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  1. Apologies again.  Spent the day watching my decade-long companion of a dog die in an emergency hospital.  Naturally I wasn't quite in the mood to write by the time I got home.  I'll try for tomorrow, sorry for prolonging this wait for anyone who's waiting on me.

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      Please contact me soon and let me know how things are going with you!!!!



  2. OMG I live once again after recent events have rekt my brain.  Will actually for real do posts tomorrow.

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  3. @Rabbit Apologies for disappearing, I will tomorrow.
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  5. If anyone was waiting for me, apologies, I had a big thing irl to deal with.  Will actually be posting in the morning, I swearrrrr

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      I FUCKING MISS YOU!!! You HAVE to post!! we have ALOT of work to do. I LITERALLY LEFT YOU SOME LEE_WAY with Ouros....I Basically GAVE you a new post in MY Post...freestyle the way you've been doing...LOVE your style..PLEASE STAY with me on this to finish it out for the BIGGER RP!! You have NO idea what you have gotten yourself INTO.....Please STAY WITH me on this!! I LOVE Dr. OUROS!!! Whacky and yet very, very intelligent!!



  6. Neutral Evil just means a selfish bastard, from my experience. Which means he can definitely be heroic. Just he does those heroic actions for his own benefit. It'd be like if the world is going to end, he fights to save it just so that he doesn't have a 100% chance of dying. If he does have some kind of moral code but is still inherently selfish and power seeking at other's expense, you could always do Lawful Evil.
  7. Based on what I've read, the SCP foundation of Valucre, a hundreds years old lich/necromancer, and I think a morally ambiguous magical cult leader are all trying to fight for these towers. Take that as you will 0-0
  8. I like the change! Though I'd like to throw into consideration Demon Viceroy. Or maybe Demonhand. Since there might be other nobles underneath a Demon Lord that aren't his/her direct lieutenant.
  9. The doctor would quietly listen to Rebecca and Avus, nodding and jotting down salient information on a notepad he had brought with him in his satchel. There was a lot going on with Abraxis, and he was still a little unsure about Gray...but at least Rebecca and Avus seemed to have some kind of confidence in Graymite. Based on their accounts, he seemed faultless as a caretaker. Still, Ouros did want to meet him straight up, so he could make his own determination on the subject. Nothing quite matched in-person After they both had finished, Ouros gave his thoughts on the situation. "Well...if she's not giving us absolutely everything on it...then I have a feeling we can try our hand at something in regards to that. I know of a little concoction derived from sphinx blood called PFYT...Penny For Your Thoughts. Dumb name, I know, but us alchemists get bored a lot with our scientific naming conventions. Anyways, kind of compels people to expound upon a subject endlessly with no mental filtration, especially in regards to opinions, but it will work just as well with memories. I think I have just enough of that for one dose on me...just need to make it and give it to her. The effects should last for a few hours, and it'll just help her to talk about it in full. If we combine it with something to keep her calm, so she doesn't enter a fit of rage or anguish...then we might get the answers we need to crack this once and for all. Because I have a feeling there might be something deeper than simple trauma that's causing this." He then raised his head up, straightening in his seat as his ears twitched. Something was going on downstairs. A disagreement that sounded profoundly hostile in nature, whatever it was. But there were definitely some unfamiliar voices in the mix. The voices would make themselves known as two burly men burst in through the door, attempting to make their way to Abraxis until they were stopped, and stated their purpose as representing some random neurological facility trying to get a hold of the poor kid for testing purposes. Probably nothing good, judging by their demeanor. He was all for scientific discovery and whatnot...but not how these buffoons were doing it. Didn't anyone in this universe know about waivers of consent to experimentation beforehand? Speaking of which...he probably would have to get Abraxis to sign one eventually...but getting these idiots out of the way was the most important thing to do currently. The draconic scientist stood up to his full height, the feathers on his scalp reflexively straightening out to become larger, similarly to an aggressive cat making its hair stand on end. Though his "hair" might have unintentionally started looking ridiculous...the glare in his icy blue eyes was anything but. "You idiots need to stand down. Your testing facility couldn't even handle her...especially considering you lot look like you have about as much empathy as a box of rocks. She needs familiar surroundings and her loved ones around her. I've been here for like...what, about half an hour, and I already fucking know that much. So get ye gone!" They didn't seem like they were budging....at least, until thankfully, somebody who actually seemed to know what was going on showed up. It was...this Gray person that he kept hearing so much about. He eyed him suspiciously at