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  1. Basics Name: Xaio Tros Aliases: Tros Walker Alignment: Chaotic Good Affiliation: The Great Nest of Dragopia, its Ruler and The Starwalker Tribe Home: The Great Nest of Dragopia Race: Starwalkers Sexuality: Heterosexual Gender: Male Marital Status: Single Age: 476 years old Apparent Age: 40 years Physical Appearance Voice: Old and full of wisdom Eyes: Yellow eyes Skin: White Height: 6' Weight: 170 lbs Build: Fit and Muscular Hair: White hair Accessories: Golden crown and piercings Personality Demeanor: Xaio Tross strucks people to be someone cool and collected, while very polite and caring even to his enemies. He always appears to be a pillar of emotional stability, opposed to dishonorable, brash or patriotic individuals. Xaio rarely speaks but when it is necessary to speak, when he opens his mouth the knowledge he posses lets it shape his words that become full of wisdom and inspiring, whenever he talks it's in a quiet yet calming voice, no one ever saw Xaio enraged or screaming, he is always calm and collected, being a Father figure to all of Dragopia. Goals: To see Dragopia prosper and to reinstate the culture of his people from the Starwalker Tribe. Fears: To see Dragopia and for all knowledge from his people to disappear. Likes: Meditation, Peace, Quiet, Astronomy, Knowledge Dislikes: Dishonorable people, people who use power to gain monetary gain over the others, discrimination Equipment and Weapons Longbow: This Longbow was found along the ruins of his tribe, the Starwalker tribe. It is a relic of the past, long forgotten into the depths of the Tribe, laying there to rest into a perpetual maelstrom of wind and electricity in the Elemental Plane of Air. During thunderstorms or any other storm really during the decades and even centuries of the Starwalker Tribe prosperity it absorbed the volatile magic of lighting, thunder and weathery storms. Whenever he uses the bow he can has the ability over weather and can control it, so if he wanted to he could cloud the sky with stormy dark clouds to prepare a distraction before he uses the bow and fires a arrow that goes fast as lighting. When the arrow hits the target and still live that person will become conduit for electricity for a straight minute. Shortsword: Whilst he is more formidable with a bow, whenever he is needed to interfere in hand to hand combat situation he will use his short curved sword to fight. Chinese sunglasses: He uses them whenever he uses his Celestial Vision during the day to see things because of the sunlight can be quite harmful for their sensitive eyes but during the night he doesn't wear them. Power and Abilities Peak Physical Condition Longevity Pure Chi Manipulation: Xaio is able to control Chi that has been purified and controlled by Positive Energy A.K.A Good. Due to this, he gains access to powerful abilities and forces that are able to give incredible power when fighting darker forces. However, Xaio must maintain a mind clear of emotion or thought, free of fear, anger, and ego, at peace with the world around them without being burdened with worry, desire or doubt. Chi Manipulation: Xaio can create, shape, and manipulate Chi. By learning to harness this inner latent energy, he gains superhuman capabilities and use them in cases of extreme combat. Some examples include physically manifesting all of their inner strength and unleashing it to the fullest extent of its power through sheer force of will. The Control of One's Chi allows Xaio to have extraordinary abilities such as, strength, speed, durability, and reflexes, or in some cases, enabling the use of energy blasts, elemental manipulation, hyper awareness, and sometimes invulnerability. And in some different cases, the user can produce Chi by channeling the energy through the physical body or by using the natural energy of the Planet or even the Cosmos. Chi Absorption: Xaio can absorb Chi, while removing it from the source, into his body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc, either temporarily or permanently. Since it is physical in origin, absorbing chi can enable bodily enhancement. Chi Augmentation: Xaio can channel his own Chi through his own body and enhance his physical abilities. Chi Combat: Xaio can combine his Chi Control with Physical Combat skill, allowing him to wield innate physical energy for offensive and defensive purposes while fighting. It usually comes about through intense martial arts training. Chi Healing: Xaio can Chi Heal himself with his Chi. Telescopic/Celestial Vision: Like every member of the Starwalker race, Xaio has the ability to see distant objects in magnified scale. That means he can zoom his vision in on things, allowing him to see distant objects in magnified scale. He's also able to see in vast distances, outside the atmosphere, solar-system and galactic distances. Enlightenment: Xaio has reached up to a certain enlightenment about things that allows him to understand the meaning of everything by communicating with or understand with the Universal Consciousness or a similar source, profound spiritual understanding and fundamentally changed consciousness whereby everything is perceived as a unity. This power is cabalabe of awakening Xaio, both spiritually and mentally. Master Martial Artist Inner Chi Master Outer Chi Master Backstory Before the Great Nest of Dragopia was conquered and ruled by Michael Bloodfang, there was a time where all lands lived peacefully. One of them was the Starwalker Tribe, they are a group of individuals that have from birth peak physical condition and possess the ability to see far into the distance beyond the far reaches of the atmosphere. They had what they call, the Celestial Vision, they could see stars, planets, comets and even beyond the galaxy. They are the very reason why astronomy is a thing in this world, because they weren't selfish people, they wanted to share their knowledge and they did and that was astronomy. But of course, sometimes a Utopia is not meant to be and is meant to just fail. The Isotix Empire, the first thought to be the supposed powerhouse of the world was jealous of their natural abilities and they thought they used their abilities in meaningless ways and that they didn't make full use of them, they simply weren't worthy to possess those kinds of abilities. But the Isotix Empire couldn't simply march through a few lands and start a outright war with them, they played it smart and unfortunately during that time the tribes within the Starwalker tribe were in disarray and were about to get into war. It was because the Starwalker tribe couldn't operate as few individual tribes and they wanted to form a new one but because of the different ideologies and lifestyles there were meant to clash against one another. That is why the Isotix Empire indoctrinated the people with lies that ended out in a all out war between the tribes and so in a few years the Starwalker tribe was shattered and scattered in ashes and pieces. Xaio was one of the lucky members to have survived the war and has sought out refuge as a kid with his parents. Of course, that was years ago, now Xaio is a somewhat of a butler but father figure to Michael, and one of the soul defenders of the defence system for Dragopia in case they ever went to war. Xaio never had hatred towards his people or the Isotix Empire, he thought they were dishonorable and that they deserved to be punished, because death in a way wasn't punishment it was mercy for them from Xaio. His true goal besides serving Michael to his last breath so to find a woman of his own race and possibly fall in love so that he could rebuild his long lost tribe and he never stops seeking for other Starwalkers that are now scattered in the vast reaches of the world.
