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  1. Only two crouched at the entrance of The Mausoleum, and Chad was getting tired of waiting. He noted that the bard prefered to watch from afar, so Chad figured he wouldn't be helping much. However, he did seem to have at least one ally with him at the moment, with hopefully that suited man in tow. As that particularly curious group member jogged up to him, Chad ran his hand through his hair. Finally. Now we can get this party started. The man, introducing himself as Mahogany, seemed like an intelligent type. He decided to ignore that for the moment, but stayed wary. Intelligent people, from his experience, backstab in the cleverest of ways. Mahogany seemed like a decent person anyway, and had proved a good point. Pondering what to identify himself as, he sheathed his best weapon, a blade the color of the night sky. It struck him with inspiration. "It is true that the Doc had requesed that we not share our real names. I don't have a problem with others knowing my true name, but if it benefits you, call me Midnight." Chad coughed into his coat sleeve. He was sick of waiting around. How would they go about entering the mammoth of a hospital? In past raids, he had entered in a variety of ways. He mostly came barreling through swords blazing, but if the situation called for it, he could enter while incognito, in disguise, stealthily, and once he had even faked his own death to enter a crematory. That last case proved particularly useful, in fact, for it's a lot easier to thieve when you're thought to be dead. He didn't see much point proceeding into The Mausoleum with much caution. Who'd expect a raid on a hospital? "I'm going in. You can follow me if you want, and your aid would be useful, but I'm starting the raid with or without you. What exactly do you do, anyway?" He then shook his head, and waved his hand to cancel his words. "We don't have time for any more blabber. We can gauge our chances inside the hospital. Now, without further ado-" Chad raised a leg, and with a calculated thust he had used many times before, swiftly kicked straight into the right door of The Mausoleum. It was sent flying straight off its hinges, right towards the front desk. He stormed into The Mausoleum, dragging his sword along the floor, and proceeded to give the innocent a chance to leave. "Ha! This place is mi--I mean, ours for the taking. You can try and fight, but I'll annihalate you without a doubt. If you stand in my way, you die." He glanced over at Mahogany, smirking slyly. "Anything to add?" @Turquoisie
  2. Yeah, I understand now. Thanks for the confirmation. I'll wait for the others in my group to post before I do again.
  3. As the pair entered the courtyard, he wordlessly tugged her hand towards a bench underneath a willow tree. Notorious flopped down, mentally exhausted after all that had occured. The world, for millions of people, had changed. Deep in thought, he suddenly realized that he was still strongly gripping Arietta's slender hand. No, wait, she had tightened her grip. He didn't let go. If he was heavily worried about being stuck in a virtual world, who knew what she was going through. What am I....no....what are WE going to do? Logging out brings death, and dying here will bring death in the real world too. We only have one option: to complete the event. Arietta was overwhelmed by fear, he could tell. He looked deep into her brown, fearful eyes, and sighed. The last time he had been in a scenario like this one, this same girl had almost died. Back then, the game was the same ultra realistic world it always had been, but without that "real death" factor. But now, that factor had become a reality. He would have to try and help again. Right now, too, because she had been staring into his soul for the past minute and a half. "It's very clear. We can die here. I sure don't want to die, and I have the feeling that the idea of dying here scares you just as much if not more than I. Once things settle down, maybe we can make a plan to start and find the way out of Endless Horizon. All those people that died....I won't let that happen to you. I don't think I could bear that kind of weight. So, if I may, I'll stick with you. That's a promise." He slowly let go of her hand, hoping he had done the right thing. By putting up a small smile, he tried to lighten up the mood. Notorius lazily put his hands behind the back of his head. So he was now trapped in a VR world, for who knows how long. He wondered if he would come to regret taking a quick break into the VR world after he had ordered a pepperoni pizza online. It sure was a good thing he ordered that pizza, actually. The drones that deliver food, packages, and other items into people's homes would alert the pizza company--Papa Domino's Pizza--when a customer was in the realm of VR at the time of delivery. It was for informational purposes, so that the company and other food delivery services could one day partner with Endless Horizon to incorporate a notification when drones arrive during a customer's dive into VR. In a sense, Notorius' life depended on the overseers of a pizza delivery service.
