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    Beewolf reacted to Praetorian in Going to attempt to make some Character sheets in the User Lore..... Not really sure   
    Best of luck. There are a few templates you can use. 
    I think the best way to start it is to figure out why you want the character sheet. It is to provide information to other people, or is it a tool to help you?
    I can always tell other people what I want them to know within the RP, when it comes to personality I can show it. My character sheets tend to be more focused on stuff that I need to help me remember things about a character, so that I can continue to write them in a consistent manner. Other people put everything and anything they can think of in there, I personally find that a bit of a burden to read though... which doesn't make it wrong, just highlighting my preference.
    So I guess what I'm trying to say is that the best place to start is with "Who is the sheet for?" and "What information should be on it for my audience?"
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    Beewolf got a reaction from supernal in I like the username. I've seen a lot of them over the years but not this one. Welcome   
    It is likely a literal translation of Beowulf's name in Old English (as in "bee-wolf"). There are a few different interpretations of what exactly it's supposed to mean, but my favorite reading of it is "brown bear."
    Honestly, I just wanted to slyly incorporate my favorite animal into my username somehow. ? 
    Also, this will be my first time RP-ing, and I just want to thank you both for dropping by to comment on my profile at the outset and making me feel welcome. ? 
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    Beewolf reacted to Die Shize in I like the username. I've seen a lot of them over the years but not this one. Welcome   
    "Beewolf" as in a creatively cool play on "Beowulf" or "Beewolf" as in a half-bee half-wolf bee-wolf hybrid?
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