  2. Jack's eyes narrowed as his Alblack sword was blocked by this oar, clearly Rheumial is stronger than he gave him credit for. Maybe he did really underestimated him but Jack didn't unleash his full power either. But then the Shard suddenly spoke saying that he belonged to the Shard as it finished spreading its corruption throughout his body and completely opened, he could feel the tendrils that ripped out go in and out into every part of his body as it said that it was time to give its end of the bargain. His knees were starting to shake, as if Titan Atlas had a problem with supporting the weight of the heavens, his power colliding against the Shards but eventually he fell on his knees as if a Titan fell on the sky as the ground cracked upon his knees hitting the ground. "Sebastian the Demon of Old!" He spoke out as his widened eyes were shaking greatly from the overwhelming power, he had no idea that this shard had a Demon of Old inside of it. He remembered that his Father spoke about these Demon of Old and how powerful they truly are, as powerful as he craves himself to be. "I had no idea...you were him.." He said grinding his teeth from the pressure he was fighting to stand up. As Jack wrapped himself around her, his right arm wrapped around her waist as his he could literally breath against her ear, closing himself on her from behind. Thinking that he saw nothing of this woman but a threat and possibly someone who could betray him but she proved otherwise and with her battle prowess she could become a formidable warrior. He suddenly chuckled. "Well isn't this romantic.." Salsa could feel his breath stain her ear. When Jack took Salsa's left hand towards her torso he looked mischievously towards Rheumial as he watched in horror and so he slammed a huge mirror piece into Salsa, and in doing so transforming her but Jack was quick to react and he blocked the oar that came slamming down over him, staggering slightly back. "Oh an what are you going to do about?" He asked as Rheumial was breaking down in front of him. Suddenly Jack felt the legendary sword and shield into his own hands, claiming him as their owner. He could feel the corruption and corrodeness spread through his body and mind, giving a look to Salsa if she was okay, as she pushed herself up and slowly sat there. Jack had a smirk on his lips as he suddenly charged towards Rheumial with one leap with the legendary sword ready to slash through the Artifact's body. "I'm going to end this! Right here! Right now!" Suddenly the Legendary Sword would be engulfed with black and purple flames, bursting out of energy as Jack gave half of his true powers into this one strike towards Rheumial's body, the overwhelming force would have a concussive and destructive impact behind it, probably too much for him to handle..
  3. "I think you are the one who is underestimating me, Artifact." He said suddenly as he maintained his fighting stance, not letting his guard down for one second as he eyed him. "If it wasn't stalling then you are either holding back, or you simply don't have the power to overtake me with one blow." He smirked as Rheumial's attempt to hurt him with those words didn't even phase him. "Ouch that should have hurt right..?" He asked suddenly. "You're just the longdown road of people who are simply frauds...phonies...fakes..." He said venomously. Jack's smirk only grew when he saw that his scythe scratched Rheumial's arm and that suddenly block blood streamed down from it. When he stared back at him he could see the sick Jack enjoying the view of it, he enjoyed battling, it was what he lived and breathed that is why he is so hard to be. Because over the past 3000 years the only thing he did was fighting, training, fighting some more and training, nothing else, that is commitment, isn't it? But then he felt the sudden presence of another demon, it was Salsa, he turned his gaze and looked at her. "I'll be damned..." He muttered to himself, the shard was right, Salsa did not betray him, she returned with both of the artifacts and now everything was working according to his plan, he was pleased.. While Salsa said that Jack was fighting a laughter that would prove Rheumial's effortes were nothing but in vain as he did nothing but stall and not really fight off against Jack because he was hoping for Salsa to help him out but no, she was Jack to command, she belonged to him right now. His scythe disappeared suddenly as Rheumial's gaze muttered low as if he was accepting defeat but his next course of action took him by surprise. But he wouldn't let that get the better of them as Jack quickly summoned his Alblack sword, a legendary weapon in itself as he charged towards Rheumial, before he could even hit her with the oar he will feel a tremendous force from Jack using Alblack to slash through his left side lower abdomen up to his right shoulder. "Don't even think about it." He said dismissively. @Rin
  4. It surely was an interesting outcome of events because Jack never really had women turn him down like that, then again this Gwen wasn't any kind of woman or Demoness to be exact. It did make him wonder why she choose a life such as this one but she could easily ask why would he chose one filled with murder for money, which would be a very interesting counter argument if they ever exchanged those words. Though he could tell that she was behaving herself with him somewhat different, as if she knew something more than he did, which made him question that more. He didn't question her what kind of powers she had and that bothered him right now, he had strongly a magical build but she didn't look like the warrior type, maybe someone who could tell something that not everybody knows...maybe the future? Jack shook his head at how absurd that was, no one can tell the future because it isn't set. The way he learned it and makes perfect sense is that our decisions affect our future and how it will turn out to be and certainly Jack was one of those people who didn't want to know what the future was holding in store for him, because he wouldn't know what to do with himself if it wasn't the ideal future he had hoped or god forbid he may do something stupid to prevent a perfect future by already knowing it. Noticing that the Bath House was already filled with the buy staff moving around and around to appease their guests, serving them up with elaborate trays of breakfast. And the smell of sizzling bacon with eggs that touched the air would find its way towards Jack's nose and god did it smell good, it was simply, nothing to turn your head about it but it is the small things that matter in life, right? When he looked around he didn't even notice the new girl that literally bumped into him, him being stiff as a rock he wouldn't budge but he quickly grabbed her shoulders subconsciously when she did bump into him. "Oh...sorry there." He apologized as the waitress stepped back. The young girl quickly apologized to him and he shook his head. "It's alright, no need to apologize." He said as he continued to smell the aroma and right on time she said that she was here to check in on him to fulfill his wishful needs. "Well...I'm kind of hungry." He started. "So I will have breakfast...on what's on the menu?" He asked. "Because I can smell sizzled bacon with eggs...so that will do and maybe with a multivitamin juice?" He suggested. "If it's possible." He said. @Eternity
