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  1. Is attacking the archers instead of heading for the caves allowed?
  2. "He he he, yeah, i guess. Though, from the looks of it, you've probably got it harder than me. I'm technically in my rebellious phase right now, so its easy to get away with a bit of mischief every now and then. I still get scolded a lot though" Dauner finished with a sigh, which quickly gave way for his smile to return. He was a wild card who couldn't survive without doing something fun, hence the usual drama at Hikari Palace which seemingly always brightened the mood of the palace's inhabitants. Dauner gracefully glided along the dance floor with Malia in his arms, savoring every last moment of the dance like it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It wasn't often he got to dance with royalty, especially one of a unique beauty. The dance however, was unfortunately short lived, as the music slowly died down. At the end of the dance, Dauner took a step back and bowed. "I hope I'm lucky enough to once again have such a charming dance partner at our next ball" Dauner said as he raised his head. "Certainly", Dauner said making a gesture which could only be interpreted as 'after you'. "I could certainly use a drink myself" he continued as he followed her through the crowd. However, before he knew it, they'd been surrounded by fae. Dark fae floated through the dance floor towards Malia, captivating the attentions of the entire room. As no one was paying attention, Dauner took the liberty of pulling two glasses of wine off the tray of one of the servants. As the fae took their place on the dance floor, Dauner handed one of the glasses to Malia, taking a sip from the other. "Quite the peculiar subjects you've got here. They apparently beat me by miles when it comes to stealing a beautiful maiden's attention. Honestly, I don't know whether I should feel jealous or impressed" he joked. "A pleasure making your acquaintance sir Blackmilk. I'm Shelly Kuanji. I was just taking a look around. Admiring the internal decor of the room. It's got a really elvish touch to it. I'm kinda fond of elvish design and all that." For someone who had routed herself into the art of deception at a very young age, Shelly had reached where she could lie as naturally as she breathe. her lies simply couldn't be detected by even the most skilled n the field, without them having to doubt everything about her, including the truths she spoke. As such lying had become second nature to her. After all, no completely honest person could survive long in the realm of politics. "Oh, but your not here to listen to my boring tastes, are you?" Shelly stopped herself. "So, sir Blackmilk, how are you enjoying the evening?"
  3. Just a heads up for when he starts acting high and mighty and utterly annoying
  4. Is it too late to mention that Dauner's sorta a demon lord(demon king)(whichever you prefer)
  5. We've hit complicated grounds. Demons are cool by me. But the question should be are they cool by Dauner? The dude's a demon himself, so that would entail killing his kind. Sounds like something he wouldn't mind doing. He's cold blooded after all. Hey, that wasn't that complicated after all. Dauner: If you say it like that, people will get the wrong idea about me!!! 😠
  6. As the rest of the group climbed up the cliff, Dauner was determined not to lose the race to the top, even though he was the only one taking it as a race. However he had no suck thing on him as climbing equipment. All he had was a sword hilt stashed beneath his jacket. He didn't need any equipment anyway. He was just going to do things the old fashioned way. Placing his hand onto the bare rocks of the cliff, Dauner began his climb. With no rope to hold him, the dangers of falling were even more eminent. But with the increased sense of Danger, came an increase in excitement on Dauner's part. Not like he was going to fall anyway. Once at the top, everyone seemed on edge because of the presence watching them. It was quite unnerving. With everyone so edgy, the atmosphere was simply no fun. "Relax guys. You all are acting too edgy. So what if there's something there. All we have to do is kill it, right" he said making the situation seem simply than it might actually have been. He did realize that there was a somewhat troubling sense of someone, or something watching him. However, he simply acted like it was nothing, cause he actually felt that way. "Besides, if your enemy knows you're ready for him, he's more likely to hit harder than if you let him think he had the element of surprise on his side, no?"
  7. It all happened really fast. Dauner who felt like he was about to become spider food, within an instant, began to feel like he about to become a pile of goop. Thankfully, Ferrah was kind enough to free hi of his bindings. His fall ended when his butt connected with the ground rather heavily. However, rather than jumping and shouting out in pain, He held the part that hurt and muffled his own scream. For the rest of the fight, as the others cleaned up the spiders, Dauner just sat there unable to move. "Yes please" Dauner said skipping off the ground as though he'd been waiting just to hear that. "I'm starving!" he continued as he ran over to the slain spiders, rummaging the bodies for edible parts. It was as though Vivian had spoken the magic words to miraculously heal his butt. After gathering the meat, he gathered lots of leaves and placed it on them. From there, he got some sticks and rocks and tried making a fire, but it was too cold. Making a fire in the middle of the snow was not something just anyone could do. Had Gozen been present, Dauner would have had him melt away the snow so he could have higher chanced of lighting a fire. "Hey guys. Do any of you happen to possess any form of fire magic? Can you maybe melt the snow? It's making it hard for me to light a fire"
