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  1. theres so much content on this website. its joyfully over whelming, and i just dont feel like tacking it all in one day. or one week. honestly, i dont think i have the mental determination to learn all this on top of school. but it's still really cool that you have made all the up. ill give you my vote. 

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    2. supernal


      The content is encyclopedic. That means that there’s a lot of it and that most of it is referential. You don’t need to read all the volumes of the encyclopedia cover to cover if all you want to know is about one entry under one letter 

      The NUX guide outlines two different approaches that simplifies diving into the site. Let me know if you’d like a direct link 

      At any rate thanks for the vote! 

    3. jaistlyn


      You don’t have to learn everything to be able to RP here! For example, some people start off by introducing a character who is new to the world, choose a location and start finding out more about it, so both your character and you can learn as you go. I don’t think there’s any one person who knows every ins and outs of Valucre, but that’s the beauty of a vast shared world. You never run out of things to discover.

    4. L E V I A T H A N

      L E V I A T H A N

      I’m workin on it for the record ?

  2. riaan


    midievil fantasy is my favorite. for instance: attack on titan, vinland saga, seven deadly sins, the rising of the shield hero, and snow white with the red hair. anything like that i am completely down for.
  3. thanks for checking in, im still a piece of garbage 」( ̄▽ ̄」)

  4. riaan


    hi, i am riaan. you can call me riaan. i am a semi-lit roleplayer, and i get lazy when uninterested. um.. i like anime and cats and Katsuki Bakugo, and i think i am posting this in the wrong place. ok, thanks, msg me if you wanna ropleplay. im up for just about anything.
  5. Welcome to the site

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