  5. A few years ago......... And there he was, the fanatic, narcissistic, egocentric, megalomaniac Doctor Lavernius sitting on his laboratory chair with his elbows rested on the table that held his massive desk with his futuristic computer. His hands rested against his lips as the computer's lights flashed against him. He was thinking, actually scratch that this man has been thinking for the couple past weeks, his rival Doctor Leonard, had the latest pieces of technology and he was much more advanced than he was... Every goddamn time he made an experiment it failed and he hated it that. He didn't know what he did wrong, he had every calculation, every wire, every thing placed in the exact same way his blueprint schematics were telling him to do but it still failed. He was about done with this, he was so frustrated because he was potentially decades behind Leonard which infuriated him even more than his constant failure with his experiments. Suddenly he pushed himself off of his desk and spinned around, stopping in a posture, his right leg crossed against his left one while his back was laid against the chair very back and his hands were behind his head as he starred in the ceiling, and he sighed deeply. "I am in need of a miracle.." He muttered under his breath, doubting that someone like him was brought so low into believing into such things as miracles, he detached himself from humanity and in his view for good reasons. If he really thought about it, god that was such a long time ago. He was a genius experimental physicist scientist, his values were about innovation, creation and most importantly freedom. His goal was to possibly one day do the impossible by creating advanced pieces of technology, advanced pieces of technology that would allow the average human to travel through time and space, aka a space bridge of some sorts, to let humanity spread itself across the stars and on planets that could possibly sustain life, if there was ever such a thing... And well like any other human he had a certain fear, the fear of failure, the fear of promising people things that are only based on theories and that are not practically made, at least not yet and he didn't want to fail because he would be considered as a failure, a liar and a fraud, he felt like then the future of humankind was weighing on his shoulders and it was a big burden to carry. Because if he will fail it will lead to public shame, isolation and disappointment for the rest of his life. And then Doctor Leonard showed up into the picture becoming an instant public rival on who has got the better ideas for the future and so he began to struggle with the overwhelming and repeated failure in his experiments and because of that his fear is realized daily, becoming alone and isolated. He became so desperate that he snapped... He developed a minor but expanding schizophrenia to cop out with his loneliness, so much so that he begins to growlingly distant himself from the world that now calls him a failure because of his fails. His now inner demons became his muse and so in some point he learns ancient secrets. And so becoming totally isolated and detached, neglecting everything and anything but work and inadvertently becomes a man that is detached from humanity....a sociopath. Lavernius has had it with these people who continuously mock him and consider Doctor Leonard someone better than him both in the scientific field and life. Because of that his reasonings, his mentality becomes something of "If no one appreciates my work and everything that I have done for them...or tried to at least. And they continuously live to mock me without any consent of their actions...why should I even considering caring about them anymore any longer?" Now he concentrated himself on creations that might as well be world devastating weapons, dimensional anomalies and even universal threat like beings or weapons. And so that memory has made itself noticed in the corner of his head, he felt like that right now just like a few years ago and he hated that feeling and he needed to change something and up his game against Leonard once again but before he could think of something even remotely clever he heard a sudden strange voice coming from behind him, it was a laughter and a sudden clap of hands. Doctor Lavernius turned around to see a standing tall lean muscular figure about 6'3, wearing a purple outfit or suit with a purple fedora and a mask that only covered his left side. The cane or walking stick tapping the ground was noticeable as he approached him closer and closer as his laughter began to have an ending "Oh, Doctor Lavernius...I think I can offer you more than just a miracle.." said this mysterious man. Lavernius arched an eyebrow, he was thinking, once again as to who this person was and how was he even able to come inside his base without even getting detected. "Who the hell are you?" He asked all the sudden with a snappy tone at him, he was not in the mood by the looks of things. The being shook his head. "Oh...Doctor Lavernius...I go by many many names, some people call me the One frome Before, Prince of the Universe or the One that appears to be All.." He said ever so spectacularly. "But please to make things much more easier between us...just call me, Mr.Universe." He tipped his fedora at him and Lavernius was even more confused. "Excuse me but is this some kind of a bad joke?" He asked hunching forward not wanting to buy this, he couldn't be a God...could he? "Oh come on.." He gestured with his hands. "You can't believe that I'm lying to you..I mean isn't me entering your place without sounding off any alarms any proof to you?" He asked. Lavernius narrowed his eyes and suddenly had a stern tone. "What the hell are you and how did you even came here?" He asked him, clenching his fists. Mr.Universe sighed deeply and shook his head once again. "You may think you are an intelligent person, Lavernius. But that only applies on this world." He said calmly. "Maybe if I tried to explain how really insignificant everything found by you scientist is compared to the grand scheme of things. You wouldn't be even able to wrap your head around a quarter of a quarter or less." He sounded serious. He scoffed as he crossed his arms. "Oh, don't worry, mystery man. I've seen a lot of brain damaging sights in my life and came out just fine." He said, his lips turned in a straight thin line as he gave him a slight nod of his head. "Or maybe you are just crazy?" Mr.Universe said argumentatively. "Or maybe you are just an idiot with a god complex and probably one of my failed experiments." He said sternly. "I'll build a bigger cage for you." He nods. "Yeah that's what I'm going to do." Mr.Universe arched an eyebrow as he looked at him. "Alright fine. I may not look the part. But do you honestly wanna know the so obvious truth?" He asked and by judging Lavernius' look he really wanted to know now before he decided to turn this one into a molecular experiments. "Go on." Doctor Lavernius said with a pretty chill tone now. "I am a Cosmic Entity that has existed and will continue to exist with or without the Universe. I am not depended of you. I can save, create or destroy worlds and manipulate Dimensions on a much much higher and bigger scale that you can even phantom....in layman's terms, including you, Lavernius.....I am a God." He spread out his hands and suddenly there was a light that shined upon him like some sort of a messiah. Doctor Lavernius was silent for a moment, could he really be a God? Even so if he was truly a God what would want someone like him to do with a peasant like him? Well compared to him, he was a peasant if he was a god that is. "Show me something only a God could." He said darinlingly. "You asked for it." Mr.Universe said as he suddenly placed his hand on his forehead and Doctor Lavernius' astral form or ghost form as some may say it escaped or ejected out of his physical body. He was now in the spiritual realm. "You are in the so called, Spiritual Plane of Existence." He then pushed Lavernius in different planes of existence in a fast manner, suddenly they were in the dimensional part. "Woah...stop!" Lavernius said as even for him that was quiet enough. "I think I saw enough.." "Nah." Mr.Universe disagreed as he pushed Lavernius through the Dimensions. "So how many Dimensions have you scientist speculated there are? Ten Dimensions? Right?" He asked and Lavernius looked at him as if he was about to experience something that will shook his very being to his core. "....about...three..?" He said, as he tucked his head and neck in his shoulders. "Yeah and there are ten of them." Mr.Universe said. "So let's make a world record and let's make you the very first human being in human history be the first one who has seen them all, maybe even way past the tenth dimension." He grinned. "No no...please...doooooonnn-!!!" He was cut of before he could say something, everything moved so fast, he could see every dimension but it was