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  1. The yellow wagon was hard to miss. It screamed attention seeking and insecurity. Cadryn hopped off of Usko when they pulled up along side, Chum was already sniffing around the wheels and circling. His tail was up and he seemed to have smelled something interesting by the entrance to the wagon. Eyeing the square he noticed all of the entrances and exit. It was located in a cozy little corner, not too easy to get out. Cadryn strapped his swords to Usko's saddle, keeping his daggers hidden he turned toward the wagon and walked up the front. Reaching for the handle he felt a hand on his shoulder. Grasping the fingers he pushed back and heard a groan of pain. Looking back he saw Mud, white faced trying to breathe through the pain. Releasing his guides fingers he cocked an eye brow. The man must have a death wish, he's seen me fight. Mud stepped back rubbing his hand. "Aye lad, I'm nae sure where ye learned yer manners but where oim from, it be rude te walk inta anothers home without knocking. Ifn ye donna think it's rude, ye might wanna think twoice bout walkin intae a gypsy's home without her permission." Shaking feeling back into his fingers he mimed knocking with his hand. Knocking? Cadryn thought, the last time I had to knock on a door I was 6 years old and was a cabin boy. You always knocked. But Mud was here as a guide, and it had been many years since landlubbers had been part of his daily life. Shrugging his shoulders Cadryn turned and knocked on the wagon door.
  2. Cadryn looked over at the mercenary "Aye we're ready." Just then Mud ran up and informed him of the gypsy in the South Market Square. Looking at Mud he caught the flash of deceit in his eyes. The man was obviously hiding something. Cadryn internally sighed. People always under estimated his intelligence because of his size. It seemed to be a well known fallacy that the bigger you were in the body, the less you were in the mind. Cadryn had been brought up on the ship Tiamont, vicious, violent and cruel men had lived upon it for 10 months out of the year. Skills, like manners, etiquette and social graces were not taught above or below deck. You were taught how to clean, take care of your ship and your home. You were taught to protect your home and your family, even when you wanted to gut your family. While these lessons had been hard learned there had been others: naval warfare, strategy, tactics discipline and most importantly politics. Looking Mud over, Cadryn noticed the signs of one trying to deceive, he held his breath, was trying not to make too much eye contact, and the subtle shift of his head. He watched the man squirm for a moment. Remembering a time when Captain Shite had broken up a potential mutiny. The man charged had sworn he wasn't guilty of the crime and that no one else was involved with his plot. He had been the sole conspirator. Cadryn had watched the man, squirm and gravel before the captain and watched in awe, as his lies were torn apart piece by piece. The captain had found out the names of the three other, he inwardly chuckled, disgruntled crewmen and had them brought before him. After that it was a simple matter of turning one against the other. It is a well known fact death is a punishment for mutiny; however the manner of dying can make all of the difference. Hanging can be quick and easy if done correctly. Keel hauling is another matter entirely. It strips flesh from bone, partially drowns you, and then shatters bone. If you're lucky you drown before you make the third pass. The memories of those times sharpened his gaze and he watched Mud flinch. "Are those the only reasons?" he asked. And there it was, the subtle shuffle of feet, the passing of a hand in front of his mouth. The "No" surprised Cadryn as did the follow up response. "She is a sexy piece of woman who will make having this conversation so much visually easier." Feeling what was just said wasn't the whole truth Cadryn continue to glance at Mud. With feigned indifference Cadryn shrugged his shoulders and nodded his ascent. Looking over at the drunk mercenary he swung up into the saddle. Stretching down he stuck out his hand. 'Names Cadryn. If you can find us to the South Market Square, I think we can figure out what your next role is going to be here."
