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  1. Yeah, that works totally fine! Just tag me so I know it's up!
  2. Ay that's great! I'll definitely be down to do that underworld kind of thing. Let me know when it's up.
  3. That actually works! Alright, then consider that taken! And I'll get working on this character now 👀
  4. So, I read the article but I can't seem to place it if whether or not my guy could be of use in any of those. My character, as of yet, he/she hasn't been made yet. But I know the main premise. I want this character to be a freerunner, meaning, he/she will be running on rooftops, doing parkour stuff and doing illegal, dangerous, whatever job that brings the money on the table. I'm also planning on giving he/she a more than meets the eye appeal. But I can't think what kind of mission would be fitting for a character such as that. Could you help?
  5. Okay, so what now? Is there like a roleplay going on or we make our own?
  6. Well this is interesting. I always wanted a cyberpunk parkcore free runner parkouring and doing dangerous jobs for a living 👀
  7. Cain was rather unphased by The Scarlet Devil's movement that, if not for his black surrounding him, might have gotten squashed by a bunch of debris, due to his giant mace slamming on the ground like a meteorite. The Duke's optics glanced around his surroundings without even turning its head, those red glowing hues that radiated so much hateful, crimson, red like eternal burning flames. It also starred Cain deep down. The demonic entity, which was possibly incredibly old, was somewhat fascinated by Cain's enigmatic presence. On the other hand, The Devil's Advocate had another deal to strike. Unfortunately, he didn't work well with others... Well, not because he was incapable of working with others, no. It was more so, due to the lack of capability of keeping up with his nine step ahead of time mind. After all, he was a super soldier and anything rated below him, was nothing but a hindrance to him. That is why he is working alone. Less trouble to be had. He only took care of his own... having others to be taking into account. It would be quiet... how would one put it? Quite problematic, then again, perhaps he shouldn't judge someone he just met so harshly. Someone... that so obviously tried to kill him. Which is why he is on the defence in potentially accepting on what could be the deal of his life. Money wasn't really a need for him. Power? He had plenty of those in his arsenal. Truthfully, he didn't know what he could gain from this deal. The Devil's Advocate lifted his leg and bent it at the knee. He rested his forearms on top of his kneecap, as he hunched forward and glanced down at this "ginger head" until he came all the way up there, making eye contact with him. The tension in the air was nigh. One move and everything could end on both parties. This western stare down could literally kill someone. But then... Cain cracked a grin and he explained himself once again. He wanted to kill a disobedient beast of his. He truthfully, didn't think about taking into account that someone would be assigning themselves into these wastelands. A moment of silence passed between the two again, he dropped his shoulders and he sighed audibly. His head dropped down with his shoulders, and a left hand came to rub his armored neck for a brief moment. "So you are one of them weirdos, I see," he mentioned, although, he did not specify as to what he was referring to, "alright, agent orange, I'll take your word for it," he said as the visored man stared back into Cain's facial expression. Then Cain proceeded to explain himself, that finding him out here was just mere luck on his part. "I see..." he muttered softly. "If I were to join you... mister magic tricks," Morgan toningly remarked, "you better have other members that can get the job done. I'm not a team player, due to how little people can keep up with me. Also, it'll cost you to have me... a lot of money. But you already knew all of that before, didn't you?" he asked, adding a smirk of his own. Morgan Morton leaned back with a straight back, as he glanced at Cain, before he turned around and walked inside of Barbatos. He sat down on the pilot seat, as he made eye contact with the man before him. "I will join you," he said, "to see what you are really all about and what you can offer, agent orange," he mentioned, yet smirking once again.
  8. One would think that this so-called superhero was in a hurry but in fact he wasn't. Jack was casually walking to wherever the scent was leading him to. His hands were deep into his pockets, with his posture slightly leaned back with his legs kicking in front, as he walked without a hurry or worry in the world. His eyes were shut and his expression held no certain discomfort. But rather a comforting one. He was a hundred percent sure that Osvif wouldn't dare to hurt a woman, let alone someone as innocent and special as Kimiko Sakura herself. So this is what the great warrior has been doing all these years? Truth be told, he thought he died on that day... but he was very well alive. This lead him to think if the others were alive and equally wanted to take revenge on their so-called leader. These were all strong possibilities. As he was walking, he hunched forward, his back arching with him as he glanced on the ground for some reason. His facial expression held an unspecified smile on his lips. He never imagined the old days would come back to bite him in the ass. Why would they? After all, Jack... he was a changed man... right? He wasn't so sure but he significantly changed in his three millennial life span. Unfortunately, his group weren't as old as he was. He did remember that one of them was very old for some reason. He didn't know the specifics but they didn't hold a candle to his experience. When that day happened, their band disbanded and everyone went on their separate ways. He couldn't believe Osvif of all people, would choose such a life. Osvif was a warrior at heart, always fighting, always being ready to battle. He was the embodiment of what a warrior could be. And now? He was having a business affair with a blind woman. Jack couldn't depict as to why he took her in such a manner. If Osvif knew where he was, why didn't he attack him? That thought intrigued him the most. He stared at the sky, as his right hand hovered upwards and his hands curled around his chin, as he rubbed it slightly. Jack knew that he was potentially walking into a trap that would most likely end into his demise but well... when was the last time he did anything good in this world? Perhaps, saving an innocent woman was enough to cleanse him of his long lived life of sin, destruction, pain, and enormous suffering. He shook his head dismissively, who was he kidding? No amount of redeeming could wipe that much red he had on his hands. He realized that the past could not be changed a long time ago but if it were true, and he most likely believed it was. Osvif still held onto the past and now, he wanted revenge. That man could never catch a hint to save his life. What he did that day... it was a necessity, it saved their lives in a way. But he could never understand, because he was unable to understand. In the end, Jack was an enigmatic being. No one could truly see him for what he was. His very nature was a mystery to be uphold. His halving physiology had to be the strangest one in demon breeding history. Not even his Demon Lord Father could put into words what his firstborn really was. Firstborn... he wondered... was he really his first child? He knew his father was incredibly old. Much older than Jack could even dream to be. How come he hasn't had any other children than him? Maybe he had other things to do. He found it incredibly impossible to find something that would satisfy someone as long lived as his father was. Jack is barely a quarter of his father's life span and he already is bored of this seemingly immortality of his. Emotion? He has lost it along time ago. Love? He has felt it but it was ripped away from him, due to the ravages of time. A sense of belonging? There never was. He always was different, due to who he really was. Jack was more than meets the eye but his nature was so unpredictable, one may ask who was Jack really? Some say he is The Half-Demon and others say he is The Reaper, Demon Prince, The Immortal Jack... he really liked that one. But each name he had, held some sort of meaning that all came together into a big chaotic tapestry that was Jack Morpheus O'Neal. A strange being he really was. What was even stranger was, the more he approached Kimiko Sakura's scent, he could hear that horrible music that she used to dance to in The Silver Dragon. Even if he tried, he could never get into that type of music, let alone not get a shivering discomfort inside of his being. However, it made it much easier for him to pinpoint her location. The beast she was trying to attract would soon arrive. She would feel that similar, dominating, ominous, devouring presence that she felt the first time she met him in The Silver Dragon. It was who she thought it was, her face would be draw uptop of a hill, as she could see the supernatural aura of Jack, one that's indescribable to her. She couldn't even begin if she wanted to. His nature alone was an enigma without a valid answer, for he has not found his true self inside. He was many... selfs... but never one. He was whatever the world needed him to be, and as the wind breezed by them, alongside his long hair following through with his clothes that casually battered through without much fight. That same feeling, Osvif would be receiving as well. The man he once called his friend, brother, leader and now traitor was there. His light-greyish hues, ebbed and howled with so much intensity, they were as pale and vibrant as the moon. Jack watched the man before him several feet below, before he made for it and jumped down. He was several paces away from him. Jack's figure was much slimmer and smaller compared to Osvif's brute build. How odd that he was the one who contested with, on who was the strongest back in the day. They always stalemated each other, came close even. But it was clear to them both. Osvif was physically stronger but Jack was more powerful with his abilities. "Osvif Thorvaldsson... " his voice spoke, his tonality did not give Osvif a sense of enjoyment for seeing him in such a long time. "We meet at last," he said as the wind continued to breeze as the two stood still and their gaze was equal to an western standoff. "So, after these many years, this is what you choose to do with your life?" he asked, his right eyebrow lifting slightly, as it arched. Judging by his tone, it was snarky, tenacious, teasing, and nerve racking as possible. He glanced over to Kimiko, and he gave her an reassuring smirk... well not that she could see... right, he forgot. Jack averted his gaze back at Osvif, "you know, she didn't tell me you were in love with her or something," he shrugged, as his neck slid down in between his raised up shoulders. His lips forming into a more apparent smirk, while he upheld his right hand with his palm opened, emphasizing his carelessness and point. "Then again, she didn't dwell into my one night stand offer," he said as he looked at Osvif, his smirk grew into a sadistic grin. He was trying to grind Osvif's gears, which, if he knew him right, would have worked almost too well. "I gave up trying to seduce her, the moment I saw she had her tiny... filthy hands on my uncle's ring. I do not know how you have taken it from me, Osvif. But I dare say, you are a ballsy bastard, you know that?" he asked, as his pale sharp teeth showed through. "Now, of course, like any hero in a story, I have to save the woman in distress and despair. If you really wanted your revenge in a dual, you could have found me in a nice little inn to which I've rented a place. But you had to drag me all the way up here!" he spread his arms open, "so, I guess this should do," he shifted his hands back into his pockets. "Now, Osvif... what would it be?" he asked, "are you going to give me one of your speeches? How I so remorselessly betrayed you and the rest? Are you going to tell me, you're going to kill me in so many ways I cannot imagine?"