so fast that his eyes couldn't really comprehend what was happening and he even got dizzy by just looking at it and just as he blinked he was back in his lab on the floor and looked at up to see Mr.Universe. "AAAHH!" He shouted in pure horror as he jerked back and crawled away from him. "Enough no more!" He demanded. "Oh and I'm just getting started." Mr.Universe adds as he walked towards him. "Ever saw a circle that is a triangle?" He asked him before making that into reality with his hand, that circle triangle was now hovering above his hand. "Done." He said simply. "Want to see something illogical?" He asked and Lavernius shook his head. "Good!" Suddenly there appeared a rock. "I made a rock that is so heavy even I can't lift but can at the same time." "Okay, okay stop please!" He begged. "I believe you are a God!" And he said it and Mr.Universe stopped. "Now that wasn't so hard, now was it?" Mr.Universe said. "Now...let's get down to business.." Doctor Lavernius was psychological exhausted by this life shaking experience as his hands were on the floor and his head was shaking before he looked back up at Mr.Universe and got on his feet, he dusted the dirt off of his clothes before looking at him. "Business?" He asked, tilting his head to his right side, he appeared to be a bit confused. "Yes, business." Mr.Universe said before he started to walk in circles around him. "There is no doubt that time and time again you failed miserably with your experiments. There is no denying that." He took his cane and tapped the ground before he stopped walking in front of him, leaning into it. "But that can change." Suddenly he sounded very persuasive. He rose an eyebrow and crossed his arms. "Oh really?" He asked with a disbelieving tone. "Then please do enlighten me." He said with a uninterested tone. "I can offer you the thing you want the most. I can give you the knowledge, wisdom and power to understand the differences between Magic and Science. How they are vastly different and how they are vastly the same." He said with a genuine tone. "You can finally humiliate Leonard for the fraud he is and defeat any one that may stand in your way. Of course, everything comes with a price." He grinned. "So you are a devil kind of deity?" He asked, now he would do about anything to gain power, knowledge and wisdom but he didn't know if he wanted to give up the only thing that he had left and that was his human soul. "You want my soul? Is that it?" He chuckled awkwardly. Mr.Universe shook his head dismissively."Nope." He said simply. "I've grown bored of doing nothing in this universe, literally there is no form or way to entertain me enough to keep me interested with this reality. So that is the reason why I came to you." Well that at least made a bit of sense to Lavernius as to why this Nigh-Omnipotent being came to him. "And I want from you, is to entertain me with the resources and materials that I will give you...deal?" He asked, stretching his right hand for a sake to seal the deal. Doctor Lavernius looked at him for a long moment, if didn't choose it would be pretty idiotic of him and a chance like this will not occur ever again in his lifetime and it wasn't like he was losing too much when he would accept the deal, he nods his head and takes his hand, shaking it. "You got yourself a deal...Mr.Universe." He said it with a grin Mr.Universe laughed with a infectious laughter and clapped his hands. "Bravo, bravo.." He said truthfully. "You are a very intelligent man...have fun and do as you wish. Just put on a good show, yeah?" He then disappeared and from now then things have changed drastically into the Doctor Lavernius we all know him to be today but one thing he said. "Oh I can guarantee that.." From his lips came out a maniac like laughter that echoed through his laboratory, something more sinister than even Joker's laugh. One thing was for sure that Doctor Lavernius never ceased to amaze Mr.Universe and it still continued even through the now present events of Chasing Legends Too, he finds it mostly amusing and the introducing of a Sorcerer Supreme that has a God of Magic, Eteus, on his side will definitely be most interesting, a worthy show to watch and enjoy, wouldn't you quite say..?....My fellow viewers? Meanwhile in the present events.... Clearly because of Mr.Universe's interference, Doctor Lavernius stood a chance in killing these powerful wizards but Akor Mercy was unlike any other one this world has seen. He is special and quite capable of a few things, even if the odds are stacked against him and so it may seem during his fight against four powerful beings that could easily kill everyone in the group. Akor Mercy had a hard time trying to escape the dome so he didn't even bother to try that again as he was now mostly likely concentrating himself with dodging Mammon's dual blade attacks that didn't lay a scratch on him until Kazef ram his shoulder into Akor and right into Mammon's blade that scratched him across the chest before he turned around only to meet Deomos who slammed his staff upwards into Akor's chin sending him flying into the ground crashing. "Ouch.." He groaned muttering to himself before his eyes noticed the Succubus with her big swords ready to strike him from above, quickly he reacted and casted a spell which shielded him from the attack and reflected Carlylorya back away, allowing Akor to stand back on his feet. Normally he wouldn't be so overwhelmed but they were working together with percies attacks and strategies, they were attacking from left, right, front, back, right front, back left and so on, you get the idea. "What's wrong darling?" Asked Carlylorya. "Is that Sorcerer Supreme title just for show or those it actually mean shit?" She said mockingly towards him, she was trying to get under his skin and it didn't really work as he had other things in mind. "There attacks are coordinated...they seemingly attack effortlessly from all angles and sides..." He thought to himself. "But if I break up their sync attacks by taking one of them out of the picture...it would make things much easier.." His thoughts came to end as he narrowly dodged the blade from Mammon that was directed at his throat, he watched it go inches away from him, it was close and that there was very little to no time to think about something because they didn't give him any of it. Carlylorya was coming from Akor's left side with her swords ready while Mammon was coming from the right side of him with his dual blade ready, they attacked at the same time leaving no real opening for him to exploit as he levitated up but Deomos shot a thermal energy bolt or a sunlight bolt towards Akor, he used a shield to protect him but it went past it and hit him which in the end made him crash against the dom before he landed back on the ground with his face first. Kazef launched himself in the skies before he channeled mass amounts of dark energy in big spherical shapes and it came down raining onto his body, there were so fast that dust was covering his sight and Deomos waved him to stop and once the dust settled down there appeared Akor unharmed for the most part. "Intangibility...you should try it sometimes." He adds sarcastically. "You're only prolonging the inevitable Akor Mercy." Said Deomos as he teleported from behind and smacked Akor with the staff before he got suckered punch by Kazef. Akor's head snapped back before he planted his foot and cast out a energy bolt into Kazef's body sending him flying away, crashing into the other end of the dom really hard and fast. Was he really? He didn't know because he didn't thought that these four beings are going to get the best of him or actually succeed in killing him...but the last thing he needed to do now was underestimating them. Deomos, however, wouldn't give Akor time to breathe as when Kazef was sent back flying into the damn, basically crash landing, he slashed with his staff at Akor's abdomen, hittimg him rather very hard into the stomach before he shoved his knee into his face, launching him upwards and taking him by the foot and slamming him a few times on the ground before throwing him away. "He's holding back..." Mammon said to them, realizing that