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  1. Twizzen's a character btw! Saw your post in my thread


    1. Blackguard


      I've been in the User Lore section for a good fifteen minutes and for the life of me cannot figure out how to use the search function to find a specific page or character. For example, I know supernal has a profile page for his character Odin Haze but no matter how I customize my search, it either gives me 0 results or just gives me pages where his name is mentioned.

      I think I've seen Twizzen's profile before. It doesn't do a lot in helping me decide how he might be played but it does seem to clarify that he's not an NPC which is helpful because when it comes to my character's personality and his history with the Abbey, it would allow me to approach supernal and ask him what Twizzen's general attitude would be towards someone with -insert personality here-.

      Thanks for this! I knew I had seen this once before and I lost it at some point so it's nice to have access to it again.

    2. Csl


      Yup you can shoot supernal a pm if you want to ask about those things

      Supernal has a character index in his signature if you want to look for  his profiles, though there was an old profile purge a while ago.

      It helps searching with quotation marks if you're looking for names, like "Odin Haze" and it'll show you all threads with the complete phrase Odin Haze

      or you could google with the search modifier site:valucre.com *search term here*!


    3. jaistlyn


      Yeah wanted to chip in to say that (1) many old profiles have been purged, and (2) you’ll have better luck searching on google “xxx Valucre” rather than using the site search itself. Limitations of the forum software.

  2. I find myself torn. I love lore but I tend to get lost in it. I'll read some lore and have an idea for a character. Then I'll read something else that I feel my character idea either contradicts or doesn't fit or it'll give me a different idea that I want to run with. I'm always worried about overstepping or taking liberties where I shouldn't and it stresses me out. It doesn't help any that I don't have a lot of confidence in my writing. So I guess I'm torn between wanting a lot of lore so that I don't mess anything up and wanting minimal lore so that I have more creative freedom and don't have to worry about creating a character that doesn't fit. The other problem I run in to is the idea of taking control of already established NPCs. For example, a problem I am currently having is in establishing a history for my current character within the Abbey of Biazo Isle. The character Archbiship Twizzen; is he an NPC? What's his personality? How would he react to a character who is a smart ass or to someone who takes themselves too seriously? I find myself instead just trying to write around them and not include them directly. A lot of this falls on me and my own hesitance to get involved which conflicts with my eagerness. Like @Acies ab Vesania and @desolate milkshake mentioned, I try my best to follow the theme and the tone of the setting I'm writing in and then doing my best to follow that. But I also really love a lot of lore because I just love worldbuilding; even when reading a novel, sometimes a setting can keep me engrossed in a story even if I'm not that interested in the characters.
  3. Blackguard


    I'm back! Kind of. My goal was to wait until my life activities calmed down a bit but when is that going to happen? When I'm dead. So I'm back. Kind of? Well I'm going to work on my original character idea and try to find his place in the world of Valucre. So you may not see a lot of activity from me but rest assured that I am back. I know how highly anticipated my return has been....
  4. Blackguard


    Hopefully this is the right place for this. I only just joined but I need to take a temporary leave. Without getting into detail, life problems have arose and I need to tackle them. I Hope to only be gone for about a month or so. I definitely plan on returning as there is just too much in Valucre that I'm excited to explore so I'll be back.
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