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  1. It clearly seemed that Aya did not understand what Léon was trying to say to her. He didn't say it because he wanted to win her over his side with a sad tale, it wasn't even a tale or a story, it was something that actually happened, an event, a fact. If she understood him truly she would see that as a man behind his facade he was in pain, emotional pain, a simple trauma something no magic can heal. But in his view, her stubbornness, arrogance and overall demeanour wouldn't let her understand and she couldn't judge him for mocking her contract because in itself it was ridiculous, if it was fair or not he didn't care. The more he walked he started to think if she even was listening to him, if she even gave a damn about what he told her. It would have been better to cut him off then let him tell that dialogue that didn't reach out to her. So why would he respect such a person? A person that was taking care of a man who his wish was to transform into a fucking bear and the other one who was eating by said fucking bear, like was that more important than him? Not that he was arrogant or had a high self esteem but he was in more pain then those two were in their lives. He was too lost in his thoughts to remember that his grip untangled itself from her neck, though even if it was the last thing he wanted to do, actualyl fight her. She would better think twice before striking him when she could consider that she had enough of his 'disrespectful' demeanour. Although he was thinking about that maybe being aggressive towards her wasn't the true way to reach out to her, the more he thought, he saw a possible way of talking with her in a different way but when she heard her say that she would continue to ignore him unless she addressed her with respect his eyes shifted in that blood color, not out of lust, but out of rage. If one was taking it in Léon's perspective he was talking about his past, sharing information he would normally not do unless he saw that it was absolutely necessary and then you have this girl with an extreme level of stubbornness that may very well come with arrogance in other forms such as pride, seemingly not seeing that she was listening not caring about what he said, as the matter of fact she seemed to be pretty indifferent and yet he may have said some hurtful things but it was all justified based on Aya's actions, none of it was unjustified. He scoffed at her. "You can eat my ass." He said to her one last time before going completely silent as they walked that path, was it nice to say that? Not really, was it justified? Yeah, in Léon's view it clearly was, because he went through a lot of things and he did not want to deal with her bullshit. A few Hours Later Deepending if Aya talked or not, even if she did Léon would totally ignore with the 'eat my ass' attitude as he had other important matters to think about such as the stumbling upon a very ancient temple, it looked so ancient it was literally as if one would compare Ancient Egypt to now days in the Modern World building structures, that's how old this place was as Joran City was quite the technological utopia. It was more of a Temple than a Shrine as it was not based off of religion, the book was more so knowledge for them, the owners of this Temple that were the followers of Arcadas, a very old name that proceeded a Ancient Man. The Temple of Arcadas was simply but a big house that housed extreme louds and mounts of information, wisdom and most importantly knowledge and it wasn't just Ancient knowledge, it was knowledge over the long periods and eras of this very world and its vast small and big Cities. Which it lowkey meant that it also had information about the Devil or Vampiric kind Léon was, there definitely legends in there, who fought the war of lust and won and became one of the most powerful Vampires in existence which now are a simple myth. How blood can be used in many different ways and how it can be transfused for maximum efficiency or how rare the Blue Eyed Devil kind was and how mostly there were only Females that had Blue Eyes that if they ever fell in love and let themselves be marked by their male counterpart, their blood would become like a weapon, making their males incredibly powerful beyond human's brain capacity of understanding it. What was different about the Blue Devils was their eye color, how it was mostly females and that they didn't drank blood to continue to survive, they hated it but through sexual contact they healed their wounds that was performed by their significant other. The most rarest of powerful Devils just from birth are the Blue Eyed Male Devils, they did not need blood to heal and were incredibly strong without drinking the blood from their female counterparts. Even the information that a Blue Eyed Female Devil could birth a human child but upon getting bitten by a Devil would transform into a Blue Eyed One was stored in there. The information was very vital something the Specters wanted to get their hands of for a very very long time but the Temple never fell despite their attempts in attacking it. Léon sighed in a nostalgic kind of way as he remembered the stories Diego, his father, used to tell him as a kid about a Temple that had every bit of knowledge a Devil was seeking and now that he stood a few feet distance away from it, just the feeling of it was spine shivering as he never thought he would be seeing this Ancient sight. Aya could feel the ground they were walking upon pulsate with a definitive aura that even she couldn't place what it was. However, she could tell that the grass they were walking upon and the air they breathed from the Trees, were thousands upon thousands of years old. "It seems your fellow seller had a book contracted to be shipped to none other but to the Temple of Arcadas." Léon suddenly spoke, feeling like the need to because she would most likely have no idea what this Temple was. Depending if she would talk to him back or not he would wait for her to ask him what this place was about and why it had such a strong connection with divine and mystical magic, As they walked towards the big entrance there were two tall golems, they were armed with weapons and armor. They looked like they could give anyone more than just a hard time if they decided to attack the Temple, one of the right stared down at Léon, seemingly the Golem realized his heritage as through his lines he saw his bloodline which belonged to Diego, who had very good connections with the owner of this place. Before they could walk inside the Golems crossed their weapons in front of them, it didn't mean if Léon was known to them that they could let a strange such as Aya herself inside. "What is your purpose here?" The Golem from the left asked. Léon looked briefly at Aya, the look he gave her was one of telling her to let him deal with this because one he knew them and this place and two because he didn't trust her enough to open her mouth, who knew what she would say. If she let him or not he would still speak towards the Golems. "My..." He was about to say friend but they weren't really friends now were they? "Acquaintance has a book of healing, the seller had a contract with Brother Ven." He said the name of the owner. Suddenly said Brother Ven appeared, he wore a pair of red robes with gold accents all over them. He was rather old but maintained his good looks as he walked towards them, waving his hands down as the Golems obeyed the orders. "If it isn't the will of Arcadas that brought you here, Second Born Léon