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  1. "Baby?" She laughed, not expecting him to say that, this whole relationship thing was completely new to her as well, not fake or acted, but real and true. She wanted to say, 'well I don't know how you'll feel once I'm done with you!' but she felt that it would very much be the opposite. Crow slipped through the doors ahead of Jack, thanking him, but almost immediately she stepped behind him again and waited to the side, silently and politely. It was just habit, many times she had been sent to hotels or to apartments for work, she even recognized the girl behind the counter and Crow was pretty sure that she recognized her too. Once Jack was done and had gotten the keys, she grabbed his arm again, and kept her gaze down away from the watching desk girl. Crow walked up the stairs in silence, thinking about this new embarrassment that had come upon her, she had never felt like this, never been embarrassed about her life career, until now. For the first time she felt dirty and disgusted by being a whore. Once in the apartment, the woman briefly looked around before ducking into the kitchen, placing her bag on the counter and pulling out the package. What was inside was tea, a very special and powerful herbal tea, more so a medicine. "First tea." She smiled at Jack, finding a kettle and filling it with water, placing it on the stove. The stove top was powered by fire crystals, which activated when she picked them.
  2. Crow's curiosity grew by the blink of surprised from Jack, and more so by his comment. Her eyes were wide as he spoke, soaking in the information like a sponge. She held onto his side, not really watching where they were going, her attention on her love. More questions formed in her head as he spoke, but she was amazed how honest he was to her, she could sense the fear in his tone and in his eyes. Crow hugged him tightly, smiling a bit, "Well I think if you were to kill me or hurt me, you would have done it already, I trust you won't do anything horrible to me yet. Not without a good reason anyways." She giggled, joking with him, trying to lighten the mood. "But you're very brave to tell me. I've never really heard of demons, not really anyways... I don't really see you any different after what you've told me... I just a lot more questions!" Crow looked up at Jack with a lot more respect now, and she felt rather small after hearing his age. She felt like a little girl again, she knew nothing compared to him. Oh the things he must have seen, all the knowledge of the world, Crow wanted to hear all the stories and learn about the other countries! Jack could teach her a lot.
  3. "Of course you did." She teased, shouldering the small bag to more comfortable position, grasping Jack's hand. They wandered down the street, the moon pouring light over them. It was a very beautiful night, the warm glow of lanterns the silvery sheen from the sky, not to cold out. Crow looked up at Jack with wondering eyes, this would be the perfect time to start asking questions! Oh but where to begin, she had so many, they burned her up from the inside, like how did he know her fate, where did he come from, what was it like there, what are the magics like.... but she figured she might as well start at the bottom. "What is a demon?" She asked. From that question, Crow hoped it would help with answering her other questions without having to ask them, or maybe he would somehow read her mind, she didn't know the bounds of his powers. More and more questions popped into her head, she wished she had brought a note book to write them all down, but was forced to push them away for another time.
  4. Crow nodded with a smile and started leading them down the now quiet streets. For such a big city, it got very empty in some parts after dark, as they walked down the dimly lit streets. Crow liked the peacefulness, the cool air, the stars above, and being escorted by Jack made it wonderful. She leaned into the man, hugging his arm, "Lovely night, isn't it?" She purred. The woman took Jack down a few blocks, then stopped at the mouth of an alley way, she turned to him, holding his hands, "Just wait her okay? I'll be right back, I promise." She gave his hands a squeeze then ran down the alley, stopping at a door and slipping inside, not looking back. She hoped that he will trust her, she wouldn't be gone long anyways.. Crow slipped through the back door of the kitchen, waving hello to the cooks, then running up the stairs to the main lobby, and courtyard.The air was crisp and filled with a light fresh scent of water and flowers, music caressed the ears, as did laughter and singing. She ducked and dodged some of the other girls, bowing politely to customers, greeting them warmly. She was trying to find Madam Deerly, to tell her that she will be taking a leave for a while. She found the short wrinkled woman at the desk, waving another girl in and her patrons in. The old woman was tanned, wearing expensive silks and a big jeweled ring on each finger, she saw Crow and smiled. "Ahh! Little Bird, I was starting to get worried! Are you okay my dear? Everything alright...?" Deerly was worried when the girl approached her silently, hands clasped nervously in front of her. "What is it sweetheart?" The old woman took the young girls hands in hers. Crow looked down, fidgeting a bit. "I need to take some time off Madam." She said. Madam Deerly blinked in surprise, Crow had never taken time off, and she didn't feel the need to ask why. Madam Deerly nodded and let Crow go, "Go on sweetie. Have fun and take care of yourself. Don't forget your tea... I'll pass on the message to your mother." Crow smiled and bowed, running off back into the courtyard and down a set of stairs down into the dorms to grab her things, two sets of cloths, a hair brush and a package were stuffed into a bag. In mere moments she was running back down the alley way, back to Jack's arms. "Back!" She singed.
