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  1. He didn't understand what could be so possibly funny nor had he the mood to try to understand her reasoning, not after what happened. He seemed to be upset with her more than anything and he couldn't shake the feeling why but then he remembered she is here for one reason or another, so tomorrow she will say his point of view? Like he needed it but he was willing to hear her two cents about since she did as well without interrupting him. When she said that she noticed his eye color changed into red his jaw visibly tensed, he honestly couldn't care anymore about keeping it a secret. He was a vampire and she was a witch or at least a 'Priestess' or whatever they called themselves, not even looking at her for an expression he simply said. "I'm a Vampire." As he continued to walk and look straight forward. "And not just your ordinary, magic doesn't work well on us and neither does the typical Anti-Vampire Weapons." He said. "That's much as you need to know for now." He stopped when he saw the inn he lead her to, rolling his eyes when she said 'Sir Léon' yet again he turned with his back and walked. "Later." He said before he vanished into the night and walked to his apartment. In his apartment he came freshly out of the shower, wearing nothing but a pair of grey sweat pants and having a white towel wrapped around his neck as he held the end of the right towel with his hand, looking outside his window, thinking about what just happened. Calming himself from his upsetful thoughts he shakes his head and decides to give her another chance. "She better not be the childish woman they say she is." He warned as he walked into his bedroom and slept the night off. Next Day... Having breakfast at his place, swapping his clothes again as today would be another hot day. He was wearing a blue tank top with a pair of dark blue tapered jeans, his perfectly shaped shoulder muscles with his biceps and triceps would be noticeable along his ripped forearms.. Walking out of his apartment he made his way towards the Hotel she was at, upon entering he was immediately lead towards the breakfast room. Having a confused look as to why was that since he already had breakfast, seeing in the distance Aya waving at him, singling where she was he walks up to her. He was a bit better with his feelings towards her than yesterday, however they maintain neutral at best and he did not return her smile as he simply had a neutral expression. "Morning." He said before he took a seat and leaned into the chair, resting his arms on the forearm rester. Arching an eyebrow when she asked him if he still thought the same about her actions he nods his head. "I still do." He said quickly before he looked around and then back at her when she offered him some breakfast. "No, I already had breakfast." He declines with a neutral tone since he already had breakfast and he wasn't really in the mood to eat waffles. Listening to her once again, her other question was what was the Fangs group and he looked at her for a moment. "Fangs is a special organization founded by my Father, Diego Fernandez and Diego Garcias, a long friend of ours." He said as he looked at her. "What makes Fangs so special is that we take from all over the world Vampires who have nowhere else to go and train them to become Special Agents to deal with Supernatural situations, however, since things have gotten more complicated we also now deal with Human problems, hence why we have some Human members in our group." He leaned forward and rested his hands on his knees. "If you ask, well aren't Vampires attractive to blood? Well, we take every morning a dose of blood so that we won't be feeling our overwhelming blood lust and kill everyone we see because of blood. Hence why I don't jump on you to suck on your blood and my eyes are not red, well the eyes can turn red when you are upset or pissed." He explained. "That's the least I can tell you." He said, he didn't trust her so well now. Not after yesterday so it was best to uphold the information and tell her once she was in F.A.N.G.S HQ and trustworthy. "Uh sure...I guess." He stood up and followed her. As he walked with her he noticed what happened to the little boy and how he could have had some severe burns if not for Aya. "I advise you to use your magic wisely." He said with emotionless tone. "I don't want to draw attention to us." That's at least what he said to her from that little scene that happened already getting on the edge for somethings are just best to be left by faith and chance, hence why this is called life. Having no other question for her because he didn't really have any and he wasn't in the mood to learn about her Shrine of Judgment. It may have be due to the fact that he didn't thought it was that important, why would a Shrine play a importance in the City of Joran anyway? When they stopped he noticed the decent looking house with a brick of wall. "Where did you take me now.." He slightly frowned, what was she up to again? He sighed and shook his head. "Of course, men would stare at good looking women. Why wouldn't they? And besides whatever someone thinks in their mind about someone, is none of my business as long as they don't actually do it and besides since we like women are we not allowed to look at them?" He asked as he looked at the house, her assumptions started to slightly bother him. "I mean women look at us as well so I don't see an issue." He shrugged. He looked at her as he clearly didn't know what she was on about, saying that one day he would wake up and feel not even the most attractive woman can't get him aroused and in love with. "Make your point Aya." He said with a slight edge in his voice. Feeling a bit weirded out as he arched a strong eyebrow as he listened to her and says something about dominating a insect, now what in the hell was she on about. "Aha so you decided to play God to them.." He chuckled out of ironically. "I see." Looking back at her again when she say that something was in a perfect timing and looking back at the house seeing the door getting slammed opened as there was a couple fighting. "Aya, you better have an explanation for this. What in the hell are we doing here, this is none of our business!" His edged voice got even more upset, what were they doing here, this was a day to day life thing, they were not needed here. His eyes widened and they immediately turned into that bloody red color, who in the hell was she to play God? He grabbed her by the arm and turned her towards him, he was pissed. "Who in the hell made you God?" He asked her with a roughed out voice. "Who are you to judge them based on simply their relationship problems? Who are you to give that woman a better relationship? You don't even know half of their story and you decided to cast out one of your spells." He looked at the woman who left and then at the man who was crying in pain. "Un do your spell now." He said. "He shall not see his first born in seven months and his ex girlfriend with another man and he will not lose everything nor his possessions, nor his parents, nor his elder sister, and the same with his friend and everyone around him. Do it now!" He raised his voice at her. "You have no common sense about life do you Aya!" His