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  1. "The pleasure is all mine Miss Beauregard" Shelly replied before turning to the others. "Nice to meet you Mr. Ramseyer, Miss Orso" she said giving each of them a slight but graceful bow. The flower was indeed pretty and captured Shelly's attention for a few seconds. Thinking of where she would put it, her mind wandered to thoughts about a certain someone who might like it. If not anything, it could serve as a means for her occupy more than a bit of his time without him running after the first pretty maid that passed by. "It will be my pleasure to accept this gift. Please have a seat" she continued as she moved to the couch opposite them. The couches were separated by a small table and a third couch lay by the wall by the table. A maid then walked in carrying a tray with cups and a ceramic jar. "Would you like some tea?" Shelly asked. If they accepted, the maid would place a cup before each of them and pour in finely brewed tea from the kettle. If not, then only Shelly would be served. With that out of the way, they could now get down to business. Taking the first sip from her cup, Shelly would turn back to the three. "How may I be of service to you?"
  2. Ahhh. So that's where he got it from!
  3. Right before he threw the heart into the flame, Celestia turned to wish him luck. He was just about to smile when she uttered the word 'gods'. For a moment, his face remained in a half smiling state. Among the many things he hated, gods were one of those he hated the most. This had nothing to do with his being a demon, mind you. It rather had to do with what he'd seen. What he'd lived through. He'd seen his own fair share of gods in his lifetime and so didn't doubt in their existence. But it just pissed him off each time he thought about how they'd readily forgo those who follow them. Some would sit back and watch as their followers got massacred and only intervene after much blood had been shed, and still, they'd expect to be praised for their intervention. Hypocrites! That's what they all were. But however, he wasn't going to go telling the others that. He completed his smile before turning back to the fire and throwing the heart into it. What followed was a voice in his head. It sounded like a serpentine female, one of the first details Dauner picked up from it. Listening to it, Dauner thought it couldn't be more wrong. As far as he was concerned, he wasn't tainted in the least, for one cannot break that which was already broken. In the same way would it be impossible to taint the already tainted. Dauner was a demon by birth and he knew that. So the demon wasn't in him, the demon was him, and he had no other choice than to embrace who he was. From the voice, it seemed there was someone who once was like him, and it seemed that was who he was headed to meet. Things were getting interesting. The side of Dauner's lips lifted as he grinned devilishly. It seems like his darker side had decided to come along for the ride. He took up the chalice and drank from it, slowly laying back onto the ground as his eyes slowly closed.
  4. “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” This line reminds me of something... or more like someone. Lilith Reiter! You took this from Ataraxy's signature right?
  5. Dabi

    Outreach Team AMA

    If I RPed an arc of, say, 5 threads and only canonized the 5th thread. Does the canonization extend to the 4 preceding threads?
  6. Away from RP and into video games, I totally rank as a killer. No doubt about it. But i do also flow in as an explorer and achiever, though a socializer is hitting it a bit very far from home.
  7. "Uhh, oh. Sure" Dauner replied skeptically. He then lifelessly tossed the heart into the fire observing what would happen next. When Kaia explained what it was all about, Dauner felt like climbing up the tree once again. He certainly had better ways of spending time right now than playing with spirits. Like sleeping for example. He was still a bit edgy having woken up in a rather violent way just moments ago. Dauner didn't pay much heed to Kaia's warning about the spirits feeding on fear as he himself was hard to scare 100% of the time he acted scared, was just that. An act meant to deceive. However, since spirits could see actual fear and differentiate it from the act, there was really nothing to gain in acting. His eyes still weighing heavy, he raised his hand to ask a question. "What happens if i accidentally hurt a spirit?" It was a valid question indeed. Dauner used his body as a limiter sealing off his power at will and at times regulating the amount of output, except of course for when he used his sub atomic powers. Those were harder to deal with thanks to their instability. However, the spiritual realm is a totally different case. There is no physical body to contain all that power and it is free to ooze around the fabric which makes up his spiritual presence. In other words, losing concentration for just a second lets dark energy ooze out of him and could hurt any and all around him. Plus a high degree of dark power will most likely turn pure spirits into evil spirits.
  8. Never seen a fist fight with a dragon before? Dauner does those with Gozen a lot. The poor dragon gets pummeled 100% of the time, but that's what makes it fun.