  5. With her suspicions confirmed, she nodded with understanding, she herself didn't want to go back there, but she would need to eventually. It wasn't the best of places to go, it was busy, any eyes and complications. And then there was her mother... Crow loved and respected her, but to explain and have her understand what was going would be interesting, but difficult. There was also Madam Deerly to think about, and Crow didn't even want to start. Getting a hotel was a good idea, she felt bad that he would be paying for it, but it seemed money for him wasn't an issue. She could go back to the pleasure house when she needed to work, or to see her mother when she wanted, plus all the time for her to drill Jack with questions, seemed like a reasonable idea all together. Crow nodded, "I think it's a good idea. That gives you time to explore Union as well, maybe you could find a way home." Crow glanced down at the ground, surprised when her feet touched the street, then back up at Jack, she didn't even notice then descending from the rooftops. "Though... I will have to stop at the pleasure house, make sure they know I'm alright and pick up a change of clothes. At the very least anyways." If she didn't, she knew her mother would worry, and Madam Deerly would be furious with her. Thankfully it was common of the girl to suddenly have a few days off, it was a very tiring and emotionally draining job after all. Crow stood on her tip toes, even pulled Jack down so that she could kiss him again, knowing he wanted it. After she took his arm, "Let us walk?" She smiled
  6. It wasn't the reaction she was expecting, but it satisfied her non the less. Crow smiled sitting straight in his lap as his hands traversed her body, gliding up and down the silk dress so easily, the massage felt nice as well, she was often the ones giving them. His kisses her soft and sweet like a butterfly's, making her giggle. He seemed more like a puppy now, ever hungry for attention, this made her giggle even more. Crow was starting to feel something in her heart as well, before it was an idea, but now she was starting to grow fond of his kind words and his strong character. She felt safe, and somewhat more important than before, maybe even powerful? Rarely did Crow ever come in contact with powerful magic, and even though it was all around then, she wasn't gifted in the arts, but sitting with Jack she was becoming more and more aware of the magic in the air, but also the magic that dwelled in Jack, it was frighteningly huge. "Oh? Is that so?" She said, muffled through the kiss. This sparked her curiosity, "Why do you think that Mr. Half Demon? Hmmm?" Crow smiled as he moved her, so that she was facing him now. She adjusted herself and wrapped her arms loosely around his neck, her hands feeling down his shoulders and softly stopping at the base of his wings. She couldn't lie, she like the neck nuzzles, and even placed her hand on the back of his head, nuzzling the side if his forehead in return. "I guess I'll forgive you, but I won't forget!" She whispered in his ear, then took a chance and nibbled a little bit on his ear! Crow sat back with a worried look, her brow furrowed with thought, "I should have answered you on that earlier question. I live, well, under the pleasure house, all the girls live there, I have my own room with my mother..." She paused for a second to think, "I mean we could go back to the pleasure house and pretend that you're a customer...? That way we would get a privet room..." She looked up at Jack, to see what he thought on the situation, or if he hand any other plans. Suddenly Crow was starting to feel and bit nervous and shy. Jack really wanted to be with her, like really really wanted too, and it wasn't for the exchange of money, but because he loved her. She had never experienced this, and was starting to feel self conscious and anxious on him seeing her in such a vulnerable state. A blush crossed her cheeks.
