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  1. All at once, the grinding of wooden wheels against frozen stone jarred Aelene out of her meditative state. She looked up and peered around at the endless whiteness that surrounded them. In the distance, small grey shapes prowled along the mountain ridges. Wolves for sure, but not near enough to be a threat just yet. As the caravan plodded on, she found it immensely difficult to concentrate from the random potholes that the carriage kept driving into. With a sigh of relent, she picked up the satchel and flipped open the hatch that led to the baggage car. Swinging down the ladder gracefully, she landed between a pair of suitcases. In an adjacent car, she heard a buzz of activity. Likely the other hired guards taking the opportunity to mingle. That was fine. Aelene enjoyed the calm that the baggage car provided. Finding a comfortable spot, she took her coat off and placed it on the ground as a makeshift mattress. She proceeded to sit on it and rested her head against the chilly wooden wall of the carriage. She shivered. In her open palm, a ball of fire formed, about the size of a tennis ball. She bounced it between her hands, warming the surrounding environment. As they set off on their journey, Aelene stared into the far wall, thinking on the people she had left to be here.
  2. Actually, Corren did sense the disturbance that the tail made in the air. With a quick jerk of his boot, the scroll which contained his invaluable proposal was displaced some 15 feet to his right. In an almost acceptant manner, he braced as the tail came sweeping below his legs. He landed on his chest, palms minimally cushioning the initial impact, although the fall had been much more forceful than he had expected. Turning over, he saw a massive shadow soar over his head before landing right between himself and Dredge. As the creature landed, Corren gasped in shock. He had seen some pretty disgusting things in his life, but nothing ever so terrible and revolting as Kru’Gorah. So this was one of the Dark Lord’s finest warriors? A good challenge to prove his worth. “I...” Corren rolled over to face the demon, his face still scrunched up in disgust, “... Am going to do this!” For a split second as his left palm touched the ground, one might’ve seen his shadow climb up his wrist and envelope his body for but the tiniest of a moment. As Kru’Gorah drooled hungrily over the defenseless man in front of it, the shadows transformed Corren into something far more sinister, far more deadly. Rising from the puddle of blackness was what appeared to be an amorphous black humanoid composed of absolutely nothing but negative energy. Kru’Gorah might’ve tried to swipe his tail around, but it would’ve found no solid matter to pierce. The ground beneath the creature began to crumble away as it absorbed the rock that made up the ground into its form, adding mass into its growing body. Letting out an ear-piercing howl that sounded like that of a dying man, it surged upwards with ferocious intent, enveloping Kru’Gorah like a blanket. His body was made of pure darkness and it seemed to have a mind of its own, seeking to consume all physical matter and energy that it came in contact with. As it boxed the demon in, all one would hear was the muffled struggle that went on within the belly of Corren Ghostwalker’s Reaper form.
  3. Yeah well, sometimes you get weird scenes where my character is just meditating on the roof. Nothing has triggered any sort of change in their environment, so there's really not much for me to post about other than random filler that I'm sure nobody is going to enjoy reading 🙂
  4. My preference is just pure narrative, so long as the bad guys aren't mooked lol. As for the posting order, I think it would be ideal for it to be slightly more free-flow, with one post per "round" from each person, but in no particular order. This allows characters to talk to each other without having significant post breaks in between conversations, which would just make it really weird >_> If you're adventurous, you may be interested in trying a "round" setting, during which characters must post minimally once per round, but may post additionally should they be speaking to another character within the thread to sustain conversation.
