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  1. Reis frowned at the women that emerged from the shadows. From their face to their stance, the kobold knew that he'd do best not to trust the thief, ever. She practically screamed 'TRAITOR!' at him. Then again, so did most everyone that Reis ever interacted with. This didn't deter him, though. Instead, the thief's mind raced, eliminating a few of the lest hostile potential interactions he expected to have with her. That narrowed it down to several possibilities. If she was trying to kill or rob him of whatever he stole here, she wasn't doing a very good job being subtle about her intents. Then again, she'd had no reason to believe that he was even intelligent up until now, and subtlety was wasted on beasts. It was a little too late for her to put on the innocent look, as she'd already shown enough of her devious nature. The fact that she was showing her face now only meant that the woman was confident that whatever potential confrontation she expected to partake in, she'd be the victor. That was worrying. But expected. Reis didn't move from his crate, or even blink. He simply shifted his position slightly as the woman spoke, lowering his goggles int place. In the light, it would be a bit harder to see the glint of metal hinting at weapons. The lenses made his eyes seem slightly enlarged, revealing cold reptilian eyes that seemed a little bored. He didn't even blink at her insult. "Works for me." I was, at one point. "Gets me places tall folk can't normally reach. Problem?" Reis didn't wait for an answer: He'd already moved on. "Khada Reis, master thief, so on, so forth. Let's skip the formalities." Reis was resting his head on his hand again, and yawning. "What do you want?" It was a simple question, not even laced with cockiness. Just annoyance. He was only getting annoyed because he was tired of this day. In his mind, Reis was thinking of all the possible reasons she was taking the time to talk rather than kill him. She could have been just messing with him. The kobold knew too many people that toyed with their victims just because they could. Still, it was only Reis's nature to look for more complex reasons. Was there some sort of organization that frequently looted the place? Possibly. Terrenus was too big for the possibility to be idle. The fact that he was sentient had, once again, obviously put her off somewhat. Perhaps she herself was from some sort of gang, or had been employed by someone to steal from here as well. If that was the case, then she'd have no problem slitting his throat. That was the more - likely possibility. In any event, he needed to be extra careful. Then again, it was always fun to poke the bear. If there was going to be a fight, Reis had no problem initiating it prematurely. The Kobold's eyes had gotten a faraway look while he thought, and he allowed them to focus back on Tana once he'd finished. The corner of his mouth twitched upwards in a smile for a moment. "I guess you're just here to steal, like I am. Well, congratulations on being as stupid as me. I hope you had a better time with the spiders." Reis rolled his neck, attempting to work out a crick. "I hate spiders. And now I hate jungles. It's my first time in a jungle, y'know?" This was something of a jest: He was only being so open to potentially put off Tana a little more.
  2. Reis, now lying on his belly while he listened to the potential hostile nearby, rested his chin on his hand, idly trying to catch a glimpse of where they might be. It wasn't all that necessary right then - the woman wasn't making any moves towards him, judging by the distance between the two. His tail waved in amusement as he listened to what she had to say. "Oh, I apologize. In my experience, people only say things like that when they're about to try and kill me. You can understand my skittish attitude, then." Ha. That was a joke. Khada Reis, skittish? He leaped headlong into danger, and usually came out unscathed. Except for recently, when he'd leaped into the lion's den and been polymorphed. Reis's mood dimmed slightly. "And, well. . . I guess it depends on what you consider a 'monster' then, eh? I'm not some sort of crazed beast, if that's what you were implying." Reis continued to watch the storehouse floor for movement, just in case the woman decided to get tricky and tried to jump him. It wasn't paranoia. Reis had been jumped countless times in the past due to not paying enough attention. In fact, folks still tried things like that today, probably because he looked so vulnerable. The lizard didn't waste much time considering the woman's request for him to come out so they could talk face to face. it wasn't as if she could catch him. Not to mention, he could see in the dark and she couldn't. The only thing that worried Reis was the fact that the woman didn't know what he was yet. He had no idea what her reaction could be. Would she attack simply because of his appearance? Again, the thief had a feeling that kobolds weren't the kindest souls around. There was a chance she'd just kill him and be done with it. Of course, to do that, she'd have to catch him first, and Reis didn't plan on going quietly if the woman did prove hostile. Maybe he was just being paranoid again. Best-case scenario, she'd just laugh at him. It only took a few seconds for the thoughts to come and go, and Reis was sliding down the supporting beam of the shelf, dropping down into the darkness. "Sure, why not," He said, shrugging. He did his best to sound nonchalant, but he was idly straightening and flexing his left arm, just in case he had to use his dagger. He wouldn't kill her, of course. He never had to kill anyone. He'd probably just. . . Discourage her. Yes, that was the word. "I'm down now," Reis called out, moving slowly, occasionally crawling on all-fours through the rubble and crates. "You mind making an appearance as well? I'd hate to be the one talking to the shadows." Not like he couldn't see her anyway. If she was nearby, he'd know. Just to fully sell the facade of carelessness, Reis clambered up onto an especially large crate, and sat down cross-legged on top, crossing his arms and curling his tail around him. This could go a few ways. The woman would either attack, thinking Reis was an idiot, or she'd be amused by his apparent stupidity. Then again, if she was a decent rogue, she'd be wondering why he was giving her such an easy target. Either way, Reis was relatively safe.
