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Status Updates posted by Alexei

  1. Still alive, most of my time has been spent working an taking care of personal matters for about a year now. I hear the site is closing down, it was fun and hope to see you all again one day.

  2. Posts ae taking longer than expected since I got tied up in lore and reviewing them.

  3. Posts to be coming out over the course of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

    1. Shatter


      i’m watching you



    2. Phoebe
  4. Posts will be tomorrow.

  5. Posts incoming tomorrow, prepare thy butts.

  6. Two more days until I can post.

  7. Posts will return to semi-regularity once my internet is installed on the 8th. Regularity will return once I have finished remodeling my new place.

  8. At least one post will be out tomorrow morning after work.

  9. Barring the unexpected, posts tomorrow.

  10. Posts will be done this evening, getting a bit more rest after pulling 44 hours.

  11. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be posts.

  12. I managed a post before work, all others will be done or started after work. Thank you all for your patience. 

  13. Posts will be written tonight.

  14. Since a lot of people use Discord for Valucre stuff, I think this is really important to share. 


    1. supernal


      Post it to the security thread like @Praetorian recommended 

    2. Praetorian
  15. Posts tomorrow. Second shift was chaotic, with a pump breaking down, and then my register freezing and getting stuck in a boot loop. 

  16. Made my first, if modest; donation to valucre.

  17. Change in schedule. I will have to write posts Friday and Saturday because I'll be working Thursday night instead of in the afternoon.

  18. I will work a bit on Sylvania's lore Wednesday and pick at posts. If I do not finish them, I will do so Friday and Saturday. Any I do owe posts to please DM me on Discord or Valucre to remind me.

    1. jaistlyn


      ? please and thank you! ?

    2. Roen


      Three days until the challenge period ends, which means I would regretfully have to skip Alexei in two the avoid the thread becoming null and void.

    3. Alexei


      I will have a post up tomorrow morning or afternoon once I am off work.

  19. Endgame was really awesome.

  20. First night of work went good. I have to finish more tests then I'll have hands on training.

    1. Vesper


      Glad to hear it! Good job ?

  21. Sylvanian High Elves will be added to Kadian lore in the coming days. The first of many new races and nations to be added.

    Also Relics are still open for any who wish to pursue them.

  22. I start my new job Friday and will be training on 3rd shift.

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    2. elixir


      Best of luck!
      Maybe you can treat me to dinner one day. :kiss:

    3. Dolor Aeternum

      Dolor Aeternum

      Get that green bruh. Hope the 3rd shift doesn't drain you and you excel at whatever you do.

    4. King


      Welcome to graveyards.

  23. Should be knowing about my new job this week or next, once my schedule is figured out I will resume posting in al threads I am in.

  24. Listening to Brandon Sanderson's "The Way of Kings"

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