  8. @500bees careful there. You might get burned 🤣
  9. Did the fae split off Dauner from Malia, or did they surround them both?
  10. "Ha ha ha. I don't know why but everyone who's seen them before said the same thing" Dauner said as he laughed at the idea. Someone like him? There was just no way he could be an angel. "No" he said as his laughter rescinded. "I'm actually a hybrid. You know, mix of human, dragon and demon all in one. I'm mostly demon though" he finished grinning widely. At this point, he decided to put away his wings. "Ha ha ha. You're funny. I think I'm pretty much starting to like you. Who knows? Could be fun hanging around you some more" Dauner stated after seeing her boast about her sudden change in looks. "Could be great if you mastered how to transform at will though. Well I guess there's always room for improvement" Dauner finished with another grin. As Kiki handed him the coin, Dauner took it and wrapped his palm around it. "Lemme give it a try". He closed his eyes and muttered something like a spell, under his breathe. "Domain Expansion: Eye Of The High King". Suddenly, within his head was an aura map, showing the various auras and energy flows of all the surrounded them. He rotated his view till he caught in his grasps a string of energy very similar to that of the coin. It was still a good distance away, but at least they now had a destination. Sweeping the now human Kiki off her feet, Dauner grinned at her. "Ready for round two?" Before she'd respond however, Dauner would take off, this time a bit faster than the last.
  11. As the transformation reached its peak, the signs of expectation from Dauner's face slowly disappeared. He'd thought she would turn into something cool. Something with tougher looks. Something more intimidating. Something much more imposing. But the sight of what she turned into was... well, far from his expectations. As the stream of tears flowed down her cheeks, followed by an apology for a secret exposed, Dauner just stared. He wasn't smiling, but he wasn't frowning either. He had a look on his face which bore but a pinch of disappointment, and a kid-like pouting face. "Sooo... you're a werehuman?" Dauner asked bluntly as he rubbed his chin in reflection. "Definitely doesn't sound as cool as a were-beast. "But if you consider humans to be a form of beasts, it ends up making sense" he continued trying to provide a logical explanation which could cover up his failed expectations. The good thing was, with failed expectations, came a rise in interest. As a smaller, more human Kiki would appear much cuter than her monkey self. "I don't think that how it works" Dauner stated poking his ear with his left index finger. "But anyways. Won't kill me to oblige i guess" he said as brought out his wings, only this time without the invisibility. The wings were angel-like wings of a pristine black hue. Along the course of the wings were what would appear to be scales., only perceivable by those with keen senses of observation. The light from the moon reflected softly upon striking the smooth dark surface reflecting at angles that caused the wings to sparkle as the scales weren't statically fixed in place. "That's the secret" Dauner said pointing behind him with his thumb. "This really is distracting" he finally added. "I can see everything" he said looking at Kiki's body. "With your cloths hanging like than, I can pretty much a totally different version of you". He then gave her a thumbs up before finishing his statement. "A much sexier version that is" he added, finally taking his eyes off her body and directing them to her face with a wide grin.
  12. Dauner: Great! Now I know what to do if he pisses me off! *sinister laughter* That will be problematic if it was a girl. If she's ugly though, she's definitely getting killed. Same thing if it's a guy. A pretty girl might get a worst fate than that though, since Dauner despises hurting pretty girls physically
  13. "For all who have seen the reaper have not lived long enough to tell the tale!" Dauner had been tipped off by one of his informants about something strange going on in the forests around Ellenwood. Though brief, not that long ago, a great deal of dark energy had been released from there. Dark energy is the materialization of the darkness within the self. Anger, hate, sadness, pain. They were all but instances of that darkness given form. However, the instance which reverberated strongest, was despair. Magical creatures were known to produce more dark energy from their despair than no magical creatures. That coupled with the bounty being posted shortly after confirmed Dauner's suspicions. There was someone bringing despair onto magical creatures in the area. The half-demon set out for the town of Ellenwood atop one of the rider dragons, he had at his disposal. A few miles before arriving at his destination, he jumped off, letting the dragon return. The fall was not a short one, but it was something he'd grown used to. The rest of the journey was over before anyone could lift a finger. Once in town, Dauner walked over to the constabulary and asked to see the constable with regards to the bounty. Dauner hadn't taken this job to save the fairies, mind you. Although he desired not for fairies to suffer needlessly, and even less so at the hands of a psychopath, his real aim behind taking this job, was to see what this 'serial killer' could do, and to personally deliver him to the doorsteps of despair. After all, if there was anything he loved almost as much as food and women, it was breaking the spirits of those who earned his ire, or placed themselves on a higher pedestal than they deserved by his standards.
  14. Fairies? Lemme see. Hey D! What do think? Dauner: Fairies huh? Well they are cute and all, but they're also tiny you know. Not really feeling like saving em. K. Understood! *turns back to the thread* We're in! Dauner would gladly mutilate the serial killer. Dauner: What the! I said no ya idiot!!! Huh? Must have misheard. Guess it's too late to turn back now. Sign us up righ... *Post ended due to the absence of it's writer*
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