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  1. The day had been so much fun that Dauner hadn't realize that it was almost dark. As the people began gathering with their telescopes to watch the stars, Dauner began wondering if bringing if he should have bought one from the village. It would be nice not to be the one with a 'unique' telescope. Well it didn't really matter at this point, what he thought. That is unless he could turn back the wheels of time. As everyone began looking to the starlit dark sky, Dauner pulled an object out of his dimensional pocket. It was a short bamboo stalk with a rather wide diameter. Inside it, was what seemed to be liquid, except, this liquid wasn't pouring out of either opening of the stalk. Dauner looked to the sky through one end of the stalk, smiling to himself. "Here you go!" he said handing it over to Kiki. "My very own hand made telescope! Have a look!" Dauner encouraged, grinning widely.
  2. "Ha ha ha! Sounds like quite an adventure. I cannot imagine myself searching all day for a dog. I'd probably have spent all day at some tavern making a partying mess of the place, while my lackeys did all the searching" Dauner chuckled. "Besides, why didn't you collect your payment? You could have easily taken what was enough to make up your payment from her house once she was gone, and a little extra for the trouble. Not like she'd ever be needing any of it anymore, right?" Dance! Guess it was about time to make things hectic. Like the old saying goes, 'The party's where Dauner's at!' "Well, guess I don't have much of a choice anymore." Dauner made his way to the violinist. "Hi there! Could you by any chance play us something?" he asked. The violinist, seeming to having understood, agreed, and began playing a wilder tune. Extending his arm as he bowed, Dauner looked to Kiki. "Care for a dance, m'lady?"
  3. Dauner chuckled nervously scratching the back of his head as Kiki commented on his story. "The bounty got taken down before I ended up here. Turns out Nelos could be a pretty cool guy after you almost kill and all. Now enough about me. You might not have lived an exhilarating adventure before becoming an adventurer, but you've been into the business for a while, right?" Dauner said, eyes locked on the werehuman with an expectant shine. "So what kinda stories you got?" Laying forward on the blanket, Dauner rested his chin on his palms, supported at the base by his elbows, on the blanket. Slowly oscillating his legs forward and backwards, as he awaited the story.
  4. "Oh I see, I see! You're quite the naughty girl aren't you" Dauner said jokingly. "Well I won't criticize you for it, since it seems I was the naughtier one of us two" Unlike Kiki, reminiscing always brought into Dauner's mind a flurry of memories he'd have rather forgotten, but had forbidden himself from forgetting. Memories of his younger days were like a rock tied to his neck, constantly trying to sink him, but were also the only thread holding him from completely losing his humanity. All in all, he'd grown used to remembering them to a point where, based on facial expressions or the tone of his voice, it was impossible to see the pain entrenched in his heart. But that too, he'd gotten used to bearing. Dauner then realized he'd yet to tell her much of his background. "Well, sorta. More like my adoptive dad. He was prime minister of Dreia, and having married his cousin, was cousin in law to the King, Nelos, He once Dreia's best warrior, leading the army under the title of general during the dragonian war. Even after retiring from the battlefield, he still commanded an army made up of four divisions. The one I faced was the second division, cause they messed with my master, wrecked his house, and took his life. So in response, I buried their base in flames and rubble, and a pile of bodies which could no longer prey on the innocent". Dauner then began to pout. "That still pisses me off though. Rameshi sensei was way too passive. He could have at least gone down with a fight rather than trying to resolve things peacefully. Well in the end I still feel guilty since it was me they were after" Taking a short break to breathe in some air, Dauner used his hands to support himself as he rested backwards. "The reason they were after me in the first place was because I killed that Duke guy and wrecked his castle. Then I got rid of the NPA second division, and finally, I revealed in the court that I was the last survivor of the dragon clan. I think Nelos got freaked out the moment I mentioned dragon clan, cause he immediately lost his cool and ordered I be taken to the gallows" Dauner said laughing. "His expression was priceless. Anywho, before they could hang me a black scaled dragon swooped in and caused a fire incident, taking me as his price. Seriously, Gozen is really of stealing my spotlight. I mean, it's not like I couldn't handle a bunch of ranked amateurs. Well he did make it into a flashy show, so I guess it ended well." Suddenly his voice went up in excitement. "Did you know? The bounty on my head after that was in 8 digits! A whooping 10 million rubies, he he he! Not many get to boast of such an accomplishment you know" he said puffing his chest boastfully. Needless to say, Dauner was the kind of guy who got more excited the higher up his bounty went.
