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  1. To start, it was an IRL friend of mine who invited me to this site after we've been looking for one for years. He lost muse in his OC and stopped RP'ing, but I persisted. With @supernal's announcement, I'm thoroughly furious. He's the owner who pays the bills and I'm the user who pays nothing, so my opinion means less the the dog crap on the bottom of a dead fly's foot- but that doesn't mean I have to act like I'm okay with it or be silent. 1- That capcha system is garbage. GOOGLE couldn't find an answer for those questions and I had to refresh a ton of times to get the question that someone else gave me the answer for after I got it wrong. 2- That page-creation system is garbage. 3- I'm not going to fill out a character application just to RP in the world I was RP'ing on, on a superior, more intuitive, more user-friendly site. 5- I have no faith in you, Supernal. If I waste more time in porting my area, I feel you'll just get bored again and deep-six the site just like this one. 6- I quit. I have no muse at all to RP here, anymore. Everything's going up in smoke in a couple weeks and my only alternative option for RP'ing in this world is that god awful piece of re-ignited dumpster fire remains that only the top brass had any say in. Since nothing matters, I quit Valucre and I'm taking the other alternative of not joining that wiki. @-Lilium- has been notified that she can do whatever she pleases with the Isles of Judgement and all related assets. My OC's are the only exception. You can turn the islands into literal hell for all I care. @L E V I A T H A N we're not finishing that thread. Ask Lilium if she'll moderate it for you, I guess. @Cal sorry for all the delays in our thread, but it's not getting finished. @Sigil Warden the above sentence means that thread in Absalom isn't happening. Would've been great to RP Lexa doing what she was actually made to do, but that's all gone pear shaped. @Dabi when we first RP'd I had a ton of fun... but with how edgy and ridiculously powerful you made Dauner, I stopped wanting to RP with you at all. To the point where if I'm hyped for a thread and someone says Dauner's in it, I was automatically out... because all my OC's are useless compared to your godly might. What need is there for a healer when god himself can't scratch you? What need is there for a half-decent pyromancer with a sword when you can cut mountains like a nuclear bomb through gaseous butter? What need is there for a cyborg assassin when you don't need stealth at all? You can make craters with your fingertips, and if someone said you could do it with sheer willpower, I would just say "of course he can..." I'm honestly sorry I don't have anything nicer to say than "It was fun in the beginning" @Ataraxy I feel a little sad we never finished that St. Reverie thread. It's the first time Aya has ever been truly useful- thank you for that. @CelvestianNesy that first thread was fun. Everyone played a role. I know you and Dauner could've beat that enemy alone, but it was nice you two let me have my moment. @Astra I'll miss you, love. Would've been nice to have Lexa try and make a big sister out of you. Emphasis on "try" @Die Shize @Velindrel @Houndy Poochykins @amenities @Roen This is the last *hug* I'll poke my head in from time-to-time, but I'm not replying to any threads. I'll also be online in the discord for those in the same channel as me. Edit: @Zashiii Dragon babies.
  2. TIME SKIP! Several days later, the fishing vessel arrived at their original destination. The girl they'd picked up was around Cal's age and refused to talk to anyone except Lexa. On the outside of the ship, lines were cast to make it seem like they were just fishing. Inside the ship, the captain was standing at a planning table with Lexa at his side. The girl with a dragon tail showed up to the meeting long enough to let it be known she wasn't coming. Lexa was wearing a black scuba suit. Rather than sand weights, at her waist was a belt with three knives on each side. Once Cal showed up, the captain would say "Thanks to that ice girl, we've got some info on the lab. You'll need to find a sub and follow it in, that's the best route. Other than that, there's a chasm about four hundred meters down with a hole that leads to a shaft inside. Lexa can handle the pressure at that depth, but I doubt Cal has a reinforced skeleton." "Big Sister give Lexa card." she said and held up a small security pass, no bigger than a normal credit card. The captain nodded in acknowledgement and said "From what we've gathered, they're gonna be expecting you. The platform was just probing us to find out who's got what, they likely knew it'd be a lost battle. It also means they expected ice girl to defect, and they'll have armor waiting at the loading bay. If you don't get caught, there'll be a storage room on either side you can use as cover to catch your breath." Lexa would look at Cal and ask "Big Brother ready?"
