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  1. @500bees we're making it up as we go. Currently, Linixy's character has gotten Intel that it's a male. Gabriel received information that implies that a changeling, or group of people have the knife. Daemon was told by a dying victim that the killer was a woman. So we don't know a thing. Haha
  2. @500bees if you want to join now is a great time btw
  3. For my Bloody Dagger hunters, I'll be posting tomorrow night. Assignments piled up. Sorry about the delay. Feel free to skip me if you really want to keep writing.
  4. @Humble Blood really interesting way of progressing the plot. If the killer just killed then it's possible they're roaming with the morning crowd. That's useful information for the group. @Linixy you did a great job of establishing the scene. It really sets the tone for later posts now that we know the citizens are waking up and walking around. Great stuff guys. The tavern that Linixy was told about might have customers soon. Working class people would be reasonable, and they should have a lot to say. Great contributions. Everyone else did great too, but I figured I'd highlight these ones right now. So, I want to wait to give @500bees a chance to post, but obviously not too long. I'll post either tomorrow night or the day after. Good stuff
  5. @Linixy lol Gabriel doesn't know what the guard said to Linixy, as he isn't there for the conversation. All he knows is that Linixy climbed a carriage, asked a question, and someone shouted back. In my post I think I made it clear that Gabriel was aware that Linixy was shouting, and opted to take a quieter approach.
  6. all right the post is out. It looks like @Linixy got a lead, but Gabriel is unaware of that so he'll just wait for whoever finds him. Once again, take this in any direction you'd like. I figured I'd toss in the possibility that the killer isn't just some man, but could be more than one person, or even someone supernatural. Things like that can spice things up. @500bees the group is now in the city if you'd like to have Vivia approach Gabriel, or any of the other members.
  7. Gabriel spoke to many people as the line slowly processed forward. He could be quite sociable when he wanted to, and was able to relate to each person in some capacity that allowed them to open up to him. Linixy had made himself known. Gabriel preferred to be a bit more discrete. Such was the unexpected role reversal of the poet and the thief. Very ironic. And so, as Gabriel crossed the city gates, he reflected on the information he'd gathered. The killer in Cartrose? I heard that she's a vicious woman. We'll be here for day and move on, quickly, said an older man, holding his two children tightly. Useful. She was a woman. Aye, we know what you're talking about. The one who's got everyone spooked, right? I don't believe a word of it, but if he and I meet, I'll survive. This from a sellsword, big and burly. Strange discrepancy there. Was the killer a man or woman? Some lad, from what I've been told. A rich boy who's parents hold power in the city. A little girl, cursed by the devil. A vengeful ghost. A beast. A rumor. Gabriel cursed. Nothing concrete, as expected, but he'd hoped for more. Whoever the killer was, they wore a lot of faces. Part of him understood that this was the nature of folktales, but as he walked he whispered another idea to himself. "A changeling could do the same thing." What were the odds of a changeling finding the Bloody Dagger? They were rare, but...it'd explain the anonymity. The only alternative was that the Dagger had multiple wielders. Did Cartrose have a murder guild in its walls? He squirmed at the thought, looking around for his group. The city was a quiet place at dawn. He stood in an empty square, boots planted firmly on damp flagstones. He guessed that most of the residents would awaken around noon. Less people to talk to, then. A shame. His best bet was to wait here for the group to find him. They could pool information together and go from there. Even now, he thought he saw Luna speaking to someone at the gates. Maybe she'd found something. @Witch Trials
  8. got busy so I'll post tomorrow. Feel free to keep going though. This is your thread, I'm just guiding it along.
  9. good posts everyone. Make sure you actually strike a conversation with your NPC, but so far things are looking good! I'll be posting today, as I'm not sure when @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose will be posting again.
  10. @Witch Trials no worries. For future reference, just use the @ symbol and type the name of the person you're mentioning. but welcome back!
  11. Will was surprised by the efficacy of the assault. The three groups acted independently, yet their efforts seamlessly blended together to result in a victory. He didn't even shoot a bolt, as the Shadow Guard and Anywhere rushed in and didn't miss a single strike. "Heh," Will chuckled to Shishi, "it feels like they didn't really need us." Part of him felt a bit slighted, but he shook it off. The journey was over, and he hadn't lost any bolts. Objectively, this was a bonus. As the group mounted the domesticated Saevion, he sighed to himself. Off to Blairville then, and away with Yh'mi. Whatever the Order did with the Vines was out of his hands. The Broken Plains soared past them as they traveled back to Inn'sth, the bleak landscape blurring due to the speedy travel. He didn't know if he'd be back here in the future. Yh'mi was mysterious and unnerving, but there were so many factions at play. He'd seen what happened when he asked questions. They can have this place. I need to move on. Blairville was far. But he was ready.
  12. Sorry, classes started and so I guess I missed this notification. @EpicRome23 we've been in this thread for like a year, and I'm really glad we were able to finally close it!! haha. Had a great time writing with you, even through the hiccups. Thanks a bunch!
  13. All right, we're at Cartrose! Currently, there's a line to get into the city, so I want to encourage all of you to find some general NPC to talk to. You can add whatever kind of rumor you'd like. It's collaborative writing, after all. Go crazy!
  14. Gabriel nodded, pausing his writing. "The Bloody Dagger curses those who deign to wield it, but my question is directed toward figuring out what kind of person picks it up in the first place. The average person possess violence in spades, correct? In our blood is something primal, ever searching for some kind of conflict. We fight impulses everyday, after all." He chuckled to himself. "You, Daemon, are a good example. I've only just met you, and have seen three instances in which you've shown your tendency toward violence. Once, when you threatened me for basically nothing, and the next when you killed a bull that you probably could have just subdued, and the last just now as you imagined skinning our mysterious target. Impulses. Urges. Split second decisions. At the drop of a hat, a mundane argument can turn darker. It just depends on the person." Gabriel sighed, then stowed his pen and journal. "I don't have any theories. Ah, that's a lie. I have some, but they're not worth verbalizing without more evidence." What kind of person picks up a dagger in the first place, regardless of its properties? Along that thinking, was it purchased or found? Gabriel was a writer, yes, but he was also a reader. And he loved mysteries. If god was a painter, then surely the sky above would be one of his greatest works. The inky black of night gave way to thick strokes of amber, heralding the rise of the morning sun. Shafts of golden light pierced the dark forest and, almost as if flipped by a switch, the lanterns that lined their road turned off simultaneously. Gabriel whistled in appreciation as the birdsong filled the air. The woods were awakening, and he wanted to be out of them right away. It was fortunate that no bandits had assailed them. It was surprising, actually. Perhaps the stories surrounding Cartrose had made criminals wary. It was a reasonable presumption. "There it is," Gabriel announced. He pointed forward, as the foliage of the forest opened up to reveal a grassy plain. The road cut through the tall grass, winding up and down until it stopped at the tall gates of Cartrose. Crimson flags lined the walls of these infamous city and they flapped loudly in the morning breeze. Gabriel's gaze fell from the grand display of pride to the lower levels. There was a line at the gates, with wagons waiting in a queue to be allowed in. They might have been waiting all night, if the night's guard had been slacking. Gabriel furrowed his brow and quickened his pace. "Our investigation starts now," he said. "Socialize. Ask questions. Any one in this line may have heard about the rumors. Every rumor could be useful." With that, Gabriel disappeared into the line, looking for someone to talk to.
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