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  1. @Sanonymous Was there a specific area you wanted this to take place in, or did anywhere work? I wanted to play around your organization, not the other way around, ha.
  2. That definitely sounds like it'll be a ride! If that's the case, then I think I'll have Khada try and evade the shackles the group may try and place around him if he resists, if only for a little while. He'll eventually reason that interacting with such an organization could help him with his sister - despite that definitely not being true, ha. Where would this start - or rather, are there any characters I'd be looking out for? Actually. . . Lemme get a look at your organization. If you had a place in mind, then I'd be fine dropping Reis there ^^ (Edit: Okay. . . I can't find the original doc for it if you had it. Would you mind linking it here?) (Edit 2: Wait, it's in your signature LMAO - I'll read it, sorry XD)
  3. Reis remained unconscious throughout the whole ordeal, only slighting slightly when he put too much weight on his injured arm. Inside the pack, one would find typical thief items: pliers, scissors, a mirror, rope, and the like. The only things that stood out at all were the grappling hook and the makeshift drill that the kobold had stolen, which was a little worse for wear now that it had been used rather poorly. Of course, that was only the main pouch of the bag. . . In one of the side pouches, one might find a small notebook and a few scraps of paper. On the paper, small sketches of random designs Khada had obviously made could be seen; he'd written his name on all of them. Random scribbles of text were all over them, some of them crossed out, others trailing into unintelligible chatter that only the kobold could understand. The sketches were of random devices, some of which seemed, well. . . ancient. Definitely not anything from this day and age. The papers themselves seemed to be yellowing and crumbled as well. The notebook wasn't in much better condition. The pages were faded, and words could be barely made out if one was bold enough to read from it, but if Tana did decide to snoop, she'd be able to see what appeared to be journal entries, each one corresponding to a day in the past. The first one was on a Tuesday: "I've decided to try and write down each day's events into this notebook - hoping that doing so will help keep my mind on other things while I'm alone. Keeping too many thoughts in my head makes me slow, vulnerable. It's what Ceren would've done, in any event. Where is she? You'd think that she would've carved a visible path of destruction through Europe with how often she swindles somebody." The next few entries were ruined by water-staining, both old and new. After a few pages, one surviving entry surfaced, the date blurred out: "I think I've got a lead. It's a funny story, actually - I was just hanging out at a bar in one of the greater cities, trying to keep my head down and waiting for the inn owner to let me know what rooms were available. This guard then came along - oh, this fellow. He was to die for - decent build, strong jaw, and these wonderful blue eyes. . . Gods, I'm getting off-topic. In any event, he was drunk as a skunk. He started yapping about the troubles of working in the city, and how often people tried to commit crimes right under their nose. Well, of course I ended up asking about thieves! He told me that there'd been a break-in at the castle keep. When I asked him about it, he told me that a group of individual had pulled off this crazy heist, getting away with a hefty amount of the city's gold. . . I knew it could've only been Ceren. They'd even managed to capture one of them - he said they're keeping him in the castle. That means Ceren is closer than ever now! I would've kissed him, but he'd already collapsed at that point. . . Whatever. I'm currently scouting the place out, looking for a chance to break in and talk to the prisoner - if I don't write anything else here, I guess I got caught and died. . . So, fuck you too, life." The next entries were readable as well. They mainly talked about random adventures Khada went on every couple days or so, which included a heist involving a dozen warhorses stolen, running around a cramped city in an attempt to escape guard dogs, and several other action-packed encounters. Nothing magical, though. Eventually, towards the end of the journal, one entry stood out: "I found her. They're keeping her in their shithole village. If they've hurt her. . . Well, there'll be hell to pay. I might actually kill someone for the first time in my life. I go tonight. Khada out." The next entry was. . . a jumbled mess of panicked, scratchy writing. It mainly went on about strange things about nothing in particular, and went on for several pages. Finally, there was a break in the nonsense. This response was much, much newer than the rest: "I don't know where I am. I don't know where Ceren is. I need help. I -" . . . And it just broke off there. Khada had never finished the entry, and there were no other entries after that. The kobold still slept somewhat-soundly beside Tana, lightly snoring now.