  9. Okay, I still can't believe this actually is a topic on Valucre... but well, since I've had some worst roleplay experiences in the past I'll just share them here with y'all. So, I have quite a few but let me start with this first one, that was actually my first one. It was on a Discord Roleplay Advertising Server, there you could throw in an application, or search-for-partner thread to have a roleplaying partner. The possibilities are endless and I think you can get the picture. One thay, I saw an application on the OC section. Which means Original Characters or Original Creation which is not to be confused with Fandom Roleplays... which I quite like to do. As of late, only Marvel and DC, I don't know if I plan on expanding my reaches to other Fandoms I love. Anyway, she was a sweet woman. She was also a part time mother but somehow she managed to pull time to write. I contacted her and we talked. We had some good ideas. She totally wanted to do something My Hero Academia inspired. For your information. I did not know what the Anime was about and still don't know to this day. Because, I'll never watch it, due to it not really catching my interest. We set our idea to be in the future, where there is this good organization and bad organization fighting off. I really forgot what the main plot was. The only thing I know, is that my character was the main protagonist, his name was Adonis King and the one who he was supposed to fall in love with. Was the artificially made daughter of this Doctor Scientists that gave Humanity, or selected few humans, superpowers. Uh, don't worry, her character was human... she was just not naturally made. Either way, she wrote the intro of our roleplay, which was very short and then I had to start us off. Now comes the devastating part. I'm a person that hates wasting their time in a roleplay that I clearly had interest in. So I wrote a good 10+ paragraphs reply. Very hefty, thicc, you name it. I wanted to show her I'm interested in that. Then, she read it, she said she loved it but she kind of took like forever to reply. A day goes off where she totally is offline and she didn't even tell me. "Hey, I'm busy, I won't roleplay today." Since you know, it's nice to let people know, you know? It didn't matter, because I was alright with it. Being a mother and all that. Kid is priority so I was cool with it. However, what I wasn't cool with, was when I had to go to sleep since it was around 12 AM, practically midnight. I didn't tell her I'm leaving, because she already was offline. I had school tomorrow as well, so things were looking hectic for me to get my ass back in the bed and sleep. Then, I get spam messages around 3 to 4 AM, yes. Even then, I precisely told her that when you see me offline, I'm asleep. I even took the liberty to tell her my timezone. Since she was from North America, surprisingly a lot of people there like to roleplay, and I was from Europe, Germany. So, of course, time zones are going to be different. Either way, her first message was that she found it hard to write because she couldn't get into the story. Her second one was that she wasn't feeling the roleplay, and we barely even started it. Her third one was that she wanted to end the roleplay and she booted me from her discord server. I knew that, because when I saw her first and second, I went to sleep again, and right when I woke up... Hoppaaaa, no server anymore. So I was confused as hell. She even had the audacity to write me a Direct Message, telling me that she was sorry, and gave me a bunch of crap. Truth be told, I felt it was my first worst experience because, she didn't wait for me to get online. I told her, that I'm not unreasonable, we can work together to make the story work. But nope. So I wasted my time for a few days only to get the "Oh, I'm not feeling it" even though, it was her idea, right? Like honestly, I felt like she acted immature, instead of waiting for me to get back online and tell her that it was fine. We could have done an entire roleplay all together. I'm not unreasonable but I have a limit in terms of how patient I can stay with things that essentially trigger me. So yeah, to sum it up. It left on a very bad note. But tja, that's it for today. I have two more experiences to tell you, which those will have a lot of SALT. So I suggest you get some food next time, and let the SALT in my post make your food taste better, lol.
  10. Deep inside Jack wasn't so eager to tell her the tale that changed his life around completely. Not that he wasn't thankful for the changes he underwent - to put it simply. It wasn't something he fondly looked back to. If he was going to be honest, he didn't believe he was still worthy of Mall's ring. However, it still belonged to him - he earned that damned thing fair and square. But he still couldn't remember how he lost it. The sudden epiphany dawned on him, as he realized he never bothered to ask who her patron was and how they managed to get their hands on such a valuable piece of magic. Nevertheless, he wouldn't need to ask her that question. Not since he was fairly sure he will receive the ring back after he told her his tale. As they walked, out of the sudden, Kimiko Sakura slipped her arm around his and tightly held onto it. As if her very life depended on it. It was surprising to say the least as he looked at her, when she asked if he minded since she needed some help with getting around. He looked away from her and he shrugged indifferently. He particularly didn't care - whatever made her boat move - he'll be down for it. At least for now anyway, since he was planning on never seeing her. Kimiko Sakura didn't seem to skip his suggestion on getting some sweets from some vendors. She actually knew a lot of them - perhaps she was a woman that enjoyed such things. She even showed him the way which was down the road they currently were walking on. Which so happened to be in front of the park he was planning on walking her through and tell his tale about his past. The silence between the two stayed and as awkward as that was he didn't bother to pay attention to it. He just wanted to get with this already. Still, she didn't dismiss the thought of sharing him some chilled sweet fruits on a stick. He wanted to decline if he was going to be honest but he shrugged, and wandered what harm that would do. So he took her offer and he had a bite. Even then, he couldn't shake the feeling of her unwarranted friendliness. After all - last night they were bickering against each other back and forth. One might then understand his off put expression when she smiled to him while she casually labeled her love for such a delicious dessert - if he may add - as a fellow weakness of hers. Of course, humans - besides that being a weakness - they had other things they labeled as such. His desert came and went as fast as his story was being told and ended. Jack wasn't sharing the same likeness like Kimiko Sakura did. Perhaps she wanted to hear more, perhaps she had multiple questions that needed an answer. Whatever those were - he wouldn't answer them. She wanted a story - not answers. So he gave her one. Demons shouldn't easily be trusted, after all, he didn't mention that they were seven tales to this grand story of his, he was going to share with her. But he thought the first trial of his would be best to make a believer out of her. To which - she became one. Jack laughed internely - ah humans - always so predictable, always so easily manipulated. Kimiko Sakura then removed the ring from her finger and she held it out. There it was, that damn ring he wanted to get last night. Couldn't this woman already give it to him yesterday? He internally sighed and resisted the urge to just roll his eyes away. His right-hand reached out for the ring and he took it. Mall's Ring was once again in his possession. Jack looked back at her as she said she couldn't keep something that rightfully belonged to someone else. Oh boy, since when was she good at stating the obvious? It didn't matter as he smirked all of the sudden. He dismissively shook his head when she hoped to hear other six tales of his before she departed. She said it was refreshing to talk with someone that wasn't trying to get with her in bed. Of course, she couldn't drop that subject away, now could she? "You could have made it much easier on the both of us. If you seized your overcompensating mannerism last night, we wouldn't have been here. Then again, I've taken back what rightfully belongs to me," he said, "and with that, Kimiko Sakura," he slipped the ring on his left-handed ring-finger, "there is no need for me to tell you the other tales of my existence," mentioned, "you now know who I am and that I've been telling the truth this entire time. One tale should be enough to satisfy your entire human lifespan," he coldly stated. "And as about that one thing I was trying to get," he brings in, "I no longer seek that," he shook his head, "not with the likes of you. I may be a womanizer. But I have standards." That being said, their conversation continued with Kimiko Sakura being surprised that someone like him would go out of his way - to go on a trip and walk a human such as her around a pretty garden and attempt to prove himself to her that he was the one. Jack lightly scoffed as he shrugged it off - his cold and unapproachable, dominating aura once again back up. It was as if it was a wall around him that protected him from emotion. He may have done it with intent or he was totally unaware of that. If the later was the case, it would have explained a lot about him. "Think nothing of it," he tilted his head slightly towards his right, while looking at her, "I didn't do it because I wanted to. If that is what you are thinking - nor did I enjoy this trip and talk about my past, which I've so heavily sworn I'd never speak about," his tone took a sharp one, it was clear he did not like to talk about it. "Then again, I could have easily yanked it away from your hand last night, with or without your finger on it. However, you see, Kimiko," he calls, "I'm not a bad guy and I like to be entertained