  3. Khada had been sitting behind his little crate for a few minutes by then, and was more than happy to wait a little longer. He wasn't dying today. Instead of thinking about what could have potentially been hiding in any of the nearby crates, the kobold instead distracted himself by listening to the rain hitting the roof of the storehouse, and the occasional crackling of thunder. The sounds weren’t as jarring inside as they were outside, and helped calm him some. In fact, he was almost calmed enough to convince himself that he was just being paranoid about the mysterious person in the building with him. Of course, Reis wasn’t that foolish. He knew what happened to those that let their guard down, even for a minute. He wasn’t about to end up with them. Still, despite Reis’s apparent resolve, the thoughts of busting open one of the crates lingered. No, he wasn’t about to crack one open - but the kobold had been considering examining the padlock of one when he heard a voice ring out. Reis froze. The voice was unmistakably female, and somewhere relatively close. Reis curled into a tight ball behind the crate, fearing for a moment that he had been seen. Judging by the woman’s tone, though, she hadn’t seen him yet. She had certainly seen or heard the lizard at some point, but it hadn’t been that recently. All she knew was that he was here, somewhere. She obviously wasn’t with the law (unless, of course, it was standard procedure around town to kill intruders without reading them their rights), and seemed fairly good at sneaking around. Reis hadn’t heard her until she’d gotten as close as she was, after all. So, maybe she wasn’t a novice. . . Whatever she was. Khada considered his options. If she was another looter, then perhaps they could work something out, thief-to-thief. If she was some sort of hired hand, that wouldn’t work out as well. If she really was law enforcement, then it was in his best interests to run. Reis was really hoping that she wasn’t some sort of crazy assassin. With all the insanity and magic in this world, he wouldn’t have been surprised if she wielded some sort of magic sword and could kill him with a single word. Then again, if she could do that, she would have found him already. The lizard waited a moment longer, then slowly crawled away from his hiding spot, careful not to make too much noise while doing so. In the darkness, he found one of the giant steel shelves that had originally held most of the crates he now saw on the floor, and began to climb. Once he was a good dozen feet off the ground, he rolled onto one of the tiers, sighing slightly. Whoever this was, he doubted that they could see him up here, in the darkness. Not to mention, he suspected that the woman was human. Even if they pinpointed his position, they’d have a hell of a time trying to get up to him the same way. It was pretty dark, after all. It was only then that Reis decided to speak. No matter who the person was, he felt that he was safely out of their reach, and could question them a little. If they were hostile, it would be simple for him to escape. He was a slippery kobold. Whoever was down there wasn’t. “Hmm. . . I think not. I somewhat value my life, you see.” Reis frowned at his high, somewhat raspy voice. He hated how it had changed since his transformation. It made it that much harder for him to be taken seriously. Still, it wasn’t as if he could do anything about it. “Might I ask, who are you? I was originally under the assumption that I was the only one who was foolish enough to come all the way out here.” Reis moved as he talked, climbing a little higher up the shelf. If he got her to talk, he’d be able to get a good idea of her position as well. “I was wrong, it would seem. Have I done something to offend you so? It isn’t often that I get death threats.” The lizard snickered. “Well, not nowadays, at least.”
