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  1. Schedule change, I only had yesterday, and today off.
  2. I have Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday off so I will post then.
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    The Kadians High Kadians | Low KadiansHigh Human | Low Human High Kadic Humans make up the highest caste within Kadian society and culture. They are those descended directly from the Melisende bloodline, who can trace their lineage all the way to the God-Emperor Corvinus and Goddess-Empress Leoa. There are a rare few able to hold the title of High Kadian born from the Noble families and even more rarely the Low Kadics, as they display the highest achievement of the mix of Renovatian, Southern Genesar, and Alterian genetics. It is rumored quite a few bastards have been fathered by the more voracious sons of the Kadian Emperor, though this has yet to be proven. High Kadians display greater physical ability than those of their human counterparts, showing displays of athletic and intellectual ability than even the famously robust Terran Human and Renovatian Humes. In fact, it would be no exaggeration to say that a High Kadic can fight on par, or even over power the famous Vampyres that reside within the Carmine Empire and the Orisian Kingdom, making them an impressive race who has just begun to leave an indelible mark in the fabric of Valucre. While the more well known magicks of the world do not come easily to them, they sometimes produce psions of impressive ability. More markedly, however; is that High Kadics posses a closer connection to the Great Authority than Low Kadics or other Human believers of the Corvinite faith. Those with the Melisende blood wield immeasurable power in this regard, from the more similar Anathema attributed to the God-Emperor, to the famed Logos of the Saint-Prince Connor. High Kadics posses a quick development period, but a long life span that has yet to measured, and if rumored to be immortal. Low Kadics are only slightly more above the average Terran and Renovatian, yet should not be easily underestimated. While they make up the “lower castes” of Kadian society, this does not mean that they cannot hold Noble, or high and respected positions. Many heroes are of Low Kadic descent, and the caste makes up a bulk of the Legion’s forces. Indeed, this means that many of the famed TEMPLAR soldiers, Inquisitors, and Soulseekers are drawn from their number. The average lifespan of Low Kadics is 300 years for men and 310 for women. A trait shared by Kadians is their measured and self-controlled natures. They are not quick to anger, and often maintain a hold of their passions with strict discipline, but once ignited they are a force to be reckoned with. Despite this fact, they are a people of passionate and loyal lovers, brave and cunning warriors, and inspired artists and scientists. Already have they built a grand empire that has outpaced all other nations in terms of technology, arts, and language; making up for their young history.
  4. First night of work went good. I have to finish more tests then I'll have hands on training.

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      Glad to hear it! Good job 🙂

  5. Sylvanian High Elves will be added to Kadian lore in the coming days. The first of many new races and nations to be added.

    Also Relics are still open for any who wish to pursue them.

  6. I start my new job Friday and will be training on 3rd shift.

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      Best of luck!
      Maybe you can treat me to dinner one day. :kiss:

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      Get that green bruh. Hope the 3rd shift doesn't drain you and you excel at whatever you do.

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      Welcome to graveyards.

  7. Very few could handle the current situation Kadia faced, one that determined whether they would survive as a people and country, or became footnotes in the history of Valucre. Though three years of constant conflict would harden and rookie, these conflicts were of an entirely different nature. This was not a war against a rival denizens of their homeworld. This was a conflict against the very forces of madness and nightmare, and one on which not only their lives, but very souls; hinged upon. Those in the Church knew this better than most, had been trained in some degree for the conflicts of soul and faith. In truth, nothing could have fully prepared them for this. He walked with Rosalind as she looked for a place to sit, keeping a dignified distance between them. His brother’s lover she may be, right now required him to be the acting sovereign. The image he imposses was paramount. Once she had seated herself, he stood before her with his arms folded behind his back, his expression no longer soft, but hard as stone. He prepared himself for whatever ill news he was about to receive from the Sister. He stood by quietly as she gave him to more important details. Though the victory against the Aravians was certainly a good thing, the beastmen had risen the costs of it, and almost doomed the effort to failure. By the looks of it, Rosalind and Oly had barely managed to keep that from coming to pass, though it took one out of the fight and broke the other’s arm. His face became grim, his lips drew a straight line across his handsome features. In that moment he looked more like his father. Bleak and cold. Connor took the vial, the source of his concern, green eyes staring at intently. “So this substance became incredibly volatile when imbued with the power of a Soulseeker.” He said, turning the vial about under the light. “A similar but more pronounced effect when we Melisende focus our Influence on mages and psions.” He muttered, his attention distracted for a moment. He shook his head, returning the green eyed gaze onto the Sister. “Did she mention if she had any more of this substance?” If not he would have to wait until Olympia was tended to. “Alright, I’ll take a force to the location of you battle, personally.” He said, something in his gut said that this was but a prelude. “I have little doubt that those foul creatures will attempt once more to pass through there. It’s the only way to flank or position.” He said, his face maintaining its grim expression. “Rosalind, have your arm treated and take a rest, the city will need you more than the battlefield soon.” He said.
  8. Should be knowing about my new job this week or next, once my schedule is figured out I will resume posting in al threads I am in.

