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    First name: Shina Nicknames: "Candle Stick" Alignment: Neutral-Good Race: Human Marital Status: Single Sexuality: Maybe Gender: Female Actual Age: 17 Apparent Age: 17 Role: Spellsword Voice: Young Eyes: Black Complexion: Type II Height: 161cm Weight: 47Kg Build: Hourglass Hair: Color: Black Length: Long Texture: Silky Style: Straight Tattoos/markings: Location: Left Eye Mark: 4 Linear Cuts Note: Looks like a tattoo Demeanor: • Socially Awkward • Shy around strangers • Easily made to worry • Outgoing around friends • Clearly tries to be social • Always seemingly uncomfortable Fears: • Fire • Demons • Killing • Being Alone • Large Crowds • Relationships Likes: • Snow • The Dark • Children • Cute Things • Sweet Things • Thunderstorms Dislikes: • Crowds • Swimming • Hot Places • People Staring Shina was born into a family of mages. Not the kinds who study and refine common arcana, but, the kinds who hope to expand magic and push its limits. Following her birth, her mother and father both decided that she was better used as an experiment than be raised as a child, resulting in her unnatural powers and predicament. To call her "human" would be correct only when referring to the fact that her parents and genome are human. However, her soul was fused with a demon at a very young age. Throughout her childhood, Shina was prone to violent outbursts where she'd attack the other students at her magic school. Clawing, biting, or even trying to incinerate her peers wasn't uncommon, and resulted in her being shunned. Halfway through her first school, at the age of seven, Shina's condition worsened when a group of girls had saw fit to attack her out of nowhere. Having panicked and lost concentration on suppressing the demon within, she accidentally let it free, resulting in the death of all five of the girls who attacked her. The school director had drawn the line and signed it that day, expelling her from the school, and making her parents regard her as a failure. In the two years that followed, she was forced to endure harsh experiments to enhance her magic, and harsher punishment whenever she failed to meet her parent's expectations. Having had enough of it, she willingly set her demon loose and let it destroy her home, the laboratory she was confined to, and her parents with it. The demon had long known it's life was reliant on the child, and made sure to it that she wasn't killed in the fire... but she was severely burned. Once the fire team recovered Shina and her burns were treated, she endured a year as an orphan. During that year, she became extremely close to a young boy who she'd never admit to have started liking a little too much. He was the only child who saw past her burn marks and occasionally strange behavior, namely her talking to her reflection, and was able to see that she was good. Towards the end of that year, Shina had gotten much too close to the boy and was letting her guard down around him. The demon waited for the moment when she was least defensive, when she and him were in a warm embrace. Suddenly, the boy burst into flames and began screaming as his body was reduced to ash. The flames spread around her and engulfed the rest of the orphanage. Try as they did, the staff were unable to save most of the children. Including Shina, only six of the thirty children made it out. Terrified of what would happen if she were connected to the fire, Shina disappeared from the scene, thinking that she were the only survivor. While on the run, Shina was recruited into a group of mercenaries who claimed to be able to help her. They outfitted her with a mask that suppresses magic, making it so the demon wouldn't be able to force itself out so easily while she was wearing it. She was given a sword, and some training on how to use it. In the four years that followed, she and the group were always together. They were so different from her original family that she forced herself to perform as best she could, and met their expectations willingly, sometimes even exceeding them. She never rose to be as strong as the group leader, not even close. She made enough money to upgrade her equipment, buying a better set of clothes and a sword that would compliment her powers. This armor would later be upgraded after her more "feminine assets" materialized. During her fourth year with the group, a new member joined and attempted to force himself on her. Lacking the physical power to get him off and being unable to scream for help, her only choice was to kill him. Unfortunately, her demon wasn't feeling cooperative with her mask removed, and ran amok once more, and killed everyone. The destruction of her group left Shina to travel alone, once more, taking up jobs and working with whoever was in need of her services as part of their adventuring groups. The process of her being accepted into a group and them being baptized