Fernandez." Brother Ven spoked with a highly voice about him as he extended his right hand and Léon shook his hand back. Léon nods with a slight smile. "It has been a long time, indeed." He agreed with Brother Ven on that as he then notice the rather very powerful aura in magic, a woman, a priestess and not just any kind of priestess. His face was mostly hidden, she could only make out his lips and greyed out beard but that was it. "Oh what do we have here.." He said with a slight intrigued tone. "Has Léon found a significant other finally?" He asked, thinking as if Aya was Léon's girlfriend to which he blinked a few times. Of course, while Brother Ven was wise... He couldn't possible know their conflict and he sighed. "No, she isn't.." He said while crossing his arms. "Nor will she ever be." He was pretty sure on that and Brother Ven looked at him, noticing the certain anger inside Léon's soul and body, it wasn't healthy. "Well I have no time to waste." Brother Ven said as he turned his back at them and walked inside, gesturing for them to follow and Léon did just that. "Mysterious Magical Lady, may you be so kind as to present yourself?" He asked her with a polite light tone. "While I lead you into Arcadas' Library." He said. "And might as well tell me why you are here." @Priestess
  2. As Zane and Zyone followed Bruce into his office the doors opened and the place sure did look old with a bit of dust, the suit dissolved into his body as he sat on his dusty chair and he coughed, brushing the dust out of his face with his right hand. "Take a seat." He said to them. He knew that eventually some of them would ask what happened, why is the League disbanded, why did they retire and what were the reasons behind it. "Let's simply call it the Dervius Event." He said simply. "In the Dervius Event, many great friends have died trying to stop Dervius for good." He holds his hands together. "Bambu, Voltex and Logan were simply killed in battle." He gestured with his hands. "Scar, the half Vestal half Human, he sacrificed himself instead of myself." He places his hands down. "So let's track this from the beginning.." He leaned into his chair and sighed. "The universe was created by Thirteen beings, they are called Vestals. Each embodied an attribute of this Universe which together it formed the large quantity of primordial energy to create said Universe." He explained so far, seeing if they were with him as it was a complicated subject to explain. "The Vestals powers come in different forms but they all at their core when they are extracted by force, form into a raged, jagged, crystal." He said. "Because Dervius was corrupt and wanted to destroy the Universe, he needed the power of the rest of his Twelve brethren. At first he very nearly succeeded, in wiping off half of the Universe, though it was because Scar tried to stop him, we then used unconventional means to get them back and once we did we brought everyone back." He took a deep breath. "Then...there was Dervius who didn't want to go down without a fight, so we fought against him and I had the crystals near my sight but Scar once again, got himself involved and used them and simply made it so that Dervius was out of existence, pretty much he is dead for good. But he used the crystals two times in a row, to bring people back and to kill Dervius. Even for him it was too much so he died...a noble sacrifice to this world.." He remembered how they talked before using the crystals that Bruce would make the sacrifice call but Scar simply did not allow him to do that. "Then Shad simply retired and hang up the mantel to Nathan which in the end, resulted in him hanging up the mantel and how the shield is in the most secure place on earth..." He sad with a deep sigh. "Reyes and Jade went on with their lives and the only one person that I don't think will ever come back in the hero gig is Katrina my wife." He chuckled. "Vience, James and John are somewhere in the Universe..and Falcon is under the radar and haven't seen any activity ever since." "The one that remained the most active was Doctor Mercy or Akor Mercy, he is the protector of our reality with his so called miracles." He said. "He has been rather very busy lately. But we need to change that, we'll need him and you to split up and find these remaining members and form the League once again." He looked at them seriously. @EtherealWings
  3. Oh I see. Just wanted to make sure because there is a lot of heat concerning this topic and I just wanted to make things clear by simply asking lol.
  4. Oookaaaaay maybe not 😂I managed to squeeze in a reply today and I went a bit crazy...and...I ugh... don't regret let's see what happens next. I am so stoked to see what would happen and I hope y'all will enjoy my reply, it's quite a lengthy one so yeah, catch you guys later. Peace out.
  5. As it seemed Akor Mercy's appearance did not go unnoticed, perusal he did know how to make such a grand elegant entrance. However, it indeed seemed that this fellow Giant was unaffected by his standard sorcerer spells, granted he though this Giant would be a little intelligent or lesser than the average person but it was not the case, as it was crystal clear to him, the difference was night and day. Although it did not manage to get an reaction out of him, he apparently had underestimated this Giant but he did not fear much further on for he had other tricks, spells and abilities he could use on this Giant but his priority was to escort those fellow people who were being held in the Giant's grip, he didn't really catch their names so he couldn't tell who was who. Akor Mercy crossed his arms as he floated about and began to think how he could outsmart this Giant but he noticed the sudden characteristics of his behaviour when he used Erin's head to scratch the itch above his ear, a disgusting sight which made him raise an eyebrow before hearing the Giant speak... ....and it wasn't what he quite expected, how was a Giant whose name was given by none other than himself, able to resist a standard hypnotizing spell yet this Henry had the vocabulary of a neandertal or a petulant child? It was so shocking to him that he eventually let out a questionable sound of disbelief upon hearing Henry. "...huh...?" This Henry seemed not to be scared of him or what he could possibly do and it was only just the beginning, while he did underestimate Henry, he should not make the same mistake. He simply felt baffled for Henry's poor choice of words. "Floaty man have nice colors!" That was simply ridiculous and he questioned himself if even trying to talk to this giant Neandertal would even work, being a few feet in distance away he couldn't quite catch the grasp of his metal breath but something told him, this Henry wasn't your ordinary Giant. What also caught his attention was the sudden burst of energy that came from Trey, his eyes followed towards his direction without turning his head. Not that anyone could see his face, since it was covered by his helmet, though as much as how different they were in personalities and power levels, in his Akor's view being far superior he did agree with him if Henry did not let them go he would see it that Trey's promise would be fulfilled. But once again Henry proved to have a very low capacity of thinking, his IQ being no more than maybe 20 at best he just couldn't believe that standard spell did not work on him. Maybe it was because he may have been built by someone...someone who clearly knew how to combat magic, it was an interesting case to think about but time was of the essence and he wanted to know this