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  1. Well I was thinking I might have Amira look into like, the distribution of its output. I mean, we've gotta be selling the wine somewhere, right?
  2. Presenting Amira Spidervalley:
  3. Name: Amira Gender: Female Age: 26 Height: 5'7'' Weight: 65 kg Measurements: Something to discuss in private, no? Species and Type: Human - part Rosinderite Profession: Noblewoman of the family Spidervalley; embittered heir to House Slango Appearance and Descriptions: Amira presents an almost... plain exterior, though one that many would regard as well crafted. Dark hair flows freely in wavy strands down to just beyond her shoulder, often falling to one side or the other. Green eyes study the world with often unemotive calm, revealing little of the conclusions she draws. She adds often light touches of pink to her face - primarily in the form of blush and liptstick - but rarely much beyond that. Her manner of dress is often simple in fashion, with a particular inclination towards undecorated black dresses, over which she wears but two things; a loose cloth of purple over one shoulder, and a belt to hold it in place. She does technically possess a wider wardrobe, but dons it only as and where the situation requires it, rather than it being established parts of her preferences. She may occasionally wear some small pieces of jewellery, just to reflect her social status somewhat. Bio: When House Dali came into union with House Slango, it was not some great alliance of great Houses. Indeed, strictly speaking, it was not House Dali proper that joined with House Slango - rather, it was a branch of the family by the name of the Spidervalleys. That such an agreement was made in the lands of Ursa Madeum speaks so much as the sheer heights from which House Slango had fallen, to that upon which House Dali stood. For though House Slango claimed a history of over three hundred years - which it would push to five hundred, in subsequent decades - all it had to show for it was a few small properties in great disrepair, and many debts. But a name, and a plot of land that breaks up an otherwise potentially vast renovation, are valuable commodities in themselves. So it was that Frederick Slango agreed that any child born of this union would carry the Spidervalley name, while inheriting all the possessions of the Slango, for which he would be awarded a great share of revenue than he would otherwise see. It was from this union that Amira was born; a union in perhaps name only, as beyond the obligatory night that had begotten the young babe, the couple clearly cared not for each other. When Frederick believed his mildly restored fortunes enough by which to have his House strike out on its own once again, his once wife quickly agreed, to the... mild frustrations of House Dali at large. Amira thus grew further apart from her father, who with his second wife, bore three children - two daughters and a son, all bearing the Slango name proper, and thus set to inherit where Amira would not. With nothing set for her, the young woman was thrust first and foremost into her education, so that even if she not receive anything, she might be able to acquire it for itself. The rise of the Tyrant King brought a drastic change in fortunes for many, perhaps none moreso than House Slango. Frederick declared his House's loyalties quickly, and though small and perhaps inconsequential, was rewarded for it. Once more his family held lands proper, and titles of state. Usually several rungs lower than others, but it was more than they had ever seen in Frederick's lifetime. Indeed, from his rather unassuming position, he offered to his liege services that would be... difficult for others, so prominent in their roles and daily affairs. The kind that keeps the peace without the drawing of a blade, unless it be small and unseen. These were things that Amira did not consider in their consequences at the time; only that her father's bloodline was once more so prominent, and all others pressured to play along with the monarch's delusions, that she could freely interact with her younger siblings. For half a decade, she grew to love and support them in all they wished to be. Then, came Taen. The Tyrant King was unseated from his throne. Ursa Madeum cleansed of his taint and corruption. The families that had most loyally served him, expunged. Amira was spared only owing to the lack of a name; she was almost taken even, until her mother reminded the occupiers that she was a Spidervalley - a Dali - and not a Slango. Ironically, she felt much more one than the other, in that moment. Amira has spent the months since then in relative isolation; 'attempting to lay roots', or so she says. After an apparent series of failed suitors, but the successful acquisition of her own property - if by the will of a deceased lover - she returns to the fold, asking that if she cannot find employment of her own, then perhaps she might be put to it by the needs of her great House. Yes, indeed... Personality: Amira deliberately tries to obscure any precise understanding of her personal thoughts and desires, often appearing to function as little more than an instrument for the desires of others. She so often speaks in terms of her work, her duties, and the will of her family - implicitly, the House of Dali - that to those unfamiliar, or unable to peel back those first few layers, she truly can seem as though she has little to her existence beyond whatever role she currently serves. But, there are layers there, the first of which is a realisation as to the manner in which Amira approaches all her apparent duties to her family: Chiefly, with personal disinterest. She does not appear to possess any actual investment of her own in the House's stature, growth, and general influence; acting on these matters solely because, in effect, she has been asked to. As she would explain however, this does not mean she