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  1. Hain's face fell as Beat hurried off, plate in hand and his humble air quickly returning. He flashed a glare at the stranger named Liam. The man sat with a bone in his mouth like some dog, meeting Hain's eyes as he sucked on his meal's last remnant. Hain frowned. He supposed there were all types in the world, but who said one needed to kill beside friends? I've killed next to strangers all of my life. I even prefer it. Still, he mused over the suggestion while he moved his gaze to Beat. The worker was at another table, tending to a woman who sat and ate alone. Hain observed the exchange before finally speaking. "What do you want to know, Liam?" he asked gruffly. "I'm a Terran who travels. That's the gist of it. No purpose, no goal, nothing. I just like walking." Liar, said the elemental. Leech, Hain replied. "If you're concerned about my skills," he continued, eyes slipping back to older man and his snack, "don't worry. I'm capable. My spear is with the other weapons, and I've got my own tricks." For emphasis, Hain allowed a partial release. The elemental cackled in the back of his mind, but welcomed the transaction. Hain's nervous system jolted to a new level of awareness, his brain processing information faster than usually. He inhaled deeply and looked to his hands as they buzzed in anticipation. This place, resolute in its own mythological existence, had never banned magic. Let the blades and clubs rest comfortably at the counter. In the end it made no difference. There were some individuals who simply needed incentive to wreak havoc. His hands rose in front of his face, fingertips facing each other. In a flash lightning shot between his digits and formed a cage of white hot bolts. The smell of ozone grew strong, and the sparks that flew were getting cumbersome, so he stopped soon after. With a thought he closed off the channel and rested his hands on the table, though the air felt alive as it remembered what had just happened. Bah! Coward! Use more, you damned, wretched, disappointment! With a thought Hain silenced him too. He looked up at Liam, expression unreadable. "Your turn, stranger." @Blackguard
  2. @Blackguard That's fine. I don't think we need too many people to fight off a bunch of NPCs so waiting isn't a big deal. If you wanna try PVP after the quest I'm down. I'm interested in how that would work.
  3. Well I guess I'm gonna have to follow ya. Loved Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn books (rip Kelsier), Stormlight books, and pretty much the entire Cosmere. Still waiting for Patrick's final book in the trilogy haha. But I like your idea. My system is meant to be quick and useful if the character is clever. Yours makes me think of a strategist, which definitely has me excited to see. I wish you good luck friend!
  4. Hey, So far I've got three characters who have some relationship with Runic Arcana (that's just what I call it, definitely not an official name). The idea is similar to yours. One of them, Swift, uses runes to link himself to two beasts. Another, Baiden Oor, uses them to alter magitech. Another still, Karis Nextwin, uses runes in a traditional spellcaster fashion. My general point is that the idea you have is versatile, and probably more fleshed out than mine. In my mind, runes are implementations of willpower, so the symbol is less important than the intent. If anything, my runes are gateways to some place with malleable power. There are general rules, but the consequences are more subtle than big explosions. However, your magic system implies that there is an order, and even history, to the symbols. There is an official drawing that should be mimicked, lest there be consequences. Such a system calls back to an original designer, which is pretty cool. I think you could probably use random number generators to see if a spell goes well, or...goes boom. I have no verbal aspect to the runes, but maybe consider what might allow someone to be good with your magic system or limited. Swift can't actually use runes himself, but he's good at channeling them. The rune etched into his back has to be redone often by an actual rune artist. He lacks the determination and focus to summon a rune, but his beasts give him purpose and that allows the rune to remain for a period of time. Baiden Oor is skilled in enhancing or augmenting technology. Runes work for him because of his love for Illyria, and desire to protect it. However, due to his mindset defensive symbols would be harder to manifest, if he can even remember them. Karis is a master, but only through years of training and stubborn intent. She can recall an assortment of runes, and implement them if needed. However, due to a lack of understanding, conjuration isn't something she is capable of. So does your system require something innate, or training, or both? It might not be that important for a single character, but I find it's helpful to think of multiple cases. Also, the medium is always something to consider. For my guys some kind of stylus is required for usual casting but blood and flesh surfaces are older methods that still work. Frowned upon though. In any case, good stuff bro. Ah, I'm still kinda green around here so I can't help with the character origin stuff. I do like my magic systems though!