  7. Crow was surprised how eager he was, how he crumpled under her touch, how much he craved this attention, and from her too. The poor man must have been alone for so long he forgot what it was like to feel love and to be loved! Her heart ached for him, it also made her wonder how old he actually was. His whole energy change, as if something woke in him, she could feel it under hands when they touched his skin, like electricity, it flowed into her, making everything tingle. As he pulled her closer, as his dark wings closed around them, giving some privacy, their kiss deepened. Crow, of course, took lead, her hands gliding from his cheek, along his jaw and down his neck. Her touch was gentle, but it tickled a little, his energy fueled her. Her thick hair and sweet scent made it all the more difficult to not pull away, to not take her there and now, even her touch from kiss and hand made him drunk with ecstasy and love. Maybe it was the perfume that did it. Her laugh was loud in his ear, after they parted, she was deeply amused, with a mischievous glimmer in her eyes. "So sweet my dear, but after all you did kidnap me and scare me half to death... I have other plans." Crow pinched his nose, giving it a quick wiggle, "And it is the first date, isn't there rules to that? Hmmm?" Cruel, such a tease, it made her squirm with delight. Crow giggled and watched Jack's reaction with a wide smile. Crow did have a rhyme to her reason, Jack said he wanted to get to know her, and so he shall, but the proper way. When Crow said she was a pleasure worker, but that didn't mean her private life has the same needs or wants, she meant it. He would have to wait for the love making until she wanted it too. Until then he was to learn about her, and she, him.
  8. Crow was happy that he agreed to calling her by Crow, and nodded her thanks. The woman smiled sadly, but just for a moment. If she didn't belong there, then where? Her home for 23 years was not her place, her family not really her family. She was having a hard time believing it was true. It all came back to that prophecy. Her fingers tingled from the touch of his kiss, she laughed lightly and gave him a sly sideways glance, "Of course I want to know the real you, isn't it proper? Why would I spend time learning, and if the gods are kind, falling for a fake man? When I go out on the streets, I wear an invisible mask, no one knows who I really am, never have I let my guard down to any man, or woman. Yet the longer I talk and speak in my own voice, I draw you more closer. I think that's a complement. You are more interested in the real me than.. well a..." She didn't need to finish that, she was sure that he knew what she was trying to say. As his arms tightened around her, she blushed, watching his eyes, but what he said was probably true, it defiantly made out to be an interesting day. Crow paused for a moment, looking up into the grey sea, "I'm not scared because I'm curious, because you know more than anyone I've ever met. I want to know you, who and what you are and how you came to be you. I also want to know what draws someone like you to me, a simple peasant whore." She hand slipped up jawline and over his cheek, Jack was so close now, "I can see something in you that you haven't seen in a long time, I think that's special... And I want to cherish that light." Her heart fluttered lightly, like a bird in a cage. She heard truth in his voice, and she didn't want to wait anymore, his scent was all around her and she was starting to feel safe in his arms. Crow closed the distance and kissed him. How soft were her lips, gentle and light like a butterfly.
