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  1. [Work In Progress, still need to sketch his appearance up!] Name: Vukmir Wolfgang Gender: Male Age: 27 Occupation: Hunter, Farmhand Race: Human Height: 6'0ft Hair: Platinum Blonde Appearance: Vukmir is a man that represents any farmhand, with prominent muscle along his arms and torso and hands rough and scarred. His face seemingly remains in the same tired expression and appears much older then a man in his late 20s, thanks to many sleepless and stress-filled nights of work. His hair is short, platinum blonde in color and a scruffy beard covering his face. He has light blue eyes, though much like his face, they seem perpetually baggy and tired. Clothing: Personality: Independent, xenophobic, but hard working. Vukmir has passions and works hard to achieve his goals, but lacks the influence, intellect and skills necessary to achieve much beyond being a mere peasant, Equipment: Equipped with a longbow and short sword, Vukmir carries these two weapons as prized possessions- passed down from his father. He also has a bedroll, pouches of supplies, and a knife for skinning and cutting. Abilities: Adequate Hunter: Since birth Vukmir has been trained in the art of archery and hunting, able to create traps, remain quiet and utilize his bow as a dangerous tool for hunting. Survivalist: Biography: Long before his residence in Coth, Vukmir was a mere farmer on the continent of Terrenus, working on a farm owned by his father. The simplicity of his life- and many he once knew -was robbed from him once the civil war started. A spouse killed, his family separated, his friends gone, and in the chaos he had to depart from the only home he ever knew. He, along with other refugees would move their way toward Coth, and he would later become one of the many fervent followers. Though in recent years, his religious passions have begun to fade, taken over my a paranoia over non-humans and the world's constant change and conflict. His independence, for all good and ill it has brought him, seems to only drive this paranoia further.
  2. @Rabbit I actually had considered Genesaris as a continent to start on! Though with so much going on about Coth, I'm afraid I'll be starting there- though I could see threads in Genesaris in the future!
  3. @Vansin I'll make sure to brush up on as much as I can then! Read a couple of threads no less. @Spooky Mittens We all become one with the massive luddite herd, inevitably.
  4. Well hard work shows! You're welcome @supernal Its just been that, in my experience, poor website design usually symbolizes a lack of interest by users/staff. A forum that functions well is a good sign of activity and engagement, and of course keeps new people around. Speaking of keeping new people around, I can't say this'll mean as much as my last statement, but I do appreciate Valcure's more customized format, I've also run into a lot of forums that use very standardized, or pre-made layouts, which aren't as engaging as a website that is very custom made. (And this is not to dissuade anyone reading these posts from making a forum of their own with a pre-made format! I'm no programmer or website designer, I can't criticize others too hard!) @Better Than Gore & @Revvys Ah ha, didn't know if other people were inhabiting Coth as well! Depends on the plans and whats going on, but thank you nonetheless! I'll see about getting your discord Gore. @Vansin Thank you! I hope so, still have to brush up on more of the lore, but I do hope they're a fitting addition to everything going around Coth and Terrenus as well.
  5. Well thank you @supernal Thank you for not just a continent, but a city! I wasn't aware of Coth, I've begun to skim through the lore and it's a perfect fit.. Also the website layout is great, more so due to the fact that links actually work. A lot of forums often don't have functional links, or link to outdated/nonexistent articles and such- not to sound snarky though, maintaining a website is difficult, which is why its all the more impressive that this one functions so well. Anyway, looking forward to meeting people! I'll have my character and profile icon up once I sketched up their appearance, or at least the face.
  6. I'm not much of interest, just a usual roleplayer who drifts between post-by-post and chat stuff. However what IS interesting is all the lore, history and the amount of the world that has been affected (And is current being affected) by character choices and player-made conflicts [like a civil war] However, I can't say that I'm all too sure where to place my planned character! I've going to post with a human archer, commoner peasant guy, medieval-era, a bit xenophobic of other species and easily weary of technology (magi-tech, steampunk, sci-fi, take your pick), just a really average lad with no powers or fancy stuff, though a bit of issues on the side. Now with all that information, any ideas on what would be a good continent to start on? Thanks in advance. And a quick side note: I approve of the in-website chat box. I haven't seen one of those in a long time, and having a discord, steam group, telegram or whatever often separates players from being active on the forum and in my experience. Nice job.
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