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  1. So, the delay in this thread is obviously my fault. I will attempt to rectify this in the coming days, so that this story may come to a at least... functional conclusion, and the storyline may move forward from it. I apologise to all that my failure has inconvenienced
  2. Meraxa

    Public AFV Thread

    So... I need to make a bit of an apology, I suspect. I've obviously, without announcement or other warning, been away from Valucre, and all the threads and storylines therein, quite a while. Part of this was a matter of caring for myself amidst... recent events, particularly given the infection of my foot because I somehow managed that. Part of it as well, however, was the development of a bad habit that kept me from just... looking at all the stuff that had piled up and that I owed. That was, quite obviously, bad. So, to everyone I have held up, failed to deliver what I have promised, or otherwise kept waiting in some vague hope I would reply by 'tomorrow' or the like, I'm sorry. This post is going to be the first part of an actual effort to get back into the site proper, clean up my act, and if anyone is still willing to tolerate me after my shenanigans, finish what I've started. If I've forgotten where I was, please feel free to prompt me, and I will try to make sure I am caught up as promptly as can be.
  3. Oh. In that case I can wait. What's a day or two more amidst all this?
  4. Fair enough, and thanks for notifying at least. Better than I've done in some spots...
  5. Current ideas for the Seven Treasures: The Seven Treasures of Arkadia What was once common knowledge, then a niche expertise, spreads once more as wildfire through the region that is Greater Arkadia, if not Alterion as a whole. That is, the legend of the Seven Treasures - Seven Prisons, as some might call them - of Arkadia. There are many versions to the tale, but all derive from a core poem: Seven stars fell from the heavens. Seven prisons forged together. Seven forces split thereafter. Seven masters with fate at hand. Seven masters, the Artificer's demand. Seven wills, separate and divided. Seven paths to be united. Which is meant to mean to mean that, in some range of land that might be deemed 'Arkadia', there exist seven items of immense power. Power that is not derived from the Crystal, and so does not wane in its absence; power to bend the forces of nature to one's will. To 'imprison' them, and then selectively command them. Stories if such items generally may hold a great appeal in the post-Hollow status quo, but that there is such convincing drive which spreads the tale of the Seven Treasures so swiftly now is itself used as argument that at least one of them has been found - a truth in the myth. Unfortunately, with the demise of the continent's communications infrastructure, the only way one would know for sure, would to be stop, to listen, and then, to follow one's fate... The Seven Treasures claimed to exist are the following: Byapaol 'The Spear That Captures Lightning' Byapaol is said to a simple spear in appearance: a bronze-hued, triangular tip atop a seven foot shaft of ebony wood. The chief distinction that marks this legendary weapon from any imitation is that when the bottom of the shaft should strike the ground, there is a thunderclap. Byapaol 'captures lightning', drawing it forth from the clouds above allowing the wielder to throw thunderbolts as though they were the sky god of some ancient pantheon. If there are no such clouds to draw lightning from, then it may be used to encourage their formation, though this process takes time. Though this would be an unusual application, it could theoretically draw from, and give to, a more modern electrical current, though this is presumably untested. Eilomfo 'The Urn That Captures Water' Strictly speaking, Eilomfo is not meant to be bottomless, but it is said the great urn has come to carry so much water as to be able to start a flood all the same. The urn itself is supposed to be of a reddish-brown colour, with a blue glaze at the base, cresting in a wave-like fashion; in the main body, a series of geometric patterns, born of short lines stroked into the clay. The urn comes with no cap, and should the owner will it, should seem to carry no water at all; it might even be used to carry grain, if one so desires. But such grain will be absorbed into the urn, and would be the first thing released by any subsequent deluge. Leenarb 'The Lamp That Captures Fire' Leenarb is believed to be a quite diminutive thing, akin in form to the simple terracotta lamps of bronze age societies. It has small body with a slight dip, at the centre is a tiny hole; it also possesses a pinched nozzle, and a thin, curled handle. Were this any ordinary lamp, the wick and oil it should carry might last only hours. But Leenarb is held to be capable of burning for years on end, using by a fraction of the