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  2. No one had to ask Dauner to fight for him to do so. That was one of the things he did best, even when he didn’t have to. He launched into the fray of spider-like creatures and began raising hell. He started by blocking a strike from one of the creatures with his left sword. He then pushed the creature backwards while at the same time swaying his right sword at another creature to his right, splitting its head. He then turned back to the one in front of him and drove his left sword into its head. Once the sword was well into the creatures head, he pushed hard on it driving it downwards, and cutting the creature in two. “These guys have tough skins!” he exclaimed blocking an attack from another. The moment Shelly felt an intrusion in her mist, she immediately swung the sword she had in her hand towards it. The sword sliced through on of the creatures appendages making it stumble backwards, screeching in pain. She then made part of her mist materialize as a sword and sent it flying in the direction the creature back away in. The sword cleaved the creatures head, making its body slump to the ground. Just as the mist was reforming around her, she noticed one of the creatures rush at her from the corner. She knew she would be fast enough to block it in time, so she materialized more of her mist in that direction. The creature rammed its head against the silvery shield sending the force of its impact to the other side where Shelly was. This threw her to the ground towards Dauner. Gozen relied on his instincts to help him fend off the creatures. He was surprisingly able to block strikes from the creatures fast enough, launching punches in retaliation. Since his eyes were closed, he didn’t shoot any fire given that apart from Dauner, there might have not been any one with fire immunity. His punches weren’t able to smash right through the creatures’ skins, but there were strong enough to severely damage these strong skins. When Dauner noticed Shelly fall beside him, he looked up in the direction from where she came and noticed two more creatures closing in on her. Given that he was already dealing with three of them, he could not save Shelly without having to use his magic. But if he did, he might destabilize the ground above them even more. Then he turned away from the creatures he was fighting and jumped towards Shelly. While in the air, he sheathed his swords and yelled to Gozen. “Shoot a fire fist at me”. Gozen finally opened his eyes seeing Dauner landing near Shelly and immediately shield her from the fire which was to come. “Fire Fist!” Gozen fired the attack. The flames consumed the three creatures Dauner was fighting and the two which were attacking Shelly. Dauner and Shelly ended up unharmed by the flames. Gozen also noticed a silhouette appear in front of him. He had just burn one of the creatures attacking him. He sighed in relief. When Dauner lifted his head, he pointed to Gozen’s side and said in a normal tone, “Look out”. Gozen waved his hand in the direction Dauner had pointed lighting a huge fire, which burned another creature. “Why don’t you just use your demon slash since you can see them?” Gozen yelled at Dauner.
  3. Then i would happily hire their services for the road construction. The Silverbush group, freelancers and jiyu's construction workers can take care of the castle, academy, hospital and the rest. I see he's a fighter/mage type. He'll definitely come in handy during the attack
  4. I'll be looking forward to that time
  5. Awesome! We can have a thread for the negations before this thread goes up. If that's ok by you ofc.
  6. Great. Which character will you be bringing? And are you planning on joining as one of those hired for construction or just as an adventurer in town?
  7. I'll give it a try Name: Dabi Real name: ##### Years on Valucre: <1 (7 months) Favorite peeps on here: Supernal, Dredge, Ataraxy, Priestess, Zashi (Can't name 'em all, so i'll give ya five) Hobbies: RPing, Gaming, writing, reading, drawing, programming, movies. Favorite Quote: "Am I a hero or a villain? You answer that for yourself"
  8. The place was dark making the yellow eyes that glared at them all the more visible. They glared at the five as if they were about to pry their souls free of their bodies. While Shelly, the tiefling and Torie would stand back to back, Dauner and Gozen prepared to go all out on the offensive. “This is gonna be fun” Dauner smirked. “You bet it would” Gozen replied. Gozen then lit a fire on his palm creating enough light for them to see the creature. However, something was off. They could not seem to see the creatures clearly, even with the light. All but Dauner seemed to be struggling to see the creatures. “What’s going on?” Gozen asked confused. “I can’t seem to see them properly” Shelly added. “What are you guys talking about? They right in front of us. And behind us. And all around us” “Wait, we’re surrounded? But I can’t see them” “Seems like you’re the only one who can see them properly D. I guess it can’t be helped. You’d have to rain hell on them for us” Gozen said joining the others in standing back to back. Both Gozen then lit both fists on fire after they turned pitch black and closed his eyes. He would rely on his instinct to fend off any attacker. After all, in the end, he was still a dragon. One with damn good instincts. Shelly made five swords appear around her after the long one had disappeared and another sword in her hand. “Mist”. The five floating swords would then scatter into particles so tiny they would be invisible to the eye. She then made these particles gather around her making her one meter from each end. Like this, the others would see it as a silvery fog. With this up, if any particle was displaced by an approaching body, she would know. This was merely a defensive move as in its own, it could not be used on the offensive. “I guess, I’ll have to fight them of myself then” Dauner said smiling. “I’m loving this” he would add in a low sounding tone, which would still be audible to the others. @Venus Sprite @MaskedHero