  5. "Oh trust me when I say there's no one, absolutely no one in the whole wide world that can bore you as much as I can" Dauner said giving up a playful grin. "Oh well, if the lady wants stories, then stories it is. I'll just give you some headline and you pick the one that interests you more. There was this time when I destroyed a castle belonging to a money crazed duke. Ended getting the death sentence cause I was apparently not supposed to insult and anger the king during m hearing. There was this other time I wrecked my dad's army caused they harmed my teacher. Then there was a time I had to beat a guy pretending to be a god cause he wanted an easy life. Seriously, being powerful doesn't mean you get to hog all the food for yourself" Dauner complained as he did just that with the food in the basket, gobbling one after the other. "I once almost killed Shelly's dad, the king of Dreia. Oh, After coming to Valucre, the first thing I did was kill a dragon. Next, I helped cause the fall of a god who had almost absorbed the city of... don't remember its name. Broke into and out of the impenetrable Reyer Prison City. That one was a fun adventure. That's all I can remember for now. I tend to forget things a lot when I get hungry" he finished throwing the last apple down his throat. After naming all those events Dauner remembered his encounter with one of Valucre's most wanted, Dredge. However, he didn't think it was necessary to add that part since he had already name so many. When it came to dancing, Dauner might not have been a pro in all the fields, but he was well versed in most of them. From his lessons when he still lived at the royal palace of Driea, to the unending number of tavern parties he attended, most of which he started, after striking out as a full fledged adventurer, it was safe to say there was no dance that would catch him off guard. "Uummm... it's against my policy to dance on an empty stomach" Dauner said making up an excuse as a cold sweat broke from his cheek. He turned his head looking up into a tree as he spoke, evidently avoiding eye contact.
  6. Dauner giggled scratching the back of his neck. "I get that a lot! But you know what they say, 'a life without fun, isn't a life worth living'!" Dauner had had this tendency for the longest of times where he'd make up completely random sayings to justify his actions, and as crazy as it sounds, most of them made sense, considering their source. Watching Kiki chew down on the bread made the ever hungry Dauner begin to drool. Quickly grabbing anything his hand could get hold of from the basket, Dauner picked out an apple. In two bites, he had eaten up the apple in its entirety, seed and all. "As long as you keep on adventuring, we'll surely meet again" Dauner replied grabbing a piece of bead this time, and overloading it with jam. Stories? Now that was something Dauner had an unlimited supply of. He'd started adventuring at a young age of 6 after all. Though it is odd for a kid that young to venture into the wilds on his own, it was less so in Dauner's case. He'd grown in an environment that forced him to mature much earlier than normal, and hard though it may be to believe it, he was much more mature at age 6 than he is at age 19. "Well that was quite an interesting story, but also a long one, so I'll try to make it short" Dauner started. "I ventured into the land in search of fun and thrill, but only found, boredom. After a few days though, I got attacked by mercenaries. Nothing I couldn't handle though, and it'll all have been over without a problem if the underbosses of the Gualtiero mafia family didn't show up" he continued, picking out another apple. "I accidentally knocked one of the mercs onto one of the two underbosses. Her sister got mad and ordered my apprehension, and since I had no desire to fight pretty ladies... Did I mention they were pretty? Cause they sure were. Sublime beauties if I've ever seen any. Made me almost wanna stay their captive forever." Dauner giggled. "I think the rougher one had a thing for me. She might have been acting like my face irritated her, but I just know she had the hots for me. Anywho, I ended up getting locked up. broke out once to get some food from the kitchen. The guys who thought I was escaping wrecked the kitchen, but I was blamed and had to duel the Don for my freedom. Fun times!" Dauner finished grabbing a water bottle and gobbling it down.