  5. Well then, hello all! I've posted and my character (Karis Nextwin) is pretty much chilling with NPCs. I'll see who she ends up seeing, but @Thotification and @Meraxa i'm thinking my group will probably see you guys running around soon. How's that sound?
  6. A sea of people, pushing against each other in an effort to escape something strange. She watched the flowing tide with confusion, holding the boy's hand tightly and wondering what was happening. For whatever reason, there was a notable amount of patrons leaving the Solarium as another group entered. Currently the two were situated on a balcony that overlooked the main atrium and, from there, they could see paths that were lined by foliage. Pomin's current obsession was a large tree in the distant background, it's branches arcing high in some vain effort to puncture the skylight of the Solarium. "Let's go there," he said. The kid had a heart for adventure, it seemed. Still, Karis kept eyeing the atrium. There was something going on there, but she could only pick out the Queen as she faced off her new guests. "Follow me," said their tour guide. "Much to see, and it's much more interesting up close." He was a cute old man, and a clear lover of botany. He gestured them away from the balcony and toward the stairs they had taken to get here, displaying a patience that must have come with age since Karis certainly didn't have it just yet. Their tour group slowly left the glorious view. It consisted of a younger couple, Karis and her nephew, and a grizzled bear of a man who had yet to ask a question. All of them complied, though Karis had to yank Pomin from the railing before following. Luckily, he was still light, a new ten year old as of last week. As the group descended a flight of stairs, he held her hand tightly and she felt a pang of guilt. It was rare for them to spend time together. I'm not his mother, she thought. No, I guess I'm preferable to her. It was at the base of the stairs that the boom rang through the Solarium, a resounding sound which embedded itself in the very glass and stone walls. Their own shouts quickly followed, and the entire tour group froze. The trees that lined the path ahead of them shook with a fear that echoed what they heard. Birds took flight, soaring through the open expanse that was given to them. She suddenly felt very jealous of the wings given to pigeons. "What," asked the young man, "was that?" His wife looked around, her eyes filled with honest fear. Pomin drew closer to Karis. "Ah, I'm unsure," the tour guide replied, his tone laced with worry. He stood in front of the group, scratching his head. "It's possible that the Queen has been experimenting but..." "Experimenting?" Karis scoffed. "I'm sorry, but plants don't make those noises." The tour group shared her sentiments, but the guide regarded her with clear concern, the lines of his face creasing even further. He opened his mouth to address her, but they were interrupted by another explosion. This one threw them to the floor. Karis thought she heard the sound of collapsing structure and widened her eyes. What is this? An attack? Today? Their tour guide made a sound, getting her attention. She looked up to see him on his knees, red faced. He was hyperventilating. The young woman left her husband's embrace and rushed to him, a hand on his back and a soft voice that even comforted her. Karis, feeling inspired, looked to Pomin. The boy was already looking at her with wide green eyes. He looked a lot like her brother right now. "What's happening?" he asked. His voice was small. He probably felt smaller. "Not sure," she answered softly. "Just relax, kiddo. I'll get us out of here." The large man, who had been a silent statue until then, stepped forward. He approached their tour guide, and spoke with a rumbling voice. "Lead us out of here," he said. "He can't talk," snapped the woman, "let alone walk." "Then I will carry him. We cannot stay here." The giant man spoke differently. It took her some time to realize that he had a Terran accent. Why's he here? "I agree," Karis said, rising and pulling Pomin up with her. "They're right, Mena," said the woman's husband. After a moment, she relented. They waited a bit longer for the tour guide to calm down, but were quickly on their way with the old man slung on the Terran's back. When he wasn't leading the group toward the entrance, he was whispering to himself. Pomin suggested that he might've been praying, a thought that frustrated Karis. Praying wouldn't help in this moment. Runes, however... Runes were a gateway to a full manifestation of human will. They represented the idea that with a symbol and command one could access true power and control it. Their family was defined by these symbols and she had been practicing with runes for years, first under her mother's tutelage then driven by her own hunger for the arcane. Indeed, Karis Nextwin was a master of the runic arts in her own right. So, it was a surprise to her that she'd forgotten her stylus, the main component for the interface between this world and the other, today of all days. Damn it.