would not see the work done, or done well at that; what she lacks for enthusiasm, she does not in dedication, and in the simple pride of a job well done. Useful, in its regard, as it would seem to limit the likelihood of political intrigue on her part. Peel back a layer or two more, and one will find that Amira is in fact possessed of many an interest, it's just not often the time nor place in which she can actually express such. Information in and of itself holds great value to her, whether it be random trivia about some phenomena of the world, the latest in gossip, or an understanding of a political context. She is a curious creature by habit, asking questions, listening closely to the answers, and then asking some more, whether based on direct information or telling turns of phrase. The information she gathers also reveals further facets about her, as it's here she may reveal what amuses her, shocks her, surprises her, and even perhaps, draws her fancy. One could consider it an exchange of information, of sorts. Certain applications of such information that are noteworthy are her medicinal interests - maintaining her own supplies - her literary interests - maintaining her own, small library - and her geographical interests, maintaining a noticeable collection of cartographic materials. Peel back some layers more - more than most will ever manage - and one will find a woman of quiet, determined loathing. Who while working diligently to serve her living family, simultaneously thinks upon how to avenge her deceased family, and build towards that ultimate goal. Who considers each life in its potential usage and applicability towards ber desires that those who robbed her of her beloved siblings, be made to pay. A woman who loved and cared so deeply, and so now scorns in equal measure. Who considers herself not Spidervalley or Dali, but Slango. Powers and abilities: As with many of her kin, owing to Rosinderite ancestry, Amira is possessed of the following abilities: ■ Dangersense: An uncanny sense of timing for combat situations and honed perception that makes them hyper-aware of dangerous situations ■ Enhanced reflexes: Even in senescence, Rosinderites are capable of reacting with grace, aplomb, and accuracy to split-second decisions ■ Hardened body: Rosinderites are strong, fast, and tough by birthright - the closer one is to pureblood Rosinderite, the more amplified these attributes. Due to Amira's lower concentrations of this heritage, she is consequently weaker than many of her kin and counterparts. ■ Kinetic shield: A pivotal arcane attribute of the Rosinderite ethnicity is the kinetic shield aura they generate. This aura throttles projectile speed, rendering common technological conceits like machine guns not entirely ineffective, but capable of being responded to. The more of them there are in a group the stronger and more variable this shield ■ Amira belongs to the guild of illusion, capable of glamours both great and small; it is oft-rumoured that she pretty much lives with one active upon herself at all times, making herself appear more attractive to the beholder. Whatever the reality in this case, it is known among the family that one must be careful when dealing with Amira, things stand a good chance of literally not being what they seem. That said, while she is capable of altering the look of the locality around her, her preference is towards the smaller arts; the changes so subtle one might not realise them at all. And as with many things, both the effectiveness and ability to even generate her illusions is subject to both the ability to prepare, and her general state of mind - the more calm and controlled, the better. Skills: ■ Amira is multilingual to an astonishing degree, capable of communication even in Oldspeak, for little more than the apparent novelty of it. ■ In part to compensate for how her Rosinderite gifts are diminished as compared to others, Amira is proficient in the art of hand to hand combat. ■ As the last (known) member of House Slango, Amira retains many of their secrets in the art of chemical concoctions - particularly poisons - which she may use to induce a number of nasty symptoms, including death, upon preferred targets. Possessions: ■ House Slango's last 'mobile laboratory', a large briefcase which contains a number of chemical compounds, samples, and instructions as to how to turn them into a wide range of substances with differing effects. While versatile, it must be noted that their effects are entirely mundane, stimulating purely physiological reactions. That is to say, one might make a victim delirious, but not specifically have them hallucinate pink elephants on parade - not deliberately at any rate. ■ A few scattered heirlooms of House Slango, such as the cloth she so often drapes over her shoulder; a possession of her father's second wife. ■ The Black Mamba: An inn in Ylia, and Amira's personal possession, as well as source of income. She inherited it through a suitor that, unfortunately, suffered catastrophic bowel failure a few months into the marriage. Amira has ensured that the cuisine has improved drastically, to prevent any other such case of food poisoning. Weakness: ■ As mentioned, Amira's possesses less Rosinderite blood than many of her kin, leaving her abilities lesser in comparison ■ Amira's illusions are good at places and objects, but not so much people, despite the claims of her use of a glamour. Her faces and expressions too often fall into the uncanny valley as to be convincing, unless viewed from afar. ■ The limits of good fashion means there is an often small supply of her family's concoctions she might carry upon her person. While a bag might alleviate the matter, that then means they can be taken from her. ■ While she possesses many an antidote for her family's concoctions, she does not particularly possess any kind of immunity to them. Without care and caution she could easily afflict herself