  3. "Yes." The trial warden responded. "As this is a place of trade, I'll begin negotiations. Two jars of processed sap returned for every three delivered, and I'll keep two pelts no matter how many you bring." If the trade price was accepted, the negotiations would close and the Trial Warden would perform a curtsey before exiting the room. "Corpse flowers are weak to fire, but the sap is flammable. You can extract it slowly by attaching a tap to their thicker vines, but if you can remove a head, you can drain it from the base of the flower much faster. Much of the sap in the flower is useless, so you'll only get a jar or two. I would advise the slow route if you still have the element of surprise." Yshmael had expressed his pleasure and gratitude for having someone to help him, and asked who would come along. "Aya has been with the shrine since birth. You'll find her quite easy to reason with. Her sister, Ira, won't be so easy, but a great help should combat be required. Myuil will alert the two that they have an assignment. The shrine will compensate them accordingly, so feel no need to do so." The sound of something skittering across the roof echoed in the room before abruptly stopping. In the middle of the Shrine, a direct rock's throw from the building Yshmael was in, he would see the woman who left earlier... Two of her. Both of them were sitting on the edge of a square-shaped, grey marble pond. Both of them had the same flawless skin, magenta eyes, knee-length hair slung over their shoulder to keep it out the water, and were wearing kimonos. Both of their expressions were quite gentle, and it would be difficult to tell which one was the amicable one. That is, until he got closer or addressed them. At that time, the one on Yshmael's right would change her expression to extreme dissatisfaction before looking to her sister, who's face remained neutral. A high-pitched, but gentle, shimmering sound would be heard echoing through the area as something flew across and landed on the displeased sister's head. The small, cyan creature would then leap to her shoulder before leaping again to the marble surface, and then to Aya's leg. He stretched his head up, and Aya gently rubbed it with one of her fingers. "This is Myuīl, and my sister-" "I can introduce myself." There was a moment of silence before Aya said "... Well... Go on, then." "I said I can, I never said I want that tool to know it." Aya sighed and said "I apologize for my sister's lack of manners. Her name's Ira, please feel free to use it." "I'll incinerate your ass for it!" "I sealed her magic to prevent that." Ira's eyebrow twitched in frustration and she glared at Aya. If Yshmael looked in the fountain, he would notice the fish there were quite unique. Their scales were rainbow colored and highly reflective. Their dorsal fins would have a long strand trailing behind them like a ribbon. Their tails, rather than being a single unit, were divided into three portions: left, right, and middle. The left and right sides moved to propel them forward, and the middle acted as a rudder. The middle one was much like a beta fish's, and seemed to flutter as they moved about. Aya would stand up, holding her Staff of Judgement in one hand and Myuīl climbing up to her shoulder. "There are two ways we can get to Betyam. We can take a ship to Scarlet Waters and then Momar, or we can fly across Shino Tsuro. The latter is faster and will allow an aerial view of the land, but the former is less intense than flying bareback on a dragon." "If he can't handle flying, he's not even half a man." "As I recall, you cried on your first flight." "Thank the Gods I'm a woman." Aya cleared her throat and said in a gentle, mocking tone "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please let me down, I don't wanna die!" "Shutup!" Aya covered her mouth with her free hand and giggled, clearly smiling a radiant smile behind it. Ira's face was red as she glared at her sister some more.
  4. "Yes, I would very much like to meet her, Miss.. Trial Warden? If I can save a man from his own stupidity, so be it.. if not, I am sure the Lady would not lead her spawn from unjust living." The Trial Warden looked to the Shrine Mother in this moment. While she was quite knowledgeable, no one knew the native creatures like the Shrine Mother, especially the ones as old as Faejarhe itself. "While it's a grim way of putting it, Aya was correct to say that the man in question is already dead. Yosei can't undo time itself. He will die the moment his daughter is born, and the only way to 'save' him would be a mercy killing. The under-developed Dryad-spawn would quickly die on its own." "You say you could utilize materials.. is there anything specifically worth looking out for?" This time, the Trial Warden spoke. "If you're going after a Dryad or Lady Yosei, Shadowolves and Corpse Flowers would be very helpful. I can make clothes or leather from the wolves' hides that carry stealth properties. Dryads are absolutely addicted to honey made from the Corpse Flower's sap. Lady Yosei may be inclined to not kill you if you brought her something made with it?" The Shrine Mother chimed in, saying "Not to undermine the danger level you'd be facing in either situation- they can all kill you. Shadowolves travel in packs and, as the name implies, are magically imbued with shadow properties. This is not to be confused for them being some type of 'Darkness Elemental' so be wary of that. Corpse Flowers are ambush predators made of large, colorful flowers, and vines that can stretch for over a kilometer. Even though they're plants, they're intelligent to an extent." "Myself aside, is there anything you all would ask of me? I do not mind a bit of errand-running. One of Her Hands is a hand to all, after all." "Hmmm..." the Shrine Mother said, closing her eyes while she thought. "A rice farming village named Betyam may have need for your help. They're a trade partner of ours, you see. While we're in no shortage of rice, I still find their silence worrisome. The village is in Momar. I can arrange transportation and send one of our own with you as a form of aid if you'd be willing to investigate things.
