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  1. Okay so I’ve updated the first post of this thread with a full itinerary of the voyage including all the new opportunities House Morlog has been presented with. Thanks @supernal for directing me to the new ship, I can’t wait to claim it!
  2. @Thotification I’m going to respectfully request you guest captain. My goal for these threads is to focus on the Morlog military. Ideally I’d like for your characters to leave this event with a firm impression of House Morlog, which they would get by leading Morlog soldiers. However, welcome aboard!
  3. So yes let’s flesh it out a bit more. First: my goal is to send out three ships. My thought was that even a poor noble like Lamius could whip up about 60 men and three ships with the promise of pay (pay he doesn’t really have, but which he intends to win in battle). To get this pay he has a few strategies of varying legality. His first one, and the first thread in this trilogy is supposed to be a nice show of patriotism where he and his three ships find some pirates (probably one or two pirate ships) and attack them. @Infernal has mentioned that he plays a pirate lord, and my intention was to ask him first but as backup plan we can just have Lamius start with the knowledge of where some pirate ships will be and we could just NPC those. This is where you, @Tyler, could participate and we could have our nobles get to know one another on the battlefield. I’d put a character of your choice as guest captain over one of the ships. We’d engage the pirates, kill many, capture the rest, and spread any captured wealth among ourselves. Then, since the ships will likely need repairs, we all swing back to the islands and go our separate ways. ...then, next thread, Lamius does some other stuff in Hyperion we shouldn’t talk about. @Jotnotes Lamius Morlog is a person who would have no problem negotiating with monster folk. So while I certainly do want a battle, perhaps we can have them sort of stumble into battle and have a simultaneous realization that neither side really wants to fight, and then parley and that could lead to a friendlier plotline. @Thotification same offer as tyler: guest captain for a Morlog ship?
  4. @Tyler The first thread of this entire endeavor will be nothing anyone would ever be able to consider illegal. It’s not piracy but pirate killing. That’s why I was inviting you. After we hunt pirates I’d have Lamius drop your character off back home and he or she’d be none the wiser about what happens next. If the offer doesn’t interest you then it doesn’t interest you, but my offer wasn’t to make you commit crimes. @Jotnotes interesting concept. But it seems to me that skaven are more likely to attack men than men are to go attack a skaven hovel. Especially a cohort of foreign raiders. Could we arrange for a small battle where the skaven attack the Morlog soldiers as they unwittingly pass through their territory?
  5. Pirates are first thing on my list. I was thinking: I am starting this story with three ships and currently I only have one confirmed and one on the fence captain for those ships (My character Lamius and his associate will be acting more as fleet commanders than captains of individual vessels) so if you have a character who isn’t very “good” alignment-wise and who wants to make some money, a noble captain would be a welcome addition. Doesn’t have to be permanent, just for the battle against the pirates. A cameo of sorts? just an idea
  6. @danzilla3 @EpicRome23 @Jotnotes Hello, I am quoting you because Supernal recommended each of your locations (everrun, aligoria, and nesthome respectively) as possible targets for my noble to raid masquerading as a pirate or bandit. Would any of you be interested in such an event? If so, what sort of opposition would I be looking at? How would you go about settling victory and defeat? All in all, just want to check your guys temperatures here. Thanks @Tyler Did you have anything in mind?
  7. Last Chance is out, then. I’ve been told UM is supposed to be medieval so the last suggestion probably won’t work. Could you refer me to the players who run Aligoria and Everrun?
  8. Last chance was suggested to me, I have no particular attachment to it. My focus on location relies on two major considerations: is there someone to roleplay the defense of it? And is it somewhere Lamius can slip in and out with a reasonable degree of anonymity. I was told Hyperion is a collapsed state and so some unmarked ships coming in and pillaging could masquerade as a pirate attack, and I suppose I was lead to believe last chance would be similar. Do you have any other suggestions for places where a moderately clever tactician could strike quickly and steal wealth without staying long enough to identify himself? My “fleet” would be no more than 3 ships, small and quick
  9. Hello all, I’ve made a new House, House Morlog. I’m excited to be joining you! If you’re interested in learning more about my house, I’d like to refer you to my house lore article and new interest check. Together, they should give you a good idea of the direction I intend to take House Morlog in. If anyone has suggestions please let me know as I’m still learning about this roleplay’s history.
  10. Certainly! Someone to accompany Lamius as a body man would be most welcome. Are you okay with your character having a very disagreeable lord?
  11. Thanks for your interest! My goal is to create a small military force for the purpose of raiding targets mostly outside of UM. Characters who would fit would possess battle experience and be capable of commanding ships and leading military skirmishes. So ship captains, commanders, that type. Because my character isn't particularly constrained by moral considerations, the sort of people I imagine him attracting are neutral to evil types. I'd like to make a group of soldiers who may serve the UM government, but who no one would call "good". Many of the threads I imagine in the future will be battles and politics, so anyone interested in that will do well. @Malintzin
  12. "Lead soldiers to battle for UM's newest House!" Is that too long?
  13. I don't know if I'm supposed to wait for the last person's to end or not but whenever you can, can you feature my recruiting thread for UM?
  14. The new aristocratic House Morlog of Ursa Madeum is recruiting nefarious soldiers to engage in wars of aggression. Interested? See my interest check to learn more!

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