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  1. Basics Name: Mr.Universe Aliases: Kosmos God, Trickster God, Savior and Destroyer of Worlds, The One from Before, The One that Appears to be All, Primordial Deity, Davin Barrett, Prince of the Universe, Lord of the Universe Alignment: True Neutral Affiliation: To Himself and the Universe Home: The Universe that is All Race: Cosmic Entity, Deity, God Sexuality: Heterosexual Gender: Male Marital Status: Single Age: 13 Billion years old Apparent Age: 25 years old Physical Appearance Voice: God-like fruity voice like Morgan Freeman Eyes: If he had any it would be dark blue Skin: Red Height: 6'3 Weight: 190 lbs Build: Muscular lean Hair: None Accessories: Half left sided yellow mask and a fedora. Personality Demeanor: He may seem to be like an eternally benevolent being at first sight but that isn't true. He is a trickster God and people always fall to his persuasion and if a very unfortunate soul does fall under his persuasiveness they will always be bond to something they ask in return for him and that is always to find a way to entertain him. He is a true neutral God that doesn't take sides but can help each side if he feels like it because it may possibly even make it more interesting to him. After all he wants something good to last a bit before it all ends like it usually does. He has a charisma and isn't that serious and likes to mess around, poke fun, tease and just be someone entertaining. Goals: To always find something that entertains this Trickster God. Fears: Nothing, he is a God. Likes: Entertainment. Dislikes: People who try to interfere or stop his entertainment. Equipment and Weapons Chelsa: Chelsa is a walking stick made by none other than Mr.Universe itself. It soul purpose is just for show and nothing more. Of course he could easily walk without it but he likes to put on a show and it's a indestructible as well as a lethal weapon as it was made by the essence of Mr.Universe' powers. It can pretty much do anything Mr.Universe wants at his will and it can also prolong itself or make itself shorter or even levitate or stay in a place whenever he places it in. Power and Abilities Nigh-Omnipotence, Nigh-Omniscience, Nigh-Omnipresent, Acausality, Accelerated Healing, Age Manipulation, Agility, Astral Projection, Banish, Causality Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Darkforce Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Dexterity, Dimensional Awareness, Durability, Elemental Control, Empathy, Energy Absorption, Energy Beams, Energy Blasts, Energy Constructs, Energy Manipulation, Enhanced Senses, Flight, Force Fields, Gravity Control, Higher Dimensional Manipulation, Immortality, Intelligence, Invisibility, Invulnerability, Jump, Light Control, Matter Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Mind Control Omnilingualism, Physics Manipulation, Portal Creation, Psionic Powers, Reality Warping, Reflexes, Regeneration, Resurrection, Self-Sustenance, Shapeshifting, Size Changing, Soul Manipulation, Spatial Awareness, Stamina, Stealth, Super Breath, Super Speed, Super Strength, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Time Manipulation, Vitakinesis, Weapons Master, Wishing, Absorption, Anto-Gravity, Astral Travel, Astro Force, Biokinesis, Changing Armor, Clairvoyance, Creation, Danger Sense, Dimensional Travel, Dream Manipulation, Echolocation, Elasticity, Electrical Transport, Electrokinesis, Elemental Transmogrification, Energy Armor, Energy Resistance, Enhanced Hearing. Enhanced Memory, Enhanced Smell, Entropy Projection, Existence Frasure, Explosion Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Fire Control, Fire Resistance, Gliding, Heat Generation, Hyperkinesis, Illumination, Information Analysis, Intangibility, Latent Abilities, Life Manipulation, Magic Resistance, Magnetism, Matter Absorption, Melting, Mind Blast, Molecular Combustion, Molecular Immobilization, Molecular Manipulation, Necromancy, Non-Corporeal, Non-Physical Interaction, Omega Effect, Pain Manipulation, Reactive Evolution, Reactive Power Level, Seismic Power, Symbiote Costume, Technopath/Cyberpath, Telepathy Resistance, Terrakinesis, Thirstokinesis, Time Travel, Timeframe Control, Toxin nad Disease Control, Umbrakinesis, Underwater Breathing, Uni-Power, Vision-Night, Vision-X-Ray, Weapon Creation. Backstory The One that Appears to be All isn't in fact the real God of this Universe, rather he is making himself supposedly the God of this Universe even though he isn't. However, what he is, is a Trickster God that has incredible powers. No other being expect higher than him can pose a threat to him and let alone be able to fight and live the tale to tell it. He sometimes was confused with Satan or a Devil because he comes to people and offers them powers but he doesn't collect their souls, he only wants them to entertain him with the things he offers to them. It doesn't matter what it is as long as they give him a good show of performance for it. He is also known to be a True Neutral God, not taking sides and being selfish he will intervene whenever he feels like and can even help both sides at the same time if he wants to and if it's making things more interesting for him to watch and enjoy the show. Not the Benevolent being he is made out to be and whilst not evil he is always True Neutral so he can always do great things but also very bad things at the same time. He was even before the Universe came to be and he knows who the real God of this World is but doesn't want to say it and prefers to forget about it because this is his stage...
