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  1. Going through some stuff IRL, would you guys mind posting before me to keep the flow going?
  2. There's no IC reason, beyond similar looks, for her to assume she's her sister. So, her spoiling it would've been a pretty major metagame on my part. Thank you for bringing it to my attention
  3. Aya doesn't know that. Shishi introduced herself as "Ravenbush" and said her sister was her sister.
  4. Aya had continued to eat her meal in a very lady-like manner and not bothering to give the being much of her attention. Ira had been monitoring Aya's emotional status, as well as those around her for a while- since she got there, to be specific. Unlike Aya, she wasn't so kind as to obey moral boundaries, and doughton had put her on edge. Aya was annoyed at the woman. She liked her about as much as Dauner, maybe even a little less than him, but was much more reserved than he was. If anything, Dauner's reaction to the being made Aya feel more at ease. He was saying the things Aya was much to patient to say. His stance on the matter was a resounding 'no' judging by his reaction. Emile was in agreement with Dauner, though, he stated it directly. More specifically, he said he wouldn't trust the mission to a false god. He also mentioned that his comrades were already in the city, and they could give them a good idea of where to find their target(s). He then left, stating he'll regroup with them when he had a lead. Shishi and her sister who actually hadn't been named yet had also given their stance, or rather, the sister spoke and Shishi didn't voice any disagreement. While she spoke, Aya had noticed her tone changing slightly with each interaction with a different god being mentioned. In response, Aya turned her empathy back on, and quickly realized tat she was having to forcibly hold back. It's possible that Shishi's sister might notice a moment of pain in the middle of her brain, but also possible that she didn't- Aya wasn't sure how much force she was exerting on her target, all she knew is that it was more than she intended. Her sister had said that she'd never met one worth trusting, 'one' referring to beings like the one they just met. By the time all of their interactions were finished, Aya had finished eating the two slices of ham, carrot-peas mix, and mashed potatoes that she was working on. It was also around this time that they were informed by a rather elderly gentleman that they were wanted in the captain's quarters. "You can at least let us put our two-cents in first, gas bag." Ira said in a calm tone. "Ira." Aya said while putting down her fork gently on the plate. "The captain of this vessel would likely want to hear of this. Whether they like it or not, they're now involved in our mission. I'll give my comments there. You may give yours on the way." "Seriously? Wait- I actually have a say in this?" "You're a terrible liar, Ira. The Shrine Mother would never send someone to shadow me, you came of your own will-" "That's bull-" "Regardless, you, too, are involved. You're entitled to a voice in this matter." "Well that's easy, I say kill the bitch." "Very well. If she becomes an obstacle, you may use the full breadth of your power to vanquish her- just don't kill anyone else." Ira's eyes went wide and she blinked a few times in astonishment. She never thought Aya would be giving the kill order, even if it was situational, it was still a kill order. Before leaving, Aya had stopped at Shishi's sister. Her empathy wasn't active for long, but it was enough to notice a sense of bitterness towards the gods, even if that bitterness was expressed verbally as well. "Miss..." Aya said while looking her in the eyes. Her tone was soft, and warm as usual, but a different kind of warm... The kind of warmth expressed by someone trying to comfort someone. "I can understand that not many divines are pleasant, but I assure you that not all are so terrible as you may think." Aya would reach out and gently grab her obliques before pulling herself into the woman's chest. "I pray that you do not grow cold to them all." If Shishi's sister hadn't pushed Aya away, she would notice that it wasn't just one hug she was receiving. There was two sets of emotions reaching out to her, one was clearly Aya's, but another was mixed in- sure as hell wasn't Ira's since she was standing a short distance away with her arms folded over her chest. As Ira moved towards Shishi herself, her sister might notice that Aya's eyes, for a brief moment, had changed from maroon to gold with a light shimmer to them and back to maroon. "And even if you agree with your companion, here, I would very much like to hear your opinion voiced." Aya said to Shishi with a warm smile. Just like with her sister, Aya would reach out to embrace Shishi. For her, only one set of emotions were transferred through her hug. "You have a lovely voice. It shouldn't be held back so much." she said softly, also assuming that her hug wasn't rejected entirely. Once that was done, she and her twin would walk out with the dragon being perched atop Ira's cranium like the majestic beast he was. Once they'd arrived and were talking to the captain, Aya would immediately exclaim in a surprised tone, "Mister Vito! It's been a while." Ira just crossed her arms over her chest and looked away from him, still salty about their unceremonious meeting.