  3. He felt his smile start to turn into a grin, ignoring the urge he gave a court formal bow. "Thank you, we will meet you over there shortly." Taking three quick steps back, as much to appear formal as to put space in between them before he turned his back, Mud allowed his grin to escape once she could no longer see his face. Shuffling back over to Cadryn, who still fiddling with something in his saddle bag. Coming closer to him, Mud was still impressed by his size. The man must have a giant in the family he thought, as he casually brushed his fingers through Chums coat as he walked past. Now came the difficult part. The man is a stubborn bumbling fool, with a head for strategy. Does that play into the world of politics though? He stared as Cadry stumbled over nothing and almost fell on his ass. Resisting the urge to sigh and shake his head Mud strolled over. "Cadryn." Mud called as the man stood up. "The young woman in the tavern just now, the one with the lute? Well she has a lot more knowledge about this town than I do. We have been invited over to the South District Market Square, at her wagon, to continue this conversation. I think we should go." He paused, this would be the moment that could make or break this decision. "She is a gypsy and has traveled far more extensively than I have. She can answer the questions I have had difficulty with." Cadryn looked over his head at the retreating woman. He cocked his head and then looked down at Mud. "Are those the only reasons?" His gaze felt like a blade to the throat. Mud swallowed and said "No. She also happens be a sexy piece of woman, who will make having this discussion so much visually easier." Remember to breathe, and keep a level gaze, but not too level. He can't know you're lying. Meeting the brilliant green eyes Mud waited. It all hung on this answer. With a huge shrug of his shoulders Cadryn nodded his agreement. "You wouldn't be wrong there. But we'e leaving if she starts playing that dratted instrument again." he rubbed his fingers against his temples "It makes it hard to think."
  4. Gasping for breath Mud caught up with gypsy. She was being cute, it was attractive sure but it was also ridiculous. Bending over, hands on his knees he tried to catch his breath. When he finally caught his breath he stood up straight and looked down at her. "Hi. I saw you playing in the bar thought you were pretty good. I wanted to apologize for the idiot over there" he jerked a thumb behind his shoulder int he direction Cadryn. "He doesn't understand what a valuable asset you are, with your musical ability and your travel knowledge. Please correct me if I'm wrong in saying that you are a gypsy?" He paused to wait for a response. After none came in 2 breaths he pressed on. "If you are, I can say your skill is unparalleled on the lute and the way you played the room was masterful." He smiled down at her, feeling the skin around his mouth stretch at the unfamiliar tug. "I think you and I would be able to make something work, where we can both make a tidy profit and maybe knock some sense into that big idiots head." Sticking his hand out Mud, waited to see what she would do.
  5. Mud watched the womans hips sashay past him. She sure was a looker that was for sure. Her hips were built for a mans hands, and her ass was shapely and well defined. He found himself thinking she would be a wild dangerous ride and felt some old stirrings that he had forgotten about. Chuckling to himself he remembered how he would chase a woman like that in his youth. Fought and bled for her. Now, age had taught him too much about women like that. Her figure screamed sex, like her display in the in bar room screamed manipulator. It was obvious to him, that she knew how to play a crowd, knew how to work her wares, to get what she wanted. That fight was definitely instigated by Cadryn. The man was brilliant, but a dolt. If he had known how to read the room, he would have just left and found another inn. The last thing you do at a crowded inn is pick a fight with the entertainment, especially the attractive entertainment. Watching her walk away, he stopped noticing her womanly figure and more her potential. She was a gypsie, that much was obvious and as such she would have much more knowledge of the land than he would. She would pick up stories and information. Seeing a chance to leave the mad man behind him, Mud called out to her. "Excuse me miss." He ran to catch up to her.
  6. Cadryn, looked the drunken mercenary over. "Aye. I think we could arrange something you and I." He started to walk toward the door, and felt a shoe nudge his stomach as the lute, still raised above his head swung the gypsie into him. Ah. He thought to himself. That's why my arms tired. I'm still holding the tiny thing. Setting her down on her feet he made an attempt at a gracious bow, and stumbled over a groaning patron. Righting himself he blushed up at her. "Seems as though I will not be needing you to destroy that horrible instrument after all." Turning he walked outside, and headed in the direction of Usko and Mud. Chum was standing with hackles raised by Usko. A firm hand on his head assured him all would be well.