in fire repeated itself several more times over the course of the next two years, until Shina decided it best that she didn't let herself befriend anyone. In the few months she spent isolating herself from people, her demon tortured her by replaying the memories and screams of those it killed before finally telling her what it wanted... freedom. In the time that followed, Shina had gone out in search of an answer for how to separate her soul from the demon's, but to date, has found no such answer. Strengths • Fast • Agile • Precise • Intelligent • Powerful fire attacks • Powerful fire summons • Immune to natural heat Weaknesses • Weak armor • Weak negotiator • Reliant on speed • Not good at survival • Can be clumsy at times • Afraid of her own power • Weak against water magic • Doesn't like splitting up • Fire Sword - Shina's sword is a 3ft long, single-edged blade that allows her to channel fire through the weapon. This flame is capable of lighting on fire anything it touches, eventually consuming that being. • Mask - Shina's mask suppresses her magic, keeping her from losing control of the fire demon inside her, but also blocks off her more powerful attacks. She's able to conjure large quantities of fire with the mask on, but with it off, she would be able to condense those flames into a single point and fire that speck at a building, and level the entire block with the explosion- and that's just the most basic possibility. • Armor - Shina's armor is made mostly of leather and cloth, with very thin metal plates covering some areas for added protection. Effective against blunt attacks like punches and flexible enough to let her move freely in battle, but highly useless against slashing, stabbing, and blunt weapons. It's greatest defensive attribute is against magic, where it can easily cut the power of a spell by a considerable amount. • Elemental Resistance: Fire - Shina is highly resistant to Fire Magic. She'll still be injured by the spell, but not nearly as much as a normal human. • Enhanced Physical Abilities - Shina can run quickly, change direction almost instantly, and accelerate at extremely fast rates. She can't perform at a high level for extended periods of time, so long battles are things she tends to avoid. • Fire Demon - The more Shina uses her magic, the closer her demon is to getting released temporarily. Using magic without her mask makes it so much worse. • Fire Immunity - Shina is unable to be burned by fire of any kind. She's completely immune to all forms of natural heat. • Fire Magic - Shina is capable of casting very powerful spells when her mask is removed. When wearing the mask, she's restricted to less massive attacks. • Fire Pawn - Shina and The Fire Demon can summon creatures made of fire at will. These creatures may act as conduits for its magic, allowing for very complex spells to be performed with very little time. • Hot Blooded - Shina's body radiates heat. Standing within a few inches of her would let you feel it get much hotter. Rain and weak water and ice spells instantly evaporates before it can touch her. • Intoxication Immunity - Shina's Hot Blood makes her immune to intoxication, poisoning, and illness related to natural causes. Magically induced effects are not burned away by her Hot Blood. • Odorless - Shina's Hot Blood also burns away any scent she might have, including body odor from excessive work. Microorganisms are unable to survive on the surface of her skin due to the heat, making it so she only needs to bathe if she feels like it. She normally bathes, regardless. • Pyromancy - Shina is able to control and create fire at will. Her level of control is significantly greater while not wearing the mask.
  2. Do we have a map of Doughton to help me get an idea of where all this is? Also I'm waiting on 1 other person before I post.
  3. Alright :3 I'll wait for you and @Zashiii to post before I do mine.
  4. Most dragons roar, or growl, or just... speak human tongue, but Myuil doesn't. He uses a cooing sound for expressing concern or demanding affection, a high-pitched cry for various other emotions, growling to express aggression, and a shimmering sound for when he's actually speaking. Aya can't understand him at all, she just reads his emotions and the type of sound he's making and makes an assumption based off of those context clues. But he could just go the pokemon route and use gestures and imagery to speak.
  5. It's okay, I brought the Rez. Let's just hope that this doesn't turn into an MMO scenario where the entire party forgets the Cleric can't heal them and avoid damage at the same time.
  6. Should we call in the actual gods, or show the divines that a mere mortal's heart is stronger than any steel, stone, or spell?
  7. Quite fast, yes, but still may have him give Dauner the feather. Does Dauner speak Genesaran Crystal Dragon, or would Myuil need to communicate the old-fashioned way (like a pokemon)?
