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  1. Would your character be interested in joining the Vasquez family?
  2. we can work with that. I can assign someone to help Thurgood's group and show them how it's done
  3. “Sure” Shelly replied to his request for an address for the delivery. “These are to be delivered to the Legion of the Black Blade’s headquarters in the northeast of the city. I’ll give you the address” she said scribbling it down on a piece of paper. “If you have any questions you will need answered, you can call the number I wrote down below the address” Shelly spent the next few minutes answering his questions, while the two men had taken advantage of their lack of activity in the conversation to fall asleep. This wasn’t much of a surprise given their long trek from Jiyū and lack of rest. Shelly made it known that the Black Blade had not yet made contact with any other organization apart from Black Blood and the Final Bastion. And also that there was the absence of an established government which could take on diplomatic relations and ties with other nations at the moment. After the contract had been brought to them, Shelly picked it up and began to read through it. When she had ascertained that the contract was in order, she woke the other two up. She handed the contract to Dauner so he could sign first. Then she signed it, and finally, Gozen signed it. They made sure to sign every page of the contract before handing it back to Barnett. “Also, if I may. This is my first time doing business in this world and I was wondering how the payment would be conducted” Shelly asked as she took back her seat.
  4. After the crew was safely on the other side of the door, Torie blocked the door with her weight stopping the creatures from proceeding any further. Dauner’s mouth hung open at the sight. “Whoa tiger girl. How heavy are you?” “That’s a rude question to ask a girl” Shelly said smacking Dauner’s head from behind. “Do you think I can use her for exercises?” Gozen asked deep in thoughts. “Go get yourself some dumbbells for that” Shelly snapped, hitting Gozen's head from behind. “Huff” Shelly sighed before turning to Torie. “Please forgive my companions’ rudeness” she apologized, bowing her head. Torie then proceeded with introducing herself properly and apologizing to the three for pressing them into their current situation. “Don’t apologize. I’m sure those two are having the time of the lives down here” she said pointing to Dauner and Gozen, or at least, to where they were supposed to be. The two had decided to venture deeper into the cave and explore. Since they got the chance to get down there, why not make the most of it. Their adventure was a short one as Shelly came dragging them back after giving them each a smack on the head. “What’s wrong with you two? You can’t just leave us here and waltz off. What if more of those things show up?” Unfortunately, this was not the first time these two acted like that and it was definitely not the last. Coping with them was a full time job, but Shelly didn’t seem to have a problem with that. When Torie asked for their names later on, the tiefling introduce himself as Ash Damian before the trio took the floor. “I’m Shelly Kuanji” Shelly introduced herself. “I’m Gozen Doragon” Gozen continued. “And I’m hungry” Dauner added. Since Dauner was not being serious, Shelly decided to introduce him herself. “The meathead here is Dauner A. Light. As infamous and notorious as he is cute” she finished. After the introductions were done, Shelly would look for something to block the door with. “Find as many rocks as you can” she instructed. “Why do we need to do that?” Gozen inquired. “I think she wants to block the door with it” Dauner suggested. “He’s right” Shelly pointed out. “Unless we block the door we can’t move from here, or they’ll flood the place” “If they do, we can always tear them apart” Dauner said grinning. “I know you can, but I also know you’re the most careless of us and so, it’ll be safer if we went with my plan”. Dauner and Gozen reluctantly ran off into the distance. After a while, they returned each carrying huge rocks which weight tons. After Torie would have moved out of the way, Dauner and Gozen would put the rocks right in front of the door, holding the creatures at bay and leaving the adventurers a chance to explore the caves hidden dangers.
  5. I'm about to write the first post and i need to have a more detailed idea of your groups' roles here. Firstly, @notmuch_23, Thurgood will be building the roads right. Jiyū has stones but the tar is still on it's way ICly, so we could RP how you prepare the road for taring while waiting IC for the trucks to deliver the tar. Secondly, @Zashiii, your Silverbush will in effect take care of the rest of the constructions right? I kinda don't understand whether they'll just send workers or they'll send workers and a foreman to coordinate the work. And lastly, will both of you like to start as already having arrived in Jiyū, or you'd prefer if it began just as you arrived?