  2. Tyler: I'm against OP characters.... Me: Oh boy...wait till you see Mr. Universe 😂😂😂😂😂😂 But yeah I get what you mean. I feel like Star Wars personally is ruined for me and I'm not that excited with Rise of Skywalker they better have Anakin in that or the movie was a big ass clickbait and the space magic thing...oh god...I gave up already in trying to understand what is what. Let's keep it simple. Magic and Science are the same and not, easy.
  3. Yeah, I did say that Time Travel and all falls under the category of science but at this point it has become so intervoluted that there isn't anymore a difference to it. And in real life magic doesn't really exist, well in a atheist perspective. I'm a christian and I know there are forms of forbidden black magic, white magic and so on. But I don't wanna involve that into this conversation for the sake of not talking about sensitive subjects like this one. Quantum Mechanics is science so the only difference between science there is a piece of technology that allows you to travel through time while magic simply gives you the short way end of the deal and simply teleports you there and throughout with a magic spell. I'm surprised you find this conversation interesting, maybe you never met someone like me before but I do in ways see that magic and science are the same while they are not at the same time. If that makes any sense lol. And I'll be sure to check those links out in my due time.
  4. Well uh, looks like I've fininshed a lot earlier than expected. I don't have the bio to Alina but I don't find it to be that important now because it will be explored in the RP anyways so stay tuned for that. But I have Lanmo's section done so if anyone is interested to see what kind of diabolical op of a character I've made once again...here you go, enjoy. In case you see the picture, there is one, the black monster is Lanmo and the white haired girl Alina Fun fact: Aline in greek means light and Lanmo means darkness haha, pretty clever. Right? 😂
  5. Alina Basics Name: Alina Harper Aliases: Demon Bearer Alignment: Chaotic Good Affiliation: Home: Race: Human Sexuality: Heterosexual Gender: Female Marital Status: Single Age: 26 Physical Appearance Voice: Smooth, Gently, Soft and pleasant to hear Eyes: Light Blue Skin: Pale Height: 5'7 Weight: 126 lb Build: Top Hourglass, fit, trained, slightly muscular Hair: White Accessories: Cross Necklace Personality Demeanor: She has little to no regard about what people think of her or what they expect of her. She makes her own way in this world but she is kind and benevolent as much as possible until she has a bad day and possibly snap at people. She has a good heart despite her flaws such as being too stubborn and a bit narrow minded as she only thinks in her perspective. She is also a free spirit and values freedom to all sentient beings and will do what is necessary to see that freedom is maintained. Goals: Her goals so to speak are to always be free no matter what, help out people in need and most importantly get rid of this Demonic being that is lingering inside of her. Fears: Her greatest fears besides her losing her loved ones is to get overwhelmed by this Demonic being and get ultimate and absolute control over her body and cause havoc, chaos and destruction across the world. Likes: She likes to be free, listen to music and be in alone in a quiet place such like a forest and generally be with nature involved. Dislikes: She tends to dislikes people preying on the weak, hurting people for monetary gain and discrimination of character. She has no tolerance for people such as this. Equipment and Weapons Knight Sword: Her sword is nothing really special just made out of a very durable material and it's a light and sharp sword that can pretty much cut through almost anything while also having a magic immunity. Knight Shield: Her shield just like her sword is nothing really special but it was made to resist most powerful attacks be it energy or elemental based attacks or magic attacks, as it also has a magic immunity embedded into it. Knight Armor: Her armor was made to be flexible enough to allow her to partake into stealth missions and not get easily detected. It is very durable and it seals her body pretty well, there is little to no weak spots in the armor. The same like a sword and shield she has a magic immunity to it and can take a punch and walk it off like it was nothing for a few