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  1. "Hmmm?" Shina responded after Rhyko said he didn't think he knew the person. He then said that if he was a friend, then he'd been through quite the troubles in years past. An offer was made to split the pay as a way to repay her for her help, to which Shina responded "Mmmm..." while resting her fork on her lower lip "...I'll think about it." Rhyko asked if he could as a question. Shina said "Sure." in a curious tone. He seemed to be slightly distracted when he asked his question. It was an odd one that made her think the boy knew her secret. Quickly, he dismissed the inquiry as nothing more than rambling. He got up and went off to his room, bidding Shina a good night. "Night." she replied with a gentle smile. The next morning, Shina would be outside the inn, leaning against the building. Naturally, she'd be wearing her mask. When Rhyko finally came out, she'd say "Good morning." in a friendly tone. Her words would be partially muffled by her mask.
  2. Lexa paused mid-bite, pulled her mouth away from the burger and looked at Cal with a fairly unphased expression. She was neither on the defensive, alarmed, nor annoyed. "Big brother looks silly." she'd comment.
  3. Cal would wake up with his head resting on a tree root with a small, round object on his chest. It was something wrapped in paper. If he looked around, he'd see Lexa sitting next to him eating a cheese burger. Her hands would barely wrap a quarter the way around each end, and even her biggest bite was tiny. It wasn't because the burger was large, but rather, Lexa was small and the burger was adult sized. There would be one inside the paper on his chest. If he tried touching her, he'd receive a small shock.
  4. "Wrapping a thing up for another group today, and then yeah, I'll get on the forum for this"~Meraxa
  5. It seems to have been a misinterpretation. I'll ping Meraxa in discord to see what's going on
  6. I have a question... How would other OC's get involved? Would Ariana send out some sort of advertisement requesting aid, or is there another method that someone uninvolved in the immediate plight would be made aware of it?
  7. Lexa took off without grabbing Addison's hand. Chasing their attacker would be slowed down otherwise. She went down the hall, past the rooms of dead children, and to the doorway leading into the main chamber. Upon reaching that doorway, a piece of jagged metal plating was swung like a sword across the opening. Lexa dropped to her knees, bringing her low enough that it wouldn't decapitate her. She reached up and grabbed the blade, using her momentum to make her turn on it like a gymnist. Landing on the top of the sword, Lexa spun around and planted her heel in the scientist's jaw, making him reel back. The moment Addison arrived, she would be faced with her own opponent. This one would appear out of a lightning bolt, landing behind her the same way Lexa always does when she shows up, except this one would grab her armor and try to bite her on the side of her neck- where armor wasn't protecting.
  8. Priestess

    Faejarhe AMA

    I can only speak for the area I'm developing... *puts on sunglasses* As far as natural barriers, the seas around the Isles of Judgement would be slightly dodgy depending on the season since the islands won't have much land ahead of them to break the winds. The Abyssal Horror is an absolute leviathan of a creature that can use limited water magic as well as possesses brute strength. It denies access to the smaller islands within the Isles of Judgement to any and all ships/submarines. Not necessarily a "barrier" but there's a sizable area around the westernmost island, Seiikishima, where no form of aggression between people is allowed. Those who disobey the non-aggression zone (pirates trying to sink ships for loot, military trying to apprehend pirates, etc...) results in a curse that makes it so every port in the Isles of Judgement's territory will refuse to serve the offender. Considering as you can't just shortcut through the territory (unless you feel like being sunk), that's a very damning punishment. If attacked, you're allowed to defend yourself.
  9. Priestess

    Faejarhe AMA

    The Isles of Judgement will host a number of incredibly difficult enemies, including the Abyssal Horror, which is legendary for its ridiculous power. There's also Nohaka, which is connected to the Isles. Those who venture there will find quite a bit of challenges, and anyone who manages to defeat all the zones will get an item that can (lore wise) only come from Nohaka. They'll also have some bragging rights.
  10. Addison would find that the scientists' body was quite rigid, and it quickly tightened up to reduce the damage from the initial hit. It would respond by grabbing her arm so tight that pulling away wouldn't be possible. A blast of lightning would shoot out from the pile of debris. A small bit would conduct into Addison, but almost all of it would hit the man. It was low voltage, but had an incredible amount of force behind it, enough to send him flying back. If there was any burn damage from Addison's attack, she would see the burn quickly healing. Still laying in the now cleared debris, Lexa entered a backflip that landed in a hand stand. She was holding a piece of metal from the debris and spun on her hand, sending energy into it and throwing it at just the right time to hit him. It moved too quickly to dodge, but wasn't sharp enough to penetrate his skin. The man turned into a lightning bolt and shot down the hall. "Lexa thinks we should follow." she said after landing on her feet.
  11. He attacked the forest, and then ignored her. If ever was a way to annoy her, that was it. As Cal darted towards Lexa, she punched the air and shot a lightning bolt out of her hand. Even if it didn't electrocute and paralyze him, the attack had enough force behind it to send him flying back. If Cal had no way to alter his flight pattern, he'd take the hit and Lexa would say "No hurting forest! Big brother has to promise."
  12. Priestess