  9. Crow smiled, but winced a little bit, she hated when people called her by her first name. It made her feel dreadful, like a rotting corpse, just to remind her what it really meant. For many years she hated her name, and hated the shaman that gave it to her, she wanted to change her name or do something that will change her fate, but no matter how many shamans or soothsayers she went too, nothing could be done. She would often introduce herself as Little Bird to avoid any questioning or judgement from customers. "Well I'll call you Jack if you call me Crow, sound fair?" She looked at him, amused by his playfulness, seems she can captivate any man after all, even a demon. "I'm pretty sure you caught me." She teased, adjusted herself on his lap, so that she was facing him more. "I do want to get to know you." She reached up and tapped his lips with a finger, "The real you. I think that will help you find yourself in turn... I think you really need that. And if you want to know something about me right now, I think looks aren't everything. Real beauty comes from the soul. I'm not so easily swayed but a pretty smile. Nice try though." That being said, the eyes were the gateway to the soul, and looking into Jack's eyes she could see so many mysteries, emotions and feelings that she wanted to understand. So many questions she wanted to ask, and to pass up this opportunity would really be stupid. He must know so much about the world, and maybe her fate! She had to ask that, and so much more. "Hmm..." Crow tilted her head in mock thinking, "Oh I guess one night wouldn't hurt, but is this business or real?" She said in a serious tone, looking up at Jack, making sure her point got across. "Because those are two very different things and one of them might not have the out come you were anticipating. I may be a pleasure worker, but that doesn't mean my private life has the same needs or wants, got it?" Madam Deerly did allow her girls to have their own life and relationships, as long as it didn't interfere with their work or health, but Crow had never thought of having any relationships at all, it never occurred to her, until just now that this meeting could turn into one, it made her nervous. On her free time or days off she would read, or go for walks, visit the local stables and pet the horses or the barn cats.
  10. Crow was surprised by his sudden softness, she was beginning to doubt that he was capable of such tenderness, but this man kept on surprising her. She let his magics or aura calm her, comforted by his arms, words and soft lips,happy to feel her heart slow down and her breath easing. Though her mind still raced from her first flight, she was able to assess her surroundings and turn her attention to what Jack was saying, now that her heartbeat wasn't pounding in her ears. The woman promised herself that she would find a book on demons and the kind when she got back home, but she felt that the chances of that happening were now slim, would a demon just let go of his prize? She knew a cat wouldn't... Were demon's like cats? The thought made her smile just a bit. That little bit of a thought gave her the confidence to speak to him again, though she was still mad at him for torturing her. "You said you were half human, and if I know men, I could tell you that no man knows what he truly wants. It's the drive that carries then forward, to step up to a challenge, to fight and to live." Crow said wistfully, sitting up a bit so to look at him, frowning, "But where ever you came from, surely kidnapping women and dropping them from the sky must not be a date, or what ever you called that. Like you said, I'm a human, more proof that you must not know much about us, or at least women. If you wanted to spend the evening with me, you could have just said so." She glared up at him, but more in a playful manner, that charming maiden was coming back, but maybe it was the more truthful side and not a fake facade. "You are a very confusing being Sir O'Neal, but I feel you're more confused than I am on how you're feeling about this whole situation. You are more scared of yourself than you are of woman, is that why you're so shy?" Crow ignored the part about the large sum of money, she was more focused on satisfying her own curiosity than the money, and she felt that that would be discussed if and when he decided that he was bored of her.