  4. The storm outside was once more roaring. It was just as well that Reis had scrambled into the building when he did - the rain itself was bad, but the kobold hadn't wanted to take his chances out there for much longer. The tropical weather could grow even more intense - and perhaps fatal - in the blink of an eye. If he didn't become lost in the thick sheets of rain, there was also the very real possibility that a flash flood could occur. Khada had only seen a few in his lifetime, and all of them had been near the shores of Europe, during the Spring and Summer. He'd never seen such a vast amount of vegetation in one place, however. Perhaps this was one of those tropical jungles he'd heard so much about from travelers back home. There was no chance of it being anything else. . . Of course, Reis would have taken his chances with the flood if it meant escaping a constant onslaught of monsters, which seemed to be a common occurrence in Biazo Isle. The kobold shook the water off of his scales like a wet dog, before patting himself down. His long coat was soaked, and the black tunic underneath wasn't in much better condition. Reis was glad that he'd been carrying his essential gear in his waterproofed pack, which he had strapped to his back. That was a precaution he had constantly took, in the past as a human, and now. Reis peeled his goggles off of his face and blinked a few times as his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the warehouse. That was a perk that he rather enjoyed about his new form - it was easy to move around in pure darkness. It made things much harder on his eyes in broad daylight, though, hence his eyewear. It took just a few seconds for Reis to get his bearings and begin creeping around the old warehouse. The building wasn't small at all - from where he was, Reis assumed that the building was around 30,000 square feet, with old steel shelves, and many crates and boxes scattered about. It was already clear that this place had been emptied somewhat - lots of the crates and boxes were tipped on their side and/or open. A few crates here and there had been completely destroyed for whatever they had originally held, their frames splintered and ruined. Anything else looked like it was nailed shut. Reis cursed aloud, then covered his mouth. He first berated himself for his lack of cautiousness. He berated himself again for not ever purchasing some sort of crowbar. He had originally been against having one, as one couldn't quietly open something with a crowbar. Now, though, he was regretting that decision. The kobold would just have to do things the hard way. Sighing, he swung his pack off of his back, and to the ground. There was most certainly something else he had that could get one of the large crates open, if need be. Reis was in the process of rummaging through his belongings when he heard a thud. The thief froze. It could have been anything. From where he was, the storm could still be heard going full force. A tree could have fallen, or something could have just been thrown into the wall outside. Perhaps he was just being paranoid. But it had been a long day, and Khada Reis was such a trusting soul. Reis calmly turned his attention back to his pack. He dug through it for a moment longer, before pulling out what looked like a pair of pliers. There was no need for the thief to draw attention to himself by using his industrial - grade drill to bust through one of the crates. Some of the boxes were padlocked, while others required combinations to unlock. He could crack those open first, using his pliers and lock picks. Reis closed his backpack, and slung it back onto his shoulders, before standing up and stretching. His arm involuntarily twitched, allowing the knife he kept hidden in his sleeve to drop down. He closed his paw around the handle, then raised his arm, allowing the knife to slide back into place. He was getting twitchy again. That wouldn't do. The thief hardly ever hurt anyone during his endeavors; It wasn't in his nature to attack others, and he usually used his knives for self-defense. Still, he'd do what he had to do to stay alive. No monster was touching his scales today. Reis walked much slower now, keeping to the darkest parts of the warehouse to minimize his presence. Sure, the howling wind that could be heard from the many broken windows made it difficult for anyone to hear anything so subtle as footsteps, but reis wasn't taking any chances. Not this time, at least. Monsters. . . Scared him. After a few minutes of walking in the dark, Reis came up on a crate that seemed fairly intact. Instead of attempting to open it, though, the thief ducked behind it, holding his pliers at the ready. He wanted to wait a little longer before he went ahead and started his search for objects, magical or not. If there was a a chance that someone else was in the building with him, no matter how little, he would wait until the other made their presence known. One way or another. After all, thieves could only for so long before they decided to begin looting, couldn't they? Yes, the same could be said for Reis, but he liked to think that he had little more control over his impulses. Whoever was potentially inside had apparently already made a little noise on the way in. Anyone who made a mistake like that couldn't be too skilled, then. . .