  9. Then that means Gozen and Shelly would have some trouble with them. Wait, these are dragons right?
  10. Magic? Medieval theme? This sounds like a place where my characters would fit right in. I'll consider having some fun in UM and Svanhild once i'm done with my current storyline
  11. As the three began their efforts, a tiefling rushed towards them and asked what was going on. “I think it’s an earthquake” Shelly replied to him. “Help us out with this” She said as the continued carrying more people out. The others might not have felt it, but Shelly had a tingle running through her spine. In her experience, this could only mean more was to come. This ended up manifesting as another vibration of the earth. On their side, Dauner, Gozen and Shelly were almost done with only 2 more people left to rescue before the ground gave way again. Dauner, out of time to get them out, threw both of them into the out and far out from the hole knowing that there were others out who would help them. As for the three, they were about to go down with the ground. Dauner and Gozen tried jumping off the rocks to get to safety but failed and were going down when Shelly made an extra long sword appear. She stabbed it into one of the walls around and tried grabbing Dauner and Gozen. Gozen was saved, but Dauner went down. After the shock had subsided, the two jumped down to check on Dauner. “Oh no! Dauner’s in trouble” she exclaimed worryingly when they couldn’t find Dauner. “Don’t worry. He’s okay” Gozen said looking at the mound of crumbled earth beneath them. "I bet he’s napping under there" “This is serious Gozen, let’s dig him out before he gets hurt any more than he already is” “I’d step away if I were you” Gozen advised stepping backwards. Shelly immediately understood and ran behind him. Suddenly, the mount exploded outward. “Arrrrr!!!” Dauner yelled after pushing off the rubble which was in him. He carried an angry expression. “I thought I was going to die!” he said as his expression changed to surprised. Just then, they heard a grumble from behind. It was the tiger girl. “Hey, tiger girl” Dauner called out smiling, before noticing that there were creatures she was grumbling at. @MaskedHero@Venus Sprite
  12. Hi guys. I’m planning on starting a thread which portrays a good deal of construction work in Jiyū. The thread would have road constructions (mostly in the background). What I’d like to emphasize on will be the construction of a castle. I don’t know if there are any such organizations out there, but I’ll give it a shot. Do you have any organization that deals in construction work or in supplying manpower for such works? If you do, I’d be more than happy to employ your services. Individuals are also welcome to lend a hand in this endeavor, and all will be rewarded accordingly. Somewhere in this, I plan on having a group attack Jiyū. Reason? Jiyū was built by escaped ‘captives’ of a human trafficking group. The group was defeated in a fight against Dauner, Gozen and a few of the men that now make up the black blade, but they still live. It’ll only be logical if they gathered some forces and came back for revenge. To this end, I’m inviting adventurers from Lacrimosa’s four corners to come help me make this a fun fight. Below are some of the options through which your characters can be involved: - They could be among the construction workers - They could simply be visiting Jiyū for some reason which is left up to you - They could be part of the mercenaries hired by the traffickers - They could be a part of the Black Blade, which would make sense since it is their duty to protect Jiyū. (PM me if you’d like this option) - They could be part of Jiyū’s local law enforcers. (Same as above. PM me) - They could even be trying to apply for a position in the Black Blade. (Again, PM me) - These options are just examples as you can join through any other way. Bring along your existing characters or you could create new ones for this. This is serving both as a mean to enrich Jiyū’s lore and also as a way to recruit for the Black Blade (PCs will be most welcome to this) In the end, this is mostly just for the fun of it. Personally, this will be the first thread on Val that I’ll be RPing without Dauner. First times come but once so I want to make this as much fun as possible. Ps. I’d like someone to RP the head of the traffickers for in my stead. This should push the fun lever a bit higher me thinks. So, who’s interested?
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