voice was completely edged out. "Listen here and listen very carefully, I do not care about your God of Judgment nor if he put you to judge others. This is my City, my rules and you do not involve yourself in someone's private life. Do you understand me?" He asked her. "Things like this, you leave it up to chance. If they are meant to come back together they are meant to and if not then that is that but I will not tolerate having you already preset their destiny. I could care less if he was a criminal or not but when we punish them, we punish them by sentencing them to prison. Is it really efficient to do it that way even though we don't know if he is not going to do that again?" He asked. "Aya, I don't care but this is not what kind of punishment we deliver, got that, Aya?" He asked her, he was not going to let her change someone's life, he was firm about her undoing her spell. "The punishment we deliver is by taking them to the Police, cort and then Prison. We do that when they commited a crime not before, and I will not roam around the City with you to deal with childish things when I got better things to do, bigger problems to worry about and not some relationship problems that have nothing to do with the law at all!" He lets go of her arm and turns his look away. "Undo that spell and let it up to chance if they are going to be back together. If he cried after her and wanted for her to stay, he really loved her and if you care about your own well being and sake you'll do it and if you think this was a threat. Take it as you will but I am done." He turned his back at her and started to walk away, his hands shoved in his pockets walking towards the HQ if she followed it would have been of her own free will but he would not force her. @Priestess
  2. Who was she to tell him what was quite enough or not? He was the one in charge here not her, these dark thoughts seemed to twist his moral before he came to the realization that he clearly beat the hell out of them within a inch of their lives. His eyes remained red, it was more of an instinct than anything as he glared at them even though they pose not a threat anymore. If it was for him he would throw them in jail and be done with it, something he will talk with this Aya, immediately. Whatever her Shrine of Judgment was, her God had no business here, not that he was an atheist, though how would you feel when someone comes in your territory and starts doing things their way? The answer, is not good. Though her words, he did not understand, they surely did sound germanic by nature but nothing he has ever heard of. He saw this as a chance for her to prove herself, he almost forgot about their recent talk about her stick which she calls "Staff" now he could see with his own eyes what this power of the God of Judgment could do, if there was such a thing.. He found it rather interesting that the lights would turn black and that her magic spells affected the City's lights, but now he wondered was this truly a God? Or just someone who learned the basics of black magic? The way he came to the realization that it may have been just black magic was because of its dark aura that it had, thinking if it was a Priestess, it would have had a different colored aura and not black. He instantly rolled his eyes when the male tried to trick her by healing him and then run it off, it was typical. What was she expecting even? She was so focused on her task at hand that she completely forgotten about him, maybe she was too focused in her head to prove what she can do. He was a bit impressed but more so skeptical, he had in the end, every right to be, he knew magic when he saw it. However it also made him think about their deal, she said 'deal' that seemed like only the Christian Devil or Satan would do...this was getting more skeptish and he didn't like it. The next thing he said took him by surprise and it was definitely noticeable by his look, she said some private information. Information that would take F.A.N.G.S Top Agents at least an hour to obtain and she did it in literal seconds, how was that possible? But now he wondered even more was all that private information even useful? It wasn't for him, he didn't need a reason to know why this bastard of a man was going to rape this woman. No reason justifies the means and acts of people what she did was not acceptable she told the man to leave and he did. For her nexts actions he was completely silent, seemingly having enough of this show that could have ended by taking all of them to the prison and be done with them. What she was doing was no Justice, it was forgiveness at best, if it was Justice they would have been sent to Jail because that's how modern day works, but now he thought maybe from where she comes from they don't have a system like they had in Joran the more reason to fill her up with the details as soon as possible. What he could say that a good job was done, was with the couple as they were able to be in each other's hold. Probably the people knew not as much about magic but enough for the couple to nod their heads even though they didn't even understood what the hell was going on. He looked at them as they waited for a request and he shook his head. "No thank you, just go and be careful next time." He said before he turned his attention to her, his eyes turning into that amber color finally. "How was that justice you delivered?" He asked her immediately. "From what I know, what we in Joran City do. When someone commits a crime they go to the Judge and they get sentenced and go to prison we did none of that." He said. "What guarantees you that a few sweet but bitter words would make them not do it again?" He asked her. "You know how many years it is worth going to prison for when commiting rape? 15 years that is punishment not some display of your magic." He seemed a bit on the edge now, maybe it was getting really late and he was tiring well she couldn't judge him after all. "We'll have a lot to talk about Aya..." He said with a deep sigh. "And clearly today is not going to cut it but just so you know. Next time we do this, I would like to have my two cents about it as well. You can't let people like them run around, Aya. You can't." He said with a earnest voice, being dead serious about it. "I appreciate what you've done don't get me wrong." He tried to sound nice about it even though he was on the edge. "But if we are meant to be partners we have to do everything, together." He said as he shoved his hands in his pockets before starting to walk, hoping she would follow him. "There is a inn nearby so since you denied my request you can suit yourself." He had a indifferent tone, since he was not going to force her. "Might as well ask my as many questions as you can while we walk." He said as he was ready to answer every any question before they would part ways and meet again tomorrow. @Priestess Yeah, it's alright, no worries. As long as you respond, it is okay. Also about that lore thread, well done job. I liked it and heh funny enough about your so called "Ancient Language" that is German lol. How do I know? Because I live in Germany 😂 Heilen, Bessern, Genesen, Verdicken, Belegan, Verjüngen - Heal, Better, Recover, Thicken, Document, Rejuvenate. Nice touch which little will pick on.