  11. The calmness broke, her eyes flared up back to life like little fires, she glared at Jack, "OF COURSE I DON'T WANT TO DIE." She yelled over the wind, " That basic human instinct! And of course I'm scared of it, another human instinct, we fear what we don't know! Do you really know anything about humans?" Even through her burst of anger, she was still scared, they were up so high, she couldn't stop her voice from trembling or her body. Crow felt so weak and small in this man's grasp, she was starting to understand the concept of demon, and fear for whatever he was, was growing. He was playing with her like a a cat with a baby mouse. He had total control over her life. What Jack said about her home and family made her pause, it struck something and she didn't understand what it meant to her. "No.... You're wrong. They are my family, My Mother, Madam Deerly, Aunt Grace and Vivian. They all looked after me, raised me, teached me... Maybe my place isn't with them, but they were still apart of my life and I love them. What ever you are, demon or what ever bull you claim to be, you obviously don't understand the concept of family, or love. I pity you." That made her sad, someone who had never felt the love of a mother, or father, not to have someone to come back to on a hard day, or to be with when you're lonely. Crow felt bad for Jack, maybe that was the sadness she felt from him. However she did understand that it wasn't her place, a memory of he rmother telling her about the reason to her naming came to her. Carrion Crow, the bringer of ill will, the messenger of disaster. It was her fate as the shaman said, and she had always thought is was all bogus, but now, hearing it from Jack, it could all be true. That didn't sit well with her, but there wasn't much time to think about that now. Those grey eyes, like a stormy sea she had read about in her books, she would figure his eye looked like them. She had never seen the sea, or any large body of water. But his eyes were deep, clouded and full of so much that she couldn't even start to figure out what he was feeling or thinking. Her thoughts stopped when he said a farewell and dropped her. Her breath caught in her throat with a gasp of fear and surprise, weightlessness overcame her and she fell, for the short distance anyways. Crow didn't scream, she more or less just curled up into a ball and held her breath, eyes closed. When Jack caught her again, he could feel her heart pounding, her shivering little body and the sharp, gasping breath she took, tears also fell from her cheeks, but other than that Crow was silent on their decent back into the city. It took a long time for her to calm down, as they sat on the rooftop, Crow wanted to compose herself as quickly as possible, but after all that she just couldn't. The woman sat in Jack's lap, leaning up against him for support as she slowly gained back her strength after her big scare, fighting to stop her gasping, trembling and tears. She wanted to say something, but what could she say? He was cruel? Or that he was right to spare her? Nothing came to mind that was sharp witted or not too cunning that would not get her in trouble again.
  12. Anger flared when he called her stupid, she lifted her chin and stood straight, making herself look proud and unhurt by these insults, preparing to leave and go back to the pleasure house, the place she called home. Crow glaced at the bag of coins, hearing the contents clatter together, then looking back at Jack with dark eyes, unfazed by his comment, "Yes, it does so happen I work for gold, most people do, but I know a lost cause when I see it. Unlike yours, my time in precious. I'm sorry to disappoint, maybe some other time sir, but for now I have to go." As she turned to leave, he cut her off as he walked circles around her, her irritation grew with ever insult he threw at her. No she wasn't the smartest, Crow would admit that, but this man was stepping over the line, and her composure was breaking. Her gaze dropped to the ground, her crossed arms now hugging her, trembling, she was having troubles keeping her emotions in check, "So what if I'm a sin? I work my way to feed myself and my family. What makes me happy is my family, and if I'm able to take care of them, then it's worth it." Her voiced cracked , going quiet, she could feel that she was in trouble now, she messed with the wrong person.... It was true, Crow worked hard to be able to feed herself and everyone else at the pleasure house. Her mother and even the other girls she cared for, even if they were annoying, or slacked in their work, they were her family. She would never give them up, never let them down. Crow was definitely not expecting the black wings to appear, nor to be thrown up into the air and caught, she let out a scream and scrambled to get a grip onto Jack before he rocketed up to the sky. Her stomach dropped, she felt light headed, nauseous, and her ears popped from the sudden change in air pressure, she gasped for air and held onto Jack for dear life. She barely heard what he said, just catching his name over the roaring winds. When he held her so to face him, she looked down, that was a mistake. Crow felt dizzy from the heights, she could almost see the whole city! On any other occation, she would have loved the view and the feeling of flying, but it was all corrupted by fear. "I...I..." She started, her tiny body felt like a porcelain cup in Jack's hands, so fragile and delicate, "I'm Carrion Crow Rosebone..." A sudden calm over took her, maybe it was because she felt that her death would mean nothing, no one cares for someone like her, or maybe it was because she felt that maybe, just maybe, that this man or demon, would maybe realize that she isn't just some human. "Kill me if you must, but you will have nothing to gain by doing it. As you said yourself, I'm a walking sin. The world will be better without me." Her voice was cool and calm, her gaze sad and lifeless.