  4. Heya! Honestly, I wasn't really sure what it was I wanted to do with him - I honestly just wanted to use him in general. Still, looking back, I see that there are plenty of opportunities to stick him into a place he shouldn't be. Did you have any characters you might be willing to have interact with a thief on a warpath for his sister? He looks awesome! Still, Reis probably wouldn't have a reason to do much with him beyond steal his stuff. . . Perhaps he could have some sort of interaction regarding learning about the new world he's in some more, even if it's from a single source.
  5. (Okay, I just realized that Khada can be in more than one interaction at a time. At least, I think that's how it works. Khada Reis is still open for any sort of interaction, all! He's already stealing stuff - what else shall he do?
  6. Khada wrinkled his snout slightly. "My mum's dead," he muttered. He wouldn't respond in kind to that. . . Such language was beyond him. He'd been taught as a boy to at least act polite to others, even if you planned on stealing from them in the future. His father might've been scum, but he certainly knew his manners. . . when he benefited from them. Unlike his father, though, Khada had absorbed good manners, and couldn't help but be polite when he could afford to. Right now, he was too tired to exchange polite commentary. . . "Good," he murmured, tail dragging in the dirt as he walked. "I was worried that I might look as bad as you." Reis wasn't fully able to marvel at the building as they approached, but he still managed to make a comment on it. "Y'know. . ." Reis's head dipped slightly. "If I wasn't going to die here, I'd be eager to check this place out a little more. I find the place refreshing. . . You wouldn't believe the monotony of my home's buildings and landscape. It was so dull. . . and cold. You wouldn't believe how cold it was." In the back of his mind, Reis was wondering why he was talking so much. He didn't feel very alarmed about it, though. . . In fact, he was starting to feel relaxed. The idea of finding a fireplace was what sold it to the kobold. Without another word, he dashed ahead of Tana to enter the building, though his gait looked rather unsteady. "Well then, why didn't you say so? I think I'mma freeze to death out here. . ." Inside the building, the kobold's hopes seemed to deflate a little when he saw the unlit fireplace. They raised once more once he saw all of the potential firewood lying around, though. It struck him as odd that he hadn't thought of using that before. Was his mind always this sluggish? He didn't question it at the moment - he needed to get warm. Khada took the fire starting tools from Tana, giving her a weak smile in return. "Sure thing," he said, his voice slurring slightly. He didn't notice it, though. He got to work prying pieces of wood from the destroyed furniture, occasionally injuring himself further. He payed the injuries no mind. He couldn't get splinters with these scales, and the only thing that was happening was the occasional bruise when he fell. Why he was falling, he couldn't say. Soon, he had more than enough wood to get a fire going. He shredded up a bit of the smaller pieces and tossed them into the fireplace, before getting to work with the flint. It took much longer than it should've, but eventually he got a few embers going. Once he'd added in more fuel, and the fire was beginning to truly roar, the kobold sat back and admired his handiwork. His joy was cut off by an increased throbbing in his forearm, though. He growled slightly, holding it up to examine it in the light. It was still bent awkwardly. . . what was he supposed to do with a broken arm again? Set it or something. . . a splint? He hadn't the slightest idea at the moment. All he wanted to do was sleep. . . Khada's head dipped, and he found himself slipping out of consciousness for a moment. When the lights came back, he felt a bit nauseous. The pain felt even stronger now. . . Reis briefly wondered where Tana was. Maybe she knew what to do. His attempt to stand and find her was abruptly halted, though - he immediately fell back onto his rear. Now he was a tad bit concerned. . . why was he so tired and sloppy? And cold. . . maybe a bit of rest would do him some good. The thought he only just crossed Khada's mind before he completely nodded off, slumped at the base of a ruined couch with his bad arm folded in his lap.
