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  1. Dauner will be rushing in towards Aleth. I don't think it's going to be possible to convince him otherwise. About pooling magic, Dauner wouldn't know how to do complicated things like that. He's rather best at just rushing in without a plan. He's capable of fighting in a team as long as he's part of a lot of the action. Else, he'd just rush in anyway. Also about skills, as i already mentioned, he use lightning magic. His lightning being unstable on direct use made him learn how to manipulate it's properties and use it in a variety of ways. And if it counts, he has the ability to hear the breathing of everything around him (living and non-living) and for some things (living only), he can hear their voices. Not that this might be very useful here but hey, a skill's a skill.
  2. The duo soared high above the ground on the newly formed pillar of solid flames. Shelly was stopped in her tracks as she hit the pillar. There was no doubt at that point. The flames were solid. However, the pillar wasn't one that could last forever as its time limit was slowly running out. Dauner called out to Myuil after his realization and explained how he wanted to use his crystal singing to restrain Shelly. The parasite however was not so keen on letting them to their devices as it had Shelly begin an ascent towards the group throwing tiles at them. The moment did not allow Myuil the opportunity to land atop Dauner's shoulder so it sent it's feather floating towards him instead. Just before Shelly would be able to touch Dauner, A fist of solid flames would shoot between them. Shelly would undoubtedly hit against the wall and begin to fall. Seeing Shelly airborne and almost defenseless, Dauner had another idea. "Gozen! I have an idea. I'll need you to shoot her with fluid flame as hot as you can make. I'll ride in the center of the flame". To say the truth, Dauner was getting furious that This creature was hiding behind Shelly and letting her take all the injuries. Even if it had pleaded with him, He would still not spare it. "That's a terrible idea. It will kill her!" "Not if i can envelop her in my aura before it touches her. You noticed it too right? There was a creature on her back. I think it's the one responsible. If we can have it burn, she might regain control of herself" That was when the pillar upon which they stood finally gave way letting them fall to the ground beneath. "You better bring her back alive" Gozen said as he readied himself to send Dauner over to Shelly in a flame fist. "You bet" Dauner responded, ready to go. "Fire Fist!" Dauner was then enveloped by flames which took the shape of a fist. The flame propelled him towards Shelly as it made its way to her. Just before it would be able to touch Shelly, Dauner extended his aura towards her and shaped it such that it would lie just a few millimeters above her skin. Enough for her cloths and her to survive but for anything else to get roasted up. That was when the flame then engulfed Shelly. Most of her cloths got burned such that even the ashes were incinerated, Leaving her half naked, but she survived it. The creature on her back would however not be so lucky as it was exposed to the heat. Whatever the results had ended up as, Dauner would immediately put Myuil's feather on Shelly and shouted to the dragon, "NOW!" By this time, his aura would cover enough space around her for the block of crystal to hold without melting away. In the end, Shelly would have been immobilized, leaving the team victorious. Dauner would then turn to Gozen after he had landed. "Can you throw me to where we were supposed to meet up with the others?" "It is quite a distance from where we are. I might not be able to throw you all the distance" "That's still ok, just throw me as far as you can. I have a feeling the others are already having fun without us" "And how would you know that?" "Instinct" "Ok then. Hop on" Gozen said extending his right leg out. Once Dauner had gotten on it, he loaded it as much as he could. This would be Myuil's Chance at hitching a ride atop Dauner's shoulder. "You can go ahead but do leave some of them for me. Jet Propeller!" Gozen yelled shooting Dauner through the air. After Dauner would have flown for a long distance and would have began to fall, he would release the energy and strain e had been accumulating in his legs during the flight, propelling him even more towards his destination. The second propelling would be enough to take him there. From the ground, anyone looking up would notice a small figure slowly growing till it was big enough to be recognized. Dauner would land violently onto the ground with an impact that would cause the earth to shake and create a crater at the location where he landed. That same impact that would have shattered any ordinary human being. But it just so happened that he was no ordinary human. Gozen on his side would carry Shelly's crystal block and begin to hurry towards the meeting place.
  3. Now that's a situation Dauner Won't be Ok with. Dauner: Don't kill them yet? That will spoil all the fun See! I told you.
  4. I think it's high time i took down that ol sack from Shelly's back. Since she is air borne it should be pretty hard for her to dodge the next move. And i really gotta make it to where the others are soon. The final boss is about to show up and neither Dauner nor Gozen would want to miss the fight.
