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  1. I do believe we need at least one more player or character in order to fulfill the requirements of the quest. I could make a request for new players in the Water cooler but I Was also given permission to ask some more established players in order to fill our ranks if not just for the quest. @ticklefarte Forgive my ignorance but I'm not sure how questing works. Will you be a part of this? Controlling cult members and the like is what i would assume. Im also a little curious how combat works. I default to t1 or at least something similar but is there something more established here? @jaistlyn
  2. Liam couldn’t help but study the boy as he sat across from him. His tattered clothing was not uncommon among travelers but this boy’s outfit looked like it had come out of a fire. If that were not enough, Liam could practically smell the magic coming from him and thought that he must have conjured recently but it was difficult to tell since this entire place seemed powered by the arcane. “My name is Liam,” he introduced himself with the tip of an imaginary hat. He studied the boy further, feeling off-put by his presence and swearing there was something more to the lad than what he saw. Liam would never be accused of being intelligent or witty but he possessed wisdom and exceptional insight into the arcane. Still, this place clouded his Sight and made him think too far outward and so he yearned to be gone from this abominable place. When All is at last destroyed, perhaps this place would be the nexus. “And yes, I’m looking to join so to speak.” Just as Liam was going to elaborate, a man approached their table but as it turned out, it wasn’t just any man but the man he was meant to find. Liam hadn’t been given a name but he was told that a man who sought to protect his family would need his help and that there would be rewards to be reaped. The Psion had been vague on a great many things but now Liam felt he had been led on a golden goose chase as he saw no rewards to be reaped from a tavern man. “Beat,” Liam said suddenly, reaching out and grabbing the man rather roughly by the forearm. “You need to get your job done and then come find us.” His voice was a hoarse whisper as he looked the worker in the eyes. “I want details and all else you have to offer.” “And you,” he said, looking at Hain. He pushed Beat away after snatching a bone of his plate to suck out the flavor. “We should get to know each other. I don’t like the idea of spilling blood beside a stranger.” @ticklefarte
  3. Did my cameo application go through? I just want to make sure I did it right @Acies ab Vesania
  4. @ticklefarte You'll see a post from me tomorrow.
  5. Abrupt Thoughts

    When you've listened to an audio book and someone asks if you have read said title, do you say you listened to it or do you just say yes? 

    1. Fierach


      Short answer, yes.

      Long answer, when somebody asks you if you've read a book they aren't actually referencing one particular method of perusing the medium. Unless they are. Those people are wierd.

  6. Liam had to stop himself from looking up and focus only on one corner. He’d never seen this kind of magic but it was more than the amount of power that unnerved him. Since his initiation, Liam had been taught that magic was an abomination. He believed it for a long time and even hunted mages under the guise of some noble crusade. The mercenary had moved past such prejudices but not everyone was born with the gifts that Liam possessed. How could he begrudge a person and their path to power? That did stop him from killing them however as he was just too damn good at it and he did not begrudge a person in how they made their money. Yet Liam was still uncomfortable in this place. He understood the tavern’s nature as a gateway of planes, learned from a blind Psion back home but the ancient hermit had not mentioned that the gateway was a magical construct. Magic created impossibilities by breaking nature and Liam could not ignore all he had learned. He finished off his whiskey just as his food arrived and called for a refill. The effects of alcohol had an interesting effect on Liam and his abilities but he could still get drunk just the same. Smiling down at the steak, the hungry mercenary pushed away his discomfort and picked up his utensils. * "If you're looking to go somewhere that isn't this strange place, count me in. My name is Hain." Liam pushed away his empty plate and eyed the man who had approached him. He looked like he was about to say something but instead picked up his whiskey and took a long sniff of it as if it were a fine wine. But this was cheap whiskey so Liam downed the rest of it in a single gulp. “Have a seat, boy,” Liam gestured to the chair across from him. The mercenary was considerably older than this pup by at least thirty years. Still, this Hain had at least four inches on Liam, five if you got him to admit he was an inch shorter than he claimed. Liam grinned at Hain. “What do you know of the local cults?” @ticklefarte
  7. You were fun to talk to so now I'm following you. Because of how my notifications are set up that doesn't actually mean anything but your picture will be on my profile so I can occasionally stalk you.

    1. Sir Nathaniel

      Sir Nathaniel

      Ha! You were a most enjoyable conversationalist yourself, Blackguard. I look forward to our next interaction with great interest.