something was wrong, he wasn't fighting to his full capabilities. He charged towards him and slashed with his dual blade at Akor's head but he dodged it by rolling away and getting onto his feet fast. "Or you are just that weak!" He said with a war crying voice, charging at him straight forward and Akor smirked behind his helmet, suddenly there appeared a blade, it was his sword, Durakmu, which meant ice. Akor slightly dodged the attack and so Mammon's charge left him rather opened so he slashed the blade across the side of his abdomen, rather giving him a nasty wound in a vertical line. Mammon groaned as he applied pressure with his hand against his wound. "Damn...you tricked me.." He groaned again. "Or maybe you are just that stupid." Akor returned the favor in a sarcastic tone before he turned around and saw Carlylorya in the air with her blades. Akor rose Durakmu and blocked her slash, for a moment their blades collide and sent her back on the ground from the small shockwave they created. Akor in that moment arched an eyebrow and he brought Durakmu slightly up and from the ground up came a few ice spikes that were directed at her and hit her with a tremoundes force. He slowly walked towards her. "All that tough talk and for nothing...you may got me outnumbered...but not outsmarted." He said as Carlylorya was trying to get up but her vision was fuzzy and it gave him the perfect opportunity to kill her as he rose his blade but got interrupted by a bolt of dark energy force from Kazef that hit him from behind. The blast knocked him forward and he groaned in pain before Carlylorya got a chance to use a small knife to stab right through his armor on his side. "Magic proof knife baby." Carlylorya said with a smirk before taking it out and getting back on her feet, her swords in her hands before slashing with them towards his head, the hit impacted and sent him flying, or rather spinning on the ground. His helmet slightly scratched by it. "What..?" Carlylorya blinked as she noticed that she didn't do really much damage. "Reinforced helmet." Deomos said quickly. "He is well protected by his armor...that's for sure." Suddenly the four beings gathered in a line and it was them, a few distance away from Akor that was lying on the ground. He shook his head before standing back on his feet, the blade disappearing in his pocket dimension, thinking he would try to get out of this with a different approach, maybe he could end this battler rather quickly but he had the feeling that Lavernius was trying to get data out of him. It made sense for him because if these were truly once Sorcerer Supremes there couldn't be any other way than just that.. But he also knew that if he didn't do anything, he will die so there was really a conflict in his mind. What could he do? He could take care of Carlylorya and Mammon with ease, Kazef is a tricky one and Deomos is the only one that gives him a hard time with his powers. If he needs to do something, he needs to do it right now and it better be quick. He then found himself marching towards them and the four beings as well, Carlylorya had a smirk on her face as she was thinking about what she could do with the rest of his body, quite tempting indeed. Akor gave himself a boost as he came right charging into them and there the battle started. Carlylorya's dual blades swinging at his head and shoulders, quickly dodging them as Mammon thrusted his dual blade towards his abdomen but got deflected by a protective shield from a spell. Kazef was alongside with Deomos fighting with magic as dark magical arts were cast out by Kazef, suddenly a few more lightning bolts came towards him from behind up above, striking down, sending his body flying right into Deomos. Though his body wasn't that weak or fragile as he reacordinated his body and kicked Deomos in the chest, slightly knocking him down before casting out a spell and chains were wrapping around Kazef, securing him in place for the time being as he stopped Mommon's blade by holding on to the part where the blade ended, suddenly his Durakmu blade came back and slashed it through, breaking the end of the dual blade before Durakmu disappearing again. Carlylorya came from behind him, he turned back and simply ducked as she hit into Mammon. Akor was quick and turned around casting out another spell that basically teleported Carlylorya and Mammon above the land. They came down crashing with a big thud, creating a small crater. Deomos came towards Akor and he cast out a spell, suddenly there was a magical, invisble shield that protected him from attacks. Deomos started to bash his staff over and over again, and it was getting deflected by the shield. It took him a few more times to realize that his attacks basically were rendered effortlessly. "Nice spell." Deomos said before his staff glowed in a golden color and smacked the staff, it hit and the shield got destroyed, in doing so, staggering Akor back as Kazef broke free of the chains and came towards Akor punching him across the face while Deomos kicked him. Kazef charged his fists with dark force energy, they glowed in a purple like color as he started to wrestle down with Akor. Kazef had a much greater physique than Akor did so of course his punches were like as if he was getting hit by iron. Each punch was staggering him back even more, he was so quick he didn't had time to react before Deomos challenged the energy from the sun. Thermal energy in the form of golden lightning bolts came crashing down, hitting Akor.. Because of that he was momentarily getting beat down by Kazef and Deomos mercilessly, Kazef with his combatic like strikes and well placed ones on Akor's body and Deomos strong magic that was too fast for him to counter it because he was rather occupied with Kazef...he was the Sorcerer Supreme but while he had the means to put a stop to this quite fast..he wasn't perfect because he sometimes gets too much into battle, as the flashlights of this heated battle still continued with Akor fighting back but always getting surrounded by the two, soon Mammon and the Succubus joined in and were starting to beat him down to a bloody pulp... Many don't really think that the events that have been going on has been creating a rather very big and loud commotion, maybe somewhere trying to sleep. The animals or whatever was left there if it wasn't touched by Lavernius were down right scared half to death and the screams of a few...including Claive..rather woke up someone that was trying to sleep up in the tree... Alina, the white haired, 5'7 standing tall girl was trying to sleep but he heard this commotion and at first she groaned and turned around, trying to sleep because she didn't really get enough sleep since last night and this dumbass called Lanmo was now also trying to wake her up. "Wakey...wakey..." Lanmo said with a chackling sing song voice but Alina ignored him. "Wake up dammit!" He shouted inside her mind and her eyes snapped opened. "We had a deal Lanmo..." She said, her teeth grinded. Lanmo sighed. "I know...I know but.." He said ready to have an argument to back him up. "There is a large and very loud commotion outside the forest...and I'm feeling a large spike of powerful entities that are fighting against one another." He appeared in the spirtual plane of existence, of course, she was the only one who could see him as he beant on his knee and looked outside the forest with this great sight and could see a dom that had a few flashing lights here and there, there was a battle and then the idiots that were crying like little cry babies when facing inferior beings such as animals that to him appeared as knock offs. "Why does it have to include me right now...?" She asked tiredly as she slowly woke up and sat up. "For my entertainment, of course." Lanmo said with a amused voice as he looked at her. "Come on, chop chop." "Fuck you." Alina simply said before she sat completely up and she was trying to wake up as she rubbed her sleepy eyes before she fell out of the tree. "Ah shit!!" She landed with a rough landing, luckily she didn't broke anything but she got a headache from it as she stared into the forest and saw Lanmo appear from above, laughing. "Karma, is