  5. Dauner did realize that the lady had purposely slid out of his arms reach as he felt the friction from her forcefully rotating her body away from him. "Are you alright?" was all he said before taking off for the meat vendor after seeing that she was fine. Gozen too went off to get some drinks for himself. Dauner was confronted with tons of meat all over the place. It felt as though he had made it to paradise. "Hey, old man!" Dauner said to the man was roasting the meat with a wide grin. "Can i have a taste of this? And that, and that and that. And that one too, it looks tasty" he said pointing to the different types of meat available. "Sure. That will cost you 20 silvers" "Huh? You mean i have to pay?" "Sure you do. You didn't think it was free did ya?" "Well ok then" he said pulling some coins out of his pocket. 1 gold and 13 silvers was all that remained of his reward from an earlier adventure. He kept the gold coin back in place and handed the silver ones to the man. The man then packages some but not all the meat Dauner had pointed at due to his shortage of funds. "Isn't this too small for 13 coins" "That's just enough for 13 coins son" "Ok then. I'll just take 1 extra and go along then". Dauner then sent his hand to pick on of the healthiest slices remaining. The man, however, stopped him in his tracks. Seeing as Dauner didn't seem like he'd want to leave without an extra, he gave him a smaller slice instead. Dauner thanked the man and was on his way as he ate the extra slice he had received. As he walked, he heard some noise from where he had left Elyah and turned around to notice her and a pretty menacing suit. "Seems like she's having some fun" "Hey D. I got some drinks but i didn't have enough money to buy for all of us so i just got these 2 barrels for myself" Gozen said walking towards Dauner. He had a straw set into one of the barrels through which he drank the rum. "I don't wanna drink. Hey, look at that" Dauner said pointing at a clown performing some tricks. "Let's go watch. It seems like fun" That was when Gozen noticed Elyah and her new friend. He turned around and went after Dauner. "Don't go ruining the guys show ok?" "I don't ruin shows. i just want to see if he can keep up with my own tricks" "That's exactly what I am talking about" he yelled running after Dauner.
  6. With all the commotion(and the very tall pillar of fire that Gozen created) wouldn't the people of Dougton realize something was afoot? And wouldn't the cops show up to investigate? If so wouldn't our cover be blown?
  7. The night had been quite for a while with no sign of bugs anywhere. The first shift had already gone through and Gozen was now asleep. Dauner who was to keep watch with the others on the second shift was also asleep but no one would notice unless they actually went to him. He was seated on a tree branch pretty high up. The peace of the night however, did not last too long as the bugs decided to come say hi. As the fighting began, those who were asleep were woken up as they got ready to fight off the enemies. Dauner however didn't seem to notice the noise as he was deeper into his sleep than any of the ones on the ground. When Mara asked Gozen to fly above the group and search for a place where there was the white material, Gozen touched his back. "I think i have a strain on my back. I can't fly with that" he said as a smile crossed is face. He then began to run towards where the Xers were coming in from. "But i think i can still fight". Once in the fray, his hands caught on flames as he began to punch and kick the creatures leaving not just a burn where he hit the bugs, but also broken appendages and shattered heads. At this point, Dauner was still not showing any signs of waking up.
  8. Dauner and Gozen walked behind Elyah when Dauner noticed a stand by the road where roast meat was on sale. He made a quick stop buying some for himself and eating it as they walked. the area was a busy one as expected from a shopping center. People walked in and out of stores with the store owners wearing smiles from successful sales and others still expectant. That was when Dauner noticed Elyah bump into a man and begin to fall. Dauner responded fast enough to her shriek catching her before she would hit the ground. "That was a close one. You sure are clumsy pretty lady" he said to her with an amused expression on his face. He was now holding her like groom would carry his bride and unless she would ask for him to put her down, he didn't seem like he was having any thoughts of doing so. If she didn't request to be put down, Gozen would then move forward and ask Dauner to do it highlighting that it might make her feel uncomfortable. Either way, Dauner would put Elyah down on her feet just before being captivated by a store in the corner and rush towards it. It will come as no surprise that the store in question was a meat vendor's store with frozen meat on display along with a guy selling more roast meat in front of the store. Gozen from his side would head towards a liquor store to purchase some alcohol for the road, both men leaving Elyah behind though not for long.