  7. Seeing Kiki get interrupted by the ball to the head was so funny, Dauner couldn't help but let out laughter, even though he tried suppressing it. What followed was an overwhelming display of intimidation by the werewoman. Dauner broke out a cold sweat thinking she might have overdone it, and that was saying something coming from 'The Dauner' himself. Shortly after, retrieving the ball, Kiki passed it over to Dauner. Not really Knowing what her plan was, he decided to just go with the flow. Within seconds, Dauner had jumped into the fray of kids with the ball at his feet and began dribbling. It wasn't long before he lost the ball to some kid, and the kids took their turn at dribbling him, before he managed to get the ball back, and so the dribbling cycle continued. After a while, a tired Dauner returned to Kiki, panting. "Those kids are tough!" he said falling onto the blanket. OOC: I honestly have no idea what you were thinking handing a ball over to a kid
  8. The sudden rush of questions almost knocked Dauner off his feet. "C-Calm down Kiki. One question at a time" he said chuckling nervously. He finally regained his composure and sat down properly, clearing his throat in the process. "Well, how should I put this? I didn't. There was an event in Nu Martyr a few months ago, after which I suddenly just knew how to do it. Well it's something I've always had an affinity towards anyway" he replied looking at his right hand. "And as for yesterday, all I did was use intimidation aura on the lady. It's basically just a technique which overwhelms an opponent's mind with fear. On it's own it's pretty harmless with it's only after effect being the victim remembering their trauma whenever you both meet up again. And I simply had her kid put to sleep. I'm not some kinda monster you know. I have a heart too you know", Dauner stated, referring to the implication behind the question that Dauner had caused the kid harm too. "As for the wings, all I do is use a bit of illusion magic them". Though he said a bit, Dauner actually had 3 layers of illusions set on it, the first being an ethereal layer to keep the magical presence hidden from ethereal detection. The second was a magical layer to keep the magical presence hidden from magical detection, and finally the third, a physical layer, which kept the wings hidden from physical detection. Each layer was made through the use of vasts amounts of magic and concentration to make them hard to break. "You still remember her name?" Dauner said scratching the back of his neck as he chuckled nervously. "Well, She's..." then he remembered. He could neither give up her full name or state her current occupation as that would give up his status as royalty, which was something he had no desire for. When he was out in the fields, he liked being treated like a normal adventurer, with nothing more attached as a result of his status. "My ex-fiance and companion along with Gozen. he he he" he finished, letting out another nervous chuckle. "I don't remember lying to you. It's true I haven't told you the whole truth about a couple... well some... most things, but I haven't lied either. Half truth, would be a better suit for it" Dauner directed a gentle smile at Kiki, as he entered into his, and might I say very rare, moment of seriousness. "I don't know, and neither am I sure if you are ready for the answer to that question. But one thing I can tell you for sure, is that I am me. Whether I am good or evil, nice or mean, cute or awesomely cute, I'd rather you judge that for yourself". With that, the side effect of being so serious for long would hit Dauner. "I think I have a head ache!"
  9. Dauner waved at Char as she walked away. "Later Char dear!" He then turned to Kiki, who seemed to be giving him the silent treatment. Something he had yet to realize. "Hey, wanna go play ball?" His inquiry was met with silence. "You don't wanna? Hmm! Then how about tag?" yet again, silence. "You seem awfully silent today. Kinda boring don't you think?" It was then that Dauner's face lit with sudden realization. He'd figured out why she was so silent. "Hey, Kiki! Don't tell me you... Are you by any chance... sick?" Dauner's face then lit up with playful laughter. "You should have told me so. Don't tell me you're feeling shy to admit it?" This was followed by more laughter. Then his laughter suddenly died down. "Did you by any chance catch a cold last night? Maybe I should have gotten you a new set of clothes when your old ones began hanging" with a guilty look on his face, he bowed his head onto the grass, holding up both hands against each other, slightly above his head. "FOR MY NEGLIGENCE, I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE!!!"
  10. Dauner had fallen asleep the moment his head hit his pillow. He didn't think much about the events which had conspired that day as he walked back, and instead spent most of the time wondering what kinds of things he'd get to eat during the picnic. Upon waking the next morning, Dauner got himself ready and set out for the picnic location. From the distance he noticed Kiki and Char standing by their picnic spot, and began walking towards them. Quickly turning his head in reaction o the incoming ball, Dauner bounced it off his chest, giving it a few light bounces on his right and left feet alternatively, before kicking it back to the kids with his usual cheerful smile. He appreciated the fun of being a kid. Playing around like it was nobody's business. All the more so because he never got the chance to enjoy such a childhood. "Hi Kiki. Sup? Always a pleasure seeing you, Char dear. Hope you guys had a good night" he said right after arriving at their location. He then set his eyes on the blanket, as eye-catching as it was, and frowned lightly. "Can't help but feel like this setting was made having some important personality in mind". His frown however, quickly turned into a joyous smile the moment he laid his eyes on the food baskets. "Oh well, we'll just have to make do with what we have, right?" he added grinning. OOC: ROFL! hex them? You're making sound like Dauner's some bad guy or something, lol
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  12. @Mickey Flash catch! You're up! I think we might just finish our thread before the site closes down.
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    That's a bit over the top level of OP you just described there! 😰 I realize that I might have made Dauner a bit stronger than the average level OC can handle, but still. What you just described is the scary type of strong Dauner could only imagine. Sorry if I made RPing with me feel uncomfortable/awkward/boring/annoying. I do try to keep a limit on his combat capabilities nowadays. I try 😣
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