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  1. The third member of the Lightning-bolt crew (Later known as the Lightning-bolt pirates), daughter to the king of Dreia and ex-fiancee to Dauner, "Sword Princess" Shelly Kuanji. Clever, beautiful, strong and dedicated are just a few qualities that describe her. What exactly would you like to know about her?
  2. It's someone who knows Dauner well enough to guess that he'd be heading for the most troublesome area. (plus she's got a magic tracker specially for tracking him)
  3. @DredgeWe're all waiting on you
  4. I was wondering if it's ok for me to bring in an additional character of mine. The team's not feeling complete without that last member
  5. The dark might have been a point where anyone would have difficulty moving around but Dauner didn't. He followed his senses as they guided him closer to the strange presence he felt. When they got to a place where Kitana had gotten to Dauner instead, Dauner began to have a hard time hearing the breathing of the trees, occasionally running into a tree and tripping. He knew he was being watched but he had no idea about who or what was watching him so he tried not to act like he knew about being watched. He pretty much looked like and was an easy prey in the dark. He then reached a point where he seemed to have resigned him self and sat down by a tree laying his back against it. He decided to sit there until the one watching him decided to come out while at the same time resting.
  6. The unexpected assault on Dauner was quite expected as he did not think a lady would like to be snatched away on her wedding day. With his way out blocked as well, Dauner didn't really have many ideas on how to get out of his spot. Then Someone asked him to clear one of the gates in exchange for a way out. A suggestion he welcomed rather heartily as he left the bride floating in the water and began heading towards the closest gate. The sounds of the girl trying to stay afloat made Dauner feel bad about leaving the poor thing down there. 'She's no poor thing' he said to himself. 'Poor things are harmless creatures. But she's wild' he continue trying to convince himself that there was no need to rescue her. In the end, he plunged deeper into the water only to resurface beneath the flying bride as he thrust her with his sword from below. She landed on one of the guards above almost unharmed. Dauner smiled at her saying "Catch you later" ignoring her angry yelling. He plunged deeper into the water not worrying much about avoiding incoming bullets as his magic made his cloths a bullet proof attire. He resurfaced just beside the gate flying out of the water with his swords ready for some slashing. "Demon Bladeless Twister" he said as he spun upon landing creating a twister of blade-like air currents that pulled people towards it and knock them away as soon as the touched it. The twister made quick work of the guards at the gate although a bunch of guests were also caught in it. The twister died down about one and a half second after it's creation. The rest of the guests decided to stay away from the gate which seemed to have been hijacked. Dauner could hardly resist the temptation to run wild and fight till he could no longer but he restrained himself simply throwing long distance attacks with his sword and the aid of his magic decreasing the enemy numbers.
  7. "Oh" Dauner said hearing the sad story. Anyone who might expect that he'd have a sad feeling for her or regret his words would be in for disappointment as he grinned widely at her. "She must have been a great person then" he commented. He then drew both blades from their sheaths ready to start the fight. "But i don't see how that applies here" he said as his grinned turned into a confused look. "Anyway, Let's fight to our best ok?" he said contradicting his earlier comment. Purposely or not, only time could tell. As Volentia made the first attack, Dauner realized the flaws in her attack quite instinctively. For a man who relied more on his instincts than on his conscious judgements, he did what he did best. He took advantage of the openings to start the fight in an interesting way. That or maybe to end it rapidly. As Volentia's sword approached Dauner's head, Dauner didn't try to dodge. Instead, he held both of his sword to his opposite sides with his arms crossed over each other and hit them rapidly onto Volentia's sword. His left sword was closer to her hand than the right and served more as a pivot while his right sword was used to apply as much force as possible to the other end. Not only would this bend her sword's tip away from Dauner, but it would also cause a force of greater magnitude on the hilt of her sword which would in turn try to pull the sword out of her grip. This would send the sword flying to Dauner's left, courtesy of the principle of moments. Success in this would disarm Volentia leaving her with just her shield and armor on her back.
