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  1. Arturo knew that his move was a gambit going into it, but the payoff was well worth losing his what remained of his weapon in exchange for the arrow finding its mark in the lizardfolk's neck. That was one target down and the other was well within his sights, even as it prepared to cast another fireball at him. Sadly, he was on his back foot now and he didn't have all that much time to dodge out of the way of the full force of the attack, but he did also notice the archer preparing another shot as the caster whirled on him to sling his spell. His voice came out on instinct, sharp and clear as it carried all the way across the battlefield, right into the ears of the bow wielding elf as if Arturo were standing right next to her. "Back of the neck!" he roared, calling out a strike from his erstwhile ally with the deftness of a commander before he turned his own back to the blast and threw himself into a dive in order to get away from it as best he could. The fireball itself barely missed his body dead on, but it exploded close enough to him that he was flung through the air like a rag doll, the flames from the fireball burning his back decently as he felt the force of it rattle his bones as he hit the ground and rolled to a stop. As he rose back up into a kneeling position, he felt a great amount of pain ripple through him. Thankfully pain meant very little to him, it certainly wasn't a deterrent as eyed the offending caster with a malice matched by few, it just meant it was going to take him a little more time to get to his next target if his call out didn't get the little whelp skewered through the throat first. He was definitely going to have to prepare an apology for Vice however. @Better Than Gore & @Witches Brew
  2. One step ahead it seemed this lizard was, but the deeper Arturo got into the fight, the more he found his awareness growing. Things started to pop out to him that he hadn't noticed before and it helped him to push his anger back just a bit, enough that as he saw the lizard's sword coming down at his wrist, he was able to pull his arm back against his chest; not quickly enough to avoid having the tip slice through his leather vambrace and slice into his flesh, but it was enough that he was able to prevent his whole hand from being taken off. Small victories were still victories and having a deep cut was definitely better than losing the whole thing. With his attack negated, Arturo put his right foot down hard and started to push off of it, but his growing awareness of this surroundings gave him something he could use. The archer had let loose an arrow towards his opponent and it was clearly aimed for its neck. He wasn't even sure if the lizard noticed yet, but just in case, he was going to give the lizardfolk a hard choice. As he started to throw himself backwards, he cranked his hand back and once he felt his left foot touch down, he turned his hips and hurled his jagged former club directly towards the front of the Lizard's neck. A two-pronged attack might actually get blood drawn from it or even kill it if one of the two things hit it right, but at the very least, it might just put it on its back foot and it would be another opportunity for Arturo to assault it head-on. @Better Than Gore & @Witches Brew
  3. As Arturo pushed off of his shoulders and into a backwards roll, he was entirely prepared to be attacked in the process, but the attack never came. He was allowed to plant himself firmly back on on his feet in a crouched position as he gripped what was left of his weapon tightly in his right hand. The club's integrity had finally given in when it impacted the shield and had shattered harshly, leaving Arturo with what amounted to a jagged piece of wood with a handle, but then again, he could work with that; it had broken in such a way that it now had multiple tips that were definitely sharp enough to pierce flesh, even scaled flesh if he struck hard enough, so that was exactly what he was going to have to do. The lizardfolk didn't even have time to fully finish what it was saying before Arturo was darting towards it again like a bolt of greased lightning. He left his guard completely open as he lunged forward, springing off of his right foot to not only help close the distance even faster, but also to goad the beast into a thrust with its sword; he had only done a short hop in comparison to a full lunge which would allow him to land on his feet just at the edge of the lizard's range; if it committed to the thrust as he thought it would, his plan was to quickly duck and push forwards under its guard so he could spring upwards and slam his fractured weapon into the creature's liver, or at least where he thought the liver would be while also smashing his whole body weight into it. Even if his attack was blocked again, he might just be able to hit it around the midsection and take it down to the ground, but he was hoping this little gambit would allow him to draw blood. His rationality was starting to slip away from him and if he wasn't careful, he'd be going at this thing like a wild animal in no time at all and he was absolutely certain that Vice would let him have it if he showed up at the man's doorstep looking like ground meat. @Better Than Gore & @Witches Brew
