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    Sci-fi, Fantasy, Apocalyptic, Moden, Magic, AUs, really anything that's really creative and unique. I'm also okay with LGBT+ themes, thought I feel like I should make it clear that I'm a straight female IRL.

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  1. @SteamWarden @ticklefarte Pita waited a beat before engulfing the honeycomb in the most grotesque style. Her mouth enlarged three times larger than her original, taking the shape of a wolf's maw, until all that could be seen was two rows of teeth and large tongue. Her jaws snapped onto the table and scraped along it before swallowing the food. Her mouth went back to regular human size. smacking her lips and standing up. "Excuse me, I have to go the lady's room." She disappeared, taking her drink along with her.
  2. Hello, I'm interested! I never heard of the game, but know of Tom Clancy games (never played them though). I might be able to take time to watch game-plays, but I'm actually a big sci-fi fan and love apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic themes so it'll probably be easy to understand.
  3. @SteamWarden The young woman nodded solemnly, as if the choices disappointed her. The truth was that something he mentioned brought back memories she chose to forget. Rubbing her wrist, the woman scanned the shelves, hmphing at the variety of choices, and settled more comfortably in her seat. Grinning, she replied, "I'll take the strongest you've got, sir. Oh, and would you have any..." She made a gesture with her hand, trying to think. "Any honeycombs, yes, that's it. On the side, please?" She looked no older than twenty-five years old, her face young but accented with grief and sadness, if they weren't the same thing. Her clothing looked foreign, extremely foreign, if you disregarded the fact that most people in her vicinity seemed outlandish. Her robe's design depicted strange creatures and symbols that couldn't be found anywhere nearby, especially not on this planet. @ticklefarte She was considering changing her mind about her choice when another fellow fell to the bar. That was the best way she could describe his entrance. She didn't even flinch at his arrival. The only reaction that emerged from her was the smirk on her face. He introduced himself as Haine, which reminded the woman that she hadn't shared her own name yet. Facing the newcomer, she said, offering out her hand, "I'm—" She preceded to say something in a language no one could understand, but then added, "You can call me Pita." She winked at the Bartender. She then looked back at Hain, wondering where he'd come from and why he was here.
  4. Welcome to Valucre ? 

  5. A young woman entered the Tavern, white-haired, thin, and dressed in black and white robes. She had strange blood red lips, which she touched tentatively. Frowning, she approached the counter and sat down, fixing her head band as she asked, "Anything good around here?"
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