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  1. I'll be absent tomorrow, and should be back around the 10th of August. Let's just say Chad got a bit distracted trying to loot Radiology. That is, he'll keep looking even though there isn't anything he'd want to loot. See you all in a while! Feel free to skip me over if its around my turn to post.
  2. What if within the Yh'mi mountain (or one of the others) there resides a reverse dungeon, filled not only with the Hive Queen's deadly soldiers but with a huge variety of other deadly creatures. A reverse dungeon goes up instead of down, giving adventurers the most danger near the center of the peak (where the Hive Queen or some other sinister force could lurk) The dungeon would provide a challenge and easy passage through the Sierra Ossa range if conquered. One must always stay on their guard-for some say the mountain has a mind of its own, and seeks to eliminate those foolish enough to come unprepared. Basically, classic dungeon adventures with a twist, that can include "Floor Bosses" if desired.
  3. Oh and here's the link to the map again, yay https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1ikccFj4WlAja6S9Mife8K0Wlnwfuuk_DaZUljsj8eRk/edit
  4. Of course the desk lady would turn out to be a death machine. Fantastic. Well, he'd have to deal with the thing the same way he always did: fry it to a crisp. Chad still contained an insane amount of electric power from his previous withdrawal, but stopped short while raising his blade when he finally heard the machine's guns begin to whirr. This isn't the sort of fight I signed up for, but it changes things up, I guess. Diving into a defensive position behind the corpse he previously impaled, Chad quickly started hardening his skin with scales as the bullets continuously threatened him. The monstrosity was basically a tank! Behind him, he heard another tussle with what he assumed was with more guards. Easily handled by his comrades, he knew. As the mech viciously rolled forward to crush him, Chad stood and pointed the tip of his blade at the head of M.E.R.I.D.E.T.H, letting loose another savage blast of electric power. A bullet grazed his right shoulder, in a spot his scales happened to miss. Machine guns were accurate in that sense. He charged further down the hallway, and was greeted with unconscious guards scattered all around. Chad chose to move forward rather than stay behind with that thing that might still be alive behind him. If it even counted as living, that is. And hey-maybe that bard that had followed him inside the Mausoleum could play a ballad to distract it. That is, if the bard wasn't among the charred crisps behind him. Quickly marching around the corner, the Radiology department seemed untouched by the raiders as of yet. That would soon change. Kicking the doors open in a similar fashion to before, Chad mindlessly electrocuted the guards while he thought to himself. Had he forgotten to turn the stove off? Oh no-or had he left the front door unlocked? Hopefully this raid wouldn't last much longer. Coming back to his senses, he gaped at the ashes that were all that remained of the guards. "Whoops. I might have gotten a little bit carried away again. Anyway, hiya all! There's a raid going on, if you haven't figured that out already, so let's surrender peacefully or else you'll end up like these poor fellows here. P l e a s e ?" Sighing as the remaining people in the department ran away, screaming loudly, Chad wondered if he hadn't been straight forward enough. He had told those people to surrender, not run away to safety. Wherever safety was. He now realized that he'd have to improve his intimidation skills if he were to become a full-fledged assassin.
  5. >>Better grab your bag! It's quest time!
  6. Efficiency tends to prove a point, especially in this case. Chad will be, well, a Chad, in the most extreme form ?
  7. If anyone wants the Minotaur to serve a further purpose, feel free to let it have tanked Chad's blow a bit more than he had thought it had.
  8. Why did new people keep interfering with his affairs? This irritated him greatly, especially with such empty threats. He called over to the crazy new girl, facepalming. "I don't think you quite understand, whoever you are. I guarantee that there are limited openings into the guild, and that there are some out there willing to sabotage the competition. Anyone, including you, foolish girl, will be vanquished if they try and oppose me on my mission." As he finished his short speech, Chad finally noticed the Minotaur confidently stomping in his direction. He pretended to ignore it, until he judged that it was around 10 feet away. All that time, he slowly had been removing his great sword from the sheath he wore on his back, eyeing the burning light of the fireplace. Perfect. The Minotaur loomed before him, eyes grossly rolling about. What a stupid creature. His blade completely unsheathed, he held it above his head, letting out a sigh. T'was still a shame to kill a beast with such honor. In the blink of an eye, the dim lights in the pub grew blindingly intense to those who happened to be looking at them. As quickly as that light grew bright, it became dark. To those with keen eyesight, they would have sworn they saw the last streaks of light within the pub travel into the core of Chad's great sword. The Midnight Blade vibrated with power in his hand. With the room dark, the Minotaur had become wary and confused, and Chad had slipped to its side. Gritting his teeth, he pierced his sword up into the heart of the beast. Blood splattered on his cheek, boiling with the heat of a burning fire. The Minotuar likely suffered a fatal wound, with internal burning within. Light from firew wrought different effects onto opponents than light from electricity. Blade resting upon his shoulder with blood evaporating into the air, he spat into the Minotaur's face and walked behind it to face whatever onlookers he had. "Weak. Too. Weak. I gave you all a warning. Anyone else want to set another example?" Chad looked down at his bloodied coat and frowned. He had just gotten it cleaned the day before.
  9. Name(s): Maeve, Mae, Purple Demon Surname: Macintosh Gender: Female Age:22 Race: Half Elf, Half Kitsune (cat-person) Maritial Status: Looking for a partner. Alignment: Chaotic Good Hair: A light shade of purple, cut short down to the chin
  10. While the woman sitting at the desk lectured him, Chad rolled his eyes. What could she possibly d- Merideth managed to scratch Chad's cheek with the long nail of her middle finger, before Chad could try and dodge the "attack" fast enough. "Hellish woman! You're lucky I have a mission to take care of at the moment, although....." He shouted, his eyes suddenly igniting mischeviously. Lifting up the desk that somewhat protected the woman with a great burst of strength, Chad was about to chuck it right into that sly woman's face. But before he did so, he looked around the room, and saw Mahogany run straight into a barrage of guards, shouting his--innocence? Dragging the desk alongside him, he walked towards his ally, who now was bashing the enemy with a fire extinguisher. Three guards were left unscathed by the onslaught, however. Lifting up the desk even higher than before, he then launched it at the heads of the gaurds. He managed to eliminate two of them, but the other, quaking at the sight of him, was what now stood in his path. He unsheathed his blade, which the guard stood no chance against, in such a state. Chad recalled the map The Doc had neatly organized for them. According to that map, the security room was down the hallway he was facing and around the corner. Sadly for he and Mahogany, another few guards came hurtling towards them. He looked behind himself at his AI counterpart, eyes wild. "Mahogany. If you can get behind them, I'll destroy all in my path from the front. Got it? These FOOLS can't best me in my element!" As Chad spoke, the lighting in the hallway and waiting room grew blinding to the eye as he rose his night-blade to his shoulder. Flicking his wrist slightly, that blinding light streamed at light speed directly into the core of the sword. Likely causing confusion all around with the pitch-black darkness, which Chad sought to use to his advantage. Sneaking towards the unseeing guards with the eyes of a great serpent, he thrusted his blade into the belly of a guard. Usually, when you wield a sword, you can impale only one enemy at a time. But for Chad, his weapon had a different effect. The blade, currently embedded inside a guard, shot high voltage streaks of electric power into the impaled guard's comrades. He boredly stared at the burnt crisps that resembled bodies. Chad knew what dead looked like, and these guys seemed pretty dead.
  11. My apologies for the delay-I'll have a post ready tomorrow morning (I again apologise if we live in different time zones) I'll make sure Chad reacts accordingly! ?
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