first, assuming him to be part of this Vistage group. But he proved otherwise soon enough, telling the guards off calmly and taking control of the situation seamlessly. It definitely seemed like he had done this before. He would back away and take a more protective stance by Abraxis' bedside as he continued to handle the situation. But then he asked for Ouros to check the girl's vitals. Vitals? He remembered during anatomy class about vital organs...did...did he want him to literally inspect this kid's insides? Even with her alien biology, she probably needed those intact right about now...somewhat confused, he resolved to instead stand around looking important, pressing up and down her torso lightly. Her organs felt like they were all there at least. Probably. Maybe. He would then look up as he was very un-subtly called upon by Gray to confirm his new position. "Uh, yes, quite right, quite right, friend. I will be serving in that capacity. Her vitals are good." I think, anyway... Mercifully, this Gray dude managed to get everyone out of the room soon enough, and introduce himself. Everyone seemed to be relieved he was here...which was good, at least. He seemed knowledgeable enough about the situation, and he was damned good at making sure things went his way, that was also for certain. After his introduction, however, he would have to begin speaking to Gray quite frankly, as he was now in charge of the girl's care, according to his statement of being her new medical officer. "Uh...well, listen. First of all, I can't just take out someone's vital organs and check them. And secondly, I'm not actually a medical doctor. I'm an AlchD, Doctor of Alchemy. I make potions. Double double, toil and trouble, and all that? I mean I do study anatomy and biology but...uh...I have to be honest. I really think you have the wrong guy if you were looking for an actual medical practitioner. I can probably get her to open up more about what's going on in her head, but other than that, I can't treat anything medically wrong with her. Unless there's, literally like a physical lesion somewhere in her that I can get fixed with a touch of an Exquisite Healing Potion, anyway." At the same time, it seemed as though Gray was getting right to his duties, getting her to smile even while she was asleep. They definitely were close...he would give them that. He would keep an eye on them if he were still around, but his worries were mostly alleviated by now.
  10. Hell to the yes, I love this premise. I'd like to sign up for Demon Second as Kalleth Tzreera. What better person to enter game of thrones politics than a young, boisterous, relatively underpowered, fame-hungry and easily-manipulated outsider? Though young and not from the garden, he's kind of interested in fast-tracks to control and fame, and has spent a lot of his life looking for opportunities to rise to power in the most unlikely of places. If any of the demon lord candidates are interested in having an outcast, charismatic, and (most likely) loyal lieutenant, Kalleth's for you. Though in character he's probably quite interested in taking one of the towers and using it to advance his personal goal of fostering a cult of personality around him, OOC I'm definitely a team player. If no one's interested in having this goof on board, I can bow out or make a new character no problem. Personally it doesn't matter to me which lord i'm put with, but as incompatible as they are, Kalleth would probably be a fun foil character for Ankou. Also if I can help at all with the development of Nede, I'd be happy to help.
  11. Places where people didn't look at Ouros funny were few and far between. Especially when he happened to be hauling his full field alchemy testing set on his back in a pack almost as big as he was. But it seemed that this Hydra's Haven place was quite welcoming of outcasts like him...and he got to meet so many interesting folk around here, too! The kraul were especially fun to talk with when he had the chance, at least before he inevitably ended up killing the conversation by asking them if they had any spare bodies of their kind lying around that he could dissect post-mortem. And the kobolds, they reminded the scientist of himself in miniature! He honestly wanted to take one home to adopt it for companionship's sake. But, interests both childish and scientific aside, Ouros was here for a reason beyond sightseeing or speaking to locals. A call had rung out across Terrenus concerning a research expedition somewhere in the curious land of Taen, and Ouros just so happened to be in the area. As such, today was strictly business for him; he was to meet up with a crew of explorers at an airship. He had no idea what the Valley of Elemental Stone was, but it sounded quite interesting based on what little he had heard. Hopefully an interesting creature or two would pop up for him to study...every new instance of fauna and flora uncovered led to new discoveries in his own field of alchemy. Eventually, the half-dragon-looking adventurer would find his way to the airship he sought, setting down his gear with a sigh of relief. Surveying those present, which currently included a man he guessed was some sort of authority figure on the airship, and a sturdy-looking dwarf, both of whom he'd offer a cheerful smile and a greeting between breaths. "Top of the day!...huff...hmmf...should've paid extra for the holding enchantment on this thing...I'm Dr. Ouros Lugoff, pleased to make your acquaintances. Should be a fun little exploratory venture, hmm?"
