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  1. Twizzen's a character btw! Saw your post in my thread


    1. Blackguard


      I've been in the User Lore section for a good fifteen minutes and for the life of me cannot figure out how to use the search function to find a specific page or character. For example, I know supernal has a profile page for his character Odin Haze but no matter how I customize my search, it either gives me 0 results or just gives me pages where his name is mentioned.

      I think I've seen Twizzen's profile before. It doesn't do a lot in helping me decide how he might be played but it does seem to clarify that he's not an NPC which is helpful because when it comes to my character's personality and his history with the Abbey, it would allow me to approach supernal and ask him what Twizzen's general attitude would be towards someone with -insert personality here-.

      Thanks for this! I knew I had seen this once before and I lost it at some point so it's nice to have access to it again.

    2. Csl


      Yup you can shoot supernal a pm if you want to ask about those things

      Supernal has a character index in his signature if you want to look for  his profiles, though there was an old profile purge a while ago.

      It helps searching with quotation marks if you're looking for names, like "Odin Haze" and it'll show you all threads with the complete phrase Odin Haze

      or you could google with the search modifier site:valucre.com *search term here*!


    3. jaistlyn


      Yeah wanted to chip in to say that (1) many old profiles have been purged, and (2) you’ll have better luck searching on google “xxx Valucre” rather than using the site search itself. Limitations of the forum software.

  2. I find myself torn. I love lore but I tend to get lost in it. I'll read some lore and have an idea for a character. Then I'll read something else that I feel my character idea either contradicts or doesn't fit or it'll give me a different idea that I want to run with. I'm always worried about overstepping or taking liberties where I shouldn't and it stresses me out. It doesn't help any that I don't have a lot of confidence in my writing. So I guess I'm torn between wanting a lot of lore so that I don't mess anything up and wanting minimal lore so that I have more creative freedom and don't have to worry about creating a character that doesn't fit. The other problem I run in to is the idea of taking control of already established NPCs. For example, a problem I am currently having is in establishing a history for my current character within the Abbey of Biazo Isle. The character Archbiship Twizzen; is he an NPC? What's his personality? How would he react to a character who is a smart ass or to someone who takes themselves too seriously? I find myself instead just trying to write around them and not include them directly. A lot of this falls on me and my own hesitance to get involved which conflicts with my eagerness. Like @Acies ab Vesania and @desolate milkshake mentioned, I try my best to follow the theme and the tone of the setting I'm writing in and then doing my best to follow that. But I also really love a lot of lore because I just love worldbuilding; even when reading a novel, sometimes a setting can keep me engrossed in a story even if I'm not that interested in the characters.
  3. Blackguard


    I'm back! Kind of. My goal was to wait until my life activities calmed down a bit but when is that going to happen? When I'm dead. So I'm back. Kind of? Well I'm going to work on my original character idea and try to find his place in the world of Valucre. So you may not see a lot of activity from me but rest assured that I am back. I know how highly anticipated my return has been....
  4. Blackguard