  5. Yshmael's questions began, the first being whether the dryads were dangerous and how. Aya spoke first and said "The Dryads are no more dangerous than humans." The Shrine Mother followed her up and said "The Dryads are harmless so long as one remembers to leave them alone. Those who go looking for them, or men who enter their habitat, are the only ones in danger. The way they reproduce is by impregnating men, and no form of divine protection is enough to stop them." "They use various seduction tactics to lure men in to lay with them, but only resort to violence when needed. They only target men with a certain physique, those healthy enough to conceive are always gone after." "However, it should be noted that they aren't feral beasts. They have emotions and aspirations, just as we do. They have a society, and several trade deals with this very shrine." 'If they are corrupt, should they not be handled?' "The Dryads are part of this ecosystem. While not as naturally added as those who've evolved here over time, they've found their own niche in this place. Those they kill become food for smaller creatures and fertilizer for the land. They regulate the entirety of the Cherry Blossom Forest, which couldn't exist without them. To call them corrupt simply because they're inconvenient to visitors would be narrow minded. They do what they must to survive, just as any being does." 'What lies within the forest?' "The Dryads, obviously. They harvest sap from the Corpse Flowers to turn into honey. There's also Scarab Sparrows, Corpse Beetles, and-" Aya placed her hands at the crown of her head with fingers pointing out to mimic a horned animal "-flying rabbits with horns and sharp teeth. They're quite venomous." The Shrine Mother giggled at Aya's mimicry before saying "There are other creature there, but those would be the main predators." 'Obviously the name implies black dryads, but why? What causes them to gather?' "They live there." "They live there." 'Do they have a leader..?' "Yes, her name is Yosei, an ancient and powerful Fairy. She created some of the first dryads, and exists as one of the last of her kind." "It's possible that she IS the last of her kind." a voice came from a white-haired girl poking her head through the door. "Tales of Fairies in Faejarhe are almost non-existent, limited to people that were nearly dead or almost blackout drunk at the time. Oh... Ummm, sorry to interrupt, but... Miss Ira is being herself, again." Aya let out a sigh and stood up before leaving the room. The girl was about to leave to follow Aya when the Shrine Mother asked "Would you stay, dear?" To which the girl turned around and entered. She was wearing a vastly different outfit from the maides. A white dress with hair pins and mis-matched stockings. The main color scheme being red and blue. "This young lady is the Trial Warden. She provides a number of services on behalf of the Lords of Nohaka." The girl was holding a white staff in one hand, but used the other to gently lift her dress while performing a curtsey. "Is there something you need?" "This man has requested information on the Black Dryads." "Oh. I am capable of locating Lady Yosei, as well as working various materials found around these lands into usable products. This includes things taken from the Black Dryads. If you have any questions about those, I'd be happy to answer them."
