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  1. Hmm...well Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year to everyone!!! Now I have a few things to say, so I don't know how to start and I hope this is not going to be a very long one and if it is, I do sincerely apologize, I'm feeling very talkative today. So I honestly have to give you guys a big thank you, to the site and the overly nice community the Valucre site has to offer because you certainly have improved my RPing skills and my story telling abilities, because I gotta let y'all know when I first came here, I didn't know what to do and where to begin, it was honestly joining in one of those Sword Art Online VRMMORPG and had to start from scratch, I thought I was decent at RPing but when I firstly joined in a RP that required me to right a lot more such as @Rin's RP, which is totally great and shoutout to her, she is a great person, very loving, caring and just overely nice, I like these kinds of people, in that RP I knew I had to step up my game, I knew I had to write even more than I originally would do. Perhaps it was not a requirement but I did not want to show this person or any other person, oh this guy sucks, he doesn't RP well he does about 5-8 max lines at most, I didn't want that because at the time it was really a bad time for RPing like @Your Unlucky Raven went on a hiatus because of real life stuff so our RP is put on hold, my RP called Legacy of Requiem: The New Leaguers started decently but it didn't get the players I expected to get, and it was me a beginner trying to be a GM lol and I learned that you don't gain so many players fast on this RP Site anyway, which here comes a problem I have. The Site is great and all but it is very unfortunate that people don't have the time on their hands like I do, literally I have time on my hands, I am busy but not like 24/7 every month. I do understand that people here have families, go to college, have jobs, and whatever, I do understand that but this site can become so much more with a new wave of upcoming people, like something needs to change to bring these newere players pop and be active, but well only time will tell. I also remember how I was like a new baby cup in the Tavern of Legends playing this Captain America parody called Captain Shad...by the way he is revamped and much less a parody but they are some tiny similiarities between them, maybe I'll have to rethink that, it was also during the time where I met @jaistlyn which promised me an RP in about a few months and it is called the Chasing Legends Too, that RP brought my RP skill and storytelling abilities on a whole new level, you have these people who write long paragraphs and you feel so overwhelmed because you think your skills are not on paar as them, so there was certainly a lot more improving there, it made me write characters and their thoughts and how they act in a more descriptive detailed that makes even veterans like y'all be like: Damn this kid knows a thing or two about RPing. Plus it helped me out greatly with OP Characters, like I am constantly experimenting, creating new characters, retconning them, making new stories, I'm like a working machine that is like a sponge who sucks every information. 2019 on Valucre at the beginning was a very exciting but also very hard year for someone new like me to make their way into this site and get slightly known and remembered by some of the big names out here on Valucre. I hope 2020 will have a lot more in store for me and I just want to thank the Owner and everyone for the wonderful experience and improvement I have received as a RPer, Story Writer and as a Person in general, knowledge is key and that is why I choose omniscience anyday of the week, because I would rather know things than rather have the ability to be almighty and destroy stuff, that's something the old me would have wanted but I am a new me and once again, thanks again. Have a great day, now I am done rambling, enjoy your day! -Michael
  2. Sebastian followed Salsa as they made their way down the road towards the Garuda-Scarab, to further more scheme and execute their plans.
  3. So this what it felt like, to be controlled by someone, it wasn't something Jack was very thrilled about but it would help Salsa down the run, he hoped at least the decision he made was for the best as Sebastian had control over his body but his very being was still there. Jack watched as Sebastian had something else in mind, he wondered what he would do next? And then he corrupted Salsa yet again? Wasn't she powerful enough? What was this Sebastian trying to achieve with Salsa? It more so looked like an experiment than nothing else. He then watched how he seduced Salsa in eating this special fruit that would transform her into this special demon, Salsa really did crave power as much as Jack did, though he wanted to know why did she crave for it, what could have possibly happen in her life that she craved for such things? She was a Valentina though at heart in a way she always was a demon, in a way it is true that humans are demons in their own right as they can be demonized which may scare some people. "Salsa!" Jack screamed her name out as he saw how much in pain Salsa was, Jack was starting to have doubts about this deal. "You are hurting her you idiot. I told you too much on her may cause some strains and hurt her!" He said to Sebastian in his own mind, Jack knew what he was talking about as Salsa wasn't the first human he had to turn into a Demon and much like her they desired power but so much so that it started to kill them and it wasn't pretty, because all of that went to waste... And now Salsa was a Mage Artifact, he had know idea what that meant or what it was, but it must have been something very powerful as it depicted as unbreakable, hopefully she was in and out. And as Jack took or or well now Sebastian took her into his arms he continued to walk down the hallway until he could sense the knights that was waiting for them. "Salsa, we may need to prepare for another battle again." He said with a slight smirk. "There are knights and a army awaiting us..."
