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    This is Sophie.   She is not a fan of peanut butter.   She is the proud owner of a pair of clothes and not much else, really.   Until a set of scales tells otherwise, she is also 85 lbs.   She may be an independent thought form spawned by the kaleidoscopic whims of a malevolent demigod. (Jury's still out on the degree of independence and malevolence in that statement, though.)   She hasn't had a chance to shower or shave since her spontaneous creation, being that nightmare realms are light on plumbing, but it has given her a certain Earth Mother appeal and intensified her natural musk.   She is appropriately afraid of bears.   That said, she owns no bear mace and has no power moves beyond staying out of the tall grass and playing dead, so if bear cuddles were to ensue, it's a true likelihood she'd still fall prey to some form of inter-species Stockholm syndrome.   She just drank acid and had her mouth skin regrown via magic, so her breath is stem-cell-fresh, laaaadies. 😉   Most of her hypothetical enjoyment of fashion revolves around the aspirational goal of experiencing the unblemished weave of fresh socks and underwear.   She's single and ready to mingle across planes of existence, and more than open to mail-order briding her way out her current one.    "If you can't send love, please send food and water."   -- Sophie
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    Thank you, I'll give that a spin.
    I'll play around with it until I find something that works, and I'll be sure to check out the Art Club later when I have something respectable to post. lol
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    ok now i will give good reason to date the oracle

    - is insane, and clingy will not leave you for women because is gentleman will not leave no no, 0 leaving because he is clingy as i said. he also might sometimes drink your blood but that can be a cute aesthetic thing. flex on your friends that you're dating a vampire because thats cool, or something, i dont know. other reasons? he is short, he can be arm rest and will only eat you half the time. aesthetically pleasing if you dont look at him as he is an ugly boy. and do not leave him alone because he might begin crying or something he doesnt have good emotional control and is short did i mention he is short and not underage so dont worry about being called out because yknow sometimes people might accidentally set characters up who dont exactly have amazing age things but you can be underage when youre a vmapire because age doesnt matter to vampires it probably does dont take my advice on agenb but mtake my advice on dating the oralce please, kisses and love and hugs and something else i dont know ask mack about this stuff because i dont get uh xoxox bye hun buy my oils xox, xox, xox, stacy out
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    Hello, everyone!
    For the longest time, Lucinda Valentine (played by @Lucinda Valentine) has been complaining to my character, Addison, about her uninteresting/catastrophic love life.
    As such, both Addy (and myself) have taken it upon ourselves to put this woman out of her misery!
    My character will serve as matchmaker for all of those thirsting fellows and lasses out there.
    If you are interested in seeing what Luca has to offer, you may read this briefly constructed dating profile which I have prepared:

    Name: Luca Valentine
    Sexuality: Bi
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 85 lbs
    Additional Points to consider:
    - Born into nobility (Familiar with upper class etiquette)
    - Rumored to be the Queen of Naboo

    (Image of her Family's mansion on Naboo)
    - Tremendous inheritance upon the passing away of her parents
    - Past relationship experience: Previously dated an immortal deadman, a transgendered woman, a maniacal, masochistic and somewhat megalomaniac scientist.
    - Adequately competent healer
    - Basic mastery of druidic magic
    - Can turn into a bear and give snuggles:

    - Expert in fashion and fabric design
    - Cute daughter (Clara Valentine), currently 2 years old
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    I can feel Jack shaking me, his eyes wide with fear, but I just hum non-committally in the face of his distress, turning my gaze to the Martyr as she approaches, bearing a goblet. I accept it, can smell the ambrosial sweetness of the liquid inside, and tip it to my lips. The overwhelming presence of copper in my mouth gives way to a euphoric taste that is too limited, too finite -- it slips down my throat leaving a velvety, seductive aftertaste, and takes the burn in my mouth and throat with it. I blink, feeling clear-headed for a moment, just long enough to fish the star from my pocket and hurl it a safe, if excessive, distance away. I see it flash in the sunlight of the square and land, bouncing, near the butcher shop.
    I set the goblet down, blinking at the parched soil and the coiling plume of smoke from the acid soaking there. "Um...so, might have tried one of the, er --" I motion towards the statues. "And it...made me feel...nice. So nice that I couldn't feel anything bad -- couldn't feel pain, even. Not great, in retrospect, when everything in this place is some shade of lethal. I mean, I thought maybe there would be poison in the bottles, at worst, but acid? Are you serious?!"