  7. With the benefit of hindsight, Khada figured that using his arm to keep Tana from being swept away wasn't the smartest idea after all. The sudden jarring motion of Tana grabbing on was agony on his injured joints. He would've screamed, but, again, he probably would've ended up biting his own tongue off. He was being jostled around by the water as well. Luckily, the wave of water was gone almost as soon as it had arrived. Unfortunately, though, Tana seemed to have lost her grip during the water's recede. Khada yelped, turning to see where she'd gone. Luckily, she hadn't been swept straight out of the city like the rest of the water. . . still, she was rather far away. That was far enough to the point that she might've been injured during the process. He needed to make sure that she wasn't dead or something - Wait, wait. Why did he care? He'd only met the woman today. It had to be her likeness to his sister that was driving these thoughts. Reis would've ignored them, but that felt like turning his back on his sister somehow, and he couldn't bear that. She's lucky that she has such traits. Otherwise, she'd still be fighting those goons - or dead. With a groan, Khada leapt down from where he'd perched to avoid as much of the water as possible, before dashing over to where Tana was, holding his shoulder. Now he was truly soaked. The look on his face said that he was just about done with today - maybe with this week. Still, he'd be damned if he left the city empty-handed. He still needed this place - and, by extension, he still needed Tana. He put out his good arm, raising it in a wave. "My, my, did your mother never tell you to watch your language?" The amount of swears she'd released just in the past couple of hour beat the amount Reis had ever said in a month or so. "And, um. . . you okay?" he added slowly, gaze drifting away. The kobold looked around wearily, trying to spot some sort of jackpot. Surely no one went through this and got nothing, right? Where was the reward? There was always a reward. "Have you decided on a building yet?" he murmured, shoving his clwas into his soaking pockets and shivering. Reis. . . actually wasn't sure what was wrong with him. He suddenly felt rather drowsy, and very, very cold. "You, uh. . ." he swayed a little. Damn this water, and this place. . . "I could go for anywhere at this point. s long as it's warm and has lights, it's good enough for me. We can worry about finding the treasure or something once we're sure we won't be drowned by another wave, hmm?"
  8. Reis shrugged, looking ahead. "Sure. Why not," he murmured, already lost in his thoughts. Why would she even consider leaving it to him to determine which building to head off to? He'd only be going off of his gut, and he'd already shown his inexperience in moving around places like this. It wasn't like that back in Europe, or even Africa. At least he'd had a clear line of sight in the hot, sandy places known for the riches that were transported via large caravans. This place was insane. And the technology! Reis still hadn't fully recovered from seeing all the machines working, and the structures created due to them. He couldn't even stop marveling at the drill he'd stolen while in the city back where he'd started. It wasn't just like magic - it was magic. That was something Khada had never thought about, nor believed that he'd become so engrossed in it. Perhaps this Tana person knew enough about everything to be able to fill him in on how things worked around here. He doubted that the woman would agree to being a teacher for a day, though, so the kobold kept his mouth shut. Khada simply pulled up his hood, following behind quietly. He'd lost all the false carelessness and apparent cool attitude, and didn't really have any way to respond to that. He kept a claw on the hilt of his sheathed knife, glancing around every now and then, watching corners and shadows. In the rain, he looked terribly pathetic in comparison to how he'd been in the warehouse. Things got worse down the street, when the water levels started to rise. While it went up to Tana's shins, it was just about up to Khada's waist. The kobold did not like getting wet. He whimpered slightly, images of all the filth and muck he was getting on his outfit. No to mention the bacteria that was accumulating down there. . . "Are we there yet?" he murmured quietly, struggling to keep pace with Tana now. While he didn't mean to, his tone came off as somewhat whiny. He just wanted to be done with the day at this point. . . yeah. A hot meal, dry clothes, and a couple more coins in his pockets. Couldn't he at least have that much? Khada was about to continue when all the water drained away, and thunder started to rumble. He immediately brushed himself off, not even concerned about the disappearing water. Coming from a landlocked country, he had no idea what a rapidly-receding tide could ever mean. He looked rather hopeful actually, as he thought that the water was gone for good. He couldn't have been more wrong. Due to the fact that Khada had prepared for being jumped, he was ready for whatever was happening now. He had to admit that he hadn't been expecting a wall of water, though. The kobold cursed in a language that sounded vaguely like Genesarian before whipping out his grappling hook. Supposedly, the thing could support the weight of a grown man. He himself wasn't too sure, but attempting to flee was better than nothing. The kobold pointed the gun at the upper levels of a nearby building, praying that the hook lodged itself in one of the broken windows above. He turned to Tana, forgetting his arm for a moment to reach out for her. "We're not done yet!" he shouted. A second later, the water was upon the two, nearly making Khada lose his grip on the grapple gun. For a frozen moment, he thought that the hook had failed, and he'd be swept away like the rest of the debris around him. Luckily, the hook found purchase a split second later, sending a jolt through Khada's injured arm. He would've cried out, but he probably would've ended up biting his tongue in the process. . . Now all he had to do was hope that a random piece of rubble didn't take him out. Hopefully Tana had managed to grab onto the gun or his arm, tail, or something.
