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  1. Tyr would have nodded in response to Shad's question of exploring after they rested. Her gaze would have drifted over the strange looking waiter as he approached to take their order, Shad would have placed his order, waiting her turn she would have placed her own. Responding back to the waiters question. "I'll have a rare steak and fries, please. With a side of absinthe." She would have dropped her gaze back toward the table, studying the table cloth with far more interest then it probably needed. Ignoring the nattering of the corruption, she would have tapped her fingers on the table slightly. "It is really colorful though." @MichaelTheLightBringer
  2. She would give a small smile, shaking her head lightly. "No, its just different. The corruption wants to eat everything." With this she would give a light laugh, leaning back in her chair. "So what now? We made it all the way here, what next?" @MichaelTheLightBringer
  3. She would have followed him out of the room into the hall and down toward the dining area, her eyes skimming over the paintings that decorated the walls as they made their way. Taking the offered seat, she would have put her back to the wall as she glanced across the pages hosting the variety of offered meals. Her standard generally being a good steak, she would opt for fries, as like before. Closing the menu, she glanced around again. This place was so much different then Legends or Crimson. "Its..louder here." @MichaelTheLightBringer
  4. Of course by the time they had reached this new land, her armor had long dissolved, replaced by the blackened slacks that clung to her slender legs with bottom of her pants tucked into the knee length black boots. A crimson dress shirt adorning her upper torso slightly larger then her small frame, rolled up at her elbows to free her hands. She would give a small sigh as she gathered her dark brown hair into her hands and brought it over one shoulder. "Sounds like an awesome plan to me." @MichaelTheLightBringer
  5. She would have stepped aside as the suited man approached, her gaze drifting up and down his form. What a strange attire.. she thought. This place was so unfamiliar to her, bustling with life and energy so different from the places she was used to. She had never seen that many varying species all n one place. Having left the Abyss, she would have traveled to a place called the Ancient Isles, far smaller group of people spread across a large plain. The other realm after that had simple been called The Center, that place had been a vast water realm, filled with pirates and and ancient dinosaur like creatures. The peace here was different and the corruption didn't trust it, the innocence here.. the life.. the souls.. the energy, the corruption wanted it all and it was hungry. That driving her own hunger and the constant bickering of the corruption had indeed started to give her a headache. Drawing a breath, she would have followed Shad to the room, entering after he had, she would allow her gaze to adjust to the dim lighting as the lingering scents of food driving the hunger like an iron in her stomach. Swallowing hard, she would move further into the room, going over to the window to glance outside. The greenery of the trees and lawns, the amount of people.. how? How had that large of a population survived in a place like this without wreaking destruction? She would close her eyes for a moment, there was so much more calling her here then the other place. So many more colors begging to be tested, so much of her abilities to be used. And then there was the corruption. She wasn't sure if she wanted to eat first or fall asleep for what felt like days. Replying to his comment though, she would turn back with a light smile. "Yeah, its pretty cool so far. This place... it's... its a lot to take in." @MichaelTheLightBringer
  6. Indeed the woman would have followed him, her smaller stride falling in line with his own longer one as the two made their way inside. Her gaze wold drift over the room and its occupants, so many different varying species of people, it surprised her they were all so...peaceful. It would have taken her a moment to answer as her thoughts were clearly elsewhere. The corruption was whispering to her, telling her how much of a trick it all was. They weren't all happy go lucky and rainbows and butterflies. There had to be some sort of trickster at play. She would blink, coming back to her senses before looking up at him, "Ah.. er... I suppose one is fine." @MichaelTheLightBringer
  7. How long had they been walking? The differing in scenery and scents along the way had been a nice touch, the flocks of birds and other varying life along the road so much different then the death outside the ruins they were last in. Although as they made their way into this new city, the corruption was like a constant nattering thing within her ear. Asking her to let it loose to feed on the life that boomed within the massive area, big and small. She could feel its hunger, and after having been lost and circling around for what felt like weeks, she would have rejoiced at the prospect of a hot meal, a bath and a good rest for what could have been an eternity for all she cared. The comfort of a bed would far beat that of laying on the grass. She had never seen so many elves before, so much in the way of life within this new region they had entered. She would turn to look up at him with a faint smile on her face, perhaps she was more tired then she had thought. "Yeah, they sounds great. Maybe a bite to eat too. " The latter was an understatement, with the constant banter of the corruption she could merely feel its hunger grow. @MichaelTheLightBringer