  5. In all eleven years of Khada Reis's relatively short career as a thief, he had not once wavered in his tasks. A fine challenge, that, seeing as he'd been stealing since he was ten. During that period of time, Reis had seen and heard many strange things, many of which the man had never been able to prove true or false. Being a thief, Reis had kept an ear to the sky for anything related to gold, rare artifacts, strange foreign delicacies, and anything else worth the thief's time. Occasionally, he heard things that begged further questioning. For instance, back on Earth, a lord in the far East that apparently owned a dragon egg, kept safe deep underground. That had been false; In actuality, the egg had just been a large, unpolished sapphire. Very valuable, but nothing in comparison to what a real dragon egg would have brought in. Another instance of this was an odd rumor involving magic amulets that were being transported from the sea, guarded by a couple dozen armed troops. It had been a half-truth. There were soldiers, but no amulets. The point was that Reis hardly ever backed down from challenges, or mysterious finds, even if it ended up being a waste of time. He had known that it could potentially be his undoing, but he hadn't thought much of it except for a select few occurrences. Like today, for instance It had started with a tip. Khada Reis had been a little busy worrying about his new predicament for a few weeks by then, unsure of what to do. Instead of a thin, dark-haired young man, he was now an even thinner, red, short bipedal lizard that people around him kept calling a "kobold". Reis didn't know what that meant yet, but based off of the thinly - veiled looks of annoyance and distrust, he guessed that they weren't the most noble of creatures. Instead of worrying about that, he'd just thrown a coat on and tried to ignore it all. Then had come the shock of the new world he'd found himself in, with it's. . . energy. And technology. And magic. The less said about that, the better. Still, Reis had begun to cope. He still had his own equipment. He'd simply begun to look for projects he could undertake, mainly anything that involved making money quick. He'd offered his skills to anyone who seemed like they knew what they wanted (to have stolen for them), which was how he'd come across the name of Terrenus. Specifically, a place they called “Bi'le'ah”. Reis hadn't read too much into the place, but it was apparently an old, ruined city known for it's destruction and its strange (and mostly dangerous) magic occurrences. It was more than halfway across the map of Valucre. A completely ridiculous expedition. The lizard couldn't help himself. After three trips by airship, and a long land trip, he'd found himself in Biazo Isle, ready to enter this ruined city full of danger and items. With the benefit of hindsight, Reis figured that he shouldn't have bypassed the large city of Aspyn in his excitement. If he hadn't, he might have known about the more specific dangers that awaited travelers there. For instance, giant, nightmarish spiders. Or flash storms of ice - or fire. The former was particularly terrifying to Reis, as one of them had chased the kobold for the majority of the day. It had only broken off when a sudden thunderstorm sprung up, allowing him to escape. Barely. Khada Reis was currently on the very outskirts of Bi'le'ah - or Biazo City, it was occasionally called - surveying the mess from afar. It truly was a wreck. From his position, partially hidden in the brush, he could just barely make out signs of a clear sky in the distance, choked out by dark clouds which continuously poured out rain, like a waterfall from the heavens. Reis didn’t know it could even rain that much. Off to the left, there were the remains of several large buildings, and the beginnings of a large tower, which had long since been toppled by the crush of greenery that was common in the area. Besides that, nothing much was obvious. Khada sighed, scratching the tip of his snout idly. This wasn’t what he’d been expecting. It was like a post-apocalyptic landscape, rather than the ruins he’d expected as a kid. A pity. But there was work to be done. With a grunt, the kobold got to his feet, joints clicking as he stretched. He’d been crouching there for around two hours by then, trying to remain hidden from anything that might have been in the area. During that time, he’d seen a few more odd creatures, all of which he couldn’t fully describe. Luckily, the group seemed to have lost interest in the area and left. It was now or never. Khada was certain that the city was fairly large, so he’d start with the smallest buildings, which were close to him. After that, it would be the arduous task of trying to navigate the alleys and ruined streets, trying to uncover anything useful that he could nab and sell. He’d make a more detailed plan on the fly. That was just his style. Hopefully nothing went wrong. . . A common occurrence in an area like this. Reis corrected himself. Hopefully he didn’t die. With a quick intake of breath, the kobold stepped out of his hiding spot, glancing around a couple times before beginning his slow crawl towards the closest building, which seemed to have been some sort of storehouse of sorts. Perhaps things were built in this area of the city. . . Reis didn't get too far before things began to take a turn for the worse once more. The wind was shifting. It was only a slight change, but noticeable enough to make the lizard dash the last hundred feet into the storehouse. It was still storming, but Reis feared that something else was brewing. It just didn't feel right. Perhaps Reis was just paranoid. Still, the wind was steadily picking up. . . And buckets were changing into tubs as the rain came down impossibly harder. The kobold glared upwards as droplets of water pounded down on the ceiling. With his luck so far, he wouldn't have been surprised if the ceiling collapsed. . . Of course, he'd survive, only to end up in a worse situation. That was just his sort of luck today.
