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  1. The rest of the night was uneventful. Was it so surprising? They'd said what needed to be said, with the understanding that anything more could be addressed in the morning. Karis didn't feel close to these people yet, but there was a comfort with being on the same page. Haywood had gotten them rooms, and in her hand was the key to hers. After parting words, Karis had wandered the halls of the inn for a good amount of time, going over what the group had discussed. At some point she found her room, and the sight of the bed was a welcome image. Her bag hit the floor. Boots and gear removed in quick succession. Moments later she was in the bed, eyes closed and mind blank. She'd dreamt of a city. A grand skyline yet aflame, all the same. It was a new dream, and pulled at her heart in a strange way. If Karis was asked later about the contents of the dream, she'd find that she recalled nothing. Just the feeling. A yearning? A need. When Karis awoke she found that the sun was just beginning to rise. Her mouth was dry, head spinning as she picked her head from the pillow. Too early. Might as well, though. She worked quickly, then. She'd always been able to rally. It was a good trait, she'd found, and so Karis immediately grabbed her stylus and began to cast. A bright light woke her up as the stylus traced a line in the air before her. She was quick - she needed to be. When she finished, Karis sealed the rune and held up her palm, watching as the symbol imprinted onto her palm, appearing to be an inked tattoo. She'd be able to call upon it later on. More, then. Flame runes, ice runes, air runes, and light runes. They soared around her and affixed on her skin. Elemental and tactical runes were her specialty, and she felt at home with inscribing them. Omar would be impressed with her speed. When she finished, Karis rose and collected her gear. She put on her jacket to cover her inked arms, though both of her palms were holding rune. In a heartbeat she out of the door and heading down to the main room. She smelled food, then smiled when it came into view. It looked like she was the first to arrive. "I'll take a plate of your best," she said to a grumpy waiter. "Please." She then took a seat, staring out of the window while she waited.
  2. I'll look for other things that Hain can do in the meantime then. No rush!
  3. ticklefarte

    [GS] Taurus

    Omar's eyes widened. The wind here was rough, but at this point he'd figured out how to handle it. Just as quickly as he'd expanded them, he squinted his eyes to peer ahead at the glowing display ahead. His soul. A god's spirit, on full the display. It was exactly what he needed. Taurus was sluggish now, seemingly spent as the assault carried on. Omar directed Portis closer, and glanced at the offenders. He tapped his earpiece. "chzz. I need to talk to him. chzz. Before he's gone." Once again he looked to the light, peering intently at the information on display there. One's soul existed on a different plane, that was indisputable. The interactions, then, with this reality were complex, but decidedly natural. It was the way of things, after all. But to force a crossing? To pull a spirit from that world to this one required power, which Omar guessed was what they'd been waiting for. It also takes a gate. And that was what Omar was seeing. Written in the light were the rules that decided this world, and the next. To him, they presented themselves as runes. Good enough. He pulled out his chalk, still looking. Was Taurus's soul sane? Could he have an actual discussion there? He directed Portis to the ground, contemplating as he worked to link a rune to the gate Hinoka's threads had created. Once on the ground, he began to cast. Behind him the sound of a motorcycle interrupted his thoughts. They were close to Taurus now. He could protect himself from the god's heat, but the motorcycle would have to count on the ice collosi to keep the heat down. "Ah, so you finally fired Red," Omar muttered when he realized who it was. "I'm not sure if it was necessary. Our dear friend looks like he's about to reach his end." He winced as the runes on his body pulsed with need. He'd crafted them with homicidal intent. They weren't very keen on being held in reserve. Cursing, Omar looked back at the light for reference. He adjusted his glasses. "Almost done, aren't we? Azelhart. Lexa. We've made a good team, shooting needles at a god. You're both very clever." The rune flared brightly as he sealed it. It spun rapidly, attaining a golden hue akin to Taurus'. Omar stepped back as the symbol expanded, then stilled. It was ready. His own gate to the spirit world that Taurus' soul was leaving. "Not too much time then," he whispered. Omar looked back at the two on the bike. He grinned, offering a salute as his goodbye. Lexa looked spent. Azelhart was unreadable as ever. He didn't expect either one to speak or join. He'd be back rather quickly if things went well. A quick chat and an analysis of the god's soul up close. That's all he needed. With a deep breath, Omar turned and stepped into the gate. His vision went black. He felt his connection to his automatons sever. His breath caught, ears popping as his body was wrenched from its home and shuttled through the in-between before its inevitable arrival. A loud flash of light. A bright clap of thunder. He tasted the howling wind and smelled the heat, before everything managed to snap back into place. Groaning, Omar looked around at his new surroundings. It was...surprising. A cathedral with an exposed ceiling. Omar was on his knees, hands splayed over tile art depicting a strange scene. He recognized Taurus. Worshipers, too. Smiling? "They liked you, huh?" he said to himself. Overhead the sky was tumultuous. Within the rolling clouds was a light show of electricity. Omar looked up as he rose, then around. The walls weren't blank. Where there weren't windows, there was art. So enraptured was he, that he almost missed his target. There it was. Omar saw a man, though he knew that Taurus was anything but. The figure was reticent. Translucent...fading. He stared for a few heartbeats. This was a divine soul. "Can we talk," Omar called. his voice echoed through the dreamscape. @Xoco@Priestess @Fierach
  4. @Ataraxy would the Saint Reverie thread grant some reputation? If it were finished?