  3. He shrugged. "I've seen some pretty interesting stuff in my life." He said as he looked at Magnus, lowkey referencing him. "And Mutans are common nowadays. So sorry to break it to you." He looked at Zane. "But you are no longer a special case anymore." He lowkey joked as gave him a smirk before looking at Magnus again. He nods and suddenly there was a beam of blue energy that surrounded them and the next thing they know, they were at the Destiny League's HQ. The place looked futuristic with the latest tech someone could get their hands on, with multiple rooms. "Sorry but we can't sit there while Connor is knocked out." Bruce apologized before he looked at Magnus. "Take him in the medical room." Magnus nods and walks with Connor in his hands towards the Medical room. He looked back at them. "Yeah, this used to be our place...it also used to be filled out with people.." He said, his tone slightly sadden. "But well, we all sometimes have to move on. One way or another." He started to walk. "If you would follow me.." He would lead them towards his office. @EtherealWings
  4. He thought this was it, Salsa would be slain by his own hands but it was a shame when Ra intervened and took his opportunity from taking her soul and adding it to his personal collection, to devour later, of course. Her intervenience got a small reaction out of him and that was another smirk as he held his scythe when it smacked against her blade, holding his ground with relative ease as he looked her in the eyes when she spoke. "Careful Ra." He warned. "I'm not disgusted by slaying my own kin if it means getting one step closer to my goal." He said, now their weapons were locked in place. "Nebula doesn't stand a ghost of a chance against me." He venomously said. He broke the lock by swiping his scythe away from her blade with a overpowered push, he was holding back for now. He wanted to see what they were made out of because all he heard were words and words with no factual evidence to back their tough talk up. He frowned his eyebrows and lightly growled at her, she was definitely testing his patience, she acted as if she knew him already but that wasn't the cause not when he would say a few venomous words of his own to her. "Oh really..?" He asked with a taunting voice, having a grimace on his face. "But here is where you are the bigger idiot, dear Ra." He said. "From the beginning you weren't so keen on working with them, nor do you trust your fellow 'friends' or whatever they are to you, to lay your life for them when it came to." He chuckled briefly as he looked at their little gesture, not talking as if they knew what they had to do. "Fine." He suddenly said. "Team up to take me on. I don't care. In the end...it'll be more fair if I'd let you." He grinned before leaning forward on his right knee with his scythe straighten out behind his back, frowning his eyebrows even more as his slightly squinted his eyes, they seemed to glow much brighter now as he was ready to deliver a fatal blow but didn't... Because Annabelle stepped in and pretty much took her away from him before she could strike, however the energy light spheres that were coming down to crash him would do little next to nothing as he charged towards them like a mad man and rolled on the side slicing them in half and in doing so it caused them to explode, missing their initial target that was him. This somewhat irritated him, this was more of a chit chat battle than a actual battle, realizing what Annabelle really wanted to do with them he was still slightly but only slightly confused. The next thing she say is to kill them and now she got herself involved, she really needed to make up her mind, he stood there as he watched how Annabelle had Ra and how Salsa's light, shadow and earth arrows didn'T even faze her. How Jack walked unscaved through that barrage of Arrows? He used a magic spell, from the black aura with purple mish it had. It seemed to be dark magic, as it surrounded him and the arrows simply didn't penetrate it and were dissolved by the black flames, consuming them. His gaze met hers and his expression was neutral towards Annabelle, the look they had towards each other. It seemed they had a history, even so, this was Jack he always had a few affairs now and then with a few Demons and she happened to be that one, he then looked at Salsa and how she was breaking apart so easily. He didn't pitty them though he felt a slight emotion towards them and that was..he couldn't put it into words but he just wondered why did they do this...? The power they are seeking is going to corrupt them, beings such as Jack couldn't get more corrupted than they already were. But they were not beings as him, only Ra but he didn't know much about her. But these...were humans...easily corruptible, he smirked before his scythe disappeared as he turned towards Salsa and took a few steps towards her but had a distance to intercept her attacks in case she decided to do a surprise attack. "Sure." He said with a determined look, he honestly couldn't care less if Annabelle didn't honor her bargain but if she didn't she will be in trouble as much as they were, no one crosses him and walks out unscaved, his reputation precedes him well about it but if he knew Annabelle, she would honor it. "Salsa...what a beautiful name." He spoke with a sinsang voice, Annabelle could feel his darkness becoming noticeably stronger and bigger as he rose his hand up slightly, shadow and darkness was starting to come towards Salsa, touching her feet but softly as it started to spread through her body. "What is it that you want the most?" His words would be hypnotizing towards her, as they had power behind it, he was the Devil now. "Power...?" He asked her. "Power to protect your friends from danger?" Salsa would see images of what she could be if she had the power she needed to protect her loved ones and what she held dear. "Power to rule over something?" There appeared another vision where she ruled the world but this next one he liked the most. "Or is it someone that you want to love and spend your life happily with?" She would see visions when she was with a very beautiful and handsome man and that they loved each other so much they would show it every time. "Does the lust...and desire of pleasuring someone's body...appeal to you?" She would see a few graphic visions, testing and tempting her human side of lust and desires. "What if I can give you everything you wished?" He asked, giving her visions that she would have power, respect, leadership, love, lust and family in her life. "A family of your own...now doesn't that sound nice?" His words sounded so tempting and powerful, she was inside her mind. "Freedom to do whatever your heart desires...don't you want that?" He stated to walk around her as the darkness would wrap around her body. "Forget about the Black Mirror, about the house of Talia and being a Valentina and be free." His words would have a shivering effect on her. "Doesn't this sound tempting...? What women would do to have an opportunity such as this one...come..and say what you want and I'll give it to you, that is a promise." He looked at her to see if she consumed her already because this has just started.