times. Power and Abilities Indomitable Will: Ever since from birth Alina constantly fought her dark side that was this Demonic Being, always fearing if she would lose control the other one would take control over her body. So for the past 26 years she build a sort of resistance towards this Demon and can take physical pain, telepathy, mind control attacks very well because of that. Peak Human Condition: Because of her hard training as a Knight she has reached peak human condition that involves, peak human strength, speed, agility, intellect, durability, etc. Martial Arts Master: With her Knight training she became a master at Martial Arts, being quite skillful with hand to hand combat and close quarters battles. Weapons Master: Her Knight training taught her to use a weapon at first like a master who has been training in that weapon's art for over a decade and master it with ease in matter of seconds. Background WIP Lanmo Basics Name: Lanmo Aliases: Embodiment of Chaos, Being of Death, Darkness Reincarnated, Oblivion, Darkness King Alignment: Chaotic Evil Affiliation: Chaos and to Himself Home: The Primordial Void Race: Cosmic Entity Sexuality: Asexual Gender: Male Marital Status: Single and Forever Age: 10,000 years old Physical Appearance Voice: Dark, raspy and evil Eyes: Violet Skin: Dark Height: 7' Weight: 250 lb Build: Very muscular Hair: None Accessories: None Personality Demeanor: In the most easiest and possible way to describe Lanmo's demeanor he is selfish at best. He only cares about himself, his own well being and what kind of ways he can pull to further more gain a certain advantage above all others without much regard of those of others and if it hurts their morals, loved ones or well being. He has stated many times to Alina that the only reason he entered in her body and basically infused and combined with her was because Lanmo was bored to death in his Universe, he has grown a big ego in believing that nothing will and is capable of defeating him and his arrogant statements are in a way correct as he is a powerful multi dimensional traveling being. He never shows any emotion, the only thing that really gives him a sort of humanity is his sarcastic inappropriate at times dark humor as he has very little care or regard for human or lesser beings than him. Goals: To hopefully bring this universe into total anarchy, chaos and destruction. Fears: Nothing Likes: For an Embodiment of Darkness he quite so enjoys humor of any kind, assumingly that could be used against him for keeping him from killing you. Dislikes: Lesser, cowardly, weak beings. Powers and Abilities Accelerated Healing Adaptation: Lanmo can gain immunity to something after first exposure, so the same trick never works twice on him. Agility: Lanmo has the quality of being quick-moving and nimble. Changing his body's direction with speed and precision at will. Animation: Lanmo has the power to bring inanimate objects to life or free a person from petrification with the ability of Animation or Thought Projection. Darkforce Manipulation: Lanmo can draw powers from the Darkforce that is a form of extra-dimensional energy that manifests itself in every universe as a non-reflective, highly opaque, black substance. Certain adepts use psionic, or magical means to draw this energy into our dimension and use it in various ways. But Lanmo was always connected with it so he has no need for psionics or magical means to get it. Dimensional Awareness Dimensional Travel Elasticity: Lanmo can allow himself to stretch his body, like rubber, into any shape or form he wants at the time. Energy Beams: Lanmo can generate or transform various forms of energy into a "solid" or concussive beam of energy. Energy Blasts: Lanmo can expel from his body and hands energy blasts that are forms of energy. Enhanced Senses: Lanmo's enhanced senses include all enhancements of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. As well as having x-ray and thermal vision to his disposal. Flight Illusions: Lanmo can cast out illusions that include any ability that alters or deceives the perception of others. Intelligence Invisibility Matter Manipulation Mind Control Probability Manipulation: Lanmo can alter the outcomes of things that require luck or the occurrence of usual phenomena. Psionic Powers Reflexes Shapeshifting Size Changing Spatial Awareness Stamina Super Speed Super Strength Super Durability Telepathy Teleportation