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  1. Shina hung in the back, nervously holding her shoulder with the opposing hand while looking at the ground. She was somewhat confused as to where the creature went, and why she didn't hear it walk away, but at least they wouldn't need to deal with it at the moment. "Oh. He's gone..." she said softly, blinking in bewilderment. “How do you even know we can go through it?” “Well, I watched a rodent do it...then the dusk moths. It’s more of an observant assumption really. I guess we’ll just have to find out for ourselves.” “I’m not sticking my hand in there.” The conversation between the two ended with Keanu saying “If you both don’t mind, I’ll go first.” Shina said "I'm okay with that." and watched as Keanu proceeded to poke the barrier, and her finger went right through. "Not a barrier... a transdimensional rift?" Shina commented in a hushed tone, mostly thinking out loud. She knew very little of physics, but she did know that the laws of science forbade such a thing, so this would have to be a work of magic. Keanu said it would be cooler on the other side. Such a rapid change in temperature meant that it truly was a rift. Two paths that should never cross, meet in a spacial merge. From it? Calamity. "If I'm nearby, it shouldn't be too terrible." she spoke up, less timid than before since she was very sure of her effect on the environment around her. She walked forward, moving next to Keanu and taking a look through the wall.
  2. Nohaka is a hidden place that's connected to the Isles of Judgement. It's something that you could search every square inch of Valucre for, and never once find. You can find evidence of it in the form of requests for creatures and plants originating from it, you can hear people in Scarlet Waters tellings tales of it, you can even be told that it exists from the Shrine Mother, who is not known to tell tall tales; but... you would never find it. Those who've been to the place have tried finding alternative routes. They've dug for tens of thousands of feet and hit nothing but rock. They've planted teleportation modules, and been teleported to oblivion. They've had the best mages, scientists, and inventors work in unison... and come up with not a single result. There is but one way into Nohaka... Those who wish to go to Nohaka aren't given any cryptic answers, no fancy riddles etched in stone. Those who venture to Scarlet Waters Port are told very directly from The Guild, as well as anyone who knows the place exists for a fact. "In order to enter Nohaka, talk to the Shrine Mother." In this region, 'The Shrine Mother' is the title given to only a single being. It's the woman who heads the Shrine of Judgement on the far west coast of Seiikishima. Depending on who you ask and how helpful they may feel, you might be told what to expect. For everyone who wishes to enter Nohaka, you must meet with the Shrine Mother. She will ask you to retrieve certain items from around the Isles of Judgement, or even from mainland Alterion. The nature of her request may be as simple as retrieving Iron Rhino plates, or as difficult as bringing the essence of multiple Black Dryads. For all of these, the conditions are always the same. You may only use that which you can carry, and fit through a standard doorframe. Note: Please message Priestess with a link to the thread for all interactions with the Shrine Mother. Rather than thinking of Nohaka as a single landmass, it would be better to think of it as eight landmasses, distinct from one-another, connected by a central point, which is where you arrive. When you arrive, below your feet is a marble plinth, circular in shape. In front of and around you will be eight different areas, separated by a translucent barrier of sorts. Each of the eight main regions have a distinct theme, which can be easily recognized by the creatures that roam the area, as well as the area itself. The Trial Warden or Shrine Mother can give you information on these areas. • The Steel Valley is an area where everything is made of metal. There are very few trees scattered about, providing few places to get a high vantage point. The area is littered with green steel that rises 7 feet high in some parts, shaped to mimic grass perfectly. Animals here are heavy, sturdy, and literally made of metal. • The Library is a very strange area that may not be so straight forward. The Library is an endless, twisting labyrinth of indestructible bookshelves, and rapidly regenerating texts that are all blank. Writing in these books results in the ink falling to the ground. They exist, but at the same time, don't exist. Within these walls, each large room gives way to a new dilemma that plays to the weakness of one or multiple members of the party. Puzzles, hypothetical situations made manifest, intellectual challenges- and none are the same as the last. • The Infested Mountain are littered with the remains of a shattered mountain with each broken pieces floating around aimlessly. These floating fragments give off a light, shadowy aura that infects anyone affiliated