  5. This world would have been a peaceful place if not for the Humans who sought out power for power sake and to control the world with advanced pieces of technology but now it is too late, for they have set that path in stone and those who have this goal would want to see it till the end in its full fruition. It was believed that Humanity has finally reached its highest peak in both science and technology because the discovery that Ahab Balaena made, he was a very well known Scientist in the Technology Department but little did he knew that the Ahab Reactors, who were named after him because of its huge impact it had on the world for decades, would be the cause of a War. A war that would make Humans turn against one another because the Ahab Reactors were the latest advanced pieces of technology, because they could power anything and make it last for forever because it generates enormous amounts of energy via transforming the artificial generated vacuum elements that were now used to power their interstellar traveling ships. These Ahab Reactors were made to be physically indestructible and once one was manufactured it would continue to proceed energy forever. Because of Ahab Balaena's blessings people sought it out to take it from themselves once the mass production of Ahab Reactors were set into motion and once they did a group of people from over all around the world gathered in the corner of Earth to discuss their actions that will shape Humanity for forever. Because these Ahab Reactors could power and sustain anything, they came up with the idea of creating Mobile Armors who would be unmanned and piloted by Artificial Intelligence, with one simply and direct goal. To take down large groups of Civilization to simplify their true goal, to rule over the world with an iron fist. This group was called N.E.C.R.O.N and with the help of some background friends they manage to take a Ahab Reactor of their own and once their top Scientist Engineers, learned how to properly reproduce the reactors they were once again one step further in completing their goal. Proving that the Ahab Reactors were now easily manageable to be reproduce in amounts of stocks, they finished a rough sketch on what their Mobile Armor should look like but the idea was that it should look like a Bird, an elegant being that even when it delivers a death blow it still has a certain grace to it, with large claws and legs that could be use as arms. A beak that would shoot out concentrated energy beams that can destroy city and the ability to fly with ease, the rough idea was of an Angel...called the Hashmal which one of the ten classes of angels in Judaism, that were sent out by God to punish. How ironic it was that they used "Angels" to punish the Humankind just because they did not want to bow before anyone and wanted to live a life where freedom was allowed for everyone, N.E.C.R.O.N more so demonized the Angel meaning because the cause was a evil and selfish one. Once the Artificial Intelligence was implanted in this Angel it was ready to go, for weapons it had the deadliest of them all such as the capabilities to fly and even in space. Having claws that could penetrate and impale anything besides Nanolaminate Armor. In fact the whole Hashmal was made out of Nanolaminate Armor. The Nanolaminate Armor was a defensive, metallic paint with multi-layered molecular arrangement that is vacuum deposited on the armor of mobile armors and ships. First glance, the armor seemed hard but in principle it was a very thin cushion with several layers. It is also effective against physical projectiles, where its energy bearing molecules can absorb the impact from live ammunition and explosive charges, thereby protecting the machine's body from damage. Also the armor's strength is influenced mostly by the Ahab Waves or Particles and the gravitational field that was generated which also had an effect on the armor's multi-layered molecular arrangement. And if the Ahab Reactor would shut down, the armor's capabilities would also drop. The Hashmal also had a Beam Weapon, whenever the Mobile Armor opened its so called "mouth" it fired a concentrated beam of energy that takes a bit to fire and has a massive damage output with its destructive power and effective range, besides that there was the Kinetic Energy Shot Launcher's which were mounted on each claw that allowed the Hashmal to fly or hover around from place to place which could also fire rockets that were more like protruding weapons. If Hashmal had a effective weapon during close combat situation it was none other than the Superhard Wire Blade with a blade that had high hardness that was attached to a wire made of a special alloy, that was mounted on the back of the Hashmal's head. The wire's special alloy is vicious because it can bend flexibly when charged with a trace amount of electrical current and can move easily in any direction and it can also be used as a launch surprise attack from blind spots. They also made sure that the Mobile Armor and future ones would have an Energy Supply System that were build into each shoulder and were located behind the large red panels. This system supplied power to the Plumas via microwaves, even so the system is not directly related to combat, it is more so than proof that Mobile Armors are an autonomous unmanned weapons. And lost but not least there are the Plumas, they are also an unmanned but small, sub-unit produced by the Hashmal and since it is the Angel the sub-unit it is its so called feathers that are in reality deadly just like the Hashmal. It has a pair of claws on its arms and a drill on its tail and a concealed railgun underneath its regular red eye. A single Pluma is no real threat however, if there are in large groups then they can become a real problem because they can easily decimate productions plants, human beings and Cities. In melee combat they close the distance by hovering then leaping or flying as they launch with their attacks. They can attack from various directions, which can confuse the enemy with their tricky movements because of their thrusters around their body as it makes them able to move around with agile movements and with ease. Also the power they receive is from the supplies that come from the Hashmal via the microwaves and it operates based on the orders coming from the Mobile Armor and it will not stop functioning unless it is destroyed. While they are made to be serving units and attack while protecting the Hashmal, they can also carry out other functions, like scavenging, collecting resources such as fuel, propellant and other materials the Mobile Armor needs to be repaired by the Plumas themselves and it can also manufacture new Plumas with these resources if the enough amount of time