  9. "Am I bad for being careful?" Reis glanced at Tana irritably. He was still expecting an attack, though there wasn't anything he could've done about it if she'd tossed a knife right then and there. The fact that she hadn't seemed like a good enough way to say that she didn't require him dead - yet, at least. He limped a little closer, leaning down to pick up what looked like a gold tooth. It was disgusting, holding something that had been in the mouth of someone else, but Reis had gloves. That, and the kobold side of him didn't exactly care where it had been. It was shiny, and that was enough. He wiped the thing free of dirt, and slipped it into his pocket, looking embarrassed. "I just don't want to die. I like being prepared for everything. If we'd been prepared, we wouldn't be nursing wounds, now would we?" Khada watched the other thief as she rooted around the warehouse, looking for something worth stealing. Apparently, there'd been nothing, judging by her lack of shiny items when she returned. That was a bummer. There were definitely more buildings elsewhere in the city that likely had other valuable things, but nothing especially close, it would seem. Khada sighed in defeat, prepared to turn and leave the building. He needed to go, and there was no telling if there would be more goons running along shortly. He paused when he heard Tana's offer, though. "Um. Fine, I guess." He left the bit where he warned her not to attack him unspoken. That would likely make her annoyed, and more likely to attack him. Part of Khada wondered why he'd agreed to stay. He was hurt, and she was dangerous. Everything here was dangerous. Still, he wasn't about to leave this place empty-handed. Not to mention, Tana still reminded him of his sister a little bit. It was refreshing to be with someone as deadly and sarcastic as her. No one was on the same level as his sis, though. The kobold limped past Tana, looking here and there for any crates they might have missed. The ones that weren't decimated, of course. "Perhaps we should try another building?" Reis suggested. "If they kept relics anywhere, I don't think they'd be in a warehouse. They'd likely be on display somewhere. It's a long shot, but there still might be some old artifacts left around their main buildings. It can't be completely empty.
  10. Somewhat distantly, Khada could still hear the sounds of a fight continuing in the distance, but they weren’t his primary concern at the time. Only when they stopped did he pay the sounds any closer attention. The voice that spoke next wasn’t that of a thug’s, though, but the voice of Tana. It seemed that she’d survived after all. ‘Good,’ the kobold thought absently. It would’ve been annoying to have done all that and failed all the same. He rolled his eyes at Tana’s joke, trying and failing to stand up. “I wish I was dead. Wouldn’t hurt as much.” The second time was the charm as Reis once more attempted to stand, succeeding at that. He wasn’t sure whether to nurse his ribs or his obviously-broken arm. He decided on minding the bones that could pierce his lungs if he moved the wrong way. The thief growled to himself, and began to murmur quietly. “Kobolds are weak. . . This would have been much easier if I’d been a human.” An odd statement to anyone who didn’t know Khada’s predicament, to be sure. The thief was beyond it now. He slowly limped over to the corpse of the giant thug, trying not to look too uneasy as he searched for his knives. “Is that the last of them? I think that’s the last of them. . .” Khada stopped, then slowly scanned the room, counting out the bodies on the floor. There was a pause, then what looked like a metal pole leaning on one of the shelves pitched forward. The resulting clang caused Khada to flinch and whirl around, pointing his knife in the direction of the noise. “Was that - damn it.” He sighed, shoving the dagger into his bag. It had been about a minute before the kobold decided to address Tana again. “Whatever it is you’ve come for, I suggest you hurry and try to obtain it. You aren’t a fool. It won’t be too long before someone else comes along looking for those thugs.” Reis wasn’t in the careless, joking mood then. He had shed that, reverting back to being alert and a tad bit irritable. His mind was already on what he himself needed to do next. He’d come here looking for artifacts - so far, he’d only gotten broken bones. He needed to be quick about finding anything at all, before someone else came along and finished him off. It’d be wise for him to bug out and live to steal another day, yes, but Reis couldn’t accept failure. Not like this. The kobold adjusted his goggles and eyed Tana warily. There wasn’t anything stopping her from finishing him off, either. Logic told him that it was the most reasonable course of action for her. There wasn’t anything stopping her, and Khada had stated his interest in anything she was searching for. She’d put her knives away, yes, but it wouldn’t take too much to finish off an injured kobold. “You also have the storms to worry about. I don’t think it’ll get close to flooding again, but. . .” Reis honestly wasn’t sure. He really hadn't ever been to a rainforest before. The only hint at what was to be expected there was in the name: rain. Whatever happened, he could deal with it, most likely. He’d been hurt in worse ways.