  12. Ouros somewhat froze, sinking into his seat on the couch as far as he could possibly go as Abraxis began to be taken over by her traumatic memories, lashing out at her aunt with nearly-lethal force. At least, he tried to slink back, before he began to feel himself being lifted up by what he could only assume was this girl's dangerously powerful telekinetic ability. Instinctively he reached for a satchel at his side, wherein laid a few safely-stored, but highly dangerous and volatile potions he often utilized for self-defense. Unfortunately, they tended to be either irreparably damaging or room-filling...neither of which would help the situation. He could only hover in midair, waiting for her to eventually calm down. Eventually, she did, thanks to quick thinking on Avus' part, hugging its sis tightly. Though the episode lasted only a minute or two at most, it had felt much longer. Ouros only watched, his mouth agape in surprise and quite a bit of fear as he stared at Abraxis while she came back to reality. To his later chagrin, he flinched and pushed farther back into the sofa as the bloody-eyed girl came towards him, barely able to breathe from the fear coursing through his veins. He had no words of wisdom to answer her pleading with either, simply remaining frozen in terror. Mercifully, her cousin seemed to know what to do. Just a little prick with a syringe, and she was out, slumping over in her cousin's arms. At least she could rest some now, while Ouros and everyone else in the room gathered their bearings. He gulped, then coughed as he felt the dry insides of his throat rub against each other. No wonder no one wanted to help this girl; even without the cold heart of a serial killer, she could easily end up being one just the same. The doctor didn't notice at first, but eventually he registered that Avus was calling him upstairs. He picked up his things, bidding a quietly-uttered farewell to the others in the room with him before following it to its room. He had to admit...as fascinated as he was with Abraxis' abilities, her condition terrified him in equal measure. For once, he didn't know if he would be able to actually tackle this problem. It wasn't like he was dealing with some non-sentient test animal or a closed system that he could alter the variables of at his leisure...this was a person. A person with potentially cataclysmic power resting within her, especially if the whole pulsar thing she mentioned earlier was accurate. Ouros would have to look at this scientifically, for sure, but he could not follow the same procedures he normally would. Although part of him wanted to bow out right here and now, just get the fuck out of dodge back to his own world...he found that he couldn't. A sense of compassion and a compulsion to solve this unsolvable puzzle kept him from saying that, even as he watched some other individual and Avus put Abraxis in a bed and got her comfortable. He had to give it a shot. Honestly, if he could do nothing for her, he wouldn't mind taking only what he felt was acceptable hazard pay for dealing with a ticking telekinetic time-bomb up close and personal. But he wouldn't give up on her yet. Not by a long shot. He would step into the room and accept Avus' offer to sit, for the moment ignoring the back part of his mind realizing that he'd never actually sat on a beanbag before (and noticing how bloody comfortable it was). There would be more important things to discuss right about now. The alchemist waved his hand and shook his head in response to Avus' second offer. "No thank you, though I appreciate it. I prefer my mind to be unaltered in my work. I'll need all my faculties at full capacity if I'm to help with your cousin, at any rate. If you've got anything in there that doesn't impede your thinking, then I'll take it, thanks." He would then sigh, leaning back some in the beanbag as he finished calming himself down from earlier, offering a tired wave of greeting and a half smile to Rebecca. He would then listen to Avus' musings, paying full attention though his lazy body language suggested otherwise. As such, he was quite surprised when he heard his insinuation about Graymite. "Oh? Well...this Gray