Vitakinesis: Lanmo can heal damage on biological creatures, such as healing wounds, curing sickness and healing other injuries Semi-Immortality: Lanmo has the power to not age, and as a result, he stays young or at least never suffers the ravages of aging. Because of this, he will always be in his physical prime and he is also immune to aging abilities, such as Age Acceleration or Reversal. Organic Weaponry: He can create, shape and make weapons from his hands, be it swords, shields, bows, axes, blades, knives, etc. Time Manipulation Reality Warping Endurance Electrokinesis Cryokinesis Pyrokinesis Magic Telekinesis Backstory Lanmo's reasoning as to why he came into this universe is pretty simple and people even now can't wrap their heads around as to why he would do this. He comes from a different universe which he already conquered with his other friends that are just as powerful as him. There were no real powerful beings who can oppose them so the place honestly became one of death, chaos, anarchy and destruction. And so through the years that have passed he found it in a way a bit boring in his universe, had so much power but no one could beat him and he couldn't try to battle his other fellow beings because they were equal in strength so he can't overthrow them to make it at least a bit more interesting. So he decided through some magical means to use a portal to teleport himself through time, space and reality in a different Universe and he did it successfully. He then bonded himself with Alina a polar opposite of himself, so he tried to take control over her body but she proved time and time again that she in a way could resist this being. Which in itself impressed Lanmo greatly to the point were even Alina grew a indomitable will and can resist his mind control attempts. He stated to her that it grew very dull and boring very fast in his universe and that he needed a new way to entertain himself and this is his way of doing so. Bein a selfish being he didn't care if that ruined the life of Alina because in his views it made it even more interesting to see how she will deal with this situation. At times he may try to attempt in taking control over her body but when she fights back and she always will he can use his silver tongue or persuasive tongue to persuade her in letting him take control over a moment and when that happens all hell breaks loose and it is realy hard to kick him back out and have Alina back the control as it takes a severe amount of energy from her being. And so Alina and Lanmo are cursed to live inside the same body till the end of her times or when he sees that it has been entertaining enough to leave her. That will ever happen if he feels like he is fulfilled but till then he will be a real parasite to her, a powerful, reality warping, parasite....
  6. @jaistlyn Ay...I don't know how you found out I am a super fanboy of Iron Man but oh well..I got exposed 😂So I honestly believe that Iron Man does not use magic, because there is nothing magical about the process of making the Iron Man armors. We saw in the very first Iron Man movie that got released on 2008, how he build the first Iron Man armor mark 1 out of pure scraps with arc reactor that can power something big for 15 mintues and then he upgrades it to Mark 2 and then 3...how he does it...I wish I could know honestly. Here is the problem again, what makes it different than magic? I believe honestly that things like Iron Man suits are advanced technology that we normal beings can't really wrap our minds around to because again we don't have the technology, we may have the right minds for it but we are limited with the technology of our time ooor the US Government or Area 51 doesn't want people to become Iron Man so they keep that knowledge to themselves, anything is possible honestly. But if you put Iron Man with Doctor Strange they are vastly different, the one is with the power of science and the other with magic...who wins in a fight? Doctor Strange even as a hardcore fanboy like myself..can't deny the fact that Doctor Strange is a powerful character. So in my view, the line in the sand between science and magic is like this. Space bridge, time travel, spaceships, advanced mechanical suits like ironman can be made with science that is for me advanced technology and anything that is supernatural like reality warping for example or raising people from the dead is magic. Get what I mean?