and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Yours... can go farily deep," he smirked. "But it wasn't as entertaining as I thought it would be," stated as he looked away and glanced at the fountain as the water was pouring none stop. "I do have to admit tho," he looked at her, "for a human such as yourself and a blind one at that," he adds, "you are fairly ballzy I must say. So congratulations on your part," he sarcastically said, then again, there was some truth behind that sarcasm. Something shifted in his eyes as Kimiko talked about his mother. He didn't take likely to people talking about her. People who he didn't liked. Jack didn't completely hate Kimiko but she wasn't someone he'd gladly sit down on a table and have a chat with. She was despicable - disposable - not needed. However, he choose not to say anything about that and he just shook his head, "I would rather not talk about my mother... that's for obvious reasons I will not bother telling you. I'll just say to drop the subject. She's dead - that's final," he declared. Jack smirked when he saw a girl in the distance running towards the two. That girl proved to be a hell of a nuisance. "Oh, lover girl is coming," tauntingly adds with a smoky tone as she approached the two. What perfect timing this woman had. He had a feeling she didn't like him and that was okay. Not a lot of people liked Jack anyway. Most of them were humans and Thom was one of them. She always was so protective of Kimiko Sakura. But as the idiot could see - he did nothing to her. If he had the attention to harm or even kill her. He would have done that last night but he didn't. Yet the human was blind. She couldn't see even with her two stupid eyeballs that she had on her being. "Perfect timing my gal," he whispered teasingly towards Thom. Of course, just because she didn't like him that didn't mean he wouldn't enjoy taunting her around like an object. Taunting was one of his favorite things and he was very good at it. Kimiko Sakura and the girl who was sent by Thom - yet another lover boy - had exchanges back and forth. She reverted her attention to Jack, who was oddly fascinated by him just by saying that story. He didn't like it. He didn't want to give her any hope he will be telling her another story soon. This was it. It was over. However, despite things being heated, she still enjoyed the afternoon, much to his surprise as he didn't. Then again, perhaps she was nice that way. Something Jack would never really learn to master - not since... well he didn't want to talk about that either. "Nah, this was a one time deal, Misses Sakura," he unfortunately said, "tomorrow I'll most likely be leaving this shithole anyway," he shrugged, "so I won't be dropping by your little therapy music shows any time soon," he stated, "so this is farewell," he waved his hand in a motion for them to bugger off as he turned around and silently walked away from them. The Next Day... More or less, Jack O'Neal was unaware of the current situation that was happening outside of his inn. As of right now, he was in his bed, staring at the ceiling while playing with Mall's ring with his fingers. It rolled across his each knuckle with ease - it was as if he was playing a coin trick. Once again sporting a topless figure with just boxers on his being. He sighed softly as he couldn't get Kimiko Sakura out of his head. Why couldn't he? She was a nobody to him - he didn't care much about her. Yet he could feel something was off. Misses Sakura appeared to be a genuine person who just wanted to hear his tales until she departed. What did she enjoy about them so much? They only entailed suffering and nothing more - there wasn't anything where you could get excited about. Then again, what did Kimiko Sakura know about suffering? She was nothing but a blind human being - with a lifespan that will eventually shorten. She will get old and then she will die, whlistJack will continue to live on. He turned towards his right side on his bed, his eyes slowly gazed the outline of the window until there was a knock on the door. Jack softly grunted and buried his face in the pillow. He didn't want to be disturbed, he thought by not responding it would make it much clearer to the visitor. But damn this person - they very persistent. There was a time and place for that. But according to him, this wasn't the time nor the place to bother someone who just wished to be left alone. Unwillingly, he hopped out of his bed as he casually walked towards the door that was still being knocked on as if there was an emergency, "I'm coming, I'm coming," he rolled his eyes as he curled his hands around the door knob and turned his wrist and opened the door. Jack's eyebrow lifted as he saw quite the familiar place. It was that girl who interrupted his conversation with Kimiko Sakura. "What the hell are you doing here?" his tone was sharp and to the point. The woman somewhat yipped from the sudden question, backing a few steps away from him. She then covered her mouth when she noticed he was almost naked. She blushed out of embarrassment and looked away which finally gave Jack a reason to become self-aware that he wasn't wearing much clothes. He rolled his eyes to that, "I ain't got the whole day for you," he said. "It's about Misses Sakura..." she quietly said. Jack sighed exasperatedly, "what about that woman?" he asked. "She... she... s-she's gone!" she mentioned, "her patron, he was the one who requested me to go fetch Misses Sakura," she said, "I didn't know for what reason, only that he needed to speak with her urgently. After that - he simply attacked the woman and kidnapped her and left not only the inn keeper but several other patrons stoned..." she buried her face into her hands as she began to cry. He glanced at the woman before him, somewhat dumbfounded, "stoned..." he muttered as he looked away, "that's very strange," he crossed his arms, his elbow resting on his palm while his fingers gently curled and held onto his chin for a few moments, contemplating why the patron would stone someone. He knew of one person who could stone people but that couldn't be him. It couldn't. The thought itself was baffling at best. He is supposed to be dead - a very, very, very long time ago. There is no way he could have survived and even if he did survive. What was his business here of all places? "Hey, woman," he calls out to her, "do you know how her patron looks like?" he asked. The woman glanced at him, a bit confused at the question until she eventually had an answer, "very tall, bulky, not your typical average man. Very strong and straight to the point," she said. Jack sighed as he ran his hand across his face, he shook his head, "why is it that I always get involved with that damn woman," he scoffed as he turned around. "Give me five minutes, and I'll be out," he said as he slammed the door shut in front of the woman. He didn't take long - exactly five minutes as the half demon stepped out of his apartment room and glanced at the woman, who surprisingly waited for him. He could have honestly did nothing but if what she says is true - then there is no chance in hell, he'll leave this town. "Let's go," Jack calls. Soon, Jack and the woman were at the scene in the inn. The place looked dead, it wasn't as lively as it once was the last time he visited. He quickly proceeded in making his way inside while the woman loosely followed him. She uttered no word, she didn't want to upset the half-demon let alone get him pissed at her as well. For all she could know - he was the only chance at getting Misses Sakura back. Eventually, he was in the room where the fight took place. His eyes shifted once again, his light grey hues became much lighter as he scanned the room with his supernatural senses. Jack could see the auras manifested in the figures of what was happening. The woman leaned by the door and eventually she opened her mouth to speak, "anything you can find?" she asked. Jack glanced at the woman as he hummed for a few seconds. He averted his gaze back at the scene as he ran down a short breakdown of what happened. "This wasn't much of a fight, Kimiko walked inside and the patron stood over there," he pointed at the seet, "judging by the light, I can't tell what his face looked like. However, if we take into consideration that Kimiko protected herself with a chair, it only meant that she threw it at him. An average man would be knocked out if hit with such a wooden chair. This wasn't an ordinary man," he walked towards the pile of stoned bodies and inspexted them. He knelt down at Thom and he placed his hand on his stoned chest. His face changed - somewhat in awed but not with excitment, it was with fear and uncertainty, "this is a curse," he stated out loud as he looked at the woman who didn't know much about magic to begin with. "It's an irreversible curse," he mentioned as he looked back at him, "or well for me it is," he stood back on his feet. "I only know of one man that can cause such a thing... " his tone held a great feel of dread and unwarranty. He sighed as he glanced at the ceiling and recalled the man of whom he was thinking about, "his name is Osvif Thorvaldsson, The Truth," he recalls, "his curse is a simple one, if anyone around him including himself lies then they turn into stone forever," he stated as he looked at her. "This ability can't be controlled and I bet these idiots spat lies out of their mouths. He was probably searching for me... " he then noticed the words "TRAITOR" etched into the door. As he approached them, he dragged his fingers across it, "most definitely he was searching for me," he stated, "if there is any speck of a lie inside of Kimiko, if she utters one wrong word, she is dead," coldly adds. "If I'm going to do this - then I'll have to face the one man who is physically stronger than me... " his voice left just like his figure that walked down the hallway, "go home, some place safe, anywhere else but do not interfer with my work, or you will share the same fate as those men before you," he warned her as he followed the aura traces that were left behind by Osvif and Kimiko Sakura...