people before anything else but he needed to get rid of Henry, right there and right now. Before Akor could move into action by withdrawing his hands from their crossed state there was an interruption. "What now?" He asked out loud, seemingly he was being a bit frustrated at best upon having another something else to deal with, sometimes life doesn't work out how it is supposed to, is it? And there it was the source of this interruption was a simple metallic shaped sphere about the size of a basketball with one center eye that had no clear emotion. Could it be a robot? Maybe it was made out of Techno-Organic Technology or based off of Biorganics? With an Advanced AI added to it? Or could have there been some magic involved? Anything was possible though, Akor knew that one of the hypothesis he thought out need to be right. Upon Hearing Henry adding his "Uh-oh." It seemed that he may have been in trouble, which made Akor question this whole situation even more than he was supposed to but everything was clarified when when the basketball bot asked with a yelling tone. "What's taking so long?!" and then..."I give you a simple task and-" What happened? It wanted to say something but it stopped? Why though? There it was, that was the reason why this ball stopped talking as its eye looked completely on Akor, he slowly turned his head towards the ball. "What?" He simply asked. "Are you with this Giant?" He pointed towards Henry. It seemed that this ball ignored his question as it hummed and it circled around the Sorcerer Supreme, he did find it a bit uncomfortable for it to come so close towards his personal space but he didn't flinch or followed its movements, clearly this ball was studying him...for some weird reason before it suddenly clicked as the ball spoke. “Unusually high levels of arcane energy, boundless potential for growth and expenditure. Strong connection to the passive flow of arcane energy in the environment. Neural activity suggest high cognitive function in conjunction with the flow of the energy. Hmm. Yes. Yes, this could definitely work.” "I hope you got what you were looking for because you are invading my personal space here, floating, talking, ball." Akor said before crossing his arms once again, while the ball's scans did not fail in explaining how pretty much Akor had a vast Mystical Energy and Divine Power from Eteus, he was more so concerned on what did it mean by that it could definitely work, for he was no ones pawn. Once again the ball spoke about Tyre's sudden boost in power and how it could have naturally came from the sword he held, though there can be multiple hypothesis about how and what worked Akor did not have time to theorize, he only had time to act. Akor's head turned away from the ball when Henry spoke again. "Is...doctor mad at Henry?" So the Doctor sent him to catch these people and the Ball was supposed to make sure that it did happen? So many questions today yet there are not as many answers Akor would like to have, it reminded him about the Book of Wisdom. He once again turned his head towards the talking sphere that spoke. "This lot here are criminals sir, unlike you. Granted, I planned to capture and use them to help me prevent a catastrophe before turning them in. Or killing them. This is my property, so I believe it's legal in this providence. But now you're here, I'm afraid I'll have to ask for your assistance as well." He smirked behind his helmet, hearing this sphere's words and he slightly tilts his head. "Criminals you say?" He asked. "Then why is it that they are constantly saying that they wish to run away from the Mad Doctor? Something here doesn't look right and I can tell. I'm here to possibly prevent anything that my threaten our world and reality. You see, I am the Sorcerer Supreme of this World, Akor Mercy and since I've been protecting this world for quite a bit of years, I consider it all my property." He said firmly having no intention to back out. "And if they were really criminals as you quite put it, why not let the authorities of this land deal with them?" He asked. "Isn't it illegal to take authority in your own hands? To take away their human rights? You want to experiment on them? So that it may prevent a catastrophe? What kind of catastrophe are we talking here? A city level threat, world level threat or possibly a universal level threat?" He bombarded the Sphere with many questions. "If it's your providence or not. Justice itself does not care and if you say it's true about them being criminals. I shall escort them to the right authorities myself and let the authorities deal with them, in a proper sense of justice." He withdraw his arms back, having enough about this chit chat that prolonged the inevitable. Yet so the sphere moved away from him and floated above them as it projected a hologram from its one eye, it was white-blueish in nature with a man in a lab-coat and there was this odd futuristic helmet. "How interesting." Akor muttered to himself as he listened to the transmision. And so the Doctor gave mostly his name out, he had his First Name which was Lavernius, maybe this was the said doctor, the mad scientist, everyone was talking about and wanted to run away from or possible attack him? He shook his head as he furthermore listened to him and his explanation about how he could not give out his last name because something 'stupid' happens and he didn't know what he quite meant by that, what was it a name that brought bad omens? Strange indeed... He tilted his head in question as he said that he basically became aware of a creature that threatens this entire world, who could that be? He needed to know and that was asap but he did not have time to ask, he needed to act now! "I've had enough about this prolonged conversation." Akor's voice boomed over everyone as he floated and suddenly a sunlight like aura started to illuminate from his body. "Henry, I asked you to let them go once but you did not hid my order and I will not ask again.." He said as his hands glowed in a purple like color as he gestured them, creating visibly but unreadable sigils that made Erin, Clive and Meritio (whoever was in Henry's grasp) turn intangible for an amount of seconds, long enough for them to slip the Giant's grasp as he could not touch what couldn't be touch for his hands would go pass them not landing a scratch on them. "Now take cover!" Akor called out as he cast another sigil that took them away from the Giant's reach and Akor turned his right hand towards the Sphere. "And as for you.." Suddenly there appeared to be a purple sphere that surrounded the Talking Basketball Sphere, locking it in a sort of a prison, before turning his attention towards Henry. "Let Eteus pass through me.." He chanted as his hands glowed in a golden, yellow color as there appeared another sigil in front of him that was pointed towards Henry and it fired a concentrated blast of mystical energy, if it did hit the Giant, there would be a tremoundes impact with its overwhelming power behind it and if it didn't he would aim the sigil towards Henry to possibly get a hit on him and knock him down for the count...
  6. So to get this clear, this Meritio is meant to be Akor Mercy? Because I can get easily confused if something isn't directly explained 😂and I'll see if I can pop in a reply or not tomorrow because today I initially came from school back home pretty early but I was so damn tired I fell asleep and I woke up really late and I had to deal with homework and I feel like I've wasted my day. The rp is looking good so far, keep it up. I'm intrigued.