chap, was he responsible for Abraxis' well-being while she was committed to the asylum? Or perhaps, do you know something I don't about him? I will say though, no matter what, there's no way in hell she's going out to dinner like this. And until I see this Graymite's credentials and talk to him in person, I'm thinking that he should remain away from Abraxis, in case your suspicions are correct." He tapped the side of his cheek, leaning on his elbow as he rested it to his side on the beanbag. Through all the chaos...he had thought of something that he had once tried to forget. But, it seemed like it was salient information. "But...I'm going to take a wild guess and say my understanding of the situation is old news to you folk...but...I think...this reminds me of something I saw a few years ago. For a short time, about a month, I accidentally found myself working for an army as a medical alchemist. I got magical poultices and potions and all that sort of junk ready for soldiers when they were wounded, to either save their lives or get them in fighting condition. I remember the last day, the day I just straight up left...I remember seeing this one soldier, halfway getting his armor back on after I treated him for some third degree burns. Some childish moron from the infirmary came at him while wearing his helmet, to give it to him after spooking him...the patient just lost it. He... screeched about an incoming charge and tipped over another patient's bed while the guy was still in it. Guessing he was using it as cover. But unfortunately he had his crossbow on him...and he just grabbed it...he fired it right at that kid with the helmet. Some of the others in the ward managed to take him down right after...but there was nothing anyone could do for the guy he hit. Was a perfect shot, straight through the heart. Massive hemorrhaging, blood everywhere. Probably died before he hit the ground." Ouros covered his mouth, biting down on a finger nervously before continuing. "I've seen people die before. I've killed in self-defense. But that wail I heard when this soldier came to and realized what he did...sent fucking chills down my spine. Straight chills. Broke my heart then and there...I had to leave afterwards, just after that alone. Turned out the two were squad-mates, and he was probably just coming back to wish him well...dammit all..." He then shook his head a bit, before bringing himself back to the present. "At any rate...the important thing is, the remorse that soldier felt was genuine, and there was no magical residue on him from a charm or whatnot. He just straight up didn't know what he was doing. It's documented a bit here and there, and the more well-educated forces in my world know about it well enough. They call those folks "war-haunted", where I'm from. Probably has a different name here. But sometimes people traumatized in battle just...think they're in it again. They go into fight or flight, everything they see is an enemy, including their friends. I'm guessing based on what Abraxis has said of her abuse, she's experiencing something similar." The alchemist covered his eyes with the hand he was leaning on, continuing to speak. "Now...if that's the case...and she has these episodes constantly...then that means something either in her or outside of her is constantly taking her entire mind back to when she was tortured. I...partially wanna say that the best thing for her would be to somehow erase her memory of the events entirely. But then if it somehow comes back, it'll just be like re-opening an old wound even deeper than it was before. I know we need to figure this out but...guh...for now I'm honestly stumped...I'll probably need to observe her for a while. And in the meantime, definitely figure out how to keep these events from triggering. It might have had something to do with what I said...me giving her that ultimatum...or just telling her to do something herself or something...I dunno...I dunno..." he held his face in his hands, sighing, hoping that he hadn't actually caused it. If they really wanted his help, he'd stay. But he'd have to be extraordinarily careful that his presence wouldn't do more harm than good for this poor girl.