  11. It was expected not to see Jack O'Neal during the performance of Kimiko Sakura after calling her music boring. As well as the fact that he didn't find her to be that much if a great entertainer. It could be interpreted that he didn't mean any of those words - maybe he was too offended by the sudden discovery that Kimiko had his magical ring of power. Whatever it was, Kimiko would never find out since Jack most likely would never talk about this again. He rested well during the night and when he woke up - he found himself staring to the window. He couldn't forget last night's failed rodeo. At first it was meant to be just a purpose of finding something to entertain him for the night. He imagined waking up in the morning inside Kimiko's bedroom with her laying naked by his side. But as soon as he saw that ring - that ring held so much meaning to him. It was incredibly significant. What frustrated him the most - down to his very bones that ached by the mere thought - was the lack of knowledge as to how and why Mall's Ring got into her possession. Who was this patron? How did they find it? Why couldn't he remember... this was frustrating. It didn't take long for Jack to simply get out of bed. Hours passed by quickly - Jack didn't walk out of his apartment. He only ordered the necessary food for the day and pay up the prices. He wondered why he was considering this. Why couldn't he simply walk into that inn, with little to no care in the world, and take Mall's Ring by force? Then the thing that he also hated the most came into his head. His voice of reasoning battled against his voice of hatred. Thoughts spawned in his head and they said that he was better than that. He wasn't some kind of evil doer. However, he was no hero either. Not by appearance as he wore no cape and not by soul. He sighed as he sat and laid back against the couch. Maybe he was against telling her his past because he must have hated what he once was. Even then, he was no better than he was in the past. A lot of blood was shed by his two hands alone. He couldn't say that he lost count of every single soul he slain. He knew the exact difference between guilty people and innocent one. Unfortunately, both the like have been slain by him. Whatever after life awaited him - he would accept judgment at hand accordingly. Now he just realized that he had some sort of emotions inside of him. He shouldn't lose hope of himself but he didn't know. This facade that he always has on his face is simply tiring him out. Living for so long is just a curse. Three thousand years and he hasn't even lived most of his seeming immortality. Whatever was pushing him to do this was clearly working. O'Neal sat up and made his way towards the bedroom. He was wearing a pair of boxers or something equivalent to short pants. But his top was naked, his chest was bare as well as his back. He rocked a very muscular built that showed little to no body fat. While he had quite the pleasing body to stare at. It wasn't unscaved by any means. Deep scars from previous battles and wars evidently showed through. One might say that his body was an work of art. Resembling beauty and perfection at its peak but with much pain and experience. Jack opened the doors of the bedroom and he didn't take long before he had his clothes back on. He swiftly made his way out of the apartment, while not forgetting to lock the door. In a blink of an eye he already was outside the establishment inn. He sighed once again and took a shortcut towards The Silver Dragon inn. When he arrived Kimiko was just outside - holding an umbrella. It must have been because today it was another hot day. One usually wouldn't wear all black during the day. But Jack wasn't your ordinary fella either. So he rocked it like he owned it as he approached Kimiko Sakura. He was about to say something in the lines of "Let's get over with this already," but he didn't. Something felt strange about him as he opened his mouth and casually greeted her. "Hey there, Misses Sakura," he gave her a genuine smile, "today is quite the hot day, isn't it?" he asked as he reverted his gaze towards the sun but he didn't stare too much into it, "well if you are ready. I'll walk you towards a park with plenty of shade, maybe we can get something to eat down the line," he said, "I have quite the story to tell you," he smirked as he shoved his hands into his pockets and began to walk. If Kimiko did request for them to stop and get something refreshing to eat during this hot day, he would have compiled without any objection. If she wouldn't have - then Jack simply continued to walk with her for a few minutes. Soon they see the beautiful front gates of the park they would be visiting. There was no doubt that Jack in his freetime had the tendency to do a bit of sightseeing. This was the place and it already greeted them with cool and refreshing shades from the tall trees that surrounded the place. His pace was casual and he wasn't rushing by foot. He slowly walked while he looked forward. He would then for the first time since they walked open his mouth and speak up. "Have you ever heard about the saying of... " he looked at her as he continued, "if you can't do anything about it then let it go. Don't be a prisoner to things you can't change?" he asked her, while he looked away and continued to walk. His expression was neutral but gave no feelings off just yet. "If I'll be honest - back when I was still - being the old me. I didn't know what that meant," Jack spoke, "I believed anything you do is with your own hands, words, mind and logic. However, there will be times where people will find your words to be too hurtful even if they are true, and even if they are just being honest and meant no harm. Times where maybe your mind failed you because you're emotionally too weak to take anymore mental punishment from life anymore. Or your logic isn't logical to people who simply are too full of themselves - think their logic is more logical while yours is simply defected. That you are not worth their cut or time. I can go on and tell you just how much I've experienced over the three past millennials. But I'll start with my most significant of them all," he said. He sighed as just in that brief moment - there was a speck of sadness in his tone and expression. "Let's begin with the Trials of Mall... " his voice proceeded to sound like a story as he explained it to her. Flashback... 2619 years ago... It was a time where Jack Morpheus O'Neal didn't know better. He was the posh Demon Prince that had domain over his father's dimension. People call it hell, others call it the demon's dimension and many more names. But he knew it as simply being called Genovia. A simple name with no real meaning to it - it only served as the name's place as its meaning. Genovia was unlike any other dimension, the ground was surely rougher, more hostile than that of the physical plane of existence which was known as earth. This was no place for mere mortals - this was the place where every demon dwellved in their version of paradise. Out of all of the demons his father had in his army - Jack had the most luxury of a said paradise. He was in his father's castle, resting in his bedroom with women lying on the floor. He had a smirk on his face, his eyes closed in bliss. His bare chest exposed while his lower body was covered by a thick blanket made out of expensive materials. This was the life of Jack when he was a Prince. But today - today was the day where Uncle Mall would come back to Genovia. The Trials of Mall would begin. He will be testing Jack's skill and worthiness. His nephew was cocky as ever, he thought he will succeed the trials. Little did he knew that it wasn't the case. The Demon Lord heavily insisted on Mall making the trials harder than ever. The Purgatory was given access to Mall. There he would have free roam to create any sort of trials. Mall was Jack's relative Uncle - so they were family. It was hard to not maintain a certain bias towards his nephew but not this time. He will be harsher than ever. Eventually the Prince thought it was time to get out of bed. He didn't want to make his uncle wait for too long. He quickly got dressed and he made his way down the palace until he spotted a bold yet young man dressed with an outfit made out of robes. He was wearing golden gauntlets, as well as a golden belt. The magical energy that was radiating off of them were truly incredible. It was without a doubt, Mall who was waiting in the palace's hallways. Mall turned around as he spotted his nephew twenty steps away from him. The man smirked upon seeing him. "As I live in and breathe," Mall said, "look at you, Jackie, you've grown," he teased Jack slightly. O'Neal rolled his eyes at his uncle teasing him before the two were fairly close. There was a clear height difference between the two. Mall clearly being much taller than his nephew. However, that didn't stop him from seeing how much Jack has grown and matured. Hopefully he did mature but this visit shall tell him everything he needed to know about him. Jack crossed his arms when he shifted his weight on his right hip and arched an eyebrow as he looked at Mall. "Nice to see you too, uncle," Jack greeted, "I trust you came because today is the trials day, correct?" he asked. Mall chuckled and shaked his head. "You really are straight to the point as your old man said, aren't you?" he rhetorically asked as his fists gently rested against the sides of his hips. Mall was probably the only one in the entire realm who was allowed to call The Demon Lord an old man. Maybe because Mall was his younger brother - after all he also was entrusted in training some of Genovia's best demons, The Demon Lord included as well as his prodigal son. "But to put it simply, yes, I've come at the request of your father. Today is the day, you get a chance at my powerful ring, kid." "Always," Jack replied with a witty tone, referring to his uncle calling him straight to the point. It seemed that even then he was blunt and straightforward as ever. Something that Kimiko would also learn in the future to come for this Demon Prince. When Mall mentioned that in the trials he will be partaking, the reward was Mall's ring - his light grey-ish eyes lit up in content and interest, however, he soon spoke. "I mean, that's great and all but I'm already immune to magic," he said. Mall laughed out loud, "no you aren't," he bluntly stated, "you are resistant to it. If you complete the entire trial you will get my ring," he mentioned, "but to simply inform you as to what my ring can actually do, kiddo. It's really easy to follow. It counters any and all magical attacks and redirects them tenfold back at the attacker," he proudly explained, "not even your super-dad can shake it." he smirked. Jack heard about the infamous Mall's ring and its capabilities but he never thought he will be trialing for it. What did his father have in mind with him anyway? Jack sighed. "Okay, okay, so how do we start the trials then?" he asked curiously. "We'll go to purgatory," he stated. His eyes widened when he heard his uncle mention the purgatory. It was a place of suffering - a place for the damned souls who did pacts with demons in their life. The Purgatory was made by The Demon Lord and it is no place for the weak minded. Jack wasn't afraid of many things but that was an exception. The place could even tear and rip demons apart. It was a sort of a prison for them, should anyone think of dethroning the current king. He audibly gulped as his bravado