  5. would @Dauner Light @Vilhardt @Thotification @danzilla3 mind posting before me? I already know Aya's stance on the matter, but I'd rather let everyone's characters have a chance to speak before she brings down the gavel.
  6. Considering who's in the room, it will most certainly not be "just followed along." If a deal is being struck then the two sides must be balanced... as from what's been shown, Meryam's a very weak goddess.
  7. I'm not entirely sure on what the scheme is, if you wouldn't mind explaining @Meraxa
  8. Alright, enjoy your wall of text. Sorry it took me so long, IRL got in the way.
  9. The rapidly decreasing amount of life in the vicinity wasn't particularly concerning to Aya. She had smelled things that were more stomach churning than sensing death around her, and the place she grew up in was notoriously dangerous- to the point where walking around armed was encouraged. She had seen Scarab Sparrows swarming someone, Ruby Backed Gorillas rip men apart, a ship being completely destroyed by a sea monster with the only survivor shortly after being dragged to the depths. The only thing she thought of it was that Caeceila was going overboard, and needed to restrain herself. She didn't say it since the wyrman (Wyrm-Woman) was having a gay 'ol time in her slaughter spree, and Aya didn't want to find out whether or not she was in the midst of a blood-rage. Undoubtedly, it would be included in her report later, and any endangered species being killed would result in trouble for the Glassman family. If not trouble from the government, from certain pro-life organizations. Several of the others had commented on Aya's harsh judgement of herself. It was easy for them to say that she was useful. They all could fight, and Aya being able to heal was a safety net. If anyone other than Dauner knew she could also resurrect, the safety net would be even larger. "Thank you." Aya said while raising her cup of tea to her mouth. She took a sip and then said "But you should understand that my abilities aren't as simple as all of yours, no offense intended. I'm completely incapable of using magic. The power I wield isn't fueled by mana or any other form of energy produced by Valucre, and isn't useful for practical combat, interrogation, or disabling the Enrelle." she didn't sound sad at all. She let out a sigh "This staff is a religious artifact that connects me to the god I'm contracted with. It cannot be wielded by anyone else, and it being stolen would result in many unnecessary deaths- the blood of which falls on my hands. There are many stipulations associated with me being able to wield it and direct its power. One of those stipulations is that no part of my anatomy is to be removed, examined, altered, or tampered with by anyone- not even myself. The next is that my magic cannot work on certain individuals, of which the Enrelle are one. My earlier curse only worked because the Enrelle were separated from the Yuuja." a moment's pause was given before she then said "So, per the moment, my only practical use is healing and blessing. However, Mister Dauner has obtained an immunity to my blessings. He would need to personally request it from me, otherwise it would backfire." Aya knew that her explanation of her powers was extremely vague. She intentionally didn't specify why it was that the Enrelle had a resistance to her, why Dauner was immune unless he requested a blessing, or all the various clauses in her contract. She also didn't say what the staff being stolen and the death of potentially thousands had in common, nor would she specify them at the given time. Any questions for specificity would result in her saying "I am unable to answer that at the moment." and leaving the subject where it lay. During their bus ride to the border, Aya sat in the front of the bus for no particular reason. She felt uneasy, but couldn't tell why. She wasn't anxious about going to Doughton, and wasn't afraid of anyone around her. She wasn't worried that someone would try stealing her staff, and she wasn't concerned about anything relating to the mission at all... she was just... uneasy. Still, she remained stoic and showed no signs of feeling this way. When they got to the border, it was made known that the guards would have to search the boxes in the back. The driver tried to dissuade them, but it seemed to be going poorly. Aya got up from her seat and told the driver to open the door, letting her get out and come around to where the guards were. "Pardon me, Sir." she said in a soft, innocent, and very sweet tone with a smile that could give a healthy man diabetes. "My name is Aya, and I'm a priestess from the Shrine of Judgement. These are my identification papers." She reached into her left sleeve and pulled out a rolled up page that had a piece of cylindrical wood at the top to keep the paper from crumpling. "The items in the back are designated for