  7. Sighing Cadryn pocketed the coin and grasped the neck of the instrument between his hands. He felt more than heard the room grow quiet, as the Gypsie attempted to pull her lute out of his grip. More the fool her. His grip like a vice, the wood shrieked in protest and started to splinter. Clamping down on it hard he felt the floor boards rattle as chairs scraped back and bodies moved. Grasping the gypsies shoulder he side stepped the first rush of angry humanity and spun her back against the bar ducking as a chair sailed over his head and crashed into the wall. Turning again, he pulled her with him as he avoided a blow to the head, taking it on his shoulder and swung her into this attacker. The man attempted to stop and fell over tripping up those behind him. They danced around the room, bodies falling as they went, him with gracious twists and turns, her with stumbles and trips. He never let go of the lute or her. Never raised a fist or boot in defense of himself or to harm another. Finally with his back pressed against the bar and her lute still clutched between his hand he looked down at her face. "Now, that you no longer have a mass of patrons to rile up." he slipped his hand into his pocket again and pulled out the coin "Would you accept this coin and destroy this instrument? Or continue to try and pull it from my grasp and destroy it with your own force." His eyes gleamed and he shouted. "I would think very carefully about what you are about to do." Three things happened at once. The drunken soldier raised an eye brow. He had been watching with curiosity and had rightly stayed out of the mess. Mud shivered to a halt 4 feet from the door. Turning he looked at the bar keep. "You were given more than enough to coin, to cover the damages, the food and the loss of entertainment. To do more" he shrugged his massive shoulders and looked the scared man in the eye "would be an interesting but devastating decision." With that Cadryn nodded to the drunk soldier. "We should talk. If you're smart enough to stay out of a fight like that, I might have some use for you." He glanced at Mud "Go get Usko ready, and tell Chum I'm okay. I can hear him snarling from here." Watching Mud stumble over himself in his rush to get out the door, Cadryn looked down at the gypsie and laughed. Lifting the lute over her head. When she refused to let go, he shrugged and lifted her clean off the floor. "Are you done yet?" he chuckled.
  8. Cadryn found his way in front of the woman again. She was gaily playing his least favorite song. A taunting song, a hellish song of betrayal, intrigue and one of the most dishonest songs about the life a pirate. What the hell would she know?! he thundered in his head. "Has she ever held a man dying from scurvy? Or watched someones head get blown off by a canon who had no desire to be at sea but had learned to make the best of it after being shanghaied?" He felt the rage build up inside him, reveled in the heat of it's expression as he let all of the menace he barely managed to keep at bay. She seemed impervious. She continued to play as he towered over her, enraging him further. His mind made up, on the best way to handle this, he reached into pocket and pulled out 2 solid gold coins. One he placed on the bar and looked at the bar keep. "This is in advance." The second he held up in front of the playing woman. Speaking over her blasted music he said "This is for you, if you can take that blasted piece of crap you call an instrument and throw it in the fire." Looking into her eyes he felt some satisfaction at what he saw. "This will be money well spent if it shuts you the hell up."
