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  1. The clash came as Connor had predicted it would. The droning growl of the Beastmen’s horn spurred the foul creatures forward into a mad charge. There was little in the way of cohesion among their ranks, more the stampede of wild beasts, really. There was a sense of force, not to be underestimated. To Connor, the charge seemed to take minutes; rather than the mere seconds it truly took place in. His eyes looking at not the host of foul mockeries of man and beast, but to the armored figure amongst them. Leading them. An Aravian by the design of the armor, and the marking of heretical magic gave him away as a champion of the Dark Gods. Connor almost smiled, there could be no better instance in which to cement his strength. Deiter was quick, no inexperienced or hesitating commander, adapting his rear lines into a defensive formation to resist the attempt to break into his center. It worked, barely. As the Champion called on his corruptive gods to give his makeshift and savage army strength, Deiter had prepared as he could, using the Authority to limit the potency, but on such short notice it was all that could be managed. The Kadians stood true to the names, displaying a strength and stoicism where other armies of Valucre would have broken. The young prince raised his hand, signaling for his men to be ready, and though his fellow Kadians fell to the clubs and axes of the best men, or their flesh stripped away by chaos magic, he waited until the horde was completely engaged. The enemy’s forces spread, prodding for weak points, leaving their own lines unguarded. They had now fully committed. He clenched his fist and rose, the Kadian Elites followed in unison. There was no war cry, or signaling horn. Just the heavy fall of armored feet and the silver glint of Connor’s power armor. They cut the distance in great strides, firing their polybolos rifles into the backs of their enemies. Connor’s pistol barked as it slammed rounds into the beast men, detonating immediately after entry and sending a spray of pink mist into the air. Then he and his men were in the thick of it, Connor wielding his Logos like the power blades his Elites used to cleave into the foes before them. A Monochrome light that drained the area of its heat, using it as fuel for the spell, shaped into a makeshift blade that extended four feet before him. Violent phase transition turned the areas it touched instantly into a gaseous state. Bodies either fell in pieces surrounded by the gaseous remains of what had been flesh and bone, others simply disappearing altogether. They pushed in deep, using their ambush and the surprise it had created to capitalize of the hesitation and fear that shown in the dull beatial eyes of these creatures. Their center buckled and gave way, Connor’s target the one who united them, the Champion of the false gods. The armored giant of a man turned to face the prince, bring his large, two-handed sword down at Connor in a mighty blow.
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    Might want to fix the link or something.
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    More updates to come.
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    Once I tried a fusion dish of Chinese and German cuisine. I was hungry an hour later. .... FOR POWER @Eternity
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    Yan Heng岩恒  Tian Zi天子 Profile Blood Type Transcendent Vigor Height 182.88cm Weight 79.4kg Hair Color Raven Eye Color Black Age Early Twenties Gender Male Affiliation Xiāngbālā香巴拉 Occupation Tian Zi天子 Chéng Shì Zhǔ城市主 Dou Qi Element EarthDomain Sword Qi Personality & Character____________________ Yan Heng is a man of great ambition, that has risen to power recently in the obscure river valleys of the Arcane East. Once the Chéng Shì Zhǔ城市主, or City Lord in Common; of Fēng Shì丰市, he quickly grew in power by subjugating the smaller cities and towns that made up the area. While recently a Warlord of sorts, he is also known as an expert swordsman, scholar, and philosopher, as well as one skilled in calligraphy. Despite the short violence--which had been spurred by a now annihilated rival faction's murder of his lover--Heng's leadership has led to the quick unification, political restructuring, military organization, and economic growth of the river valley that has recently taken the name of Xiāngbālā香巴拉. While he is not quick to anger or violence, often depicted as serene; it is more apt to claim that the man is more akin to a sheathed blade both in mind and body. Ready to be bared as necessary, so that a keen edge may be put to use, rather than one that is wielded in perpetuity. His goals are far reaching, though risky; regardess of the foresight involved. With the region now consolidated and growing, his eyes have turned westward, to the resources and land that borders his own. His reasons for such an ambition are obscure, his supporters claim that the Heavens have chosen him, and his detractors claim that he ha become what he hated. One thing is certain, his power is absolute in the region, leading all to give him the title of Tian Zi天子. Skills & Capabilities______________________ Dou Qi都氣 Dou Qi is the vital energy that resides in all living things and the very universe itself, nourishing all life. By understanding it’s rhythm and flow one can nourish and strengthen both mind, body, and soul while also providing longevity. Dou Qi is strengthened and cultivated by drawing in natural energy from the world around them through their meridians, then cycling the impure properties while condensing the purified energy into their dantian. Dou Huang斗皇 Also known as Combat Emperor, or Battle Emperor; it is the seventh highest rank(twelve in total) of Dou Qi practitioners. Those at this level are capable of drawing large amounts of Dou Qi, of the same element oneself from one's surroundings. This allows the practitioner to cultivate more quickly and bolster their abilities inside and outside of combat. Dou Huangs are capable of long term flight, as long as it's movement, though have been able to pause midair without any support for a short time. Cultivation Technique Shì Jiè Mài Bó世界脈搏 The universe is comprised, at its core; by the 11 Profound Elemental Laws, the driving forces that create and sustain the fabric of reality. Of the elements, Earth is the most solid of Domains and the Law that Yan Heng has occupied himself with deciphering. The Pulse of the World brings one in tune with the Qi and structure of material existence, from the soil, to the very life that lives upon it and in it, as well as the vibrations that make up its structure. Understanding of this law can increase the vitality and strength of the physical body, gain a close relationship with the essence of the earth, and even gravitational forces of matter.