  4. As Sebastian spoked about giving him his word that should he grievous him, he will leave his body at once. "Of course, I care about her." Jack said. "She reminds me of someone...I once knew.." His tone went a bit silent as he looked at her, slightly smirking as Sebastian said he wasn't one of those demons that make false deals. Sebastian only desired one month to do what he wished with Jack's body and then he will have his own body back, Jack thought about this very hard, he didn't want to end up with the odds against him. "One month..." Jack muttered as then Salsa grasped his chest and whispered to him, was this really what she wanted? He couldn't bring himself in endangering her, she is the only one person he allowed himself to get close to, should she suffer anything, Jack will kill Sebastian without a second thought, but why was Salsa putting her name for this? He did want to protect her but he didn't know what kind of measures should he take in seeing that she is protected, he certainly was thinking a lot about considering it, especially for her. Jack sighed. "Okay Sebastian, you have one month." He said, accepting the deal. "I will hold onto my deal, but should you ever not hold up on the deal....well you'll know what will happen." He said. "And I trust you are not some idiotic fool that promises empty lies because I despise those kinds of demons. Take care of Salsa...that's the most important thing, should you not do so. Our deal is over." His eyes glowed with seriousness as he looked at her.
  5. Jack continued to walk, taking a few turns as he looked around, he felt a bit paranoid as he could sense that the battle was far from being over, and so the words of Salsa that made him shiver once more made him hold her tighter, pressing her body against his muscular one. "I can't really become the shard itself when Sebastian wants to control my body, now can I, sweetheart?" He said rhetorically, even though Salsa was changed he could still see her, when she said that if he was willing to give it for her, he looked at her with his light grey eyes. Was this the right thing to do? Did this Half Demon have an epiphany about all of this? Jack wanted to give Salsa the power to stand up for herself, he didn't know if her wish was always to become a Demon but he remembered that it was what she truly wanted, but did she know any better? Or was this the only possible way? He sighed as he now held her with one of his arms as he used his hand to caress and then hold her cheek. "I will do anything for you..." He said with a soft tone before taking the hand away and continued with his walking. "But I don't know if that is the right thing to do..." He looked away and then his light grey eyes wandered about the ground. As Sebastian spoke he frowned his eyebrows. "Oh, I don't know, a Demon of Old that probably wants to trick me and using my body and once I accept the deal I'll never be able to get it back?" He said with a sarcastic tone. "Also there is a fine line between wanting unlimited power and giving up your body for it...plus I do not trust you with Salsa alone. Who knows what you will do to her." He said, taking a protective tone towards her. "Who knows if you are going to stop there, I'm not stupid. I know Demons can be deceiving. Plus I don't know if your words hold any meaning, valor, integrity or honor in them." Then Sebastian made a deal, saying it is not a trick? Then why did it so awfully felt like making a deal with the Devil himself? Why did it feel that it was so wrong to do so? What guarantee did this Sebastian give Jack that he would give his body back? Jack hated authority, he was pawn to no one, his only master, was he and himself alone, there was only, I, me and myself in Jack and no one else. "A month?" Jack asked. "That's a lot of time, plus what guarantee can you give me? To give my body back and not hurt Salsa? Does your word have any meaning?"