  7. Jack waited for her to say something as this long moment of silence made him stare at her even more as he waited for a definitive answer to his questions that were starting to drive him mad. As Salsa finally broke her silence and spoke he couldn't believe his eyes and what he just heard coming from her directly, answering his questions that it is true, that the mirror will give him the power he needs and that Annabelle a Demon that manipulates people will hold the end of her bargain and that artifact that latched onto him would do the same thing. He now would return her silence with his own as he was too speechless to speak, for the very first time in a very long years he acted as if the cat cut out his tongue before managing through break lose through his closed mouth and speak. "Then why is it that Ra told me that if I so choose to do as Annabelle pleases she would just trick me and not hand over that damn piece of the Black Heart Mirror?!" Though he couldn't deny that her voice spoke the truth because it sounded like so, or was it just a trick? A trick that she learned from the Valentina house? He couldn't tell anymore, how was it that Jack, a Half all powerful Demon was having trouble with picking up the truth and lies from them? It had to be this cave, it had to, because he couldn't explain in his own words on how things took a drastic turn of events and that Demon Ra was still nowhere to be seen, what the hell is going on here?? However, his touched blurred out as Salsa finally spoke up again and she confessed that she would give up anything to have it and that she is not a child that cries for things and that she cannot gain something without giving up something in return. And the more she talked the more he realized that she was telling the truth that she was not tricking him and that she was a honest woman but could he really? Could he really take her word for it? Woman or not they too can be deceiving at times and his senses were giving him a weary vibe to all of this. His eyes widen more as he heard the voice of the Demoness called Ra and he turned his light grey eyes towards her and she could tell they were heated on her as she spoke. "Oh right, now you are here." He said mockingly. "Trial or not you could have saved your friends.." He scoffed. "Pathetic, so much for camaraderie you put on your face because it was all fake." His words would sting. Jack wasn't going to be slave to no one, to no man, woman, demon, creature, dety, artifact, nothing. He was his own master and if he decides to feast upon this Black Heart Mirror artifact he would make it his personal slave but not it him, never. Then Annabelle came and he could feel her form wrapping around him and his eyes widen and shake as she got too close for his comfort as he thought, how was this now all about him? Would he be a part of this god forsaken trial? His thoughts once again broken by the tempting words of Annabelle and feeling her lips against his ear as if she almost kissed it and how pleasant it felt as he shivered. "Yes..." He answered when she asked him if he desires power, that was his true goal in life, to desire power and become stronger no matter the cost and her words spoke only the truth, he wanted to and he had to because he came here for that specific reason. His light grey eyes shook even more as he sees Annabelle's body in front of him holding that huge shard in her hand towards him as he heard it ebbing and calling him with his deepest and darkest secrets of his heart and mind and he was slightly in awe as he saw it, right before his eyes, it was true all along though there was a catch wasn't it? However he couldn't think much of them as it showed him different visions of what he could be if he just gave in, how was it that he was the one in Salsa's place? How ironic, how fate sometimes really works as he reaches out slowly. He then in a heartbeat snached the shard from Annabelle's hand and grasped it tight as he realized it was after all the very reason why he came here in the first place, traveling from city to city and land to land just for this shard and then he looked at her as she spoke, telling him that now all of that power is in his hand and it is what he truly wants and after all she wasn't wrong. As he was one step away from totally devouring this shard and fulfilling his long time life goal, he didn't care anymore now. If Annabelle tricked him the same with Salsa he would kill them both, after all he had the power to do so and with the help of this shard and the artifact, he might just pull that out in no time. He could feel his heartbeat quicken and beat harder than it ever did his eyes hypnotized towards that shard and didn't pay mind to Annabelle wrapping around him once again having those lips against his ear once again, as he listened to her words as when she finished talking he gave her a sly glance and said. "You'd better.." And that was it as he bites down on that shard and starts eating it, devouring it whole, not leaving one bit of it undevored it was his and his alone as he feasted upon this power and made it his own, he could feel it all of it, he was born anew as it coursed through his veins and then looked at Salsa, she wanted to be a demon, didn't she? Salsa could feel just by being in his presence how powerful he was as he took her hand by force and took a knife out of his pocket and cut her hand and then his and grabbed hers and held it tight so that blood would be dripping down on the floor as it started to form around them into a circle, a demonic, satanic pentagram shape. He suddenly started to spoke in a very strange language that only Demons used and Ra and Annabelle could understand it. "Carmina Burana Valentina lapide jaspide: sanguis tuus erit in perpetuum fore contaminato consilium tuum peccatum. Et erit enim spiritus daemonum, ut hoc non semper omnia quae concupiverunt. Ut quantum, virtus, amor, opes, et. Et faciam eos qui te fecit iniuriam pati, et adorent ante pedes suos, et in vobis: ut dea, venerantur, et nunc dico vobis ante lucem surgere: Daemon conservis." {Jasper Salsa Rhapsody Valentina, your blood would be forever tainted with your sinful decision. You shall be a Demonic Spirit, that would have everything that you ever craved for. Such as respect, power, love, and riches. You will make those who did you wrong suffer and bow down on their feet and venerate you as their Goddess, and now I tell you to rise up, fellow Demon.} Salsa would feel a significant change in her body as she would feel much stronger than she ever did in her whole entire life, though not as strong as Jack because his heritage alone and his now amplified strength thanks to the artifact and the shard he just devoured....