  9. As The duo ran, Myuil came flying, letting out a cry and flying on ahead of them. Dauner remembered seeing the little dragon with Aya earlier. It then flew ahead of them and let one of it's feathers break off. The feather then became a wall within mere instants with only a narrow passage in the middle. However, before the two could be able to enter the passage, Shelly jumped and landed in front of them, blocking their path. It was a wonder that Shelly could get ahead of Dauner and Gozen. She had never been able to even catch up to them in terms of speed and it was hard to believe that a parasite would increase someone's abilities this much. Nonetheless, she was ahead of them now and from all indications, the worst was still to come. "I don't know why, but I'm really not feeling like fighting her" Gozen said. "A battle against Shelly where we hold back but she goes all out? Not a very good idea" Dauner added. As Shelly or the parasite which now had control over her launched an attack on the duo, Gozen took measures to ensure she wouldn't get to them. "Sky Bound Flow: Heaven Pillar". As soon as he said that, a pillar of flames erupted from the ground beneath him and Dauner, pushing them far into the air just before Shelly's attacks could get to them. If Shelly had gotten in contact with the pillar, She would notice that the flames were solid and weren't hot. "This pillar should hold for 30 seconds" It was then that Dauner thought of something. He turned towards where Myuil was gestured towards it for it to come up to where they were. If Myuil understood and flew up, then Dauner would ask if it was possible for him to get one of those feathers it had used earlier and trap Shelly in a crystal block which would cover all but her head. @Priestess@Meraxa
  10. Dauner and Gozen do speak dragon but i'm not sure about Genesaran crystal dragon. Don't all dragons speak the same language or are there different languages as well like with the human languages(English, French, Spanish etc). If Myuil can make gestures that Gozen can understand, then he can relay the info to Dauner.
  11. Crystal singing it is. Is Myuil fast (Fast enough to dodge multiple swords swaying at it from different corners)? If not he can give Dauner the feather to get it on Shelly.
  12. sure. It will be best for everyone if Shelly's restrained as soon as possible. So where's this trap gonna be at? I was thinking if we could get to where the rest of the party are and have Aya cast a binding spell. If that works
  13. What Dauner had expected was a fight but instead, what he got was a reminder about the hell in which he now stood and an angry Dredge. His eyes dropped downwards with him not knowing how to respond to the questions from the man in front of him. Dredge had been taken in by the rage and absorbed by it. That was the only conclusion Dauner could get at. It reminded him of himself, how he had lost himself to rage, and how he still bore the consequences of that on him. "Rage?" he asked with his voice muffled under his breath. Dredge then continued with stating what he planned to do and asking Dauner to join him. Gozen had a worried look on his face and this didn't go unnoticed by Dauner. "Why do you look so pale Gozen? Afraid I'll take him up on his offer? Well you don't have to worry about that". That was when he raised his head to look at Dredge. "I agree that this place is rotten. A hell where only those with the power and the means get to survive while the weaker ones who struggle to get by each day are stepped upon with spiked boots. A place where death is the only answer to those who've had enough. With no way of escape". He then raise his voice as he continued, "But i also know that light can be born from darkness. Even in a hell like this, there are still those who have hope. Those who deserve a chance at redemption. I can't sit by and watch you kill them all. Go ahead and try to kill me. But i won't just sit and watch you do it. I'll fight you anytime. Because i know that even in hell... there's still hope. If you wanna burn this place, then only burn those who deserve it and leave the rest out of it" he finished, his eyes fixed on Dredge with dead seriousness. He then turned his back to Dredge and as both men walked away from each other, he said, "I hope we meet again soon. And when we do, you better be ready" with a smile on his face. Gozen would just watch everything unfold lacking what to say himself. He understood what Dredge was trying to say and shared the feeling. He didn't really know what Dauner saw in this hell that was worth fighting for. He listened with his bowed down and his fists clenched while himself having a conflict unroll in his head. The rage that Dredge spoke about. That was what was eating him up. He agreed that a place like this ought to be burned to the ground but he also agreed that the multitudes ought not be punished for the deeds of the few. That was why he decided not to interfere with Dredge unless he went as far as to harm the ones who weren't at fault. He did believe that Dredge wouldn't go that far though. From the sympathy Dredge was showing for the those behind by the barbed wire, he assumed Dredge wouldn't do the same thing as those who had call up his fury by killing these men. His main concern however was Dauner. Dredge promised to come back and burn the place someday. He was smart and could think up good plans in advance before moving into action. Dauner on the other hand didn't make good use of his smartness. He was notorious for rushing into things without a plan. The most likely scenario was that before Dredge would return to fulfill his promise, Dauner would have already burned the place. He was most certainly capable of doing that without having to fear the authorities. He was used to the life of a criminal and knew all too well what the words 'Dead or Alive' on a bounty poster meant. So for now, Gozen's primary objective was to make sure Dauner didn't do something that crazy without a solid plan first. As Dauner turned to leave, Gozen followed, still remaining in his silence.
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