and materials are given as they can multiply infinitely. The Plumas also serve as a collective data about the surroundings of the area which is transmitted in real time to Hashmal as they are a part of the Mobile Armor. "Finally, we're finished." Said a Scientist who was in his mid 40s with black heir, fair skin, brown eyes, glasses, standing about 5'7 with a neutral expression and a slim body, as he sighed of relief, they have been working for hours none stopping as the leader of the N.E.C.R.O.N's Jonathan Wallace, the 6' tall muscular man with grey hair and beard with black accents to it, having blue eyes and a imposing stature, was standing besides his favorite Scientist Abraham Brown. "Well they are only 10 units." Jonathan said with a brief chuckle before folding his arms under his chest, staring at the Hashmals as they were being transported. "You have them on stand by?" He asked Abraham. He looked at him and slightly gave him a nod. "Yeah, they are to be honest still prototypes." He used a cloth to dry the sweat on his forehead and Jonathan placed a hand on his shoulder. "Abraham, they are perfected. We've been at this for 3 years and now we are so close to reach our objective." "I know but we still don't know if they are capable enough to do what we set them out to do." Abraham said, still worried because he was a perfectionist and he always wanted to make sure things would go according to the plan, something Jonathan knew all to well. "Set them outside and activate 2 of them and let's watch how they do our job for us in matter of seconds." He said as he withdraw his hand back in its folded position. Abraham took a deep breath before taking his console and taking out 2 units as ordered and setting them down. Working some schematics he finally activates them and once they did, they became alive immediately as the Hashmal started to walk as well as the other one, surprised enough Abraham felt as he looked at Jonathan. "Of course, we had to set a microchip inside the AI so that it wouldn't kill us but the rest of the humans. Only a fool would create a weapon that will destroy even its master." His edged out voice spoke as the Heshmals were tracking a few signals, turning their head into the direction with the biggest population. "Berlin, Germany." Abraham said and Jonathan looked at him. "That's were the biggest population in Germany is...they are heading towards it." Then they watched how the Hashmals folded their legs into their shoulders and flew off in a instant while making a few mechanical noises and sounds. Their base of operations, or at least the one they used in making the first pair of Hashmals was in Germany and now their first experiment shall happen live before their very own eyes, as Abraham and Jonathan watched how the Hashmals were approaching Berlin in a rather fast pace. "They are fast." Jonathan said with a grin. "It is mostly because of the Ahab Reactors." Abraham adds. "They are getting closer by the minute...I guess this is the moment of truth, me and you have been waiting for 3 years now." He said as Jonathan chuckled. "Indeed my friend, indeed." The two Hashmals landed in the City of Berlin in Germany and their humanity extermination system was picking up multiple humans that were now staring at them, in pure shock as to what they were. When the Hashmal opened its beak, revealing its beam weapon the people immediately broke into panic and started to run in different directions. Causing havoc and chaos in the street as cars were speeding off, the Hashmal's beam weapon charged and fired in a straight life killing many people by vaporizing them into nothing but ashes. The other Hashmal deployed its Plumas that were starting to get into the 10s and then 20s and 50s. Building up the number into 100s as the Plumas rained havoc upon the people, killing them with their claws or railguns with significant ease, the Government of Berlin already took notice of this and they sent in the military. Soon tanks and helicopters came in but it was too late as the Hashmals already killed over 2.000 of people. Throwing everything they had with the best of technology they had such as live ammunition, it did little to affect the Hashmals as they used their beams to destroy the helicopters and some of the tanks that were firing down upon them. The Hashmal got hit but it did not damage any vital part as it was aimed towards it shoulder, commanding the Plumas to take care of the tanks while the Hashmal took care of the soldiers that continued on firing upon them. The other Hashmal took note that the soldier's main priority was escorting the civilians, realizing this the Hashmal followed on their trail, while the soldier's fire power did little to nothing in easing this Mobile Armor down before it unleashed another devastating beam of energy that destroyed the civilians as well as the street and a few buildings. "Somebody call reinforcements!" A soldier said through the line before watching how the Plumas were going towards him and the outpost, screaming with a inhuman scream. The Plumas made short work of the soldiers, jumping from one car to another with relative ease. Using their thrusters all around their bodies to throw off the soldiers that were aiming their guns at them that already did little to no damage. "They are everywhere!!" Another said. "We are going to die, nooo!!!" One screamed as rage took over him but he soon died as a Pluma jumped on him and stabbed him with its claws before the others were surrounding the soldiers and firing at them with their railguns, eliminating them quickly. The massacre continued, soon everyone was in danger as the Hashmal deployed even more Plumas, approximately 300 or so as they ravaged the area rather quickly. And now their next objective is to head towards the Government building of Germany's capital, Berlin. Speeding towards it while they continued to destroy everything that stood in their way the German Military stood little to no chance as it was something they have never seen before and they were so terrifying that the soldiers were trembling from angst. "We need to get you out of here." A Government agent said to the Federal Cancelar. "I am not going to retreat like a coward." He protests against that decision. "But Sir, if we stay here we can risk getting ourselves killed. Our weapons cannot penetrate its armor nor do we seem to have something effective against it!" The General of the German army said. "And we cannot risk killing even more civilian lives with a nuke! We need to get out of here now! Time is of the essence, Federal Cancelar!" The Federal Cancelar nods his head and listens to the General. "Very well. Let's go while he stil have the chance." They immediately head off and walked outside the