with divine entities and begins eating away at them. Amidst these airborne islands are winged creatures, the seraphim race, and wind elementals. Without the ability to fly, you'll need to navigate the terrain by waiting for islands to pass each other and jumping to them. • The Pyramid is an area where the walls are made of gold that tempts even the most pure hearted to take it. Those who remove gold from these walls will find a curse that cannot be dispelled by any force. In stages, the person will begin to fall ill with lethargy. This escalates to total collapse, then, they become encased in a golden cocoon. Soon-after, they emerge from this shell as a miniature version of the one who owns these wretched halls. The creatures you'll find within are various forms of insects, other adventurers who fell victim to the curse, and the gilded corpses of anyone else unfortunate enough to die here. Their abilities vary wildly. • The Garden of Wonders is a very serene location. None of the passive flora are dangerous, and all are safe to consume. Green is everywhere, along with a gentle haze lining the floor. During the day, light filters through the canopy in a breathtaking display. During the night, glowing roots jutting out the ground, leading to the base of trees, cast a gentle light, making it easy to navigate. It smells absolutely heavenly at all times. However, among this natural paradise lurks active plants, hiding among the vines, roots, and foliage of your surroundings. Dryads, Spriggans, and Elves protect the land, attacking anyone with startling stealth capabilities. • The Rotting Marsh appears to be an area covered in moss, low laying plants, vines, and is completely waterlogged. The entire area is littered with corpses and the smell of rotting flesh. Within this area, the water is the most dangerous place to be, but cannot be avoided. Creatures here are typically toxic beings with mangled, venomous teeth and an immunity to various attack methods. Poison, Necromancy, Light, and Paralysis and Stun are all completely ineffective. • The Burning Catacombs holds the driest air of all the lands. Blue flames coat the skull-covered walls and parts of the floor and ceiling. In this place, those who die are honored. Whenever someone dies, a skeletal slave appears to drag their corpse to be burned, and their skull added to the wall. From these walls, a skull can occasionally come out and reincarnate the one who died, offering a chance at a second life, or, a battle. Those who resurrect must fight their way out. • The Valley of the Shadow of Death, the name says it all. There is no life in this place. The area is a massive, seemingly endless graveyard with a low-laying mist dotting the ground. Those whose names are etched into the stones of this place are forever lost, and even The Burning Catacombs cannot bring them back. The monsters in this place can be anything from any place from any time- past, present, future, reality, dream, or legend. Those who die here cannot be revived by any means while inside the area. The will of the gods cannot reach this valley, for in this place, there is only one god... Those who wish to obtain items of power need only speak to the Shrine Mother, who will put you in contact with a very interesting individual who's the absolute only mortal born inside Nohaka. She has no true name, and is known only as 'The Trial Warden' to those who associate with her. The services that The Trial Warden provides varies. She may inform you of each of the eight lords of Nohaka, as well as give you helpful tips on dealing with them. 'Not all lords require fighting, and not all lords follow the same theme as the lands they rule.' She can help you deal with the dangers of each area, and exchange items from ones that will be of more use. These items may be gathered within the Isles of Judgement or Nohaka. She may also teleport you and your team anywhere between Scarlet Waters Port and the Shrine of Judgement, or into Nohaka, with the Shrine Mother's permission. The Trial may be completed by any party of 5-6 individuals and consists of 8 parts, 9 including the mission to gain entry to Nohaka. These parts DO NOT have a set page requirement, and may be completed in the same thread, or separate ones. Posting order and order-skip timers are set by the party leader. The Trial is overseen by Priestess, acting as the DM and controller of all major NPC's, but with no power over minor NPC's(cannon fodder). Characters may only bring items that can easily fit through a standard 34x80 inch door frame. Mild Powers is lightly enforced. The first person to complete The Trial will be allowed to claim the artifact for Nohaka, but may ask for an alternative reward. Only 1 person may claim the Artifact. Only those who complete at least 5/8 of the segments and are present at the end of the trial may claim a reward. Alternative rewards can be custom made items of power, a familiar/battle pet, a new ability, or a number of other possibilities. Due to this, even after the artifact is claimed, you may undertake The Trial to get a different reward.