    [GS] Taurus

    The time to strike had come and Azelhart hadn't adjusted their aim, making it so Lexa had to adjust it for them. The spear was moved to aim at Taurus's now emptying body. In order to make that body useless, Lexa's attack would have to do a lot more than take out its shoulder- so she aimed for the heart. Lexa shot forward, slamming her palm into the back of the spear, exactly along its roll-axis. The spear would, in turn, take off like a missile from hell, sending out a shockwave that sent Lexa flying back, skipping a few times as she hit the ground like a stone on water. The spear would fly straight, blasting through the wind gusts as it traveled at over 2700 meters per second, straight at Taurus's physical body's heart- or, what should've been it. If nothing stopped it, the spear, which had jagged fins sticking out the side of it, would tunnel through him and cause significantly more damage than the smooth sword. As for Lexa, her black marks would vanish as she laid on the ground with several slight bruises. Eventually, she'd staggered to her feet and then collapsed back down, stopping on a knee while trying to catch her breath. She was exhausted. The world was fading in and out, but she wasn't allowed to sleep. "Big sister..." she said softly. "Watch big brother..." she'd say a moment later and force herself back up. Azelhart offered her a ride, which was taken instantly. Lexa clambered onto the back of his motorbike and clung to him while forcing herself to stay awake.
  13. Lexa saw the fireball being formed and quickly accessed what she knew of fire magic. The same blue lightning bolt that took her to the tree would take her to the base of it, directly in the way of the attack. Some would try to avoid danger, but Lexa's way was to face it head-on. Two finger on each hand were placed together with electricity surging through them. Those same fingers were thrust into the fireball, directly at its roll axis. As they parted, she sent electricity into the attack, breaking it apart as her fingers pulled horizontally. The fire would quickly and safely be dispersed along with any magical energy inside the fireball. Lexa would look at Cal with puffed cheeks and say "No hurting forest!"
  14. Visual on Lexa was lost for the scientist. A secondary target had made herself known. Thick metal armor, a ranged attack would be deflected. Addison would see a flash of blue light from the scientists' direction, and then the man would be in her face. Its fist was full of blue sparks. The scientist had increased the amount of kinetic energy in its fist, making it so this punch would be incredibly powerful. On top of that, it would transfer electricity directly into Addison if she failed to dodge. It wouldn't be anywhere near as much as Lexa's defensive discharge, but it still wouldn't feel good.
  15. I suppose it could be fun o.o
  16. Lexa nodded and began walking ahead of Addison, towards the exit. "Lexa not think it a cult. Tools too high quality, would take lotsa money." Addison would hear two loud crashes. The first was Lexa being hit by something metal, the second was Lexa flying back, destroying a shelf and crashing into the wall on the other side, being buried by the shelf she slammed into. From under the rubble, she would hear "Lexa's okaaaaay..." in a muffled, child-like tone that indeed belonged to Lexa. At the end of the hall, well over 100 feet away, Addison would see a man in a lab coat. He had white skin that was very much alive-looking, similar to Lexa's. On his arms and legs, exactly like Lexa, was a vast array of light blue, glowing, circuit-like markings. Unlike her, these markings extended all the way up his neck and onto his face. A few sparks of static would travel down his arm, residue from the attack he'd just unleashed.
  17. Unknown to Cal, Lexa was no longer viewing the world in the visible light spectrum. She was able to track his movements while watching the red blob moving against a background of cooler, blue and purples. She acted like she couldn't see him, like she couldn't hear his feet grating against the bark of the tree as he climbed it. Just as Cal was a few steps away, long before he could touch Lexa, the kitsune became one with her power and he'd see a small, blue spark of electricity jump from the tree branch to another tree that most people wouldn't be able to jump a quarter the distance to.
  18. The animal's eyes turned violet again and narrowed on Addison. While predators normally had forward facing eyes, this creature's were on the sides of its rabbit-shaped head. It gently hopped down from the cell and stooped its body low to the ground while crawling away from her, seeming to ignore her greeting. After a couple of steps, it darted off towards the door. "Lexa let tiny fluff go. Lexa wouldn't want to be stuck in box, either." She moved down the aisle while looking into the holding cells on the shelves. This set was several rows away from the demon plants, and contained the skeletons of long dead animals. "Other tiny fluffs not lucky..." Lexa commented at the lab rats. "What big sister think this place is?"