  11. Khada had an odd thought as he struggled to hang on to the giant thug. He’d heard of a few crazy souls who made it a sport to try and ride raging beasts for as long as they could. He had no idea what they called it, for the activity was never performed in the places Khada had been to, but right then he felt as if he was experiencing something very similar. The kobold was jostled around like a rider might be if they rode their wagon across giant rocks. It was all he could do to hold on and not get sent flying to who-knows-where. He nearly bit his own tongue off whilst trying to call out to Tana, which was, in hindsight, extremely stupid. Khada had needle-like teeth now. It would do him some good to remember that. After he got a solid grip on the thug with his tail and arms, the thief yanked one of his daggers out of the large goon’s back, before jamming it into the goon’s armpit as hard as he could. He was rewarded with a roar of pain - and nearly got a hard smack to the head as the third arm came down to knock him to the floor. Khada abandoned hit knife where it was embedded, and swung farther up the thug’s back, up to their shoulders again. The three-armed thing seemed a bit preoccupied with Tana at the moment, so Khada managed to get on their shoulders, like with the first goon. Still, the kobold wasn’t blind. He could see the exhaustion taking its toll on the woman, and knew that she couldn’t hold out too much longer in the back-and-forth combat. Khada frowned, then yanked his second dagger out of the goon’s back, jamming it into their shoulder to get a good handhold. With that, he twirled himself up to the thug’s head, pulling his third dagger out. Before Khada could be thrown off, he made a quick swipe across the goon’s scalp, smirking. ‘Let’s see him fight whilst blinded by his own blood,’ he thought smugly. His mood was soon ruined, however, when the third arm finally found its mark. Khada found himself trapped by a large hand, though not for long. The goon reared back in preparation to toss the kobold away. The thief cursed. “Oh, for the love of -” He didn’t have time to finish his sentence. He suddenly found himself flying through the air once more, slamming into a large steel crate. Khada saw stars. He slid down the side of the crate, coming to a stop at it’s base, vision blurring. It took a few moments for the thief to regain all his senses again. He could definitely feel some broken bones now. He wasn’t sure if it was anything too serious, though. All he knew was that everything hurt. His arm seemed to have gotten it the worst, though. Khada glanced down at it, and blanched. ‘Is it supposed to bend that way?’ His stomach turned, and the color of the room shifted to yellow. The kobold groaned, rubbing his head. That kind of knock to the head would leave a mark. . . He just hoped it wasn’t a concussion. Khada briefly growled. Why did this new body have to be so weak. . . If he’d been a human, he could have just shook it off. Hell, he wouldn’t have been thrown if he’d been a human. . . The thief ran his tongue around his teeth, and noted that some felt loose. Maybe he’d just sit here for awhile. . . He hoped that Tana could handle herself for a bit. Otherwise, they were both doomed.
