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  1. The enrele managed to take over 2,000,000+ people, and are controlling them all at once. They also managed to take over a colossal lovecraftian horror, and are able to control it. They found a work-around to make it harder to detect members of their hivemind, and if someone directly interfaced with one of those members (such as mind reading), that person would more-than-likely have their head implode OR be taken over as part of the hivemind. I don't see how we're going against the "powerful, horrifying, and competent" part of their nature? If temporarily disabling them with a method that they'd likely adapt to in future encounters goes against that, then this species was designed to only be countered by the gods themselves. Edit: That sounded much ruder than I intended it to, and I apologize for that.
  2. An alternative, and much less convoluted sounding idea, is letting Aya use a divine curse on the monster to make it frenzy. Even if the hivemind's connected to it, they'd have a difficult time controlling it- which can create many openings. As for Aya's magic effectiveness, her magic functions somewhat differently from the norm. She's actually completely incapable of using magic, natively. Her staff channels the power of her deity through it, and into the world around it. Aya acts as a focus, giving that power direction. The "fuel" for her magic is the light around her, making her spells appear black (since light is being absorbed instead of reflected). In short, her magic won't be **as** harshly effected as the average mage. She should be able to frenzy the Yuuja with a sufficient incantation, which gives the rest of you guys a chance to do your own fancy stuff.
  3. I honestly think that the bombs would work in this case since it's allegedly a surprise attack, and the Yuuja's eye(s) is(are) underwater. Since the attack's a surprise, it'd be difficult to react in time. Since the eyes are underwater, the light reflecting from the bombs, and whatever writing/markings on them as a result, would be distorted, making it difficult to identify the exact type of ordinance being deployed. Those combined, reaction time to create a counter-measure might be so little it may as well be 0. There's also the possibility of a delay, depending on the medium through which psychic messages are delivered and the range they're coming from- so even if the hivemind "turns up the power" to send a signal strong enough to punch through Cae's bombs, it could have a considerable delay before it reaches the kraken. This would also imply that they're smart enough to anticipate certain (but not all) moves, since they're have to send commands ahead of time and anticipate reactions to those commands.
  4. Sooooo.... Make someone being controlled use Aya's inhibitor! Got it! (preferably when it's not damaged) Unless we're talking about an officially made and approved by supernal artifact... then we're all on our own.
  5. So much worse. She'll lose them temporarily, but Cae just damaged Aya's psionic inhibitor- which will slowly lose power and eventually turn off entirely.
  6. Might prove slightly detrimental in the long run, but I like this 😄
  7. Meraxa, Alecandrian, Priestess, Dauner, Sanzilla, Thotification, Vilhart-- I think
  8. Posted! I had Myuīl's attack be not-too-destructive since the monster's lore does state that even Terrenus's warships have troubles dealing with them, also didn't wanna do too much right at the very beginning of combat... Would be a little insulting towards the monster and it's creator if it was easily harmed.
  9. Caeceila had turned to those opposed to just rolling with her orders with aggression and open hostility. She brought up some business that Aya had no existing knowledge of that occurred with one of the individual's sisters. Something about going on a rampage and her not being there to stop it. Aya wasn't concerned since the matter had already seemed to have been dealt with, since Caeceila was using past-tense for it. The wyrm had cursed her current circumstance with a stomp of her foot... hand... claw(?)- Aya wasn't sure what to call it, studying was ahead once this matter was dealt with. It would seem that Aya was next on the verbal chopping block. Caeceila had turned to her, addressing her by third-party, non-nomenclature. She sounded angry-ish but stopped herself after saying "I" for some reason. Aya had a gentle smile on her face while she looked at her, not knowing that her telepathy had no effect on the wyrm. Her expression wasn't smug or arrogant, just, very calm and approachable seeming. "Yes?" She asked, changing her expression to innocent-curiosity. She was soft-spoken, and clearly waiting to hear Caeceila's retort, but she seemed to be unable to say anything against her. Did Caeceila know of the Shrine of Judgement? Did she know that getting Aya to go against even the least important contract would be like trying to get a mountain to break by throwing paper at it? Aya honestly wasn't sure, and she wasn't actively monitoring anyone's emotions. Aya also hadn't noticed that her telepathy didn't work on Caeceila. She had grown up as the only psychic among her entire shrine, which she did find strange; but, no one treated her as an outcast for it, so it was only a small concern. Her inexperience with other psychics lead to some difficulties in interacting with them, including not being able to tell if they were blocking her out. This was largely in part to her inhibitor keeping her from using the full breadth of her power, which would lead to people dying unintentionally- best to keep it bottled up for a rainy day. There was one person who was just fine to go along with everything, and openly agreed to being tested. Had Aya not been under any contracts preventing such a thing, she, too would have agreed. Though, there were some properties of her physiology that were best kept secret. Once all had spoken, the man who was assembling this motley crew had begun calling on people, and Aya