  19. @Elizabeth, we're waiting on you. Or, was your last post you leaving with the survivors? "She had underestimated the severity of the situation, and could only follow the lead of the others as everything had unraveled beyond the comfort of control."
  20. "Lexa not sure about lotsa stuff, but not stop Lexa." she said while looking at the creature. The sound of people talking had made the creature's ear twitch. "Lexa thinks it's aw-" the creature lept to its feet while backing up as far as the glass case would allow, hissing loudly. The mane running down the back of its neck and spine lit up bright blue and stood on end. Lexa didn't flinch. Peering into the creature's mouth, Lexa saw its front teeth were far different from standard animals. The front set were a single plate with two sharp ends on the ends. The bottom teeth were two plates, and she could tell that they came together much like a guillotine. Lexa's eyes began shimmering as she began analyzing the creature. They turned a slightly green tinge, signifying the activation of an alternate view. She was looking at the creature's skull, noting the design of it. The creature's hissing tapered off and its violet eyes changed to match Lexa's. Noting the behavior change, Lexa had raised her hand and placed it on a data pad on the side of the glass. Interfacing with it, she opened the door to the case, making the creature retract back a little. It inched forward, nostrils flaring as it sniffed the air, eyes shimmering as it kept its gaze fixed on Lexa. Lexa's eyes returned to normal and she turned around to walk away from the animal.
  21. Lexa watched as Cal vanished from her line of sight. Her eyes began to shimmer while turning a slightly green hue. This was caused by her mind, body, and soul connecting with the forces of the universe, linking her with the natural and unnatural world, and giving her a completely different method of seeing (this is a joke). The shimmering in Lexa's eyes was actually from her circuits firing off, analyzing and storing optical data. The green tint came from Lexa's eyes switching to a different type of vision- two different kinds, specifically. The left eye was looking at the world in thermal, the right eye in electrical output. While her eyes were at work, her ears twitched about and increased in sensitivity by several magnitudes.
  22. "Lexa didn't know first time Big Sister ask, Lexa still doesn't know." she replied in a fairly calm tone whole moving down the aisle. At the end of the Aisle, on the exact opposite side from the door, Lexa was able to see a computer in the back corner of the room that was powered on. "Connected to emergency power grid?" she questioned out loud while making her way over to it. The system seemed to be running on an extremely dated operating system, evident by the fact that it used only a keyboard for controls. The computer was small and basically a box, letting Lexa know it was designed for very limited function. Touching it, she learned that it controlled a secret door that opened directly next to her. As the wall was sectioned off and opened to reveal its contents, Lexa blinked... Inside the wall, behind a glass barrier, was a small creature, completely alien to Valucre as far as she knew. It had large, black ears with purple accents that pulsed, glowing as the creature breathed in and getting dim as it breathed out.
  23. Lexa saw the dark hole begin opening above Cal, and then heard the one expanding below her. She raised her hand, shooting a stream of electricity from it that connected with an overhead branch. The electricity ionized gas that pass through it, creating a magnetic stream of plasma. As the magnetic particles began pulling towards each other, they pulled Lexa up to the branch, denying Cal the fall he so greatly anticipated. "Nope!" Lexa said, gleefully.
  24. Vines began closing in on Lexa once more, who reacted by using magnetism to pull herself back. More vines came forth as Lexa touched the ground and began ducking and dodging while slashing them with her daggers. With Addison on the far end of the aisle, if Lexa could get behind her, she'd be able to clear out the vines. Lexa looked through the vines and saw a path she could take. Dashing forward, Lexa was able to bob and weave through the vines before rolling behind Addison. Using her tail to push off the ground while spinning, she grabbed Addison and peeked over her shoulder. The flurry of flaming attacks had destroyed whatever they touched. However, the vines hadn't been killed. Rather, they just performed a tactical retreat into their cases. Lexa climbed down and put her hand on the side of the shelf. A spark of blue static would run down it and the doors would all close and lock. Lexa moved around to one of the cases that was on her eye level and watched the seared plant regenerating. "Plant regenerates faster than Lexa." she commented.
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