suddenly faded and he acted a bit more cautiously around Mall. "Alright..." he said, "but how can you even access it?" he asked. "Oh, your old man gave me the key to it," he smirked before he opened the portal to the purgatory, "don't worry kiddo, it has taken me months of preparations. Of course, you're not the only demon I'll be testing it on but since your dad was so keen on strengthening your abilities. I was sure, whatever, I'll take my nephew through it and help him out." Jack's eyes glanced at Mall as if they were the equivalent of two headlights of a car. "He did what?!" he asked, almost perplexed about what he was hearing. It was far from the truth. His father knew that his son was too spoiled and he needed a lesson. The Trials of Mall would serve as a conduct to any demon in his army - to be trained throughout trial and error until they are unbreakable. Perhaps it wasn't the greatest of ideas to test it on his own son. But since he was already powerful due to him being his son, he thought he could take it with ease - well not literally but he had faith in him. "Alright, you ready?" Mall asked as the portal opened and before Jack could even think of answering that absurd question the portal sucked them through... The Trials of Mall The First Realm - The Sin of Wrath The ground was burnt, coursed and scorched. The air was thick and toxic with many poisonous gasses. Jack didn't know a lot about The Purgatory. The only thing he knew it was the place where his father would sent damned beings as punishment for whatever they have down to wrong him. But that was about it and much knowledge on it wasn't found in the library of knowledge, Jack sometimes visits to read some books through. Of course, they reading only served as some personal gain. Still, there was no book that wrote about this damned place. When the portal teleported Mall and Jack through - they would see the devastating almost apocalyptic, hell-like place. There were many mountains surrounding them, they were all crips and black. It was the most blackest thing he has ever seen. The ground was burnt and scorched, the air wasn't breathable but it didn't cause any side effects to a half demon such as him. He looked around the place to get a clear view of where he was. He couldn't put what it was and there wasn't a sign where it said welcome to the place of... whatever the place was called. There was also a levitating moon that was slightly cracked underneath its radius, lava or something of the sorts was pouring out of it. This place contained much hatred, violence - a lot of wrath. He could sense it as it coursed through his veins and body. It was an unsettling feeling to be here. If he was a coward he would have most likely asked his uncle to turn back. However, he wanted that ring, with it he would be virtually unstoppable. The only thing that stopped him - it was Mall's trials which already he could tell, would be a very large pain in the ass. "Where are we, Mall?" Jack finally broke the silence as he looked at his uncle. Mall had a smirk on his face as he walked a few paces away from Jack before he turned around and glanced back at him. "I welcome you to The Trials of Mall in The Purgatory!!!" he enthusiastically claimed, as fire erupted from some cracks, lava pouring out while magma shot out of the ground. "There are seven circles to this damned hell. Make it through all of them, and my ring of power is yours kiddo!" his voice went sharp and cold. "This is the first realm of the purgatory. The lair of the sin of wrath - something you are very familiar with I reckon." "The Sin of Wrath?" Jack asked, "I bare no such sin - in fact I bare no such thing. This is preposterous," he shook his head in disbelief. The man before him suddenly narrowed his gaze at Jack. His facial expression somewhat frowned as his relaxed nature suddenly changed into a much serious one. He approached his nephew and closely looked at him. "Listen to me kiddo," he mentioned, "The Trials are unique for each individual - when I was shaping the purgatory. Your essence dwelves in the seven deadly sins, to which you are guilty of committing. Willing, unwilling, knowing or unknowing," Mall stated. "This isn't some kind of game, Jack, take it serious. Because if you fail, you will die here!!" he declared. Jack eyed his uncle with a very intense glare. It was then that his supernatural presence and aura became more noticeable to Mall, to which he only could smirk briefly. "Fine, I'll complete your trials," Jack said as he walked past Mall and made his way well into the realm. The further he got - the more he could feel the anger and hatred. Wrath was pouring in and out of this place with such high intensities. It always managed to keep the half-demon on his toes. He didn't know when something would crawl out and attack him. It was clear to him that Mall could not interfere with whatever he will be facing. At last, he found himself to be standing in front of a temple of sorts. It looked like a large fortress made out of obsidian. Lava poured through in some places as sort of a designers choice. He wondered just where they were but he didn't want to ask Mall. They entered the fortress only to be greeted by a giant demon with horns and big wings. His armor was made out of obsidian and he had a blazing big obsidian greatsword. He was sitting on his throne of iron. He was expecting them. Jack and Mall stopped in their footsteps as the demon opened his mouth to speak with his fellow guests. "I welcome you to Wrathkeep's Fortress," the demon declared, "Jack Morphes O'Neal, Son of The Demon Lord. Today you face your first trial under me. The Sin of Wrath." The Prince looked up at the demon who talked to him. He was the sin of wrath and the one he will be testing. Jack turned his head slightly around to look over his left shoulder - only to see that Mall was now gone and it was only him and the sin of wrath. He looked at the demon as he spoke, "what do they call you, wrath?" he asked, "also try as you might but I've committed no such sin," he shook his head dismissively. The Sin of Wrath grinned as he looked at the half demon before him. Of course, arrogant as they get he was. He had so many sins latched onto his being. "They call me Tollmen, The Sin of Wrath," Tollmen presented himself, "however, you halving. Your claims bear no weight on the truth. They are empty words. I see through you, Jack. You have committed the sin of wrath a long time ago and you still do," he declared. "Prove it," Jack crossed his arms, his tongue and tone were sharp as a blade, his glare was threatening at best. Tollmen shook his head before he extended his left hand and from it, a holographic, almost surreal projection spawned before the prince. Jack seemed to be familiar with the projection as he could see a scene reveal itself to him. It was many years ago - how long he didn't know exactly but then his memory struck him. It made him hiss in pain as he rested his palm against the right side of his face as he kneeled down onto his right knee. He hissed more and more - he was by now grunting audibly as the scene played inside his mind. Jack found himself somewhere else now. He didn't know exactly but the room seemed to spin around him until it stopped. Before him there was a burning kingdom in hellfire and black flames. People were running in many different directions. Innocent people screaming and yelling in pain and suffering. The knights of the kingdom all slaughtered. The warlord that resigned inside was also dead and before all of it stood a very familiar figure once again. It was none other than Jack himself. He was bloodied - not by his own blood but rather by the innocent and guilty people he had slaughtered. "What is this?" Jack asked. "Ts... ts... ts..." Tollmen shook his head, "you really don't remember do you?" he asked, "or is it because you don't want to remember?" Jack's neutral expression changed that with hatred and rage. His teeth tightly pressed against each other as he looked around him, yet the demon of wrath was nowhere to be seen. He remembered this moment in his life very well. The kingdom that he single handedly took down was not without reason. They were damned - they were evil people who deserved death. He could have felt their stink of evil from miles away and still get a bad taste in his mouth. But that wasn't the sole reason as to why he unleashed his fury upon them. "How do you know of this?" he asked. "Oh, but I know everything about you, Jackie," he said with a sing sang tone, "every single sin you committed. This was no exception but I'll tell you what I know. Your mother died a few weeks later before you slaughtered them. You were furious that your father didn't save her - for some unknown reason he let her die. He never explained it to you. He just said she died of old age. Of course, I know the truth but I don't want to spoil it just yet," he grinned, "besides, it isn't my place to mingle around family business," he chuckled briefly, "nevertheless, with your furious heart you let waste upon these people." Suddenly, tears began to built around his eyelashes. He missed his mother for so long. She wasn't there to wish him goodnight, or to read him one of his favorite stories... he could never feel the love of his mother again. She was the human side of him - she loved his father with all of her heart. That is why he is furious with him, why didn't he save her? He claimed before that he can save people from dying so why did he let her die?! Jack growled at this point, tears dripped down his cheeks but he couldn't let go of the rage he had inside. He would do what he did that day again, it changed nothing. "They deserved it," he spat out of his mouth. "Nothing justifies their means and ends, I helped the world by getting rid of scum like them," he said, "what difference does it make anyway?" he asked. Tollmen wholeheartedly chuckled with a very sharp yet deep tone, "oh Jackie, it would always matter. Your past always matters - this is why you can't let go of it. You let these memories destroy your soul. You let out your anger on people who didn't deserve it. Sure, their Warlord was a scumbag but not the children or women - they were innocent. And now, I will let you relive that moment over, over and over again until you realize that her death had nothing to do with your father as well as those people who you have slaughtered, oh dear Grim Reaper," he calls out. Then Jack's consciousness was taken into a different realm of reality. He was reliving his memories once again. Now he was outside of the kingdom he would let his wrath upon. He walked towards the gates and he unsheathed his most powerful weapon - The Alblack Sword. He would fail the trial once again as he did the same abominable acts as he did them in the past. Then everything went on a repeat, he was teleported back right before the kingdom which was still intact. Jack frowned and his anger once again overwhelmed him. Then he repeated - again, again, again, again, again and again. It felt like he was stuck there for an eternity. His real body was standing in front of Tollmen who was sitting on his throne, red and black electricity surged through Jack's lying body on the floor as he yelled and screamed for hours and hours and hours until his screams went inhumane. Why did his mother's death affect him so much? Why couldn't he simply let go! It is supposed to be easy at a point in one's life but not for Jack - he couldn't. He loved his mother more than he loved his father. He wanted her back but