  6. Yshmael told the woman that he would need to speak with the two women to ask questions, a wise decision on his part. The woman stepped forward and would gently hold his arm with a desperate expression. Assuming he hadn't prevented it, she would say "Every moment passed, he gets closer to those... things and dying." Whether he allowed his arm to be grabbed or not, Aya would say to the woman "We will keep our discussion as brief as possible. If you're so resolute to see your husband die, I'll not delay you unnecessarily." Which would earn a very displeased look from the woman. If she were holding Yshmael's arm, she would let go. Either way, she would begrudgingly take a seat and wait. 'Now.. might we have a seat someplace-- Shrine Mother, was it? And Aya? So that we might speak on what exactly she asks of me...' He gave his name, but Aya was questioning how he knew her's... Neither she nor the Shrine Mother said her name. A quick glance at her left arm would remind her that her name was literally printed on a wooden badge, attached to a band. Perhaps he saw that? "Please follow us..." the Shrine Mother said while gesturing to a door next to the desk "... We'd be glad to provide information, dear." The room would be small, with a table in the middle matching the decorum of the furnishings from the previous room. Ten seats were positioned at the table, one at each end and four on the sides. There was a pot in the middle with steam coming out of it, four wooden jars would contain various tea leaves: Green, Spice, Chai, and one made with local herbs. Under the pot was a metal basin with coals gently glowing, keeping the water hot. A bloodwood grip would prevent others from burning their hand. The tea cups were bloodwood on the outside, and porcelain on the inside. The Shrine Mother would sit on the far side of the table, occupying the seat on the end. Aya would sit to her right. Both would look at Yshmael, waiting for his first question.
  7. The enraged woman felt her wrist being grabbed quite firmly, quickly slowing the swing down to a halt and preventing it from going further. "Let me go you fucking-" she exclaimed while tugging her arm to try and pull free. As he began speaking, the woman paused and glared at him with hate in her eyes. As he released her wrist, she jerked it away and held onto it. "These people aren't worth respecting. They're con artists! Every last one of them! Working with those damned monsters!" "Umm... Sh-Shrine Mother, I beg your forgiveness for my client's actions. I... I didn't..." the man was panicking, looking at the woman in tan clothing with slight fear. "I leave judgement to Aya. She was the target of the attack, after all." "It would not be the first time a distraught widow struck out against me." Aya bowed to the captain in a way that implied she were pardoning his guest's imprudence. "Oh, how benevolent..." the angry woman sarcastically mocked "...and what would the pacifist WHORE do if I-" the captain stopped her "You'll swim back to Terrenus." "Excuse me!?" "Do it again and none of us're striking a deal with you to provide transport. You'll brave the tide by your lonesome, miss." The woman paused and held her tongue. She then turned to face the one who stopped her, Yshmael. "Seeing as you're so gentlemanly as to stop me from caving this cow's face in, what cost must I pay for you to accompany me in saving my idiot husband's life?" Aya, the one with the staff, turned her gaze to him and said "You have my gratitude for your actions. In kind, I will warn you that this woman's husband has failed to heed a prior warning. He ventured to the Dryad's forest and fell prey to those for whom it's named after. Take this warning into consideration should you decide to negotiate a contract."
  8. 'Tell me how you contact reinforcements.' was ordered, to which the man said "Kiss my ass!" defiantly through the searing pain. His wrist was cut, to which Astra said he was on the clock. While this was happening, the three men that Lexa disabled were frozen solid. Due to the technicalities of cryogenic stasis, this also meant they were dead. A piece of metal from the ceiling above would fly down and crush his head, immediately ending him. Lexa looked at Astra would soft, sweet, almost pleading eyes. "Lexa not like suffering. Pain not good interation." she then turned and began running down the hall, towards the flight of stairs leading to the floor below. H-215 would walk past her giving only a cold glance as the extra corpse began freezing over, just as the other 3 did. The sound of multiple footsteps were heard rushing up the stairs on the opposite end of the hall. Below the current floor was the wheelhouse and the main deck. Across the main deck was a gap between the current ship and Tidal Shark, but no walkway to act as a bridge between them. ((OOC: Interation = Interrogation))
