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  1. "Other big sister killded big gun people." Lexa said. If Astra looked to the windows, she would notice they were frozen solid with ice leading to the outside, indicating that an elemental attack was launched from the inside. "The only enemies left are the ones on and below deck. If you wish, you may deal with the ones blocking an efficient escape." At this time, one of the traps a few floors down would be triggered, indicating that the enemies were advancing their position. "My share of killing is done. Enjoy yourselves." the ice girl said unenthusiastically.
  2. Lexa hopped off of the tail and ran over to Astra. With a big smile, she grabbed Astra's leg to keep herself from falling over and looked into her eyes with big, sky blue ones. "Other Big Sister not evil lizard person. Big Sister let Lexa play with tail!" Lexa said while bouncing up and down hyperactively. "No generation 1 would try and fight zero-two-six. My orders were to kill you if you succeeded, not die for people I dislike." a cold glare was aimed at Astra.
  3. At some point in her journey up the floors, Astra would begin hearing Lexa screaming... but, not with fear or pain. As she got closer, it would become clearer that Lexa was laughing. Upon reaching the top of the stairs and entering the frozen room, she would find the kitsune child sitting on the ice woman's tail with a big smile on her face. The tail would be moving up and down rhythmically. Each time her tail moved up, Lexa's ears flopped down. Each time the tail moved down, Lexa's ears flew up. The ice woman would have a clearly annoyed expression. Her arms were crossed over her chest as she leaned back in the chair, frowning. Regardless of the woman's displeased look, it was clear that the two were playing instead of trying to kill each other.
  4. "Bad people already knowded Lexa in room. Lexa not need tell bad people." she said in a confused tone, the sarcasm flying right over her head. "Big Sister make sure bad people not attack from behind. Lexa kill evil lizard person. Bye bye!" she said and entered the ice covered hall with seemingly not a care in the world. "Subject X-zero-two-six and company, come out with your hands up, and circuits deactivated!" a voice shouted through the door leading from the outside to the wheelhouse. "We've got the building surrounded!" they added on.
  5. Lexa blinked a few times while staring at Astra with bewilderment. She could buy an entire shop if she wanted, so the concept of knives being expensive was alien to her. Astra began wandering about looking through stuff at a somewhat lazy pace. She made a comment about going home, to which Lexa said "Big Sister get killded by bad people waiting outside door." Lexa then looked at the stuff Astra'd dropped and held her hands out with the fingers spread apart. Small streams of blue static extended from them and connected to the objects. Lexa had created an opposing charge on each side, which made them heat up to the point of melting. The melted items floated in the air as they combined into a glob of red-hot, glowing metal. The metal was forced into a cylinder shape before it was rapidly cooled by being held near the ice. Lexa picked the newly formed metal block with her hands. Steam was coming off her hand, but not because the metal was hot. She looked at Astra and said "Big Sister cover ears." She turned down her hearing sensitivity while charging energy into the metal block. If Astra failed to shield her ears, the resulting blast would hurt... After a few moments of charging, the metal was fired at the ice, which resulted in a loud explosion that still didn't fully destroy the ice. Lexa pulled out her only other dagger and fired another shot. Third time's the charm, and a hole was shot through to the other side of the block, allowing passage into a completely frozen hallway. "Big Sister show Lexa evil lizard person?"
  6. Lexa watched as toys made of metal dropped from Astra's bag in spades, but all were too small for what she had in mind. "Big Sister have bigger metal things? More knifes?" she asked while remembering the knife Astra tried using against her not too long ago. If she could avoid having to leave the wheelhouse, she would. ((OOC: She pronounced 'knives' and 'knifes' with an "F"))
  7. "Lotsa bad people outside." Lexa said after Astra brought up Lexa not being able to just kill them all. "Lexa need big piece of metal... or lotsa small metal things. Big piece quieter, small things faster." Finding a big sheet of metal would be simple. The walls were made of metal sheets riveted to the refueling vessel's frame.
  8. Lexa looked at the ice and her blue eyes turned a shade of green. "Lexa could break ice." she commented. "Or Lexa and Big Sister can fight bad people outside." her eyes changed back to being blue and she looked at Astra. "Lexa not bullet proof." she said, knowing that Astra seemed to think she was extremely durable.