  8. Can you feel it? It's the 80's. Don't try to fight it. Just let it happen. They didn't have any choice. Why should you?
  9. Grand! I like the first-person perspective of your profile. I might steal that idea. Your profile covered a good deal about Hain. I like him. I don't imagine Liam would if he knew what I knew. Any more information I think would be best left to learning in-post so that Liam and I can be surprised or fooled at the same time. And I don't think Liam would be able to sense the presence of another consciousness. His primary abilities are more direct and less subtle. He is capable of some low-level telepathy but only with a willing target. He can augment his vision pretty decently but has trouble doing the same with his hearing when in a large crowd or an open space. He's a powerhouse that looks to overwhelm a mage with mental attacks until he can get close enough to stab them. His abilities are pretty short-range when compared to other psychics. He has already displayed his telekinesis but that is about the extent of it. He could probably move a mug of beer but probably not without spilling half of it and he doesn't have the ability to truly fling anything with any sort of force and so its pretty much useless in combat. I imagine that he once lifted a key in order to escape from a jail cell. Funny thing about my psychics is that their powers change with their bodies and personalities and so a person in their twenties might develop completely different abilities while losing others when they are in their forties. A powerful telepath may develop equally powerful telekinesis if you cut off her arms. Some psychics have even been known to alter their physical bodies in order to develop new powers but this is often experimental and dangerous as it is just as possible to cut one off from any abilities. And there I go on my exposition again. I get excited talking about this stuff. Maybe I'll spare you a pm from me later yeah? Either way I'll make a post in the tavern later on today. I'm going to get back to my audio book. I can be found on Discord. It's so easy to just keep open all the time. @ticklefarte
  10. Cheers! You're an og my friend. Something that I like doing. Would you mind swapping some character info? I have mixed feelings on metagaming but there are some things that I think are best shared to improve character interaction. For example what I am wondering specifically is if Hain's powers are magical is nature. I don't expect any info you're not willing to divulge. It's just the way I play. Liam is a psychic. Im sure that sounds positively dull but I like to think that his abilities are more interesting if not unique. He is a psychic from some world-building I was doing a few years back. Liam himself and his history is something made-up on the spot for the tol. Psychics like him are magic-hunters. In the world I made for them, they have a huge prejudice against it and hunt it everywhere it is (magic is regularly condemned) but Liam isn't like that. Psychics "eat" magic which gives them a high of sorts and it can even been addictive. But psychics are still human and a mage could fry Liam's ass with a lightning bolt the same way they would anyone else. That's just a little bit of what I've got. I don't want to flood my entire post with exposition. I'll be happy to indulge more in a pm if you'd like or answer any questions you might have about Liam's abilities. I only asked about the origins of Hain's power because psychics can detect magic when it is being used and I'd like to think that Liam would pick up on the recent spark between Hain's fingers. It's not like our characters will be fighting each other or anything. I'd really like to do this 'don't drink the punch' quest. I just enjoy immersive character interaction.
  11. @jaistlyn Honestly not sure where to go from here. Can I make a request in the water cooler calling on new members?
  12. Liam cocked an eyebrow when Fjorn shushed him and listened intently to what the young man had to say. He had expected he would have to wade through at least a little idle gossip before getting any real information, maybe even employ a little minor Listening. Liam thought the waiter seemed a bit squirrely but not hysterical and his anxiousness at the cult’s mention sounded genuine. The mercenary glanced at the black mark he had made on the bar. Since it was still there, he took to picking at it as he conducted a more serious scan of the room. His Listening had always been poor. He almost wished that Hawke were here. The two of them alone could probably infiltrate the lot of them. By no means was Liam stupid but Hawke, a natural leader, had always been the brains to his brawn. “Look here, boy,” Liam whispered, leaning forward and gesturing for Fjorn to come closer. “It’s my guess that this is a sizable lot. Big enough to have a mage or two, I reckon.” Liam obviously knew more about the situation than he was letting on but he was still working from a lot of rumors. “I want to join,” he proclaimed suddenly, locking eyes with Fjorn and grinning. Liam held out his right hand and a cigar drifted from his cloak and settled between his fingers. It was obviously unlit and yet when he took a puff, the tip glowed a bright red. “Be a lad and spread the word that there is a mage itching for initiation.” Liam released a bellow of smoke but even as he leaned back, the smoke would hit Fjorn square in the face. It was a sickly-sweet smell that even a secondhand embrace could leave a person feeling lightheaded. When his whiskey was put in front of him, Liam figured his food wouldn’t be far behind so he waved the waiter away and found himself a table in the middle of the room. The old mercenary positioned himself in such a way that he could watch most of the room and keep an eye on the entrance. If these cultists were among them, he would not want to announce his intention and wanted to keep the option of infiltration open. Hawke always said that Liam was brash and hotheaded and he wasn’t wrong but even this old, wild dog wouldn’t charge barking into a den of wolves.
  13. I'm still fairly new to the tabletop world but I'd like a piece of this pie. I'm free all day on Sundays.
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