  4. "Hmm...mayhaps not." Arturo said thoughtfully, his eyes wandering upwards a little to truly inspect the domicile he was in. It really was a homey in here, a place where he could feel at ease with little to no effort on his part. Sadly, as always was the case, these small comforts were fleeting and with no fanfare he stood back up as he took hold of his pack and slung it over his shoulder. "I think I've imposed long enough though, I should go retrieve my weapon and shield from the tavern before they get sold off. Please, take care for the rest of the evening." he said, giving Vice a courteous bow before he moved to make his way out of the tree house. Well, not before he bent down to give Korben one more pat on the head. @Revvys
  5. Damn. His strategy hadn't worked even a little bit and all he had to show for it was a busted shield and now the archer was in danger; this was already turning out to be a massive headache and the further into the fight he got, the less and less his mind seemed able to focus on anything other than wanton violence. Still, he had been working on reeling in his temper in his time here and he pushed his thoughts back to the fight at hand as he was fairly easily moved around by the lizardfolk, though he still had ample time to see the tail that was coming straight for his legs. With an annoyed click of his tongue, he used his considerable strength to wrench his shield in such a way that a good chunk of it shattered, rending it effectively useless in exchange for giving Arturo his freedom of movement back; he was going to need it for what happened next. He was going to have to take the hit to his legs, that much he had already prepared himself for but he moved himself in such a way that the tail slammed into the back of his calves and sent him sprawling backwards. He could feel the shock of the impact run all the way up his legs into his hips, but that was a pain he could take, if all for the sake of this next move. If there was one truth he'd found to be immutable over the countless fights he'd endured in his life, it was that the only shot that really counted in a fight was the kill shot, everything else was just tertiary in comparison. In an act of commitment to this truth, Arturo took his club in both hands now that his shield was destroyed and with as much force as he could put into it, swung it with the intent to bash the lizardfolk in the stomach hard enough to knock the wind out of him at worst, or rupture something vital at best. It wasn't an elegant solution, nor was it a particularly safe one as he would inevitably fall square on his shoulders, giving him only a small amount of time to push himself back into a small backwards roll. However, if his shot connected, it was most certainly going to cause the beast to double over and that would be all the time he needed to close the book on this fight. @Better Than Gore & @Witches Brew
  6. "No no, if anything I'm the strange one here." Arturo said as he reeled himself in and brought his tone back down to acceptable levels for a normal conversation, but it was much different than before. It was brighter, there was more there to him now than just a thousand yard stare, he seemed more complete if not just a little bit insane still; unfortunately that part was going to take considerably more work on his part to fix. "What I mean is this, a week ago I was an absolute mess. I don't even really remember much until I found that parchment, but I do remember a very deep sadness and pain. I still feel it, even now, but just by being here and something as simple as this whole exchange with you, I can feel bits of that sadness chipping away. I can't wrap my head around a life outside of the pain I was feeling, but here I am living in it and it all just seems so...impossible. I'm not sure if I'm making any sense but...I think no matter how I ended up here, there's value in staying." He said, his words pensive but oddly hopeful as he brought a hand up to rub his chin thoughtfully. "If this is a dream or a hallucination, I think I'll explore it a little more. This is the first time I've ever imagined a dog this big though." he said with a short, almost barking laugh as he brought his own hand back out to give Korben's side a few solid pats. @Revvys
  7. "Heh..haha...ahahahahaha!" It came suddenly from Arturo's stomach, a convulsion that vibrated up and out of his mouth without warning as he suddenly began to laugh. It was an unfamiliar sound to Arturo, but it was also rich and deep and filled to the brim with warmth long forgotten. His laughter spilled out of him without pause as he brought a hand up to his forehead and leaned back as the weight of his own humor pressed down on him. This entire situation was so ridiculous...so outright ludicrous that his brain couldn't even properly process it. It was like a slow burning joke he had only just now understood and it had him absolutely in stitches as he spent the next solid minute filling Vice's home with the sound of jovial mirth. "Ah...ah...excuse me..." he managed to finally gasp out as he slowly started to pull himself back together, albeit with great difficulty, though at least he was able to pull himself up into a normal sitting position, "There's just something so...insane about all of this. I couldn't help but laugh at it, my apologies if I worried you at all." @Revvys
