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  1. I'll update my post. Don't start writing Luke!
  2. Short I know, but i realized we hadn't addressed the nodes you mentioned @supernal
  3. No way. Will swallowed a loud laugh as Luke fell past him and tore the webs apart. Instead he made his way down, trusting that his partner would be able to protect himself. He hastened the process however. Indeed as he descended he found himself taking risks he normally wouldn't have. That was unreal, he thought to himself with a soft grin. When he reached the bottom of the pipe, Will seized the bundle of thread and looked at Luke out of curiosity. "You all right? Tell me you didn't crush that stone..." Luke didn't seem to teleporting so he took that as a good sign. He turned to the opening of the pipe and sighed. More to go. As he moved to explore, though, Will caught sight of something curious. A bundle of webs, wound around an object, nestled cozily in the curve of the pipe. He frowned and moved toward it. It could be many things, more likely the future meal of a hungry spider. Still, he envisioned in his mind a scenario in which a curious spider spotted a strange ring in its home and sought to preserve it. At the thought of this Will's heart beat faster and he rushed to the cocoon. Out of reflex he reached for his knife but, when it wasn't there, he pulled a bolt from his quiver and used the arrowhead to cut through the webbing. Was this it? Ah, definitely not. The smell hit him first, wet air loaded with the scent of rot and wet flesh. Will fell back in disgust and covered his mouth as the contents of the cocoon were revealed. A body? Gods why? He cast his eyes to the man's clothing, too disgusted to keep looking at the corpse. It'd been sickly, skin peeling off after lack of exposure to moisture. Eyes closed, but sunken in, and a ghastly cry frozen on a stretched face. Those robes...they belonged to a mage, right? He groaned and ventured closer, fingers reaching around the man's clothing to reveal a crumpled note, strange device, and small note. Will turned to look at Luke. "How many people did that wizard send into these pipes?" he demanded. His voice cracked from the sheer confusion he felt, blood rushing to his face as he looked back at the items in his hands. These damn tunnels were getting to him. The note - what did it say? The writing was smudged, letters rushed as if the dead man had been pressed for time. In Will's mind he could see the spider approaching this poor soul from on high. Slow, methodically. 8 eyes glittering with the glint of a hunter. Reflected in them was a man, fearing for his life. Hoping that he'd be found in time. Backing away slowly, a pen in one hand and a paper in the other. Writing furiously. Writing...what? Mone LIES Will's heart thudded like a drum, the thump seeming to echo through the chamber that was this damned pipe. He stared at the note for a long moment. His mind was whirling, thoughts spiraling down to come to a distinct conclusion: he and Luke were not the first. In most cases, that was fine. Where one adventurer failed, another might succeed but...why not tell them? And what the hell does this note mean? He looked at Luke, managing a weak grin as he passed the man the note. "I'm not sure what this is," he began quietly, "but be on high alert. We can decide to keep going, or crush that gem and ask Mone some questions right now. Regardless, something's wrong." He pushed past and looked around the pipe, thinking. Finally: "I say we forge ahead. Get the ring, crush the gem, and get our answers with leverage. But," he added, "if you want to end it here I'll support you. I can't force us both to keep going. "Our professor... he wouldn't put us in shifty situation right? I'm really not sure." He twirled the device in his hand, musing on the purpose and the contents of the potion. What was that man's story?
  4. Haven't forgotten you guys. Tonight is the night
  5. Probably. I'm sure there are plenty of people who have Kirito as their profile pic just like you. Weebs will be weebs. Ah no offense to either of you. Lol.
  6. haha you remind me of @HollowCipher. He does something similar OOC. Anyway, helloooo. Welcome.
  7. In that case I'd like to push posting to tomorrow. Sorry for the delay
  8. Lol I've never played Dark Souls, but the Librarians aren't meant to be menacing so now I'm concerned. ?
  9. Ah I can't think of much Baiden can do right now so just skip me. Sorry for the delay.
  10. All right @sheep it looks like you're next. To clarify, Will took out his five and is now helping take out a few more. So, in your posts (all of you) feel free to have a crossbow bolt suddenly impale a Chhitin if you'd like. Sorry again about the delay.
  11. @supernal sorry got hit with a couple problem sets. I'll have a post up tonight.