now it was all too late and as Jack's mind was breaking apart he was on his feet, tightly gripping his locks as he laid before the gates of the kingdom which he will destroy once again. Tears dripped down his cheeks, he needed to turn back but what was the way out of this predicament? Was this Jack's fate? To be forever tortured by his first sin? For a eternity? Out of nowhere, Mall walked towards his nephew. He glanced at the gate and the kingdom he destroyed in his past, he whistled as he was slightly impressed by it. Mall looked down on Jack who was lost in his own world without sense. He sighed as he nudged his side, "you still don't get it do you?" Mall asked, "your mother would have eventually died. She was sweat, caring and kind. I never thought anyone would love your old man. I met her - she was a beautiful and strong woman. But you need to realize something, Jackie, your father - as powerful as he is. He could have not saved her." "Now you have two options here, Jackie boy," he said as he glanced at the sun setting. "You can either stay in here for eternity and get tortured or simply let go of the damn past," he was silent for a moment as he waited for Jack to say something but he didn't say anything. Mall sighed and he patted his back, "well, it is up to you now," he said as he stood on his feet and walked away. For a moment there was just a brief silence as Jack stopped crying and blaming himself. His eyes opened and he rose his head back up. He needed to let go and forgive himself and his father. In the end, his mother would not have wanted for him to bare such an enormous and tremendous guilt. He slowly stood back on his feet and he stood there, with his back straight and in complete silence. His expression was hidden by his long black hair that hid his eyes. He slowly turned around while he tightly clenched his fists as he walked simply away. Back in the realm of wrath - Jack stood on his feet and glanced back at Tollmen who seemed to be surprised upon this discovery, "oh so you finally let go of that guilt, interesting," he muttered, "but there is still a slight problem in your way out of here. You will have to kill me!" he declared. Jack summoned his scythe and he threw it at the demon which sliced him in half - just in a blink of an eye as it returned back into Jack's hand, "pathetic," he mumbled under his breath, "unto the next trial, Mall," he turned around only to see Mall standing proud with his fists placed against his hips. He simply smirked and he lead the way towards the second realm... Back in the Present... It became apparent to Kimiko Sakura that Jack's story was more so divided in multiple sections... From what he has told her, he had to undergo the Trials of Mall that would challenge him and his personal inner demons. Those inner demons were the seven deadly sins. His first sin that he ever committed was the sin of wrath, something he had been struggling to maintain ever since his mother died. Now, he doesn't even appear to have one spack of wrath in him. It was clear that he successfully completed the first of the seven trials Mall had him undergo. When his story ended they would stop towards a beautiful fountain while birds chirped in the background... the scenery looked benevolent. And then if Kimiko would pay attention, she would see Jack with his hands in his pockets with a slight but genuine small that donned his lips for that one moment. His eyes appeared to be at their fullest content as he stared at the fountain before he turned his attention to the woman he was telling to story. "Now you know that I'm a Half-Demon, as well as the Son of The Demon Lord and The Prince Demon of Genovia," he said. "The reason why my kind is so rare, it's because there are few occasions where my kind and your kind ever fall in love," he mentioned briefly, "my parents were an exception and they truly loved each other. Hence why I'm here talking with you about it," he obviously stated, "even so, I couldn't bare the death of my human mother. I loved her too much to simply let go," he sighed as he closed his eyes for a moment. He took in a deep breath and he exhaled as he opened them back up. Suddenly, his eyes didn't glare at her with so much intensity like they did before when they first met. "There are six more stories I have to tell you but this one should be enough," Jack mentioned. "So, Kimiko Sakura, do you believe me or not?" he asked.
  12. To put it simply - Jack was a man that cared little about what people thought of him. He didn't like to call himself old but he has lived through many things, that simply managed to make him unbothered by the unpleasant stares, the people that worked in the Silver Dragon establishment, gave him. They must have been her all time fans, so much so, that they could practically do anything for their approval. But who was he to judge anyway? He remembered there was a time where Jack was renowned as someone worth cheering on. Still, that was a very long time ago and things have changed. What seemed most unsettling was Kimiko repeating his name in such a way that eluded him into believing - that this woman did not believe him. Last time he checked, he made sure he was himself. So to see this happen for the very first time...it was unexpected to say the least. "Well yes, I don't bounty hunt every time. I merely do it for fun now." He said reassuringly until she continued and said that the last time he introduced himself was a beast slayer. How insulting. Not that he was a beast slayer, since he would kill magical creatures ever now and then. But it was insulting because she didn't believe him. This woman was playing a very dangerous game with this Half-Demon. He didn't have a hot temper per-say, however, he had a very low tolerance when it came down to people, insisting that he was a liar. He never was - he never will. This was the utmost of disrespect. Perhaps it was her way of getting back at him for wanting a night with her. A smart play on her part. She clearly wasn't stupid. A bit ignorant maybe, since she was playing around without a little care or thought on what he could do to her - of what he could do to this place. "None sense." He smirked, his eyes closed while he shook his head. "Phonies that steal my name for fame - would have not known about Mall's Ring." He stated. "You can't read that in the magazine, I'm afraid, love." His smirk continued to grew. Checkmate. What was her play? Would she dismiss his truthful statement? There certainly wasn't any article about him having such a ring. Even if there was - the private information he shared with her. It could only be received by the real deal. And last time he checked - he was the real deal. It was obvious to Kimiko Sakura that Jack wasn't someone who liked to beat around a dead bush. He was straight to the point, ready to get down to business. It's an attitude he adopted for specific reasons. He merely has gotten bored for useless chatter. The best approach was straight to the point. Her comment made him chuckle briefly. "No, I am not." He stated before she continued once again. She then threw a slight low-blow towards Jack, saying that it was refreshing to speak to someone who was not sitting there because of what his little voice between his legs told him to do. Jack lifted a slight left eyebrow. "Little voice, you say?" He asked. "Well, it isn't like you can handle that little voice between my legs anyway." He would throw a comeback at her back, letting her know that his guard was up and that nothing really would take him by surprise. To add more to it - he let it sink in for a moment or two before she continued to talk about her shedding a bit of light on the ring he seemed to know so much about and was intending on getting. "Oh please do tell." He nodded his head while he had a sip of his drink. "I like stories." He said with a deadpan tone. His interest suddenly vanished as she opt to propose something to him. What again? Can't this woman stick to the point? There was only one proposal and she denied it. They weren't going to make any deal here. He had no obligation to tell her how she obtained that ring of his. It was none of her business. It belonged to him - that ring was calling onto him. The sheer power that radiate off of it. The ring accumulated so much magical power from Jack in the past three thousand years - or was it that long ago? He couldn't remember. "I don't care about your patron or if your work would continue to dwell. Your music is boring anyway." He stated drily and as much as it was hurtful - it was the truth that came from his mouth. He didn't enjoy it, too ornamental - less melodic. "If money is the problem. I have more than the fortune to give it to you. Just so you can spare me your boring proposal." He said, as he shifted in his chair. Jack leaned forward, his arms resting onto the table as he looked at her. "Listen here, little girl who thinks she is a woman. I didn't keep my life a secret up to this point - only to have it be revealed all to you. Just because your so ignorant to believe that this ring, doesn't belong to me." His tone took a slight stern approach. It was clear now that he wasn't playing anymore. No more fun personality. She swiftly responded with that it wasn't stolen. Of course it was stolen. There was nothing in this world that would make him change his mind on that statement. However, he let her speak as she said that it came into her possession two summers ago. So she had this ring for quite some time now. Damn, how could he let such a valuable piece get away from his possession. Mall would be so disappointed in him. This man she spoke of gave her this broach - so this was the patron that supported her. She didn't gave him any names which was mildly frustrating at best. What bothered him the most was that she spoke the truth. So ultimately, if he unleashed his wrath upon her. It would be for nothing as she wasn't responsible. He didn't want to hear anymore of this. But his creator didn't thought of inventing a shut and on function into his ears. If he liked it or not - he listened to her. He knew where her patron was. He was in the Port City of Abrias. If he only had a map of this damn place. He hated the fact that he needed to discover this place. Nevertheless, he would do it on his own. This woman was no longer worth his time. "A stolen gift." Jack said as he looked at her. "I think that's the word you are looking for." He stood up as he looked at her. "And no." He shook his head when she asked if he satisfied one of his fantasies for the night. "You haven't been satisfying at all. Perhaps you are a great entertainer to these humans. But if comes down to satisfy supernatural beings - like me. You simply won't make the cut." His voice was sharp and right to the point. "I'll be here tomorrow after your performance. I'll take you for a walk and I will tell you how I got the damn ring." He suddenly changed his mind. "However, think nothing of it. The only reason I decided to change my mind is that since you are a human. You won't live even a hundred years to tell the tale." He said. "Until tomorrow, Kimiko Sakura." He spoke as he took his leave quite swiftly. He didn't want to be in this place for any longer than he needed. He then disappeared out of the establishment and walked into the street. He needed to stay here for the night. So he needed to look for an inn that had rooms to spare. His search didn't end without fortunate, as he found just the perfect inn he could stay in for the night, until tomorrow morning came.