a bitch, isn't she?" He asked. "Ha, ha, ha.." Alina ironically replied before getting back on her feet and started to walk towards the commotion. Once she got there she saw things a lot more clearly and how many people there were involved, he saw Clive being an asshole to Erin and then a Doctor with a sword and a shotgun, she slightly arched an eyebrow. "This the powerful entities you been talking about?" She asked Lanmo. "Nope...these are weaklings. Pestilences that deserve to die." Lanmo ads coldly. "Jeez...calm down, Lan." She said, it was very interesting how they came along so well, as if they were brother and sister, though if it was true her brother had a lot of issues and she means like big, big issues. After all she decided that if she treated him like a fight she will never win so they made a deal, a few hours she gets to entertain him and for the rest of the day she can do whatever her heart desires and he agreed with him, which still makes her wonder why to this day. She then heard something about generators and how this Akor guy was strong and inside that dom, maybe she was the powerful entity Lanmo was talking about. "This is the one I'm talking about." Lanmo said and speak of the freaking devil, he already said it. "I see.." Alina muttered as she was going to follow them to get more answers until a few cybernetic advanced animals saw her in their sight and then they immediately thought her as a threat. "Ah shit...again..." She took her sword out and she quickly battled them, they were firing laser and she blocked them with her swords. "Wow...really, lasers?" She wasn't even impressed as she cut the heads of a few before kicking and stomping the heads of the lower creatures that were on the ground and not that tall like her. She sheathed her sword and started to run towards the group, the one that Doctor Leonard was leading, like Akor her powers that emitted from her, that was because of Lanmo where off the charts so if it was picked up Lavernius scanners would simply crack, could this being be remotely close as powerful as Mr.Universe...? "Hey!!" She called out to Leonard as she ran after him. "You and your fellow people kind of woke me up from my sleep.." She said. "I'm willing to let that slide for a reasonable explanation, if you got time if not then I'll help you out with what you need." Well how ironic that she tagged along so effortlessly without much thought, well she was bearing a powerful fucking reality warping being so she didn't really worry about death though she was cautious but what this incredible beautiful woman cared about why she got woken up...what a beautiful start of a friendship, eh?
  6. Basics Name: Mr.Universe Aliases: Kosmos God, Trickster God, Savior and Destroyer of Worlds, The One from Before, The One that Appears to be All, Primordial Deity, Davin Barrett, Prince of the Universe, Lord of the Universe Alignment: True Neutral Affiliation: To Himself and the Universe Home: The Universe that is All Race: Cosmic Entity, Deity, God Sexuality: Heterosexual Gender: Male Marital Status: Single Age: 13 Billion years old Apparent Age: 25 years old Physical Appearance Voice: God-like fruity voice like Morgan Freeman Eyes: If he had any it would be dark blue Skin: Red Height: 6'3 Weight: 190 lbs Build: Muscular lean Hair: None Accessories: Half left sided yellow mask and a fedora. Personality Demeanor: He may seem to be like an eternally benevolent being at first sight but that isn't true. He is a trickster God and people always fall to his persuasion and if a very unfortunate soul does fall under his persuasiveness they will always be bond to something they ask in return for him and that is always to find a way to entertain him. He is a true neutral God that doesn't take sides but can help each side if he feels like it because it may possibly even make it more interesting to him. After all he wants something good to last a bit before it all ends like it usually does. He has a charisma and isn't that serious and likes to mess around, poke fun, tease and just be someone entertaining. Goals: To always find something that entertains this Trickster God. Fears: Nothing, he is a God. Likes: Entertainment. Dislikes: People who try to interfere or stop his entertainment. Equipment and Weapons Chelsa: Chelsa is a walking stick made by none other than Mr.Universe itself. It soul purpose is just for show and nothing more. Of course he could easily walk without it but he likes to put on a show and it's a indestructible as well as a lethal weapon as it was made by the essence of Mr.Universe' powers. It can pretty much do anything Mr.Universe wants at his will and it can also prolong itself or make itself shorter or even levitate or stay in a place whenever he places it in. Power and Abilities Nigh-Omnipotence, Nigh-Omniscience, Nigh-Omnipresent, Acausality, Accelerated Healing, Age Manipulation, Agility, Astral Projection, Banish, Causality Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Darkforce Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Dexterity, Dimensional Awareness, Durability, Elemental Control, Empathy, Energy Absorption, Energy Beams, Energy Blasts, Energy Constructs, Energy Manipulation, Enhanced Senses, Flight, Force Fields, Gravity Control, Higher Dimensional Manipulation, Immortality, Intelligence, Invisibility, Invulnerability, Jump, Light Control, Matter Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Mind Control Omnilingualism, Physics Manipulation, Portal Creation, Psionic Powers, Reality Warping, Reflexes, Regeneration, Resurrection, Self-Sustenance, Shapeshifting, Size Changing, Soul Manipulation, Spatial Awareness, Stamina, Stealth, Super Breath, Super Speed, Super Strength, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Time Manipulation, Vitakinesis, Weapons Master, Wishing, Absorption, Anto-Gravity, Astral Travel, Astro Force, Biokinesis, Changing Armor, Clairvoyance, Creation, Danger Sense, Dimensional Travel, Dream Manipulation, Echolocation, Elasticity, Electrical Transport, Electrokinesis, Elemental Transmogrification, Energy Armor, Energy Resistance, Enhanced Hearing. Enhanced Memory, Enhanced Smell, Entropy Projection, Existence Frasure, Explosion Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Fire Control, Fire Resistance, Gliding, Heat Generation, Hyperkinesis, Illumination, Information Analysis, Intangibility, Latent Abilities, Life Manipulation, Magic Resistance, Magnetism, Matter Absorption, Melting, Mind Blast, Molecular Combustion, Molecular Immobilization, Molecular Manipulation, Necromancy, Non-Corporeal, Non-Physical Interaction, Omega Effect, Pain Manipulation, Reactive Evolution, Reactive Power Level, Seismic Power, Symbiote Costume, Technopath/Cyberpath, Telepathy Resistance, Terrakinesis, Thirstokinesis, Time Travel, Timeframe Control, Toxin nad Disease Control, Umbrakinesis, Underwater Breathing, Uni-Power, Vision-Night, Vision-X-Ray, Weapon Creation. Backstory The One that Appears to be All isn't in fact the real God of this Universe, rather he is making himself supposedly the God of this Universe even though he isn't. However, what he is, is a Trickster God that has incredible powers. No other being expect higher than him can pose a threat to him and let alone be able to fight and live the tale to tell it. He sometimes was confused with Satan or a Devil because he comes to people and offers them powers but he doesn't collect their souls, he only wants them to entertain him with the things he offers to them. It doesn't matter what it is as long as they give him a good show of performance for it. He is also known to be a True Neutral God, not taking sides and being selfish he will intervene whenever he feels like and can even help both sides at the same time if he wants to and if it's making things more interesting for him to watch and enjoy the show. Not the Benevolent being he is made out to be and whilst not evil he is always True Neutral so he can always do great things but also very bad things at the same time. He was even before the Universe came to be and he knows who the real God of this World is but doesn't want to say it and prefers to forget about it because this is his stage...
