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  1. "Uh-Oh..." Spider-Man said, with a worried look. "What did you say?" Bruce asked, perplex as he slammed his hand into his throat grabbing his neck with a forceful grip, he could feel he was slowly tightening his grip around his windpipe. "Threat them again and I'll kill you where you stand!" he said, with aggression in his tone as he shoves the cannon into his face. @Meepinater
  2. Name: Jonathan Bruce Morgan, for short, Bruce Morgan Alias: Light Knight Gender: Male Age: 45 Weight: 1.90 meters Height: 88 kilograms Affiliation: The Destiny League, current Leader Powers/Abilities: Bruce has no power because he is a human being. You could say that his genius intellect is his power for he is one of the smartest people on Earth. Being an ex-assassin now, back in his days he was trained under his mentor Antipatros, he's a master at stealth and assassinations, but he rarely uses them. He is an expert hand-to-hand combat and martial artist trained in many martial arts, to name a few, Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing, ranking him with the topmost skilled martial artist, coming to a very close second to Shad, and he has a genius level intellect. Because he was once an Assassin, the bleeding effect which is called the Eagle Vision allows him to see in a sixth sense motion, which grants him the possibility to see hidden messages and his opponent's weaknesses, but that doesn't always work, it also sometimes slows attacks from him in a slow-motion view, allowing him to dodge them. Appearance: It is to be noted that he visibly aged to that of a 45-year-old man, but he someway managed to maintain a youthful appearance at that age. Personality: He has some personality traits, such as being very intelligent, is kind, helpful, friendly and very witty. He was once arrogant but now after what has happened, that is no longer the case as he quite became selfless at best, endangering his life for the benefit of the others. Bio: Bruce went through a lot, being an assassin and an arrogant kid with money in his pocket, to being a renegade, quitting his life as an assassin and falling in love with his wife Katrina which would give birth to two twins, Logan and Sophie. He went to some stages of character development as he became form selfish to quiet selfless, enduring losses such as his parent's death, mentor and his friend Scar, he was the only one which still maintained his life properly after the defeat of Darkseid, making him the most optimistic person at that time. These past three years, Bruce has been obsessed with creating the most powerful armor he could think of because the previous iteration, the Prime Armor did outstandingly impressive against Darkseid it merely costed his life and he doesn't wish for that to happen again. So he would use these three years to tinker day and night till he in his view at least, perfected the armor, it is now more powerful and efficient than before, whosoever threatens earth again will think twice in challenging Earth's new protector, Bruce Morgan. Armor: Endo-Sym Prime Model Armor 2 Appearance: Armor Features: The Endo-Sym Prime Model Armor 2, is Bruce's next highly advanced armor suit, which is made out of full liquid smart-gold titanium-metal which hardens instantly on connection with the user's body. The biggest changes of this armor than his previous one, Prime Model, is that this suit is based off symbiote biology, so it doesn't rely on tech for the initial bonding process with its user, the start-up is completely psionic. He of course tinkered with it and the symbiote suit is no longer weak against psionic attacks or fire attacks. The psionic bonding with the suit allows its user to control it remotely, and call for it with no needs of electronics. Bruce has currently stated that the suit can "feel" him the same way he can "feel" the suit, and referred to it as "alive". This connection extends to the point of it forming fully into a humanoid form that has similarities to that of a symbiote suit even when not bonded to someone, to punch through barriers in an attempt to get to its owner at his psionic command, but it does not have intelligence of its own, only a psionic link. The Armor can also absorb electromagnetic energy once it finds the correct frequency of said energy since the suit is made out of a symbiote, fire and psionic attacks are no longer anymore a weakness and because it is not made out of nanobots there wouldn't be a weakness of frequency in the nanobots for others to exploit. Deformable: The suit can be deployed or disintegrated in a natural way by a psionic command from Bruce to the Suit which lives currently in him, the bond is safe and because the symbiote is not sentient in the words that it can't think for itself, Bruce doesn't feel exhausted when and after using it and it doesn't feed off his life force. Armor Capabilities: Super Strength: The armor amplifies Bruce's base strength and combat skills to extreme levels of peak super strength, the previous armor, the Prime Model was indeed strong enough to make the Mad Vestal bleed which is to be stated that the skin of a Vestal is super durable and it would take a lot to make one bleed. So he took that base knowledge and amplified it, the armor is much stronger than its previous iteration allowing him to fight powerful beings up close and leave a nasty mark. Durability: The Prime Model was durable enough to withstand