  8. "I don't have a clue. I don't even remember falling asleep. I remember finding a parchment nailed to a tree from a nearby city asking for aid against an undead threat. I remember starting to make my way there...and then I was waking up in that swamp." Arturo answered honestly. He still had that parchment in his pack, but he had already confirmed that no one around here had ever even heard of Myrrheim, so that was another mystery for him to unravel as time went on. "I'm not even sure if this is all real, to be honest. I've had more lucid delusions than this. If it is though, I have to say this is one of my better ones." @Revvys
  9. "Indeed. I woke up in a swamp near here. A man named Tirkas helped me kill some Gnolls and then brought me here. It's been...interesting." Arturo said plainly, not bothering to hide anything from Vice, not that he felt the man could use any of that information for anything nefarious to begin with. Vice just seemed...there was something trustworthy about him, something that put Arturo at ease that he couldn't quite describe. Korben was helping with that for sure, but it most certainly wasn't just the giant dog that was making him comfortable here, he just couldn't connect the dots. "It is quiet here. I'm...not used to it. But I don't dislike it." @Revvys
  10. Obviously, this lizardfolk was a definite brand tougher than a lot of what Arturo had faced in the past, especially considering it took his rock to the face without so much as flinching and despite how hard he'd tossed it, he hadn't even managed to draw blood. That was fair though, it gave him an understanding of what he was dealing with and information like that was easily worth its weight in gold when it came to keeping yourself alive. With that in mind, it wasn't at all a surprise as his club stopped dead against his target's metal shield and he could see in an instant that his weapon had cracked heavily along the top, drastically reducing its overall lifespan to what he would roughly equate to the end of this fight and that was just if he was lucky. Thankfully, the archer woman who had been talking to the boy with him had managed to get around to a more advantageous position in the woods where she was getting ready to fire off another arrow; it was easy for Arturo to feign ignorance of this knowledge considering that he was currently getting pushed onto his back foot by the lizardfolk's shield and he could see it going for an easy stab into his right leg. With a deep breath, he kicked his adrenaline into overdrive as he'd done with the Gnoll and managed to fling his shield arm down in time for his targe to intercept the blade, but considering how beat up his old shield was, it wasn't any surprise that the blade simply pierced through the worn leather and wood as the tip managed to jab his leg a bit. Thankfully, it was able to stop the blade before he was more seriously injured and with the creature's blade now bound up in his shield, he had an idea. Using the back end of his adrenaline surge, he put his full weight on his right leg and swung his shield arm up to the side as he pivoted on his foot as he attempted to leverage all his strength in order to spin the lizardfolk to the side, just enough that the side of its neck was the most likely target for the arrow the woman had fired to hit. To make sure that the monster wouldn't catch on, Arturo brought up his club with unnatural speed and brought it down in a vicious hammer blow, fully expecting it to catch the shield again which would undoubtedly finish the job of breaking it...but if that arrow could hit a vital spot in the neck, that would be all the opportunity he needed. @Better Than Gore & @Witches Brew
  11. "So, how long have you been here? What do you like about it?" The question came out of nowhere. Arturo wasn't even particularly facing Vice at the moment as his eyes were still fixated on Korben, but that question was most definitely leveled at the man rather than the dog. His gaze had shifted back to pensive and his smile was more or less gone, but his usual distant stare seemed to be on leave in lieu of a subtle curiosity that had taken over. He didn't quite expect that he was going to be going home anytime soon, if at all, so it wouldn't hurt him to get to know a little more about Coth and its surroundings...and maybe, just maybe, the people. @Revvys
