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  1. As for the battle on the south, the defenders won a decisive victory, forcing the few that remained to retreat with haste. The defenders however weren’t able to celebrate their victory. The number of comrades who had died in this battle weighed on the minds of many. Philip wasn’t too pleased with the final results. Although he had won, in a way, he had lost. He felt like he had let down not only Dauner, but also the people who lived in Jiyū. If only he had worked on increasing Jiyū’s military strength, this sort of incident could have been avoided. He truly felt disappointed in himself. As soon as the attackers had retreated, he order for the injured men to be attended to and for those had died to be properly taken care of. Not only had this incident made him realize his blunders but it also showed him what next he should work on. He was going to build an army which would instill fear in the hearts of those who were stupid enough to plan something like this again. The construction works were halted for the next two days before they finally resumed. By the time they were done, Jiyū truly now looked like the glorious city it was meant to be.
  2. As the mages on the boats tried pulling themselves together, a round of bullets was unleashed upon them. Some were fast enough to put up defensive shield, but the others weren’t. bullets pierced through the skins of the attackers, mages and fighters alike, leaving them to writhe in agony. Some of them simply got scratched by the bullets, but still, it hurt. A fresh round of attackers went falling down into the water beneath them after being hit. The opening this created was ideal. “Mage squad, fire your attack in unison on the under-defended boats” Philip roared. The mages acted accordingly blasting a few of the boats down to the depths, where they’d have a happy time in Davy Jones’s locker. Just then, two of the speed boats made landfall. “Mage and shield squads, do not break formation. The rest of you, with me” Philip ordered as he began to approach the speedboats. A mage from one of the speed boats realizing the danger of the larger force attacking them immediately switched to the offensive. He began to shoot fireballs at the group. All fireballs that came Philip’s way were fluently parried. Soon enough, the soldiers clashed with the mercenaries, and blood was spilled, ultimately resulting in a victory for the soldiers of the Black Blade. As for the boats that were still floating, the mage squad had concentrated its attacks on the main ship weakening their mage’s shield. Finally, the persistent firing broke the dome striking down on the mercenaries and pirates, and finally sinking the ship. The rest of the boats upon seeing this turned and fled from the battlefield. Since their main force was on the main ship, the remnants could only do this so as to survive.
  3. Right after Torie slid out of Gozen's grip, she went ahead to check the collapsed bridge. After that, she asked if they were better off waiting for Dauner or moving on. A question which didn't require much thought. "We should keep going" Shelly and Gozen answered in unison. Both understood that Dauner would never return to that location given the kind of place they were in. There were obviously more "fun" places to visit in these caverns. "Waiting will be a waste of time. Let's just head to the hatchery. Dauner will show up there eventually" Shelly added. If anyone asked her how she could be sure of that, she'd say it was a gut feeling. "Shelly, mind helping out with this dust?" Gozen asked, himself not being able to take the dust anymore. Suddenly, a breeze began to blow around them. It was at this same time that the orange paint on the screen of dust was seen. A roar of fire could only mean a dragon was around and was in a fight. The first thing that came to the minds of both Shelly and Gozen, were bugs. The breeze suddenly turned into a gale which blew the dust away within seconds, revealing Shelly using a fan made up of 5 swords, which spun rapidly creating the gale they just witnessed. As soon as the dust was clear, Shelly put away her swords and got down too to observe what was going on. "Huff huff huff. Get out of here..." the dragon said taking a look at Dauner. "Human? What is a human doing in here. That door was firmly shut" "Yeah. And it was pretty tough to open too. But more importantly, don't you need help?" "I can handle myself. Get out of here before they tear you to pieces" the dragon said spitting out flames at the bugs but missing a lot of them. It seemed like he too could not see them properly. one of them took advantage of the opening and struck at the dragons foot, before before being crushed beneath it. "Crap. If only I could see them properly" "I can help. I can see them well enough" Dauner said grinning widely. The dragon gave Dauner another look. "Then give me your eyes" "Don't talk crazy. I need them. And besides. they're too small for you" "he he-ugh. Your one funny human. Fine then. you can go wild. Anyone strong enough to open that door can't be weak enough to lose here" "Damn right you are" Dauner said lifting his now huge sword above him like it was nothing. "err, What kind of sword is that?" "Huh". Dauner then realized his sword was still in its "Magna" form, and turned it back to normal. "He he he. Seems like i forgot to turn it off. Well now I'm not planning on holding back"
