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    So, I've been roleplaying for roughly seven or eight years now. I usually center around either high fantasy or anime, but mostly high fantasy. I love all things magic and supernatural. I've never had much luck with finding a site that really fits though. I've found some that I've loved, and really wish had worked out, some fairly recently even, but unfortunately for various reasons, they just didn't. I took a bit of a break from roleplaying, mostly cause I just didn't have much time, but started to get that itch again. I love creating a character and seeing how they interact with others; the stories that can start from little more than simple ideas and blossom into awesome tales or epic quests. My two favorite subjects to write about are magic, and fighting, so I will typically almost always have them together. I'm an action freak, what can I say? That's not to say that I can't appreciate simple social threads every now and then, or a some steamy romance, or especially some comedy (which I absolutely love, and will frequently have placed in my threads, tastefully of course), but I definitely specialize in badass action. I don't specifically choose to always focus on action, that's just where my mind gravitates to. I'm an Ares if that helps. Kinda the same in life too. Someone's annoying me? My first thought is to punch them in the face or slam their head into a wall, but sadly I have to control myself seeing as violence is a no-no ?. Everybody else is all like "Oh they're gonna get it. I'm gonna start a nasty rumor about them and make their life hell. Karma's a bitch." Meanwhile I'm like, "Bitch please, just throat punch the bastard. That'll do the trick." I get it, I have anger issues. Hence the frequent action threads. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a constant ball of anger, I love to laugh and have fun. I just lose my temper quickly when dealing with morons (which working years in the customer service and food industries has not helped with in the slightest). Anyways, I'm happy I found this site, and I believe I'll enjoy being here for a while. ☺️
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