  12. The second that Arturo had seen his target, he had already sized it up. It was definitely shorter than him and looked like some sort of Lizardfolk or Dragonborn, maybe a mix of the two but he had no way to be sure; all he knew for sure is that it was armed much as he was and it looked mean. This had never and did not in this moment dissuade him from action however and he was already off like a streak of lightning as he shot towards the burning carriage that was barreling towards him. He had been planning on going under or over it as the situation unfolded, but thankfully neither were necessary as an arrow flew past him and slammed into one of the horses, causing it to veer off to the side along with the carriage it was pulling, freeing Arturo up nicely without any expended effort on his part. He did however take advantage of the momentary confusion to snatch up a stray rock he saw on the ground with his shield arm, the leather strap around his forearm keeping the shield itself from dropping but he didn't exactly need it for his next move, he simply used the shield to hide it until he was a solid ten feet away from his target. Without warning, he took a short hop and turned his right foot to the side so he could land in a skidding sort of slide, a movement which kept his momentum going but also gave him the traction he needed to twist his body into a full on pitch as he winged the rock as hard as he could towards the Lizardfolk's face. His hope was that this would force it to bring its guard up high as he leaned hard onto his right foot and used it to spring forward as he took hold of his shield's grip properly again and thrust both it and his club out towards the monster's stomach. This kept him guarded somewhat, though he couldn't compensate for everything with such a bold move. Then again, he had never really given much thought to the consequences of his actions, he only saw them as a means to an end. At best, he would knock the wind out of this creature and open it up to a harder blow; at worst, it would be a good test of both his and the monster's guard. @Witches Brew & @Better Than Gore
  13. Arturo simple stopped to watch Korben's display, a look of contentment spreading across his face as he looked on as the large dog ran through a whole routine of tricks in order to gain his favor and in turn, the bone in his hand. He had never had an animal companion growing up, but there was just something so...normal about what he was seeing that it pulled him straight out of his own mind and into the present. He no longer was even feeling his usual levels of detachment when such feelings came up, he was just simply living in the moment in a moment that didn't involve wanton violence and to be fair, he couldn't remember the last time such a thing had happened to him. He was so absorbed in the feelings spreading throughout his chest that he almost lost track of what was going on until he felt Korben's paw lay itself into his free hand, the sensation snapping him back to attention. "Alright then, let's see how high you can go then." Arturo said as he held the bone out and with practiced ease, tossed it high up into the air for Korben to hop up and snatch. There was no real reason why he chose this particular test, it just seemed like a good idea. If there was one thing Arturo was good at, it was making snap decisions based on the information he had at the moment, so he saw no problem going with his gut feeling here either. @Revvys
  14. "Oh, hold a moment." Arturo said as he turned to his pack and started to root around in it. At this point it was full of things that were effectively junk; bits of used rope, a mess kit, some half-used torches, and a torn map could all be seen as he pushed things to the side, but eventually he found what he was looking for. He took hold of some cloth and pulled it towards himself so he could unwrap it properly, but once he had pulled it off a bit, Vice would see that it held a multitude of bones of varying sizes, one of which Arturo took out of the bundle before wrapping it up again and setting it back where he'd found it. It wasn't anything particularly fancy, but it did seem to be a femur of some kind which he held up for Vice to see. "I keep the bones from things I hunt. It makes for good stew stock when I have the chance to make it." he said simply, as if it were entirely normal to walk around with bones in one's pack. "Will this do in place of what you normally get?" @Revvys
  15. "It is inevitable." Arturo said as he pulled tight the last strap that bound his armor to his chest and turned to face Vice once again. His expression was distant as it usually was, but in his eyes Vice could see an undeniable fire that was burning without check, giving his gaze an almost overwhelming presence as he continued to speak. "To push back against injustice invites wrath, but it is my duty in life to endure that wrath no matter the cost. Where others would turn and do nothing, I must act, that choice was made for me long, long ago." His words were calm and carried such conviction that they almost brokered no argument, but there was a hint of apology that could be heard, if only because Arturo felt a little bad about burdening Vice, even if this was his job. "If my actions bring me here more often then not, feel free to double my charge for the trouble." @Revvys
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