  3. Shina was assured that it was okay, but the other girl who was frantic about the damaged machine made her feel otherwise. Her question about the well being of the owner of the other mechanical's safety was answered. As fortune would have it, Keanu was the owner, and her name was Keanu. The one who was in a frenzy was Sterling. "I'm sorry..." Shina said again apologetically. Even if Keanu said it was fine, Shina still worried about it. Someone could've gotten hurt, after all. The two were preparing to head off. It would seem that Sterling was going to be the pack mule, since she was ordered to grab the gear. Shina was also invited to come along, to which she paused and placed the tip of her finger to where he chin should be while thinking about it. "Hmmm... I suppose this gives me a chance to make up for the fireball." she said under her breath. "Umm, what do we do about him?" she asked while gesturing towards the shadowy figure on the other side of the barrier.
  4. In my post I just acknowledged Cardinal's death, but whether or not he alerted Aya, the same series of events (for her) would've played out. Dragon Riders still attack, Argi still throws children at her, Ira still swears to immolate him for it later, etc... There hasn't been much interaction with Elizabeth on my end, so making a minor retcon is almost inconsequential. Even if it would've ruined the consistency of my posts, I wouldn't mind it.
  5. In the grand scheme, nothing. The Aleth are very much able to continue operations, the Enrelle are still in the city, and the Spectral District has significant damage. For the moment, we've prevented the Aleth from advancing their plans, gathered a small bit of information in regards to their capabilities, and have bought some time for external forces to make plans for the next time the Aleth try to steal a god. We've also made it more difficult for the next group of liberators to exterminate the Enrelle, since the parasite now knows that the meat-bags (us) are targeting them with stronger, more annoying forces than just our Ape-Man stabby things and metal spitters.
  6. I won't comment on the parts about the site's canon since talking about things I don't at least 51% understand seems tacky, and on a good day I understand maybe 2% of the site. I never once thought that stopping Cancer would stop the Aleth as a whole. My understanding of it was that stopping Cancer would stop the Aleth from controlling the source of mana *in this thread* but they would eventually try again. Aya's medical understanding is restricted to her native habitat, that being the Isles of Judgement. Within the Shrine of Judgement, she can use native plants in combination with healing magic to get the job done. Outside the shrine, she has to rely solely on her magic, OR make an educated guess on whether the plant she's using is actually the same as the one she's thinking of, or a toxic look-alike. Aya's utility to Elizabeth would've been more clerical. She could organize her research and translate the information to a version that the common man could understand. I was pretty much just going with whatever happened in the thread. There were a lot of things I thought would last longer (the Wrym's Bane, the dragon ride, the camp, the bus ride, the airship ride, the groups element of surprise...) which would've provided a lot of time for planning, but things didn't pan out that way. At first, I was trying to RP according to the lore, which is why Myuil's breath attack didn't blast a hole clean through the Yuuja, but the thread spiraled out of control. This was pretty much all said in my rant a few pages ago... If after the thread @Darth Lager (Elizabeth), @The Alexandrian (Cae), and/or @Zashiii want to make a trip to Seiikishima to talk to Aya and get any information she may have gathered during the madness, I'm not opposed to it. Between the parties involved, her and Dauner are the only two who have nothing gain from holding onto that information. The location of the Shrine of Judgement is IC knowledge you could get just by looking at literally any map of Alterion (even if the OOC map isn't updated), and the only person Aya's been openly hostile towards is her sister so they have no real reason beyond paranoia to assume she'd be uncooperative. That is, assuming, either of the three individuals would be actively trying to find the Aleth or a new way of combating them after the thread. Or even just feel like having a cup of tea with an ally.