turned to Dauner. "Mister Dauner, if you'd like, I could share some of the venison jerky I bought? It's a couple days old, and not seasoned very well; but, it still has a light saltiness to it." she offered. The dragon on her head immediately frilled its feathers out and began growling at Dauner. Aya's eyes angled upwards, trying to look at it, and she said "Myuīl, you have more than enough to share." It served no use, as the dragon's eyes began glowing and it was showing its tiny teeth to Dauner, who already enjoyed combating dragons and likely would love to throw hands with a Crystal Dragon. Aya raised her hand and flicked the underside of Myuīl's chin, making it stop growling and let out a soft, cooing sound. She then reached to her back and slid her duffel bag around to her side, reach in, and pulled out a small bag of jerky to offer Dauner. The ship rocked and shook, and the bag of jerky went flying into the air as Aya lost her balance from something slamming and slicing the side of it. Aya didn't fall to the ground, as a frail girl probably should have. Myuīl had taken flight and got off her head, and Aya curled into a ball before hitting the ground- a natural reaction from what limited hand-to-hand training she had... actually, the only hand-to-hand training she had. When she hit the floor, she rolled forward a bit and stopped with her feet on the ground, able to stand up and look around at the gaping hole in the side of the room. "Oh my. It would seem we have a guest." Aya commented, sounding much too relaxed in the current situation. "Myuīl, would you mind going outside?" she asked, and the creature flew out of the room and shot straight into the sky. Aya was looking through Myuīl's eyes using her Clairvoyance, and noticed a very large creature was behind the attack. She hadn't taken time to familiarize herself with Terrenas's local fauna, but it did vaguely remind her of the Genesaran Horror- possibly a different subspecies of the same creature? She looked at Dauner and said "Mister Dauner, I believe your affinity for being eaten by large monsters may come into play." It was a slightly joking reference to Dauner's fight against the explosion dragon they fought the first time they'd met, and how he intentionally got eaten. Though, with the amount of armored plates Myuīl was seeing on the beast's main body, or at least, the ones it could see under the water's surface, that joke may actually become a serious statement. Through his eyes, Aya saw the creature preparing for a horizontal attack, getting ready to cut the top of the ship off and expose the victims in the room. Aya turned around and said "Siebenschichtiger Schild!" causing a large, black wall to appear. Those near the wall would notice it wasn't a wall made of darkness or shadows. It was warm, like light or fire- which was the opposite of darkness, which was cold and empty. The shield was made of seven layers, all of which were cut through, except the monster's claw was stuck in the seventh, making it unable to get a good cut on the final barrier. The result was that it didn't have enough force behind its swing to cut the ship beyond a small gash in the room. The scythe claw was withdrawn. A shimmering sound was heard echoing through the ship, which was the sound of Myuīl activating his ability to grow, turning into a two-hundred meter long behemoth of a dragon that would normally take him thousands of years. It was his Time Manipulation ability, which allowed him to control the way time flows through his body. It allowed him to become older or younger at will, changing his size and power as a result- an ability shared with various other kinds of dragons. "Everyone grab something." Aya said calmly while grabbing the nearby table. Myuīl began swooping down, getting closer to the water's surface and making the air pressure in and around the ship increase by result of his massive body pushing the air down. From his mouth he fired a linear beam consisting of powdered crystals moving so fast that they'd blast holes in mountains either by force or erosion. The blast was surrounded by sparks of lightning, static electricity caused by the rapidly moving particulates glancing past each other and exchanging energy hundreds of millions of times over. It hit the water and evaporated what was on the surface, hitting the monster below and incinerating several tentacles; but, the monster's plates did little more than glow red before rapidly cooling off when the water filled the area back in. He left a dent in the scales, but ultimately just made the Yuuja angrier with his attack. Myuīl had taken back to the skies, narrowly avoiding a cluster of tentacles that shot up to grab him. As for the ship, it was shaken violently from the force of the attack hitting the water, which inevitably made the existing cut in its side slightly worse. Aya turned to Liz, whose name she didn't know since she didn't introduce herself, and said "You're a scientist of sorts, correct? Beyond the fact that its scales are so thick that Myuīl's breath attack is moderately ineffective, can you tell us anything of that creature that may prove useful?" @danzilla3 @Dauner Light @Meraxa @The Alexandrian @Thotification @Vilhardt
  10. Now that I'm on the part of the actual attack... could @The Alexandrian or @Meraxa answer a couple questions I have... • How far out at sea are we? ---- I understand the 10 individuals were dismissed, and our party just recently arrived; so, I'm thinking we're still docked? But, for a massive monster to attack the ship while not beaching itself, either the marina's waters are absurdly deep, or the ship has set sail and we've got some distance in not a lot of time. I apologize if I'm overthinking things, or if I've missed something important. • What's the extent of the damage to the ship? ---- Are we talking a large hole in the side that would result in sinking, or has the ship been completely bifurcated titanic's-final-moments-style? Again, I apologize if I missed important details or if I'm being difficult.