  6. "I could have gotten rid of him eventually." Jack said, crossing his arms. "But that doesn't matter, he's dead so, who cares." He shrugged as he offered her his hand before Salsa fell to one of her knees and started to painfully make sounds of disapproval, what caused her to feel such pain? It must be the shard...granted Jack didn't felt so much pain, he was after all a Half Demon so probably that is why whilst she was a human, hopefully she could make it, through that pain she is feeling before he came towards and kneeled down, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Are you alright?" He asked. Once the shard started speaking everything was clear to him, it was the doing of this Sebastian, he didn't know what his intentions were quite as of now but it looked very painful on her. "Maybe you should ease with that. No turned Demon can suffer such a drastic change all of the sudden, it may cause some damage, too much stress on the brain.." Jack said to the Shard. And then Jack watched in somewhat horror as the shard was changing Salsa's body, she literally was becoming the definition of a demon, though he could see much didn't cover her by now, could she also be a demon of lust? Her tail and then horns, it reminded him of a succubus, she may be one though he knows how, intense they could make a few things, and not in a bad way, depending on who is asking. "You are transforming her..." Jack said as he watched, eventually when she stopped she looked like a full on demon, how interesting... "A true black heart monster, you say..." Jack muttered those words before the Shard said that he shall do the same. "Yeah, no. I actually care about my appearance and I'll certainly not have a taill sticking out my ass." He said, his tone really held no argument against that, he already infused himself with the shard, no way in hell will he become a freaking stereotypical demon. Though it was odd for sure, despite Sebastian unleashing his power and taking control over Jack he could still move and do everything he wanted, though he didn't know what Sebastian's plans were but Jack resisted the painful gasps, he suffered more pain than this and there was certainly no way he would show weakness, not to her and not to Sebastian, when she looked at him and talked through that sugar honeyed voice, he wouldn't like, his spine shivered slightly as he blinked at her. "You could say that." He said simply before grabbing a hold of her, holding her up by the waist and near her thighs, as he walked towards the entrance, little did Jack knew that there was an army of Knights awaiting them as he walked...
  7. And so the battle inside that energy dome continued, as Deomos, Mammon, Kazef and Carlylorya were beating up Akor Mercy, he had an epiphany...how was he so weak compared against these second ranked scrubs? What was all of that training worth for? If he is just getting beaten down by these guys, was this Doctor Larnivus that more powerful? Why was that the case, why was it that the evil always had so much more power than the righteous, simple people. He didn't know these people but he had a strong obligation to save them, it didn't matter who they were, he just didn't want them to suffer, like he did that day... Flashback... It was about the time where Adam wasn't the so called Sorcerer Supreme but rather someone simple, wanting to live that ordinary life, settle down eventually, the typical stuff nothing too out of the order until later that day his sister was diagnosed with cancer and it was going to kill her. Around the afternoon Adam sat besides his sister's hospital bed and held her left hand as he was crying on it, the sobbings of a man would fill the room, which wasn't the most pleasant thing to hear, a man crying. "Brother..." She said softly as she brought her other hand and caressed his hair with his fingers. "Everything is going to be fine..." She brought his face up, her eyes looking into his own, they were like a pool and an entrance to his very soul. "No...it wouldn't sister..." He sniffled as he hugged her. "I can't lose you." He said through his sobs. "Your the only family I have left...and it is simply not fair.." His sobbing continued, getting heavier and heavier as he continued. His sister's eyes watered as she hugged him back. "Hey, look on the bright side, okay?" She said. "But there is no bright side to this..." Adam insisted, but he knew he had to stay strong for her, she was about to die and he couldn't let her hopeless. It happened to so fast, they didn't even grew up in their forties yet, life was so unfair. He looked at her as she kept a hopeful smile on her face, she was such a beauty, she always had optimism while Adam couldn't say too much about himself, he always looked at things from a realistic way, hope was never a thing in his life and he wasn't so will stronged as she was, though he wanted to be. "I am not as strong as you.." Adam said. "Aw, that is so not true, Adam." She said, holding his face. "You are more stronger than me. You are my big brother. I always looked up to you and always wanted to be as strong as you." She continued to smile as she kissed his forehead and Adam gripped her hands, holding them tight. "No, you are going through so