  4. heh, i think i guessed wrong. When you described the sounds on the other side of the stone door as "chittering and rhythmic thumping" i kinda just guessed it to mean bug and dragon trying to crush bug, or something like that
  5. I like playing monopoly, but I think i like chess more
  6. The demon had escaped after taking the attacks from the group and ran off to a nearby restaurant, where it began to create abominations as hideous as itself. A group of those thought it possible to take down Gozen, but little did they know it was their end they were walking towards. Gozen noticed that these new creatures didn't have any human hostage like the big ugly one did, and so guessed it wouldn't be a problem if he hit them at full forced. "Well seems like I don't have to hold back anymore" It was then that his fists turned as black as the moonless night, and was then engulfed in flames. He then rushed forward striking a punch at one of the lesser abominations. Just as his fist would be about to connect, the flames would burst forward with a heat enough to melt steel, and engulf the creature entirely. Gozen then spun as flames from his left hand formed a blazing spear. His gripped the spear with his right hand and slashed down at the second abomination tearing it diagonally from the right shoulder to the left of its waist. To be certain the creature doesn't do some regenerating, he spun the spear around again, bringing it down in through the left shoulder. The only difference was that this time, the spear was left in its chest as Gozen jumped backwards making the spear's flames explode outward consuming the creature.
  7. While Clair got the food ready, the rest of the group scouted the area to make sure it was safe. Well all but Dauner who was presently hypnotized by the sweet smell of the food in front of him. By the time the food was ready, the scouting had been completed and the other two had returned. When Clair said she didn't have plates, Dauner grinned at her. "Hee hee. I always bring some with me for this kind of situations" he said pulling a pack of plates out of his backpack. "You know, you've got to stop putting so much trash in that backpack. I'm, the one carrying around you know" "But it's my backpack, which mean I can put whatever I want in it" "Don't you realize how hard it is carrying that heavy bag all day?" "It's good training so stop whining about it" Dauner finished, handing 4 plates to Clair and keeping the rest back in. After the food would be served, the group would dig in. "I told you it'd be better than Shell-whup" Dauner was interrupted by a smack to the back of his head. The smack pushed his face into his plate spilling his food out. "Shelly! What was that for" "Nothing at all" She replied with an innocent smile. Dauner then requested a refill from Clair. After eating, Dauner promptly fell asleep.
  8. Gozen and Shelly weren't particularly worried about Dauner being in danger on his own. They fully well knew that he could handle himself. Instead, they had other things on their minds. Gozen was worried about Dauner getting lost, and Shelly was worried about the creatures Dauner might encounter. The dragons could end up being in some kinda danger should there be some misunderstanding between them. But when it was all said and done, the only thing they could do now was worry. But there wasn't time to worry as the cave was seemingly upset. Gozen immediately turned to the left and ran forward with Shelly following close behind. The light from Ash's flame was the only thing that helped then see what was around them. But since it was small, they couldn't see far into the darkness. The whole was starting to get creepy. Dauner put his arms onto the stone door and began to push. It seemed like an ant trying to force open a door a thousand times its weight, but Dauner did not bother himself with such notions. As it was, he was the kind of guy who was constantly at war with common sense. After pushing for a few seconds, the door still hadn't bulged. He then decided to try using his sword. He pulled one out and held it up. "Sword transformation: Magna". Right after he had yell those words, a surge of electrical charges tinkled around the sword and instantaneously, it grew in size. The simple little katana, was now a huge katana. He stuck it into the gap between the doors and began to pull. He pulled and pulled until finally, the door moved. He kept pulling until it was wide enough for him to use his hands, which he did and opened it up enough to cross. Once in, the door shut itself behind him. On the other side was what he had been looking for. Danger. A dragon, fiercely fighting against the buggy creatures, though it was clearly losing. "Hey dragon. Mind if I trash these guys up?"
  9. Dabi

    Clearing Out The Rats

    It wouldn't b a surprise if there were a few who sympathized with the paragons in town, but it sure as hell would be enough reason to irate the sisters some. After listening to Vincent's report, Mariana took the floor. Evidently, both them and Vincent had gotten hold of the same information about the paragons' whereabouts. "Then we should make plans for our assault on the base. Our objective is to kill every rat we find, down to the very last one. Does any of you have any ideas on how we should proceed with the engagement?" she asked as her gaze shifted across the room. Normally, there was always the option of blind assault, but it was also a rather risky one. One they'd rather not go with if they had a choice.
