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  1. Lexa blinked a coupled times. Her left ear flickered before resting sideways in a curious manner. A few moments of silence would pass before Lexa opened her mouth and said "Lexa not trust Big Sister."
  2. "Lexa thinks all names not good. Zenethia trying too hard. Verena colovuted. Final Bastion too long. At... At..." Lexa puffed up her cheeks from frustration at trying to pronounce the name before saying "Big Brother name too hard to say." while pointing to Jack. "Name should be short, easy for remembering, not hard to say. Lexa's name is Alexandria Lexicus Grimoire. Lexa not know why handler give her big name. Lexa make it smaller." Lexa extended her hand and slapped it on her chest to draw attention to her whole being. "Lexa not mean nothing. Lexa name short. Name not tell nothing about Lexa. Big Sister don't need Lexa's name to know Lexa did stuff. Big Sister know things only Lexa does. Actions make Lexa's name mean stuff, Lexa's name not imotant. When Lexa does stuff, people tell Big Sister what happen. Big Sister know was Lexa." A summary of what Lexa was saying was that their name doesn't need to mean anything. It didn't need to be fancy or long. It needed to be short, easy to remember, and easy to say. Their actions, as a nation, would give the name meaning. Whenever their name came up, they'll be known for their legacy, and not how cool their name was. ((OOC Note: Lexa is known for being hyperactive, curious, and causing temporary blackouts whenever she wakes up due to high power electrical discharges that even lightning rods can't fully negate. Colovuted = Convoluted, Imotant = Important))
  3. Lexa stared at Cal for a moment before saying "Lexa falled of lotsa cliffs. Not dangerous- fun!" she said in a completely serious tone. Yet another joke, gone right over her head.
  4. Lexa's ears rapidly shot up at the mentioning of a kitten. She looked around as best she could while being held in Addison's arms. "Where kitten!? Lexa wants to pet kitty!" she exclaimed, eyes wide open in search of the mentioned legendary beast. She paused and rapidly clasped her hands over her mouth, looking at those gathered around her. She whispered through her fingers "Lexa wasn't supposed to be loud... Lexa be quiet, now..."
  5. "Lexa doesn't know." she said while turning on the stool. She then slid off the stool and walk back down to Addison. She'd hold her hand to Addison's face and activate her magic circuits. She'd see a small static discharge roll down Lexa's hand, and under that, markings that resembled a modern day motherboard. "Bat just like Lexa. Metal mix with skin... but bat skin different. Bat skin burns, Lexa skin resist." As the glowing faded, signifying that Lexa had deactivated the circuits, a bit of steam would come from her hand, but show no visible burns. Lexa would then pick up the bat and pull hair from its back to show Addison that she'd successfully charred it. "Big Sister and Lexa explore more."
  6. As addison folded her arms around Lexa, following a small debate about the name 'Zenithia' Lexa took it as her queue to talk. She looked up and quickly brushed the crumbs from her mouth using her forearm before raising it. "Lexa doesn't like it. Lexa thinks name sounds like it trying too hard to be cool. Also sounds... ummm... not-imagine..." she struggled to find the opposite of 'imaginative' while also trying to think of the adjective for 'imagine.' "Sound like someone take Zenith, added suffix, and says it's good name. Lexa would never take name serousy." (Yes, she did mispronounce "Seriously")
  7. And so began the second meeting of pointless bickering, wherein adults began talking about utterly pointless things! The main difference between this meeting and the last was that Lexa was allowed to be there. The last one, she had to sneak her way in, and use pawns to make her opinions known. The kitsune child saw no point in arguing a name for this nation. She honestly saw no point in giving it a name, either. As far as she was concerned, their allies and enemies were better off knowing Addison was there, and that be their sign to celebrate or grieve- depending on whose side she was on. For this meeting, Lexa had taken her rightful place on Addison's lap. In her own lap was a bag, and inside that bag was a collection of shortbread cookies, each no larger than Lexa's palm. Her eyes glanced back and forth between the two who'd begun talking as crumbs collected on her face from eating the cookies like theatre popcorn.
  8. Things went through a rapid and drastic change. The child-like centaur before Aya had faded, along with the world around her. It wasn't long that she was floating in an abyss before she heard a voice behind her. She turned around to spot a much larger looking winged centaur... thing. This one, however, was more decrepid while also being more mature. A deeper voice, larger body, but its wings were... skeletal. Upon seeing her face as she turned to see his... everything, Cancer had recognized her from a few moments prior. He asked questions, logical ones, but was cut off by a seemingly intense pain that Aya, cut off from her divine staff, was powerless to mend. The former god had regained his faculties and asked Aya what happened, adding another question of the woman. Aya looked up at the entity, her maroon eyes locking onto his. She gracefully lowered herself to an oriental sitting position. "I am Aya, a Priestess of Judgement, contracted with the God of Justice of Seiikishima." question one was answered, onto the next. "It was the God of Justice whose power allowed me to find you. You're correct that you're not dead, however, I have reason to doubt you may ever walk among the living again. How long ago do you wish me to begin my explanation? The recent events, leading to our meeting? Or, perhaps, the more distant events, leading to your permanent separation from the physical world?"
  9. As the last of the bats hit the floor, Lexa approached them and grabbed the one that she killed. Addison's kills were all charred and damaged, while Lexa's was only lightly charred. Staring at the animal, she began looking through it at its internal structure. Softly, under her breath, she was thinking out loud. "Circuits made of gold-palladium alloy. Skin not like Lexa's..." she turned it over, letting the wings flop down "...no regeneration." Lexa tossed the bat aside like a paper ball. "Lexa doesn't understand." she said while walking up a ramp, following the rails on the ground. She gently brushed aside the plastic barrier of the surgery room and walked in. Upon discovering that she was shorter than the table, Lexa grabbed a nearby metal stool and stood on it. The remains were skeletal. It was also clearly a child. "Was a boy." she said while looking at the skeleton's pelvis. Lexa grabbed the femur and jumped down from the stool. She raised her leg and placed the femur under her foot while holding the top and bottom with each of her hands. A single, smooth motion was made to snap the leg and reveal nothing had come out. She looked down the bone. "No marrow..." Lexa jumped to sit on the stood with puffed cheeks. A long creeeeeeeeeeeeak was released as the stool slowly spun.
  10. "Baseball bat not ubikuilly brown. Some black, tan, silver... Lexa sawed a rainbow one before! Lexa also thinks they're better for her health than chocolate... Not taste good, but still better." Lexa said while the joke flew over her head, through the woods, past the horizon, and out to space.
  11. "There's a lot of things like that. Chocolate is the worst... and it smells icky."
  12. One of Lexa's ears tilted on its side and the girl looked at Cal curiously. "Okay." she said.
  13. The moment that Lexa heard the hand coming towards her and the sound of leaves crunching as he began leaning, she opened one eyes and instantly hugged Cal. "Lexa trick big brother back!" (Score One for crocodile tears!) The moment she went flying, Lexa was laughing excitedly. She reappeared at Cal's side before hitting the tree and said "Lexa would never be hurt by ball! ...See?" she pointed to her forehead to reveal not even a hint of a bruise. He honestly didn't throw it that hard to begin with...
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