  5. Valjier was a frozen wasteland. The only things that could thrive were the insects living inside the dead trees and the trees that were slowly dying. And of course the snow mongrels which prowled about in the dead woods, and the pockets of civilisation. Even in such dread circumstances, life seemed to find a way regardless. Aelene had come for the payout and the experience. Money was money, and she quite frankly enjoyed the unpredictability of adventure. Moreover, the nature of this journey was that it allowed plenty of time for her to rest and meditate while the convoy was not under threat. She came equipped with a small satchel containing her wand and various pieces of reading material. Over a layer of tightly woven woolen robes that plastered her skin like bandages, she wore a heavy knee-length snow coat and a full-face snow mask to shield her from the blistering cold. As the various townsfolk were preparing to set off on their journey, she approached the main storage carriage. Peeking inside, she found several rows of peoples’ personal belongings compressed in luggages and boxes. Climbing inside, she weaved between the various items and found the ladder to the roof. With gloved hands wrapped tightly around the cold steel rungs, she climbed up to the top of the carriage. The higher ground gave her a greater view of the entire caravan, something which would come in handy for surveillance. Settling onto a comfortable flat portion of the roof, she crossed her legs and sat, putting her satchel down by her side. She began to meditate. For now, all was at peace in the world around her. She knew with relative certainty that it wouldn’t last, but she relished every second of it nonetheless.
  6. This wasn’t the first time someone was being pursued by some bounty hunter from somewhere. Stuff like this happened literally every other week in the Tavern. Perhaps the LEDs just happened to increase the gravity of the situation... Those things are stressful man... ”Mhm,” Amy muttered. While everyone was arguing about the probability of an ‘alien invasion’, Amy backtracked a few steps to grab the teapot and filled two cups. With one in each hand, she went back to the door and offered a cup to Fjorn. “Well I don’t suppose we’re expecting a full scale planetary invasion. I was hoping we could enjoy a nice cup of tea before any sort of shit goes down.” With that, she put her cup to her lips and took a rather obnoxiously loud sip. @jaistlyn
  7. I’ll be using this one Looking forward to rp’ing with all you folks 🙂
  8. Aye, I too shall toss my pen into the hat. 🎩 I’ve been waiting for a good adventure for two months.
  9. “Oh, sorry gentlemen. I’ll be heading over there now,” he dusted his hands off. “Good days to all of you.” Giving them each an individual nod of acknowledgement, Corren turned and headed over to the most “amphitheater” looking construct nearby. Amid booming music and cheerful laughter and the jostling of dozens of members of Dredge’s little mountain community, he spotted an object that was quite out of place. In the middle of a snowy winterland, was a beach chair. And on it, lay the fearsome being that had come to be his object of fascination. It was easy. Too easy. There was no spectacle to create, no way for Corren to demonstrate his worth to the Dark Lord. Awkwardly he approached, removing his cloak as the fire elementals proved to be of immense effectiveness in increasing the temperature. He set the scroll on the floor before them. He itched for violence, even just the slightest reaction to show what he could offer the Dark Lord. “And what if someone attempted to assassinate you?” Corren raised his eyebrow in complete astonishment at how... uncharacteristically the Dark Lord was behaving. “You wouldn’t even see it coming. The sun is in your eyes. The music drowns out any form of silent communication that your men might happen to catch. I’m this close to you now,” he drew his knife and twirled it around in his fingers. “What are you going to do about it?” @Dredge
  10. The illumination from the alien’s armor proved to be of immense utility. With the little bit of light from the various oils lamps that people had begun to ignite, along with Nesy’s fancy collection of LEDs, vision gradually returned to those inside the tavern. Able to now safely navigate the interior without stepping on anyone’s toes, Amy stood up excitedly and followed Fjorn as he headed to the generator. ”Do ya need a hand with that Mister waiter?” @jaistlyn
  11. “Hey!” Aelene exclaimed as the thug began to drag her away. “You’re not taking anything, asshole!” Bringing her arm up firmly, the soft surface of her palm struck his cheek like a brick. The man howled and clutched his face, dropping the purse in the process. With a swift swipe of her wrist, Aelene caught the purse as it fell and turned to walk away. Until she felt a firm grip around her shoulder. “Oh, you’re not getting away that easy, bitch!” The man had recovered almost instantly from the blow and was quick to spin her around with the leverage that her shoulder offered. “You’re on our turf now!” he growled, returning the slap with one of his own. The blow came in twice as powerful as the one Aelene had dealt, snapping her head abruptly to the side. As the initial sting wore off, she felt blood on her cheek where hardened calluses had torn her skin. ”And nobody messes with us!” he added, turning her back and delivering a powerful blow to her gut. She bent forward unwittingly in a knee-jerk reaction, gasping for air as his fist forced its way up into her lungs. ”Let this be a warning,” the man stated sternly, before withdrawing his fist from her abdomen and forcefully pushing her to the ground. He bent down, scooped up the purse and walked away briskly as a crowd began to form. As Noah came to help her to her feet, concerned onlookers gave them sympathetic glances. In spite of the soreness in her body, a smirk found its way onto Aelene’s bloody lips. “I think we got em.” @Twitterpated