  9. Mud watched in fascination as Cadryn's entire body stiffened, once the song started playing. It was fascinating to watch, it started from his lower spine and rolled up. As his body stiffened he leaned away from the floor and looked in the direction of the offending musician. She appeared to be oblivious to the danger she was in. Smiling along with the jaunty tune, she played with the abandon of the reckless or the clueless. "It's probably the clueless in this case." thought Mud. Noticing the tension and rage sliding off of Cadryn like oil. Mud lifted the knife out of his shirt and slowly backed himself against the wall of the Tavern and gently started edging toward the door. Speaking to the drunk man sitting at the table he said, "I'm not gainfully employed, frankly I don't think I'd employ even if I was." Looking the swaying soldier over, keeping a careful eye on the swords he continued "But you look like a man who knows how to find a specific kind of gainful employment. I bet if you hung around and demonstrated how useful you can be you could probably find some more." Cadryn, the big brute was smart, that was obvious based off of the questions he had asked. The man knew about battle's, towns, strategy and tactics. It was blatant to one such as Mud. He'd seen enough in his life to know when someone could rip your throat out as easily as peeling an egg. It was best to stay out of the way of people like that, especially when they had storm clouds brewing over their head. As Mud eased along the wall he watched Cadryn stumble over toward the strumming Gypsie. He held his breath and prayed that he wold make it out of this alive.
  10. Cadryn looked down at the man swaying in front of him. He smelled like he had slept in an ale barrel, could barely keep his feet. Disgusted Cadryn snorted at the mans suggested. "You think I would need a drunken beggar like yourself to help me quiet down the annoyance over there" He pointed in the direction of the woman still strumming on her instrument. He flicked his fingers in front of the stumbling man and watched his eyes struggle to focus. "I could kill her and you in the time it would take this bar keep to pour me a jug of water." He flicked his fingers at the mans head and sent him flat on his ass. He turned to Mud, "Wrap that up, we'll take leave of this establishment tonight, no point staying when you can't hear yourself think over the racket of a musician who doesn't know how to tune her instruments quickly." He turned away from the stunned man on the floor and started wrapping up the remains of dinner. "Did you hear that drunkard Mud? Poor bastard didn't even know it was time for dinner. Still thought it was time for breakfast. This hear is the reason alcohol is of no use for a fighting man. He looses his senses, his wit and his reaction time. He turned and looked down at the man on the floor. "Too bad for you I don't have the time or the patience to teach you that lesson tonight."
  11. Cadryn Mor Talbot BASIC INFORMATION Nickname(s) {Ryn} He is known by many names to many people. Only 2 people in the world have ever been able to call him Ryn, and live the next minute. Do not ask about them or you will not live to see the next minute. Species {Human} Gender {Male} Age {27} Birthday: {10:24 Sexuality Unsure Occupation {Sailor, Pirate, First Mate, Captain, Commodore, Thief, Merchant, Privateer, General, War Leader, Soldier, Horse Wrangler} Affiliation {Himself} Living Condition {Can sleep any where he can lay a sleep canvas} Personal Quarters {Anywhere he can keep his animal companions close (horse, wolf dog and Osprey), his saddle bags and swords.} BASIC ABILITY INFORMATION Abilities {Sailor, Knife Fighting, Sword Fighting, Boxing, Wrestling, Grappling, Archery, Spear Throwing, Trident, Sewing, Cooking, Hunting, Carving, Animal Taming, Strategy, Boat Building, Orator, Leader} {He has a touch of ability to sway people to his opinion. He is naturally charismatic and can garner support for any cause he believes in, however he has an ability he doesn't know he has that gives him an extra push in this area.