    Hopefully this is the right place for this. I only just joined but I need to take a temporary leave. Without getting into detail, life problems have arose and I need to tackle them. I Hope to only be gone for about a month or so. I definitely plan on returning as there is just too much in Valucre that I'm excited to explore so I'll be back.
  5. I think the whole series is worth a read. The first 3 books are worth a straight read but I'd recommend a more casual approach to the 3 after. I thought the plot was pretty shallow but I liked Tavi and thought he carried it pretty well during the stale parts. Butcher's inspiration for the series has me in stitches: "... a bet Butcher was challenged to by a member of the Del Rey Online Writer's Workshop. The challenger bet that Butcher could not write a good story based on a lame idea, and he countered that he could do it using two lame ideas of the challenger's choosing. The "lame" ideas given were 'Lost Roman Legion', and 'Pokémon'."
  6. I just finished the last of the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher. The last two books were a bit of a chore to get through. I'm going to start listening to the Dresden Files on Audible.
  7. Two men twice his size and probably half his age stood before him and the look on Liam's face was panicked. He continued to hold out his left hand, palm out as if trying to calm a pair of braying beasts. His sword was held behind him in an expected position except that the iron blade was broken and what was left of it appeared old and rusted. The two men grew more confident as they waved their torches at him, forcing him to stumble back. They howled at his nervous whimpers and then one of them stepped forward, finally deciding to end their game. "Not all you were told to be," the brute said with a grin as he pulled out a long knife with a wicked looking blade. Liam's panicked expression turned to one of genuine confusion as the man spoke with some sort of familiarity. The man raised his torch to strike but as he did Liam's eyes glanced to the flame and then quickly turned his outstretched hand and snapped his fingers. There was a loud pop like the cracking of burning wood and a sudden flare of light. The man felt the increased heat on the back of his head and immediately dropped the torch so he could swat at the perceived threat but spun around when he heard his companion screaming. The torch he had been holding had erupted behind him and burned his companion's face, causing him to fall to his knees and rub his eyes in a desperate attempt to regain his vision. The brute immediately turned his attention back to the cowering old man but Liam was already striking. The big brute didn't have a chance to respond when Liam charged him, gut-checking him with his left shoulder. The unexpected strike knocked the wind out of him but he still managed to get his left hand up to try to stab the mercenary with his knife. With a guttural howl like that of a young soldier trying to brave his way through his first kill, Liam stabbed the man in the stomach with his broken blade. The man's eyes bulged and his knife missed the mercenary but he managed to keep a grip on it. That would have been well and fine if the man had been able to get away from the crazed mercenary but Liam kept howling and pushing the man back, all the while slamming his broken blade into the brute's gut and side over and over. The other man was at last regaining some of his vision. At first all he could hear was Liam's wild howl and the dying groans of his comrade but then his friend's groaning faded away and all he could hear was Liam's low growl and another sound like a wet slapping. Dark shadows and outlines came to the man first as he struggled to his knees. The old mercenary was saddling his companion's corpse, still stabbing at it as if he were looking for some sort of treasure in his intestines. When he at last made to his feet and stumbled forward, the man's vision returned to him. Liam was no longer straddling the corpse of his victim but was standing a mere five feet away from him, his sword held behind him and his left hand outstretched before him in the same posture he had held before. The man looked down at the burned out torches and then back up at Liam. This was not a panicked old man but rather a trained and true veteran of countless conflicts just like this one. And now, covered in the blood and gore of his fallen companion, the cultist thought he looked more like a monster than a man "Now hold on," he said softly, patting his hands in the air. "We can tal-" The look on Liam's face stopped him. He hadn't been struck even once and yet he looked like he was in terrible pain. It also looked like that pain was making him angry and the cultist thought it best not to provoke him with a false offer of peace. "We're gonna' talk alright, boy," Liam said between gritted teeth. "Or at least you're going to. And if you don't, I'm going to rip out your tongue so you at least have a reason." His voice was like a low growl as if he were having a difficult time controlling himself. He couldn't explain the sudden burning pain in the back of his neck or this overwhelming desire to bask in the warmth of this man's blood. Although he certainly enjoyed the thrill of a fight, Liam had never been a bloodthirsty warrior like some he knew. But now he found himself blinded by a rage he has not felt since he was a youth. He glanced back at the man he had practically mutilated. He had not killed with that sort of passion since his first time when he had watched his mother at last succumb to his father's frequent beatings. That glance back proved almost fatal because when he looked back up, the man across from him was throwing his knife. From that distance, a normal soldier would have been too close to dodge and only heavy armor would prevent the fine blade from piercing. Acting on instinct, Liam curled his fingers into his palm and threw his hand to the side. As if caught by some invisible force, the dagger followed and stuck to the ground. The cultist didn't seem surprised, however as he had already began his charge when he threw the knife. The brute tackled Liam to the ground and immediately secured his right arm to stop from ending up like his friend. The mercenary began thrashing about beneath the man's bulk and even tried to knee him in the groin a few times but the cultist was no novice and kept squirming away to minimize Liam's strikes. Pinning Liam to the ground with a strength that exceeded his impressive bulk, the man managed to at last obtain a full mount. He grabbed Liam's right arm, accepting a few left strikes to the head and side as a result and tried to rip the sword out of his hand. Liam took in a deep breath and then wrapped his left arm around the brute's head. The cultist tensed, preparing for Liam to try to roll him over or something equally futile but instead the mercenary pulled him down. Not expecting the maneuver, the cultist slipped a little