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    Genesaris AMA.

    All Inuyasha up in here. With the Tenseiga.
  10. Listening to Brandon Sanderson's "The Way of Kings"

  11. Caelius met her smile with a return of his usual neutral expression, though amusement glinted briefly in his eyes. Her attire had always been the best craftsmanship one can buy, showing just how much Corvinus doted on his wife. Darim was similar to Leoa is such a way, always drawn to the fine fabrics and jewels. It brought to mind the first gift he had bought Darim, it was that day that everything between them had been set in motion. Caelius couldn’t help but smile at her comments, shaking his head in amusement. “Certainly, mother-in-law. You are truly blessed that you found a man with good tastes.” He said, playing along with her light teasing. He wasn’t as concerned with colors, though that did not say much; since the colors of the Inquisition were muted grays slashed with deep reds. It would not be wrong to say that it was the Ucissore that inspired their organizations birth. “Thank you. I certainly hope that my image isn’t truly one of a stumbling ghost among the halls.” He said with an almost theatrical sigh. Though he wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t close to what the servants and guards whispered among themselves. He was a man rarely seen to begin with, and despite the fact he had a lighter heart and an easy smile; he was still very much the Grand Lord Inquisitor. What he had done was indeed scandalous, though as whispered by many of the ladies at court ; also romantic. Not only had he defied the Emperor’s orders, he had also laid down his badge and uniform. If that had not been bad enough, he had entered a foreign nation, and had the gall to openly demand to see Darim at Hasan’s palace. It had been the most impulsive and brash thing he had ever done. Though how could he regret it? He had won Darim’s heart. He watched then as the Empress addressed Alexa. He thought it amusing the girl spoke of being broken, when just before her is a man who had his body broken, and his soul scarred ways that were truly terrifying. The broken can always be reforged into something stronger. The Kadian empire never turned those away, no matter how broken; as long as they strove to become better. Alexa now had such a chance. He nodded. “As you command, Empress.” He said with formality. “Bring Alexa to be measured for some more… fashionable clothes. Then present her directly to the Empress.” He said over the vox channel. It was not but a few moments before several female Inquisitors arrived to escort the young woman. “I will see you after your meeting with the Empress, then I will explain everything you need to know.” He said.
  12. Tell me when two days have passed.


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  13. Corvinus the Man-at-Arms
  14. While you crawl and you climb I have carved out this line That I walk into victory

    Yeah, I'll tell you one time Look me straight in the eyes It has always been me

    So go tell it on the mountain Who's gonna be the King Go tell it on the mountain Gotta make 'em all believe

  15. Activity will be slow starting Monday.

  16. Neronius stood before the Company100 of soldiers, as ordered all one hundred of them had been gathered into formation, their polybolos rifled held against their shoulders. Their power armor, a non reflective black stood out in the crisp morning air, their faces hidden behind the faceplates of their helms. The Kaiser looked over them, his icey blue gaze looking from one solder to the next, each showing the discipline only Reichsheer soldiers could display. Confidence and duty were displayed in their postures, displaying their experience and the quality of training. The Kaiser nodded, satisfied. Blue eyes shifted to the Inquisitor. “No doubt they’ll be wondering how we knew of it so fast, it’ll be a shock once they realize the Empire’s eyes are everywhere.” He said with a mild chuckle breaking his usually stern countenance. “Board.” He ordered simply. The soldiers snapped a crisp salute, left fist thumping against their chests; and turned on their heels. They marched up the ramp into the waiting Airship, the Iron Emperor; Nero’s personal warship. The Inquisitor looked his Kaiser, the unasked question written on his face. “Yes, I’ll be overseeing this matter personally.” He said, his face stern once more. “It’s time I take these matters into my own hands, and remind the people who their Kaiser is. That their independence is granted by my grace and my grace alone.” He said, and while his words might have carried a hint of arrogance to the uninitiated, there was no denying the truth of it. “Besides, it’s time we’ve begun solidifying our military authority over the whole of the region. Especially now that they believe us to be sleeping.” He stepped towards the ramp, pausing only to look at the Inquisitor. “I will return on the third day, maintain vigilance and combat readiness.” He ordered. “I will maintain administrative duties while I am away, all pertinent information is to be sent over secure channels to my ship.” He said, finally making his way up the ramp. “Ah, and be sure to send a message to all cities, from now on they will be garrisoned by the Reichsheer, all city leaders are to send their local defense forces to the capital for training.” With that, he entered the ship. The ramp rose, sealing them inside as the engines hummed to life. The bridge crew saluted their Kaiser as he took his place in his chair. With him seated they all took place at their stations. “Well, ladies and gentlemen, lets go pay a visit to Valjer.” He said. “Ja, Kaiser!” The affirmed in unison, and the Iron Emperor rose from the rownd and into the cold southern skies. @Grimshar
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    General chat thread

    Just give nerds a wedgie. Assert dominance an you will be at the top of the hierarchy.
  18. These chains will not hold me down They’ll break and fall to the ground Can't tame these lions inside The Power is reigning like Thunder ready for a fight These Lions inside These Lions inside

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