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  1. Home was a people, or so Annora Elford thought. Home was where one could be surrounded by work and people they love, and truly be happy. As she stepped out of her small house she sighed, looking around at the unfamiliar neighbors and cold demeanors of everyone around her. This wasn’t home. This was simply her living space. She could feel her legs shake with every step she took. She hadn’t set a foot outside in two weeks, but her food was scarce and bills were soon to piling. She needed a job, and she couldn’t rely on her mothers rotting corpse, nor her own. She anxiously walked past the crowds in Umbra before slowly coming to a stop. “I’m quite sure walking around aimlessly is not the right way to get a job..” Annora was hopeless, her purpose for living was rotting in soil a few miles north and here she was, hopelessly searching for a new purpose. She let herself slump against a wall, head down. She wasn’t gonna find that purpose anytime soon, was she?
  2. I’m not gonna give my name, but uh.. you can just call me whatever you want. I fucking hate humans and consider them filthy, which is, yk, true. I don’t have any friends because I was a burden on them, which is also true. I doubt things will be much different here but um,, hey at least no one here knows who I actually am amiright? Anyway, past the whole depressing misanthropic shit,, ummm.. I’m a girl, Im bisexual, I LOVE animals, live for them. I used to roleplay on Quotev but then the whole system got weird and idk they kinda just fucked up their website sooooo here I am, desperately trying to find a new place to express myself through role playing. Role play stuff: Some genres I like are slice of life, fantasy, romance, comedy, FANTASY, some crime here and there, and just ur average ol shit yk,, I think I’m basically down for whatever.. I role play female, male, etc characters of any and all sexualities, ages, etc and I prefer not to overkill with the length of my replies, as role playing then becomes a chore to me. Can not fucking handle vvv bad grammar DURING roleplaying. most of you probably won’t read all of that or bother replying to me which is cool, I’m just following the guidelines and trying to find my way around this huge ass site. oh, also, I swear. ?
  3. Welcome to the site! 

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