  8. Aya's curses only work on people who: A.) Give her permission (literally permit her, agree to a contract, challenge her to do something, etc...) B.) Are completely unaware that she's casting one C.) Unconscious If Dauner thinks of it... they could somehow get one of Myuil's feathers on Shelly, and Myuil can crystal sing it. Basically would trap her in a block of solid crystal with only her head exposed. Or they could set up a different kind of trap, like one you'd use for hunting. Or find a really clever way of letting Aya know to bind her without Shelly hearing the plan
  9. Behold! A post! I decided to have something happen in my corner to add to the madness. @Dauner Light I had Myuil follow, but not be too terribly involved. If you'd like, Dauner could take advantage of his crystal singing ability for the sake of that trap. Otherwise I'll just have him fly around and be no more involved than he was in my post
  10. Post getting off the ship and past the guards with Argi and the others with them, Aya had raised an eyebrow at the very concept of Dauner having a fiance. In all honesty, he didn't really seem like the type to 'settle down' just yet. Ira, who knew Dauner for all of not-even-a-single-day picked up on her sister's disbelief and put her hand behind her back to begin casting a low-level incineration spell with the intention of lighting the woman on fire and burning the enrelle off of her. She thought the woman's actions, and fact that her sister had doubts about her relationship with Dauner, meant that she was controlled; but Aya moved her staff in front Ira, silently letting her know to hold back. Neither of them knew for sure if she was controlled or if Dauner seriously had a fiance, which the second thought of that possibility almost made Aya chuckle... it was simply absurd. When they parted ways, Myuil had raised his head up from his perch atop Ira's head and let out a soft, cooing sound that was higher pitched towards the end. "Don't do anything unless he needs help." Aya said and the dragon flew off. Much later, still traveling with Argi, Aya and Ira had noticed the wagon in the distance but neither had any reaction to those it carried. Aya could sense Caeceila's presence by means of her emotions, but couldn't pinpoint her exact location. It didn't seem like she was in too great a panic, but something was off about one of the others. A person inside felt... somewhat artificial. His emotions had a part that was too stable, and after sensing the enrelle before, Aya was more keen to look out for that. It wasn't a guarentee that he was enrelle, he could just be putting on a facade, or just have a really good internal poker face. Emile ran off to find Elizabeth, Aya and Ira stayed at Argi's side while the events quickly descended into chaos. Aya received a mental 'ping' of sorts from Myuil. Had he been within her visual range, she'd be able to sight-share with him using her clairvoyance, but such fortune wasn't with her. She could only assume that he was getting ready to intervene with something, and trust that he would act appropriately, and not attract the entire city's attention. With the fight now being near a newly broken wagon in a less than desirable district of Doughton, a place where evil was popular and the god's waned, Aya could see that her and Ira would have to act together. "Ira-" Ira already had one hand raised with her palm facing where Jason was. Below her, a red circle appeared that had the Constellation symbol for Sagittarius in the middle. "Oh, black devils of suffering, consume the tribute before me..." A second circle, this one black in color with a goat's skull in the middle had appeared. Her hand sharply turned to an enemy that was attacking from the shadows of a nearby alley "-Ebony Flare!" A large circle that was a combination of the two at her feet, five feet in diameter, had appeared and from it, a black flame shot out that quickly turned to a wolf's head that consumed the intruder. He fell to the floor unconscious, horribly burnt, and completely unable to move his body even if he were awake. Aya quickly turned and put her back to Ira's. She spun her staff at the mid-point, drawing a black circle in front her that gave off a considerable amount of warmth. Three black bolts shot out from the middle, each only about as large as a softball, but having enough force to send an armored man flying back. "Looks like stealth ain't an option." Ira said in a very calm, passive tone. "Apparently." Aya said in the same tone. One man was down, and there was four surrounding the Priestess twins. Both of them had shown that their magic required some time for