  8. He smirked devilishly as she agreed on that part that he was indeed ever so very bold to ask of her such a thing and he shrugged towards her. "I'm a Demon.." He said simply. "That's who we are and besides like every good hunter one must learn that fortune favors the bold." He suddenly gave her a wink with his right eye. Before proceeding to rest his right hand on her knee slightly moving towards her thigh, it would be towards her surprise that his hands were soft despite him being a man. "Now if you wish to take me up on that offer...I will so gladly make your time worth the while but if not.." He said as he took a slight pause as he thought. "I wouldn't lie, I would be disappointed but I won't force a lady such as yourself." He said genuinely. "And that has to do with simply respecting your choice." He took a few grapes and ate them before taking the bottle and downing a few gulps down as he removed the tip of the bottle away from his lips as he looked at her. "Hmm, thinking about it...I think we'll need more than just one bottle.." He gave out a genuine soft chuckle before placing it back down as he stood up and walked towards the bath as he stepped right in with his right foot and then leg, little by little reaching his shins and then knees. "Water is still warm, that is good." He said as he strips his towel from him and slightly revealing his manly rear before being it covered by the water while he hanged the towel around his neck. He leaned against the wall of the bath and slided down slightly as he let out a sound of satisfaction, yet again enjoying his nice bath before speaking again as his direction faced her once again, as once again his manly muscle features were evidently making themselves clear. "Now about you said earlier. I can understand what you mean by providing someone to escape from their illegal or legal profession. Mine is...hmm how to put it.." He tapped his bottom lip with his index finger. "Let's just say that my contract is all inclusive. Like for example if someone requested me to kill, let's say a Vampire, inserting that this person is putting a bounty upon this Vampire's head I will hunt it and bring it, dead or alive. It all depends on what my customer wants." He smirked. "I'm known by many names as I'm about 3000 years old." He said. "Some people call me, Jack the Reaper, the Reaper, Demon Reaper, Grey Eyes because that's the last thing they see and so on. But the one that stuck the most with me was the Slayer of Kin which means that I have no problem in hunting Demons down and killing them." He hoped she didn't had anything against that. "Of course, I'll do this and that but with a catch because I'll do any job...for the right price. And my services...don't come cheap." He smirked. "At least that's the jist of my profession but I think I've talked a bit too much about myself." He said suddenly. "Why don't you talk more about yourself?" He asked her with a intrigued tone. "I'd so very much love to hear things from you." His flirtatious tone was clear as the moon is on the darkest night, did he care if he seemed desperate? No, because he wasn't, though in his nature alone with women and because of his heritage alone, he was always playful with them and liked to play. @Eternity
  9. I got the Hype 😎🎉👌💃
  10. Léon didn't show no remorse, mercy, sorrow or anything in that matter he was simply indifferent about this creature. He didn't really mean to kill it but it seemed that he let his stress or upset demeanor kill this werebear. He moved his look back at Aya saying how unfortunate it was but he didn't decide to speak just yet as his eyes snapped at her and her poor choice of words, and she could even feel the rage boiling in his eyes as she continued to tease him, last time he checked he didn't say anything disrespectful towards her. "And here I thought you had the very bit of manners in at least saying a simple 'thanks' or a 'thank you' but apparently not, you know the more I think the more I start to realize. I am really glad you chose to devote your dispicable life towards this religion of yours. Because I would actually feel sorry for the man who would fall in love with you and have to deal with you for the rest of his life, because while that face may be pretty to wake up in the morning every time.." He said venomously. "It's not one which is healthy for someone's own sanity or moral views." His word stung like a venomous viper as he clearly has had it with her attitude. He then stood there and watched how she moved and stood a bit away from him as she planted the staff on the ground and acted like a sort of scale that was at first waying in her favor and he looked at her listening to what she had to say and once she said his end of the deal it went on being balanced again, as if he could buy that trick. Could he really trust her? No way in hell can he, and not her magic and her scale. "I don't know who you take me for, Aya.." He said as he shoved his hands in his pockets and started to walk. "But I do not make deals or contracts.." And he started to walk away but he heard that again, her teasingness, her mocking him, did she even know who she was messing with? He snapped and he didn't care anymore, woman or not, he will kick her ass if he has to as his vision snaps at her and has a gaze full of hate and his eyes were in that bloody crimson red color. As he was close towards her he grabs her by the throat, strong enough to apply pressure and not to with a simple motion of his fingers as he now applied enough pressure but he wouldn't snap her throat and if she attempted to user her magic she would realize that magic doesn't work that well with this types of vampires that could walk during the days, they were known as simply Devils, he then would be the most serious with her than he has ever been. "Listen carefully Aya and I mean it because this may the only time I will grant you the ability to listen and straighten that messed up head of yours." He said with a growly tone. "You think you are the only one who has had the only family that has ever known? Their entire life?" He asked her but didn't let her answer. "Newsflash, doll face. You are not the only one! You think because you have this god of yours and magic that I can't pose a threat to you, maybe I am, maybe I'm not.." He said truthfully. "But you want my honest opinion?" He asked her. "I don't give a shit and I couldn't care less because I've been through hell to get where I am and as for you, it was handed on a silver platter. You don't know how life works, you don't know what true pain is like, you don't know how it is to feel like you are a constant mistake and a disgrace to the humankind! You never felt that because your dumbass has a staff that pretty much does everything for you!" He shouts, if she looked him in the eyes she would now notice how he was in pain through all of that anger. "Our kind is also known as a Devil, he have a certain bloodlust together with a sexual lust, some of us can resist it some of us cannot. I've been in certain stages of my life where I thought I was done for the count and that there was no reason to live anymore.." She would then see his memories and what he went through, from being bullied, to hated, to being misused. "In school and in life people treat us Devils like a mistake and that we need to be eradicated just because they do not understand us and our urges.." He said. "I was 16 when I first bit my girlfriend by accident because I was too keen on that fucked sexual lust. I wanted to feel her and to drink her blood...she luckily survived and I'm glad but she broke up with me because of that and then short after I was taken by the rogue organization called the Specters who believe that they are the true Devils and that they are the strongest by far, they tortured me day and night, hour after hour, minute after minute, second after second!!" He tightened his grip around her throat but the loosened it as to not kill her if he would see she was struggling to breath. "Do you know how it feels like to be all alone in the dark, without having your fathers support, mother's love and the rest of your family by your side?" He