  5. I'd like Hain to operate in Renovatio. I'll look into lore and stuff
  6. Drat I completely forgot. Tonight. Post goes up tonight. Sorry doods
  7. Can't remember who's turn it is. But boop
  8. I'll wait for @Vaudevillian 's input before I make my post. Yay or nay, boss man?
  9. ah do you guys just want to time skip to the next morning? I'm not sure there's much merit in discussing things in the tavern at this point. I'd be okay with further planning during the journey there. just a suggestion. I don't have much for Karis to do so either way she's headed off to bed
  10. "I guess," Will called back, heart pounding as his tree trembled from an impact. He loaded his flare bolt, then took careful aim. While Anywhere was taking care of the captain, a streak of crackling like flew past the golem and toward Leon. It landed in the ground between Leon, bright and smoking and visible through the mists of the Whitewood. The rest he left to Leon. The other Knights were taken care of. The forest floor seemed clear by now, and Will was feeling shaky in this tree. He swore loudly as he began to work his way down. Boots slipped on the slick wood, but nothing fatal happened on the rest of his descent. By the time he's gotten down, Anywhere had gone and come back. The golem spoke. Will listened as he landed, frowning. He look at Shishi. "Are you okay? You hit my tree so hard I almost fell out. That must've hurt." To Umbra he spoke clearly, voicing his question. "Are we sure we should take these? Why would the Fallen be defending them so viscously?" He wouldn't start walking without an answer.
  11. Eli gathered his weapons as Rohini spoke, listening intently. The man had a voice. In his words was a weight that strove to pull at Eli's strings. If the setting was different, Eli would likely have wept, captured by the song and dance of a man who had the moon's favor. He knew Mads was usually closed off to this kind of thing. Indeed, it was definitely strange, but they'd lived in strange for quite a while now. Glancing at Mads, he shrugged. "I've never known the moon to be anything but distant," Merindas rumbled after some time. The golem's voice was deep, resembling the sound of stone against stone. He stared at the dancer, expressionless. "I wonder if I could manage it - I wonder if I could become graceful enough to talk to her. The moon." They looked at their friend somberly, the sadness plain on their faces. Eli couldn't imagine it. They'd all lost something to the guild but Merindas...he'd certainly lost the most. Rohini's transformation would obviously spark an interest in the golem. Hope was dangerous, however. Thankfully, Briar chose this moment to speak up. Eli turned to face and blinked in surprise as an apple soared toward his face. He snatched it out of the air and studied it before tossing it in the air and catching it like a ball. Mads laughed as she caught hers. "I'm sorry, Briar," she said with a sigh, "but we can't." "There'll be a fight soon," Eli said matter-of-factly, "can't you smell it?" "No time for rest," Merindas declared, slowly rising. "These two are useless with food in their system. And the wolves are almost here." Eli caught the apple once again and looked at Mads, nodding. She took off immediately, body low as she sprinted into the foliage with her knives in hand. She was well suited for fights in the dark. Nothing like night vision, but more like instinct. "Merindas, follow her and find the regent. Skarcharm is our priority, and don't you two forget it. Protect him." The golem stomped off, leaving the clearing. Wolves would be quite poorly matched against the stone construct, but Merindas would have trouble seeing in the moonlight. Have faith. Mads will keep him centered. A timberwolf tore through the tree line. Eli whirled around, eyes wide as the large beast howled a bloodcurdling song. It approached him with its hackles raised, saliva dripping from its bared teeth. It snarled. Eli cursed. He let loose the only thing in his hand with a shout. It was a crimson bullet, streaking across the space between them to crash against the wolf's snout. The apple exploded upon impact and left the wolf disoriented, stumbling to the side. Capitalizing on