much more pain than I..." Adam said. "You are going to die and I can't do nothing about it, absolutely nothing. I'm weak. I'm not like those godly beings, or a wizard. I'm nothing." He looked down, giving up as he sighed and tears continued to drip down from his eyes onto his cheeks. She held his cheeks and brought his head up. "No, you silly. You are my brother." And with that she hugged him very tight, her eyes that were shut began to form tears around her eyelids as she held strong onto him and he did as well... Flashback ends... "That day was one of the most saddest and frustrating one of my entire life. I felt so hopeless. I felt so weak. I couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't save her, not like that. I was just a human, in a world with beings that can be equal to a God and no one offered any help. They would rather brag about it, or they simply did not have the time, or didn't want to because they were busy. Pathetic." Akor scoffed as the four Sorcerers were continuing to beat down on him, by now he was ignoring the pain and the strikes as he grinded his teeth, his robes and costume by now dirty and scoffed with dents, scratches and so much more but he did not care, he was so mad, so frustrated, and like always, yet again nobody came to his rescue, nobody... "It wasn't until later that day I found...Zamur...the one who taught me everything I know." He said to himself. "I owe it to him...so I cannot falter now, not like this, not to these people, not to some crazy maniac, not to a son of a bitch like Doctor Larvenius..." He growled as he slowly began to raise up on his arms. "I saved my sister that day. I cured her of cancer and she lives happily." Suddenly a shockwave of energy bursted out of his body, causing for the four Sorcerers to fall back, they had a certain frightening loon on to their faces as Akor stood up on his feet. "That is why, I won't allow you fuckers to destroy the world my sister lives in. I am Akor Mercy, The Sorcerer Supreme and the Guardian of this Universe." His tone took a turn as he was more angrier now, he could feel the very magical aura flowing through his body as it intensified, suddenly he summoned Alukmu the sword of fire and Durakmu the sword of ice in both of his hands, dual wielding them as he took a fighting stance against the Sorcerers. "Now the real fight has begun..." Deomos said as he and his followers took charge towards Akor and he did too as their clashed into another dual. This time Akor held nothing back as his own will was enough to overpower Deomos as he slashed him across the chest and then face before sending a pillar of ice against him, sending him crushing down on the ground before Akor was running towards Mammon, furiously he began slashing his swords at him as he used his dual blade to block most of the attacks. "Such raw power...and all of this...coming from a human!" Mammon said as he locked his dual blade with Akor's blades before he head butted him in the face before going right back at fighting him. Mammon was using the staff that held the dual blades for too long as Akor continued to slash with his swords in the middle, eventually it caused for it to break before Akor spinned around and slashed with both of his swords across Mammon's chest before implaing them into the ground and two elemental forces came towards him, fire and ice, clashing against him before he was sent flying back like a meteorite. Akor turned towards Kazef and Carlylorya, both of them had nothing to say as they charged at Akor, they were done making smuggling remarks as Akor was done with making a witty comeback as he was so pissed he took both of them on, this was the sensation Akor was running away all of his life, the will to survive even if the odds are stacked up against you, the will to fight to the death even if it means to kill the other person. "So this is how it feels like..." He said with a raspy whisper as he found himself gazing at the sun for a moment before going back to his dual. Kazef had his magic and Carlylorya had her magic, they made a formidable duo but Akor wouldn't let that stop him as he slashed with his swords at Carly, she used her own dual blades to counter his attacks. She had to admit, he was very fast and she could tell that he was trying to kill her, literally in the most fastest way possible. She had to admit, she was scared there for a second as Akor cut through her right hand, the hand and blade flying away as Carly shouted in pain before he used both of his swords to cut her head from her body. "You were holding back...weren't you..." Kazef said as he was horrified by that sight alone, knowing all of this time that Akor wasn't trying to kill them but it was to be known that Akor did try his best to comprehend them, he was now more willing to kill them he was before as he was very pissed. Akor didn't respond, the only response were his fast paced strikes towards Kazef's armor, leaving a few dents, scratches and even holes in it. Kazef created a void bomb that had negative energies in it before Akor slashed through it with his blades, thus causing a massive explosion... After everything settled, Kazef would find himself alone before a sword was thrown towards him, being too fast to