  7. @Meraxa this is your chance. Summon the almighty Cancer and put all the agro on Dauner. xD
  8. That sword is super neat!

  9. Presently, Dauner still has 2 working swords, so he doesn't need it. If one of his blades becomes useless, the feather will turn into a sword. As for *how* he'd learn what it does, if he chooses to make use of it, he could figure it out as he travels. Of course, there's the option of his weapons never breaking or blunting, and the feather just being a really pretty keepsake. Edit: The sword will naturally get sharper over time, unless Dauner's fighting in a pitch black room. The reason being is that light will constantly be touching the Dark Blue areas of the sword (refer to Light Absorption). Name: Crystal Dragon Sword Length: 121cm, including tang Weight: 1.5 Kg Width: 11.5cm at the guard Thickness: Max 1.5cm Base Info: A sword made from the scale of a Crystal Dragon. While made of Crystal, the weapon is harder than any common steel, and will not shatter unless struck by incredible force. The blade gives off a faint, light blue glow, making stealth difficult when it's not sheathed. Light Refracting: The crystal structure of the sword appears to be similar to that of most true diamonds. Light based attacks that hit the blade, the light blue parts of the guard, and/or pommel will reflect. The direction the light reflects is dependent on the angle of impact. Light Absorption: Light that hits the Dark Blue parts of the sword are absorbed into the crystal. Absorbing light increases the sharpness of the blade proportionate to the amount of light absorbed. The blade, however, cannot become infinitely sharp. The limit to sharpness stops at being able to cut metal like a hot knife through already melted butter. Gamma Burst: The blade may release all of the light stored inside it at the user's will. The damaging effect of the resulting burst of light will depend on the amount of light stored before release. The color of the light released is dependent on the wielder, and which element is closest to their heart.
  10. Admittedly, I did skim the previous posts... My opinion of what makes a character "important" is that it's very complex. An example is that 4 people go into a cave system. A professional spelunker, a common man with a lantern, a doctor, and a child. Emotional: • The child is important to the common man because it's HIS child, his own flesh and blood, that he's seen grow from a baby and wishes to see continue growing. The other 2 men could die, so long as him and his child came out. HE could die, so long as the child came out. • The doctor values the child from a moral standpoint, but is seasoned enough to have seen several patients die, so won't lose too much sleep over it. While he would do everything in his power to protect the child, he would go through less effort for the other two men, and care even less if they died. • The professional spelunker is there for a paycheck. People die in caves, and if the man with the lantern dies, he'll just have someone else hold the lantern. If the man's child dies, there's no consequence. It's grim, but that's the reality. • The child doesn't know the doctor or spelunker. He only cares for his father. In this sense, the "importance" of each is assigned by who cares for who. Circumstantial: • The spelunker knows how best to navigate caves. He has the equipment and training that the other 3 don't. Even if he falls and breaks his leg, he can tell the other 3 what to do to avoid ending up just like him, so he's important for the entire trip. • The doctor has medical expertise, and can provide aid should someone slip and hurt themself. If the common man dies, he can hold the lantern. His "importance" is precautionary. • The child is frail, and his only use is that if the team drops the lantern in a tight spot, the child can retrieve it. If his father dies, the child can carry the lantern. • The common man has the lantern, but he's following the instructions of the spelunker. His "importance" is only held while he has that lantern. Power: Let's say that, for example, the Spelunker was also a doctor and had a third arm to hold the lantern, and a retractable tail with a functioning appendage. This would make him the most critical member of the team. He can do everything the other 3 can do and then some. He provides the largest safety net, and losing him would be quite damning. This would make for a boring story, as the other 3 characters are only there for the sake of having someone for dialogue. From my standpoint as a writer... the most "important" thing that the spelunker could do, is to die. Functionality: A character's importance is also based on what they're willing to do. For example, using the above, if the common man refused to hold the lantern (which is the only thing he's good for), then he's no longer important. He has no purpose beyond dialogue. If he falls and dies, he acts as a springboard for the child's development, but changes nothing for the other two men. If the doctor refuses to treat a wound, he is a villain, but can still be important since he can change his mind later down the road. If he goes the entire story with that mentality, then he was unimportant, and mostly useless. If the spelunker refused to lead the group, then he is useless and unimportant until he changes his mind. Grand Scheme: These characters, on a global level, are all unimportant. Anything that these people have done, someone else could also do. If the child grew up to revolutionize modern technology, that only means he was the first to do it. There would inevitably be another child who did it after him, so he isn't important. But, let's say that instead of diving into a cave, the story were saving a city from a hydrogen bomb. Everyone, even if all they did was carry supplies for the trip, is important on some level. All of them would've contributed to keeping that city from becoming a glassy crater. The exception would be if a character arrived, saw the bomb, said "nope" and then immediately left. That person did nothing.