  10. Dabi

    The Extermination

    oh sorry, I'll get to it ASAP
  11. “Hmph, that’s not funny. I thought you said not to talk about him in that way” “I only said that about the rude part. He’s not trying to be rude, he just doesn’t know the difference” “How come such a kid is king again?” “Well, it’s his natural right as the founder of the kingdom. About the assassin thing. Now that the assassin is gone, you are now free to go wherever you want without the other guys disturbing you, but if you want to tag along, know that my offer is still available” “Then I’ll have you put up with me then” Layla responded with a gleeful smile. A couple more days was all that was required and the ship docked at its destination. Ariana had finally arrived at the islands of Ursa Madeum, specifically in the Queendom of Svanhild.
  12. “Yes and Yes” “Wow. That’s one hell of a big shot. Can I know his name?” “Our king is none other than the very Dauner A. Light you met back then” Layla’s mouth almost dropped to the ground. She felt as if she had just committed a crime punishable by death. She had after all, not only insulted, but also hit him back then in Last Chance. “Y-You’re joking right?” “I won’t joke about something like this. Don’t worry about any offence you might have caused him. He doesn’t hold grudges for such trivial issues” “Really? Good. Wait then what kind of offences does he hold grudges against?” “I don’t know all of them, but on the top of the list is the crime of eating his food” Layla didn’t know whether to be surprised by such a childish character or to be amused by the joke-like statement. “You’re playing me right?” “Gotcha. On top of the list is actually not wanting to show him your underwear” Ariana said jokingly. “You can’t be serious. Is he some pervert freak or what?” “Just kidding. It’s eating his food that tops the list” Ariana said laughing. “If you could have seen your face”
  13. off the ship was all part of my plan” “So I… I was like bait?” “Sorry for not telling you beforehand but you I thought you’d be a little nervous throughout the day and won’t have any fun” “Those men who fought the assassin?” “They are soldiers from the Legions of the Black Blade. They have been assigned to help me in my mission to find our missing king” “The Legions of the Black Blade? I’ve heard of them. I once ran into a representative from them in a restaurant. He was quite uncouth and rude. I think he said his name was… um… Dona or something like that” “Dauner A. Light?” “Yes that’s it. That Dauner was a rather very annoying character” “I’d like to request you please refrain from talking about him like that” “Is he your boyfriend?” “I’ll have to live through a thousand more lives to be worthy of such an opportunity” “Is he that much of a big shot? Anyway, about your missing king. Do you mean the king of Hasturia? I heard he had gone missing but I thought it was just a rumor. Say, is it true that he’s also the commander of the Legions of the Black Blade?”
  14. “That’s as far as you get” “What can a woman do against a trained assassin?” the assassin asked before charging in with an array of attacks, each parried and blocked by Ariana. “She can finish you off” Ariana replied before striking a kick at his chest. The first kick was followed by two others in rapid succession. “Once in the water, you can pray to be rescued. Not that God will listen to scum like you” she said before giving him the final kick that threw him overboard and down into the water. Just recovering from the shock, Layla turned to Ariana. “What’s going on here?” Later in Ariana’s room, Layla kept pestering her as to what was going on. “The truth is, today was just part of a plan I made to fish out the assassin. From the moment I asked you out, till the moment he fell off the ship was all part of my plan”
  15. “I have to go to the restroom. Please hold my drink while I’m gone. And don’t leave without me ok” “Ok Ok, I get it” she said taking the drink. “Don’t take too long” As soon as Ariana was gone, the assassin decided to try his luck. He launched at Layla with a sword in hand. Layla was so scared by the sight that she couldn’t move. Luckily, team three was already ready for this and immediately came out of their hiding spots and surrounded the assassin. Suddenly caught in the moment, the assassin shifted his gaze from left to right nervously. “Give it up” Hitachi said. “It’s five on one, you don’t stand a chance” The assassin regained his composure before speaking. “Now that I have witnesses, I guess I’ll have to kill you all”. He then charged forward fighting fiercely against the five. He managed to injure two people from team three as well as disarm Hitachi, but he still didn’t look like he’d be getting tired soon. Just as he launched an attack at Hitachi, his sword was parried by Ariana.
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