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  1. I'm really excited that I'm finally going to be getting the chance to show off Dauner's darkest side and I just can't wait. Feels electric.

    Anyway I'll go ahead and implement the update to his character sheet.

  2. East of Sidereal Lake on map of Lagrimosa. Basically, Dauner is the king of Hasturia, but no one among the common folks know what he looks like. Also, there's no need to know much about the lore here. The important thing is this is a medial fantasy themed setting with tiny blend of modern day theme. Jiyuu IS friendly to newcomers. And it's about as general as a location can get.
  3. I'm sorry for what i've done I'm so dead, i could not talk I'll letting you go for happiness I'll letting you choose your own way You left me here all alone When i cried after you're gone You left me and gone, Like i'm a joke In the edge of that bloody dock I hope that you'll be okay with your own path I will stay and pray for you, for good Forgive me for the tears you shed All the arguing in the past I will pay your tears with a bag of a lovely joy It's okay you left me here Cause i will try to fix this mind Let you go away from my life
  4. All be posting in my list wondrous city. Land of dreams and fantasies, where the emerald dragons are know to have come from... Just kidding! Well be in the city of Jiyuu. A little heads up everyone. Although Dauner is kind of Hasturia, only high ranking officials actually know what he looks like, while the rest of the population only knows his name, so your characters shouldn't be able to recognise him. (Plus, he's using a slightly different name, so unless it becomes obvious, he's just another adventurer)
  5. So our two teams are the hunters and the hunted. I'm a hunter. @The Hummingbird is a hunted. That leaves @Houndy Poochykins and @Humble Blood Which side are you guys gon be on
  6. Layla's eyes lit in awe as she watched Celestia's arrival. "Oh my god, Celestia. You look gorgeous. I'm literally overcome with envy right now" she commented as her eyes gazed upon Celestia. "If you're dressed this well for breakfast, then I can only imagine what you planned for the feast tonight" she finished in a soft giggle. "Let's go. King Dauner would soon be over at the dinning table". Knowing that she was presently in a palace, Layla recognized that there'd be some protocol about addressing the king and casually calling him by his name might solicit offense in some. Little did she know that in Hikari Palace, of was actually a norm to call Dauner by his name, except in the presence of guests. Dauner walked through the hallway looking half-dead despite it still being early the morning. Anyone seeing him would quickly understand that he was simply hungry. Beside him was Shelly, looking to upset. "Did I have to meet him before breakfast" Dauner grumbled. "You better get ready cause you've got a ton more meetings today after breakfast. I'm gonna work you to death, just you watch" she said in an almost scary tone. Dauner sighed accepting the fact that he probably deserved the punishment, even though he knew most of those meetings were Shelly's, which she simply pushed over into his schedule to get back at him for worrying her. Shortly after, the two arrived at the table and took their respective seats, with Dauner at one extremity of the rectangular table, and Shelly to his right.
  7. Sure, why not. Could we see a character sheet first, sir?
  8. In the distant background, Dauner could hear the faint sound of birds chirping under the first rays of the morning sun. Slowly, the sound seemed to get closer and closer until it abruptly jumped ask the way to him as a fish of light from his window forced him to wake up. Briefly, the though passed through his head, 'I'm back in Jiyuu!' Before he left, waking up early had almost become a norm, with a maid waking him at 8am everyday. But however, it was still 7am. After ascertaining this, from his bedside clock, he weird hi under his blanket once again. Suddenly it occurred to him. It wasn't a maid who just open his curtains. Jumping out of bed wearing only his underwear, Dauner landed before Shelly in a grovelling position. There was no way she wasn't mad at him for the stunt he'd pulled. But I of scolding him, Shelly was caught aback by Dauner jumping out of bed naked. "What do you think you're doing?" she asked flustered. "Hurry up and put some clothes on. When you're done, hurry up to the throne room, you have visitors". With that she left the naked Dauner in his grovelling position. Layla woke up quite early and decided to help out in the kitchen. She helped make breakfast for the royal household, and from a indications, they weren't just preparing breakfast, but rather they were putting together a feast. It made sense since they were obviously going to have to celebrate the return of the king. A variety of dishes were prepared, and placed on the dinning table. However, getting couldn't begin till Dauner was at the table so there was no rush in gathering everyone. Amongst those called to breakfast, were some who weren't members of the royal household such as the guests, Celestia (@Aliara Mizuki Blackrose) and Layla, the captain of the royal guard, Ariana, and even the royal groundskeeper, Hana (@Sirloin).
  9. Now all that's left is to decide on a location and on who gets to start the thread. The character I'm planning on using for this is in lagrimosa. Do you think your characters can be there or are they busy ICly somewhere else. I can always write a reason why my character has to be away from home. And would either of you be interested in starting the thread? As of right now, my thread starting skills are mediocre at best and I won't want to start things off in a sloppy or less than desirable manner.
  10. Sorry for the off time. We had a blackout and my phone's battery was dead for most of the blackout.

    I feel like there's somewhere I ought to post but I can't remember where. Please notify me if I'm owing any posts

    1. Aliara Mizuki Blackrose

      Aliara Mizuki Blackrose

      "Indeed you are! In the (Return of the king) thread for you,me and sirloin.

    2. Dabi
  11. Gozen giggled at Clair's last comment. "More like SHE'S the reason" he said pointing behind him, as Shelly wildly rampaged on the remaining bandits. Taking a look at the chaos, even Dauner began to pitty the bandits. "Hey hey, you should learn to show mercy to your opponents from time to time" he said smiling nervously at Shelly. "You're the last person I want to hear that from" Gozen bluntly stated with a sweat drop running down his cheek. As soon as Clair finished liberating the captives, Gozen turn her towards her. "Could you get everyone something to eat before we move on. It'll be easier to get them to safety if they have enough energy to move on their own. In the mean time, Gozen took Dauner's backpack and went to the storage room where he loaded up all the food and drinks there into it, while Shelly searched every last bandits as well as their rooms for all the money they had, and took it all.
  12. Ready to hit the road anytime
  13. Then how a we use that as the primary idea for our plot. Your character steaks an item which had high sentimental value to its owner, and the owner of said item requests that my character helps recover the item
  14. Dabi

    General chat thread

    Even though they put kirito on the bench for most of the season, which was kinda upsetting, they managed to make up for it when he woke up. I love those great comeback scenes
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