  7. Ah, if this is still open I'm interested. I thought it was full lol
  8. @Dolor Aeternum Baiden will go where Luz sends him so you just put him in whatever quest needs spots filled. I'm interested in either one.
  9. It's up to @EpicRome23 but I think you should just post @Ghastardly. Sheep can probably just jump in when he's ready
  10. ticklefarte

    Baiden Oor

    First person again just to find his voice Name: My name is Baiden Oor. Call me what you want. Title: They call me the Soldier. I know why. It is because of how I got here. Because of who I used to be. Race: Illyrian. And I'm proud of that.Marital Status: Widowed. She's been gone for quite some time, now. Gender: MaleAge: I appear as a man in his late thirties. In reality, I've been around for a long time. I remember the darkness. I remember Cypher. Role: Infamous Officer in Illyria's Scientific Division. Lead in the Offensive Sect. [PHYSICAL]Voice: Deep and resonant. I've been told that it inspires foolish men and angers smarter women. Eyes: Pale brown. Complexion: Darker skin. CocoaHeight: Six foot OneWeight: 160 lbsBuild: Lean and muscledHair: I keep my head shaved. I tend to shave my black beard twice a month, so you'll likely see it grow from stubble to full and thick. Tattoos/markings: Runic markings along my magitech prosthetics. They're my addition, glowing green when the modifications are implemented Clothing: Usually wearing an Illyrian long coat cuffed at elbows. Combat boots. Glasses. Long coat should have same properties as standard Illyrian robe [MENTAL]Demeanor: I have a distant disposition. It's just how I am. I look to the future, always. Because of that, you'll find that my attention isn't fully situated in the present. I hope you'll forgive me for that, but I won't wait for your approval. There's a kindness here, but I won't display it. It's seen in my actions. In the little things I may do, and the considerations I might take. In the end, however, know that I won't allow many to get close to me. I won't call many people "friend."Hopes: I hope this world of Valucre is good to my people. I hope they recognize our strength and charity. I hope my people grow strong in this new place, but I'm no fool. I know people. I know darkness.Fears: I fear a return to the old ways. That life was hardly a life and the idea of a regression makes me sick. I trust the Light, however. I've little choice but to keep following him, so he has my loyalty. [GEAR] I have, in my possession, prosthetic arms (forearm replacement on my right side and a whole new left arm). The magitech involved is tricky, but it allows for complete physical operation and even has sensory capacities. However I cannot feel the full extent of temperature with them. Simply the knowledge that something cold or hot. The prosthetics are stronger than my previous limbs, and through my work I have managed to augment them with offensive capabilities. Currently my right forearm uses magic to override its base capacity and grows even more powerful. My left arm channels magic to fire bolts of energy at my command. The left modification affects the capability of the arm, however, so its use is limited. Aside from those, I still have my military training to fall back on. Most things I see have combative properties and I excel in close quarters. I'm quick, you see. My eyes are good at giving me information, and I'm not hesitant with using what I find [Skills] Minor summoning spells. Imps and the like Impressive knowledge of magic runic systems. Clever implementation [STRENGTHS] Magitech. Better at magic addition, but skilled at interfacing with technology. Combat Leadership Trust most Illyrians Decisive[WEAKNESSES] Distrustful of non-Illyrians Left arm has been acting up Reputation Sympathy Wears glasses. Near sighted. [FAMILY] She's been dead for so long. Beauty that she was, the world never really cares does it? The same disgusting snake that stole my arms took her from me. Sad part is, my screams probably outdid her own. I was a damn soldier, working to defend a people that turned on each other so eagerly. I'll keep reminding myself that he was a magician. That he made them turn on us with his necromancy. The Light made it better, but she's still gone. I see her face and the memory is immediately followed by the explosion. Heat, shards of stone, agony, and she's gone. I'm alone. I think...I go on for her. Parents hardly cared for me; it's the way of Illyria. She was different. She was unique. She is what I want Illyria to become. The Scientific Division found me and fixed me, showing me that my hope was possible. I just need to keep us around to get there. So I left the military and joined them. [MONOLOGUE] We don’t belong here. It’s what goes through all of our heads every day, an inescapable truth. A statement that can’t be denied. We are here, though. This can’t be escaped either. My name is Baiden Oor, and I am a lead officer in the Scientific Division’s Offensive task group. My orders: to design and test instances of magitech that can be used against persons that may wish us harm. I’ll be frank with you. I’m not the same as Luz Yllende. She is my leader and I love her dearly, but where she is the shield I see a need for a sword. Our Military Division needs both. My experiments garnered good results. I’ve been making headway experimenting on my magitech arms. But… I was reckless. My work was criticized by Yllende and I suppose my tone lacked a certain respect as I defended my results. I’d crossed a line. She knows I’m loyal but an example needed to made. That’s why I’m here, on this expedition. Know this. I will not allow my people to be sitting ducks. For them, and for the memory of our grand Illyria, I’ll forge an offensive system that even the king will welcome. For now, I’ll settle with leading this journey. Hello, Valucre. I am the Soldier.