  6. Righty, then! I'll put that up - shortly. Just gotta format it correctly. . .
  7. That could work out! Khada probably heard about said specific item(s) beforehand, if that's the case. Or, of course, he just happened upon them while he was there - it would probably be the former, though, as he isn't usually one to randomly go stealing unknown, random things. (I keep forgetting that Khada is a more simplistic thief - he steals whichever object is the most valuable, then sells it/keeps it for himself. He doesn't usually do jobs.) (adgfdfga Almost forgot to confirm - We post this in Biazo Isle, right or wrong? (Or just the "Terrenus" forum? Want to be sure before just doing it.))
  8. Ah, alrighty then! Tana it is! As for the type of interaction. . . I was immediately interested in Biazo City, per supernal's suggestion. Yes, looting it. Not saying that Khada would put anything before his own family or (existing) friends, but hey. A guy's gotta make a living in the meantime, and old habits die hard. (And, as an added bonus, there's likely going to be consequences to stealing from the city in the first place! Hooray!) It isn't so impossible to believe that Reis and Tana would be recruited for the same job, stealing from there. (Or. Y'know. Reis could have just been looting it for the sake of having something to sell/use, no employer involved. He tends to do that. Take your pick.) Were you fine with the ruins - looting route, Cacti?
  9. Oh, hullo there! I just read the bios - RPing with any of them sounds like it would be fun! I'm feel like all of them could offer the best interactions there, seeing as all of them are/were related to crime, one way or another. Seeing as I can't decide which character would work best for this RP, you could choose which one you think would have the most (or least) benefit from meeting Reis. It'll be amusing, Khada speaking with any of them about his old world, with it's lack of magic. (We can always default to Tana, as she's still actively working in crime. Despite Reis's general distrust of most people, he can relate to another thief, no matter their motives.) (Besides, the kobold will take aid from almost anyone, if it means learning more about this new world and/or getting more leads on the whereabouts of his his sister - even if those whereabouts/that info is false.)
  10. Alrighty, I figured that I had procrastinated long enough - now is the time for me to just post it. Link here, looking for a partner to engage in my first RP on this site (though not in general)! Genre: That isn't really a focus for me - action, mystery, adventure, the whole nine yards. I'm fine with anything for this particular start, really. Location: Genesaris (or anywhere nearby) would work well, as that's where my character, Khada Reis, dropped down to begin with. Of course, I'm sure that i can work something out if you had another location in mind. Idea: This will be Reis's first time in Valucre in general. I planned on having the little guy start off about a week after arriving in Genesaris, so that he'd be somewhat used to things (at least, whichever city he dropped down in). Interactions can range from anything, new enemies to new friends (though it takes a bit to gain his trust), mentor characters, or anything else. The plan was to start some sort of interaction with Khada, no matter the nature of it. He needs to get used to the world around him before starting on his main quest. My pace varies from time to time. I like to post every day, but hey. Life happens sometimes, and I occasionally wait a few days before posting. Still, I like to try and be consistent. If you're worried about me negating the RP as a whole, then don't worry! I've got experience in keeping up^^ Anywho. . . interested?