  12. “Alright, walk with me,” Aelene laced her arm with Noah’s elbow as they began a pleasant and unassuming stride into the market. Her eyes drifted to and fro, trying not to focus on any one thing for too long. She slid her purse into her right palm, clutching it relatively tightly. Somehow, it didn’t feel right to make it too obvious that they were trying to get robbed. As they set foot into the market, her eyes darted to the side, finding a store that sold vision aids. Heading there would place them directly behind the man that Noah had pointed out. Tugging softly, she steered Noah in that direction as they walked swiftly, pretending the admire the various goods around them. Unfortunately, an unexpected obstacle presented itself. An unknown individual (first man who Noah identified) suddenly came from an unexpected angle and stood directly in their path. They stopped. As they began to skirt sideways around him, the man moved into their path yet again. He folded his arms and scoffed. “Honey...” Aelene whimpered in feigned nervousness. She just hoped Noah would be able to react appropriately to the change in situation. @danzilla3
  13. After two hours of careful planning and preparation, Noah and Aelene set off to the Gypsy Market to acquire more information. A scheme had been hatched, one so simple and mundane that it was absolutely fool proof. They had figured out that since the mobsters demanded tolls from the various individuals who roamed the market, locating one of their hideouts was a simple matter of hooking a tracker up to a purse, and ‘convincing’ one of the mobsters to forcefully acquire it. From there, they hoped that the hideout would give them more information to work with. The alternative was to go in guns blazing, but that would be an outright violation of the law and Aelene wanted to avoid murdering anybody unnecessarily. As they approached the Market, her hands tightened around the trap purse and adrenaline began to course through her veins. “Do you see anything?” she asked Noah, who could apparently figure out information about anyone through his highly sophisticated data readers.
  14. “No worries, mate,” Amy took the Faun’s hand and squeezed it softly. “I’m Amy.” At that very instant, the lights went out. “Whoa!” she gasped. Blinking several times, her vision adjusted. Her pupils enlarged to something akin to a feline’s proportion, and suddenly she could see again. “Is everyone alright?”
  15. And... On to less extreme business... The major power players of Valucre were not the only individuals interested in taking a part in the Dark Lord’s affairs. For years, Corren had possessed knowledge of an immense concentration of power hidden in six different corners of Genesaris. Power which others had found out about too and were out to exploit. Power that was dwindling with each day he hesitated. Had he the means to acquire his power, he would’ve done it without the slightest delay. But only fools would’ve went after the treasure he had in mind alone. Seasoned adventure groups had lost members while failing to acquire the items. In spite of his powerful magic, the survivability of a one man operation was quite doubtful. So Corren observed Dredge from the top of the mountain. This wasn’t any different from the various other times he had been observing the Dark Lord. Always from a distance, always evaluating. As violent and ruthless as he had started out, Dredge had changed. He had grown a softer side towards his people. He actually cared about their well-being and future. But one thing that hadn’t changed, was his iron will. He was perfect. His sudden appearance might’ve felt abrupt to the Dark Lord, especially since nobody in their right mind would wish to be affiliated with him at this point of time. But Corren had ambitions beyond the immediate. He foresaw a world where the outcasts could become the new rulers of the known continent. Man had its grasp of the entire planet. Perhaps it was time they shared. He came to Dredge in a black cloak, but with the hood down, proudly displaying his undead flesh. He wanted the Dark Lord to have no reservations of his devotion and drive to see his proposal to the end. In his right hand, he clutched a hand-written scroll, containing a plan that he had personally devised. As soon as he was stopped by whatever henchmen the Dark Lord had patrolling his quarters, Corren would make his piece. “I come to seek an audience from Dredge.” @The North Wind @Dredge
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