incantation... Would they receive help? Would they be able to handle two-to-one odds on their own? Would they *have* to handle them? Dauner & Gozen Back with Dauner, Myuil had clung to the walls, rooftops, and ceilings while quietly following the party of three. While Shelly's hand was raising, enough of it had turned in such a way that the dragon with his sharp vision could spot 'something' that was worrysome to him. He began inhaling, preparing to fire off his crystal breath attack, but paused when Dauner's speed increased so much that, for a brief moment, he slipped right through Myuil's vision. The dragon slowly let out its breath, canceling its initial attack as it watched the situation unfold. Had he fired, he likely would've burned a hole straight through Shelly's hand, into her abdoment, and through to her spine and the floor behind it- resulting in an evidently unwanted death. Dauner had said that Gozen wasn't allowed to kill her, so that likely extended to any unexpected allies- or maybe he knew they were followed? As the chase began, Myuil let go of the ceiling and took flight, quickly moving past Shelly and darting towards Gozen. He let out a cry, which would sound like the air was shimmering. Most likely, neither of them spoke Genesaran Crystal Dragon, so it would sound completely foreign to them if they spoke any form of dragon at all. But, if they did happen to speak his language, they'd hear that he was saying 'Follow.' If they didn't understand him, they would likely understand his next course of action... He flew a good ways ahead of Dauner and Gozen and let one of his feathers break off. Using his Crystal Singing, the feather expanded to a wall that would leave the only available route as an alleyway only a couple meters wide. Quite confined, but also completely void of any bystanders. His goal would be to guide Dauner and Gozen to a place where they could set up a trap, if their goal was to capture the woman. The place he knew of was one they passed before. @danzilla3 @Dauner Light @Meraxa @The Alexandrian @Vilhardt @Zashiii
  11. Thank you, and hopefully it won't be needed x_x But I do know what I'll do for me post now ^_^ *begins spinning staff*
  12. I apologize if this seems like a rude request, but my dyslexia's acting up again and I put what that means at the bottom of this post. So, the situation that I can understand since my last post... • We landed • Put on some disguises to get past some guards • Cae was already split from the group for a while before that • Emile, Elizabeth, and Shihi & her "companion" split off to do their own thing • Argi, Dauner, and Aya were intercepted by Dauner's fiance/wife • Dauner, Gozen, and Dauner's S-O split off to have their own misadventure • Something to do with Jason, who's got an aura similar to the goddess-person, and is in a carriage/wagon with Cae having an argument... Can someone summarize what events are happening in this cycle? Preferably as concise spark-notes? Here's what I know. • Something happened that resulted in Emile firing shots at Jason[NPC]. • Shishi & Co. are sitting this one out to keep their cover (I think that's the reason?) • (**^1) Dauner dealt with something that involved his S-O and is nowhere near the action • (**^1) Vildhart's post • (**^1) Alexandrian's post Note: (**^1) means that hard as I tried, I simply could not read/interpret the post. My Dyslexia, if you could even call it that since I don't have money to see a doctor about it because of America's illustrious healthcare system, makes it so I can't read walls of text. Whenever I read something that has a lot of words (my own posts, long-winded rules, textbooks, other people's long posts, etc...) my eyes can't focus on a single line. My eyes focus on the entire page, and try to interpret all of it at once, which results in me reading the same line twice, or reading 4 lines down and realizing a continuity error and having to go back, or words switching places, and eventually I get a ridiculous headache.
  13. I am in the middle of moving and will have more time on Monday.
  14. I'll try and have a post up by the end of today, sorry for delaying the past couple weeks ;^^
  15. I was going to ask you to skip me any ways. Just assume that Aya's silently following Argi and Dauner with Ira just as quiet since she doesn't really have much to say about the immediate situation
  16. Going through some stuff IRL, would you guys mind posting before me to keep the flow going?
  17. There's no IC reason, beyond similar looks, for her to assume she's her sister. So, her spoiling it would've been a pretty major metagame on my part. Thank you for bringing it to my attention
