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  1. I'm up against khaedal huh? ok by me. i'd try to make it. and as for my weapon. it's decided; 1 sword, no armor or shield. i like always going for speed and the latter would just increase my weight and slow me down. the attire my avatar's wearing is the one i'll put on too. Please keep me updated as to when i'll have to win ok?
  2. hi. i was thinking of a more sword-magic kind of RP based on action and adventure. do you have a character who would wanna play that kind?
  3. That profile pic's only gonna stay until i learn how to draw more convincingly. Then i'll change it to a pic of Dauner Light
  4. There's a user on wattpad with the same avatar as you. coincidence? I wonder
  5. @HollowCipheryour avatar seems familiar. do you know of wattpad?
  6. Considering that i'm not used to fighting with a magic-less sword i think i'd bring in three swords to the fight.
  7. Me: Hahaha. fooled you didn't I. It was a joke, i'm not a new tyrant, i'm a new adventurer. *wham* ouch. What did you smack me for? Dauner: Quit fooling around Me: Are you looking for a fight? huh? huh? Dauner: I'll take you on anytime Me: Hold it D. Violence is never the answer and besides we came here to introduce ourselves and not to fight Dauner: But you starte- Me: Hello fellow role players of Valucre. We extend our greetings to you in good faith. We're new to Valucre and are somewhat hoping you'll receive us with hospitality. That said, I'm bouncing outta here. Dauner: Hey wait, i'm not done with you yet, and he's gone. *Turns to the Valucre community* Hi
  8. but i train on swords fighting IRL both with a single sword and double swords and it works
  9. it's going to be quite a challenge for Dauner to fight without inducing his lightning magic into his sword and it's kinda exciting
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