    I try to squint up at the Martyr accusingly. After all, the feeling of your gums disintigrating in your mouth is a bit of a hard sensation to repress for the sake of friendship, but the buzz in the back of my skull that began whenever I previously tried to look at her directly is back with a vengeance. Apparently, the star was good for one thing, but I think it speaks volumes that I feel better just averting my eyes and staring at my shoelaces instead.
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    Thee martyr...flinches. she collects the goblet from the statue of the devil woman  and presses it into your hands. "Drink...it...it will help" The ornate goblet,inlaid with rubies and wolf like beasts carved into yhe side,has a few drops of a golden liquid inside.It smells so sweet and almost intoxicating. Like chocolate and honey and pomegranate.the
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    The courtyard is the same as we exit the cathedral. It seems odd to be walking next to the Martyr, the very person we had been on a wild goose chase after. She was right under our noses this whole time. Maybe this nightmare was finally over. 
    I see Sophie coming out of the clocktower and I wave excitedly. This was it! I smile as she makes her way over.
    She smiles back and my stomach drops.
    My eyes go wide with horror as she tries to talk around a coughing fit. I can see the blood on her teeth when she opens her mouth. She pours out the acid and I put two and two together. “Christ, Sophie!” I drop what I’m carrying and grab her shoulders. “You drank that? Oh my god, please tell me you didn’t drink that.” Feeling useless, I step back as the martyr comes over holding the cup from the statue. 
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    I walk at a quick clip towards the courtyard; I can see Jack has been making friends in my absence, and slow in recognition of the Martyr. Strangely enough, there is no static when I look at her now, but the pressing weight on my shoulder is heavier than ever.
    I can feel a burning sensation that's been building in my mouth since the descent down the clocktower stairs really start to make itself known as I walk towards them. I taste something coppery and spit it out, thinking nothing of it. I smile, and at their shared looks of horror, I drag my sleeve across my mouth in curiosity. Something on my lips, on my teeth, maybe? The sleeve I pull back is red, and I can hear a rasping sound in my ears, like wheezing. Come to think of it, my throat is feeling rather right. I try to smile again, close-mouthed this time so as not to cause alarm, and greet Jack brightly. "Hey, I tried some of the stuff in the clocktower, but I don't think it's as viable as we hoped." Or something like that. I think something gets a bit lost in translation on the way out, with all the coughing and labored breathing.
    Shrugging, I take the bottle out of my pocket, crouch down, and pour some of the liquid out onto the parched soil. The ground starts to smoke lightly where it makes contact. I smile up benignly at Jack, quirking my eyebrows as if to say, "Sorry, no luck," and let the bottle drain empty.
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    The liquid burns your mouth..alcohol.  so either not more set dressing or the martyr knew what it tastes like.....no.nonono this isint the burn of alcohol. This is the burn of acid.
     In the courtyard,you see jack. And the martyr,for once out of her throne. And one more person you dont know about and were pretty ssure you hadint seen in the travel in this place
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    I can hear the gears more than I can see them turning, despite my close inspection for seams in the metal casings, and I huff in frustration. The automatons remain completely outwardly inert, but I can't help the paranoia that one of them is going to twist their head on a dial to stare at me, or open their jaws to reveal a pistol barrel. I start to roll my eyes at my own internalized melodrama, but as soon as the fear manifests, it's gone. I hum noncommittally in the empty space left by that emotion and go to examine the banquet tables. I swipe a bottle from one and hold it up to the dull light streaming through the glass facing of the clocktower. It passes minimal inspection: no floaties or mold or anything. Good. I take a small sip, ready to spit it out if it's too offensive, but it's mostly tasteless, if somewhat stale. It's rather large, a wine bottle, I think, so I only take the one to fit it inside my pocket, to ride along with the star.    Something is pressing on my shoulder, but the rest of me feels strangely light. Every unpleasant feeling and sensation that has dogged me since I became conscious is now unnacountably absent; I don't even feel unwashed or sticky or prickly, even though I only have to look down to know that I'm still a dumpster fire on human legs. I rub my neck a little, sensing vaguely that I should probably feel offput by this, but I can't find it in me to care. I start to hum with a bit more feeling, a smile on my face, and continue my perusal around the room. I dither for a bit and give the space one more sweep, paying closer attention to the all of its more seemingly innocuous elements. Finding nothing more of interest despite my former misgivings, I skip down the staircase and out into the courtyard, the mystery liquid sloshing in its vessel with every boisterous step.