  11. So...do we skip @sheep this turn or wait patiently? If he's working on something it's fine. I just figured I'd ask since I'm really interested in this.
  12. Boy? Hain was surprised at the title, though he supposed that this man had lived long enough to earn the right to use it. He glared at the seat before taking the stranger up on his offer, sitting down. Across from him was a dirty plate, and beyond that his new subject of interest. An older man, grizzled to the point of making Hain want to shave his own stubble to avoid confusion. He eyed the scar on the man's face, wondering how someone survived a blow so close to the head. The tavern was winding down by now, its denizens either finding their way to the door or finding the floor to be close enough. Still, a good amount of the patrons were enjoying the night life of the bar, with choice groups heading up a flight of stairs together to do... exciting things. Hain watched a man carry a woman off with a hearty laugh, both drunk and looking for fun. The steps would be an interesting obstacle. "I've got nothing on cults around here," he answered truthfully as he eased back. "I'm a traveler you see. This place is new to me. You're telling me that you're interested in joining a cult?" Maybe it was the atmosphere of the tavern. Perhaps the sounds of celebration had peeled back to simple dining and conversation and allowed seedy ears to listen in. It was possible that Hain had used the word "cult" too many times. He didn't know. Regardless, their table was approached by a man with a smaller frame and forlorn expression. He looked to Hain first, then the veteran, before retrieving the empty plate. Ah, he was an employee. But the man lingered. He stood in a way that implied he wanted to say something. No, needed to say something. Hain cleared his throat, but didn't soften his eyes. Kindness wasn't his thing. Finally: "Heard you guys talking 'bout cults?" The worker sighed as if a great weight had lifted off his chest. "I've got some stuff about cults." Really? Hain leaned forward, giving the worker a better look. He was about the same age as the stranger, weathered hands and eyes calling to a laborer's background. Now he was a tavern worker, apron stained with food and drink. In his face there was a sadness that was reinforced with...anger? Ah, no. Frustration. "Do tell," Hain prompted. "I think I'm interested. Your name, sir?" The worker rubbed the back of his neck and spoke. His voice was clearer now, but the pain was there. "My name is Beat," he began. "I'm simple. I love my wife and I love my kids." Coincidence? said the elemental. You were just moaning about those things. Ignoring the interruption, Hain shrugged. "I don't doubt that." Beat shook his head. "You don't understand. I love 'em. To bits. I love 'em too much to let them stay there with those people." He looked to the bar then continued. "There's a cult around here. It's full of liars, but those liars use magic and so people trust 'em. I'm more sensible but... Palri. She's always wanted to believe in somethin'. She was perfect for those monsters." In a flash of movement Beat whipped his head to look Hain in the eyes, a sharp blue gaze meeting a cool grey one. "Don't join them," he begged. "Help me instead. Please." Absolutely not, the elemental spat. I will help you. Hain thought @Blackguard
  13. i'm interested in making an Illyrian character. I'll have to read up on the lore however, so I'll pm you soon!
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