fire it holds. As fires propagates fire, one quick flash from the lamp can be used to make all it should need to then replenish itself. Neiciab 'The Drum That Captures Wind' Neiciab is perhaps the most cumbersome of the Seven Treasures, a tall frame drum that should be carried more by a leather strap over the shoulder than with the hand. It is also one of the more complicated to use, not so simple as on and off, or capture vs release, all by simple will. Instead, the user must... well, use the drum, beating it as they might any other. It is from the rhythm they create that wind is drawn, then released; quick beats might form a spiralling tornado, while heavy smacks against the hide produce great gusts. It is by tapping the dull sides of the instrument that one can suck air back into the frame, capturing as well some of the lighter substances carried by air, such as sound. By doing this, a wielder of Neiciab may move in total silence. Onedpon 'The Brush The Captures Light' A somewhat frayed looking, medium sized paintbrush, its head held to the shaft by a golden brace. Onedpon is not a Treasure for those desiring overwhelming might against their enemies. It is instead a tool of the crafty and deceitful, for with it they can strip the light that emits from or bounces off an object, and trap it in an image upon a canvas. The naked flame of a candle, ever capable of burning a wayward hand, glanced through as though it were empty air. A whole person, the same. So too can a captured image be then placed elsewhere. But light is a fickle thing, among the hardest to capture, and without focus, the illusion fades. Roemnab 'The Flute That Captures Time' Technically speaking, Roemnab resembles the instrument known as an ocarina, rather than a mere hollow stick, a sapphire blue in colour. It is a perfectly fine instrument, and in the hands of a master, capable of a charming melody. When such a melody is played, the great power of this treasure is revealed: Its ability to halt time. The effect is localised, in a sense, to the reach of the ocarina's sound: Meaning that it goes much further on a quiet, breezeless day, than it would in the midst of a hurricane, where the user alone might hear it clearly. But while the ocarina is played, the one that plays it may freely move about the world. The ocarina requires two hands, however, for the tune to be right; the moment one draws their grip away, whether to draw their sword or wipe their brow, the passage of all things shall continue. Sagaciy 'The Cloak That Captures The Soul' An all-encompassing, black mantle, said to have woven for Death itself to wear. With it, one can take and trap the essence of life, and then gift it to another. It does not have the power to create life, merely transfer it; one may give a doll the will to move, and a certain power to do so, but only if they have first taken it from something capable for it. That is to say, there would be far more productive a result as taken from a wild squirrel, than a simple house fly. Once the essence of a life is within the cloak's possession, it may alter certain details of its nature. Less so redefine it - it cannot make the soul of an elf rightfully think itself that of a bird - but... rearrange it. Make the brave into cowards, replace key figures in instrumental memories, suggest to them where their loyalties lie...
  6. Kurush didn't answer this woman's suggestions about his and her being a dragon. The doubt was obvious enough on his furrowed brow, but there was a slow realisation of how... insistent upon this issue she should be, if they continued to discuss. So, simply put, he wouldn't. A task that admittedly got rather easy when, to his genuine surprise - breaking the stoicism with a stupor - she offered to... clothe him. Feed him. Wash him what. "I-I mean... that would all be nice..." He confessed, before suddenly being taken aback by the entourage around Khakina explaining just what this sword business was all about anyway. The 'High Lord of Light' stuff kind went over his head as did whatever the heck a 'Baeoi' was, but that first bit... that sounded important. Sounded mighty, even. Buuuut before he could get too puffed up about, Khakine was suddenly there, giggling as she prodded the young man's chest. He may not have been so sure about being a 'dragon', but he was feeling warm for some reason, to be sure. "I-I have plenty of uses!" He protested, before clamming as he realised how odd such a thing could sound. Following the suggestion that it was a map though, he removed the pendant from his neck, holding it in one hand while bringing up his other as a close surface for the so called map to project onto. "...what if they're islands?" He suddenly realised, and then looked up and around him, considering the location. "Maybe... they're of these islands? I've never actually actually looked at a map though." He pondered, feeling like this couldn't quite have been right...