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    got myself a new vehicle
  7. The march through the forest was long, and harsh. Despite this they made good time, mostly due to high morale as Connor led them personally from the front. One might have considered him a mad man, or foolhardy, but those were the ones who understood nothing. Connor knew exactly how important he was, not the self-importance one would find in other countries by their rulers. They were at best mere political leaders with great charismatic influence, however; that was the extent of their existences. Connor understood he was a symbol, the son of a God and Goddess, and one who shouldered the weight of an empire on his young shoulders without complaint. Should he fail to lead, they would all shatter. Should he die, they would all die. He understood these two facts, which made every action and decision a gamble that must be carefully evaluated. Right now he had to lead, a blood debt had been incurred, amd the fate of an entire army was on the line. Unavoidable risks had to be taken, and that was why he had take only the most experienced of his elites with him. There was none better to do this, none that would not break should he fall in battle. These men and women would fight to the death should he fall, carrying out their duty with the very same fanaticism as the Militant Orders of the Holy Father Church. The scent of blood filled the air, mingled with the sharp stench of unbathed beasts, telltale sign that they were close to their quarry. He raised his right hand into a clenched fist, ordering his men to halt. Green eyes surveyed the forest around them, his senses sharper than any other Kadian’s. They had yet to be noticed, evident by the fact that they had not been attacked and surrounded already. Good. Beastmen and Aravian blood would be spilled today, the debt would be washed away in a river of it. One debt, at least. The greatest debt would not be washed away until an ocean of Aravian blood had been spilled. Not until the last of them had been stripped away from Kadian soil. He signaled for them to move cautiously but with haste. There was little time to spare, and from the not so distant sounds; the battle had already begun in earnest. They reached the treeline and crouched, staying hidden in the brush. His men numbered no more that a few hundred, a small force to be sure; but Kadan elites made up for that in their sheer quality. “We wait until they attack, it will be the optimal time to do so and make better use of our small number.” He said to the Lieutenants around him, each one nodding in agreement. Deiter’s forces would have to hold until their charge, when the enemy had committed themselves fully to the flanking ambush. Only then would they be able to shatter their spirit completely.
  8. Connor stood beneath the shadows of the forest’s boughs, the place where his sister, Olympia; had been injured during an ambush by the beastmen. The signs of battle were evident, blood marked the ground and great gouges marred its once ancient and pristine surface. There were no bodies, however. Dragged off by the foul creatures for some perverted purpose Connor would rather not contemplate, there was nothing to be done about it besides. He frowned as he knelt down in the epicenter of what had been the fighting. Metal-clad fingers tracing the tracks that remained in the churned soil. He could discern where Oly had stood, the soil almost still pristine, a testament to sheer skill and brutality f his sister. “Hmm.” He made a thoughtful sound as he followed more tracks, these leading off into the woods. The signs of many bodies being dragged into the depths of the forest were evident. He stood, making a gesture with one hand, to which Legionnaires stepped from the brush and into formation before him. The beastmen had moved on, no doubt to set about whatever dark deed they used his people’s bodies for. A favor he would return in due course. “They will make another ambush soon.” He predicted. “No doubt against our forward army, no doubt to divide Deiter’s strength.” He said to the lieutenant who approached to stand beside him. “Have a message sent through secure vox, then prepare to move out. I have no desire to let them complete such a plan.” He kept the possibility of there being a Champion amongst their ranks to himself. It wouldn’t change what needed to be done. The Legionnaire saluted crisply. “At once, your majesty.” He said, his voice slightly distorted by the speakers of his helm, before he went silent as he switched to internal vox transmissions. Connor took one more look around the forest, maintaining a calm, almost cold; expression. After a few moments he signaled for them to follow him into the trees. He could guess that the beastmen would be attempting a flanking attack, though the forest was large, it allowed for great leeway of positioning for the likes of those filthy creatures. It had also been some time, meaning that he and his men had a lot f ground to cover in a short amount of time. If he couldn’t stop their attack, he would flank them. Though his force was small they were elites. Above all, they were Kadians.