  4. Moving forward, though still with a chance to hop in atm. The storm's come to us!
  5. Argi winced, as he realised that he had unwittingly committed the stranger to suffering. He knew there was those to whom even the gentle rocking of a river stream, or the back of a horse, was not a gentle affair. It was, in hindsight, only obvious that these traits would be rendered vulnerable to the machinations of the sky as well, at least with this particular method of traversal for it. When a hand was finally offered, Argi was not sure whether or not to shake it; both for the fact of what had just occurred, but also uncertainty of what the actual gesture was meant to be. Yes, they had handshakes up on the mountains, it was just... was that actually what was being asked here? Maybe it was more of a firm clasp? A clap across the palm, perhaps? By the time Argi might have decided on the response, the stranger - this 'Raccoon', which honestly sounded like some kind of animal - had drawn back his hand, to then use it to begin smoking. Well, at least that seemed universal, even if Argi himself didn't partake. Another stranger - this one a woman, one of two seeming sisters - introduced herself afterwards, and something about her - about both of them, really - held Argi... transfixed? Confused? There was a sensation there, and it was difficult to describe. It was not entirely unfamiliar, owing to his introduction to a certain Archbishop, but even then the sensation was not... quite the same. The fact that he could almost hear singing of some sort just added to the bewildering nature of it all. It couldn't possibly be... that, right? He was supposed to know if it was that, wasn't he? "We don't dock." Argi clarified for the one of the two women that hadn't given a name. "It is... a storm. Nowhere to dock." His Terran still wasn't great, but he was making enough progress he didn't feel automatically embarrassed just trying to speak. It was surprisingly easy enough to pick up, he found. "I... we... dock when we done. When we... 'record' storm." Argi reminded them of their task, holding up the unusual box that the woman that brought them here had said to point at the storm when they got close enough. He had no clue as to how this was meant to gather information, but he'd somewhat learned to not question how Terran things worked until he learned more of the basics. Otherwise this flying boat would be doing his head in. Putting the box back down, he realised, blinking, that he had forgotten to mention that, "Argi," was his name. Having now done that, he looked across to Raccoon, since they were at the edges of the flying boat, and asked them, "How far?" He was of course making a bold presumption as to how far anyone would be able to discern their exact position; someone with a decent enough grasp of the general geography would be able able to gather that they must have been crossing over the northeastern flank of the mountains now, with the great heights behind them, and the descent into valleys and foothills below. They had made good time, and as according to the researcher, should be on their way towards Langley Keep so as to intercept that most curious collection of clouds. There was just... one problem... The first clue would be the way in which the gulls were quick to scarper; the second in how the rocking of the flying boat grew in intensity, an occasional tumble becoming a rocky beat. The third could or would be... well, to look down and ahead, rather than solely at the edges of the mountains from which they were descending. So high above, they had been beyond the apparent effects, but in their descent, they had begun to be battered by the updraft. No shadows were cast upon them, but it was though they were falling towards shadow, a vast, swirling black mass spread as canvas across the world beneath them. "T-The box...!" Argi scrambled to his feet, joining or taking Raccoon's place at the railing so as to point the box - and all the curious contraptions within - at the storm, pressing the plastic indent at its top as soon as he laid eyes upon it. A front panel popped off of the device, but so focused was the young man from the mountains on keeping the box steady, that he altogether forgot his own footing; with one sudden and sharp sway of the ship, he began to tumble over the edge. All the while, the storm began to bellow and roar, as if realising that someone was 'intruding' upon its path; the darkness flashed with a bitter, blue light. @SweetCyanide @Thotification @Vilhardt @Roen
  6. So with this post, I've not actually yet got the exact commotion at the gates figured out. So if anyone wants to come up with an idea, feel free. Otherwise I'll try to figure it out when it's back to me. Either way, figured this might be the start of when Supernal's guy might appear