  13. Cagliostro glanced at Nica as he took his hand and shook it. However, Mr. Universe didn't give him just any glance - it was a very 'I see through you' glance as they shook their hands. Certainly, Cagliostro was the only Fourth Wall Breaker in this - what would one even call? Battle? Essentially, but he wasn't the one doing any battles. He glanced towards his left as if he was staring at someone. That someone was the reader of this thread. He could see the viewer, heck he could even sense the writer typing the keyboards as he wrote this very same sentence. This was one of the reasons why the beings from Infinity Requiem couldn't stop him. There was no way to kill the very conduit through which the writer, interacts with their creations. His left eye squinted while he continued to glare, before he spoke. Words that wouldn't be even fathomable to Nica, if he wasn't the same like Cagliostro was. "Very good with the writing, mate. A spitting and completely different image from me? Very original." His tone molded into a dry humoress question, that resembled a sarcastic ankour. "Oh yes, I see you there, sitting down, writing the interaction of Cain. Make sure to wear the brownie panties, Amenities, 'cause shit is about to get down." Time seemed to stop whenever he broke the Fourth Wall, everything going white and black, as he spoke to the audience. Mr. Universe relinquished his grip from Nica's hand as the two went back at watching the fight unfolding before their eyes. So far, there wasn't anything that Mr. Universe hasn't seen before. Both of them, didn't have a grasp of what each of them were. Cain appeared to be one who used his brains instead of his fists, while Esperan Prime used his strength to get through tough situation. This was ultimately a battle between intellect and strength. However, Esperan Prime wasn't just about brone, he was about intellect as well. Perhaps, this battle would peak Cagliostro's interest anyway. But then everything seemed to stop as Cagliostro looked back at the viewer. "What do you mean on a level greater than Mr. Universe and Nica Sora?!" He asked the writer. "I'm The Fourth-Wall Breaker, you doofus. I put Deadpool and Cosmic Armor Superman to shame with my ability of breaking the fourth-wall!" He stated, as he crossed his arms, and then looked way. Cagliostro then concentrated on the fight that occurred before him. He had some suspicions about the plain field being on Cain's favor. Esperan Prime needed to work quickly before it was too late, then again nothing could stop him. He knew Esperan Prime was holding back...but for what reason? Did he still believe he could reach out to Cain with just mere words? "Oh, goddamn this Superman rip off!" He yelled in exasperation, as he leaned down and suddenly, furniture spawned underneath him. Cagliostro made himself comfortable in his arm chair. His right leg cross over the other, while his arms were crossed. His right index finger, tapped against his bicep while he seemed to get bored and frustrated way too quickly. "Come on, do something, you idiot." He sighed under his breath. Meanwhile, Esperan Prime appeared to be encountering some minor difficulties. Only now he became aware of the hostile environment he found himself in. The crystal red crimson rain, it wasn't something natural of this dimension. It was Cain's doing. He didn't pay much attention, because he was still narrow minded. He wanted to get back to Shadya, and he was trying to reach out with words to Cain. Nevertheless, it didn't work. His words didn't reach out to him. He full on ignored them. Only then, Esperan realized the trillions of threads that separated him and Cain. The Proto-Distar glanced up, he could see the line of network attached to him way before Cain would have made it noticed. He walked right into his trap. Esperan's glare moved back down, as he eyed the red haired man. Even at this incredible distance, Esperan could see him, he could very well see him. It was clear that he didn't want to face Esperan, and his initial attack was dismissed, due to the unpredictable nature of this place. He needed to change the environment. Cain wasn't fighting fair. He couldn't. He was a man, wearing the skin of a god, while Esperan, on the other hand, was a god by default. Perhaps not entirely, but he was no longer a man. Reality changed as the Adamantium puppet's spike ram through his chest, but nothing happened. The only thing that remotely happened was the puppet's adamantium horn breaking completely, shattering into pieces by his indestructible body. "Please, you are just wasting my time." Esperan declared as he appeared to be unphased by this, mostly because he wasn't. The strings stopped him essentially, from moving at high speeds. A nuisance, one that Esperan would get rid of immediately. Alas, Nica spoke to Cagliostro saying that he heard something. Mr. Universe looked at his copycat by tilting his head slightly. "Well, no shit." He said. "Esperan pretty much said how much of a burden his powers are. But your ginger head over there, didn't want to hear them. Honestly..." He looked at the audience. "Being able to so-called quote on quote, delete words, is just absurd writing. Then again, we have Space Jesus over there who can do pretty much anything he wants so...let's see how absurd this shit show is going to get." He said as he continued to watch the fight. "Also, Nica..." He points out. "Esperan did not teleport, he flew so fast that it seemed like he teleported. God, get your facts straight." He rolled his eyes. Saying that the miraculous network of strings wasn't going to be an issue, was clearly an understatement. However, here was the mistake Cain made. Esperan immediately realized the psychic lines that laced with blood magic encased him. The fate of having his every ability removed - alas the mistake was that Cain could even strip essentially a God away from an immeasurable power. The strings would glow red, brighter than ever. It was at this moment that despite Cain's care of Esperan, and supernatural bravado. He really had something to worry about. The power radiate off of Esperan's body, increasing again and again. Nothing in existence is able to take away infinite possibilities and capabilities of power that Esperan Prime had. For his powers were vast as infinity and neverending like eternity. Esperan Prime's glare changed, his expression frowned. His hues stared into Cain's very own soul. "It is time to correct this embarrassment." His voice was heard, through the trillion of threads all the way to Cain. The very fabric of reality began to change and take shape into whatever Esperan Prime wanted. His words this time, they could not be deleted, they were heard, the voice of god spoke to Cain. The network of lines soon began to fade into nothing but dust, it freed him from this prison Cain so shamelessly tried to encase him inside. Mr. Universe seemed to be over the edge of his seat as he watched how Esperan Prime effortlessly got rid of this issues as he shaped reality into whatever he wanted. Everything warped by his liking, the figment of his imagination began setting itself into reality. He corrected Cain's previous world. He made it better. Where there was once a bloodied sky, there was a bright and blue beautiful sky. Where the grass was stained by red crystals. It was all replaced by beautiful, tall and green grass fields. The sun shined ever so brightly in the distance. As the trillions of threads were just gone. The Adamantium Puppet, was however, not erased from existence. Not yet. However, he was nothing more than just a giant behemoth. "Now, things are starting to get interesting." Cagliostro commented, while he looked at Nica. "What? You thought only your ginger head can warp reality?" He chuckled. "Oh boy, don't get me even started." He said. "Now you." Esperan Prime called upon the Behemoth. "Allow me to end your suffering." He stated as he flew towards it faster than light speed. His fist tightened, as he punched right through the adamantium body. The ground beneath them shakened, as he busted right through the so-called indestructible material. A theory he tested and proved wrong. Now, the God glanced at Cain as he levitated off of the ground. He looked at Cain. "So be it, Cain." Esperan calls. "If you want a fight. I shall give you one." He declared, as he flew towards him at faster than light speed. Esperan's right fist was aimed at Cain, ready to punch his head off.