} Fighting Style { The man can fight with anything} APPEARANCE Eye Color {Grey/Green} Hair Colour {Dirty Blonde} Hair Style {Short, roughly styled} Complexion {Swarthy, tanned from the sun and wind} Height {6' 3"} Body Type {Broad Shoulders, Muscular and Fit} Special Features / Distinguishing Marks: {He is handsome and will be remembered by all of the ladies who he passes} USUAL OUTFITt He is bare headed most of the time, except when it is cold. The he wears a grey messengers hat. He has 4 colors of shirts he wear: White, grey, green and black., each are for their own special purpose, and will be worn at his discretion Sleeves: Long Pants: Long and black, with hard soled boots. When he is hunting he wears soft sole boots, when he is sailing he is bare foot. Hands: A silver circlet on his right ring finer PERSONALITY Habits {Clean, is clumsy and uncoordinated when not fighting or on dry land, well spoken, well educated in the ways of the world, completely clueless when it comes to women flirting with him or anyone else} Secrets {He will not tell you.} Strengths {Strong, Independent, Strategist, Education, Observation Skills, Charisma, Animal Loyalty Confident} Weaknesses {Oblivious, Straight Forward, Arrogant, Selfish} Fears & Phobias {Technology, his own blood (which was his reason for becoming such a good fighter)} Mental / Physical / Emotional States: {Mentally Stable and intelligent, physical sound and fit, Emotionally unaware but sound } Drink / Smoke / Drugs: {NO!} FAMILY UNKNOWN Pet(s): {Usko: A Grey Stallion with a face that looks like a sky filled night. Can ride for 2 days and nights without breaking stride. Chum: A wolfdog that is black/white marble colored. Stands at 5' tall, stubborn but unquestionably loyal to Cadryn Gar: an Osprey with a 6' wing span, who has taken to following Cadryn where ever he goes after Cadryn rescued him from the sea with a broke wing} Home & Family Life None BACKGROUND INFORMATION He will not tell you. INVENTORY Item Or Weapon {2 short swords, assorted knives and daggers, bow and arrows, a spear, saddle and tack, amulet worn around his neck during the day.} STATS Intelligence 8/10 Confidence 8/10 Agility 7/10 Stamina 8/10 Senses Hearing: 9/10 Seeing: 7/10 Smelling: 3/10 Tasting: 6/10 Touching: 8/10 Patience 3/10 Charisma 12/10 Speed Speed of Attack: 9/10 Speed of Dodging: 8/10 Running Speed: 7.5/10 Strength Lifting Strength: 8/10 Attack Strength: 9/10 Grip Strength: 12/10 Cooking 7/10 Courage 8/10  Teamwork He is the leader of a team.
  12. Mud had stopped mid sentence, his mouth gaping as the sprite strutted into the room. Cadryn saw her, recognized her as a non-combatant and there for not worth his attention. He stepped on Mud's foot and continued to ask his opinion on the state of the town. He wasn't liking what he was hearing. After 3 civil wars the country had finally stabilized and was looking to keep things that way. Of course there was still corruption and small chances at rebellion but over all the general theme here was relaxation and contentment. Once he realized Mud was running out of things to say, he started asking about neighboring towns and villages. is ears pricked at a discussion on the town Aligoria. Mud unfortunately didn't know enough about Aligoria to provide more than a brief history of the recent civil war and the end results. As Cadryn listened, the little sprite in the corner had started to tune a string instrument. The continuous off key notes, and strums were distracting and ear splitting. Turning he lifted a lip in the woman's direction and sent her a glare. Unfortunately she didn't notice. "Hold on Mud." he grumbled in his deep voice. Standing he accidentally nudged the sleeping form behind him. Not concerned about a sleeping drunkard, he staggered over to the little woman who was still tuning the confounded instrument. Hands on hips, he put on his captains face, and waited for her to meet look up at him. She was shorter than Chum and would have had a long way to look, and he used it to his advantage. When she continued to ignore him, he cleared his throat and allowed a small grumble to escape his chest. Annoyance kindled into anger at her continued ignorance of the predicament she found herself. On that thought he realized she might be dumb. So he spoke loudly. "Will you cease with that racket? Some of us are trying to have a conversation here."