  11. Player 6 has entered the arena sky.
  12. So it was said that dragon-like beings patrolled the skies, so it would be that none were found. After all, most fish knew better than to swim with a shark. In the aerial seas, suspended thousands of feet above the shattered lands of Renevatio, was a creature of Genesaran origins- a true dragon with feather-like scales made of crystal. Its shadows eerily danced across the world below, darting over trees and villages who's inhabitants hid in hopes that further calamity would not seek their souls, relieved when the danger had passed. "Do you know where you're going?" Ira asked Aya in a very calm, but disapproving tone. "Not in the slightest. Staves have a strange habit of remaining eternally silent." Aya replied while looking at the scales on her staff that were still pulling her in what seemed to be an arbitrary direction. The two had been traveling for hours from the Shrine of Judgement, and Ira wasn't accustom to going somewhere without knowing where she was going. The scale then began telling Aya to turn back, causing the priestess to say "Myuil, circle back, please." and the dragon tilting to its side and creating a massive circle. Aya took the time to try and look through the forest top to find what could possibly be behind this happening, but the canopy was too thick for her mortal eyes to penetrate. From Reverie's point of view, it was likely that she could not see Aya's energy. The staff Aya wielded was no mere stick, but rather, a direct connection to the God of Justice. Through the staff, the God's power, its will, and its influence surged into whichever world it was physically present in. The white, divine aura of the staff was so massive in scale and luminosity that it would eclipse Aya and Ira's own entirely. Were it not for Myuil's immense size, it would've consumed his as well. Anyone who had seen Myuil pass overhead would see the dragon circle back behind them but not pass them a third time. He had reduced speed enough to follow the group, keeping the two women high above the party. "You don't think someone down there's going to attack us, do you?" Ira asked, though, not sounding worried. She sounded like she wanted to be attacked, because she wanted an excuse to turn this forest to ash. "I am doubtful." Aya replied while keeping an eye on the forest.
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  14. My post was quite long, so I segmented it into sections. If anyone would rather have a TL;DR version, I wouldn't consider it rude to ask for it.
  15. Myuil had lead Gozen through the allies rather than the open streets, guided by Aya and her ability to see the world around him in a way that even he couldn't. While this didn't result in a completely uninterrupted trip, it did prevent Gozen from having to fight off enemies from all sides. The small dragon was quite nimble and was able to slip through the grasps of the few that attacked him, letting Gozen take care of them. Upon arriving to the building where Aya was under, Myuil stopped next to the stairs leading down into the basement and let out a high pitched cry while pointing to them. Gozen would see a white wall preventing him from entering, but it would disappear shortly after, allowing the two dragons to enter. This wall would return the moment they descended into Aya's lair. It was understandable that Gozen hadn't immediately recognized Aya in her current form. Their last meeting, which was also their first, didn't show this ability of her's. In her presence, Gozen would possibly be able to feel a powerful energy coming from her, a far cry from her normal self. While powerful, it wasn't overbearing. It would give off the sense of Aya being someone worth showing respect, as if she truly were a god. Aya blinked while looking at Gozen. Her golden eyes shimmered like a pool full of glitter. Myuil let out a cry, changing the crystal block into a flat surface. Shelly's body wouldn't fall to the ground, but rather, a blue aura would take her and gently place her on it. The flat crystal table would float closer to Aya. 'I assure you, Mister Gozen, I am Aya.' her voice would echo in his mind. A white energy would form around Shelly, consuming her, anointing her with divine magic. The energy would grow more luminous, becoming almost unbearable to look at before finally fading away to reveal a healed Shelly. The wounds on her back from where the parasite was holding on to her, any wounds caused by her earlier battle, self inflicted or otherwise, strained muscle from the Enrelle forcing her to fight at 200% at all times -all of it- gone. But... she didn't wake up. 