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    Cackles as he sneaks car wash tokens into customers' change_
  10. Yeah! Sorry for not being terribly active, I'm the swing shift guy at my new job, and memorial day weekend kind of murdered me.
  11. A ship cut through the southwestern waters off the coast of Corinth, its speed as impressive as its elegant motions on the waves. It was of a sleek design, small enough to be quick and maneuverable, yet large enough to carry crew and supplies enough for long voyages. The designs of its sails and hull were clearly foreign to Terrenus, and those with a wider area of knowledge beyond that particular continent; even more unfamiliar. As if to add to that, designs and runic symbols of a language unknown﹘otherworldly even﹘design decorated the sails and hull in patterns that had clear meaning. There was unmistakable magic in the ship. A tall and lean figure stood on the deck at the bow of the ship, long silver hair pulled back into a ponytail. His features were sharp and indisputably beautiful, his long pointed ears marking him for one of the elfkin. Golden skin set him apart from his similar but distant cousins that populated Valucre, holding an almost metallic quality to it. Clear blue eyes stared across the waters, sharp enough to see across the waves and spray to see the port that was their destination. He smiled brightly, with an unerring confidence of one of his kind could display. “Captain Findruil!” He called, his voice cutting through the air. “Port Moon is in view, make way, I am eager to meet these Mythal.” He said, turning and stepping across the deck. He wore a mixture of red robes gilded in gold, and silveril plate. A combination that would make one think of a caster and warrior combined, which he had heard from his friends in Kadia was not as rare an occurrence here than his own homeworld. It was intriguing but he paid it little mind, such was to be expected. His right hand rested on the artisan silveril hilt of his sheathed blade. The ship adjusted its course, threading its way towards the Mythal port, catching the wind and cutting the distance more quickly than before. Only when they had neared enough to coast did the captain order the sails to be lowered as the approached the docks of Port Moon. The long and sleek ship coasted smoothly alongside the docks, slowing to a stop in a precise manner that only ones who have sailed for centuries could possess. Once moored they lowered the gangplank, allowing Aolis and his guards to disembark. @Aleksei
  12. Slabs of metal beaten into a useful shape.
  13. This. Though I will add that my goal is to keep my little subboard Kadia going, where my concepts can exist, thrive, be free of any whims but my own, and above all; be enjoyed and used by others. High Elves will be finished soon, btw.
  14. Asher had never seen a town so unnaturally quiet, so devoid of life. Not even the sounds of animals could be found, causing the young prince to frown. He stood in the foyer of a large, if modest; home. Dust lay thick, the signs of violence evident from the overturned furniture, blood spatter, and even the scars of axe and sword in the plaster of the walls. What was missing were the bodies, none of the adults, and even more disconcerting; the children could be found. Alive or otherwise. It was obvious that whoever, or whatever; had done this had no intention of leaving much evidence behind. Aside from the obvious. Not even pets, like dogs or cats remained. It was clear that the intent was to clear out the entire village, no survivors. He tapped his chin with a metal-clad finger, thinking despite the uncomfortable dead silence that seemed to ring louder than any battle. Opal eyes shifted around the room, he traced the gouges and cuts in the walls with his fingers, as if attempting to elicit some hidden secrets. “This all is giving me a bad feeling, this wasn’t just some raid by brigands.” He muttered, though that was clearly obvious. It was frustrating, wanting more information but knowing that none of it would be good. Roen’s voice broke the silence as it came in over the device, breaking Asher from his dark thoughts. “No, which is stra-.” He was cut off by Elisha’s voice. By her tone, there was no doubt that what she found was a confirmation of what he feared, and knew; to be true. “On my way.” Was all he said, giving one last glance around the home, his face grim. He turned and exited out of the broken doorway. Many of the other homes were in equal states of destruction. Some less so, others merely blackened ruins with only a portion of the frames still intact. Its a wonder the fires hadn’t spread. It was a darkly humorous kind of luck, he thought. That the town survived though its inhabitants had not. Armored footsteps moved swiftly as he made his way to Elisha’s location. When he found her, curled in a ball on the floor by a pool of dried blood he grimaced. “Elisha, what happened? Are you alright?” He asked, worry sank into his words as he knelt down next to her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. “What did the blood tell you?” He asked, knowing well enough of her abilities by now.
  15. Posts tomorrow. Second shift was chaotic, with a pump breaking down, and then my register freezing and getting stuck in a boot loop. 

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