building heading towards the helicopter and quickly getting inside before the Cancelar had a scare when a Pluma jumped on the window before the Pilot took off and flew upwards, throwing the Pluma off and on the ground. "They are here, get us out of here!" The General barked the orders. Once they were up high in the sky they sighed out of relief but little did they know that Hashmal was flying towards them and they started to panic. "Oh god. It's coming straight for us!" The pilot said as he tried to out maneuver it but the Mobile Armor wouldn't be so easy to trick as it opened its beak and the beam charged. "We are going to dieee!!!" One of the soldiers said as the Cancelar opened to say something but right then the Hashmal destroyed the Helicopter with its beam weapon, killing Germany's Federal Cancelar. Jonathan found himself laughing with a twisted laughter as he watched how the Hashmal killed a very important Government figure in nothing but matter of a few hours. "See this is the power now we poses!" He clenched his fist. "If it took nothing but a few hours. Imagine what we could do if we had 30 of these..no 50 and even more!" He said. "We will rule the world less than a year!!" He continued to laugh. Abraham nods his head, realizing that he now needed to do. "Yes, sir." He said. "I'll do my best to construct as many Mobile Armors as we can. Now that we know they work, mass production should start with no drawbacks." "I never expected less. Old friend." Jonathan then walks away and lets Abraham alone in the shadows as this man was working every day and sometimes a few hours in completing the project called 'Angel' building Mobile Armors that acceded the number of 20 in just 6 months and they set them out to conquer Germany and France in matter of days, it seemed hopeless to resist because neither country could detonate nukes because of the people and mostly because these Mobile Armors took them by surprise every time and the Governments couldn't do much when the surprise attacks hit, afterall it was Europe they did not expect a beginning of a war... Indeed, it looked as if it was a war but one that the humans couldn't win because they didn't know what they were up against and as the months turned into years, soon the Mobile Armors started to kill human lives in 1000s reaching up to 50.000, 500.000, 1.500.000, 5.000.000, 10.000.000 and when it reached 15.000.000 the people soon learned that this is not going to end and if they don't do anything to stop these Mobile Armors no one can guarantee if there was ever a new tomorrow. The world needed someone who was strong in mind and body, that had cunning wits and intelligence as well as the ability to take over the leadership role and lead people in situations as dire as these, the world needed someone and that someone was Agnika Kaieru, the one who would create the Angel Hunters with the help of Gjallarhorn, a military organization and the 72 Gundam Frames and their first ever made Gundam named after a Demon Lord, Bael....
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  7. Hm, alright thanks for reminding me again. I'll think of something and once I'm done I'll let you know, I have time till next week since you said that'll be the time when you release it. And I wanna say that I'm grateful for being here and I'm happy to RP with y'all and get to know y'all as well.
  8. I should make a character for this....but I don't know what to do so my character could fit in these RP type Setting. If I remember correctly @jaistlyn you said that my character should be able to destroy a building? And I don't know if I wanna use Jack O'Neal again since I'm using him in two RPs! Already lol.
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  10. He sighed of relief as he relaxed, popping every bone in his body when he felt an ache. This was so relaxing as he leaned into the bath more and took a few grapes eating them, enjoying the sweet flavory taste spreading through his senses and inside his mouth. "So delicious..." He chuckled briefly before taking the whiskey glass and drinking a long sip. He didn't complain at all Gwen seemed to know how to please somebody but it didn't surprise him after all she was a Demon. However, he wondered why did she do this? Why didn't see try to take control and claim this land? Why work a just and fair life? Was he the one who was strange or was she? He couldn't quite put it because most of the Demons try to become powerful for their own sake and rule over the weak and every once in a while claim a few souls with deals but it didn't justify why she did what she was doing, he was more than intrigued to find that out. "Hmm.." He stared at the selling before looking around the place, such nice furniture and place. It looked very ornamental and had a nice pleasant aura to it, it felt relaxing as much as it looked like a place to simply sit for all day, relax and forget everything that happens with the real world. He couldn't quite shake this feeling because how long was it till he finally took some free time to spent for himself? Well the answer was for far too long as he was on the quest of finding the ultimate power for him to take and make it his own but now he learned that even people such as him need to relax to stay healthy both in body and spirit that is if he one wished to stay sane and he wasn't so intrigued on pushing his health to the extreme. With no doubt his dominant presence would give him away, that a Half Demon was there but funny as his dominating and dangerous aura was the people inside as well as Gwen would feel like he didn't really want to hurt them. Closing his eyes as he relaxed, holding the glass of whiskey in his hand he sensed Gwen using her powers to sense this ominous but dominant feeling, finally she found out that the Grey Eyes of her Vision was there and now when she found out, there was no turning back. He couldn't help but chuckle now, so loud that she could hear him as she stood just behind the door as it was the only thing standing between the two. "You can come out, dear." He said with a soft singsang voice. "I don't bite...usually.." He said teasingly before he slowly got out of the bathroom and took a towel like robe and wrapped it around his hips to hide his sensitive parts but that was it, his muscular form with perfectly shaped pectoral chest and harden, ripped six pack with other muscles all over his body. Taking the plate and placing it on the coffee table he leans into the couch, having the glass with some new poured whiskey to it. Having another sip of this delicious drink with some strawberries and grapes he speaks yet again. "I know you are a demon...so am I..well only half." He said casually. "I've been waiting for you." He said as if he was a Demon Lord that has been waiting for quite a bit of time and that he did not like waiting, especially when he was expecting her so early but he didn't blame her for being a bit cautious... @Eternity