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    The compass was currently swaping  rapidly between the martyr  and the doors you entered through. Escape and outside 
     The dragon flaps its wings and returns to the raftere,no previus sign of it save some lingering smoke.  'Aley'makes her way outside,talking with the other
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    “Huh?” I was distracted by the dragon-creature. Was this Apathy? “Oh, yeah, explaining outside sounds good. Outside is great.” I start to back away from the throne and head for the doors. 
    Out of curiosity, I glance down at the compass.
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    “Yeah... All of us.” He tiredly smiled. “Oh,” Turning back, he continued. “I’m sorry, I haven’t explained a single thing, you must be confused, huh? Should we go outside so we can meet your friends and talk to them?”
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    "They're ok?! They ..theyre still out there?"  She pushes away the smooth dragon tail
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    "Aley, no you're fine. I know you didn't mean to do this." He turned to the stranger. "W-We'll try and get you out. I've been through this before, but it's been a long while. And we're gonna need your help Aley. You can't hide." Looking back at the coiled girl, he sighed. "Especially when you have Mike and Otto waiting for you."
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    "....i understand. A-and i will. Im sorry,i ..i never meant...i never.. i didint want to hurt anyone but...i...guess its in my nature,n-no matter how much I wish...I want to be different."   She began shaking. The cathedralbegan to feel terribly unsafe, a feeling or force that made your instincts scream 'run.run and hide so you dont die'. Something crawled down the walls,a huge shadow that slowly made its way to the martyr. It was a giant,dark green insectoid dragon,with compound eyes and gossamer wings and a bladed tail. It breathed out some sort of incense smoke,a calming blend you cant quite identify. The beast coils around the girl,open enough that the formerly slime person could reach her easily but not sophie. The beast just stared at you
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    I’m not sure what to say to her. What do you say to comfort the person that’s put you through hell? I feel just as awkward as I shift from foot to food. “I have two friends who are trapped with me...” I begin. I glance nervously over my shoulder at the rafters. That must be the thing that Sophie said was lurking in the rafters. “Their names are Sophie and Katana. Please, we just want to go home.”
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    "...if....if i did...im sorry....for trapping you.i didint mean to." The girl rubs at her face "i couldint.go on in a world if qll of you were gone. And not just you and otto and Mike. But everyone. Theyre gone.....i.....did what i always do in this situation. I hid. Here. Aleays here because it wont remind me  or hurt me." 
    She fiddles akwardly with her hands "if....theres anyone else with you...that i pulled in. I can have them brought here for...talking or...something. I...Apathy wont hurt them,she promises" a low rumble echoes throughout the cathedral,as if in agrement
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    I had been standing quietly off to the side, watching all of this with slack-jawed awe. I was hesitant to say anything, but the new person didn’t give me much of a choice. My eyes darted back and forth between the two people (gods? Dreams?) as I replied, “The latter. We’re stuck, I think. Are you stuck too?”
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    Sthe martyr tears up,the bonds slowly disapearing as she stands,hesitantly reaching for the newcomer's hand "im...not hallucinating agiain..am I..this is real.
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    The man’s eyes slowly filled with tears as he took her hand. Before she could even fully stand, he pulled her into a loving hug. Burying his head into her shoulder, he tried to hide his face. “N-no... You’re not... I’m here.” Sniffling, he looked back at the stranger. “D-did you make new friends while we were gone?” He chuckled, although his voice was hoarse. “Sorry, I kind of ignored you. I was just so excited to see her... Or did you get stuck here..?”
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    It slowly made it’s way inside, familiar with the building. It seemed cautious of the strange man, but went directly to the martyr. As it got closer, the slime built onto itself slowly forming a human. Stopping in front of the woman, the slime had actually made a man, flesh and all. He was a large man, although he didn’t look to be at his best. Seeing the girl on the throne, he smiled out of pity and laughed. “Yup, it’s me. I’m not exactly sure how though.” He talked as though the martyr was a familiar friend.  
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    the figure is a young woman,dressed only in a simple white gown and covered in runic tattoos gently swirling all over her skin.Her hands are kept in prayer by rosary beads,red ribbon and a spike.  One of the chains pierces her heart and Her head lolls to the side, a small ring of flowers tucked into raven hair.to your shock,shes breathing gently,as if in sleep. 
    She slowly opens her eyes,one palr blue and one gold,burn scars covering that side of her face. She slowly lifts her head,wincing and chains rattling "....its.....you. youre...alive....how?
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    The soldiers gaurding the doors kneeled to the strqnge creature. They knew it and respected it,opening the doors to it. 
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