  8. She would chuckle at his reply, looking from the sky back toward him as she gave a small nod. Suppose it wasn't like he was used to at all. "I would like that. You lead the way. Least for now." She would smirk. Making her way back toward the main path they had initially started on, where was he going to pick and what strange adventures were they about to be wrapped up in. @MichaelTheLightBringer
  9. The feel of his fingers across her jaw would have caused a small smile to play on her lips, she would have returned the kiss, deepening it some before pulling away to make her way back through the entrance of the ruins. She would have waited for him outside, leaning against the halberd slightly as her gaze roamed over the area. The place hadn't been entirely a disappointment. It kinda reminded her of the Abyss in a way, minus the trees of course. It had been nice to get back out into the open air. "Gods... I never thought I'd be that happy to see the sky.." @MichaelTheLightBringer
  10. Smiling softly, she would have stepped back some, his arms still around her waist as she moved to grab the tendril that would carry them upward. The would have made it to the final level. The corruption would have indeed tried to test him again. This time pressing even harder as the mans will, showing him images of that white picket fence he talked about, the two point five kids, the woman he was with before it all, even the barking of a dog. It would push at his senses, hard. and yet the lad would likely make it through without cause, the two would make their way toward the entrance of the ruins. Breaking the silence of their journey though, she would look up at him, knowing full well what kind of games would lurk in the darkness. What else could she had said. "I'm sorry for that, Shad.." @MichaelTheLightBringer
  11. As the two would near the edge of the chasm, the woman would give a small laugh at his words. The corruptions was indeed testing him, that was for sure. But would the next attempt yield similar results? The corruption was a hungry things, for anything really be in information or meat. The corruption would be waiting for him next time, it would try to test him again. They would exit, the corruption slipping back along the womans armor like an oil slick. Having grown accustomed to its constant nattering, she would have merely suppressed it, ignoring it. The two would round the hall leading back to the other chasm. Again, those tendrils would rise. Though before he toughed them, she would stop him. Raising up on tip toe to place a kiss upon his lips. "You'e doing really well, had there been a different option to get out i'm all for it. We don't have to leave if you don't want to. At least... not with corruption," @MichaelTheLightBringer
  12. The woman would smirk, a small tug of the corner of her lips in the darkness as she watched the confusion on his face. No... he likely wasn't going to like it. Had the tendrils touched the surface of his skin, that uneasy feeling would intensify. It would have brought a sickening feeling to his stomach, like a weight was dropped within. Like a thousand eyes and a thousand jagged smiles were staring at him from that darkness, a darkness that lurked deep within. If he focused and chose to listen to them, those tiny mouths would whisper sweet promises of power,, unimaginable strength, they would whisper being able to give him his old life back, before the serum, the life with the human he loved. Of course the corruption always took a price, a piece, a toll for its services to one day collect upon. She would watch him carefully for a moment as the corruption slipped across their hands, keeping the two in place as the swirling silk like platform beneath them suddenly jerked forward. Her gaze studied his expressions as the tendrils shot them upward. "Just remember to breath.. None of it is real." @MichaelTheLightBringer
  13. She would laugh at his response as they made their way back too the mouth of that chasm. The next part would be...fun. Those dark tendrils would slip from the floor beneath her when they neared the expanse, guiding along infront of them before shooting up toward top. He...may not like that next part. "If you hold on, just... don't.. concentrate on what it tells you. Ignore it. And hold on tight." She said with a smirk. @MichaelTheLightBringer
  14. Indeed... what would happen next. Predictably so, oh... look, those black tendrils would slip across the floor toward the door and make its way toward the door to seal it, just as the heaving mass slammed its weight against the iron with a bang. Tyr would merely shrug, a small sigh slipping from her lips. This place was nothing but death.. Turning back away from the door, her gaze would drift over to him for a moment, "Suppose we'll be going now." @MichaelTheLightBringer
  15. It was almost a sad sight.... indeed, the mass would have been cut down in a series of bone and cloth fragments, having been long dead it hadn't amassed for much. They would have advanced. He likely would have struck them down again. And on this final try they would seem to retreat, turning back in on themselves to form on greater mass. And converge. Tyr couldn't help it, she merely giggled. Shaking her head. "Close the door?" @MichaelTheLightBringer
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