asked. "DO YOU KNOW?!" He shouts as his echoes were heard through the forest. "No you don't because you are just a petulant immature and inexperienced child that thinks she can do whatever the fuck she wants just because, she has the will of her God of Justice and a fucking staff...yeah that's how I truly see you, Aya. I never saw you as someone who was experienced in life, how can you be when you have everything on a silver platter? The answer is you are not.." He said venomously with a loud whisper. "It wasn't only but 2 years after they've found me.." He goes back at his story which she would get a real vision from his memories that were truly filled with pain and simply darkness. "I was broken, cold, emotionless and inhuman. I was a true machine they have made me to be, to kill, sleep, eat and repeat. That was supposedly my destiny! Till I was saved and not by your god or any other god but by my mother and father who loved me and gave everything they had to bring me back and you know how much it took for me to feel emotions again..To love a woman, to touch her, to pleasure her, to be human again?" He asked her as his eyes watered, there was true pain through those eyes. "The answer is for far far too long and even now and then that trauma is hunting me till this day, making me feel emotionless and inhuman which then makes me cold towards everyone and that means that I simply don't give a shit who you are and where you came from..." He said as he still didn't let her go, even if she struggled he had her like a cat had its fish. "That is why I won't take any of your bullshit and decisions. I don't know you but I can already tell that you weren't in the experiences or stages of life as I was because you don't know the pain we Devils or Vampires have, to fight bloodlust, sexuallust and try to reconfigure ourselfs and be a part of this damn society...I was lucky because of my father who taught me by taking every bit of blood every day it makes you have a certain blood tolerance that makes you not lose your cool over blood, hence I haven't devoured every bit of your flesh but I can already tell that your blood is bitter, just like your demeanor.." Realizing that his face was getting to closer towards her for comfort he pulls a bit away but doesn't let go again. "Also screw you and your stupid contract, and your scoffing and full of teasing attitude. You want a contract, well here is mine.." He said as he looked in her eyes, his eyebrows narrowed and his fangs showing through as he fully transformed. "You stop with your attitude, with being a pestilence and simply but a vessel of annoyances and try to see the world through my eyes for once in your goddamn life...I never said you should abbondan your religion but there are some places where you will need to adapt or you will become a simple drag like you are right now because I could have found more viable intel on the Specters than babysitting your ass." If it was true to justice or not but her God could not deny in making her try to see his view of things. "Stop with being this fake girl that shows her beauty and a certain happiness when you truly are as ugly as a Devil who sucks on the blood of a woman while raping her!" Referencing how she appeared to be sweet and lovely towards people but proved to be nothing but a devil or snake when push came to shove. "Stop leaving your problems towards your god, teachings and staff, decide for your own and be someone and not some mindless, emotionless fake of a human being vessel!" "And let us try to come to a certain agreement and try to work together and not fight against ourselves because if an enemy strikes us in the wrong moment, both me and you will be gone forever, dropped dead at the first line of sight and also be goddamn grateful I saved your magical ass! Because I could have let that bear tear you in half, I didn't ask you to kiss my ass but a thank you would be appreciated." He said as he finally came to an end. "But if this doesn't sound appealing to you in no way shape or form or cannot agree because of your stupid pride that what has been taught with you with bunch of wise asses that don't know anything about how hard life can be, then you might as well go fuck yourself and shut the fuck up while we continue on this path and deliver this book you promised on delivering, or are you not a woman of your word?" What seemed like constantly talking to her, he lets her go by pushing her back so that she would stagger back. "Oh and do not even think about trying to strike me while I turn my back.." He said as he warned her with a venomous tone as he turned his back at her, right where she belonged and continued to walk on their initial path, if she didn't chose to do so, then she would have lied to that man she promised to deliver the book to which wouldn't be so very righteous of her, now would it? He wasn't unreasonable however she pushed his buttons and didn't know anything about him now she knows through what he has been through, life bashing him in the face, treating lesser than a being just because he was a Devil and then being stripped over his humanity to be turned into a killing machine, he didn't want her damn pity, just her understanding and realization that she clearly pissed him off which in the end made him snap at her. @Priestess
  11. Her words about not faltering and succumbing towards his tempting words started to bore him because he knew that she was starting to slowly break apart, bit my bit. She didn't anymore seem like the proud standing tall Valentina that was a Power House with a indomitable will, she was weak and broken inside and he could feel it. Jack didn't know what he was currently feeling there, he wasn't evil by any chance nor did he have anything against them. They simply stood in his way, he may very well come to the realisation that this Annabelle demon may have been very well playing with his senses and way of thought, he wanted power that was true, though he didn't know at what cost. This black mirror and ancient weapon they were trying to get sounded really temping and the scent of them that already empowered him and his visions was all the better and to add the sudden black cloud of smoke that wrapped around his forearm and giving him more power and promising him even more if he simply corrupted this woman, though a sudden revelation came to him. What if this is all a lie and Annabelle is just using him? He didn't had any second doubts now that she was taking advantage of his certain behavior as he acted a bit crazier than usual as it was a very long time till he felt power like this. And what if this proved to be true in the end? What would happen to this Salsa and the others? He wouldn't particularly have them on his conscious as they didn't mean anything to him but he couldn't help but feel sorrow and pity at Salsa's words. Where was that damn Demon named Ra to stop him? Wasn't she her friend? Weren't they the very group that came here and had one goal only to take the legendary weapon to put a stop to this Black Mirror thing? Or was she simply a liar and had her own goals to gain and accomplish? The thought of it made her despicable towards his eyes, yes he wasn't your ordinary good guy hero but he wasn't no evil villain either. Just someone who worked for himself and always was honest about his approaches and words, if he had a problem with someone or was going to do something, he was going to tell them that to their faces but Ra opt to play the wisecrack smartass with him, call him an idiot and look where she is at, nowhere to be seen, so much for her acting tough because her words were simply empty, like air. He withdraws his sword as he looks at Salsa falling onto her knees while looking down as if she felt ashamed, disgraced or simply accepting death. He could have just as easily cut her head away from her body with a clean swooping motion from his Alblack sword but like him she very much knew that he wouldn't do that as his sword disappears into its own dimension, he felt as if he was playing a mind game with her, did he enjoy breaking her apart? Not really but did it stay on his conscious? That was a question he himself could not answer as he bends his left knee and kneels next to her side while resting his left forearm on the kneecap. "It would make this much easier if you simply didn't resist.." He said with a neutral soft tone as his eyes immediately lock on her sword which she sheathed. "What are you...