  13. Ouros would take a seat, mentally preparing himself for when Abraxis felt comfortable to unleash a heavy load of emotional baggage. She obviously had quite a bit. Given what he had heard of her, she seemed to have quite a bit of it she needed to get off her chest. He would nod towards Argon as she spoke before introducing himself to all present as he had to Avus for formality's sake, but it seemed as though everyone in the room knew plenty enough about him anyways to prevent him from going beyond that. He was more interested in hearing what Abraxis had to say...or, telepath...telepathize?...yes, that was a decent word for it, telepathize. Whatever she had to telepathize, Ouros definitely wanted to hear it. And boy did she have a lot on her mind. He took the mistake of drinking from a bottle of water he had with him just as she began, only to nearly choke on it as she said her fucking vocal chords got stitched shut when she was six. Even if the last tidbit about her talking causing ear damage or something was a decent enough reason for her mom, it certainly wasn't for Ouros. In fact it pissed him off more than anything...gods almighty. Did anyone here know how to care for a child? Punishing them for having incredible abilities wasn't at all a good way to raise one. Even he knew that much...as cold as his own parents were to him for most of his life, at least they didn't punish him for being a nerdy alchemist in school. Abraxis continued to mentally vent, telling of what seemed to be incredible feats of psychokinetic prowess. Though it did seem somewhat unbelievable to him...having so many people in one room that believed her wholeheartedly had chipped down his doubt to a manageable level. What was the word he had heard somewhere before...idiot savant? Abraxis struck him as one of those folk. But the emphasis seemed more to be on the savant than the idiot, judging by how articulate she was. She just seemed...hurt, deep down, more than anything else. Cripplingly so. And as she continued to speak of what essentially amounted to the loss of her family and closest friends over the years of her losing her very identity as a sentient being, he could tell that she definitely felt like a monster. Nothing more than a vessel for extraordinary, uncontrollable power. However, there seemed to be hope for this girl as she continued speaking. This Graymite she mentioned, and then gushed over so fervently...he would likely end up being the key to her recovery, in Ouros' probably-unprofessional opinion. He likely was the breakthrough she required. But, then again, all of this trauma wasn't going to be undone immediately. And judging from Abraxis' sentiments, it seemed as though she simply wanted to be independent and normal. Relying on...Conduits? Interesting name for a caretaker, but whatever the word she used, relying on them wasn't going to get her any happier, he surmised. His thoughts on the situation were interrupted when a phone rang. Hearing a chipper, male voice on the other end, and seeing on the monitor what Abraxis was typing in response, Ouros caught on that it seemed to be this Gray he was talking about that was on the other end of the line. She really did have a massive crush on him...calling him her love and all. But, hey, if someone was by your side caring for you 24/7, being a shoulder to cry on in times of need...it wouldn't make much sense not to have a loving relationship. Heck, Ouros was starting to like him a lot too, as he seemed to be totally down with getting him some materials and funding for his research. Damn, this guy probably knew his way around everyone's heart. He was almost surprised that Gray couldn't just fix Abraxis on his own. But then again, he seemed like more of a love interest than a caretaker now. Perhaps this is why Avus dragged Ouros into this; he could provide a sorely-needed third-party opinion from someone outside the situation to analyze things more logically, provide solutions others may not have thought of yet. It seemed that Gray had the same idea, as Ouros was now named a licensed therapist and a podiatrist in one fell swoop! Hopefully no one cared that he had no certifications to speak of in either field...but screw it, if these people placed their trust in him, he wasn't going to let them down. He grunted as Abraxis once again felt the need to jump up on him and hug him nice and tight. At least she had the decency to call him dragon-looking while unintentionally abusing him...finally, for once, someone complimented his looks today. He didn't down approximately 24 potions with unknown effects to get just any kind of body, y'know. In between wheezing for air, he'd hug the Invectium gently. "No...problem...but...please...need air!" He'd straighten the collar of his labcoat whenever Abraxis stopped squishing him, smoothing it out as he considered the situation for a moment. "Abraxis...I think this is just the motivation you need to get started on taking control of your own life. Hear me out, if you will." The dragon-like scientist would then sit up to look at Abraxis, occasionally glancing at everyone else in the room. "I gather you and this Gray of yours are quite close. And if you want to go to dinner with him...then the simple fact of the matter is, you're going to have to get yourself ready. Which includes bathing, dressing yourself, and keeping a calm mind to keep your powers under control. Now, beyond the ridiculous capacity to squeeze me in half with that strength you possess, I really haven't seen you do much damage...which means that I think it's possible for you to go out safely with loose supervision, just on the outskirts to make sure nobody tries hurting you or something like that, which would let you have some time with Gray as privately as possible given your circumstances." He then leaned forward, raising a hand to rest his head upon as he stroked his chin pensively, before looking directly into Abraxis' eyes. "I think...the first thing we need to do is to get you ready and mobile. I know it might be a little nerve-wracking once we actually get outside, but I think we can start small, right here. Baby steps. One small victory after another. Are you willing to try and learn how to take care of yourself? Because, I will say this. If you aren't able to prepare yourself for a dinner with your beloved, then I really don't feel comfortable with you leaving the house without tight supervision. Which will entail me or Ms. Argon, probably both of us sitting right next to you. Literally. Just killing the vibe. And I think you want your time with Gray to be a biiiit more special than that, mm? So, whaddyou say?" Ouros hoped he didn't sound threatening after the fact...but then again, having ultimatums offered to trauma victims is what happened when you hired someone without a psychology degree to be a therapist.