providing aid to the city, but lose potency when exposed to sunlight. I understand you have an obligation to ensure the safety of any beyond this point, but opening those crates would result in me having to return home to acquire more, which would lengthen the amount of time this city and their guardsmen are without them." The guards looked at each other, then at Aya's documents that had a seal at the bottom from the guy in charge at the port, then at each other again. Not much was known about the Shrine of Judgement this far east, but the guards knew an official seal when they saw it. "Can you tell us exactly what the haul is?" one of them asked. "Disinfectant, sterilizing agents and healing solvents, Sir." Aya replied. The men both looked at each other again and handed Aya her identification back. "Alright. Have a nice day, ma'am." Aya bowed to them and said "The same to you both." before going back on the bus. The only reason it worked was because Aya used a logical argument, and appealed to the guardsmen's sense of urgency. The mentioning that some of the supplies were for injured guards reduced their desire to delay their aid, and Aya's natural cute charm, level tone, and innocent demeanor all aided in reducing their guard even further. In combat, Aya was mostly useless- in negotiation, she was the devil with a silver tongue. If anyone had accused Aya of lying, she would reply with "A saint is no more worthy to judge the sins of man than a noble is to judge the plight of the impoverished... But I did not lie. The Enrelle are an infection that Mister Argi is aiding to remove, I am a healer, and it is most difficult to be stealthy in broad daylight, especially when your hiding spot is revealed." At the entrance to the airship, a woman was waiting with arms crossed, sitting on a crate. Nigh perfect skin, straight, black hair, maroon eyes, a shrine maiden's garb- a one-to-one match for Aya's appearance. Myuil immediately flew away from Aya and over to her twin and landed on her lap. "Oh dear..." Aya said with a somewhat concerned expression. She approached her sister and asked "I trust you've been on your best behavior?" Her sister shot a glare at her and said "I trust you haven't gone and fucked yourself, yet?" despite the venomous words, her expression was just as neutral as Aya's. It was almost like that kind of thing was her standard greeting. "And what's with the rat pack? Can't sleep alone?" she was obviously referring to everyone in the group. "Don't tell me you went and charmed them all into-" "I do not use my power on the undeserving, no." "Humph. I would've. Well, the old hag-" *CRACK* Aya showed her absolute first display of violent intent and malice for the entire trip by whacking her sister on the head with the broad side of her staff. "I don't care how you address me, but you will not disrespect the Shrine Mother." Ira rubbed her head and looked at Aya with a sour expression and muttered "You're lucky my magic's sealed." to which Aya said "You're lucky I didn't remove it entirely when I sealed it. Now, why are you here, how did you arrive, and were you followed?" "The old-" Aya raised her staff for swatting number two and Ira paused "-The Shrine Mother..." Aya lowered her staff "...sent me to make sure you didn't draw too much attention to the shrine. I went through the main entrance with this, and I was followed but that guy's a frozen pile of ash, now." Aya took the false ID that Ira had, noting the name was 'Joanne Du' Arches' and looked extremely official. "Very well. You are not to leave my side." Aya turned to enter the ship with Ira following behind, and Myuil flying to lay on Aya's head. Ira's head was much too dangerous for him. By this point, it would be obvious that Ira was the Yin to Aya's yang, and the only thing so far that could make Aya irritated beyond her ability to hide it. It would also be evident that Ira wasn't the respectful type... or the gentle type... or all that approachable. Some time later, while Aya and Ira were in the mess getting some food, Aya was approached by someone who was slightly unsettling but far from alarming. She asked a peculiar question, inquiring as to whom Aya served. Aya said "I serve no one, and everyone." in a very calm tone. Ira immediately said "Yo, sis. I don't like this bitch. Lemme kill 'er." to which Aya said "You will do no such thing." almost immediately after. The being's attention had turned to Argi, which was just fine with Aya since she didn't have much business to do with her. She didn't like the energy it gave off, but her distaste for it wasn't so grand that it warranted sicking her destruction-happy twin sister on her. @danzilla3 @Dauner Light @Meraxa @The Alexandrian @Thotification @Vilhardt
  10. I'm still trying to visualize the thing that's talking to Aya... Literally just thinking of a slime-girl with no shadow, but the wording makes me think that's not correct.