  7. Tyler: I'm against OP characters.... Me: Oh boy...wait till you see Mr. Universe 😂😂😂😂😂😂 But yeah I get what you mean. I feel like Star Wars personally is ruined for me and I'm not that excited with Rise of Skywalker they better have Anakin in that or the movie was a big ass clickbait and the space magic thing...oh god...I gave up already in trying to understand what is what. Let's keep it simple. Magic and Science are the same and not, easy.
  8. Yeah, I did say that Time Travel and all falls under the category of science but at this point it has become so intervoluted that there isn't anymore a difference to it. And in real life magic doesn't really exist, well in a atheist perspective. I'm a christian and I know there are forms of forbidden black magic, white magic and so on. But I don't wanna involve that into this conversation for the sake of not talking about sensitive subjects like this one. Quantum Mechanics is science so the only difference between science there is a piece of technology that allows you to travel through time while magic simply gives you the short way end of the deal and simply teleports you there and throughout with a magic spell. I'm surprised you find this conversation interesting, maybe you never met someone like me before but I do in ways see that magic and science are the same while they are not at the same time. If that makes any sense lol. And I'll be sure to check those links out in my due time.
  9. Well uh, looks like I've fininshed a lot earlier than expected. I don't have the bio to Alina but I don't find it to be that important now because it will be explored in the RP anyways so stay tuned for that. But I have Lanmo's section done so if anyone is interested to see what kind of diabolical op of a character I've made once again...here you go, enjoy. In case you see the picture, there is one, the black monster is Lanmo and the white haired girl Alina Fun fact: Aline in greek means light and Lanmo means darkness haha, pretty clever. Right? 😂
  10. Alina Basics Name: Alina Harper Aliases: Demon Bearer Alignment: Chaotic Good Affiliation: Home: Race: Human Sexuality: Heterosexual Gender: Female Marital Status: Single Age: 26 Physical Appearance Voice: Smooth, Gently, Soft and pleasant to hear Eyes: Light Blue Skin: Pale Height: 5'7 Weight: 126 lb Build: Top Hourglass, fit, trained, slightly muscular Hair: White Accessories: Cross Necklace Personality Demeanor: She has little to no regard about what people think of her or what they expect of her. She makes her own way in this world but she is kind and benevolent as much as possible until she has a bad day and possibly snap at people. She has a good heart despite her flaws such as being too stubborn and a bit narrow minded as she only thinks in her perspective. She is also a free spirit and values freedom to all sentient beings and will do what is necessary to see that freedom is maintained. Goals: Her goals so to speak are to always be free no matter what, help out people in need and most importantly get rid of this Demonic being that is lingering inside of her. Fears: Her greatest fears besides her losing her loved ones is to get overwhelmed by this Demonic being and get ultimate and absolute control over her body and cause havoc, chaos and destruction across the world. Likes: She likes to be free, listen to music and be in alone in a quiet place such like a forest and generally be with nature involved. Dislikes: She tends to dislikes people preying on the weak, hurting people for monetary gain and discrimination of character. She has no tolerance for people such as this. Equipment and Weapons Knight Sword: Her sword is nothing really special just made out of a very durable material and it's a light and sharp sword that can pretty much cut through almost anything while also having a magic immunity. Knight Shield: Her shield just like her sword is nothing really special but it was made to resist most powerful attacks be it energy or elemental based attacks or magic attacks, as it also has a magic immunity embedded into it. Knight Armor: Her armor was made to be flexible enough to allow her to partake into stealth missions and not get easily detected. It is very durable and it seals her body pretty well, there is little to no weak spots in the armor. The same like a sword and shield she has a magic immunity to it and can take a punch and walk it off like it was nothing for a few times. Power and Abilities Indomitable Will: Ever since from birth Alina constantly fought her dark side that was this Demonic Being, always fearing if she would lose control the other one would take control over her body. So for the past 26 years she build a sort of resistance towards this Demon and can take physical pain, telepathy, mind control attacks very well because of that. Peak Human Condition: Because of her hard training as a Knight she has reached peak human condition that involves, peak human strength, speed, agility, intellect, durability, etc. Martial Arts Master: With her Knight training she became a master at Martial Arts, being quite skillful with hand to hand combat and close quarters battles. Weapons Master: Her Knight training taught her to use a weapon at first like a master who has been training in that weapon's art for over a decade and master it with ease in matter of seconds. Background WIP Lanmo Basics Name: Lanmo Aliases: Embodiment of Chaos, Being of Death, Darkness Reincarnated, Oblivion, Darkness King Alignment: Chaotic Evil Affiliation: Chaos and to Himself Home: The Primordial Void Race: Cosmic Entity Sexuality: Asexual Gender: Male Marital Status: Single and Forever Age: 10,000 years old Physical Appearance Voice: Dark, raspy and evil Eyes: Violet Skin: Dark Height: 7' Weight: 250 lb Build: Very muscular Hair: None Accessories: None Personality Demeanor: In the most easiest and possible way to describe Lanmo's demeanor he is selfish at best. He only cares about himself, his own well being and what kind of ways he can pull to further more gain a certain advantage above all others without much regard of those of others and if it hurts their morals, loved ones or well being. He has stated many times to Alina that the only reason he entered in her body and basically infused and combined with her was because Lanmo was bored to death in his Universe, he has grown a big ego in believing that nothing will and is capable of defeating him and his arrogant statements are in a way correct as he is a powerful multi dimensional traveling being. He never shows any emotion, the only thing that really gives him a sort of humanity is his sarcastic inappropriate at times dark humor as he has very little care or regard for