  7. Meraxa

    [GS] Cancer

    (OOC: Once more I apologise for the sheer wait on this) As Vito seemed to make no move further in, so too did the little one not move. Well, aside of a small step backward as the pirate dismounted from his partner, a slightly confused grunt escaping them. "...You speak either in riddles, or nonsense." The little remarked after all was said and done, slowly beginning to circle Vito. With the odd, occasional wave of the hammer, and a feint here or there, it was clear as little more than posturing. "And Cancer is hardly fitting a title! Cancer is one's own body in open revolt; the defiler is an invader! A returning invader at that! The defiler's kind, and those that followed them, took Him from us! Took Him, and left Him to die! But we... we preserved Him, as best we could." Speaking of 'Him' seemed to drive something... reverent in the attacker, whose gaze turned towards that hanging blue light, before they snapped out of it, turning back to Vito. "You say you have slain one god, so why not the defiler? Why not take their life as you claim to have taken another's? We cannot do it, so if you are able, you should!" It barked at the man, and the people of the forgotten city cheered in a greater uproar. Once it had fallen quiet, did the little one finally cede, "Úm. This one's name is Úm."
  8. Sorry about that, but honestly it's a good idea. Like, amenities' actual post is a good point to end a scene on
  9. Not everything has to be a masterpiece. A post that exists is better than one that does not!
  10. Actually correct. Missing a few, but all of those are present
  11. No, no. This is after you've driven up the side of the building - which was the Magistrate's Estate - and have since arrived at the Granary, which you are most likely not riding up the side of, since it's inside there where all the fuss is coming from. Now, inside the Granary, where the knights are, they have done the following: One basically used his shield to trigger a flashbang effect Another, whose sword is invisible and hits way harder than it should, is attacking Dauner #3 is thrusting a lance at Shishi, which will induce chaos in any magic she might use to defend herself #4 is trying to punch the Mistress, yes. If they connect, she'll start to suffer a freezing effect #5 is able to float, and having gone over the second floor (because I'm imagining like, raised walkway stuff) snuck around to throw bolas (ie, rope with weights on the end) at all the combatants - if they snare, then the combatants will also begin to float, outside of their control
  12. Well... that wasn't a clear answer on whether or not this was a cult, Kurush jotted down somewhere in a mental diary. As he also noted, however, Khaki quite quickly confirmed that this was indeed the image of some sort of artefact. Whether or not the bit about it 'choosing' him was accurate, he was more sceptical on that, and gave it a suspicious brow. She suggested pay as well, but was not firm on it. That suggested the possibility for a general exchange, of some sort. "...They're natural! Live like a dog, get teeth like a dog!" He barked in answer to the woman interrupting his thoughts, and that claimed him to be some sort of 'dragonboy'. "And I'm not gonna answer the rest of that. I don't have to tell you anything!" As if the spite wasn't strong enough, at the prompting of Khaki's companion - this 'Sera' - the boy proceeded to saunter up, lifting up the little gem to the prospective... employers? Would that be the word? Or perhaps partners... "If you want this, then all I ask is that you get me off this island. Out into the wider world!" Kurush made a show of it, raising a hand towards the heavens above. "Away from my humble origins upon this isle..." Kurush pulled the gemstone in, clasping it between his hands to ensure that no-one might try to take it from him. "Oh yes, there's a wider world out there, waiting for a me. A place where I might find my true calling..." So the bit of theatre went on, pacing a bit about the place, until on habit he opened out his hands, as though opening them to the imagined possibilities. However, where the gemstone fell and hit his chest, he found the image it projected did little to resemble a sword at all. It looked like two pieces of shit. "...Ah, crud. I broke it."
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