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    Cosplay,photography,animal care,drawing,video games,making content for my Youtube channel,exploring abandoned places/places in general,collecting interesting things and plenty more.

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  1. Male pronouns please and thank you,unless you're actually referring to my character Zanryu herself then yeah--she was a barrel full of adventures that's for sure haha. Well,if you're still rocking any of them I'm glad--It's been a god awful long time,so the sentiments are appreciated as are you remembering me. It means a lot. ::This is really late,sorry! I've been busy with my new job and life in general..::
  2. I'm glad it's seen far better than most RP forums have and hasn't died out/etc. Yeah that's me,haha. Thank you,and oh goodness sorry about that-- it won't happen again.
  3. Oh well hello to Rin then,any friend of Benny's is a friend of mine. Yeah,haha going to be turning 30 on December 13th of this year. Thank you very much. As for what to call me,Aziraphale works,thank you for asking I really appreciate that. I only let people that I've known for some good time call me Adio now--No offense to you of course,it's just a comfort thing on my end.
  4. Well hey there,good to see a familiar face. Still have all my old graphics work hanging around? Haha. Your username doesn't strike any bells with me either but thank you either way!
  5. Hello everyone, I didn't think that this forum was still alive after seeing so many of the others fall--but I'm glad I was wrong. I'm not new,I've just been gone for a very long time. Even though the character was retired years ago,some of you know me as Zanryu Allivitiar. But to get to some specifics-- I'm going to be 30 this year,I'm in a great relationship,I still go by Adio [to those who knew me by that name] and I use Male pronouns. But anywho. I still Rp on Tumblr quite heavily ,but I don't think I'll be doing much of that here except lurking and interacting when I can-- I hope to see some old faces,and I hope everyone as a whole is doing well.
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