'Mister Gozen.' Aya would say to get his attention 'This will take some time to fix. Miss Shelly will be fine, please go assist the others.' Myuil would let out another cry and pull a feather from his side. Carried by Aya's telekinesis, it would gently float to Gozen. 'Myuil would like you to give this to Mister Dauner. There are quite a few enemies, he may need an extra blade. Also, do not tell anyone what you have seen here.' Once Gozen was gone, Aya would put on a less confident expression as she had no idea how to fix this. She could tell that Shelly was alive, she was breathing, her skin had color in it, but she wasn't displaying any emotions. Even when dreaming people still felt emotion. Aya felt something inside her, though, in more of a figurative sense than a literal one. It was an abstract thought, the idea of being connected. She knew that all things were connected, she experienced it on a daily basis, but this connection implied power beyond the external connection. Shelly's body was pulled closer to Aya and she reached out, gently taking hold of her hand. She closed her eyes and tried to feel for her mind. A few moments and Aya was overwhelmed by the void that was her mind. It felt like swimming naked through a sea of slush. If there was a sea, then it had to have depth. Aya began feeling deeper, going further down the rabbit hole, blindly searching for something she didn't know of. The further she went, the colder it got. Soon... she felt nothing. Something warmed her hand, the same one that had been holding Shelly's in the physical world. The warmth grew. It enveloped her hand as though it were returning Aya's hold. 'Miss Shelly?' she asked, but was given no reply. The hand holding her's grew tighter, but wasn't trying to pull her deeper into the abyss. She could feel something coming from the warmth, a feeling of love and strength. It was certainly Shelly. She had something worth fighting for, something to return to, and was given the slightest ember of hope in this endless abyss, and it was enough for her. Aya pulled herself back, making sure to not let go, and Shelly held on as well, it seemed. The bitter cold returned, but was getting warmer as the two reached the surface. When they "surfaced" Aya opened her eyes to gaze down on the blonde haired woman, who would be staring back. Gold and shimmering, her gaze was fixed on Shelly. While she wouldn't say it, she was still finding it hard to believe Dauner actually got married. "Welcome back, Miss Shelly." she said in Shell's mind and gave a warm smile. Shelly's hand was released and Aya's expression returned to neutrality. "I apologize, but there isn't much time for much conversation. Would you mind helping the guard with evacuation of this city? Also, please forget having ever seen me. It is safer for everyone involved." Myuil would create a shimmering sound in the air, turning the flat surface Shelly was on into a new cloak. The cloak was made of the same crystal that covered Myuil's body, making it resistant to Light, Earth, and Steel elemental attacks. Light as it was, the cloak would be very resistant to slashing attacks, just like chain mail, but it was also weak to stabbing. More importantly, the cloak would cover the gaping hole in the back of her armor. If Shelly did help evacuate people, she would see a white light dance around her for a moment before vanishing. The result of which would only come into play under a very specific circumstance. Aya had returned to focusing on the city as a whole, viewing the madness around her. It would seem she had attracted the attention of their foe, as the corners of her vision began to fade and a distinct sound was heard over the screams of fear and battle in the city. It would seem the parasite had seen Aya's work, and knew that she was far greater a threat than she initially seemed. At first, it didn't hurt. Aya was able to ignore it, viewing it as little more that a chattering monkey's call in the background of a jungle's song. Aya guided her sister, warning her of the enemies behind her. 'Ira, the buildings are rather inexpensive when compared to the lives of those children.' she said, to which Ira put on a smug smirk. Ira held her hands out to both sides and tapped the walls of the building, saying "Burn Rune, Burn Rune, Burn Rune, Burn Rune!" with every repetition of the spell, a fist-sized magic circle, red in color with a fire symbol on them. Just one of the men charging after her had crossed the line, and every rune exploded in rapid succession. While a single explosion would do little damage, the multitude of explosions had destroyed much of the side of the building. Strong construction would cause only a portion of the building to topple and bury the alley in debris, leaving the rest of the structure standing tall. More chattering monkeys had joined to