  12. Fortunately for Reis, the goon he'd been fighting took interest in something else, beginning to walk off towards the source of an even greater scuffle. Unfortunately, Reis knew exactly what that was. The kobold popped his head out of hiding, and took another shot at the good with a stray piece of rubble. That did the trick: The thug deflected the piece, his attention focused solely on Reis now. The thief smiled innocently. "Hmm?" In turn, the thug roared at him, blade held at the ready once more. Reis ducked behind the crate, suppressing the urge to giggle. Worked like a charm. . . Not taunting them, necessarily, but fighting his opponents to the point where they simply got pissed off that Reis wasn't dead yet, too pissed off to think as straight as before. It usually only worked with one or two people, though. Good thing Tana was handling the rest. Well, technically it was a bad thing, but still. . . Khada would get to that later. For now, he waited until the goon was only a few feet away from the crate, before rolling out from behind it and diving out of the goon's line of sight, directly behind them. Reis wasted no time driving his two other daggers deep into the man's thighs, and yanking them to the side. The man howled, dropping to the ground. Reis tugged the daggers free of the thick muscle, before calmly wiping them clean on the sleeve of his coat. "Eww. . . Mutant blood. That's gross." He glanced at the goon, as if just remembering that he was there. "I'd stay down, if I were you. That'll sting for a little while." Maybe the thug didn't speak a word of his language. No matter. Hopefully, they got the message. Now, about Tana and the other thugs. . . Reis's tail twitched. Damn thugs. There were around four or five more that hadn't been dealt with. Did that mean. . . Reis didn't waste any more time thinking about it, Already, he was dashing over to the source of the conflict, snagging his third blade along the way. Along the way, he hopped over one corpse, and saw another in the shadows. Reis knew how to handle death just fine, but killing folk felt. . . Slightly sickening to him. He avoided staring at the bodies too long and moved on. After a few moments of scampering around, Reis found Tana, about to engage in a fight with a three-armed mutant thug. She looked rough, but was still giving it her all. . . Once again, she reminded Reis of his sister. That just made him angrier, since she was injured. His gaze drifted over to the thug she was about to engage, and his frown turned into a snarl. It was time to play a little unfairly. He reversed the grip on his own two daggers, before dashing towards the creature and leaping up, aiming to drive the blades into the thing's back. Of course they wouldn't kill, but he needed some handholds to work himself up to the thing's head. The only factor that looked like bad news was the thug's third arm. If he used that on him, he'd be in a bit of trouble. Then again, that was one less arm that Tana had to deal with. Tana was physically more capable, so there as a chance that she could just deal with the goon right then and there. Instead of taking out his third knife, Reis simply held on to his first to, bracing in case he was struck. Better to be a distraction than further endanger himself by overreaching. .
  13. "Damn it," Reis muttered under his breath, readjusting his grip on his dagger. He was beginning to loose his nerve at it all, the size of the thugs, and their bad odds. It was only natural; Reis enjoyed fights when they were somewhat neutral, or in his favor. Fights that were uneven quickly got a little tense for him. No matter. He'd just do his usual routine, as always. Standard dupe-and-destroy tactics. Of course, the actual destruction part of it was the problem. These thugs, despite everything, didn't look as clumsy as the kobold had originally assumed. That, and Tana confirmed it for him. Damn that Tana. Why'd she have to go and piss the gang off doing whatever it was she had done? He was just glad that she wasn't his partner, otherwise he would have perished long ago. Reis paused for a moment, then drew a longer dagger from a sheathe on his leg. If he was going to do this, then he wasn't going to limit himself. The kobold was about to launch himself at his opponents, planning on being something of a distraction for a moment, when Tana was suddenly knocked away by a previously unseen thug, into a pile of crates and out of sight. He only had enough time to mutter a quick curse before the larger goons leapt into action as well. The a larger goon with a flattened stick of metal was on him first, the swing meant to break his neck. The kobold dropped on all-fours, and the makeshift weapon passed harmlessly overhead. The goon then swung the rod downwards, and Reis rolled backwards, slightly into the shadows. Reis only got a moment's respite. He used the