react to, it penetrated his armor, impaling his body as Akor was slowly walking towards Kazef, he didn't even look properly in Kazef's eyes as Akor took out his sword from his chest and decapitated him, doku style. Two Sorcerers were dead, Mammon was severely injured and Deomos stood up and looked around at the blood and massacre Akor has made out of his fellow Sorcerers. "You've proven yet again that you are more than you really let on to be." Deomos said. "If I knew you could dispose of us so easily. I would have taken a better approach on you." "No, you wouldn't." Akor said to him. "Correct. I wouldn't." Deomos agrees. "But I'm longer not dead, so I will do my fullest in bringing you down." Suddenly the bodies of the sorcerers would fade into small golden light sparks as they came towards Deomos and he absorbed them, gaining their power, he was now definitely much more powerful than before as he glanced at Akor, who wasn't there as he suddenly appeared above the sky. Deomos looked up at him, having nothing else to say his staff began to glow with the sunlights power as it started to glow bigger and bigger, till eventually it was about the size of the sun, only a bit smaller than the real thing so that it could fit in there as the very nature of it would illuminate so bright out of the dome. "I call this, Ra's Wrath! And so, Akor, TAKE IT!!!" The blast came with a destructive concussive blast as it let out a sound of power that came towards Akor who was levitating high up on the ground. As Akor levitated and saw the blast of Deomos' sun coming, he knew he had to do it. His strongest attack by far. "Eteus...lend me your sunlight." Akor said as he rose Alukmu up in the sky, it was in perfect link with the sun as it started to glow very brightly as he was using the powers of Eteus through the thermal energy of the sun. "I call this..." There was a pause as behind his helmet he opened his eyes and said "...Sunlight Burst!!" He brought his blade down and pointed with it at Deomos as a beam of the sun's light came towards Deomos' own sunlight and they both clashed spectacularly, as it started ot shake the ground and cracks were starting to form around the dom as a bright light would come from it, at first the two forces seemed to be equally matched but Eteus was a God and Akor was not going to lose this one as the Sunlight Beam Burst split Deomos' beam in half and it came towards Deomos, it happened so fast as he vaporized into nothingness, killing him instantly as the dom shattered by the incredible force of the blast, once everything was said and done Akor slowly levitated down on the ground and he fell on his knees, dropping Alukmu as he had a smile on his face, he did this for his sister and he would continue to do so, forever and ever as he looked at the beautiful sun that was blazing the sight with its beauty and sunlight... She didn't know Clive and she didn't know what he found so strange about her saying she slept on a tree. "What do you mean what?" She asked. "I slept on a tree." She said, crossing her arms. "That's not something unusual, it may not be the most comfortable thing but you are safe in it. So..." She shrugged. "Well yeah, I will need an explanation as why the fuck did I got woken up by this loud ass commotion because I was literally having my beauty sleep right now." Alina said. "I really had a long ass night yesterday so today I thought is the only day were I decide to sleep a little bit longer, so now you can understand my frustration here." Clive then went on about saying that what if she is one of the crazy man's experiments and she didn't understand what he quite meant because she was nobody's experiments and then the one called Leonard had no idea plus what if they all were experiments. "Alright, hold it right there you!" She pointed to him. "I am heck of a lot sure that I am not an experiment...I'm a human being. My name is Alina and I have no idea who this crazy man with his experiments is. I would help if you did tell me though." She said as then Leonard said something about finding those generators. "Right, generators." She then went on with the motion as everyone was spreading out. But fortunately for her someone was friendly enough to tell her what the heck was going on, this Meritio guy that was the one who offered some explanation, though he seemed very shy, she didn't know why. "Oh I see...there is a good guy locked up in that barrier..." She looked into the distance, seeing the barrier. "Well I'll see what I can do and thanks for the explanation." She said, as she was thinking about that good guy inside the barrier. "That is him..." Lanmo said to her. "Akor Mercy...the powerful Sorcerer Supreme." He cackled. "This day keeps growing better and better. I love it!!" He said. As Alina then went back with going off with the people, Leonard brought her up-to-date with everything that happened. "I see..." She said. "Well I will do my best." And then there it was the EXPLOSSSSIOOOON which was Akor using his magic do finish off the Sorcerer Supremes as well as the barrier around him due to the incredible concussive blast he just created. "Wow...." She said with nothing but a whisper. "He is very strong..." Lanmo cackled. "I told ya." He said.