form a chorus, making it more difficult for Aya to focus on the task at hand. They were unhappy with her providing assistance. They didn't like that, even though she didn't lift a finger, she was the most damaging warrior in this battle. It was clear that Aya had no intentions of standing down as she guided more guardsmen, helping them find safer routes with less infected to deal with. It hadn't taken long, only ten minutes or so, for the Aleth to begin screaming much louder. Aya's utility had been cut in half, but, even with a splitting headache, she held true to her contract. She did not bless herself to feel no pain, nor did she stop trying to defy the Aleth. Her vision had quickly began deteriorating, making it so everything outside of the building she was in was a black haze... and then... white. A barrier had formed around Aya, reflecting the psionic attack of the Aleth back to them while also sealing the priestess's power inside. They, in this moment, were separated, and the Aleth would have a moment to prepare for their next attack. Aya's vision would return enough for her to look forward and see herself. Looking down, Aya saw her clothes had changed to her standard set, the same shrine maiden's kimono she always wore. Black hair dangled in her peripherals, and magenta eyes stared into gold ones. She opened her mouth, but the other one raised a hand and pressed the tips of her fingers to Aya's, silencing her. A flashback played in Aya's mind, hearkening back to the time when she was a child, first receiving the Staff of Judgement. The Shrine Mother's words echoed... 'To accept this staff is to become Justice itself. Justice does not religion, nor gender. It does not care for word of mouth, and cannot be bribed. It is colorblind, fearless, and relentless. Justice cannot be stopped. You cannot run from it, you cannot hide- it will always come for you, in this life, or the next. When you walk with this staff, you walk with the God who made it.' Aya understood, now. She was no longer merging with the God of Justice, but rather, she was before it. Justice was without form, so it took the form most familiar to Aya, her own form. A vision was given to Aya, showing the form of Cancer in its original state, as well as the location of his body. A moment of thought... 'These enrelle control their host's bodies, but have access to the mind. If they're attempting to resurrect that body, then there must be some fragment of Cancer's mind that remains...' "Do you... Are you able to-" her counterpart shook her head. The God of Justice does not act in place of the mortals, something that Aya had forgotten for a moment. She had given Aya the staff, but it was Aya's responsibility to use it. She had given Aya a hint, it was her job to find the answer. "Am I... able to do such a thing? To reach a divine being's mind and draw him out?" Her counterpart reached for Aya's hand and gently clasped it. With the help of the God of Justice, Aya could do this. "I cannot withstand mental attacks of this scale. Please, I ask of you, become my shield, and in exchange, I will find Cancer." the counterpart smiled at Aya. Aya's barrier would fall, allowing the Aleth to make their next attack. This time, however, when they attacked, it would not be the same mind that they struck before. This one was far more resolute, far less human, and attacked back. The screaming that the Aleth would hear was not a furious scream, but rather, a powerful howl. It was the hearts of guardsmen, fighting hell itself to protect their people. Soldiers, fighting for their gods, ideals, families, and freedom. It was farmers defending their fields, and creatures of the night defending their right to live among the day-walkers. It was every creature who had a form of Justice in its heart, who died in the name of protecting that justice, screaming at a creature who couldn't comprehend them. Amidst this, Aya would slip through the mental front lines in search of a single coin amidst a sea of tacks. It was painful, but she had formed a contract, and death itself was not enough to make her break it. In this moment, Aya had silently wished that she'd agreed on payment of some sort beforehand, rather than working gratis. Amidst this sea, Aya had sent out a call. 'Cancer... Please, if you can hear me, if you can feel me, please, help me find you.' she prayed. It was far different from her asking the god to come to her. She would swim a million kilometers through this painful place, if only the one she sought would tell her which direction to move. Like a distress beacon, she would replay the message every few seconds, hoping to hear something, to find a single ember in this endless abyss.
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