human or lesser beings than him. Goals: To hopefully bring this universe into total anarchy, chaos and destruction. Fears: Nothing Likes: For an Embodiment of Darkness he quite so enjoys humor of any kind, assumingly that could be used against him for keeping him from killing you. Dislikes: Lesser, cowardly, weak beings. Powers and Abilities Accelerated Healing Adaptation: Lanmo can gain immunity to something after first exposure, so the same trick never works twice on him. Agility: Lanmo has the quality of being quick-moving and nimble. Changing his body's direction with speed and precision at will. Animation: Lanmo has the power to bring inanimate objects to life or free a person from petrification with the ability of Animation or Thought Projection. Darkforce Manipulation: Lanmo can draw powers from the Darkforce that is a form of extra-dimensional energy that manifests itself in every universe as a non-reflective, highly opaque, black substance. Certain adepts use psionic, or magical means to draw this energy into our dimension and use it in various ways. But Lanmo was always connected with it so he has no need for psionics or magical means to get it. Dimensional Awareness Dimensional Travel Elasticity: Lanmo can allow himself to stretch his body, like rubber, into any shape or form he wants at the time. Energy Beams: Lanmo can generate or transform various forms of energy into a "solid" or concussive beam of energy. Energy Blasts: Lanmo can expel from his body and hands energy blasts that are forms of energy. Enhanced Senses: Lanmo's enhanced senses include all enhancements of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. As well as having x-ray and thermal vision to his disposal. Flight Illusions: Lanmo can cast out illusions that include any ability that alters or deceives the perception of others. Intelligence Invisibility Matter Manipulation Mind Control Probability Manipulation: Lanmo can alter the outcomes of things that require luck or the occurrence of usual phenomena. Psionic Powers Reflexes Shapeshifting Size Changing Spatial Awareness Stamina Super Speed Super Strength Super Durability Telepathy Teleportation Vitakinesis: Lanmo can heal damage on biological creatures, such as healing wounds, curing sickness and healing other injuries Semi-Immortality: Lanmo has the power to not age, and as a result, he stays young or at least never suffers the ravages of aging. Because of this, he will always be in his physical prime and he is also immune to aging abilities, such as Age Acceleration or Reversal. Organic Weaponry: He can create, shape and make weapons from his hands, be it swords, shields, bows, axes, blades, knives, etc. Time Manipulation Reality Warping Endurance Electrokinesis Cryokinesis Pyrokinesis Magic Telekinesis Backstory Lanmo's reasoning as to why he came into this universe is pretty simple and people even now can't wrap their heads around as to why he would do this. He comes from a different universe which he already conquered with his other friends that are just as powerful as him. There were no real powerful beings who can oppose them so the place honestly became one of death, chaos, anarchy and destruction. And so through the years that have passed he found it in a way a bit boring in his universe, had so much power but no one could beat him and he couldn't try to battle his other fellow beings because they were equal in strength so he can't overthrow them to make it at least a bit more interesting. So he decided through some magical means to use a portal to teleport himself through time, space and reality in a different Universe and he did it successfully. He then bonded himself with Alina a polar opposite of himself, so he tried to take control over her body but she proved time and time again that she in a way could resist this being. Which in itself impressed Lanmo greatly to the point were even Alina grew a indomitable will and can resist his mind control attempts. He stated to her that it grew very dull and boring very fast in his universe and that he needed a new way to entertain himself and this is his way of doing so. Bein a selfish being he didn't care if that ruined the life of Alina because in his views it made it even more interesting to see how she will deal with this situation. At times he may try to attempt in taking control over her body but when she fights back and she always will he can use his silver tongue or persuasive tongue to persuade her in letting him take control over a moment and when that happens all hell breaks loose and it is realy hard to kick him back out and have Alina back the control as it takes a severe amount of energy from her being. And so Alina and Lanmo are cursed to live inside the same body till the end of her times or when he sees that it has been entertaining enough to leave her. That will ever happen if he feels like he is fulfilled but till then he will be a real parasite to her, a powerful, reality warping, parasite....
  11. Well...I never said I was right did I...? 😂
  12. @jaistlyn Ay...I don't know how you found out I am a super fanboy of Iron Man but oh well..I got exposed 😂So I honestly believe that Iron Man does not use magic, because there is nothing magical about the process of making the Iron Man armors. We saw in the very first Iron Man movie that got released on 2008, how he build the first Iron Man armor mark 1 out of pure scraps with arc reactor that can power something big for 15 mintues and then he upgrades it to Mark 2 and then 3...how he does it...I wish I could know honestly. Here is the problem again, what makes it different than magic? I believe honestly that things like Iron Man suits are advanced technology that we normal beings can't really wrap our minds around to because again we don't have the technology, we may have the right minds for it but we are limited with the technology of our time ooor the US Government or Area 51 doesn't want people to become Iron Man so they keep that knowledge to themselves, anything is possible honestly. But if you put Iron Man with Doctor Strange they are vastly different, the one is with the power of science and the other with magic...who wins in a fight? Doctor Strange even as a hardcore fanboy like myself..can't deny the fact that Doctor Strange is a powerful character. So in my view, the line in the sand between science and magic is like this. Space bridge, time travel, spaceships, advanced mechanical suits like ironman can be made with science that is for me advanced technology and anything that is supernatural like reality warping for example or raising people from the dead is magic. Get what I mean?
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