  9. Yay, one more. A hearty welcome to this wonderful corner of ours in the internet. Valucre's greets you with open arms. Any questions you have, just ask and we'll be there to assist. That said, hope to see you around in the world of valucre. Let's have lots of fun RPs sometime
  10. Dauner watched the orc have a fight with her dragon, fall off the roof, and yell curses at it, all the while wondering if that was how their dynamic worked. He'd seen a couple of people have that same dynamic with their pets. Shortly after asking his question, a man came along and answered his in a joking tone. He gave Saul nothing, if not a smirk that would reveal Saul's guess to be right. "You're a researcher then" he asked Vivian rhetorically. "You know, after we're done with the potential lizard, you could help me with a research of my own" he proposed. An offer that smelled every bit as fishy as the grin he made it with. "But of course, you can always give me your reply later. Priorities first right?" he added. It was more than certain that he'd try to with her during this little adventure of theirs. Neither the elf nor the black mage really struck his interest. However, the orc intrigued him. She seemed like a hardened killer. Perhaps she might end up being of use to him later on. For now, he had one primary focus. The dragon. And the cute girl, but mostly the dragon. He had drawn up a list which he'd named 'Becoming a Demon Lord 101'. Whether out of boredom or out of the desire to make a book of it was a mystery. However, the current item on his list was to forge a magic sword. A demon lord couldn't just parade himself with any ordinary weapon. He wanted a powerful weapon that could, on its own, strike fear in the hearts of many. Not that he needed it, he just thought it was only right for a demon lord to have one. It was a matter of pride. For this sword, he'd targeted the legendary dragon whose awakening had sent off powerful vibrations on both the physical and ethereal planes. Sensing the ethereal vibrations caused by this dragon, he deduced that it must be strong enough for its scales to be a powerful material. Afterwards, he'd help himself to its soul. Having a soul imprisoned in your sword only mad you a more fearsome warrior. He'd need it for when he was going to build his demon army, again, merely for the aesthetic and not for something grand like taking over the world. It was true that his looks will easily pass him off a brawn fighter, with his jacket's and glove's design, but he was a swordsman, though lately, he'd become more magic oriented through his experiments and researches on his newly found magical abilities. He still needed to learn all about his ability to manipulate sub-atomic particles, but also his ability to manipulate darkness. an ability he'd gained by right of his heritage. "How about we introduce ourselves first?" Dauner asked the group as he tried to pass off the message that he was all about the group work. In truth, he wasn't. The group was just another means to help him in his next experiments. However, he wasn't going to tell anyone that, and his acting was spotless. It would be hard to see through it, not that anyone had a reason to go looking anyway. "I'll start first. My name... is of little importance. So you may all call me R. My motive? Help save this town and maybe conduct some magical experimentation while I'm at it, and maybe also get some dragon scale, if the dragon's real of course" he said. "I'm also in my early twenties and single" he continued, though this time, it would seem like he wasn't speaking to the group but to Vivian in particular.
  11. Why does Dauner seem like the brawn type when he's more about swords and magic?
  12. @L E V I A T H A N also. The three first characters (Dauner included) met outside the building
  13. Canon Activity 598 WTA Adventure Dawn: The settlement of Jiyuu is founded along with the Legions of the Black Blade Vagabond Hunt: Dauner, Gozen and Shelly get rid of a couple of thugs that have been harassing a village and enlist the village into the Union of Jiyan Protectorates A Time to Build: Having grown into a city, Jiyuu undergoes major construction projects The Council Makes a Decision: The Jiyan temporary council led by Dauner A. Light, vote to create a nation by joining together the city of Jiyuu and the Union of Jiyan Protectorates 599 WTA
  14. Due to being part dragon and the son the Sun dragon, Dauner had a highly elevated resistance to heat. You could throw him into a furnace and he'd just nap till you came to get him out. However the same could not be said for cold. The cold temperature gripped Dauner with intense pressure almost making him lose his composure. However, he did not waver. He immediately set the air particles around him in motion at high velocities, raising the temperature around him to about 122 degrees, all the while dodging the attacks of the hound. His senses immediately alerted him when the energy signatures spiked almost instantly. He was left with little time to react but just enough to create a high density molecular dome to keep the damage out. However, instead of protecting himself, he used the dome on the hound. The attack that had targeted him would definitely have caused major damage and injury to the creature and he wouldn't have that. The price for this however, was his own body as he got hit hard by the explosion, and sent flying into a tree which broke upon impact and came falling down on him. This should have been a definite KO had it been someone else of less protection. However, the damage on Dauner was reduced by his ethereal shield and regeneration. As such he was able to get back to his feet after pushing the tree off of him. Physically he looked fine, like the damaged he'd just received was nothing to him. However, the amount of stamina expended on keeping Pyrrah safe inside the dome while at the same time using his ethereal shield and regeneration was no small amount. He began to think it'd be best to put an end to it all soon, though he feared for the safety of his opponents if he got serious. "Is that all you've got. How disappointing. Honestly, I was expecting more. Well, guess i cant blame you for that. However, i believe its my turn now". In the blink of an eye, Dauner disappeared from his position, appearing in front Kassandra almost instantly. He then threw a punch at her face. Normally, anyone would get startled if something like this happened to them, and Dauner was counting on that. If Kas got startled, her mind would temporarily grow weak. Dauner would then attack her mind with a terrifying amount of pressure that would send her into a world of pain. The aim of this attack was to knock her out, but if she didn't get startled from the start, she might end up weak in her knees instead after wards. Needles to say Dauner was not going to punch her. He'd instead stop his fist a few inches from her face, causing a powerful gust of wind to blow past her cleaving its way through the trees behind her.
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