  13. Mud shuffled nervously down the path into the city. The day was more than halfway gone, and Cadryn said he had had some kind of appointment to keep. It wold havebeen nice to say that Cadryn move well for a man his size, all lithe graceful movements but that wasn't the case. Half of the delay was the mans blasted inability to keep his feet underneath himself. He was constantly weaving about and over shooting his intended destination. Watching the man walk around the fire was a difficult experiences; the was the hope he would fall into it and all of the threat he presented would disappear, but then who wants to watch another human being burn to death? Ever the present conundrum. Now that he was atop the horse though movement wasn't to much of a problem. They plodded their way into the city and past the gates. Like any other town. thought Cadryn. Same smells, same sights, same hustle and bustle. The only difference here was the sea. He breathed in the briny scent wafting up with the breeze. His eyes saw everything, the wealth of the city, even its urchins had some level of cleanliness and well to do not seen in other cities. Mud seemed out of place here. His dirty clothing and and unkempt appearance were being given second glances by everyone, particularly the woman. It always amazed Cadryn where ever he went the women always found reason to stare at the people he was around. Moving away from the thought he followed Mud through the streets of Casper. Usko side stepped the masses of humanity and technology without thought. Chum strutted through the town behind Usko, but then most people gave him room to spare.Mud stopped in front of a tavern, not too run down but not too high end. It rested happily in the middle of the pack. Swinging out of the saddle and onto the ground, he hitched Usko to the post out front and watched Gar alight on the pommel. Knowing the two could handle themselves he left Chum at the head of the post and walked inside with Mud. The tavern was warm, the smell of baking bread, cooking meat, and beer teased the nose. A man was face planted onto the counter, his fist wrapped around a glass of half drunk beer. From the nature of the snores it appeared he had been asleep for awhile, the bartender was finishing up lunch with some other customers and bade them sit where the could find space. Cadryn gave the man credit for not turning his nose up at Mud. It was a wise man who knew that money came in all shapes, sizes, colors and in this case, skin. They took the table right next to the sleeping man, away from the fire and the rest of the tavern and ordered lunch. Mud continued his discussion from earlier, discussing the corruption in the city: who was corruptible, who was untouchable, and who couldn't be touched. Leaning back Cadryn listened to Mud speak as he munched on the cheese, bread, and stew that had been placed before him.
  14. There is something to be said about a town waking, like the slowly stretch of an ancient mariner easing out the kinks, a town awakes slowly. There are the night dwellers scurrying back to whatever holes they came from. Shifting and slithering in the shadows desperate to find the dark before the light shines truth on their pitiful lives. The next stretch are the bar keeps and tavern owners, booting stragglers out and letting them find their own way home, followed by the next stretch of fisherman starting the day before the sun is truly awake. Shaking sails, and creaking swaying docks, they add the pop and crack of bones and joints well used. Shortly there after bakers turn their ovens on, and the smell of yeast and flour opens the body more. Here is where the merchants and shop owners walk into the fray. Yawning and shivering in the chilly mists rolling in off the cliffs they add the last big creak before the town awakes. A town like Casper awakes softly and slowly most days, easing itself out of bed as if it has earned its old age and care. To be honest it had earned the reward of easing out of bed into a new day, knowing it was safe and it had the leisure to do so. Cadyrn Mor Talbot, did not wake up slowly. The instant he felt Chum stiffen underneath his finger tips he was awake. Hearing nothing but the soft down of Chums black marble fur he waited. Trusting Chum and his keen hearing and sense of smell. There! He heard it. The soft clomp of a footsteps on the Northern path heading in his direction. Sitting up, he reached across his body and pulled one of the two visible pommels from his saddle. Resting it on the ground next to him, he shifted and noted Usko had his head facing North as well. Listening closely he could hear 3 separate foot falls. Then two, then one. Sighing he stood up and stretched, hearing the familiar scream of his seams made him smile. Nodding to Chum he sent the wolfdog into the forest to explore the lost whispers of the other two footsteps. Adding