as he tried to seize Liam's right wrist. Then suddenly the mercenary wasn't pulling on his head anymore and when he realized what was happening, it was too late. So focused on keeping his sword arm pinned, he didn't see Liam bring his left arm up so he could transfer his sword from right to left. The brute started getting up to re-secure his full mount but Liam's left arm came down hard and stabbed him in the shoulder with his broken blade. The cultist yowled in pain and flung himself off of the mercenary, remembering how he had stabbed his companion over and over in a flurry. That didn't happen this time as Liam let the man roll away and then got back to his feet. He'd rather fight this brute toe to toe than on the ground where the larger man would surely have the physical advantage. The cultist hissed at the pain as he got to his feet, giving Liam time to check on his own companions. Hain seemed to be handling himself well, a testament to what happens when you give a youth such great power. Then he saw Yeul and seemed confused by the appearance of her strange weapons. "Keep one of 'em alive, would ya'?" Liam called out to Yeul, eyeing those she had felled. He had hoped he cowed his own opponent with his unintentional display of brutality but like those who surrounded Hain, he only looked angry. "And give Hain some back-up." Liam couldn't see the wound from the crossbow bolt, but he saw the young man twist from the impact and knew he had been struck. In the eerie glow of Hain's light, Liam glanced the crossbowman but knew he was too far away to do much of anything and so he focused squarely on the man in front of him. The cultist scowled but Liam smirked. The two men circled each other slowly and as they did, Liam removed his cloak. He had one more knife left in there and though it didn't match the quality of the one used by the cultist, it was actually made for throwing. The mercenary whipped his cloak to the side, drawing the cultist's gaze for moment and then threw the knife. The man winced but needn't worry as the knife had not been aimed for him. As they circled each other, Liam had put himself in better vantage of the crossbowmen who had struck Hain. The knife soared at the marksman but from this distance, it couldn't possibly do any damage. Still, it distracted Liam's opponent and he hoped that it might distract the them enough for his companions to strike him down. With no time to witness his handiwork, Liam charged at the cultist in front of him. The larger man smiled as he thought he had the mercenary's style figured out. He had a few tricks here and there but he was not as dangerous as their leader had lead them to believe. He would make short work of this fool and the ritual would have to do with one less sacrifice. Vryn watched the fight unfold from a safe distance. Roh was beside him, smiling at the pleased look on his master's face. They watched a mirror that showed them all that Roh's familiar could see. This sort of remote viewing was difficult and it didn't offer them any sound but the party was close enough to them that Roh was able to easily maintain the connection. His primary concern was the young boy and his lightning. At least the Tiefling was a mage, something that Vryn was familiar with and could prepare for even if she was powerful in her own right. But this Hain had to hold himself back or be taken over by this entity inside of him. That meant that if Vryn's plan worked, the boy would be forced to either run away or unleash the elemental enough to save him and Vryn found himself hoping he'd choose to run. Focusing on Yeul, the cult leader wondered if he could get inside of her mind the way he did some of his other members. Hain was already possessed, more or less and Vryn wouldn't dare trifle in a territory already claimed by an elemental. As an Outsider, Vryn had to quickly learn that even things that were familiar to him from his home world could be drastically different and more dangerous here. But Yeul... "When they arrive here, Roh," Vryn said confidently. "I want you on the demon bitch. Weaken her will enough that I can get inside her mind. She will be of exceptional use once the mercenary is turned." The cat with glowing eyes trotted away from the scene with Hain and made its way to the mercenary who was currently engaged with the two brutes he had been specifically paired with, It climbed a tree and perched on the lowest branch, watching with an intelligence that belied its animal form. Vryn watched Liam's fight even more intently than he did the others. His two companions would pose a problem if left unchecked but it was the mercenary that Vryn truly wanted. The pain in his neck was likely already getting to him and soon the distant screaming would begin in his head. He smiled when Liam charged the larger man. He had a feeling that he knew what was coming next and cackled excitedly when he was proven right. The bulky cultist had braced himself for the mercenary's charge but Liam had stopped short at the last moment. If he had been carrying a normal sword, he would already be in striking distance but the cultist had already clocked the broken blade's reach. So when Liam dropped to one knee and slashed the sword at the cultist's shin, he was confused by the burning pain that shot up his leg. The cultist immediately fell to the side, his left leg no longer supporting him and before he had a chance to react, he was looking down the length of ghostly blade, pulsing with an energy insensible to the Arcane. "Prepare the mages," Vryn said with a grin. "And pull back the remaining Initiated. Commence the ritual and be prepared for the final summoning. Soon we shall know Paradise."
  8. When Hain told his story, Liam had to stop himself from laughing out loud. He even bit his cheeks to suppress a snort. For a significant portion of his life, Liam had hunted mages for the Church and they revered it as holy work all the while he was practically a heretic himself. Now he was a stranger in a strange land and walking into a firefight accompanied by a demon-spawn and a possessed man. “I mean no disrespect,” Liam said quickly to Hain. “I’m just reflecting…” Then everything went dark and Liam heard Hain curse. They had both reacted quicker than the old mercenary as Liam stumbled back. He quickly set his feet but was unbalanced in the time it took his eyes to adjust to the loss of light. “Back to back!” Liam hollered at his companions as he drew his broken sword in his right hand and raised his left, palm out as if he were approaching a wild beast. “If either of you can quickly make light, do it! Otherwise eyes peeled!” Hoping they would heed his advice; Liam kept his back to the duo and focused on the path behind them. This whole thing stank of a set-up and the mercenary cursed himself for not seeing it coming. The pain in his neck flared up but Liam only winced. He could handle dying in the furious throes of a cult but he wouldn’t fall to their scouts in the woods.
  9. AY YOU!