  9. "Ohhhhh" Lexa said at Astra's explanation. At the question she asked, Lexa's ears raised straight up and she blinked a few times. One of her ears dropped down and Lexa's expression because confused. "Lexa not know any lizards."
  10. "Lexa help Big Sister." she said excitedly and began pulling ice from around the area and piling it onto Astra's leg. The clothing under it should provide a good enough barrier to prevent freezing. Once the ice was piled, Lexa would ask "Why Big Sister not able to move?"
  11. "Lexa call Big Sister, Big Sister." she said. "Why Big Sister need put ice on leg?" she asked a moment later.
  12. Lexa let Astra finish talking and got up to walk over to the wall of ice. She pulled out her dagger and tried stabbing it a few times, but couldn't puncture the thick sheet. She puffed her cheeks and began furiously stabbing at the ice while letting out a "nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" but failing to damage it. Lexa's cheeks puffed even more while she let out a frustrated groan. She turned around and took a few steps back. Her magic circuits on one of her arms began lighting up and light blue sparks arched up and down it. She prepared to throw the knife, holding it across her chest at the elbow of the opposite arm. The sparks began gathering at her fingertips, but didn't go back up her arm now. Lexa swung her arm horizontally and released the dagger. The moment it left her fingertips, the dagger created a vacuum in the air around it that rapidly filled with water vapor. The vapor condensed into a cloud, leaving a bullet trail as the knife shot past Astra and impacted the ice wall. The ice wall was clearly thick and dense. Chunks of ice rained down over Astra and the floor around her and Lexa, but when the haze cleared from the impact site, it would be seen that Lexa didn't blast all the way through the wall. There was a considerably thick slab of ice behind the crater she'd just made. "Ice lizard person makeded big wall." Lexa said in a slightly annoyed tone. She would then sit on her knees next to Astra, facing the wall. Her tail waved one time. When it swayed, it would briefly hover over Astra's face before swaying back in the opposite direction. "Handler telled Lexa it not good to not tell people Lexa's name.... Lexa's name is Alexandria Lexicus Grimoire. Handler gave Lexa that name, but Lexa thinks name too long, so Lexa likes being called Lexa." She would turn her head and look at Astra with a friendly and curious expression. "What person's name?"
  13. As Astra exited the hall, the dragonesque ice projection would explode, sending a blast of ice out of the hall behind her that left frozen streaks on the ground between the assassin and the hall. The formerly open hall was now blocked by a sheet of ice, making re-entry difficult, but ensuring that no one could exit either. After a few minutes of Astra laying down, she would see Lexa next to her. Not a sound would be made by the child's movements, but since Lexa wasn't trying to hide from her, Astra might see her approaching at a leisurely pace. Lexa would kneel down and poke her cheek. "Person okay?" she would ask. One of her ears was straight up, the other was angled to the side in an inquisitive position.
  14. The dice Astra layed would fly out of the hall she ran into at a reduced speed, but still fast enough to puncture flesh. The ice woman didn't move or flinch, just watched as the two items shot past her, cutting her cheek as they did so. The cut was immediately filled in with ice that seemed to be glowing, which immediately melted to reveal a perfectly healed cut. The tripwire would be ran over by the ice attack, but the one who launched that attack wasn't giving chase. On the other side of the dragon-like attack, the ice woman walked to a nearby, frozen chair and took a seat. She crossed one leg over the other and stared at the door. It was the only way in that didn't involve crashing through a frozen window. All vents leading in were completely frozen over with ice so thick it would be illogical to try and cut or melt it. The woman didn't respond to the other's taunt. If Astra was planning to bring X-026 to her, then that was a welcome prospect.
  15. The ice woman's snow white eyebrow arched at Astra's response. Everyone knew who Lexa was. Every experiment carried out on the first generation subjects was for Lexa's sake. They all knew that the child was dangerous, but she wasn't ever described as a monster. Then the woman turned tail and ran back down the hallway... The girl let out a sigh at her cowardly opponent, and the fact that she knew it would be a problem if it looked like she didn't at least try to kill her. She inhaled and exhaled, breathing out air with small, light blue, glowing particles. She then waved her hand through the particles and caused them to erupt forward. Behind Astra, she would see a type of draconic mouth rushing towards her, wide open and preparing to chomp down on her should she stop running. Everywhere the head passed would be frozen solid, and the items that were dropped by Astra would be frozen to the point of shattering the moment anything touched it.
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