  8. Yeah, that's the thing. I don't want kind of pet...I thought maybe you will give me some ideas or even make one yourself for my Bounty Hunter.
  9. Well the pet in the Mandalorian is this Baby Yoda. It has earned its name because of how similar it looks to Yoda, as if he was a baby. If you would click on that Baby Yoda it will show you the pictures of it. But what I quite want is what you partially said @jaistlyn I would like for this pet to be cute in a way and the rest is up to you to decide as I have decided that you guys will control it for me. It doesn't matter who, if you want you can be it Jai. We can make it so like every NPC can be controlled by us unless you want to do it only.
  10. Well, yeah but I've asked you guys for help. 🤗 to give me a pet. If that isn't too much to ask. As I'm planning on having you guys to play it and so it would bring some comedy, intense moments and so on.
  11. Well the only inspiration is just the lil pet to bring some comedy to this edgy Bounty Hunter. That's all. It is an inspiration not a copycat or parody... hopefully
  12. I for one, don't want to continue this conversation. Okay I get it. I roll in a different way. But I've never planned on leaving this RP because I do enjoy it very much or else I wouldn't have been arguing with you guys and I would have simply said. "Yeah you know what, fuck this. I'm out." Anyway to change the subject, since is a little bit light hearted. I wanted to make a bounty hunter that is in a way a villain but since I've watched the Mandalorian. I kind of wanted to take inspiration from it and make this bounty hunter in a way like that Mandalorian, so maybe some of you can suggest a lil pet for him to make things more interesting and funny. Of course, everyone can play this pet so that I won't be stuck with thinking what is funny and not and to ease my job. What do you guys say?
  13. What's up with you all saying that I'm leaving, what the fuck 😂the way you people say this is like you want me to leave. Yeah, @jaistlyn I'll go with the flow. I'll do what I said I will do. The curse have no affect on my characters, easy as that. I was just simply discussing with @Tyler that whenever he or someone else decides to do a Gamer Move, that person should let us know if we are okay with it or not. Because even if it is a no rule RP people will be pissed if I felt a little bit unmerciful and decided to turn everyone into birds or feathers because it is fun for me.
  14. @Tyler That is besides the point. I don't know about you but I am not willing to talk about who is more powerful or whatnot. I know what my characters can do and I know how to play them in a way where people don't feel like they are useless. What my main point was about this putting a curse on my characters, that was the only reason why this conversation even happened. I will have my explanation as to why these curses don't work on me and I expect you to respect that due to me not wanting and accepting my characters to get cursed because of the reason I have stated and you expect me not to simply kill The Cursor with a simple attack. I know what you are trying to say, but if you mean you can play chaotically in a RP with no rules alright, but that doesn't mean you are allowed ot drag me down with it. I don't play with rules with this one but rather with common decency.