  7. Much of the exact detail and nuance in the response of the two men went right over Argi's head, who maintained an otherwise neutral expression throughout. He might have smiled, but he was never good at trying to do that consciously, and who knows how these men may have taken it. Either way, they made mention of the hospital again, and seemed to be planning to have others come help in catching their target. "You're welcome." Argi gave what he had concluded to be a common form of courtesy among these people, before continuing along. Alice spoke up from her hiding spot before Argi had to make a judgement on whether or not it was safe to do so. Trusting her judgement in this regard, he nevertheless found himself wondering about the fact that, "They... called themselves 'police', not Gaianists." Doubts were visibly stirring in the young man's mind, and contorting his face as he further considered, "They said you did... illegal things. Things against law." Perhaps of course that was all conflated with whatever issues they had against Alice as an apparent 'unnatural', a term that ultimately still confused him. But even his tribe had concepts of law, and what was or was not legal within their tribe. Argi had broken rules and gone against his responsibilities, but he had not broken the law. Yet, with the opportunity to simply ask what Alice may or may not have done, he remained quiet. It was more than a little awkward to consider directly questioning her, especially with her praising him so. Then again, those men had done the same, and Argi just led them on a false chase. He didn't like that... "Gate's ahead." He simply told her, as they came towards the great entrance and exit that had first swept him into this city. This... Ignatz, apparently. Hopefully the man there would remenber him, and so would simply think Argi's business there was concluded, without any other issue. Though, it might take a while, as there seemed to be some kind of commotion at the gates. Lots of yelling, screaming, and not much ability to move past it, apparently. @Lawman @supernal
  8. Yeah so I actually just posted at the same time as you did, so gonna take a bit to double check everything, possibly fix up my post Edit: Okay thankfully didn't have to actually change that much.
  9. Kurush could quickly tell that the flower had served only as a fleeting distraction from the admittedly, potentially worrying set of armed thugs that had burst their way into the Queen's garden, and were still vaguely visible in the distance, though their forms were obscured and blurred by the various layers of glass - and the gaps of open air - in between, along with the simple difference in height. Curiously, the blob of black that he took to be to be the intruders had largely stopped, which would mean either one of two things: They had either found what (or who) they were looking for, or had come across something (or someone) that imposed a sufficient enough barrier as to block them going any further. Given how they had so easily ignored the guard chasing after them, and he could not easily make out any kind of similarly sized blob in opposition to them, if it were the latter option, there would only be so many people in the building that could presumably command such a presence. How very curious. "Kurush." He threw up a light smile in almost immediate response to Khaki's introduction, laying down his notebook on the edge of the flowerbed, subsequently trying the name upon his tongue a few times. Once he was certain as to its pronunciation, Kurush listened to the rest of what Khaki had to say with regards to the situation before them. Dirt-encrusted fingers wrapped around his chin as he considered how best to approach the design; deciding at first to make his consideration visible, noting, "Well, that's fair. You never know what strange men with strange weapons may be up to. Perhaps I could escort you to the ex-" His attempt to excuse himself accompanying the young woman was cut short, as he noticed something strange stretching across the rooftop above him. Plant roots? But they were growing far too quickly - such things were not supposed to be visible to the naked eye, even Kurush knew that. He whipped his head around, trying to follow the roots back to their source. He could see their green tendrils snake through the translucent frame of the complex, leading all the way back to... That room. With the armed men. "You know what? Yes, yes we should go." Kurush found himself shuffling behind Khaki, urging her along towards what he believed to be the nearest exit, though that was still several sections away. "Maybe I can show you aro-" Bang. The noise wasn't... loud, as such. Not at this distance, through so many materials. But it was distinctive, and clearly noticeable. Some kind of explosion - but Kurush could not see what had exploded. There was a pause as he tried to discern it all - some of the glass broken, maybe? He was curious for sure, but this was one of those instances where he could recognise a possible result would be one that made him akin to a cat in the old saying. "Come on, come on." He urged to Khaki, now stepping ahead of her - less to lead her on, more to make sure he wasn't holding himself to her pace - and shuffling down the steps in an attempt to get out of as soon as could be managed. He paused about mid-way. "Wait, shit, where-?" Kurush mumbled, hands patting down all across the body, and scouring the satchel that hung off his side. More than anything else, this seemed to worry him most. Oh, right, he'd put it down by the flowerbed. "I'm getting my notebook!" He hastily explained why he was rushing back up towards the potential danger he had otherwise just been so insistent against escaping, figuring it would only be a short distance so as to reclaim his most prized possession. Even if it meant ignoring the second, much louder BANG that shook the facility as he rose the steps. Whatever the first one had been, this was straight up an explosion! All he wanted to do was draw flowers and flirt, dammit!