time to get his bearings. He was cornered by a few wooden crates, nearby some shelves. Climb the shelves? No, that would only drive the rest of the thugs to go after Tana. Wooden crates. . . perfect. A second, smaller goon was closing in, wielding a short, notched blade. Reis stopped, then spread his arms wide, smirking. "Try it!" He shouted, tensing slightly. The thug shouted something back in whatever language he used, charging the kobold with his blade held high. Technically, there shouldn't have been any escape for him. Still, Reis was small, and quick, He waited until the last moment to leap out of the way, the blade missing his tail by mere inches. It found home in one of the wooden crates, getting stuck there for the moment. Reis took that time to examine his opponent. He was vaguely human, muscle-bound, and mutated almost beyond recognition. Vaguely human. . . Just excessively strong, something Reis would use against him in the coming engagements. For now, Reis dashed towards the man, leaping up to their shoulders and twisting around so that he was positioned behind his head, sitting on his shoulders. The kobold's long tail lashed out, wrapping around the thug's thick neck while Reis grappled with the man's head. "Sorry," He murmured, tightening the pressure around the man's neck while he reversed the grip on his daggers. "Sorry!" He raised one arm high, intending on bringing the dagger down into the man's shoulder. Yes, he still wasn't trying to kill the man - just disable him. That was just how Khada Reis rolled. The thug, however, wasn't being cooperative. He grabbed Reis's lowered wrist, before flinging him off, and into the remains of an old crate. The wind was knocked out of his lungs upon impact, and he lay there for a moment, temporarily stunned. The human thug took that opportunity to charge the kobold again, blade raised high. Reis wasn't as stunned as he looked, though, and with a flick of his wrist, a third dagger embedded itself in the man's thigh. They gave a shout of pain and anger, faltering in their charge. Reis took that opportunity to roll out of sight, into the shadows once more. He raised his claws, counting the knives he had left. "I really need more blades," He grumbled, glancing over the crate he was hiding behind. The human thug that he'd struck had worked the dagger out of his calf, and tossed the thing aside. Judging from the lack of excessive blood, he'd missed anything vital. That was fine with him, honestly; There were other ways to take down giants. Like hamstringing them, for instance. Cutting their tendons. Lots worked when you were small. Still, Tana couldn't have been doing the same thing at the moment. Reis quickly glanced around, trying to spot the other thief and trying to ignore the pain in his neck and right leg. Nothing was broken, it seemed, but there was some obvious bruising.
  14. Now we’re to it. Reis nearly grinned in triumph. So, threatening to botch Tana’s mission here was what got her riled up, then? Good to know. Of course, Tana had no reason not to kill him now. A pity. He’d been enjoying their bit of back-and-forth up until then. Still, it couldn’t be helped. Reis was here on a job as well, and his own personal enjoyment wasn’t a factor. The kobold cocked his head to one side and allowed a little half-smile. “You could try. But I wouldn’t put too much effort into the endeavor. It’d just be embarrassing, now wouldn’t it? Scampering about, trying to catch one little lizard. . . And failing.” Reis’s shoulders tensed slightly, and he prepared to drop his apparent cockiness and indifference. That sort of attitude was his father’s thing. In the end, it had cost him dearly. Reis wouldn’t end up as another body like him. His arm twitched just for a moment, allowing the knife hidden in his sleeve to drop a couple inches. . . Then Tana switched up her approach, going from threatening to flirty and amused in only a couple seconds. Reis had to admit, he was a bit caught off guard by the switching of tactics. . . Still, that was it. He was momentarily caught off guard. His shoulders dropped slightly, and he blinked a couple times. Okay, maybe she wasn’t actually flirting with him. Not that it would’ve helped her case. This was one of the few times Reis was proud to say that the charms of women had little effect on him. Not that I'm immune to charms from everyone, of course. . . The kobold couldn’t stop a giggle from escaping his lips. He covered his snout with one scaly hand, and glanced up at Tana. “Sorry,” He murmured, biting his tongue. “But - Good attempt. That was your attempt, right?” Reis rubbed his head, sighing. Still, the attempt had affected him profoundly. Not in the way Tana thought, though. In that moment, the woman had reminded Reis of his missing sister. Yes, it was an odd comparison to make at that moment, but still. The threats and apparent flirting