  4. I know we are allowed to comment in any order, but we should wait for the rest of our group to respond before posting repetitively. (I believe you said something about posting in "rounds", but I don't quite understand what that refers to) Is that correct, or can I respond regardless of the fact that some of my group hasn't posted yet? Sorry if you've already went over this.
  5. He noticed her surprise. He would have been surprised, too, if he had been her. And yet...why should she be surprised? If other's didn't want him around, then he didn't, either. But he could at least make amends for whatever mistake he had made. "Yeah, I've been alone for these past years, which tends to harden a person. Maybe, now that we're back together, we could co---" Interrupted by a humongous array of fireworks up in the sun-tinted sky, Notorius shook his head. They'd have to talk more seriously once the event had started, and when the crowd dispersed. Straying his eyes away from his old partner's features, doing so with a sigh, he shifted his attention to the commotion a few hundred feet in front and above him. A squeaky voice screeched out of the sky into his ears, fanfare included (with even more fireworks). The bodiless voice coughed violently before it spoke. "GREETINGS, MORTALS, I HAVE SPECTACULAR NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU ON THIS FINE GATHERING! HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE, HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE." The crowd booed in response, covering their virtual ears. A random avatar could be faintly be heard in the furthest edges of the crowd, clapping slow and sarcastically. Suddenly, as if on cue, the voice changed completely, booming dominatively over the entire population. "SILENCE!" Many people jumped at the outburst, but Notorius did not. The event would just be another generic bossfight, but on a much larger scale. He frowned, and figured he was wasting his time. But the voice that seemingly had a personality disorder continued monologuing. "YOU"RE ALL PROBABLY THINKING, "oh, it's just another generic bossfight, boo hoo!" WELL, DO I HAVE SOMETHING IN STORE FOR YOU. IN ABOUT THIRTY SECONDS, A TENTH OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION WILL BEND TO MY ALMIGHTY WILL! HEED MY WARNINGS! IF YOU TRY TO LOGOUT INTO THE REAL WORLD NOW, THERE WILL BE DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES FOR YOUR ACTIONS! WHY, YOU ASK? YOU FIRST HAVE TO COMPLETE MY EVENT, OF COURSE. THERE WILL BE NO SHORTCUTS!" Many players, new and experienced to Endless Horizon, logged out, thinking the voice was lying to hide event secrets. After hundreds of thousands of people, almost a million people, had done so, the voice cackled gleefully. "ALL OF THOSE THAT HAVEN"T LOGGED OUT ALREADY, LET THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY SERVE AS AN EXAMPLE OF MY MIGHTY POWER! LET'S WATCH THE NEWS! OH, WHAT'S THIS? VR ARCADES ACROSS THE GLOBE ARE CARRYING OUT DECEASED USERS? WHAT A SHAME. I CERTAINLY WOULDN"T KNOW HOW THAT HAPPENED! OF COURSE I DO! I'M THE ONE TELLING YOU ALL THIS, AM I NOT? THOSE MICROCHIPS IN YOUR BRAINS WERE ALTERED BEFORE THEY WERE IMPLANTED INTO YOUR MINISCULE HEADS. YOU CAN"T TAKE THEM OUT, AND I CAN KILL YOU WITH THEM." As the maniacal laughing revamped, Notorius stared in horror at the news projection that lit up the sky, enveloped with the smoke of launched fireworks. Bodies were clearly being carried out of not only VR Arcades, but out of homes, workplaces, and even the headquarters of Endless Horizon itself. This....can't be happening. This must be some sort of social experiment, we can log out, and we'll be fine, right? Let me just....think.....why can't I get the logout screen to pop up?! When I think about logging out, it's supposed to pop up. Shit. All of those horror stories about VR are coming true, with me in them. I need to get out of this crowded courtyard, and figure out how to go forward from here. A notification popped up in his inbox stating the details of the event, but that was the least of his worries currrently. The crowd had finally spiraled into a chaotic mass of people who were silent, yelling, screaming, hysterical, and cring in a variety of languages. Notorius looked around frantically for any sort of way out, but he found none. All he could do was hesistantly reach his hand out to Arietta, hoping desperately that he wouldn't lose her in the chaos. He still needed to give his amends.