  7. Thank you very much! I appreciate it. And of course, I never wanted to make this RP unpleasant for anyone and I sure do hope so I didn't and if I did I am sorry. Sometimes these beliefs get the better of me like I came to understand people like Thanos or Captain America...when you have beliefs and you feel like you are right it can make you dangerous lol. That is why I even asked you guys about if the reality warping powers would take out the fun of the RP or not. To make sure because I like this RP and honestly this is the longest RP I've been because of so many people going offline and never come back or simply don't have the time to RP to so I am eternally grateful for those who find the time to continue this. I want to make these OP characters of mine as hopefully as entertaining and interesting as possible whilst I do realize it may not be the cup of tee to everyone. I am still trying so, yeah. And thanks for assuring me there is no pressure I just don't want to keep this RP in a pause or actually fall out of line because I've taken so long to reply. I'll be working on that reply on Tuesday night and work more on Wednesday and probably have it up by then and if not then Thursday very late Friday if something does come up. Also I'm glad you are looking forward into them @jaistlyn it surely will be crazy..just like you always want it 😂
  8. I heavly don't second that. I find that science and magic are two different things and should not be involved or thought out as being the same thing because they are vastly different from each other. That's how I feel about it. And I actually never thought that science fiction had anything to do with magic like lightsabers are made with a certain technology we don't have because maybe we either don't have the right minds or the right materials to do so. And the time traveling thing with science can be a tricky thing to explain because if we look at back of the future. The simplified idea is that the car travels at so many fast light years that it can actually travel through time. I don't remember if it was even explained how you can travel in time. But I think it is also the fault of people who made these things and didn't really explain how it works, time travel without magic and why it works and how is it not magic. Maybe our beliefs clash against one another but oh well, we live in a democratic world so we're allowed to believe that things are different than the other may think it is or seems. But I personally will not be saying in OOC or IC that magic and science are the same thing because you can't do a lot of things with science than you could with magic and I never thought science could warp reality..I don't know if it is possible and if it is..please explain me the damn equation and calculations that allows you to do so lol 😂 Anyway, I'll be trying this warping thing like Scarlet Witch does, sees if it works or not and if it doesn't I'll give him a reason that is easy and simply as moon and sun. "I choose not to use it. Because it will get boring." Because the actual reason why he even does this is because he is boring. I'm almost done with tha character sheet...I'll also be introducing another character that has talked with this Mad Doctor in the past if that is okay, I want to find a way to explain why he can do what he can that can possibly rival magic, though I highly doubt he can rival the power of a god but it would be interesting to see. Will give him a bit of reasoning as to why he is so mad. I watched a video on how to do so and I think is going to be dope. So I suppose you can stay tune for my reply which will be a long ass one...so bare with me..I know I'm being the last one or second to last one 😂 school been a bitch lately 😂 Here is a sneak peak on who this second new character is.. Yes. I've drawn him out myself. I present to you Mr. Universe!!
  9. @Tyler Well I don't want to make it corny so I don't think I will have him a planet a flying turtle because that's a bit too much even for my standards. I think honestly it's more so like Scarlet Witch's abilities than anything else because it makes much more sense for me that way, instead of making literally that he wishes into reality because I don't want to do things that may ruin the RP. So it's definitely the types of powers like Scarlet Witch that I have planned out for him and I am very certain that no known science can warp reality because uh, it's supposed to be with numbers and stuff and it more so proving something in more of the atheistical side. And magic I don't know if it counts as reality warping so I'm laying more on Scarlet Witch type powers.
  10. @Tyler Uh, wow I did not know that there are many things that can get interpreted when you have Reality Warping, well you ever heard about Alien X from Ben 10? "Reality warping is the ability to change reality itself. It is one of the most extreme powers. Famous reality warpers include Franklin Richards, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Jamie Braddock, Proteus and more recently, the Scarlet Witch. The strength of the power often varies, but a little of this goes a long way." I'm honestly thinking he can warp reality at his will but if there are other way tell me since I'm curious and I don't know a whole lot.
  11. I have another question. Would a character with reality warping powers be too much for this RP? Asking so that I don't ruin the fun. And for more context his name is Lanmo and is the Demon side of Alina the Yin and Yang type character. She has been fighting his mind control and to get control over her body for years giving her an indomitable will and Lanmo is a powerful being from a different universe and he can warp reality...well he can if you find that is okay and if not that is okay too.
  12. Oh, one more thing I would like to mention. As I was not part of the prequel to this sequel. I don't know a lot about this Mad Doctor, Scientist whatever he is. So from what I'm getting this Doctor Lavernius is the evil bad guy? So would someone please mind filling me with a bit more information about him? Because I don't know a lot about him to be honest. It would help out a lot if I had a bit more information...does he have like a character sheet I can check? I mean I would appreciate it very much if someone explained me in a few sentences who he is, what he is about, his goals and so on.
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