  14. You are doing INCREDIBLE at the RP thus far. I like your narrative; you're adapting, assuming as you go, and you SHOW it. Now THAT is how you RP...let it keep flowing and follow my lead; this is pretty fun to me!!!



    1. Chemister_Kaane


      Much appreciated, I try to write the best I can ^^.

  15. A very excited voice greeted him as he stood outside. And the owner of this excited voice was soon bolting towards him with fearsome speed. It seemed as though she was Abraxis' mother, based on her calling the troubled kid her niece. Which meant she was likely Avus' mother, seeing as she was comfortably dressed in a half-naked ensemble that screamed that she was the queen of this domain. "H-hallo, and thanks," Ouros said curtly as he gazed upon the woman with a curious eye as she explained the situation. It was somewhat difficult to read her, as while her voice was incredibly enthusiastic, her face was set in a visage of deep worry between her smiles. Damn...she must have had a lot riding on him, if this was how she felt when someone finally decided to help her niece. Eventually they made it inside the house, where his patient was waiting for him. It seemed she was incredibly afraid, tightly holding onto someone who he assumed must have been her confidant or caretaker. However, his attention was slightly interrupted as Avixis continued speaking. Mainly, concerning that Avus apparently did indeed know a lot about him, and had told her nearly everything he could. Including that he enjoyed "creepy experiments." Ugh...that guy was quite the cretin...though at least it seemed he got his mom on board with the payment he would receive once this is all over. Still, he had to clear something up. "Now, listen here, Miss...my experiments are a lot, LOT more than just creepy, they are pivotal to mankind's advancement! And I swear they're only creepy half the time. And secondly, can you guys read minds or something, because- OOF!" His questioning was interrupted as his patient, Abraxis, closed the distance quite suddenly to hug him so tightly it felt like his ribs would crack. Dear gods, these beings were definitely stronger than they looked. Lords of Avignon help him if one of them decided to pat him on the back, he'd probably end up in the hospital with a spinal fracture. Currently, he was more concerned that he now heard a voice in his head that wasn't telling him to blow something up. No, it was begging him to "get me out of this mind." Whatever that meant. But if his hypothesis about these people being able to read minds was correct, then that must mean... "Abraxis? Was that you? In my head just now?" He then looked towards her aunt, pushing himself out of his own startled state to gently hug the poor girl back, attempting to calm her down as best he could. "Do you folk communciate with telepathy? I know you can speak normally...but she...does she speak? Does she refuse to, or was she born mute?" He had to be honest, he had a lot of questions for both Abraxis and this strange family trying to get her well again. But he would start with the basics. That, and he didn't want to dig too deeply, in case what he learned would affect his payday. All he had to do was cure her and he'd get it, not a lot else to it, it was that simple. Though...he wasn't exactly sure what he could even do...if the previous doctor had left her, it must have meant he thought she was a basket case. What could Ouros even do for this girl that an actual medical doctor could not? He bit his lip, falling silent. Given how serious this seemed to be, he'd at least have to try. If he didn't succeed, it would be a shame. But mysteries like this were what Ouros lived for, and he would love to see what seemed to be a bright, young girl get fully back into life once more. At this point, he was committed. He wouldn't be leaving this house until she was back on her feet. After Avixis or Abraxis' caretaker explained about the telpathy, if they chose to, Ouros would then start what he hoped was a process to healing. "So....uh...do you all have a couch or something, I feel like we should sit down for this. I have a feeling it will get a bit personal over these next few hours. But rest assured....I'll do all in my power to help. I'm here for you, Abraxis. Now...if you all would...please start by telling me what exactly happened to Abraxis to leave her in this condtion?"
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