  11. Khada Reis Quick Sheet Name: Khada Reis Race: Kobold Gender: Male Physical Age: 22 Chronological Age: (Technicalities. Reis couldn't be bothered to learn, but he's from around 500 years in the past. Whether or not his actual age increased while being transported, he isn't sure.) Martial Status: Single Sexual Orientation: Homosexual Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Scales: Red Eyes: Brown Body: Slender, lean, fragile Height: 4’1” Weight: 64 lbs. Voice: High (and occasionally squeaky, if Reis gets worked up) Outfit: Long coat, black tunic, leather vest, trousers Accessories: Goggles Personality Traits: Alert Clever Spontaneous Rash Equipment: Steel daggers (3) Thieves' tools (File, lock picks, small mirror, scissors, pliers) Grappling hook (yoinked) Satchel containing three days’ worth of dried food (also yoinked) Mining drill (Yoinked straight from Valucre) Abilities: Darkvision Current Thread(s): A Fool's Errand Biography Khada Reis isn’t of this world. He’s from a world almost like Earth - only many years past. 519 years, to be exact. Reis was born around the end of the Medieval Era, around 1500 AD. As a human, mind you. He came from a small family, and lived with his father and twin sister for most of his childhood. He had no mother, as she had passed shortly after his birth. Reis’s father was a thief, and Reis and his sister were expected to commit the crime as well, to get by. The three were constantly on the move, never staying in a town or city longer than a month. The many years of stealing honed Reis and his sister’s roguish skills, though Reis took no joy in the act. He wasn’t out to cause suffering - With no other support, it was all he could do to stay alive. His sister, however, couldn’t have cared less. She would soon leave the two to make her own path. Reis would eventually follow at 19, though not before stealing most of what the three had amassed over the years from Father. Reis spent three more years using that money and anything he’d stolen to try and track down his sibling, doing bigger and more notable jobs in the process. At the very least, he wanted to stop her from making a mistake that she’d regret. On the third year, after following a solid lead on his sister’s whereabouts for several months, Reis was led to a small, near - empty village in a forest that wasn’t on any maps, with strange inhabitants. Reis eventually learned that someone with a description similar to his sister had made their way here as well, though the details on where she’d gone were hazy at best. Suspicious, Reis stuck around, snooping in on their daily activities and eventually discovering that the strangers weren’t native to the country, or even the planet. They’d come from another world entirely, which, as Reis eventually found, was connected to his by some sort of portal.He reasoned that his sister had attempted to steal something from these people, only to be captured in turn, sent to their world. The thief didn’t hesitate to confront one of the people later, demanding that his sister be returned to him. A poor course of action, considering that every single one of the strangers was a mage, and every single one was more than a match for the thief. The group easily subdued Reis, and, recognizing him by his attire and similarity to his sister, opted to dump him into an alternate world as well. Apparently, Reis’s sister had stolen something from them, except she hadn’t been captured in the process. Instead, she’d escaped to some unknown destination via the portal. In the end, they made it so, though not before issuing further punishment for his and his sister’s deeds. To Reis’s dismay, they forced him into a form that he did not recognize, some sort of weak, short, bipedal lizard that the mages called a “kobold”. Call it a True (karmic) Polymorph - the group figured that the creature accurately represented Reis’s true self. The man was a thief, and now, even the lowliest of humans wouldn’t listen to nor respect him for what he was. In the end, though, it was Khada Reis who got the last laugh - as usual. His new form was weaker, but much quicker, and hard to pin down. He eventually broke free of whatever charm they’d had him under, and, rather than running to safety, dove headlong into the portal, determined to track down his sister, kobold or not. Of course, Reis couldn’t leave them without a parting gift - or, rather, without taking one for himself. The thief snagged some of their supplies before making his exit. When Reis surfaced again, he was in Genesaris - centuries after his own time. Though awed by the advanced technology and society, Reis is still set on tracking down his twin - if not for the safety of others, then for her own. How would anyone from such a primitive time fare in this strange new world? Personality Being a thief, there are a few things about Khada Reis that are to be expected. He’s highly alert, always trying to be aware of what’s going on around him. Not to stay out of trouble, though - Reis is more of the type of person that enjoys a good scuffle every now and then. Of course, he’s had to tone down that attitude a bit, ever since his change. Even being a kobold hasn’t deterred Reis from making quick, rash decisions more driven by emotion than logic. He’s usually saved by his canny ability to slip out of most doozies. Usually. Despite Khada’s recklessness, though, he’s got quite the mind. He can figure out most puzzles, and enjoys word games. Working with locks is his favorite thing to do - even when he’s trying to pick them. Reis claims that he’d be a locksmith if he wasn’t a thief. Another one of the thief’s winning factors is his spontaneous attitude. He makes all decisions on the dot, both big and small. Most of his impulses are uncontrolled - Reis really can’t help it, now that he’s a kobold. More specifically, Reis can’t help but snag something shiny or complex-looking. . . Though the kobold isn't exactly unstable, he is a bit twitchy at times. The uncontrollable tics show up whenever he's excited, or angry. Abilities Reis, coming from Earth, has no sort of special magic. He couldn't be bothered to learn any, either. His entire skillset is focused on one thing: Breaking, entering, and stealing, and staying undetected. For starters, Reis is naturally quick and agile, even graceful at times. His short stature and thin body also aid to his acrobatic proficiency. Reis is also fairly street-smart, regardless of what city he's in. After traveling from place to place so much in his childhood, he learned to pick up that kind of intelligence quickly. Of course, Reis's main skill is breaking in and/or stealing things. Lock-picking, pick-pocketing, and code-breaking are all skills of his, and he uses them frequently. As a result of being a kobold, Reis also has the ability to see in the dark, unlike most other races. The thief also picked up digging as a useful skill during his travels on Earth, a skill he can utilize even better as a small creature. Weaknesses Despite all this, Reis has a few obvious weaknesses (and a few that aren't so obvious). For starters, Reis is naturally suspicious of everybody he meets, regardless of who they are. Unless you're Reis's sister, it'll take a bit for him to begin to trust you. This could be seen as more of a strength for some, but, in truth, it prevents the thief from working well with others in the beginning. Another one of his problems is his drive to repay debts, no matter the cost. Once Reis's respect is earned, or a deed is done in his name, his loyalty is absolute to a fault. The kobold would do anything to repay - or aid - allies or friends who have helped him in the past. It is the reason Reis has come all this way for his sister, after all. His sister helped him through his childhood, so Reis is driven to find her and keep her safe, no matter the cost. Self-sacrifice for the good of many doesn't suit the thief, but he'd gladly forfeit his life for friends or family. Another obvious weakness is his lack of physical power. Reis is weak, even by kobold standards. He can't wear much more than padded leather armor, and using swords or other medium weapons are a thing of the past. Want some heavy-lifting done? Don't call Reis. The door is stuck and needs to be opened? Better go through the window. Arm-wrestling? Reis will just cheat. In exchange for speed and grace, Reis has little to no physical power at his disposal. Khada Reis is also rather touchy when it comes to his friends. You can insult him all you like, but one insult directed towards anybody he considers a friend will likely leave you with a dagger somewhere impolite. Last, but not least, Reis was always a sucker for attractive folk. It plagued him back on Earth, and it plagues him today, though not as much. Anyone with a pleasing face and honeyed words will put Reis off his guard, though such a happening is usually never acted upon, in Reis's experience. Besides, who would charm a kobold? Special Gear Reis doesn't have much in the way of magical items. Next to nothing, to be exact. All he has are some thieve's tools and a couple unique items at his disposal. Grappling Hook: Yoinked from the mages unfortunate enough to have transported Reis to Valucre in the first place. Found among the many pieces of equipment the wanderers had at their disposal, this item is used mainly to get Reis into places normally unreachable by conventional means. For instance, a high windowsill. Power Drill: This drill doesn't run on electricity - it's powered by a small crystal located within the gadget's inner machinations. The drill was built for a machine - as a result, Reis has a difficult time using it the way it was meant to be used. Still, while it's relatively small in general, Reis "modified" (broke) it so that it could be used as a gauntlet digger, capable of digging through several feet of stone in an hour. It's also good for bludgeoning idiots in a pinch. Appearance
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