  12. In the midst of the Broken Plains, a land shattered and mourning its own forgotten past, a loud booming horn flew into the sky. It signaled a warning for all who heard it. To William Sharr the call was startling, and turned his heartbeat into a war drum. The melody...that song from the hermit...why didn't it sound pretty anymore? And why did he feel off? How long had they been walking in this fog state? He wet dry lips with his tongue and whipped his head around, eyes zeroing in on new arrivals. They scurried in packs, disgusting insects that seemed keen on tasting flesh. Will cursed as the distance between himself and a group shrunk, smaller and smaller until he found himself backpedaling. From his side a bright light nearly blinded him while cold ice pushed past and impaled a collection of Yh'mi's finest. Fuck, he thought, they're here. And suddenly they were upon him, legs skittering on the stone floor of the Plains and mandibles churning hungrily. Five in total, moving as a hive with Will as their common goal. He swung his crossbow in front him, then hissed in frustration. They were too close and too fast. What- A creature sprang into the air, shooting toward him with a speed that chilled him to the bone. Instinctively Will slammed his crossbow into the thing and shoved it to the ground. It chitin shell glittered in the sunlight, but he managed the fix it still with a boot and pull the trigger. It stopped moving as he shot a bolt point blank into its back, but four more were there to take its place, zooming over the ground and toward him. Will cursed as another lunged for his legs. He kicked hard and sent it flying backward. then swung his bag in a wide arc. The pack caught another leaping critter and slammed it away. There was a squeal, but he couldn't focus on it. With a speed he'd long since honed, Will pulled a bolt from his quiver, set it in his crossbow, and locked it in place. He aimed down the sight and spotted the bug he'd punted in the distance, attempting to make its way back to him. Pfft! A bolt found its home in the creature's shell, cracking the back and pinning it to the stone. As it died Will yanked another quarrel form his quiver and set in place just as two more approached him tentatively. They'd seen their brethren killed and seemed cautious now. He swallowed hard, swiveling his crossbow between the two. The third bug he'd slapped away made its way back to them, swaying as if disoriented. Will stepped back when they began to advance, their eerie eyes glittering with eagerness. He needed distance with the crossbow, but these things weren't staying still. Gods what now? His boot caught on an edge of the shattered ground. In a flash Will's vision was upended as he fell to the the ground, head slamming into the ground and igniting a dull pain. He groaned and attempted to right himself. The attackers took this as an invitation and charged him without much preamble. Will half rose and viewed their approach with wide eyes. Shit. They arrived at the same time, all three springing into the air and toward his head. In their fervent fury they hadn't strategized an approach, however, and two ended up clashing with each other and tumbling into the ground. Will fell back on his ass and fumbled with his crossbow. He ignored the tangled mess and aimed for the one still leaping toward them, letting loose a bolt that impaled the creature midair. It flew back, but died on impact. He blinked, then got to his feet. No time to panic. Get this done. And so, Will did. As the other creatures separated they each found Will standing before them with a curious resolve in his eyes. To them, it was nothing to be concerned about. After all, they wanted a meal, and couldn't process the strange intricacies of a human mind. They launched an offensive once more, no doubt surprised when Will batted both away with the crossbow. He moved with deliberate speed, footwork engineered to prevent either of them from getting another chance. A pivot here, sidestep there, and a well-timed kick. He was untouchable...why? Is this Yh'mi? Is this what it does? They circled him in confusion. How long would this go for? Will grinned and suddenly spun, aiming his reloaded crossbow at the creature opposite of him. He killed it quickly with a thick bolt firing across the distance between them and puncturing its shell. The creature behind him recognized the opportunity and lunged at his back, but Will had predicted this. He whirled around again and revealed a knife from his belt, the steel blade flashing in the sunlight and sinking into the exposed underbelly of the insect. The dying beast squealed in his arms. Its legs spasmed and claws scratched his flesh but he kept the blade in until it fell still. Around him the sound of battle finally sunk in. Will looked up with a wild expression and dropped the carcass from his knife. They needed to rally but, for now, he'd do his best to offer support. He began to fire at unsuspecting attackers, trying to relieve his comrades as best he could.
  13. ah sorry about that. I'll try to have something up tomorrow. my bad!
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