  13. "Would that make you smile if I said yes?" Crow asked, teasing back, then frowned cutely when he shook his head, she looked ahead of her, turning her thoughts back to the two others at the fountain. They were gone, probably picked up a client finally, but now she was on her own. The women looked out for each other, made sure they were safe, it was actually a rule they had. No one will walk the streets alone, ever. Crow turned her gaze back onto the man, jumping a little bit at his gentle touch, she wasn't expecting it, but relaxed quickly and was distracted by his grey eyes. She didn't try anything, simply waited with that soft smile of hers, listening intently at his words, as she was trained to by Madam Deerly. Once the man backed off and took a few steps back, Crow frowned. He wasn't interested in going back to the pleasure house with her, he just wanted to play, talk to her and definitely not pay her. Her character broke immediately, she crossed her arms and leaned up against the wall, her whole attitude changed from charming maided to annoyed little girl, watching the man with an unimpressed look, "Yes, this is Genesaris, the capital actually, Union City. And yes it's a magical place, most of the continent is." Crow sighed, rolling her eyes a bit, "Oh lucky you... I wish I could feel the magics like that, definitely wouldn't have this job. " She muttered under her breath. Crow watched him, blinking a few times when his eyes changed colour, to make sure she wasn't seeing things. " Umm... Okay?" She said slowly, a brow raising with question. Now Crow wasn't stupid, she only lived a sheltered life, she had rarely left this side of the city, let alone outside of the gates. Even then, she had seen a lot, and colour changing eyes? Nothing new to her, there were simple magics to do that, parlor tricks. It never occurred to her that he was a demon... If she knew what a demon was. Crow stared at Jack with a confused expression, waiting for something a bit more dramatic to happen. "You still scared then?"
  14. Crow laughed, placing her hands behind her back, rocking back on her heels, "Oh, I don't know how you would have guessed!" She smiled, sarcasm dripping from her voice, "Why yes, that's just a part of my job, I can do other things as well. But I'm sure you know all about that." Now it was her turn to look this man up and down, he didn't speak like he was a human, looked like one though. Crow serviced anyone who was able to pay, she had been with countless non-human customers. She wasn't one to judge, and let him speak as he will, tilting her head the other way. "Defending yourself like that isn't helping, just sounds like you're trying to cover up your fear." She pointed out, twirling around, her silk dress catching to sunlight. The woman looked at Jack from over her shoulder, her dark hair framing her face nicely, "So? What do you want to do if I caught your interest? Hmm?" Crow asked, her smile softening, her eyes inviting.
  15. Crow sighed lightly, pulling her mind from the skies and back down into the square, tossing her dark thick hair over one shoulder. She stood, stretching out her legs and to fix her dress, something was causing her to be uneasy. It was a deep pit feeling in her gut, Crow wasn't the most magical of sorts, she'd never tried to do anything of the sort, but she could still feel it in the air, inside her heart and soul. She looked around her, the traffic through the square had slowed down, there weren't as many people now, and she could pick out who might be letting off such... Sadness? Anger, hate, frustration... She couldn't place it, but it was an unhappy feeling. Venet and Gilly still sat a few feet away, chatting softly, not really paying attention to getting customers, Crow didn't mind, Madam Deerly would probably get on their case later. Crow, looked around again, then, she spotted him, leaning up against the wall. He was tall, thinner framed, but she could feel his strength as his stare bored into her. Crow held his gaze for a moment, then shivered and looked away, pretending that something else caught her eye. Yes, men have gazed at her with strong intent, but never this way, was he challenging her? The thought made her smile, even laugh lightly and she made sure he saw. Crow would accept his challenge, she loved these types of games, if she lost, it would not hurt her. The maiden looked back at this mysterious man and smiled brightly, her eyes playful and bold. Crow crossed the Square and stopped right in front of Jack, "You know it's rude to stare. Or... Are you to scared to talk to women?" She said, tilting her head as she looked up at Jack with big brown eyes. "Hmmm?"
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