a stick to the slow burning embers he waited as a fellow traveler walked around the bend. Dirty. He thought to himself. He wouldn't be wrong. It was difficult to determine what color the mans skin or hair was. It was also hard to determine if he wore clothes or if he had slathered himself with mud and forest refuse. As he was so dirty it was difficult to figure his age, but Cadryn roughly figured anywhere from five to ten years older than his 27. The man locked eyes with Cadryn and came up short. It was clear he had expected Cadryn to still be asleep. Chewing on what must have been a lip he strolled into the circle of the fire light. Slight of frame and barely reaching five and half feet he was not nearly as imposing as the man standing next to the fire, bare chested, sword in hand muscles rippling as he trimmed bark off a stick. "Morn' tae ye ser." he wheezed. "Mine ifn I sit meeself down?" He gestured to the space across the fire from Cadryn. When he received a nod he settled in pulled out a pipe, matches and pouch. Filling the pipe, Cadryn watched the man he decided to call 'Mud' appraise his belongings and Usko. "Mighty fine beast ye have their ser." Cadryn nodded. Keeping his thoughts on Usko and his 'mighty fine lineage' to himself. Not understanding the dangers of silence Mud continued speaking. "I'm guessing he would fetch ye a fine collection of coin if he was sold." Cadryn stopped moving and stared at Mud. He had been accurate in his naming, mud colored eyes widened when they locked with his storm green. He shifting further away from the fire Mud, waved a hand in front of himself as if to diffuse the discomfort of the eye contact with Cadryn. "Not saeyin I would, just potulating y'ken? Enywae watchu doin alw the wae up here by yeself?" A puff from the pipe released a pleasant smell of licorice and peppermint. The sun, like the town below started it slow ease over the eastern horizon, keeping the town in shadows but lighting the sky on the cliff. Mud appeared to become part of the dirt he was sitting on, blending in with the shadows and the grass. Seeing one of the shadows behind him shift, Cadryn smiled. "Tell me Mud. What happened to your two friends?" A slight squint of the eye was all he got in response. "It seems dangerous, considering the times and the place for one such as yourself to be walking the road alone, especially at night." Cadryn's eyes sharpened "One would think you would walk with companions so as to stay safe." "I would be saein the same for ye laddie." said Mud, taking another puff from his pipe, again filling the camp area with the smell of his leaves. "I travel with companions. One you have already noticed, Usko." the horse neighed and stomped his feet at the sound of his name. "The other I think you would like to make acquaintance with." Gesturing behind Mud, Cadryn grinned with blood lust. "Mud. Meet Chum." A low snarl had Mud leaping to his feet and drawing from his jacket, he was apparently wearing clothing, a stun bolt. The beast standing before him, when crouched in a fighting stance as Mud found himself to be now, was eye level with him. Eyes the purest gold that screamed hatred and pain met his, and he felt fear threaten to loosen his bowels. The creature was as deep in the chest as a barrel for apples and was poised to strike. It's paws were almost as big as Mud's head and he felt sweat trickle down his spine in a small stream. The stun bolt in his hand quivered and seemed holy inefficient compared to the monster before him. He noticed the dark black and marble coat, swirling together in places to form a soft liquid looking grey, with splashes of white around the nose and muzzle. It would be white, he thought except now it was stained a reddish pink, and dripped down the fangs of the beast. Cadryn smiled at the image Chum portrayed. It had taken years, almost a decade, for Chum to wait for the signal to attack. Chum was not one for intimidation and groveling. He had a tendency to kill and quickly. Cadryn watched as Mud slowly lowered his stun bolt to the ground and shift so he could see both Chum and Cadryn. Smart man, if he is in a disheveled state there is a brain in that head that can be used. With a slight flick of his hand Cadryn asked Chum to relax but be wary. Chum responded by sitting, and staring at Mud hackles and lips lifted in rage at the pathetic excuse for a man in front of him. "Now that I have your attention Mud. I would like to hear everything I would need to know about the Casper." Settling in he pulled his shirt back on and pulled out some remains from dinner last night. Feeding pieces to Gar, who had landed on a stone nearby. Meeting Mud's eye, he allowed his intelligence and blood lust to shine through. "Tell me everything one would need to know, to take the town and start another war."
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    The Decision.