  11. He gave Zyon a slight and short brief smile. "Well it isn't that much of a big deal." Bruce said, walking it off like it wasn't that much of a big deal like they made it out to be. While he didn't know if he was worthy to wield Chaosbreaker he was glad that his last trumcard worked in the end and saved them from threat that was Nictis. "Nah, Bruce is just being too humble. Which is a bit unusual to him." Magnus looked at Bruce and smirked, the way he talked they knew each other for years and he was right about his remark. "Those who are worthy shall possess my power and wield the Axe." Bruce sighed. "Yeah, well we can talk about it more once we arrive at our HQ." Bruce turned around with his back on them and noticed the sun shining through the clouds and illuminating the place and exposing the damage caused by their fighting. "I think it is best. Before the press comes." Magnus said as he looked at them. "When you are ready let me know so I can teleport us to the HQ." @EtherealWings
  12. Nictis lay on the ground, he seemed to be unconscious and greatly injured from Bruce using the Chaosbreaker and its Lightning Powers. Magnus had a surprised and shocked look on his face, how was Bruce able to wield his Axe? Only Worthy beings could lift the Axe and possess the power of Magnus. He looked over Nictis and he saw that he disappeared suddenly, Magnus sighed of relief. "At least we won this fight and survived to fight another day." He said as he looked over to Spider-Man and saw him still knocked out and walked over and took him into his arms. "You fought admirably." He said to Connor as his response was a heavy grunt and wince of pain. Bruce panted heavily as it seemed that age has gotten to him, while he could take the punishment and the stress. He was so much under stress while fighting, it wasn't the best of conditions for his health because he slowly moved away from his Prime Time. He lets the Chaosbreaker fall on the ground with a heavy metal tud and looked around, noticing the damage they have caused during the fight. A few cars destroyed, the ground was cracked and burnt with a few buildings destroyed, he was going to get into trouble with the Government because of that. Panting heavily as he still looked around he quickly turned his attention towards Zyon, his panting eventually slowing down. "Yeah...just a bit tired." He said as he placed his hands on his hips. "We've made a mess out of this Street, not what I was hoping but I'll deal with it." He looked over towards Magnus holding Spider-Man in his arms. "Thanks for helping out." He said sincerely. "You too Zane..if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here or at least not standing straight and feeling well." He placed a hand on his shoulder and pat it gently. "I think it is time to head towards the Destiny League HQ." Bruce said as Magnus soon joined them and had the Chaosbreaker holstered on his back. "This was the first attack on Earth ever since the death of Darkseid." Magnus said. "And I have a feeling that wouldn't be the last encounter we'd be seeing him." Bruce slightly nods his head. "Do you want to come with us in the HQ?" He asked them both. @EtherealWings
  13. Surprised that she moved on with things quickly without asking too many questions regarding him more as a person. He slightly nods his heads and stands up on his feet. "Yeah, there are plenty of places that have good inns. Maybe I can work something with F.A.N.G.S and give you an apartment for free and for as long as you'd stay here, of course." He followed her without hesitation and listen to what she had to say. So she couldn't assure him that he could trust her and left it up to him for his final judgmental decision, for one reason or another he didn't know, maybe being the woman that she is. She wasn't going to force him to trust her out of the blue, maybe she knew just like him that trust is build through time and the life experiences they live through together. However, her next words he listened to them very carefully, so she was born within this 'Shrine of Judgement' and that she dedicated her whole life since she was born and raised to the shrine and its cause. It made him almost think if it was even human for her, to cast out every human emotion, needs and feelings to purposely devoted one self's life to one and only cause that ever matter and that was, Justice. For Léon it appeared a bit interesting, though it left him wondering why was that she played and teased the other girls earlier? Was it because they pissed her off? Or merely wanted to toy with them by showing them that if you want something you better go and get it. But once she said that she was more blinded towards the staff she was holding it made him think a few times, so this was the staff that gave her powers? So was she any different than a Wizard? For all he could know this may be a trick or a stupid joke but he believed her, something inside of her made him believe her. After all if Vampires were real than why wouldn't a person such as her, having a Staff that holds amazing power not be as real as he was? "I see." He simply said. "So this Staff can only be properly wielded if one is deemed to be ordered by this God of Justice, you say of." He looked away from her staff and looked forward. "I must say it is very interesting. You sure do have a few aces up your selves, that if you ever fail your task the power of the Staff would not be used by corrupt men, evil doers and opportunists." He smirked, but more so than ever he wondered what kind of power did the Staff have, this night surely turned out to be not as doll as he thought it would be. Her next words definitely explained him a lot more about how the Shrine works and their system, so they didn't use ranks like F.A.N.G.S does and it seems that their 'ranks' are more determined by longevity and respect, but longevity meant a much longer life span than any other ordinary human being. Could that be the power of the Staff she was talking about? He surely looked at her with more interest now. But his look wasn't filled with personal, desireful nor lustful needs but rather a curious, intrigued and interested look as to what she was saying. If he was a mortal he may have asked her if he could join this Shrine but was longevity worth giving up being human? Thankfully he didn't need an answer to that question because as a Vampire he had longevity to spare. He arched a slight right eyebrow when he heard that they described her as 'childish' she looked pretty mature to him. She knew what she was doing and