  10. Infernal and Thoti haven't gone yet for this round, though I think previously the former had been before you
  11. "...I have not." Was Argi's simple, honest answer to the question of whether or not he knew of these 'Gaianists'. But when Alice clarified that it was the local faith, wheels of recollection did begin to turn within the young man's brain. Perhaps the term 'Gaianist' in and of itself, was unfamiliar, but the general, albeit vague notion of the what the lowlanders believed in was familiar to Argi. The way he understood it, they worshipped the world itself as some kind of god, or fundamental force. The details of their practise and worship beyond that were... ill defined at best. What stories were there to tell of the world, as you could tell of people? The world had its bounties, perhaps, but he doubted something like this vast city sprung up from the ground all of its own accord, like blades of grass upon the plains. Then there was that other thing she mentioned, something about... 'unnaturals'? It seemed like it was meant to apply to Alice herself somehow, but all Argi could do was tilt his head at that notion. Her ears and her tail seemed quite natural, so... what in the world was not meant to be? Or was it meant to be that she was somehow not of 'the world', given the apparent importance Gaianists placed on that? Argi was without the chance to really ask or clarify the matter, as he found himself approached by two men. Each were much more comfortably dressed than the guard at the gate into the city, yet they off a similar air of expectant authority about them; they wore belts like those one might hold a scabbard in, but instead of a sword there was... a bent bit of metal? Too thick to be nothing, yet he could not make heads nor tails of the design. Maybe a short club...? "I'm not." He managed to answer, getting the general gist that the men were commenting on whether or not he was around here. "Just arrived." There was another unfamiliar word in that - police. There seemed to be just a lot of ideas in this city - among these Terrans at large, maybe - that his people had either not imagined or not considered relevant enough to have something so specific as a word for them. It occurred that, even if he were to try and explain it all back home, he would likely have to use the same words, but just explain them after the first time or two. He wondered, how much of the Terran language would filter into his own that way? Argi looked up suddenly, snapping back from his mental tangents. They held up an image that while... blurry, was recognisable. Argi was clearly in his thought as he stared at the picture, thinking upon all that Alice had told him. Nasty People, who thought she was 'unnatural', and she told him to tell them... "I saw something." ...What? There was a double negative! "I met her... at the..." He struggled to think of the word, and snapped his fingers when he recalled it, loudly saying, "Hospital!" The mule still sought to move forward, and so Argi eased along with it it. All the while, the young man still tried to answer the 'Detective' and 'Captain', explaining that, "She had box. Said she head north-east." While remaining blissfully unaware of there being more than one way out of the city in that direction. Less unaware of the fact he was omitting that the woman these men were looking for was but a few feet away from them. But well, he'd been sorta honest with them...
  12. Depends on to what extent they realise something is empowering their respective abilities. Otherwise they might just sigh, shake their head, and think: "Teenagers."
  13. Or Kurush for that matter. ... I realise both teens in this thread have something sinister lurking inside them
  14. Kurush continues to stick on the sidelines because... well, yeah. Still, had fun with a little deductive reasoning
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