  15. Yeah, look here is the problem. You know someone new is taking part of this RP, you know that this person doesn't know what happened in the last RP and I've certianly did not see you say in a OOC Post that you will do something like this, because if I would have seen it I would have been literally the first person to object it. Because you don't get to decide what happens with my character, that is my job, not yours. Of course, there have been some minor hits which are not in issue when Henry grabbed Clive, that was for a reason and it was not stepping any boundaries. However, on the other hand, the mentality of well if that happened I can do this, does not apply when it comes to certain things such as, putting someone under a curse without even having the ability to reverse it. I am not going to let you decide what my character gets cursed upon for one post let alone if I was unlucky ten posts. You can't just assume just because a few haven't had an issue with it, that somebody else will not have an issue. Because I do, I am that somebody, who does not accept this kind of Roleplaying. I don't care if it is for fun, and I don't care if everybody has tolerated it or simply was okay with it. I cannot speak for them, but I certainly and without a doubt can speak for myself. That is my opinion which I'll be sticking with. I cannot change my agenda just because you think it is fun. You should have come firstly in the OOC Thread and said "Hey guys. I'm about to pull a Gamer Move, is that okay with everyone or are there any objections?" Instead of simply doing it and expect for others or for someone, including me now, to suck it up. I could have easily said fuck it, I'm going to use Akor's op side and kill those so called "Sorcerer Supremes" send Henry in a perpetual state of dying and living, which is worse than any punishment on earth. Move on a bit till we get the Mad Doctor's location, teleport to him and simply destroy him with magic and thus the RP would be over. But I did not do that. Whenever I pulled a Gamer Move, which is me saying, a move that will affect anyone on a grand scale, I will contact you guys through the OOC Thread. I did that, with the Mad Doctor, I gave him a story and included my own Nigh Omnipotent God. Though don't get any ideas, while he is not all omnipotent, he is definitely all mighty in this universe. But that's just rambling from this point onwards. Yeah, no you get it all wrong. Look, Akor Mercy is a combination of both Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate. Fate is literally a man that is controlled by a God while Strange is as powerful as the God who he invokves. Put them together, Akor Mercy is born, so by default, Akor Mercy is a human that is as powerful as the god he invokes and he is a man that is borrowed by a God who is Eteus, a all mighty magical God. You make your argument but I see no logic in it because Akor is made out of a different cut then your Cursor. Gaving your Cursor cast a irreversible spell to a Sorcerer Supreme and not let him reverse it would be inconsistent, inconsistency sucks, and I hate it, hence why so many movies fail also, mainly DC Movies though they are getting better, some movies let's say don't have consistency. So we have this Wizard who is as powerful as a God but can't reverse a damn curse? Think about it. And do not tell me I have not let Akor take damage, my man is literally getting the shit beaten out of him by these 'Sorcerer Supremes' so you cannot argue with me that I have not made Akor dirty and possibly even tater his expensive robes. I don't know who the Cursor is, your mistake again, thinking that I know. I DO NOT KNOW. So you can't expect me to know. Tyler, whenever you make a Gamer Move you firstly need to think, is it necessary? Does it move on with the story or makes it stale? Will everyone be alright with my decision, will this guy be okay with it? Hmm, I don't know I'll ask him before I do anything Game Breaking, like putting curses on my damn character. And here I come who is to say that Alina will get affected? She is literally sharing a body with a reality warping Demon, and you say that the curse will stick? Of course, you can judge with well maybe he is more powerful. Let's not discuss about that, what I want you to understand is that even though I have made OP Characters they have not done anything remotely close to a game changing move that affected anyone. One might say I know how to play OP characters, well damn bet ya I know. I always loved the concept of OP Characters, and I know how to play them well. HELL if anyone should be pissed about not having his abilites work on somebody, it should be me! Henry should have died, he survived, that's okay. My opinion about it, there are bigger fish to catch in the ocean. You can't say that I have done anything remotely tooo op because I haven't. I care about others, I care how they are affected by my way of playing. But you should think twice before doing something like this. Yes, you probably should have. You should have done many other things. And it is okay. If it seems like I'm triggered, well slightly but the way I talk is more direct and not around the point but rather to the point. So excuse my way of typing if it did came out as offensive or anything. Once again, I cannot speak for the others, if they want to be cursed fine by me but I can decided what the hell happens to my characters. Of course, when it comes down to Akor reversing the curse when it comes a problem not him being able to save others will be inconsistent, so I suppose I shall never make him ask but it depends on what kind of situation I am in. I will of course, ask the players before I reverse the curse and have him do something else. But nah fam, don't do that again. And please, do let me know and everyone before you do something like this. It is only fair. And that is what I'm asking for. Who are you to tell me if I should leave or not? Did I say anything about my characters being too powerful to get cursed? Fuck no. So stop interpreting things. If it was fucking Batman and he got cursed I would have been pissed because I can't do shit about it. And you damn right, this is a rule free RP so I do not have to accept this. And what you said, changing my mindset, just because of you and Tyler or anyone is arrogant at best and is uncalled for. I don't change for people. You either accept me for who I am or you can walk alone during the night sky. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to accept inappropriate, harassing side of me ,that is a no go but what I meant by you either accept me for who I am is literally for who I am. a Normal fucking person who enjoys RP with OP characters who has done no shit to change the way everyone plays. Think again, then talk.
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