a powerful blast from Darkseid, which is to be known that he was the strongest Vestal in history, he remodeled it and now the Armor is even more extremely durable, capable of withstanding powerful blasts and strikes, and as his previous iteration was completely bulletproof, this one is as well. Airtight Seal: The suit is able to contain and separate the suit's inner environment (including the wearer) from the outside environment. This includes both underwater, gas, radiation, and space. The suit is also capable of self-supplying breathable air to the wearer if the outside environment is unable to reliably supply any. Anti-Phasing Tech: The armor has a completely sealed surface which prevents any sort of exposure to the armor's internal machines. The nano-particles vibrate with a blazing fast frequency which prevents beings phasing through and getting into the armor. Surface Reforming/Augmentation: The suit is capable of forming external modules that include lighting refocuser (which can be charged if a lightning or electricity user is near by to charge it up and fire concentrated beams of light which can lock on to the target and fire) and different forms of energy blades and energy shields. High-Velocity Flight: Like its previous predecessor, the Prime Model 2 can achieve hyper-velocity flight at full flight power with extremely powerful thrusters formed from both boots, the armor is, most likely, able to travel so fast it can reach Mach 15. Extreme Portability: The sit can manifest itself from Bruce's body to either wrap around forming his armor or dissolving it into him. External Structure Deployment: The suit is capable of shooting some of its armor material to form structures to accomplish a wide variety of tasks, such as clams, tools, and so on, which are all techno-organic. Weapons and Tools: Repulsors: The standard weapons of the suit. These repulsors are more powerful in their standard mode then it was with the Prime Armor. Repulsors can be formed on the back of the suit, offering more offense. Unibeam: The unibeam is fired from the center chest RT. Given the energy output of this model, it is the most powerful repulsor tech on the suit, being more powerful than its previous iteration the Prime Armor. Formed Weapons and Tools: As with The Prime Armor could form a wide variety of weapons and tools, some of which include a blowtorch, extra repulsors, an energy refocuser, energy shield, and a gauntlet sword, so can the Endo-Sym Prime Model Armor 2 do as well only more efficiently. Shoulder Formed Micro-Missile Launcher: The Armor can form Micro-Missile launchers on its shoulder plates and gauntlets. When fired they can achieve a powerful effect on impact. Medical Suture Spray: A special spray of unknown composition stored in the gauntlets of the suit can be used to help seal and heal wounds much faster. It also doubles as a quick repair method for ship hulls. Repulsor Lighting Refocuser: The Repulsor Lighting Refocuser is a weapon that appears on his back which can absorb lightning and electricity and refocus it and disburses it into concentrated powerful beams and it is much more powerful than its previous iteration the Prime Armor. Cloaking mode: A while back, Katrina gave him a cloak which enabled Bruce to go invisible and now he finally found a chance to properly use it, he has implanted the cloaking technology in the suit and now it can turn him invisible and it also has a small EMP which disturbs the frequency of any other cloaking seekers and detectors, however, it can only help him so much if he is not battling or forming any other weapon and remains stealthy during that period of time, if he is to interact in battle and shoot the cloak would reveal his position. Miscellaneous: The suit is completely immune to psionic, fire, frequency and EMP attacks, though the EMP attacks can slow him at best it is not a complete guarantee. Armor Profile: Designer / Creator: Bruce Morgan Users: Bruce Morgan Affiliations: The Destiny League Mark Number: Mark 2 Prime Armor Armor Class: Special Suit Armor Type: Symbiote-Techno-Organic-Biology Armor Color: White, Dark Grey and Light Blue Armor Height: User's height Status: Active Armor Data: Power Core: New Element Arc Reactor Mark V Armor Systems: Mercy A.I./OS Weapons: Repulsors Unibeam Micro-missiles Handbladea Cannons Energy Displacer sentries Energy Blades Battering Rams Energy Displacer cannons Automatic Repulsor Cannons Shields Foot Unibeam Power Mallets Foot Clamps Katar Zero Cannons Repulsor Lighting Refocuser Energy Shield Cloaking mode Energy/incapacitating/Bullet Ammunition Guns Armor Composition: Liquid Smart-Gold Titanium-Metal Armor Capabilities: Real-Time Thermo/X-ray scanning and tracking Superhuman Strength Superhuman Durability Augment Generation Airtight Pressure Seal Hyper-Velocity Flight Special Features: Symbiote-Technology Infra Scan/Eagle Vision Deformable Helmet Stabilizing thrusters Surface Reforming External Nanostructure Deployment Material Redirection Material State Control Limited Deployment Mode The New Element Arc Reactor Mark V: This is the most advanced Reactor designed by Bruce, and like its previous predecessor, it is utilized by the Endo-Sym Prime Model Armor 2 as well. This heart-shaped reactor is the power source of the armor suit. The Reactor also works in conjunction to bigger more efficient Micro-RTs to provide better power distribution and powering newly formed modules which increases the power of.
