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  1. Alkha walked outside the tent, arms crossed firmly across her chest. The Malouseum was quite magnificent, and taking it over... Well. It would be fun, she could say that. The large man was standing in front of her, so she went around him and came up beside the Doc, keeping her eye on the others (Rhen and Nikolai). Out of everyone here, they stood out, and Alkha was still deciding what their intentions were. She’d say she was deciding if she could trust them, but the answer to that was apparent, all things considered. @Oljhin Akusao
  2. Nebula

    Alkha lo'Es

    A bit of writing, mainly because I'm bored and I haven't really stated what Alkha got up to in the years she was travelling. The light of the fireplace shone onto the side of Lila's face, and for a second, she seemed to glow. Alkha was sitting on the rug, picking at one of the tassels as she played. Her fingers leapt from key to key, note to note. It was a cheerful tune, all short notes and cut off runs. It was a tune not suited to a day like this. It was a tune suited to her. Outside, the rain pounded against the windows, begging to be let in. The wind outside would be cold, bracing. In here, though, it was like their own personal cocoon. Crackling fire and piano music and hot mulled wine. It was safe in here. Lila looked over, a small smile gracing her features as she played blindly and somehow, just somehow, kept the tune going. How she did it, Alkha had no idea. They stayed like this, playing and listening until the fire burned down and the sky got darker. Her thoughts were hazy, partly from lack of sleep, partly from the alcohol. Everything was beautiful. Sooo... They're hella gay. I'm not sure I'll stick with this, but right now I'm going with the idea that Alkha's had quite a few relationships in her time. I'm not sure where I wanted to go with this, but it kinda worked? I dont 't know, honestly.
  3. Alkha looked quickly down at her sword, and then raised an eyebrow at the Doctor. This would be interesting. And then at the vial. Not too powerful, but enough to keep her alive, or so she hoped. Twelve minutes. Once he left, she took a minute to look over everyone. Her prediction had been right, they really didn't seem like an honourable lot. Apart from the bard, of course. He just seemed a bit... Misplaced. The elf glanced towards the table, checking for anything of value. Just in case. She wasn't a thief, but if there was an opportunity, it was her duty to take it.
  4. Ooh, I'm interested XD
  5. Alkha walked in, eyes sweeping around the tent. The Doctor, or the man she assumed to be the doctor, was sitting in the middle of the tent, while Chad leaned against the window, talking to him. Again, she had no idea what she was doing here. If Chad was any indication, she was assuming this was for people with no honour. Murderers, and thieves and the like. Though, she supposed, she'd given up her honour long ago.
  6. @Monoxide Alkha paused, waving Chad over. This would be quicker, much quicker. "We're headed towards the Maloseum. And I, certainly, am interested."
  7. "I'll go with you." Alkha replied, getting up, and taking a final look around the tavern. She slipped through the tables, coming up to the weapons counter and asking for her weapons. The overseer handed them to her, eyeing Chad warily. Alkha stowed them back in their places.
  8. "Hm." She gave him another glance. "Not sure if you're there yet, though." He really did like his weapons, didn't he?
  9. She looked surprised for a second, but quickly shifted back to a normal expression. So this was Chad. "Indeed you will." She replied, looking towards the door and seeing a small group of (slightly tipsy) people enter, before turning back to Chad. "So, where are you from?"
  10. "Alkha." She replied, tipping her seat back and resting it against the wall. "Yours?"
  11. Alkha stifled a smile. So he wasn’t too friendly of a person. She leaned towards him. “No trouble from me. You don’t seem worth it.”
  12. Great XD I’ll be playing as Alkha, with the raiders. If that’s OK.
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