  11. Thanks, and oh my... so soon and we're facing the oceanic equivalent of a titan.
  12. @Meraxa Can I have a little more detail about our new friend with the scythe limbs? • Size • General appearance • Species -- Or a picture if you happen to have one? Or, would you like me to look up a scythe-handed monster and give it some detail? An example of my mega-fauna creation work is my "Corpse Beetle, Armored Battlemaster"
  13. Working on my post, was busy yesterday. Cae's reaction to Aya was funny xD
  14. If patience was a virtue, then Aya's ability to keep her last meal in her stomach was just as much so. The smell emanating from the freshly exposed, infected wounds filled the air quickly, and Aya was the closest person to their source. She wanted to heal his wounds but knew that doing so would likely cause more damage due to the divine properties her healing relied on. The creature took its leave, leaving Aya and Vito in the room with each other. Vito's plan was to ambush the woman when she came to feed Uhiath. Aya didn't have any better plans, so she nodded and looked to the door, letting it begin closing. If the plan was to ambush them, it would be best to keep the element of surprise for as long as possible. "If only I had something to remove the smell of severe infection..." Aya commented under her breath. While she did have many tricks up her sleeve, a can of air freshener wasn't one of them. Braziers in the room kept things lit with a softly flickering, orange glow. Aya had sat on her knees near one of the walls. She slid her duffel bag from her back to her front and pulled out a book that had a leather cover, and was bound with leather strings, instead of the common book that was cardboard with glue bindings. While reading, Aya said "While we wait, I believe it best to discuss the situation to come." After a second or two, Aya said "I am certain that you noticed I used an incantation for my earlier spell. All spells I am capable of using require them. It's quite likely that, that woman will not go down easily. She will likely fight, and possibly have a guard with her. I am very limited during combat, so much of the burden is on your shoulders, Mister Vito. With that said, if you must kill her, please be careful not to destroy her body. Resurrection is simple. Regenerating half of a body is somewhat more convoluted."
  15. Aya didn't seem surprised at all when she was grabbed by the neck, it wouldn't be the first time it happened, and she never assumed the most recent one was the last time it would. As he told her to listen carefully, she knew she would be in for quite a long dialogue, and as soon as he started asking his first rhetorical question, he would possible notice his fingers were unlatching themselves from Aya's neck. Quite possibly he was doing it on purpose, but more likely, it was the result of Aya using her telekinesis to pry his fingers loose with little-to-no effort. If she could accidentally send a human size boulder through a two meter thick wall at the age of four, she could intentionally remove a vampire's hand from her neck, now. As he started talking, Aya moved over to the werewolf's body and sat on her knees while resting a hand on his fur-covered chest. She wouldn't stop him from telling his life's story, since it seemed like it was the cause for a great deal of pain, and he needed to vent; but, she would continue with her work as he did. She viewed the man's life as she did the other men before and saw the reason why he chose ursathropy over being human. He'd always felt alive while hunting, and none of his friends were all that good. Eventually, he'd come across someone who could turn him into a beast in exchange for a price that couldn't be valued by standard currency. Aya stood up and dangled her staff over the man and said "May your soul find peace in the eternal hunting ground, and may your loved ones recognize your face." she said softly before saying "Freilassung diese seele." the staff glowed with a black energy for a moment. The man's body gave a white glow and when it faded, his form was changed back to that of a human's. If Leon could smell the difference between a man and a beast, he would notice the former werebear also smelled human, indicating that Aya completely removed his ursathropy. Though, by this point he was still in the middle of telling Aya a bunch of things that she was indifferent about. He was somewhere around the part where he was insulting Aya's contracts, clearly mocking them, rather than offering an honest contract. She folded the man's arms over his chest before pulling him to the side of the path, so any passers-by would be able to traverse without having to try and go around the corpse. Of course, while she was working she listened to his story, and while it was indeed sad, she'd heard hundreds of sad tales in her short life. It wasn't uncommon for someone, gender or species being irrelevant, to give some kind of tale to try and win Aya to their side. Naturally, money and other worldly possessions had also been used, but that was neither here nor there. Aya could have responded to him by mentioning that the entire time, he was the only one between the two of them who was being aggressive; but, that would be breaking her word, and she was, after all, a lady of her word. Rather than do that, she remained silent and moved to the man who was being eaten and stopped at his half devoured corpse. She dangled her staff over it and it briefly gave a golden glow. "May your death be punishment enough." she said, the staff glowed black and the corpse glowed white, both quickly fading. She continued walking down their path, towards the shrine that the book belonged to. She told Leon before that she would ignore him until he learned to address her with respect, and she meant it.
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