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    So... what is this feeling? I haven't RPed in years! When I did, they were single plot-line roleplay sites and I was the one creating/running things so notknowingwhatisgoingonisreallyterrifyingandsuperoverwhelming! *heavy sigh* This is a first for sure. Forgive me. Anyways! Now that I'm almost finished up with college I feel like I need to jump back into the RP world. I miss my old characters - they're still jumping around my brain, causing absolute havoc - but I really want to break beyond my old works and expand my imagination. Gotta get those creative juices pumping again! I'm looking forward to seeing what this site has in store for me and what it'll lead to. P.S. If anyone has any tips/info you think I might find useful or should know pleeease gimmeee! I don't know what I'm doiiing! Let the adventure begin! ❤️ (:
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