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  1. "Rested?" Karis asked. She toyed with the word, not looking up from her hands. "Sure, I'd say so. Whether I'm ready is something I'll decide when I'm in the thick of it, though." She chuckled and glanced at the approaching water as he masterfully wielded their breakfast plates. Pancakes and eggs were placed at their table and Karis' nostrils flared at the scent. Gods, she was starving. "What about you, Saul?" she murmured distractedly. "Are you rested? Ready?" Whether or not the psychic answered, Karis dove into the meal quickly. Haywood had paid for the services here, so she wasn't exactly stingy with her orders. The runes that enhanced her demanded energy, and so she had her fill. When finished, Karis rose swiftly and nodded to the waiter. She dragged a hand across her lip to wipe away any grease. "Haywood's not here, yet, but I'd rather get a head start anyway. That Hydra isn't likely to wait, is it?" She'd wait for Saul to finish his meal before exiting the inn and taking in the morning air. It was crisp, and the townspeople seemed to still be in bed. The sun shone through a cloudless sky, yet the day was hardly warm. Casting one look around the quiet town, Karis set off down the main road with her pack over her shoulder. She didn't see any horses for sale so perhaps they'd get something down the road. For now, they needed to move.
  2. @Mystic_Lhoth I noticed you had your character bring a magnifying glass. BONUS POINTS haha
  3. He slowed down to a jog and the wind accommodated the request, easing him off of its support. His eyes took in the sight of Ellenwood. He'd never come this far east of Lagrimosa, but the roads had been fine. Clearly things were a bit tamer here than the cities. In fact, it reminded Will of his home. The mundanity of it all. There was an active citizenry, here, with the pedestrians and merchants going about their afternoon. Gods, what was that aroma? His stomach growled just from the whiff of it. A warm breeze carried a hint of cinnamon and bread. He walked down the path, boots thumping on the cobble with every step. The sound was drowned out by the townspeople, who were going about their day with an air of content. As Will walked, he found a smile plastered on his face. It was a grin, really. He knew that it was was the sight of children chasing each other that did him in. Adjusting his pack on his shoulder, Will Sharr entered Ellenwood's comforting atmosphere and let it wash over him. No destination in mind, he thought. I could stay here for a bit before venturing out again. He'd been traveling aimlessly since Blairville. While he'd encountered skirmishes, there had been nothing impactful just yet. The life of an adventurer could be rather prosaic in between exciting bouts, it seemed. A flash of movement shattered the procession of his thoughts. Will's eyes widened as a dark streak descended from the sky. He called on the Wind and pushed off with his feet, soaring backwards in an effort to gain some distance. He landed with a grunt, then crouched as the townspeople scattered in a panic. In a heartbeat Will's hands moved to his crossbow and quiver, but he simply watched from afar as a man landed deftly on the pavement and simply...walked away. What? He glanced upward and blanched at the sight of a dark creature flying miles above. Was that a dragon? The townspeople chattered in awe and fear as Will rose to his feet, confused. "Cursed Constable. What good comes of asking strangers for help?" Will turned to see who was speaking. It was a young man, roughly Will's age by appearance. "What was that?" The man glanced at him. He had his arms crossed and a face marred by a scowl that looked like it was often there. "Bah. The Constable's asking for help with the fairy problem. That is probably another person looking to waste his time. Although, it's one of the flashier entrances I've seen as of yet." Fairy problem? Will frowned and turned to see the direction the dragon rider had gone. He was gone now, but Will's eyes were drawn to a building with a sign titled: Official Residence of the Ellentown Constabulary ...in golden lettering. He relaxed his grip on the crossbow and began to walk. Indeed, he felt as if the wind itself were pushing him there. Whether this was another minor issue or his next big quest, he didn't care. If a Constable felt unequipped to handle this issue, Will was concerned. He opened the building door and saw the dragon rider being directed to an office. Clearing his throat, Will told the man at the desk: "I'm with him," and summarily followed. He felt a knot in his stomach as he entered the office and came face to face with the Constable. "I'm William Sharr," he said with a sigh. "You can call me Will. Glad to know you, sir."
  4. Hey thanks for the likes. Will's sort of my starter character, so I'm glad you enjoyed reading about him!

    1. L E V I A T H A N

      L E V I A T H A N

      Your writing is superb! I very much enjoy how organic the sheet is, too. I’d likely mimic it in my personal files solely for the hashing out of personality ! 

      it is nice to see people with confidence in their fingers. Plus I hate to know that our one mutual thread fell through! But that’s life xD

    2. ticklefarte


      I was actually meaning to ask if you wanted to continue that. I think I'm the next post, but life got in the way. I'm willing to continue if you haven't moved on!

    3. L E V I A T H A N

      L E V I A T H A N

      It’s a great quest and I feel we were ready so YES. 