    The city was different. The western setting sun, splashed it's colorful rays over the dynamic buildings, creating the illusion the city of was aflame with vibrant multi-colored fire. Standing on the Northern cliff looking down to the seaport town below. His discerning eyes, the dangerous green the clouds take before tornadoes and hurricanes ransacked lands, observed the typical end of the day bustle. Shoppers trying to procure last minute purchases, merchants wishing to finalize sales and the ever present police and refuse that wander city streets. All in all, not much of what he hadn't seen in a hundred cities and towns before. Then again, those conquests weren't this one. They weren't Casper. The number one trading port in Terrenus. The base of economical advancement and wealth. The place where technology was loathsomely present in every aspect of daily living. "Pathetic" he mumbled under his breath, watching a machine rumble up the hill, no doubt delivering a load that could have easily been done on foot or horse back. Sighing he leaned his back against his own equine specimen. Usko was a sight to behold, sterling silver with a measurement of 18.75 hands he was just shy of his riders towering six foot three frame. His head and ears were the color of a dark sky night with flashing shoots of grey, like falling stars. Swinging his head around he nuzzled Cadyrn's ear nickering. Without a thought a sugar cube was slipped to him to enjoy while his rider and friend continued to observe the city. The setting sun slowly withdrew to be replaced by the deceiving darkness of dusk. A touch to his other hand startled Cadyrn from his contemplation. This one was a downy soft fur, thick, full, and shedding. "You blasted brute," he grumbled at Chum "you know how bleeding difficult it is to get your hair off my pants!" Playfully he chucked the monstrous dogs head away. With his head reaching Cadryn's chest Chum was the epitome canine power; a combination of some ancient wolves and dogs. Vicious, majestic and wild with others, he was gentle, playful, and devoted to his human Cadyrn. The playful nibbles at his fingers turned his attention away from the city and to the sea. Standing on the cliff, he took a deep breath. His shirt seams screamed at the stress his shoulders and pectoral muscles placed on them when he breathed deep. He was a brute of a man, after all. He was built like the cliff he stood upon: solid, broad and strong. His arms were well defined and led to hands that, legend told had been able to pull heads from shoulders with strength alone. He was considered by many, to be handsome. Strong cheek bones, and jaw led to a straight sharp nose and deep set vibrant eyes that held danger lurking in the depths. His lungs filled he searched desperately for the scent of salt air. Unable to find it he exhaled, his shirt sighing along with him. The sun completely set, showed the city in a new light, blinding with it's mechanical lights and mesmerizing with its flashes of silvery blue in the waves he turned his back to the city and settled into wait. It can not be said Cadyrn Mor Talbot was a patient man, he was a strategic one. Walking, haphazardly to a sheltered spot just off of the road he pulled saddle and tack off Usko. The horse nuzzled his ear and wandered to the trees in search of grass, blending in with the forest around him. Busying himself with starting a fire and the preparations of a camp Cadryn thought no more of his plans for the city. His camp set up, his fire lit, Chum snuggled up on Cadryn's blanket, all four of his dinner plate sized paws straight up in the air, he waited. Without a sound and barely a whisper of a wind, the Osprey landed on the saddle and let out a soft chirp. In it's talons it held a silvery fish, as big as Chums paw. Displaying perfect white teeth, Cadryn rubbed the Ospreys head and under its beak, accepting the gift. Gar relinquished his hold of the fish and settled on Cadryns shoulder as he set about gutting and cleaning his dinner. Gar was presented with his choice of meat and after having taken his piece, did Cadryn eat, tossing bits and piece to the now attentive Chum. With his dinner eaten, his friends fed and his meeting time still a few hours away, he turned to Chum, cocked an smooth red brown eyebrow and waited. Chum rolled over and made room. Stretching Cadryn settled in next to his wolfdog and whispered into his fur. "Watch." With the knowledge that Chum will protect his sleeping form, and those of Gar and Usko, Cadryn closed his eyes and dreamed of the coming battles.
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