~?" He asked but he was cut off before he could finish the question as she told him her full name, his eyes widen as he realized that she fully gave in but he was cautions what if she played a trick as well? This damn cave was messing with his mind and thinking which made him angry. He then nods his head, thinking that he may be able to grant her wish, he was no god or something but he had the power to make at least a significant change. He was a Demon of his word, something you rarely find in this world as he gently placed his right hand on her hair, feeling the texture of it as it slipped down on the back of her neck and gently grabbed it. "Jasper Salsa Rhaspody Valentina...what a beautiful long name.." He joked as he chuckled briefly. "I'm Jack O'Neal, a Half Demon and a Bounty Hunter.." He said as he thought why should he not present himself before her. He took a deep breath. "So be it, I grant you, your wish.." He said as the shadows around them started to grow ever so closely towards them. "You want power to protect your loved ones? Such as Ezra? And to make Catherine bow before you and admit your excellency and grandeur? So be it.." He said. "You want wealth and riches to live a better life than that of a soldier, a knight or someone who lunges and eats scraps? So be it.." The shadows grew closer. "And finally, you want love so that you can at least feel like you are not alone in this world?" He asked as he leaned closely towards her ear. "Fine..I'll give you that also.." He whispered in her ear as he then suddenly kissed her ear with his soft and tenderly lips, as when the shadows came closer towards them she would get visions that she would have it all and that thanks to Jack that was always in the corner as if he was always watching. "But before I snap my fingers and truly corrupt you..." He said. "I need to know something and I need you to answer me truly.." He looked at her, she would feel his light grey eye heat up on her. "Is it true that the Black Heart Mirror holds tremendous power and that it can be used to empower oneself? He asked her. "Is it true that this Demon Annabelle would hold on the end of her bargain and grand me what I want?" He asked again. "Is it true that this artifact around my forearm can grant me the power I crave for?" "Because you see Salsa...I crave power not for just personal gain but to protect myself and others who I call friends.." He said as his words made that much sense now. "I never had the intent in hurting you or your other friends but you stood in my way because I felt this amazing power that could finally bring me to my goal and that is to become extremely powerful, by birth because of my father I was strong enough but I want more than that...riches and money, I have, love...I don't think I can get but lust and pleasure for a woman I can have. And the power to already do everything I want..I still have but you want this all so much that it makes me want to ask you this question now." He said. "At what cost do you want all of this to belong to you?" He asked her. "What are you willing to give, for power, riches, love and fame? Do you know what it is worth for? Or are you naive like a child and you still don't know what life can be worth for because I'm starting to think that this cave is messing with all of our minds, including me." He said. "If you truly wish for me to corrupt me..I'll do it in a instant, however if this all proves to be a simple lie...a trick that I myself have been deceived in playing a roll in, then I'll leave you be and defeat whatever you need in obtaining this weapon because I will not lose my sanity for some too good to be true rumor." He sounded seriously there. "So what is it going to be Salsa? You want me to be your Enemy? Friend? Lover? What would it be?" He asked one final time.
  12. He looked at her his mischievous smirk not leaving him till he saw her dangle the glass between her thumb and forefinger, it was nice of her to offer his beloved back which he took it back gladly without hesitating. Once his fingers wrapped around the glass, he points it towards her and gives her a slight bow before drinking the whole liquor, emptying the glass. He nods his head upon ensuring him that she was glad that he enjoyed their services. "Yeah, if anything. I wish you the best of success with your establishment." He turned around to take the bottle of whiskey before pouring the liquid liquor in the glass and drinking a sip out of it, adding a few grapes and strawberries into the mixture. His eyes were calm and he seemed to be relaxed and at ease, no part in his body felt uptight nor his demeanour as of right now. He was relaxed and comfortable, however due to him being who he was, he never squandered a chance to shamelessly but discreetly check a beautiful woman out, his eyes moving from their current direction that were somewhere else towards her right leg that she pulled and rested over her left knee. Noticing how the smoothed silk robes that looked good on her, showed the paleness of her legs. He was surprised and he felt like he had the entitlement to stare, he wasn't a guy who freaked on a pair of good legs but hers were an exception, it must have been his demon side or human one, which ever it was that caused him to be thist lustful made his heart quickened and pulsate down to his core, upong also noticing how there was no trace of body fat on those legs. Jack didn't really concerned himself with speculating that he may have starred for far too long and that Gwen might even notice him checking her out, though if she did notice because of his long period of looking at the revelating sight he just witnessed, gulping silently he just thought about how long has he had an encounter or an affair with a woman before? For quite some time, at least that would be his answer for now. His line of thought seemed to break as he snapped back into reality because of her chuckle as his eyes worked his way up to her own, looking at them but his eyes were intelling as if he saw something that made him give his full attention to her, was he getting frisky already? He slightly smiled at her saying that she usually took what she wanted without asking, it kind reminded of himself, too much that is. "I guess that makes two of us.." He chuckled briefly as he took a sip out of his drink again. "I tend to do the same sometimes but it doesn't have to do with drinks.." He smirked which let out that there was more to his words but he didn't choose to let her in on that information, not quite yet. "However, if you really like drinking than..might as well drink this whole bottle with me.." He said, offering her as he took the bottle and poured some liquor in his glass handing it to her. "Though, since you didn't mind drinking from a stranger..it shouldn't bother you now.." He chuckled softly. "Besides, I'm not just a stranger, I'm a fellow Demon, though only by half.." He attempted by joking as his eyes glowed, which meant that she had his interest and she could probably pick on that since she was a Demon and knew the signs. "Also have some grapes and strawberries with it...they are delicious.." If she would have taken the offer or not he would come next to her on the velvet seat on the couch, getting closer and closer to her without any hesitation as he threw a grapefruit in his mouth and catches it, chewed it slightly and then swallowed it as he gave her a sweet but short lived smile as she presented herself before him. "Pleasure to meet you Gwen.." He extended his right hand for her to shake it, if she accepted his shake or not he would do the same and withdraw his hand back. He slightly rose and eyebrow upon her saying if he was a bounty hunter as it implied she didn't quiet heard him right or she was just intrigued to see a fellow Demon be a bounty hunter, no matter the fact he nodded his head slowly with a