were an all-too-familiar style of persuasion to him. Khada Reis’s older sister, Ceren Reis, used her own charms when necessary on jobs, back when she’d been with him. Unless she could just hold someone at knifepoint, of course. There were some discrepancies, of course, but that was to be expected. At the moment, the lizard’s thoughts were on his original goal, finding Ceren. Outwardly, Reis appeared very distracted now. He didn’t even hear Tana’s next command. Nor did he notice the doors crashing down, if only for a moment. When Reis did come to, blinking and shaking his head, Tana was cursing at him about. . . His friends? Khada Reis worked alone. Reis turned his attention to the rest of the room. There were. . . Things inside with them. Whatever they were, they weren’t human, and they didn’t look friendly. Reis dropped his act entirely, sliding his knife out of his sleeve, his gaze darting about. One, two, three. . . six hostiles. “Wh - No. I don’t know these creatures,” he whispered back, not taking his eyes off of the gang members. Whoever they were, they had tracked one of them here. Reis groaned. He’d been so careful. . . One of the gangsters said something in a language Reis didn’t understand. Neither did Tana, apparently, as she called out to them in question. The gangster with the third arm didn’t like that, apparently. Or maybe they didn’t like Tana. She and the members seemed to know each other somewhat. . . Reis cast an annoyed glare over at the woman. “Made some friends, I see. Was it your sunny disposition that drew them to you?” He didn’t wait for an answer. The kobold dropped off the crate he’d been sitting on, tail twitching excitedly. Yes, this was dangerous. He should have just run when he’d had the chance. Still, Reis was never one to pass up a fight. Maybe he’d never killed anyone in those fights. Still, wasn’t the fun part of a brawl. It was the energy of it all that drew him in. “I take the big, clumsy ones?” Reis paused, then remembered who he was with. Not Ceren, no. Just another thief, Tana. He couldn’t expect her to simply fall into the role his sister had way back when. If they didn’t work together here, though, there was a good chance they weren’t walking away.
  15. "Talis - wha?" Reis hadn't exactly read up on what sort of artifacts and treasures were kept in the city. All he'd wanted to do was find something and scram, like he did best. Whatever this was that Tana was talking about, it interested him some. Maybe not because he wanted to steal it, specifically: A little knowledge on one of the many things in the ruins could give the kobold more insight on exactly what he was going to be dealing with. The talis - whatever-it-was sounded like some sort of valuable gem to him, nothing to do with magic. Still, one could never be too sure. "I have no idea what you're talking about. In all honesty, I don't know much about this place besides the fact that it's a hazard to my health. That, and there are things here. Valuable things. Strange things. I presume you know of what I speak." Reis took off his goggles to clean them on his tunic while he listened to Tana. So, she had been employed by someone. That cleared things up. Of course, an employer could have easily hired ten more folks like her as well. There was no guarantee that there weren't a dozen more thugs and thieves crawling around the city. Reis kept a calm expression, yawning once more as he donned his goggles again. "I think it makes you the dumber one. You knew what to expect, after all. Contrary to previously-popular belief, I am not suicidal. I just enjoy taking risks every now and then." The thief fixed his cool gaze on Tana once more. He refrained from saying that he hadn't known of the risks of this place, or the fact that he didn't really know what magic was. Those were weaknesses he wasn't going to delve into with a stranger. The little kobold cocked his head to one side in confusion at the mention of an unfamiliar creature. "The hell's a 'lusty -'" He snapped his mouth shut. Once more, he wasn't about to reveal his lack of knowledge on this world's creatures. Other gangs and creatures were mentioned as well, including the spiders. Of course, Tana made a joke about those, then another joke within that joke, all relating to his height once more. Reis, too preoccupied with his thoughts, chuckled a little, absently. "Ah, you should be a Fool. I'm sure someone would pay you something to keep them entertained with jests. It beats this lousy job, after all." Khada's tail twitched as he switched subjects. "Tell me, is there anything else you were hired to find here? I mean, I would hate to have to steal the only thing I recognized here, namely, that fancy jewel you were hired to nab. What does it do, I wonder?" Reis cupped his chin thoughtfully. "How much would it go for?"
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