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  1. Liz stood up, moving to the side of the tavern, where she could get a better look. The man in the trench coat was unnecessarily arrogant, and she assumed he was about to be put in his place. Unless, of course, he was as good as he implied he was. She would really like to see this. Hopefully it wouldn't turn into a full scale fight, but then again you could never tell. And would it really be so bad? Well. It would be interesting at least. She saw two elves step aside. Liz honestly didn't like elves. All the ones she'd come into contact with were too stuck up for their own goods, and quite a few had met with unfortunate fates. But hey, they brought it upon themselves. It wasn't completely her fault. Kind of.
  2. Liz leant against the edge of the lift, praying the damned thing would go the slightest bit faster. She was sure the list wasn't broken, but it still pissed her off. Why the hell would you build a lift that goes this slowly? It felt like a day before she got out of the lift. (Redacted) useless. But she was here, anyway. Liz stepped out of the lift, pulling her hood up and hugging her coat more tightly to her. She hadn't anticipated it would be this cold. The streets were full. Completely full. Everyone was outside, probably getting ready. Liz wondered how they were so used to the temperature. She glanced around the street, before stopping someone she hoped to be a citizen of Kinumo. "Where's a good place to warm up over here?" "Eh?" She sighed, and repeated herself. "That would be the Snowy's Pub, love. Just up the hill." Liz nodded her thanks, continuing upwards. The temperature was steadily dropping, and she cursed herself for coming up here. Still, she had to join the Assassins Guild. It would be a lot better for trade. Soon enough, she reached a building with a sign saying 'Snowy's Pub' hanging from the side. She almost ran inside, greatful for the warmth. It was absolutely packed, but she managed to get through to the bar, slipping through breaks in the crowd. Liz quickly ordered an ale, sipping at it as she made her way to a table in the corner.
  3. Liz was sitting high up in one of the trees, biding her time until she actually went into Kinumo. She'd never been there before. The Tree of Memory rose up over the forest, and she averted her eyes, looking back down to the floor. Apparently there were bandits in these woods, and one could never be too careful. Liz sighed and stood herself up, climbing down the tree and jumping the last few meters to the forest floor. Pulling out one of her daggers, she continued to walk.
  4. [BASICS]First name: ElizabethSurname: Foxworth (She doesn't really use it)Nicknames: Liz, Blue, Murder Lady, SpiderAlignment: Neutral EvilRace: HumanMarital Status: SingleGender: FemaleAge: 23Role: Assassin[PHYSICAL]Voice: Low, thin, almost nonexistent.Eyes: Deep, ocean blue.Complexion: Tanned.Height: 5'3Weight: 102lbsBuild: Short, skinny.Hair: Bald.Tattoos/markings: No tattoos, a long scar down her arm.[MENTAL]Demeanor: Serious.Hopes: To be famous after her death.Fears: The desert, her family.Likes: Money, luxurious things.Dislikes: The idea of marriage, optimistic people.[GEAR] Deep brown legging type things, a black top, a long black coat. [WEAPONS] 4 daggers, a penknife, two knives, a pistol. [STRENGTHS] Being in the presence of water, climbing. [WEAKNESSES]Deserts, heavy machinery. [SKILLS] Skilled with knives, can bend water to her will. [FAMILY] Malcolm Foxworth (Father) Catrina Foxworth (Mother) Victoria Foxworth (Sister) Liz was born into a life of riches, and she was quite happy: until she turned 18. Her parents had arranged a marriage to Anthony Something-or-other. So she did what you would normally do, she tried to run away. She was foiled the first few times, but made it out, and found out she was rather good at this 'murder' thing. So for the next few years, she did odd jobs for people, making a small name for herself on the streets.
  5. Alkha walked outside the tent, arms crossed firmly across her chest. The Malouseum was quite magnificent, and taking it over... Well. It would be fun, she could say that. The large man was standing in front of her, so she went around him and came up beside the Doc, keeping her eye on the others (Rhen and Nikolai). Out of everyone here, they stood out, and Alkha was still deciding what their intentions were. She’d say she was deciding if she could trust them, but the answer to that was apparent, all things considered. @Oljhin Akusao
  6. Nebula

    Alkha lo'Es

    A bit of writing, mainly because I'm bored and I haven't really stated what Alkha got up to in the years she was travelling. The light of the fireplace shone onto the side of Lila's face, and for a second, she seemed to glow. Alkha was sitting on the rug, picking at one of the tassels as she played. Her fingers leapt from key to key, note to note. It was a cheerful tune, all short notes and cut off runs. It was a tune not suited to a day like this. It was a tune suited to her. Outside, the rain pounded against the windows, begging to be let in. The wind outside would be cold, bracing. In here, though, it was like their own personal cocoon. Crackling fire and piano music and hot mulled wine. It was safe in here. Lila looked over, a small smile gracing her features as she played blindly and somehow, just somehow, kept the tune going. How she did it, Alkha had no idea. They stayed like this, playing and listening until the fire burned down and the sky got darker. Her thoughts were hazy, partly from lack of sleep, partly from the alcohol. Everything was beautiful. Sooo... They're hella gay. I'm not sure I'll stick with this, but right now I'm going with the idea that Alkha's had quite a few relationships in her time. I'm not sure where I wanted to go with this, but it kinda worked? I dont 't know, honestly.
  7. Alkha looked quickly down at her sword, and then raised an eyebrow at the Doctor. This would be interesting. And then at the vial. Not too powerful, but enough to keep her alive, or so she hoped. Twelve minutes. Once he left, she took a minute to look over everyone. Her prediction had been right, they really didn't seem like an honourable lot. Apart from the bard, of course. He just seemed a bit... Misplaced. The elf glanced towards the table, checking for anything of value. Just in case. She wasn't a thief, but if there was an opportunity, it was her duty to take it.
  8. Ooh, I'm interested XD
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