  8. The herders explanations only seemed to make Gozen more confused. There was absolutely nothing that he said that made sense. Gozen resigned himself to not asking anymore questions as his present state of confusion was already enough for him. Dauner on the other hand paid no attention to the herder as he was at present in what seemed like a staring battle with a goat. Eyes fixed on each other with no one blinking. Anyone watching would be surprised at how long Dauner could keep his eyes open without blinking. The goat then turned it's head towards the grass to eat some of it causing Dauner to yell in excitement "I WIN!" Shortly after, The lady with white hair proposed to speak to the goats. Both Dauner and Gozen hadn't realized it earlier on but now it came to their minds almost simultaneously. They remembered her from somewhere. While Gozen seemed to get where he had met her, Dauner was completely in the dark as to where they had met. His memory was bad at keeping things that were not very important. Though that begets the question, What is important to Dauner? A question no one but Gozen understood as the answer underwent constant change. Shortly after the conversation with the goats had been completed, Dauner burst into laughter. "Ha ha ha ha ha. You're funny lady". As they walked, Gozen spoke to Linda. "Hi. Remember me? We met during the Aleth extermination campaign. You might know my name but i'll introduce myself again. I'm Gozen. I didn't quite catch your name..." He said in a clear indication that he was asking for her name. After what Gozen said, Dauner then remembered where he had met her. "Yeah I remember you now. You were with that cool lady that could shoot a big laser beam. Can you shoot laser too?" He asked with his eyes sparkling like a kid who had just got a new super awesome toy. After Mathias had made his indirect request to know what special abilities the group had, Dauner answered as though he had been waiting for the question. "I can eat meat!" "There's nothing special about that. Something special would be the fact that i'm a dragon and that i shift between my human and dragon forms" Gozen said proudly. "But i can only carry an optimum 3 people when in dragon form" he added. "Show off" Dauner grumbled in a childish way. "I'm pretty sure everyone from our last adventure already knows the kid here. He's Dauner, a half dragon who's got unstable but great lightning magic" Gozen said in an effort to please the grumpy Dauner. "And who's older than you which makes you even kidder than me" "By a few hours" Gozen added. "Which is more than enough" As they walked by the river, Dauner bent down to take a closer look at the river. "Hey Gozen. You think i can swim in there?" "There's no fish in there so you'll just be wasting your time" he said as the group continued it's walk with Dauner catching up shortly after.
  9. Getting lost was the easy part. Finding his way back was the hard one. Dauner somehow manages to get to a thick, dense forest. The forest was one with tall trees whose leaves almost completely blocked out the sunlight from hitting the ground. Even during the day, it looked like night time inside this forest almost completely dark and with God knows what kind of creatures lurking inside. Common sense would dictate to any sane person to turn around and walk away but Dauner was far from an ordinarily sane person. He was one who was constantly at war with common sense. It would come as no surprise that he decided to walk into the forest. The forest seemed rather strange and dangerous with varying life forms. He couldn't see well due to the darkness but he could feel the auras from the living creatures and hear the 'breathing' of the non living and immobile fauna around. This more than compensated for not seeing. He however picked up an aura which was like non other in the forest. It was closer to a human than any other but yet seemed a bit odd. Dauner decided to check it out and see who or what it was.
  10. I didn't mean hit the sword so much as i meant hit the sword in the hammer's path to the wielders body. Well i'm won't know much about hammers tbh. I'm more of a sword person
  11. A hammer is a good weapon as it can easily smash a sword away from it's path due to the great mass difference and a hit would certainly make anyone understand how fearsome a weapon it is. Good boys and girls who use swords should never trying taking a hit from a war hammer with a sword. Why? Try it out, then you'd understand why. Maybe i could make a list of weapons with their advantages and disadvantages over other weapons and armors
  12. @jaistlyn I uploaded reference images if the description of the equipment was confusing
  13. ok. doing that now BEEEEP. Alert! Alert! Too much information! Processor overloadiiiinnng...
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