  6. The three sat and watched as Barnett inputted their data into his laptop. After he was done, he showed them the general estimate of the cost of the purchase. In as much as Shelly wanted to bargain for a discount on that price, she couldn’t see what argument to use as leverage. The price wasn’t overbearing, but was instead rather affordable. “This deal seems fair enough” she stated after giving it much thought. Barnett then moved on to discussing about the transportation of the goods. “We do indeed plan to do purchase more often. As of the moment, Jiyū has no airport, but it has roads leading to it, though, those are still to be developed for easier transportation. But I believe we can use them as they are for now. But as soon as the tar gets to Jiyū, the first order of business will be to construct the roads making Jiyū more accessible” she replied. “I trust you know where to deliver the goods” she finished expecting that Barnett had done his homework, and would know by now where the growing lakeside city was located.
  7. Que vois-je la? Vous parle francais aussi? je n'en crois pas mes yeux. Mon francais n'est pas aussi bon qu'il y a quelque annees, mais je peux toujour communique
  8. i have a problem. I love positions of power. i don't really RP as part of a group much, but when i do, i like being at the top. So i'm thinking of creating a character for this. But i'll try something new and instead go in for an underboss position. What? did you think i was going in for boss? xD
  9. If you do take this, you will have creative freedom over him. The only information i had made about him in the previous thread was that he uses a gun. So everything else, name included, is in your hands. Just ask if you need help with that
  10. When Mr. Barnett opened the brochures in front them, the three each picked one and began to browse through it as he continued to speak. There were an array of weapons they could choose from making it harder to just pick one. “Hey, look at this” Dauner said showing the picture of an Mk IV to Gozen and Shelly. “I think we should get this one” “No. That’s not really the best alternative. From what I read about shotguns, I know they have a slow fire rate. Let’s try something that shoots faster” “How about this one” Gozen said pointing to the picture of a Karrick Repeater. “And this one” he said bringing up a Schmidt Model 585. “I don’t think we can work with the first one” “Yeah. It looks kinda lame” Dauner commented with Shelly nodding in acceptance. “But this… Schmidt. We can get those as secondary weapons for the men” “Does this look lame too?” Gozen said showing them the picture of an M4/BB. Dauner was dazzled by the design of this one. “I’m not so sure about…” “Let’s get that one” Dauner interrupted brusquely with sparkles in his eyes. “Done then” Shelly finished almost immediately after Dauner was done talking. She handed the brochures back to Mr. Barnett pointing stating the ones they were interested in buying. “We’re interested in buying a total of 1000 M4/BBs and 1100 Schmidts, together with enough ammo to supplement the weapons” she finished. After Barnett was done presenting the other products and services BlackBlood had to offer, Shelly began to think about it. She then turned to Dauner. “I think we should get some fuel for the cars and tar to build the roads with. And I also have a list of household chemicals we might need in Jiyū” “Sure. Why not?” Shelly then turned back to Barnett again letting him know of the various products they were willing to purchase as well.
  11. “Gozen’s right” Shelly said. “If you keep your slash low enough, you won’t cause enough damage to cause another shock to the ground above us” “Great. Then finish ‘em off” Gozen added. “Ok then”. This was when they noticed the hoard of creature closing in on them. “There’s more of them” Dauner said. Gozen pointed his flames in that direction, though he and Shelly would only see a river of black approaching them. “Ok, now will be a good time to follow the tiger” Shelly said stepping back. “Go on ahead. I’ll be right behind you” Dauner said getting into his battle stance. He was going to hold them off while the others got to the door. “Demon Slash!” Dauner yelled projecting a slash low enough to only hit the creatures’ legs. A good number of them lost the legs and fell to the ground. These ones slowed the ones behind them, who continued on their journey. “We’re good now. Hurry up Dauner” Shelly yelled. Dauner then disappeared and reappeared by the door after the others would have felt a strong gust of wind blow by them in the direction Dauner had run to. “Hurry up guys” he said waiting for them all to cross through the door before they closed it. Gozen and Shelly complied without wasting any time.
  12. There's still an empty spot for the leader of the traffickers. This is one NPC i absolutely want someone else to RP. They might lose in the end, but I want it to be as realistic as possible
  13. At a random point (of my choosing) in the thread, the traffickers will rain down on jiyu. You can have one or more of your characters present in jiyu for any reason of your choice at that time. Then help us fend them off. Simple enough... i think.
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