    Thank you for the likes ❤️

    1. Blackguard


      Of course! I'm doing some reading up on the current civil war for my upcoming character and some of the lore links brought me to some actual role play and it's always more fun to learn from that than some article. I'm really enjoying the thread so far and will probably be paying a visit to a similar thread in Hell's Gate.

    2. supernal
  10. Thank you again for coming up with my character name! Quite happy with it. And you have an awesome profil pic, too!

    love you GIF by Sky

    1. Vansin


      No you’re breathtaking!

  11. Well shucks, I like YOU! Your character has such pretty art.

    1. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      Oh thank you! I just got a new piece that I am very proud of. I can show it to you in private, since I don't think it will be making its way to Val. Do you have a discord? 

    2. Blackguard


      I do! I made one when I joined since it seemed to be popular. I am FrancisBG#7140. I usually have Discord open so it's a good way to reach me even when I'm not on Val.

  12. I like you. 

    1. Blackguard
    2. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      That just made me like you a whole lot more. You're goofy. ❤️

  13. They used to tell me I was building a dream With peace and glory ahead Why should I be standing in line Just waiting for bread? Once I built a railroad, I made it run Made it race against time Once I built a railroad, now it's done Brother, can you spare a dime?
  14. Liam snorted at Hain’s mention of his interest in the Tiefling. Still, he was right. Every lesson of Liam’s childhood told him this woman was inherently evil. But then those same lessons also taught that magic was a curse and yet even back home he had bled and laughed alongside mages who had the same fears and ambitions as any other person he ever knew. Listening to Yeul talk about her past, Liam couldn’t help but to think of home. He would return there as soon as he was done here. A fortune was awaiting him and he would finally settle down in a small village somewhere and find some semblance of peace. Maybe he’d even find a wife and become a fa- A stinging like an itch he couldn’t scratch spread suddenly across the back of his neck. He winced and instinctively dug his fingers into the muscle. He was starting to think this queer feeling wasn’t being brought on by Yeul but rather by whatever they were approaching. It was not uncommon for his kind to be overcome with a strange sense when in the presence of magic but this was something else. “I don’t belong here…” Liam said softly in time with Yeul’s question to Hain. He was visibly uncomfortable and just kept walking with his head down rather than scouting the area as he would have done normally. When they reach the middle of the old town, strike at them. The voice echoed inside the not-so-feline’s head. So, it sat down on the path the trio had just walked and waited for the Initiated. They were not far behind and though they carried blades and no magic, they were still efficient killers who also carried enhancement potions concocted by its master. “I mean,” Liam said suddenly, realizing he spoke out of turn. “I’m an Outsider. Not from this world. Never been anywhere else and well,” he chewed on his lip, knowing the words but not wanting to say them. “My reaction to you,” he gestured to Yeul. “Old Church values. They sit like cheese, you know?” It was a piss-poor apology but they were rare from the old mercenary. Not wanting to give her time to react, Liam immediately shot Hain a glare. “But I’m with Blue over here in that I’d like your story, thunder boy. Are those burnt clothes a fashion statement or can’t you control whatever storm you got brewing in your belly?”
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