  18. Aya doesn't know that. Shishi introduced herself as "Ravenbush" and said her sister was her sister.
  19. Aya had continued to eat her meal in a very lady-like manner and not bothering to give the being much of her attention. Ira had been monitoring Aya's emotional status, as well as those around her for a while- since she got there, to be specific. Unlike Aya, she wasn't so kind as to obey moral boundaries, and doughton had put her on edge. Aya was annoyed at the woman. She liked her about as much as Dauner, maybe even a little less than him, but was much more reserved than he was. If anything, Dauner's reaction to the being made Aya feel more at ease. He was saying the things Aya was much to patient to say. His stance on the matter was a resounding 'no' judging by his reaction. Emile was in agreement with Dauner, though, he stated it directly. More specifically, he said he wouldn't trust the mission to a false god. He also mentioned that his comrades were already in the city, and they could give them a good idea of where to find their target(s). He then left, stating he'll regroup with them when he had a lead. Shishi and her sister who actually hadn't been named yet had also given their stance, or rather, the sister spoke and Shishi didn't voice any disagreement. While she spoke, Aya had noticed her tone changing slightly with each interaction with a different god being mentioned. In response, Aya turned her empathy back on, and quickly realized tat she was having to forcibly hold back. It's possible that Shishi's sister might notice a moment of pain in the middle of her brain, but also possible that she didn't- Aya wasn't sure how much force she was exerting on her target, all she knew is that it was more than she intended. Her sister had said that she'd never met one worth trusting, 'one' referring to beings like the one they just met. By the time all of their interactions were finished, Aya had finished eating the two slices of ham, carrot-peas mix, and mashed potatoes that she was working on. It was also around this time that they were informed by a rather elderly gentleman that they were wanted in the captain's quarters. "You can at least let us put our two-cents in first, gas bag." Ira said in a calm tone. "Ira." Aya said while putting down her fork gently on the plate. "The captain of this vessel would likely want to hear of this. Whether they like it or not, they're now involved in our mission. I'll give my comments there. You may give yours on the way." "Seriously? Wait- I actually have a say in this?" "You're a terrible liar, Ira. The Shrine Mother would never send someone to shadow me, you came of your own will-" "That's bull-" "Regardless, you, too, are involved. You're entitled to a voice in this matter." "Well that's easy, I say kill the bitch." "Very well. If she becomes an obstacle, you may use the full breadth of your power to vanquish her- just don't kill anyone else." Ira's eyes went wide and she blinked a few times in astonishment. She never thought Aya would be giving the kill order, even if it was situational, it was still a kill order. Before leaving, Aya had stopped at Shishi's sister. Her empathy wasn't active for long, but it was enough to notice a sense of bitterness towards the gods, even if that bitterness was expressed verbally as well. "Miss..." Aya said while looking her in the eyes. Her tone was soft, and warm as usual, but a different kind of warm... The kind of warmth expressed by someone trying to comfort someone. "I can understand that not many divines are pleasant, but I assure you that not all are so terrible as you may think." Aya would reach out and gently grab her obliques before pulling herself into the woman's chest. "I pray that you do not grow cold to them all." If Shishi's sister hadn't pushed Aya away, she would notice that it wasn't just one hug she was receiving. There was two sets of emotions reaching out to her, one was clearly Aya's, but another was mixed in- sure as hell wasn't Ira's since she was standing a short distance away with her arms folded over her chest. As Ira moved towards Shishi herself, her sister might notice that Aya's eyes, for a brief moment, had changed from maroon to gold with a light shimmer to them and back to maroon. "And even if you agree with your companion, here, I would very much like to hear your opinion voiced." Aya said to Shishi with a warm smile. Just like with her sister, Aya would reach out to embrace Shishi. For her, only one set of emotions were transferred through her hug. "You have a lovely voice. It shouldn't be held back so much." she said softly, also assuming that her hug wasn't rejected entirely. Once that was done, she and her twin would walk out with the dragon being perched atop Ira's cranium like the majestic beast he was. Once they'd arrived and were talking to the captain, Aya would immediately exclaim in a surprised tone, "Mister Vito! It's been a while." Ira just crossed her arms over her chest and looked away from him, still salty about their unceremonious meeting.
  20. would @Dauner Light @Vilhardt @Thotification @danzilla3 mind posting before me? I already know Aya's stance on the matter, but I'd rather let everyone's characters have a chance to speak before she brings down the gavel.
  21. Considering who's in the room, it will most certainly not be "just followed along." If a deal is being struck then the two sides must be balanced... as from what's been shown, Meryam's a very weak goddess.
  22. I'm not entirely sure on what the scheme is, if you wouldn't mind explaining @Meraxa
  23. Alright, enjoy your wall of text. Sorry it took me so long, IRL got in the way.
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