this, Eli lunged forward and unsheathed his blades. They cut swiftly, one elven, the other human. Both plunged into the wolf's head and emerged bloody. The trees rustled and Eli looked up to see a dozen more arriving as he let their friend's body slump to the side. Behind him, more wolves. A different pack? They had different markings, and certainly regarded each other with malice. Two howls from opposing sides. A convergence on our firelight. Got it. He licked his lips, skin buzzing with excitement. Igni's wind sent dust and sparks into the air. It obscured his vision, but he made do, squinting. Waiting. He wouldn't be the first to move in this stand off. "I'm keeping close to the fire," he told Briar as he slowly turned to check his back. Igni was offering herself as a rally point, but Eli, Briar, and Rohini were the only ones near the campfire now. The wolves were advancing on either side, pinching them in. Suddenly, one made eye contact with him. His breath caught. Another howled sounded, and then it began. Two sides pushing forward with the camp in the center. Two wolves on him first. He kicked one with everything he had, sending it flying back into a tree. It yelped and fell silent. Still, the kick had him put off balance. The second wolf rammed him fiercely soon after, sending them both into the ground. Eli swore loudly as he hit the ground, then louder when he felt a sharp pain radiate from his forearm. The damn thing had sunk its teeth in. He dropped his blades and grabbed the beast by the back of its nape, squeezing tightly through the fur. It glared at him with gleaming eyes. He squeezed tighter, inhuman strength aiding his grip. The wolf's jaw loosened as Eli crushed its neck. He pushed it to the side and hesitated, knowing that the other wolves had left him on the ground thinking he was done. Around him, they fought demon and wolf alike. Clashes of fur and claws and teeth and blade made for a morbid song, indeed. He needed to get back into the fight. He grabbed his swords from the ground and leapt to his feet, swinging wildly. He slashed a wolf on its back, staggering it in the direction of his second sword which sank into its flank eagerly. The wolf fell. He moved on, keeping close to the fire. He didn't have night vision. He didn't have Mads' instinct. If he lost the light, he'd be screwed.
  12. Tomorrow, sorry. I spilled water on my laptop. I'm abstaining from hydration from now on
  13. ticklefarte

    [GS] Taurus

    The hot wind rolled over him with the fall of Taurus, earth shaking with the force of an actual natural disaster. He could feel Heriel approaching the god at his feet. Slowly. Cautiously. It was in the air, however; an understanding that was intoxicating and exciting. It declared that the moment was arriving. An instance in which they'd have to make a heavy decision. The mad god, fallen but not felled. Resisting with whatever fight one could find in something so primordial. As he stood some distance, Omar wove his runes with a deadly intent. His eyes glowed red as he accessed something dark within himself. A sequence of symbols arranged themselves before him in a column. He held out his arm watched as the runes encased it one by one. The feeling was sickening, and his stomach churned with each affixation. This wasn't a part of him he liked to see. To reach that darkness said something about his character. It said something about just how far he could go when the stakes were high. The answer, he'd found, was very far. Too far. "Portis," he called with sigh, "take me closer." The dragonfly buzzed and approached him. He seized its leg and in a heartbeat they were airborne. Omar clenched his jaw, squinting through the rushing air. Addison had her plan, and it seemed to be working. Too well, perhaps. Indeed, it was almost cruel how they were treating the god, but necessary nonetheless. Just as necessary as Omar's contingency, should things go awry. Runes that were meant to kill came at a cost but usually got the job done. Considering Taurus' state, Omar was hopeful he could put the god down if he couldn't be saved. He'd kill a god today, if no one was willing to. He'd take on that weight.
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