  11. The group having defeated the Yuuja and finished their dialogue with the large avian, during which time, Aya simply smiled lightly and stayed at the back of the group, a matter of transportation was needing to be discussed. Granted, Aya wasn't native born to Terrenus as far as she knew, and she also wasn't an expert on the land; she didn't come to the region without doing her homework. From what she knew of the layout of current settlements, their destination was well over a hundred miles away, and most likely fortified. "If I may be so bold, I don't think using the train is a wise course of action." Aya said from her position at the back of the small crowd. "The train is most definitely the easiest form of transportation, but that would make it the most expected one. It runs on a schedule, has a very fixed route, and deviation from that route would leave all other passengers stranded." She was, of course, referring to the train being derailed. The more tactically inclined party members may have been thinking of their own safety, since the Enrelle could very easily plant agents inside the train, or find out that they were using the train and have a whole army waiting for them at the end of the line. Aya was not a military official, a bad-ass noble wyrm-lady, or a scientist. She was a Priestess of Judgement- a businesswoman who also dabbled in law on rare occasion, to put extremely simply. It was logical to know the limitations of the train and assume that if the Enrelle controlled a Yuuja, they could also control a large land animal that could destroy a train like the Yuuja destroyed the ship. She had no problems assuming the group could handle such a creature, but the presence of other non-combatants would lead to unacceptable casualties that Aya would have to attend to. Aya cleared her throat just before Myuil began descending. The force of his massive, one-hundred-eighty meter wingspan began increasing the air pressure while whipping up a colossal wind with every beat. Aya winced while using one hand to keep her hair from flying in every direction and the other hand to try and hold on to a nearby light post to keep herself from flying into the aether. Tales of a dragon's power normally told of their breath attacks, magical prowess, or muscle strength. Many forgot to mention that lifting such a massive being into the air required massive wings, and a lot of downward thrust. In the near distance, a dilapidated house had been completely blown apart by his arrival. Aya would have to pay for the replacement... even if the house was already decrepit. Rather than landing on the shore, he landed in the water. His two-hundred meter long body looked more like an adult in a child's swimming pool than anything else. He lowered his head near Aya and let out a shimmering sound. Aya reached out and gently rubbed his snout while ignoring her now slightly messy hair. "It's okay. My abilities were only disabled." she said in a warm tone. The dragon replied with another shimmering sound. Aya couldn't actually speak dragon, she just assumed what he was saying based off of context. "I can have Myuil give us a ride; but a massive dragon is somewhat difficult to not notice approaching, and many sane people are normally terrified of seeing that. The best we can do is get everyone halfway there, after which we would have to either go on foot, or find a smaller transport." Aya said, still rubbing Myuil's snout. Assuming this option was taken, any who mounted Myuil would notice that his feathers, despite being made of crystal, were quite soft to the touch. At the halfway point, where they decided to make camp for a bite, Aya was pretty quick to pull a metal kettle from her duffel bag and begin preparing a spice tea. It wasn't as fancy as a ceramic tea pot, but it was much less likely to shatter on impact. When Argi stepped away from the fire to go clean himself up, if Dauner had tried to go after his meal, Aya would extend her staff and cut him off. "Mister Dauner." she would say, looking at him with a passive-aggressive expression. The tone of her voice was very calm and gentle, but with her psionics back online, she was giving off an aura that implied she was dangerous. "You wouldn't want to spend time hunting a creature only to have it stolen, I would advise against doing so to others." her words were more of a warning than a gentle advisory statement. One thing she knew was that when working in a team, it was important to be able to trust each other. Who would trust someone who stole from them? "There's a herd of animals not far from us. If you'd like, you can bring a carcass back and everyone will be able to eat." she added. This one wasn't a passive-aggressive order. She had some food with her, but even Aya would have to admit that fresh, seasoned meat would be preferable to dry bread. If Dauner, or anyone else, had gone for a hunt, Aya would provide some simple seasonings in small jars to make it taste better. If Dauner would still try and take Argi's rabbit, Aya would attempt to hit him with a psychic pulse hard enough to send him into the tree lines. When Argi had returned and made his comment about being surrounded by pretty girls, Aya would give a bright smile and say "I was wondering that, myself. Even in her non-human form, Miss Glassman is quite elegant. Miss Ravenbush and her companion are both quite pretty, but also strong looking. I never got her name, but our science friend looks as intelligent as I think she might be." Aya paused while thinking about how she didn't comment on the other half of the group... "Oh... Ummm... And the men are quite impressive, as well. Mister Argi's magic was wonderful. Mister Dauner and Mister Gozen were as brave as I remember, and our ally with the gun did quite a number on the Yuuja." Aya than rubbed the side of her head with a slightly embarrassed expression. "... I admit that compared to everyone else, I seem like the most frail, and am very limited in practical combat."
  12. Sounds like a plan. I've got plenty of muse, so I'll try and get my post up before day's end- assuming I get a break from driving around family members. Aya & Vito's reunion... "Alright everyone, this is-" Aya: "Hello, Mister Vito."
  13. This is why Aya would say he [Myuil] can get them halfway there (livin' on a prayer!!!) even without radar, it's hard to NOT see a 100-200 meter long flying monster. So, they'd be at minimum 50 miles out when they drop off the radar.
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