  9. Link for Shrine Information Screaming was heard coming from a room in the Shrine of Judgement. Positioned near the entrance, the sign read 'Welcome & Document Submission Centre.' Much like all the other buildings, the walls of the room were wood with a paper and wood sliding door that was open. Inside was a large office space with benches lining the walls. In the corners were circular tables with a chair on either side of them. The furniture all had a similar theme to their design. They were all some type of light-colored wood with leaves carved into the legs, the space between the leaves darkened with a torch. The middle of the room featured a small pond with bamboo in the middle and red, white, and orange koi moving around it. The far end of the room had four women and a man. One woman was sitting behind a desk. Wearing a similar uniform to her, another woman stood in front the desk. Unlike her, however, this woman was holding a staff. The staff was wooden at the base, and had a set of scales mounted to the top. Next to her was a woman just barely taller, only an inch, in fact. Unlike the other two, her hair was silvery-white, and she wore tan clothes instead of a shrine maiden's garb. The fourth woman wore clothes that were clearly from another region. She appeared to be quite wealthy, possessing diamond earrings, a rather lavish wedding band, bracelets, and an impressive necklace. Her clothes were of Terrenian design. The man with her was easily distinguishable as the captain of a ship. He was old with a bushy, white beard. "I feared that was the case." he said to the shrine maiden with the staff. "Y-you have to send someone after him! You can't just let people-" "Your husband is already dead. There is no salvation for him." the one with the staff said to the distraught woman. "You're lying!" "I'm contractually unable to do that, currently." "Go! Get my husband you whore!" "I will not, and any further disrespect towards shrine staff will result in your removal from the premises." "Remove me? I'll bring down the wrath of-" "You will bring them to their grave." the woman in tan said in a very cold tone. "Your money is worthless on this island, young woman." "Please..." she said in a more desperate tone. "I'll give you everything we have." her voice was beginning to become hoarse. The scale on the maiden's staff tilted towards her and the woman in tan. "I apologize, but we cannot accept that deal." "Why not!?" "Because all of the money in the world cannot save your husband. His body belongs to the Dryads, now." The woman seemed to lose all the strength in her legs. They buckled, then she fell to her knees and hunched forward as tears dripped to the floor. Her hands started shaking and slowly turned into a fist. "Damn you all... You know how dangerous they are... and do nothing... DAMN YOU!" she quickly started rising back up, swinging her fist towards the one with the staff's face.
  10. 'It's adorable, that you think I'm a thing.' Astra said to 215, to which she replied "From where we stand, all of you are things." in a very cold tone. Astra had addressed Lexa and called 215 ungrateful, earning much of the same coldness from the ice girl. Lexa didn't bother with hiding like Astra did. The child knew that her and 215 combined could take anyone in an enclosed space. If anyone got past Astra, they wouldn't survive long. Four men ran past Astra and kept going. A distinct lack of dead people noises let Lexa and H-215 know that Astra didn't do anything. Further down the hall, Lexa appeared on one of the men, straddling the back of his neck. She tightened her legs on his head and swung her weight, exerting enough force to turn his head and throw him off balance. She dismounted mid-pull, keeping hold of the man's shirt to use as a fulcrum to help her swing herself into an upright position as she landed. Upon landing, she punched the nearest man's knee, a second punch on his mid-thigh, and third in his groin. Person number three, who wasn't falling over, was in the middle of moving his aim to Lexa. The fox-child grabbed the barrel of his gun and pulled it, causing the man to stumble forward. She stepped aside and towards him, kicking his knee with enough force to break the ligament and make it bend backwards with a sickening snap. He let out a scream, and the fourth enemy turned around to try and run to call reinforcements.
  11. I didn't know you were looking for one as an avatar, so I made one that's better suited: https://i.imgur.com/9UKG3G6.png Looks like this when in use ->
  12. The shield one is for you o.o If you like it, you can use it
  13. "If you mistake me for an ally, you're naïve. I've simply decided not to kill you." The ice woman stared coldly at Astra. "All of you things are our enemy." "Big Sister not enemy. Big Sister help Lexa fight bad people." Lexa retorted. "For now." The sounds of people rushing up the stairs toward the room Astra, Lexa, and the ice woman were in echoed through the hall. "Lexa make sure other Big Sister safe." "Two-Fifteen." the girl said. "Lexa not like name. Lexa call Big Sister, Big Sister." There was no reply from the white haired one.
  14. How's this: https://i.imgur.com/dm46Pb1.png
  15. "Other big sister killded big gun people." Lexa said. If Astra looked to the windows, she would notice they were frozen solid with ice leading to the outside, indicating that an elemental attack was launched from the inside. "The only enemies left are the ones on and below deck. If you wish, you may deal with the ones blocking an efficient escape." At this time, one of the traps a few floors down would be triggered, indicating that the enemies were advancing their position. "My share of killing is done. Enjoy yourselves." the ice girl said unenthusiastically.
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