  14. There was one thing that Jack Morpheus O'Neal despide most in this world and those were thieves. The ring she had it belonged to him, he remembered he used it once upon a time...a time that he surprisingly forgot about. How did he lose this ring in the first place? He couldn't have been drunk, it is impossible. Alcohol doesn't work on him. Due to his demonic side, but still the thought of having a stranger, let alone a human being, who he quickly depicted as one, due to him sensing it, have a ring of such high caliber mystical power...it was unsettling. He could bet his entire fortune that she didn't even have the slightest of ideas what that ring was. Yet, she dismissed the question rather quickly, as if it wasn't his own business. A person that cared, would have asked how that is true. How unfortunate that this night might not turn the way he wished for it to turn out. Life...always so unpredictable, always so disappointing. In his view, he didn't care if he asked a stranger about such things. Her identity was to little importance of him, he knew who she was. Kimiko Sakura, an entertainer, who so happened to have a magical ring of great power. "For you, maybe." Jack adds, while shifting his weight onto his right side. He brought his arms above his chest, crossing them as he looked at her from above. Even when she was sitting down there, the height difference was as night and day. Jack appeared to be that burning sun glancing down onto earth. He being the sun and she the earth, in this metaphorical comparison. His light greyish hues glanced at her with an indescribable heated glare, his upper lip slightly shifting but his perfectly shaped white teeth were not revealed just yet. Jack simply watched as the person before him, called upon her friend. He seemed to be a little bit worried for this woman. There must have been something between the two - a friendship of sorts, who knew, he didn't particularly care anyways. However, she assured her friend she was alright, and then she told him to bring a drink for him and her. So it seemed that Kimiko took his request of a drink. But then - Kimiko stood up. The height differences were even more clearer to him but what was also slightly unexpected, was that she appeared to be blind? Her show of being unable to find the woman's arm that came into her aid lead Jack to believe she was. Jack smirked, his right hand placed onto his right hip, his lips curling into a smirk. "Well, here is something you don't learn in the magazine." The words he spoke were most confusing towards Kimiko and the woman who helped her. Perhaps, Kimiko may identity what the half demon meant, but alas it was a long stretch that he did not believe she would. In fact, he wasn't aware that she could see auras, while in contrast to Jack. He could see every aura as well as the physical and spiritual world without being blind as she was. The woman helped her walk towards the other table which Kimiko sat down and motioned over with her hand for Jack to do the same. Telling him, that he could have a seat while labeling him as a stranger as well. Of course, he would take her offer, he wasn't disrespectful. Besides, he must have been a lucky guy, as she made such high exceptions for him. Jack drawed the seat back and he sat down across the table. He was facing her while his arms rested onto his lap. She talked how about how she doesn't entertain on nights before a performance, but he appeared to be the exception. As he originally predicted. Jack's lips curled into another smirk, however, it didn't radiate cockiness this time. "Lucky me." He deadpans, before he continued with what she said. "Retire? So early in your life? You must have a fortune." The serving woman came quickly back with Jack's latest drink that he had as well as Kimiko's. He gave the woman a nod of his head. "Thank you." He genuinely said, before his soft fingers wrapped around the glass. He brought it up to his lips as they parted, he let the liquor enter inside his mouth, before he gulped down a sufficient sip. He then placed the glass down and glanced over her. Unfortunately for her, there wasn't a 'on' and 'off' switch for Jack's supernatural aura that radiated off of him like the blazing sun. She would always have that feeling - of being devoured or watched at. Kimiko Sakura then spoke eventually, saying that he had her at a disadvantage due to her not recognizing him. He didn't want to mention it, but certainly in his mind he was going to mention of how could she? If she couldn't even see properly. And it wasn't obvious for Jack that she was essentially faking it. Then again, why would he look so deep into it? When he couldn't be bothered by it? Alas, she didn't want to stay strangers with him. As she mentioned, he wasn't her typical frequent visitor to Silver Dragon. "Alright, I shall indulge in your game." Jack said with a confident tone. "I'm Jack Morpheus O'Neal - son of the Demon Lord and a part time bounty hunter." His words left his mouth with relative ease, as if he has been doing this for quite some time. She was unbeknownst to him being around three thousand years old. One point in his life, he simply stopped bothering to make acquaintances with people. Boredom was a frequent thing that always came back to him - biting him in the damn ass for some inexplicable reason. "I recently came in this city and then I wanted to entertain myself." He said. "Hence why I came to the Silver Dragon. Because, I've heard about you." "But it seems you are not going to indulge in my fantasies tonight without a doubt." He stated. "You see, boredom has been a frequent thing in my life. My plans for coming here were simple, however." He paused as he looked at her for the briefest of moments before speaking again. "Once I saw you having that ring...let's just say that things have changed now." He said. "It belonged to me once." He wasn't going to explain her his entire life story that he barely even remembered, but he knew he had that ring. It was his. "It is called the Ring of Mall. It originally belonged to my father's instructor, Mall the Omni-Magical. He could use magic unlike the world has ever seen. It then was past down to me, I earned that ring through trial and error until I succeed my trials. The Ring of Mall grants the user protection over magic and counters it ten fold back at the attacker." Clearly the way he spoke was believable that he knew what he was talking about. "I don't remember how I lost it....and I don't remember giving it to you either." He said. "So tell me, sweetheart. How did you obtain it?" He asked.
  15. "All this time I had known. The weakness of your colossus was always in front of me. The infinity symbols. I was only prolonging the inevitable." Morgan Morton spoke through the speakers of The Scarlet Devil. But why would someone resist the urge of finishing a fight so quickly? Perhaps, The Devil's Advocate enjoyed a good fight, the thrill of it. Or it was a complete and separate reason as to why he had this fight moving for so long. It only took him one try to realize that the infinity symbols were Ramesses' weakness. However, what good was a fight if it ended quickly anyway? The Scarlet King glanced above him, he saw the giant white behemoth falling down on him. He flew away from the Tian Titan's reach, letting him fall from heaven back onto earth. Morgan watched through the display as Ramesses' lifeless body finally settled down. Now, there was only the mighty Scarlet King and this mage person, who he cared little about. He didn't know why he gave him such an offer. Still, Morgan knew a little thing or two about doing business. The last time he checked, it didn't revolve around killing your customer. Perhaps, he was too afraid of facing The Devil's Advocate alone. He didn't judge him however, he was fully aware of his deadly capabilities, in and outside of his mech. Barbatos glanced at the golem who was roughly the same size as he was. He was just making sure if there wasn't a second round, because Barbatos was just getting started. Morgan had unleashed the wild soul of the Great Duke Prince, Barbatos. Of course, the automaton wasn't satisfied with its prey. It was too easy, once Barbatos unleashed his true power, it was over for Ramesses. Morgan could see the soul of the living Ramesses, alas Barbatos was still hungry for a feast. And as it faded out of the physical realm into the mystical one. The Scarlet King simply absorbed Ramesses' soul and devoured it. This should be sufficient, perhaps with this, the Great Duke can finally rest, for now at least. Nevertheless, he wasn't high above the sky, as he could see Cain. Barbatos' red boiling crimson optics emitted raging steam. He eyed the sorcerer with great distaste, before he fell towards Cain's direction. Why was he falling? It would soon be revealed as Barbatos landed right in front of Cain. The ground cracked underneath the mighty feet of the Scarlet Devil, rocks and dirt jumping into every direction, without rhyme or reason. Barbatos' optics glowed with so much potent rage, he started down at Cain. Like a God would look down on a man. One fell strike...everything would end here and now. Barbatos lifted his right arm that held the great giant mace, he lifted up so high, it was above him before he slammed it down...but was it on Cain? Perhaps it was intended to harm him. But as the mace slammed into the ground, the dust exploding into their faces, and after it settled... Cain would see he was mere meters away from Barbatos' mace. It could be taken into account as sort of test, the Duke Demon trying to test if he would break under such circumstances. However, Cain didn't seem to break, perhaps not on the outside...maybe in the inside. Barbatos stood still as Cain raised to an eye-level with the Scarlet Devil. Morgan glanced as Cain seemed to fascinate the great machine that stood before him. And then he spoke about payment, payment was not enough for Barbatos, he did not care about such materialistic things. The only thing he cared about were souls. Souls to feed on and satisfy his lusting and never-ending hunger for them. That was the curse, the punishment, the Great Duke of hell burden upon his mechanical shoulders...how pitiful he had become. The cockpit however, suddenly opened up. The Devil's Advocate stood tall, his arms crossed and he was still connected with Barbatos. He eyed Cain before he opened his mouth to speak. "Okay, ginger head." He spoke out. "What are you really doing here?" He asked. "I mean, you didn't come here just to quote on quote 'hire' me." He said. "Besides, why should I believe you? For all I can know you could be lying. Anything to just save your skin....because, your behemoth right over there." He pointed at Ramesses' body. "Tried to kill me...kill us." He placed his hand on his chest, referring to him and Barbatos. @amenities
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