  3. Bruce sighed. "So if your plan was to kill me, well that is a hopeless plan, last chance, my suit can take the hit, but you can't!" the repulsor cannon would start to glow brighter and brighter. "You either stop or you are toast." @Meepinater @EtherealWings
  4. "What do you mean?" Spider-Man asked looking out of the window. @EtherealWings
  5. Bruce raises his hand as he folds a repulsor cannon walking towards Blackjack aiming straight at his head. "Take your hand off and your head blows up" he threatens. "So what is it going to?" he asked. "Your life? or this cannon?" @Meepinater
  6. Spider-Man fires a massive web at Blackjack as he lets himself brace against the wall covering him with a sticky strong web while Bruce would fire four clams, two for his legs and two for his arms to clam on the wall, holding him in place. "Just surrender!" Bruce said. "Or at least leave and I'll give you the courtesy not to hunt you down and throw you in prison for breaking into my house." @Meepinater
  7. The waiter writes her order on the notepad and goes back towards the kitchen area and lets the chef know about the orders as he started to cook, while the waiter would go get the drinks. Shad smiles at her remark, resting his elbows on the table with his back arched. "Well, I suppose I did say I want to visit a beautiful place so." he shrugs. "A beautiful place to explore with a beautiful woman." he would compliment her, as he smiled. It was nice actually, the place gave him a sense of home though it was much different than the earth he was used to, the key references were there to make him visibly relaxed and peaceful. Maybe that's what he needed now, a peaceful place to rest for now and to enjoy life for a bit with his love. @Your Unlucky Raven
  8. Bruce's HUD scan would mark them all as from his back micro-missiles would come out and fire the 8 metal objects as he flies towards Blackjack, while that is happening Spider-Man quickly jumps up in the air and fires webs at Blackjack's feet sticking him in place as Bruce lands in front of Blackjack and would fire his unibeam from his chest, the blast was to incapacitate not to kill. @Meepinater
  9. "And I thought people will show gratitude for us saving the world," Spider-Man said as he moved to the side, away from Zane as he quickly fires a web at blue bolt and his hand, as the web wrapped around his hand. Bruce calls for his armor which wrapped around him like a symbiote as he walked, standing beside Zane. "What are you hereafter?" he asked. "If you are here to fight, we can do this outside or I'm gonna do it the hard way," he said, cracking his knuckles. @Meepinater @EtherealWings His armor looked like this:
  10. BlackJack would see that in front of him was the living room, and there were Bruce and Spider-Man standing. "Who the hell are you, and what do you want?" Bruce asked, quite pissed that he broke his door down. @Meepinater
  11. @Meepinater @EtherealWings The door would explode being nocked down on the floor, Katrina which just finished cleaning after breakfast went to see what was going on. "Bruce, what is going on?" she asked, as the kids came as well. "Honey, you may want to hide the kids, fast, please," Bruce told her as he looked towards the door to see what figure would come from the smoke, as Katrina took the kids and went downstairs in the basement. Spider-Man had his guard up as well besides Bruce.
  12. He nods getting a better understanding of what she meant. "Well we eat, then we rest and then...we could explore the city and see what awaits us, y' know?" he said with a smile. Eventually, the waiter would come, he wore a suit with a black tie, he stood about 1.85 meters, with brown hair, white skin, brown eyes with glasses, his body form was a smiler one, as he comes he smiled at them both. "What can I get to you two?" he politely asked. Shad looks at him and smiles back. "Hey, I'd want some red wine for a drink and for a meal, I'd like cocked ham with sauce and mushrooms and a salad to go with it." the waiter wrote it on a note pad he turns to face Tyr. "What can get for you?" he asked politely, waiting for her order. @Your Unlucky Raven
  13. He looked at the menu as well, there were some good meals in there, he chose a drink and something to eat waiting for the waiter to come, he hears her remark and puts the menu down and looks at her, with a worried look. "Does it bother you?" he asked. "I mean, I don't know if they have a quiet place." he said, "I'm used to it because that's how we humans behave in a restaurant or dining room in hotels," he explained. @Your Unlucky Raven
  14. "Okay, let's go," Shad said as he gets out of the room, hoping she would follow him as he locks the door and walks downstairs, there was plenty of tables for people to have lunch. He walks towards a two-person table and moves the chair for Tyr to sit down like a gentleman would do, as he takes a seat himself, looking around. "Alright, so, what do you want to eat?" there were two menus in the middle of the table for her to take. @Your Unlucky Raven
  15. @EtherealWings "No it's alright, I'll get that." Bruce said standing up, till something happened and Spider-Man's sense was tingling. The AI Mercy warned that Blackjack was breaching security. @Meepinater Spider-Man and Bruce wait to see who was going to enter as they were having a bad feeling about it.
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