  6. I hope you win too, because I'd feel real bad if I won on my first go as well! @vielle
  7. The Eyes. They are the last aspect of one's avatar that is inhuman. Eyes that are bland, colored but unseeing, missing that life--no--soul you'd normally see in the real world. This world-the Endless Horizon, it's existence sprouting out of nowhere, had evolved into almost a second reality. Besides the eyes, of course. He was surrounded by these eyes, and happened to own a pair himself, colored a dark orange. His appearance was his for the choosing, but he wasn't too picky. Silver hair, a velvety jacket that was just a bit too short, and a baggy pair of black sweatpants. Notorius was strolling along through the dense crowd of people, dodging when needed. Soon, he began to wonder why everyone was gathered into such a compact location for the event announcement, when instead the moderators could have just sent it into their notification inboxes. Something big was about to happen. He hurried through the crowd to get to a more open space to gather his surroundings, but in his carelessness, bumped into someone's shoulder in the center of the masses. He turned to apologise, and stopped. He knew this person! She looked unsure of herself, and so he grinned in response as confirmation to her guessing his name. "Arietta still, right? It's been a long time. How've you been? We haven't talked since we split up our partnership a few years back." He silenced himself for a a few seconds. "Those were fun times. When I wasn't a loner, I mean." he coughed, embrassed. He could feel tense anticipation gathering within the fortress. With so many people here--at least a billion, he guessed--things would have gotten ugly very quickly if it hadn't been for the anti-combat spell most large civilizations put into force. Notorius closed his eyes to block out the sound for a moment, and opened them once more to focus on Arietta.
  8. To keep his "pride" intact, Chad willingly gave Rhen his healing vial without much thought before the group split off. What could possibly go wrong? A multitude of things, actually, but he wasn't worried. @supernal "You all better have at least decent eyesight, because things are going to be getting.........dark." he murmured ominously. Without caring to explain himself further, Chad began marching very quickly to the front entrance of The Mausoleum. He plopped down right next to the door, and began to wait for the others, rather impatiently.
  9. It's the year 3713, and the people of Earth had solved much of the problems that faced them in centuries past with the creation of enhanced technology. Now, the common population was working only to support the AI that kept society functioning in top shape. Everyone was getting bored. They had accomplished most everything they had even thought possible, the most remarkable of course being the creation of the ultimate VR experience-the Endless Horizon. A simulated world with endless possibilities-all it takes is a thought, a bit of designing in some menus, and you can have a world of your very own. At the moment, a large event was about to take place, or so everyone heard, with the media spreading the info like a wildfire. Record numbers of people had diven into the Endless Horizon through the microchips connected to their brains at birth. The medieval city everyone had gathered in was abuzz-but for how long would that happiness last?
  10. The agony of finding an unused word.
  11. Welcome to Valucre!  I'm probably not the best person to ask any questions you might have, seeing that I am fairly new here myself.  Enjoy your time here nontheless!

    1. Alpha Fox

      Alpha Fox

      Thank you! I appreciate you taking time to welcome me, that’s really sweet of you! 

  12. In that case, my character, Chad, would definitely be suited to be one of the Contaminants, seeing that he is similar in comparison to some of the symptoms already. Of which would end up enhancing him even further, may it be villainous. I probably shouldn't be Contaminate Zero, sadly, since mid-way through July I'll be going offline for a few weeks.
  13. Congrats on gaining 1000 reputation! is this something that I should be congratulating

    1. princeben07


      SURE!!! I'm working hard to maintain a good objective for more RP!!! Thanks old friend!!!



  14. Aw yeaah. This is gonna get good. Sign me up! So the disease is capable of killing its hosts? Being PATIENT ZERO is enticing.....
  15. By the way, for future reference, Chad can make himself look more draconic whenever he wants to, but he does it uncontrollably when he gets angry. Normally he looks, for the most part, human, as to not draw too much notice to himself. His thread still needs a bit of work as of yet 😅
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