for what purpose she was doing it, he couldn't tell why they called her Childish when she had dignity and was determinate but he then thought about earlier and the women. "Well I can't tell if you are childish or not, since you didn't give ma reason to think about such accusation." He said. "You look like a mature woman who has dignity and is determinate on what she really wants." It may have been a compliment directed towards her but more so he was speaking the truth. "Well whatever it is now. You have me to back you up." He said. "I know we just met but I feel like I could trust you, Aya. I'm taking a huge risk here but by judging the look on your face and everything that is about you. I feel like you can be trustworthy and a great ally. I think this is the reason why the Elders may have sent you here...to help this City out and in doing so maybe they planned you to meet with me since I have a strong sense of Justice." "For now I will be your guidance and I'll show you the way of how this City works. While I might not be your pep talk mentor...I'll simply be a colleague or a friend, whatever works for you and this is all available to you if you so chose my offer." He seemed much more opened to her, why would he trust her now after what she said? Well he felt like he could trust her, while he was a bit skeptical about the whole childish thing, he would wait to see it for himself. "I'll take you to F.A.N.G.S HQ and have a place set for you near or a few blocks away whatever you may choose." He said as he stopped walking and looked at her, his hands shoved in his pockets. "But you don't have to worry about thinking if you would work directly with us or not...you'll simply be my partner for the time being, if that is okay with you and maybe if we ask the Boss of F.A.N.G.S he may know why you are here. He has connections more than the City itself so I'll need you to trust me on this..." He heard the screams of a woman asking for help. "...one.." His voice lowered it self as he looked towards the direction the screams came from. "Hold on wait!" He said to Aya before she headed off, well they needed to work on how they'd do things but for now he followed her quickly and picked up the pace fast. It seemed that his fit figure wasn't just for show as he sees the men and what they have done to the other male and what they are about to do to the woman. He immediately had a disgusting look on his face, they were about to rape her. "Bastards!" He grows to them and then listened to Aya's request. "No need to ask. I'll do it just back me up." He said quickly as he swiftly ran towards the man with inhuman speeds, he had a certain grace to him as he grabbed the man by the shoulder quickly and turned him around before shoving a strong knee into the man's stomach strong enough to make him bleed out before grabbing him again by the shoulders and throwing him into a wall which cracked from the impact, while not dead the man would be injured greatly as he had faith that Aya would take care of the others while he dealt with this man. "I can't believe you were about to rape a harmless woman and beat her significant other within a inch of his life." He grounded his teeth as he was clearly upset, raising his fists towards his mid section he cracks his knuckles. "And that is something I cannot stand!" His amber eyes turned quickly into angry ones, he even allowed himself for them to turn red not caring if Aya saw or not, she would find the truth that he was a Vampire sooner or later it was just prolonging the inevitable. @Priestess OOC: Phew, I hope you'll enjoy this one and that it'll be easy to read through. I also thought maybe we can have Diego, the Boss of F.A.N.G.S know about the Shrine of Judgment and their reason as to why they sent her here and that is to work with Léon to deliver Ultimate Justice! That would be cool, let me know if you are down for that.
  14. Barbatos stood still when he saw the beam of light hitting Ramesses right where he exactly shot at but what surprised this Gundam was that it didn't deal as much damage as he originally anticipated, however the Pilot inside had a smirk on his face as he sees Ramesses the mighty Titan Robot falling onto one of its knees. The large railgun's barrel would have the smoke from its blast wore out into the air as it was quite a powerful shot he fired. This was very interesting, something nor the Pilot or Barbatos have faced before, it was as if he was fighting against a totally new opponent, now the Pilot's bones were aching and itching, the thrill of the Hunt finally coming back to him, it felt so good as it was gone for a very long time ago. When the Puppet Master's stone turned to meet glares with Barbatos it would be like anyone has ever seen, this Scarlet Wolf King was awoken again and he wasn't going to back home without a trophy to his luxurious and large variety of trophies. Barbatos rose the railgun and rested on his shoulder while the Pilot had his AI do the analysis, it showed that normally that blast could have destroyed a giant robot such as Ramesses. "It must be the Armor.." The voice of the Pilot spoke, as he gripped the controls tighter with his hands. "I think we finally found ourselves a challenge." He said as he looked straight forward watching how Ramesses swiveled his look upon the Gundam, Morgan had a wider smirk on his face as he was ready. "Don't you think...?" He asked the Gundam as if it was a whole different being. "...Barbatos..?" As a response Barbatos had his eyes glow a bright red with steam coming out of the thrusters and air panels as it slightly howled like a Wolf, it seemed that the rumors were somewhat true that even the Gundam itself was alive in its own way. The thrusters behind Barbatos' legs, armor guards, wings and back would glow in that red crimsoned color before in a blink of an eye, a split second the Gundam leaped away from the beam could hit Barbatos. Because the element of surprise was now gone Morgan had Barbatos shoot a few other beams towards Ramesses, they were, of course not as devastating as the last one because time was needed to charge it. The beams were aimed towards Ramesses' lower abdomen, left leg, right shoulder and back. It moved really fast which enabled for Barbatos to dash from place to place like an animal before unleashing another barrage of rockets and 200mm bullets towards the exact same spots Barbatos has already shot with the railgun. "Let's see what this thing is capable of.." Morgan said. "Because I don't want to hold back..not one bit!" Barbatos' eyes glowed once again before howling and dashing from spot to spot, shorting their distance the more the Gundam came towards Ramesses and Ozymandias. @amenities
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