  5. Late Update: Relevant threads: Per the events in these threads, Will Sharr underwent his first adventure. Changes: gained a Glizer tattoo sleeve from Professor Donovan allowing access to element of Air. Kind of like a wind rune. No named techniques as of yet, but there is certainly a change in how Will perceives the air around him. Enhanced speed from wind rune Subtle personality shift. A new perspective on the world after encountering Mone and uncovering his deceit. ~100 gold.
  6. Usually it's first come first serve. After that we follow the order established.
  7. This sounds great. I think I have Will Sharr wandering around Lagrimosa. He'd be interested and so am I!
  8. You were clear about who the punch thing was directed to, no worries. I was just aiming to keep the flow going, as I wasn't sure when Purple Eagle or Thomas would be posting. Either way, the Tavern is definitely a precursor for bigger and better things. It's common for conversations/RP to die off, as most people just use this as a place to find their footing. If you're ready, maybe look in the Water Cooler for threads? If you're not ready to go off on your own, you and I can definitely do our own thread. It's why I'm here. Just to check: @ThomasHoward , are you done with the Tavern?
  9. The poet was thrown by Tez's reply. Such confidence, and an easy acceptance that this was how things were. Someone like that was uniquely suited for world hopping, but also mildly concerning. Still, their logic was sound. The tavern practically oozed homeliness, although some of its denizens did not. It was a lucky thing, then, that Tez was so easy going. On the other hand, Gabriel glanced at the singed Englishman and sighed. This one is reacting as I would, I imagine. Regardless of appearances, the Tavern is a place of uncertainty. Gabriel shook his head, quickly. "I'm afraid I don't have the self-assurance necessary to complete such a task correctly. Perhaps our panicked friend is more capable?" @ThomasHoward
  10. Ah, so Cass now held their attention. Gabriel didn't know the woman personally, though he'd surmised that she was likely another Tavern regular, much like himself. He wondered, for a moment, if she found the role tiring. To constantly find yourself here at the Tavern doors, whether years or weeks or days between each arrival, was a souring process the longer it occurred. Gabriel sighed, and approached their table, letting his thoughts fade to give way to the Englishman's question. "A drink? Of course." He gestured to Vaddock at the bar. The man produced a glass and bottle of scotch, pouring the latter into the former with a practiced ease. Gabriel seized the glass, nodding at the bartender. He walked back to Cass' table and set the drink down in front of the thirsty man. "You seem to have a cigarette, already. Those mix well with alcohol, yes?" Gabriel looked around, then spotted an empty chair which he grabbed, dragged toward the table, and sat in with a huff. He looked at Tez first, since they'd introduced themselves. They seemed to have a hold on things, but something wasn't clear. "Tez," Gabriel prompted, "why are you so composed? What were you doing before you found the Tavern?" @Rembrandtt @ThomasHoward
  11. Gabriel blinked, retracting his hand to rub his chin as he regarded the man in his fetal position. He thought for a moment, then crouched so they could both be at the same height. It was certainly a unique reaction, as the vagabonds who tended to enter the Tavern weren't usually the crying type. Still, Gabriel wasn't one to judge. He took a deep breath and, when he spoke, his intonation was melodious. It carried the status and air of high society, though Gabriel was far removed from nobility now. "O if I could regale you with tales..." He sighed. "That's as far as I've gotten. A single verse, I know. The best poems take time, though, so I'm willing to work slowly. Aye, at least this one rhymes." Gabriel chuckled. "I'm not one for rhyming, usually, but I can admit that there's a certain flair to a piece that operates on a beat." Looking around, he spotted a few people sitting at the bar that had remained quite silent. "You've an audience, I think. It would benefit you, friend, to show them your strength and not your weakness." Gabriel stood swiftly, extending his hand yet again. "Some advice: you cannot stand on your own two feet, until you've risen. Obvious, I know, but useful. Take my hand and rise so we can talk through this. We'll work at it slowly to yield the best result. The Tavern tends to accommodate things like time."
  12. @ThomasHoward @Rembrandtt @PolarEye44 @SarcasticDruid Hey what's up. I'm just a Tavern helper, so I'll RP if the Mentors can't. Gabriel's kinda an odd duck, but he'll help guide your characters in a similar way to me. Let's have some fun, yeah?
  13. From down the bar, a disheveled man's eyes brightened with some inner flame. He smiled to himself, gaze shifting from the sorry state of his meal and toward Vaddock. Now, Gabriel knew that Vaddock wasn't the chef. He also knew that the cold chicken he'd been served wasn't standard for the Tavern. No, usually the food here was divine, prepped with care and panache. To make a scene about tonight's slip up was simply not Gabriel's style and so he'd been agonizing over how to leave the plate without insulting the staff. To get up and make a break for the door would be so rude. However, to bid Vaddock farewell would invite too much attention to the unfinished and hardly touched meal. Sneaking away would draw the eyes of the other patrons, which would attract attention. Not that, then. But now, this man with his questions could save Gabriel. He cleared his throat and rose from his stool with flourish, adjusting his red beret as he approached the Englishman and left his dinner behind. "England?" Gabriel asked with a grin. "I've heard of England, but I don't think it's very new. How strange, that you sound nothing like the English." The poet met all manner of people, and he could tell when someone had arrived in Valucre from some other reality. This man seemed to fit the bill. Yes, that confusion and panic. He was likely very far from home. "As far as I know, there's no way back. Only forward, into Valucre. Friend, I am called Gabriel. I am pleased to meet you." His smile widened as he offered a hand to shake. "You've arrived at the Tavern of Legend. It's a good place to find if you're lost. Prices always seem to be quite reasonable, no matter the currency you're using. It's a strange place, certainly, but quell your fear. You're in good company." @ThomasHoward @SarcasticDruid @Rembrandtt @PolarEye44
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    Csl's Art Box (2020)

    Heck yeah this looks great. Thank you!
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