soft motion, his look determined that he was serious about it as he came back to his playfulness. "Yeah, never heard of 'em or never had one in your establishment?" He asked as he gave her a smirk. When she would answer his question or not he would say something very daring and boldly, though she might as well have expected of him because of his dominating presence and confidence. "I mostly hunt bounties, it doesn't matter it is as long as I'm getting paid for the right price and if you wish to know more about me being a bounty hunter or more about my personal life, I boldly say and dare you to join me on that pleasant warm bath that is waiting...and not just for me...but you as well.." He said with a flirtatious tone as he looked at her, his eyes impling that he wouldn't take no for an answer though she might say no, he couldn't force, he was after all asking the owner and manager of this place to join him on a bath. He also had a few more points that would make him ask her such a question, as he indeed looked extremely handsome and way above average. His physical and muscular physique could not go unnoticed as it seemed that he literally had muscles that looked ripped and made out of iron, no real body fat on him only the minimal amount to allow him to live and his attractive light grey eyes didn't really stop glowing as he looked at her, waiting for a response... @Eternity
  13. That silence was only the reward for managing to shut Aya up for good, he hid a genuine smirk on his lips as they walked. Finally some peace and quiet, though she may have very well ignored him to simply hurt him, that old method won't work against him. He didn't care if she ignored him to simply steam him up more, he didn't care if she thought that childish attempt would hurt him, he didn't care that she may find him unworthy or that he did not pose a threat to her. Because all of that were her false and believed accusations, she doesn't know him, she doesn't know through what hell on earth he went through, she wouldn't even bare the shere emotional pain he has day to day whenever a certain psychological attack happens. The way he saw this in his own perspective was if Aya had a certain problem or whatever she did have with him. She should tell it to his face while looking him straight in the eyes, because if she wouldn't and would decide to keep on being silent, that's where she belonged, behind his back with herself in her own little world while thinking him much lesser than he was and with no doubt Léon would return that sentiment in his own way. The differences between them were drastic, while this little fighter bird of a priestess was stubborn in her own right and way Léon didn't share her personality attribute. He never was really stubborn at least not into those types of situations but he was rather very called and human emotion became nonexistent to him and that was because of his coldness that he didn't care about anyone if he was honest. After what would seem like countless minutes of walking and enjoying the pure silence of the moment he so found it to be comforting and soothing, he heard her voice. Not that her voice wasn't a pleasant voice of a woman to hear every once in a while, but to him, at that moment and from what has happened, he felt like it was a screeching sound that disturbed his ears as he opened his eyes and listened to what she said and once again with that Sir attitude. "Okay, let's cut the bullshit Aya." He said seriously, surprisingly not in a venomous tone or trying to disrespect her. "I'm not some knight in a shining armor so stop calling me 'Sir Léon' do you understand?" He asked her while not even looking at her. "It's just Léon and that's it." And so he ended their discussion as he couldn't care less about that damn staff he didn't know nothin about and she wouldn't easily tell him information after everything they've been true and how their waters aren't calmed down between them. What seemed like walking for about an hour or so, or at least that's what it felt like and the burning hot son did not help at all as it made the area pretty warm or out right hot. Even for a Vampire like him was a bit too much, especially during this time of hour but thankfully there were the trees to provide them with some shade and cool fresh air but that suddenly changed when he smelled the stench of blood, he already was on high alert because of who could that be? Could it be the Specters? Or someone else? When Aya stopped walking so did Léon and he witnessed the sight of a lower half human wearing some pants at that he didn't find anything strange till he notice the top half was torn with a shirt open as it exposed a great deal of fur, this creature looked bear-like, the large bear claws and the head made it really obvious to him, this was a werebear, much more aggressive, vicious and stronger bear and it looked like they interrupted it its meal as the werebear already caught scent of him and her. "Ah, that's just great." He said ironically as he stood his ground, grinding his teeth and slightly frowning his eyebrows. His eyes wandered towards Aya when she said that it was unexpected and this time she couldn't even be more damn right about that, though he found it interesting that her tone held fear only that she was impressed, whatever she found it impressing, he did not share her same passion. His eyes widen upon seeing how fast this werebear was, it may have been because it was hungry or angry, whatever the case was he wouldn't be its next meal as he dashed towards the right side, getting away from the werebear's reach fast, however, instead of Aya dasing towards her left or even follow him she decided to move backwards and began to flex a little with her ability to dodge this creature's fast attacks, he frowned even more now still thinking should he save her? Should he go all the way in saving her after all that has happened? If she would have been eaten alive he wouldn't care, he didn't really like her that much so that she would stay on his conscious, though he knew it wasn't the right thing to do, it was hard to decide... What disgusted him the most that she would have the audacity to reason with a werebear, which gave its life and soul to the wilderness, serving it and concerned only about survival with the hunting that came along with it but not with a man who was able to make choices and decisions and be reasoned with and that actually speaks? How cruel was she? Because of that he would let her dodge the attacks all she wanted but he didn't involve himself not now at least. He let her a good portion of the time to dodge the werebear's attacks, watching to see if some of its strikes would manage to make a scratch out of her but even so, he couldn't stay there, he felt guilt and slight pain for letting her die...like that so in the last opportune moment he jumps in ferociously, more so than this feral beast and gets in between Aya and the creature before swinging a roundhouse kick towards his abdomen that held great weight and impact behind it. He would charge towards it and suddenly he started to phaze towards his right side and his left side, a sort of materialized blood would cover him as he phased in and out into getting closer towards the creature and once he was close enough he swings a right hook towards the werebear's jaw, it had such a tremendous impact that he could crack it even. Vampires were strong enough to leap buldings and brake humans in half with ease and if that certain Vampire had a dose of blood everyday, the strength output is fenomenal. As he pashed towards his left side and swung a left hook punch with the exact same amount of leverage and force behind it, aimed towards the jaw. Of course the impacts of these punches would send the beast backwards greatly as pashed again and shoved his knee into its gut before jumping high and creating a certain momentum before doing a spinning right hook kick towards its head to knock it out and put it down for good... OOC: @Priestess It's okay, I'm just glad we still continue this because I am enjoying this, so enjoy and till next time.
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