on the cosmic heavens was his desire, his duty kept him bound to Valucre. He had the responsibility to protect his species, vengeance would come later. When it had become cold and sharp. That was when it would be its most effective, its most deadliest. “Yonatan, I will leave the Ucissore to you then. Better to make sure we have all our blind spots covered. As Evaristus has said, caution is our greatest weapon.” He said, nodding to the Grand Ucissore and Sword Saint, black eyes meeting each of theirs briefly. “While we do not know what exactly it us we are dealing with, I do know what these fluctuations might represent.” Corvin paused for a moment. “This is ritual, I have seen such many times in my youth.” He zoomed the map out with an almost lazy flick of the wrist. The points of flux were spaced in a strange pattern, the largest in the center. It was hard to look like, to those not a Soulseeker or Anathema it would generate a feeling of unease and mild illness, their eyes unable to focus truly on it. “This is a ritual of Corruption. Though I can only guess as to its true purpose. What I do know, is we must stop it before it is complete.” The Whispernight had left foul magical energy in the city, no doubt someone--or something intended to use it for their own designs. “To make sure we accomplish this, we must buy time by disrupting the lesser ones. Perhaps even cause a form of backlash in doing so.” He refocused the map. “If no one has anything else to add, ready yourselves. We drop in an hour.” He stated finally, dismissing them with a sharp nod.
  3. Caesura OOC

    We are not. Therefore its canon enforcement, backed by the board owner. So. Pick. No magic or Patia and the unfortunate conditions therein. That is all.
  4. Caesura OOC

    Last post does not, the Board Owner has already pointed this out. I give a three strikes before your character's brain pops. With the ending of the match I enforced the lore to its fullest extent. So no. If we do accept the continuation of T1, then using magic, regardless of if I went over my alloted time, is a breach of those rules. We did agree to a no magic melee. If your preps break the rules of the agreement then I see no reason to further adhere to it. Its not a matter of feel but fact. Magic does not operate in the cities of Kadia, fact is your last post respects nothing of the lore. Its as simple as that. You can either agree to the above of no magic or you can keep the thread in Patia. Doing so, however; means that this thread is no longer Canon or will be recognized as such as Kadia does not exist in Terrenus much less Patia. I will simply wash my hands of this if it remaining in Patia is the case.
  5. Caesura OOC

    On further discussion I would agree to it being moved back to Kadia.
  6. Caesura OOC

    Its a stacked effect of the influence itself. Which is noted in the canon. Three tries equal three failures including a rather messy death. Regardless you may think you hold some authority but you do not. My ruling is law as Board Leader, regardless of you trying twice now to bait me into an argument. This is final. Have a nice day.
  7. Caesura OOC

    The T1 match ended, with both the judge calling said match and I conceding to said judgment. Chosen Ruleset is no longer applicable. My authority as BL to enforce canon also supercedes that. The use of "magic" cannot be achieved in Kadia unless it meets two specific criteria; a ring of authority or as a Soulseeker. You may be on your merry way, and that is all. Have a nice flight.
  8. Caesura OOC

    No. Lore states you cannot use magic. I am enforcing it. This is the absolute decision.
  9. Caesura

    The entire garden flashed monochrome, the seance failing the moment it was initiated as the obelisk flared brilliantly within the throne room. The archfiend would find a nagging headache in the back of its mind. There would be no images, save for the guards that leveled their rifles at the beast that strained itself against the oppressive influence that so protected the city from the foul touch of unsanctioned magic. They did not hesitate, fire and thunder, flashes of light from the muzzles of fifty rifles as the soldiers fired on the creature with self-propelled detonating rounds from ten feet away.
  10. Caesura

    His blade found purchase, though the intention had not been met, instead of piercing on target it entered at an angle. The ragged would would bleed the brackish ichor, and sever tendons, cartilage and muscle. Perhaps not enough to cripple the limb in full, but enough to limit its movement. The wound would bleed, flesh and muscle unable to knit themselves together. Corvinus had proved one thing, even a man could wound a fully realized archfiend without his power armor. That was at least something, if not much. Raw instinct took over the moment of its physical assault, his left knee bent low to angle his body back slightly and his torso twisted away from the clawed blow at the moment of impact. He threw himself away from the attack with a furious backwards push of his already bent right leg. While it might not have been much on its own to truly throw himself away from the attack, the sheer strength of the creature that had called itself Roen, added the much needed assistance. It would find that Corvinus’ body was possessed of an extraordinary toughness. The blow would indeed slice into flesh, break a rib or two, but it would not find purchase or the liver as the Emperor was flung towards the right and back his body coming low to the ground. He pulled his sword with him, extending the wound before finally coming free. The high pitched roar of the Nachtjaeger assaulted his senses, his eyes and ears bleeding as blood vessels and eardrums ruptured. Darkness and silence reigned as Corvin fell to meet his shadow. Pain, though intense did not cloud his mind, though the hallucinations threatened at the edges of his conscious mind. Blood flowed freely from his wound, and despite it all he roared his defiance.
  11. Caesura

    Corvinus’ blade passed under Roen’s hand as he raised his arm to meet a blade that had never moved upwards. The emperor’s form was superb, the devil stepping into the thrust added to the effectiveness of the strike. He bolstered his thrust, piercing flesh, bone, and chitin.1 Black alloyed2 metal pierced the right side of Roen’s chest, his own movement forcing the blade deeply into his body, expanding bulk slicing itself open against the blade; one of his lungs collapsed as the blade tip pierced it. Why the fiend had raised his arm against a blade that never aimed high danced at the back of Corvin’s mind, it was a question that could be pondered later. The God-Emperor's blow would knock the breath from the Nachtjaeger's lungs, the blade point collapsing one of them as it drove through the right side of his chest and out his back. The sheer force of his unimpeded blow would crush into the fiend's chest, before he could drag any air into his lungs, a result of his own doing.
  12. Caesura

    The distance between Corvinus and Roen had been but a sword’s length. Three feet and a handful of inches. The moment Roen committed into his charge, the emperor's superior reach, only enhanced by the length of his blade; had already cut over half the distance between them. Black eyes were focused on Roen, pupils dilated, his lined and handsome face a grim mask. He noticed Roen’s seemingly insane movement, the way he dashed so easily at his blade; hand poised in the position where he aimed to strike. Perhaps he intended to catch the blade? Instinct from a lifetime of slaying the non-human took over. His wrist made a minor correction in its forward movement, as his half-step became a full step and his hips continued their rotation. A minor flick of the wrist realigned the blade to Roen’s right mid flight, the movement easy, quick; his momentum unaffected. The blade would enter inside the fiend’s guard, past the fingers of his transforming hand; as the skin began to split as the monstrosity within attempted to reveal itself. Adroitly the tapered point of the blade would pierce splitting flesh, using the force and momentum of his own thrust, coupled with that of Roen's charge; to drive the blade deep into the right side of the fiend’s chest. There was no shout of victory. No words of mockery. There was only pity deep within those focused eyes, and anger. Pity that Roen simply did not heed his warning, allowing him to save face and dignity in his own home. Anger that he had come to his home to play his petty love triangle. Anger that his filth stepped foot on Kadian soil.
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    Bro, we can wait. Focus on beating this flu and we can resume threads. Got my focus elsewhere anyway. Got you in my prayers.